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#murasakibara atsushi x reader

hi!! let’s be friends together in this ghost town together HFUWHEIGJS thank you so much for requesting <33

Sweet Sample

Murasakibara x Reader

Word Count: 2019

»»————— ☼ —————««

How did you get yourself here?

You remembered being dragged around by Himuro in a blur of houses until you both, before you knew it, stood before his house that reeked “high class.” Before you can muster up any form of complaint that you (sort of) thought up of when you were dragged, Himuro ushers you in hurriedly. Even when he was in a rush, his movements were elegant and fluid.

“… a-ah, Himuro-san?” was all you muttered, but you only got a closed click of his bulky front door as a reply. You turned around to face a nonchalant ravenette shedding off his outer coats before he hung them on the racks next to you.

Too nonchalant, in fact.

You weren’t that close to him enough to warrant a casual visit to his home, nor did you have any reason to come here in the first place. Yet, Himuro looked as if you two had plans for the evening but that you somehow forgot that you had an arrangement with him in the first place. Plus, and probably the most crucial part that made this entire ordeal awkward to you, was that you’re dating Murasakibara. Anyone with common sense can see countless implications when someone is alone in someone else’s house, let alone dragged into one.


“(Y/n)-san,” he smoothly interjects, nodding his chin to the racks to indicate for you to take off your outer layers as well. “If I may ask you something.” You only nodded in meekness as you tapped your left feet behind your right leg, a nervous tick you’ve always had since middle school.

“Have you ever gone on a date with Atsushi before?”

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𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐜𝐨𝐬𝐭𝐮𝐦𝐞𝐬…


All Hallows’ Eve 」 ⇁︎ @knb-kreations

prompt ; costume party


fandom ; kuroko no basuke
format; s
; akashi x reader, aomine x reader, kise x reader, midorima x reader, murasakibara x reader


 𝗔𝗸𝗮𝘀𝗵𝗶 𝗦𝗲𝗶𝗷𝘂𝘂𝗿𝗼𝘂


𝗔𝗼𝗺𝗶𝗻𝗲 𝗗𝗮𝗶𝗸𝗶


𝗞𝗶𝘀𝗲 𝗥𝘆𝗼𝘂𝘁𝗮


𝗠𝗶𝗱𝗼𝗿𝗶𝗺𝗮 𝗦𝗵𝗶𝗻𝘁𝗮𝗿𝗼𝘂


𝗠𝘂𝗿𝗮𝘀𝗮𝗸𝗶𝗯𝗮𝗿𝗮 𝗔𝘁𝘀𝘂𝘀𝗵𝗶

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I hope you like this!! :)) xx

Scenario: Murasakibara having an argument with his s/o

Murasakibara wasn’t one to get angry very often because he frankly didn’t care about a lot of things. But when he did get mad, he completely loses all composure to the point where he’d spew out the most hurtful words as a result of being completely blinded by rage. And the fact that he’s a two metre tall giant served as a tool in making him even more terrifyingly threatening.

The two of you rarely ever fought though. The only ‘arguments’ you’d have are just over silly little things like which snack is better or which character in a TV show is the best, and they’d often end with you both agreeing to disagree.

There was this one time, however, where things got really out of hand. Murasakibara had a preliminary match against another big school in the region, but you couldn’t attend because you were busy that day. You did make sure to meet up with him after the match though so that you could catch up with him over dinner. When you spotted his team walking out of the arena together, you ran up to them with a cheery smile on your face, as you usually would. “Hey guys, how’d the game go?” you asked.

“Fucking bullshit,” cursed Murasakibara.

“Did you guys lose that bad?” You questioned, furrowing your brows in confusion.

“Oh, no no no, we didn’t lose,” Himuro corrected. “The other team just kept drawing fouls on Atsushi so he had to be subbed out.”

“Well it’s good that you won despite that,” you said, trying to look at the bright side. “It’s okay Atsushi, don’t worry too much about it.”

“No it’s fucking annoying,” he grumbled, wanting to crush everything in sight in a fit of rage.

“Calm down, you’ll still get to play in the next game,” you said softly.

“Just shut up! You weren’t even there to watch!” Murasakibara burst out, making you, along with the rest of the team, uncomfortable.

A strange feeling of anger and hurt built up inside you upon hearing him raise his voice at you uncalled for. “Hey, I know that you’re mad, but there’s no reason for you to be yelling at me,” you said firmly, noticing that Murasakibara’s rage didn’t seem to be flickering.

“All I’m saying is that you shouldn’t be trying to calm me down when you weren’t even able to make time to come watch!”

“Are you serious? Atsushi, you’re acting like a child. I was busy and you know that! It’s a wonder that I came here to see you at all!” you argued, your volume not quite as loud as Murasakibara’s but still loud enough to startle the rest of the team.

“Guys maybe you should tone it dow—“

“Maybe you shouldn’t have bothered coming at all then!” Murasakibara yelled, cutting Fukui off.

A deafening silence followed your boyfriend’s harsh words. It took you a moment to realise that tears had begun to well up in your eyes as everyone shifted in discomfort. “Fine then. I’ll leave,” you muttered, fists clenched so tight to the point where your nails were digging into your skin. You turned on your heel and stormed back home, wanting to get as far away from him as possible.

“Atsushi, you’re being incredibly unreasonable right now, I hope you realise,” Himuro said as everyone watched you leave.

“Shut up,” tutted Murasakibara as he crossed his arms. He knew Himuro was right though.

By the time you had gotten home, you had run out of tears and you were just left with traces of annoyance. Maybe Murasakibara was right. You shouldn’t have gone. You should’ve just asked him about it later when he wouldn’t have been as angry.

You let out a frustrated groan as you headed to your room. You decided to change into your pyjamas and watch a movie to get your mind off of everything. Between that fight and your hectic schedule, you truly needed a break. A few minutes into the movie, you had finally managed to clear your head. However, the doorbell rang and you were forced out of the comfort of your warm blanket to answer the door.

