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#murasakibara atsushi

Akashi Seijuro

  • Akashi’s proud. His girlfriend is one of the most well-known student in Rakuzan and not only because of her beauty but also because of her brains. Even though he tends to get into a competition with her during exam period and grades that doesn’t change the fact that he’s very happy to have a very capable s/o and that reason is exactly what he loves about you
  • Although Akashi does sometimes get jealous whenever you receive confessions, not only from your schoolmates but students from other schools as well but he makes sure to let everybody know that the two of you are together and that he isn’t going to let you go anytime soon

Aomine Daiki

  • Aomine’s very pleased, not only because of how amazing you are but also because he managed to get into a relationship with the most popular girl who seems to have it all, a good personality, brains and the looks. He hit a jackpot and he knows that very well, which is also a reason why he sometimes act smug
  • Nobody would even bother to confess to you when you start going out with Aomine because they all know, it isn’t like Aomine boasts about it (Maybe just a bit) but almost everybody knows about your relationship, even if they don’t know Aomine makes sure they figure out that you’re taken

Kise Ryouta

  • Kise believes you two are THE power couple, both of you are quipped with talent, each has their own things they excel and both are given the gift of beauty, not only that but both of you are immensely popular among your peers. Him for being a basketball prodigy and a model and you for your beauty and brains. He makes sure that everyone knows that you are dating and when I say everyone it means even his fans, he’ll post about your on his socials and freely talk about how amazing you are as an s/o
  • Which is why nobody bothers to confess to the two of you, girls feel discouraged at the thought of competing with you and boys know they have nothing to offer to you that Kise can’t

Midorima Shintarou

  • He found it a hassle at first. Yes he absolutely loves how smart you are and how easily he could have conversations with you regarding school things and maybe even deeper things that most wouldn’t understand, he also knows that he’s lucky to have gone out with such a beautiful girl but he hates how it seems like every time you two walk together eyes are on you two or how he can never have any alone time with you because almost everybody wants to hang out with you. But as your relationship progressed, he started getting used to it, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be left alone with you
  • He acts like it’s nothing when another person shows interest in you but he is and he’s scared that you might leave him for a much more fun and lively guy but all those worry go down the drain when he hears that you turn down the person for him

Murasakibara Atsushi

  • He didn’t notice it at first. But as time passed, so many people seemed to greet you on your way home, everybody has that look on their faces which showed either envy for your beauty and brains or pure adoration for the same reason and the amount of gifts you receive from others isn’t a joke either so he soon figured that you were popular, to the point that even when you two go out on dates, people still seemed to know you and he felt happy knowing that all the choices you had, you still chose him
  • The sight of him is enough to make any other competitors to run away, he’s tall and has that intimidating aura that almost everybody in his team has so pushing away other people who always tries to force you to go out with them is quit easy with Murasakibara at your side
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Kuroko Tetsuya

  • professional lurker
  • never comments on anything unless it’s to congratulate under a friend’s post or something like that
  • probably started using it because Ogiwara moved from letters and texts to just… instagram (technology advancements, jazz hands)
  • his account is on private, and he only lets people he knows follow him
  • all of his posts are pictures to commemorate something or just really wholesome group pictures
  • DEFINITELY has that picture of the GoMs at his birthday OVA
  • DEFINITELY also posted the big birthday picture taken at the end of the party
  • and also had typed very sappy BIG paragraph captions for both of these posts, talking about the journey and him being grateful… y’know, him being him
  • @kiseryouta: kuROKOCCHIIIII!!NEJWIEISK
  • @momoiowo: TETSUU (ʃƪ˘・ᴗ・˘) YOURE SO SWEET REEEE
  • @a_daikiii: i stg quit being so corny no one died yet🙄 and @momoiowo relax smh
  • @shin_chan77: I suppose I can express some form of gratitude for being in my life despite you being a blood type A. (insert a giant paragraph after this)
  • @4k4shi: This was very touching to read, Kuroko. I’m very glad that our… (insert him going down memory lane)
  • Murasakibara has no comment LMAO
  • his entire Seirin team are his hype men under his posts
  • his profile picture is literally the gray default blank head because he didn’t even set up a profile picture for himself
  • he has like 20 followers max or something?
  • 8 posts? like, he only posts on special occasions or big events
  • @tetsuya11 for his user handle

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I just finished the first season of Kuroko no Basuke/Kuroko no Basket. So I’m gonna do a brief summary of my favorite characters and my opinion of them.