To your surprise, standing in front of you was Murasakibara. Your mind was quickly reminded of the previous events, bringing a frown to your face as you stared at him expectantly. “What are you doing here?”

With an apologetic look on his face, he extended his arm out to hand you a small bag. “Here, I got you those gummies you like,” he said softly. “I came to say that I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said all of that. I didn’t mean it, I kind of just got caught up in the whole game I guess.”

“Yeah, I understand. Thanks for the apology— and the gummies,” you replied, a faint smile on your face. “I guess I have to say that I’m sorry too.”

“What for?”

“Not being able to spend more time with you. I know that it was an important game, I was just so busy.”

“Nah it’s fine, I barely even played after all,” Murasakibara shrugged.

“Well, I’ll do my best to make more time for you. But you better not chase me away again when I do,” you said.

“I won’t, I promise,” he assured.


“So we’re alright now?” he asked, hope filling his eyes.

“Yeah we’re alright,” you smiled.

“Thank God! You’re scary when you’re mad, you know?” Murasakibara let out a sigh of relief.

“Me? You’re the loud, two metre tall beast! How do I scare you?” you laughed.

“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “I guess I was just scared that I’d lose you.”

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Part 2 of the Pun Fest collection!

Murasakibara x Reader

Word count: 3992

Synopsis: The Yōsen’s basketball team is trying to help out a poor manager’s love life.

Note: I went a little too crazy with this;; it is definitely longer than Kise’s prompt (i’m so sorry my bb)

»»————— ☼ —————««

Everything about Yōsen was grand and lofty, from their buildings, their interiors, their tuition, and even their students… quite literally.

A huge downside of attending there, though, was the location of the campus itself: Akita. The biting winds were extremely harsh and unforgiving, particularly when temperatures dropped below negative numbers as snow continued to pile up even more imposing walls than the famed “Shield of Aegis.” Luckily, as the new manager of Yōsen High’s basketball team, you often got to accompany five towering starter players, where you gladly took advantage of their heights to protect yourself from the harsh weather. 

Still, if you had the choice to either confess to Murasakibara or to stand outside in an Akita blizzard for a few hours, you’d dash to the latter option with no hesitation.

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Don’t feel lame, I found this adorable!! I hope you like this xx

Scenario: Murasakibara always wearing the bandana he got from the cute girl who helped him

You weren’t one to visit parks quite often, but you found yourself taking a walk to get some fresh air at a nearby park after pulling an all-nighter studying. It was quite early in the morning so almost everyone around you were morning joggers, and just looking at them made you exhausted as you questioned how anyone could have that much energy at this time.

You didn’t realise how sleep-deprived you were until you bumped into one of the tallest people you’ve ever seen while walking past the basketball court. You had to rub your eyes to make sure you hadn’t just bumped into a giant purple tree with a bag of snacks. How you didn’t even notice him in front of you was beyond you.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” you said to him quickly.

The boy immediately reached for his arm, and when you looked over, you noticed that he had gotten a scratch from a wire that stuck out from the rest of the fence. “Shit, that stings,” you heard him mutter to himself, before toughening up and looking at you, “It’s alright.”

“Well, it’s bleeding quite a lot for something that’s just alright,” you said eyeing the blood that was now dripping on the pavement.

The boy tutted at his failed attempt to look tough in front of someone he found quite cute. Most people were short compared to him, but he found your size especially adorable and he felt the urge to fit you in his pocket and take you everywhere, which was strange because he didn’t even know you.

You pulled off the pink bandana that you used to tie up your hair, not noticing the purple-haired boy gape at the way your hair fell down over your shoulders. “May I?” You asked him, nodding over to his injured arm.

He held his arm out towards you and you wrapped the bandana tightly around the wound. “You don’t have to do this, you know?” he said, though he did enjoy how close your body was to his.

“Yeah, but I’d feel bad if I didn’t,” you told him just as you finished up. You looked up at him with a smile, “There you go. You should probably get that checked when you get home.”

“Thanks, you gave me a reason to get out of playing basketball.”

“You’re welcome… I think,” you said to him, before the two of you walked off in your separate ways, without even knowing each other’s names.

About a month after your encounter with the boy, you found yourself being dragged to a basketball game by one of your friends. Neither of you were even remotely interested in basketball, but your school’s team was playing and your friend had a crush on one of the players on the team, so you had to be supportive. Your school was playing against Yosen High, who were apparently one the best school teams in Japan, though you hadn’t heard of them before.

You and your friend were walking around the arena, trying to find your way to the seats. As you walked, she realised that had to use the washroom so you agreed to wait outside, because you weren’t a fan of public bathrooms. You watched people walk up and down the halls, surprised that so many people had come to see a high school basketball game.

Whilst you were people-watching, you noticed a team of extremely tall boys that wore the same white and purple tracksuits, walking down the hall. It took you a moment, but you spotted the same purple hair you saw at the park, poking out from the group.

You hadn’t thought about him ever since that day, but you regretted not asking for a name. So the sight of the familiar hair sent you rushing towards the group of boys. He didn’t notice you at first, because he was busy chatting with a smaller raven-haired boy next to him, so you poked his arm.

The second the taller boy saw you, his face lit up and he stopped in his tracks. “Hey! It’s the tiny girl that helped me before!” He smiled at you, making you feel even smaller than you already felt, being surrounded by the other giants on his team. He quickly raised his hand that wasn’t holding a bag of snacks and wiggled his wrist, causing his sleeve to fall back slightly and reveal your pink bandana tied around his wrist.

“You kept the bandana!” you exclaimed, feeling rather heartwarmed that he kept it after all this time.

“He doesn’t go anywhere without it,” his raven-haired friend chimed in, causing the tall boy to shoot him a glare.

“Could you just go to the changing room? I’ll meet you there,” he muttered to him, the annoyance evident in his tone.

“I’ll be waiting for your call when you get lost,” the smaller boy shrugged as he walked away, causing the long-haired boy to roll his eyes before diverting his attention back to you.

“Sorry about that.”

“It’s okay,” you said, “I realised that I never got your name.”

“It’s Murasakibara Atsushi. You can call me Atsushi if you want, I know Murasakibara is a long name to say,” he blabbered, beginning to feel a little nervous now that you were actually in front of him. He hadn’t been able to get you off his mind ever since that day (not that there was much going on his mind to begin with), he just found you so sweet, and was smitten ever since he first bumped into you.

“Nice to see you again, Atsushi. I’m Y/N,” you smiled at him.

Murasakibara was nothing short of elated now that he could put a name to the face he’d been thinking of for so long. “Um, Y/N-chin, do you want your bandana back?”

“No, it’s alright. You can keep it if you want. I have plenty of other bandanas,” you refused.

“Thanks. I think it’s kind of a lucky charm for me now. You know, my friend brought me my favourite snack the day I got this. He doesn’t do that often, so that’s when I realised that this bandana has superpowers,” he claimed, and you couldn’t help but giggle at the thought of your bandana possessing powers. The sound of your giggles was so mesmerising that Murasakibara swore to himself that he could listen to it all day like a song on repeat.

“I’m glad I could help, you go to Yosen right? you inquired and he nodded in response. “You should probably get going, your match is starting pretty soon.”

“Are you going to watch?”

“Yeah, you’re playing against my school,” you informed.

“Get ready to watch me crush your team,” Murasakibara said, suddenly gaining interest in the match that he previously didn’t care too much about.

“I don’t know much about basketball, but I’m looking forward to it,” you admitted, feeling eager to see this interesting boy in action.

“Would you maybe like to hang out or something after the match?” he asked you, praying that you’ll say yes.

“Um, I came here with a friend, but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind, so yeah, I’ll meet you at the entrance,” you smiled, unsure if you had just been asked out on a date by this boy. Nevertheless, you were still thrilled.

“Great, I’ll see you then,” he said as he straightened up to leave.

“Good luck for your game!”

“I already have good luck, remember?” He smiled back as he waved the wrist that wore your bandana at you.

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This was requested by anonnie~! I’m so glad you enjoyed the Akashi HC, and yes sweet bean, I am more than happy to provide you with Mura-chin’s Hc’s~ hehe Thank you so much for your request and thank you for following us~! ;; We really appreciate it and can’t believe how fast we’ve grown!

» » Admin Ko


Originally posted by rritsukasa

  • Childish and stubborn, it comes to a surprise to most– if not all of his friends that he’s crushing on someone. It starts off minimal, asking his friends if they’ve seen where they went, or what they might be doing right now.
  • It really shows when he starts asking about what snacks they like, and if it’s something he happens to dislike, yet still has on hand they can’t help but question exactly why he has the treat. The answer comes when they show up, tired from classes before a gentle hand plops down onto their head, ruffling their locks of hair before handing them their favorite snack.
  • From then on, all of his friends try to help the giant into wooing and winning over his crush. It’s sweet and endearing at first, especially when they initially start to help, but it starts to get chaotic when the GoM decide to help the giant’s goal.
  • It starts off small, with tips and tricks here and there, but then each of their own individual ideals on how to confess or woo someone. 
  • Deciding that their attitudes are too much, he takes matters into his own hands and ends up confessing in a simple, yet very Murasakibara way. 
  • Their favorite snacks in hand with a simple note was placed on their desk. The note much more heartfelt than one would expect from someone as childish as Murasakibara. 
  • It’s only the next day when he finds out if he’s successful or not, and by the way they’re approaching with a large bag with an assortment of goodies is anything to tell by, the little kiss to his cheek is more than confirmation for anyone in the vicinity.

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some late gom+kuroko+momoi x reader (separately) valentine’s hcs that have probably been done to death before but i still wanted to write some so here! please enjoy!


  • akashi definitely shows how happy and grateful he is when he gets your chocolates. so much that he’s almost acting strange if you didn’t know him so well
  • (because he remembers all those days his mother tried to give his father love and never received any acknowledgement in return. he is not repeating that with you)
  • he’s super freaking happy and smothers you with kisses and cuddles
  • then he starts giving back
  • really giving back like he stays with you the whole day, is a complete gentleman (but more than usual because let’s be real he always is), more affectionate, really does not let you lift a finger
  • you: sei you know it’s okay, i can carry one bag
  • akashi: nonsense, it’s my thanks for those chocolates you made. which i absolutely loved by the way
  • you: you…you said that when you paid for lunch. and when you drove us to the park. and–
  • akashi: it’s my thanks. for the chocolates i loved. did i mention they were delicious–
  • you, blushing: ohmygod okay okay fine


  • if it’s your unlucky day, midorima’s gonna be watching your back and making this day as good as it could get because yes he believes in oha asa but he will not allow bad luck to ruin your day because he knows you’ve been working so hard to make this day good for the both of you
  • if it’s his unlucky day, he’s gonna be on edge maybe even entertaining thoughts of whether he should be near you so you’ll have to reassure him that all will be fine
  • you, over the phone: but i have to give you my gifts!!!!!
  • midorima: your chances of having a good day will be drastically lowered if i’m with you, so i’ll pick them up tomorrow, nanodayo
  • you: shintaro! dont! you! dare! think! you! could! ruin! my! day! you make my day so you better!!!! 
  • midorima: i’m sorry y/n, but i don’t want to risk it
  • you: well i guess i’ll just wait at the cafe by myself…with all these couples around me…
  • midorima, guilty: fine. but only for an hour
  • he’s got your lucky item ready and his own when he gets there
  • you don’t make a letter for him though, you merely just give a speech about every thing you love about him from his belief in oha asa, to the way he looks out for you, to his love for basketball, his manner of speech and everything else (yes right in that cafe. the elderly couple in the next table over are giving you such fond looks)
  • by the end of it, he’s a blushing mess and that’s what your goal was all along let’s be honest