Kasamatsu Yukio

  • My absolute favorite character
  • Asked my friend what kinning was, and now I realize I kin Kasamatsu
  • Badass captain
  • Beautiful??
  • Will protect him at all costs
  • Please hold my hand good sir

Aomine Daiki

  • Gorgeous
  • Asshole
  • Gorgeous asshole
  • He’s horrible and I love him for it
  • Tied with Imayoshi as my second favorite character
  • Simultaneously would shoot him AND take a (different) bullet for him


Hyuga Junpei

  • Love when threatens his teammates
  • Reluctant Dad of the team
  • Married to Kiyoshi and Riko
  • Sounds like he expects himself to die soon
  • The team will probably cause him to have a heart attack
  • A god


Kiyoshi Teppei

  • Thought he was gonna be a badass
  • He’s just a precious idiot
  • He knows things, but he’ll be cryptic about it
  • Soft Mom Friend who lets their kid(s) eat dirt
  • Loves his husband and wife
  • He probably gives the BEST hugs


Akashi Seijuro

  • He’s in one episode for a flashback
  • Everyone talks about him like he’s God or something
  • Seen something about him saying “I am absolute”
  • I wanna punch him for that?
  • Looks badass though
  • Midorima was probably in love with him in middle school


Midorima Shintaro

  • I hate him and his stupid stars
  • But I’d probably cuddle him in a heartbeat
  • If I hear something about horoscopes ever again I’ll commit arson
  • But he’s an impressive player
  • And his character is interesting, even if he is annoying
  • I’d put myself in danger for him


Kise Ryota

  • Has a crush on Kuroko(cchi)
  • Beautiful and precious
  • Watching him and Aomine play against each other was AWESOME
  • His earring is great
  • My heart when he calls Kasamatsu senpai: 🥺🥺💞💞


Murasakibara Atsushi

  • Also only saw him in the flashbacks
  • Obsessed with ice pops?
  • He’s just vibing and I love it
  • Purmple
  • Not much to say about him really


Takao Kazunari

  • How he puts up with Midorima, idk
  • But he is precious
  • And he’s not bad on the court
  • Kinda love how stupid he seems
  • He and Kasamatsu are friends
  • I’m pretty sure he called Kasamatsu “princess” in the English dub and I’m crying


Imayoshi Shoichi

  • Snake
  • Snake
  • My husband
  • If he told me to kill someone, I probably would
  • Heathen
  • No wonder he just lets Aomine do what he wants
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Redraw for my Murahimu “Happy New Year 2021”

(took time before I actually could rework the first version but I’m glad I did)

I wasn’t very happy with my first version hence the redraw.

Anyway I managed to get it done o_o , let’s move on~

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did I cry watching the scene where ogiwara cheered for kuroko??? and then aomine, kise, and midorima also cheered for him and all the other schools too??????


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Awwww! I’m so sorry to hear that!! I hope you feel better ^_^. Hope this helps too! It’s a little long with all the boys. So rest of the GOM + Kagami is under the cut.


Being sick was the worst. Between the body aches & pains, general lethargy, you hadn’t gotten out of bed hardly at all today. You barely had the energy to get up and call school this morning to tell them you weren’t coming. Thankfully, they hadn’t pressed, and wished you a speedy recovery for returning to class on Monday.

That was your wish too.

You didn’t want anyone to know you were sick.

Sleeping most of the day, you were surprised to hear the doorbell much later in the afternoon. This would be the time you would normally just be getting home from school. So, who could possibly expect you to be home right now?

“Akashi-kun…?” You said in surprise. Finding your boyfriend, and his dreamy duel-colored eyes, on the other side of your door.

“Hello darling.” The brilliant red head greeted with a soft smile. As if it was perfectly natural for him to be here. “I heard you were under the weather. So I came to check on you. I also brought a physician to check in on you as well.” You look past Akashi finally to see a nice, older looking gentleman in a white lab coat with a crescent eyed smile.

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Kuroko no Basket is on Netflix (abt damn time), and I’m waiting for hella Murasakibara content to flow in.

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Morning Texts (GoM)


From: Tetsuya-kun

To: (F/N)-chan<3

Ohayou, (F/N)-chan. How was your sleep? Let’s meet at the park today, I need to walk Nigou. He’s very excited. Let’s meet by the playground, where we usually go. I’ll see you there.

We love you,



From: Sei-kun❤

To: My Empress 👑

Good morning, my empress. Did you sleep well? You stayed up quite late last night writing your essay, and perhaps you would like to take a break today. We will have a date. I will pick you up at 11:00.

I love you darling,

Your Emperor


From: Tsunderima 🥕

To: (F/N)

Hey (F/N), good morning. I just said good morning because Takao told me to, nanodayo! Oh and Oha Asa said to be sweet to a loved one so I did. I’ll meet you by your house to drop off your lucky item, nanodayo.

See you,



From: Ahomine 💙

To: Baby girl

Yo (F/N) mornin! Can u bring me sum of the bento u make, I’m out of cash. Ill c u l8r


Ur Bf


From: Ryoutan~

To: (F/N)cchi❤❤❤

Ohayou, (F/N)cchi! Guess what? THEY’RE RELEASING MY LATEST MAGAZINE TODAY!!! Come to the studio to see me!! I’ll treat you to lunch today. Maybe, 12:30? I’ll see you!

Love ya!