  • he pretends to think valentine’s a really tacky and stupid day and how ‘theres no point giving anything on this particular day its just stupid’
  • so much so that you hesitate when giving your chocolates 
  • you hesitate so much so that he notices and now that he notices he feels slightly bad and tries to drop some hints 
  • you, reluctantly: it’s really…all in your face huh 
  • aomine, swearing at himself: it’s not too bad
  • but when you go the whole day without giving him anything he starts getting worried
  • aomine, thinking: crap did you think i meant all that
  • of course, if you actually got him nothing that’s fine too but he doesn’t want the reason you got him nothing was because he thinks it’s stupid
  • especially when he sees how you’re pointedly trying to ignore every other couple
  • so, just as you two are about to part ways, he goes
  • ‘look, you know i didnt mean any of that stupid shit. i dont mind valentines chocolates or anything i was just being stupid’
  • he’s scared to look at you but when he does
  • youre giving him this shit-eating grin
  • you, smug: so you finally admit it huh
  • aomine: what the hell y/n
  • you reveal that you just wanted him to say all that and now that he has, you’ve won!
  • he’s half red because of frustration and half because of embarrassment but well
  • that’s one of the reasons he loves you ofc

kise, murasakibara, kuroko, momoi under the cut!

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let’s take out the trash shall we 

kuroko no basket

ryouta kise

sfw, angst, gifset. warnings: mentions of cheating.


Originally posted by du-dreckstuck

shintaro midorima

sfw, angst, gifset. warnings: mentions of cheating.


Originally posted by 99082308

daiki aomine

sfw, angst, gifset. warnings: mentions of cheating.


Originally posted by fearless-man

atsushi murasakibara

sfw, angst, gifset. warnings: mentions of cheating.


Originally posted by strangersinadarkparadise

seijuro akashi

sfw, angst, gifset. warnings: mentions of cheating.


Originally posted by remanence-of-love

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!!! i love those prompts. especially 鈥淎s much as I hate waking up in the morning, I wouldn鈥檛 mind waking up at anytime if it was to you.鈥 -- can i get that with nebuya or murasakibara, whoever inspires you more :3 pls and thanks

hewwo beautiful i love ur smile n i’ve been having the softest spot for mura lately so hope u don’t mind heh n hope you like ur 4!

i wrote this while i was on a plane with hunger and tiredness accompanying me so i’m sorry if it’s bad 

He’s always had a favorite thing. A favorite color, drink, food and many other stuff. 

But the more he thought about it, the more he realized that even though he loves many things that hold enough value to him to be called his favorite, he never actually loved someone to the point where he can think of them as his favorite.

Which would very much explain why right now he can’t seem to stop himself from staring at your peaceful figure. You looked so marvelous in his eyes at all times, even with your eyes closed. 

In all your states you’ve never failed to show him just how truly beautiful you are.

The day Murasakibara told you he loved you, he meant it with all his heart. He loved your smile, your eyes, your heart and all there is about you. 

That’s why he can now proudly and easily answer when asked,

“Who’s your all time favorite person?”

No need to overthink it anymore, it’s you and as long as you two are together, the answer will always be you.

He has never been a morning person, but when it’s a morning with you then he’s more than willing to wake up with the brightest smile he can muster up because every minute spent with you is nothing but a dream come true.

He wished he was better at explaining his feelings in words just for the sole purpose of making sure you know just how much he values you.

The way your eyelashes slightly move with your heavily closed eyelids, and another personal favorite of his are the expressions you make… just how many dreams do you have? 

Like a fool who’s madly in love he smiles at your figure; you’ve always been the one to make him smile without even trying.

“As much as I hate waking up in the morning, I wouldn’t mind waking up at any time if it was to you.” he whispers.

He lands a kiss on your forehead only to be startled when you boop his nose with yours and then peck him on the lips.

“Then let’s hope you always wake up to me because I wouldn’t want it any other way.” you smile at him and then snuggle closely to his chest, wrapping your legs with his and brushing them playfully.

Murasakibara is actually wondering if there’s a feeling to be described that’s even better than happiness because if the world was to stop right now or if he were to die right now, he wouldn’t mind one bit. 

After all, his entire world is in his arms anyways.

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Hello! I was wondering if I could request a Murasakibara Drabble where she comforts him after the Seiren vs Yosen game? Thank you so much! Sorry if I did anything wrong. Keep up the amazing work 鉂わ笍

ofc you can bub! you did perfectly alright dw! i’m sorry this is a lil late but i hope you like it! ≧◡≦

Murasakibara may have fooled everyone into thinking he doesn’t actually care about basketball that much but you were not one of them. 

He was good at hiding how much he actually loves and enjoys it by his usual nothing out of the ordinary laziness and poker face, but you were even better at listening and closely watching him whenever he played or the two of you sat down to talk and the topic of basketball came up.

Which is why the minute you heard the buzzer for the end go off and saw the final score, a piece of your heart broke because you knew just how much he would have actually loved to win. 

As you stood in the stands with all the other people, you saw his expression, the look on his face when he realized that even when he tried a whole lot more than usual, he still lost. Yosen did not win this time.

You watched him as his brows furrowed and his mouth opened wide in disbelief.

Not knowing how he will react next, the only thing on your mind right now was that you needed to be there for him, to tell him he did good, that there’s always next time, to make sure he’s all right. 

They were still on the court and needed to greet the opposing team one more time, so you thought that would be enough time for you to quickly head to the hallway and wait for him there before he went inside the locker room.

You reached there and stood with your back leaning on the wall, waiting. 

After a few minutes you finally heard the sound of foot steps coming. You gulped and bit your lip, feeling a little nervous since you really hated seeing people upset, let alone your boyfriend.

You watched as the boys walked one by one with their faces down. Disappointment was written all over them but right now your only concern was none other than Murasakibara.

You finally caught the sight of him. He was the last one walking and even though he had his face down just like the rest, he was tall enough for you to see just how sad he really looked. 

You walked up to him and held him by the arm. 

“Atsushi?” you quietly called out.

His eyes snapped open when he heard your voice, and you saw how wet his eyes were. 

“Oh no, baby” you uttered before quickly wrapping your arms around his neck. 

You could see and feel how sweaty he was from the game but right now you really didn’t care. 

He was crying but he didn’t stop you from looking at him nor holding him. Instead, he melted in your touch and wrapped his arms around your waist, holding you closely. 

Murasakibara had an idea of how it might feel if they ever lost, but to think it would feel this bad, he couldn’t stop himself from being mournful. 

He would have preferred not to cry, especially not in front of you but he couldn’t help it and he knew that there is no better person to be with right now but you.

He buried his face into your neck, greedily holding you tighter than before and letting himself soak into your warmth. He could feel your hand sift through his soft purple locks. He loved it whenever you did that.

You were finding it a little hard to breathe properly but you didn’t mind.  

The darkened hallway was empty, with all the guys in the locker room and not many passed by here since it was only basketball players, managers or in this case, you, who usually walked through here. There was only the two of you.

The two of you spent a few minutes silently just being in each others arms as he sought the comfort from your touch.

Murasakibara sighed then raised his head up. He loosened his arms from around your waist. He could feel his eyes still wet but he wasn’t crying anymore. 

“I’m tired.” he spoke.

His face was back to normal, your favorite usual poker face. He wasn’t gritting his teeth in anger and disappointment anymore nor were his brows furrowed from trying to stop the tears from coming out.

Wether you knew it or not but hugging you had always made him feel serene.

Which is why it was only natural he wouldn’t feel as bad as he was just now after holding you in his arms as you let him take shelter in your neck and arms. He knew he wasn’t the best at talking about his feelings out loud so it was good that you were there for him, even if he wasn’t saying anything.

“Of course you are.” you smiled.

You put a hand on his cheek caressing it and saw his eyes close momentarily before he put his hand on top of yours, bringing your hand closer to his lips and kissing it. 

You could feel yourself blush at his adorable and heartwarming act, but you didn’t move nor did the smile leave your lips. 

“I made you your favorite cake.” you said. 

You saw his eyes opening a little wider, just enough for you to catch the excitement behind them.

“Really?” he asked, trying to hide the half smile that was slowly escaping from his lips.

You nodded with a bright smile, “Yes! So get cleaned up and meet me outside. We’ll take a taxi back to my house and I’ll even feed you it, if you really are that tired.” 

“You know I’d never refuse you feeding me wether I’m tired or not _____-chin.” he ruffled your hair gently, then kissed the top of your head before heading to the locker room.

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I hope you like this!! xx

Headcanons: GOM going to an attraction park with their s/o


  • He surprisingly loves the thrill of a good, fast rollercoaster
  • So he’d totally be ready to join you on those
  • You were also looking forward to hearing some type of frightened scream, but strangely enough, he would just giggle like a baby whenever there was a huge drop
  • “Why were you laughing up there, you weirdo?” you asked him when you got off the ride
  • “I don’t know, I just found your screams really cute,” he shrugged, trying to fix the mess of hair on his head, though it was useless because it seemed to do as it pleased
  • Whilst he did love rollercoasters, he absolutely despised the types of rides that would spin you around or flip you in some sort of way
  • They just made him nauseous and dizzy
  • But of course, you were immediately drawn to those types of rides as well
  • “Y/N, I will actually throw up if I go on that ride,” he told you
  • “Don’t be over dramatic, you haven’t even eaten anything today,” you insisted, dragging him along with you
  • Unlike the giggles on the rollercoasters, Kuroko was eerily silent throughout this ride that flipped you upside down
  • He was gripping onto your hand for dear life
  • As promised, once you got off the ride, Kuroko beelined for the nearest trash can where he began to throw up
  • “Oh my god Tetsu! You really weren’t kidding, huh?” you said, softly chuckling as you rubbed his back
  • “I warned you,” he said hoarsely once he felt like he got it all out of his system
  • “Okay okay, I learned my lesson. Let’s just take it slow for some time alright?” You suggested, running your fingers through his hair in attempt to comfort him and simultaneously fix the mess
  • After about an hour of going on the slower and more tame rides, which was fun because it allowed you two to cuddle up together, you returned to the speedy rollercoasters
  • It was a 10/10 experience though, minus the part where Kuroko threw up (though it was kinda funny)


  • When you suggested a date at a theme park, Kise assumed that you wanted to relax on all the calm and slow rides
  • However, once you got there, you immediately pointed at the highest and biggest rollercoaster with an eager look in your eyes
  • “Let’s go there first!” you said excitedly, grabbing onto Kise’s hand to take him there
  • Kise just stared at it wide-eyed, “Y/N-cchi, that looks pretty fast. Are you sure you’re not scared?” he asked, hoping that you’d reconsider going on it
  • “I wanna go on it because it’s fast, dummy. Come on,” you replied, pulling him along with you
  • He put up a brave front whilst in line for the ride
  • But the moment he got into the seat, he was practically shitting himself
  • As the rollercoaster slowly made its way up to its highest point, Kise’s grip on your hand tightened to the point where you felt like he was gonna crush it
  • “Oh my god oh my god Y/N-cchi we’re gonna die,” he muttered frantically
  • “Ryouta we’re not gonna die,” you laughed, finding the way he clung onto you kind of cute
  • “No no, we will,” he said, barely able to keep his eyes open as the rollercoaster came to a halt at the top, “I just want you to know that I love you and I’m glad that I met you,” he blabbered, making you laugh even more
  • It seemed like he was going to say more, but then it dropped, and all you heard was his deafening screams
  • After a few more loops and drops where Kise hung onto you for dear life, the ride finally ended
  • “That wasn’t that bad,” Kise exhaled when you exited the ride
  • “Ryouta, you screamed so much that I think my left ear has gone deaf,” you glared at him
  • “I was just screaming for fun- not out of fear,” he lied
  • “Well, I guess you don’t mind going on more rides like that then,” you shrugged, grinning at him
  • He took a nervous gulp before nodding, “Yeah totally.”
  • The two of you ended up going on more rides after that, and Kise continued to act tough after each ride after screaming like a child in every one
  • “Pfft, that one wasn’t even scary.”
  • “Babe, you’re literally still hugging me.”