Your handsome boyfriend


From: Sushi-kun 🍬

To: My Fav Snack Buddy~

Good morning, (F/N)-chaaaan. Do you have sweets in your house? I ran out..bI’ll come visit you. Wait for me k?

Your so sweet,



From: Tai-kun🏀

To: My Light❤

Hey, (F/N). Ohayou. I’m on my way over there now to cook breakfast for you. You worked so hard this week; you deserve it. I’ll cook (fav breakfast), your favorite! See ya!

I love you,


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Request Guidelines

  • I only do requests for the GOM and Kagami
  • If you don’t specify what type of request you want, I will by default make a scenario
  • I will be picky about AU requests
  • I will be less picky about NSFW requests (but I don’t have a limit aside from the disgusting stuff like pee and whatnot)
  • I accept requests with triggers i.e. suicide, r*pe, self harm, mental illness or death, but I will put a warning in the beginning
  • Ships are also allowed but please no AkaFuri or any ships with Momoi in it
  • Also specify if you what a scene/hc about each of them individually or a group of them in one request
  • Follow me on Instagram too lol because I’ll be more active there (or don’t I can’t really make you)
  • I think that’s it~ Feel free to ask me about anything that’s unclear and request away~
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what is it?

— a promo list of active knb blogs on tumblr !

what are the requirements to join?

— you just have to post any type of knb content and be active (post content at least once a month)

where can i apply to be a knb kreator?

— to apply, fill out this form and you’ll be contacted shortly

if you have any questions, feel free to send in an ask or DM

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did someone say daddy? cause i did.

Hes a libra what did you expect

Hes a borderline sadist, which plays into his size kink.

u remember that scene where he ripped off kagamis eyebrow 💀

He just has you bouncing on his cock most of the time, words of praise escaping his mouth every so often, telling you how good of a girl you are for taking him all. Size kink!!!

You always whine out ‘daddy’ when you first get on him, your cunt barely being able to fit him, stretching you out painfully. While his piercing eyes softly burn holes into your skin as he helps you, grabbing on your hips slightly thrusting into you. 

Continuing this until you’re doing all the work on your own, his childish personality coming into play. While you’re being so insatiable that you can’t go a day without him stuffing you full. 😐💔

And all while hes just sitting back, hands behind his head admiring you being a wreck getting off on him. < 3

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not me realizing that it’s spelt headcanons and not headcannons after like 6 of these posts 🤡


  • He has like 2 pictures and they’re both from like 5 years ago and they’re probably bad
  • pretends like he doesn’t use social media but actually just lurks
  • He has no pictures but kuroko has like 30 pictures of kagami being dumb and you’ll have to pry those pictures from his cold dead hands he will never take them down


  • He has like 20 followers but his account is just an absolute disaster
  • Every account he has is a spam account
  • Has about 400 posts but only like 5 are actually pictures of him
  • Roasts his friends in the comments of their own posts


  • You will find him on every platform you can think of
  • Actually he will find you 3 seconds after making an account you’ll get a friend request from him and either the algorithms are really good or kise is outside your house with a pair of binoculars waiting for you to finish making your linkedin account so he can add u
  • Has like 8000 pictures of himself on his instagram but if you ask him about them he’ll tell you he hates all of them


  • Also like Kagami, he has like no pictures but he’s more open about lurking cause he comments mean shit on his friends posts
  • By mean shit I mean mean shit but with love
  • Most of his pictures are like thirsts traps that he posts for like a week and then deletes them and then he does it again and the cycle repeats
  • Likes to argue with random people online


  • Has a private account with like 3 followers and he won’t accept your friend request for at least a year
  • That or he has one specific social media platform that he uses constantly and nothing else
  • Checking your facebook feed and exclusively seeing scrolling posts from your distant relatives and 5000 horocscope shared posts from midorima 
  • Doesn’t know how social media works
  • Living personification of old people facebook


  • Has very professional looking social media that he checks never
  • You’ll send him something and then 6 months later you’ll get a message from him like ‘haha, I enjoyed this image thank you for the laugh’ 
  • Or he’ll send someone a really old meme and they’re just like “Akashi thats from like 7 years ago”
  • Once a year consistently he’ll go on his friends profile and make sure to like all their posts 


  • You will never find him on anything because his account names are definitely some niche inside joke that no one understands 
  • If you do find him you will never understand his posts because he will post shit like just a picture zoomed in on his forehead
  • Can’t tell if he’s either behind on social media or he’s elavated to another level society isn’t ready for yet
  • Posting thirsty comments on his friends posts
  • And since nobody knows his account name people will just see his comments and be like wtf who is this 
  • If you get a weird dm there’s like a 90% chance its him just tryna mess with u 


  • Exactly what you think it is
  • Just one big hot mess
  • Also posts thirsty comments on his friends posts
  • Much like Kise he is on everyplatform and he absolutely will find you especially if you don’t want him to
  • Can’t tell the difference between his shitposts and his non shitsposts
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