  • Listen, he just wants a relaxing afternoon where you two walk around, eat some overpriced food and go on a few pleasant rides
  • But that wasn’t gonna happen on your watch
  • “We’re going on all the rides!” you said excitedly as you waited in the queue to enter the park
  • “Even the fast ones?” Midorima asked, slightly worried
  • Especially the fast ones!” you beamed
  • His horoscope wasn’t particularly bad that day so it didn’t take too much convincing to get him on the rides because he just put his faith in the fortune
  • You can’t die if your horoscope is good that day right?
  • He wasn’t sure if he should be glad that he was meant to be taking his glasses off or more worried
  • Needless to say, he gripped onto your hand as tight as he could
  • He was surprisingly very silent during the ride
  • Granted, all he could see was a blur
  • But turns out that his silence was a result of the fear he felt
  • “See, that wasn’t that bad, you didn’t even scream once,” you said cheerily when you walked out of the ride
  • “Well that was probably because I couldn’t see anything,” he said, not letting go of your hand for a second, even after he regained his vision
  • In the end, the two of you ended up going on all the rides, but only revisite the slower ones because you didn’t cause any more distress to your poor boyfriend
  • Besides, it was much nicer holding his hand when he wasn’t crushing all its bones


  • This boy would put up this tough front the entire car ride there, but you saw right through him
  • “I probably drive faster than those rollercoasters- I don’t see why people are so scared,” he scoffed
  • You just replied with a condescending hum, knowing that the second the ride starts, he’d be screaming his ass off
  • “Y/N, if you’re scared you can hold my hand, I’ll protect you,” he said smugly as he buckled up
  • “I feel like I should be the one telling you that,” you responded, getting more and more impatient for the ride to start so that you can watch him eat his words
  • Just like you predicted, he did not react well to the speed of the ride
  • But it was so much funnier than you could ever expect
  • The ride was slow at first as it inched towards its peak and Aomine grew more nervous the higher it went, but he didn’t show it
  • Well, that was until it dropped
  • “OH MY FUCKING GOD WE’RE GONNA DIE!!!!” he screamed, and you were sure the entire park heard him
  • Poor kids down below were horrified by the use of the profanities
  • Meanwhile, you could barely breathe because you were laughing so much
  • You couldn’t even see much because Aomine was clung onto you and his big head was all up in your face
  • Once you finally got off the ride that was Aomine’s hell on Earth, he was completely silent and you just stared at him, waiting for some sort of explanation before you began to tease him
  • “Hey, remember before the ride, when you said ‘I don’t see why people are so scared’?” you started, grinning wider than ever, “I’m inclined to believe that you see why now; it’s just a hunch though.”
  • Aomine glared at you as he groaned, “Shut up Y/N.”
  • You didn’t shut up
  • You managed to get him to go on a few more of those kinds of rides though, and he still tried to act tough every time
  • And he’d always end up screaming
  • And of course, you didn’t fail to bully him over it for the longest time after that


  • Whilst he might complain about the excessive walking, he loves attraction parks
  • Churros, rollercoasters and spending time with you? It was pretty much the ideal way to spend his day
  • Furthermore, he has the mind of a child so all the rides and attractions sparked this tremendous excitement within him
  • He definitely prefers the more relaxing rides though because it gives him a chance to unwind and cuddle up next to you
  • But he also likes the faster rides too, so you didn’t need to do too much convincing to get him on them
  • He often has to tie his hair up before he goes on them though because it always just ends up getting in his eyes
  • (And yes he looks extremely hot when he does so)
  • He’s actually really unbothered by the speed and height of most of the rides
  • He’s the kind of guy that would try to have a conversation with you during the ride because he’s just not fazed by it at all
  • “Y/N-chin, it’s quite windy today isn’t it?” he says calmly as everyone around him hollers in terror
  • So most of the time it was you screaming and clinging onto his arm out of fear
  • Which he didn’t mind at all; he found it cute
  • Towards the end of the day, your feet were exhausted so the two of you decided to just sit on a bench and people-watch as you munched on some crepes
  • And when he took the first bit of that sweet delicacy, he literally could not get any happier than he was in that very moment


  • Okay so, he kinda lacked a proper childhood so going to the attraction park with you would probably be his first time there
  • So you suggested going on the faster rides first and he didn’t seem to be opposed to it
  • He didn’t exactly know what to expect though
  • “They’re just fast moving trains, how fun could they be?”
  • He would hold your hand the entire time without even realising it out of the nervousness of not knowing what would happen
  • It was definitely strange to see Akashi Seijuro acting so vulnerable but it was still very precious
  • However, what was even stranger was to see him begin to holler in excitement during the ride
  • It took you by surprise because it was so out of character that you could barely even pay attention to the ride
  • Hearing Akashi’s normal firm and calm voice let out a cheery “Wooooh” was an experience
  • “Sounded like you really enjoyed that, Sei,” you giggled once the rollercoaster came to a halt
  • “Yes, it was actually extremely thrilling. Can we go on more rides like that?” he said, eyes full of a child-like excitement
  • “Of course we can,” you replied, feeling your heart warm up at how happy he seemed to be
  • And so, the two of you made sure to visit every single ride in the park so that Akashi could get the full experience
  • He even dragged you along to revisit some of his favourites as well
  • He was truly grateful that you suggested coming here because it was like he was catching up on an amazing experience he missed out on as a child
  • After that day, you two made it a priority to visit an attraction park at least once every few months and it became a kind of cute tradition that you always looked forward to
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Assuming you’re talking about the events of the show/ in they’re not older.and thank you✨i’ll be doing my best

GoM + Kagami Taiga lazying with their s/o

Kagami Taiga:

He doesn’t like doing nothing all day.Chances are he'l drag you outside really,to go eat something or practice.But if you insist you two probably will end up watching some show Kagami will complain about for the firt 30 minutes before he actually gets really wrapped up into it and he shuts his mouth.

Kuroko tetsuya:

Kuroko'l just want to sleep in the morning.for once he doesn’t have to wake up for school.when he finally does wake up,he'l probably get a couple spam messages from Kise before he can actually say he’s ready to do anything with you.when he’s finally got a free schedule you can pretty much do anything,he’ll be fine with it.really passive and lazy on saturday.He still has his bedhead look.Tetsu n.2 is most definitely needing a walk though so you'l probably have to leave the house a little for that.probably stop by somewhere because Kuroko wants a milkshake.he’ll share,he’s not that selfish.back home he'l probably indulge in video games.

Kise Ryota:

He doesn’t like lazying around much because he’d rather do something productive,but he loves you so he'l entertain you.he'l probably play video games with you,it’s a hobby of his aside from basketball.he’ll also let you mess with him a bit,play with his hair and pretty face.just dont mess him up too hard-

Seijuro Akashi:

Chances are won’t have time for you on Sunday.he'l try to clean his schedule for you if he notices it bothers you,but Akashi doesn’t like doing’re better off accompanying him

Atsushi Murasakibara:

Won’t move from the bed,has 172948 snacks at the ready.will either sleep or watch videos/movies/series with you(but will probably fall asleep halfway through)he’s have you close and snuggled into you-wich is a bit overwhelming because of his height.

Daiki Aomine:

Yeah definitely not,he’s not lazying today.Aomine’s gonna fight you somehow even more than Kagami.probably gonna end with throwing hands(playfully) and him passing out tired because you two have been at it for so long.then he feels defeated and he’s okay with it.probably will continue rough-housing with you though.

Shintaro Midorima:

It’s hard to understand what he wants to do?frankly wether or not he'l agree to laze around with you is completely random and it’s 50/50 every time you ask.if he does,you'l probably end up cooking something,or he'l just read books.

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a/n: AAAAAAAA I LOVE U TOO DJDUFCXJX AND YES omg, Atsushi, I missed you…


5. A pleading kiss where one person cannot reach the other’s lips.

You and your boyfriend walked by the hand towards your home, all the time talking about various topics; from school and basketball (both trainings and matches), to plans for this weekend and plans for the upcoming winter holidays. Atsushi listened attentively to you, but also added something from himself every now and then, such as about food or drinks that he would be happy to make or taste.

When you got to your house, you looked expectantly at your tall boy, who frowned slightly. You didn’t speak to him for a moment, only after a short second you pointed your finger at your pinkish mouth.

“Umm. A goodbye kiss?” You said or rather ask softly and then stood on your tiptoes, even though it still didn’t get you much. You were short enough that the best you could do was peck him in the middle of the chest. Not that it ever bothers you, because your height difference was incredibly cute and always charmed everyone around two of you, however, at times like this when you needed a kiss or attention, Murasakibara loved to tease you, so you had to really make an effort to get the caress you wanted. “Atsushi~, please give me a kiss. Please, please. Baby.” You added after another few seconds, and he smiled very lazily, leaning forward a little bit.

Unfortunately, it still wasn’t enough for you. Even though you stood at the ends of your black shoes and stretched your neck, you still couldn’t reach the lips of your beloved giant.

“Atsushi! Don’t be like that, please give me a kiss…”

“Mhm, okay. You are so cute, Chibi-chin. I love you.” He muttered, lowering his body even tighter. After less than a minute, his face was finally at the same level as your own small face. Now, you could easily reach his sweet-tasting mouth and, at the same time, cup both his soft cheeks with your tiny hands.

Your fingers tangled up in the purple locks of his long hair and you smiled shiny when you felt that your boyfriend hug your waist and lift your body up, deepening the kiss.

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It’s kinda short, but so chaotic lmao, hope you like it!! xx

Scenario: Aomine’s s/o accidentally getting icing on her dress

It was Kise’s birthday and everyone decided to gather together for a party at his house. You were in charge of making the cake since you liked to bake and you were just doing a few touch ups after you had arrived since Aomine’s reckless driving caused a few imperfections in the icing. Getting a bit caught up in your work, you didn’t notice the cream getting onto your dress until Murasakibara’s girlfriend pointed it out.

“Y/N, you’ve got some icing on your dress,” she informed you from her seat on the couch, wrapped in Murasakibara’s long arms.

You looked down and spotted the white stain on the hem of your dress. “Oh thanks for telling me,” you mumbled, pulling the skirt up slightly to wipe it off.

Aomine looked up from his phone and saw you licking the icing off your fingers, causing his mind to run wild. “Well that looks familiar,” he thought out loud with a smirk on his face, not really caring if all his friends heard him.

Everyone let out a groan of disgust and disappointment at the sound of those words, sparking a chatter of tsks and tuts.


“Aominecchi!” Kise scolded with you in unison, slapping his arm for the unapologetic crudeness.

“What?” Aomine said defensively, slapping Kise’s arm back as if he did nothing wrong.

“That’s disgusting, Mine-chin,” Murasakibara tutted, shaking his head in disappointment.

“You really have no manners, do you?” Midorima sighed, rubbing his temples.

“You guys are my friends, why do I need to have manners around you?” Aomine scoffed, unable to grasp why everyone was so outraged as he stood up from his seat.

“While that might be true, there are women here, Aomine,” Akashi lectured.

“You really need to control that mouth of yours, Aomine-kun,” Kuroko said, pulling his girlfriend closer to him, feeling second-hand embarrassment for her having to hear those words.

“Oh trust me, my mouth has plenty of control, don’t you agree, Y/N?” Aomine smirked, snaking his arms around your waist from behind you as a second wave of disgusted groans filled the room, though Kise did his best to hold back a chuckle this time.

Now it was your turn to slap your boyfriend’s arm. “Don’t drag me into your filthy mess,” you scolded as he simply rested his head on your shoulder, unbothered.

“You guys act like you’ve never had sex before,” Aomine sighed, rolling his eyes at everyone’s dramatic reactions.

“Y/N-cchi, I’m so sorry you have to date someone so immature,” Kise said, giving you a sympathetic look.

“Oi, I saw you laughing back there Kise, don’t act like you’re better than me,” Aomine barked, leading to Kise to stick his tongue out at him in response.

Eventually, everyone moved on and Aomine remained clung onto you, not wanting to move from the comfort of your warm body.

“Did you really have to say that back then?” you said softly so that only he could hear.

“The opportunity was right there, how could I not?” Aomine replied.

“You’re such an idiot,” you chuckled. No matter how disgusted you were initially, you did find it kind of funny.

“Well, this idiot would like to see you lick some more white stuff off your fingers. What do you say?” Aomine grinned, voice low and husky.

“You’re despicable,” you sighed, though you couldn’t help but get a bit flustered at the way he whispered in your ear. “Save it for when we get back home. Deal?”

Aomine looked at you with an evil glint in his eyes. You could tell that he was already playing out every single detail in his dirty mind. “Deal.”

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Yes ofc!! Ahh I love takao sm this was such a cute request. Hope you like it xx

Headcanons: neck kisses with Himuro, Takao, Murasakibara and Midorima


  • Literally the king of neck kisses change my mind
  • His favourite hobby is sneaking up behind you and smothering you with neck kisses
  • They’re usually so soft and ticklish that you always end up giggling
  • His neck kisses are often accompanied by a sweet little compliment as well
  • “What’re you doing, gorgeous?” he’d whisper in your ear
  • “Tatsuya, that tickles,” you giggle, turning your head slightly to smile at him
  • “You want me to stop?” he asks, his dark eyes looking into yours with nothing but love and consideration
  • “Of course not,” you reply, shaking your head slightly
  • After placing a quick peck on your lips, Himuro would wrap his arms around your waist and proceed to leave soft kisses on your neck
  • Whether it was out in public or in the bedroom, Himuro’s go-to place is your neck
  • So it was no surprise that your neck was often covered in his marks


  • Okay Takao’s neck kisses have two extremes
  • He’s either extremely light and soft with you or he is absolutely devouring your neck
  • The soft ones usually come in the mornings
  • Whenever he wakes up before you do, he likes to just lean over and leave light and wet kisses on your neck until you wake up
  • It pretty much guaranteed that you’d wake up with a smile on your face
  • “Good morning dummy. I was wondering how many more kisses it’d take until you woke up,” he’d grin, voice still raspy
  • “I’m still asleep. Keep going,” you reply, closing your eyes and exposing your neck to him
  • And of course, he didn’t fail to comply
  • On the other hand, when things got more heated, these neck kisses became deadly
  • It was hard to believe that it was the same person because of how rough he’d get
  • You’d often hear him groan against your neck as well, sending shivers through your body
  • You found yourself having to buy a lot of makeup for yourself because he never failed to leave an abundance of marks on your neck whenever things got frisky


  • Lazy afternoons are his neck kisses’ time to shine
  • When the two of you were cuddled up together watching a movie or something, he’d often absentmindedly kiss your neck
  • Sometimes he wouldn’t even realise that he’s doing it until you start to giggle at he feel of his soft lips brushing against your skin
  • The smell of your skin was so sweet that he couldn’t resist leaving a few nibbles here and there
  • “Hm Y/N-chin, you smell really nice,” he’d hum against your neck
  • “Thanks Atsushi, but I don’t think you should be trying to actually eat me with those bites of yours,” you chuckle
  • “But you taste so good…”
  • Eventually, he’d get addicted to it and he literally will not let you go
  • His arms will be wrapped around you tightly as he went to town on your neck
  • So whenever Murasakibara begins to kiss your neck, you know that you’re not getting any work done that day
  • He also low-key really likes it when you cling onto him and give him neck kisses too


  • He rarely ever kisses your neck
  • He tends to go for your lips and your cheeks in casual settings
  • But he definitely has a thing for kissing your collarbones and shoulders
  • However, when the two of you are alone, his kisses will sometimes make their way up to your neck and it’s absolutely amazing
  • He just somehow knows how to have the perfect mixture of soft and rough with his kisses and it’s heavenly
  • “Hm, Shintaro, that feels nice. Why don’t you do this more often?” you murmured, making his lips stop to look up at you
  • “Not sure, but I don’t mind doing it more if you’d like?”
  • “I’d love that,” you smiled sweetly at him before his lips reconnected with your neck
  • He’d try to kiss your neck more after that, but it was still quite rare because he was always drawn to the other parts of you
  • It eventually managed to make its way into your day to day lives though
  • He used to kiss just the top of your head whenever he greeted you from behind, but now he’d kiss the top of your head and leave a few kisses on your neck too
  • Sometimes, when you’d sit on his lap, he ends up kissing your neck without even realising it
  • And for that reason alone, you started finding ways to sit on his lap more often
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Headcanons: GOM + Kagami’s reactions to their s/o being friends with a really hot guy


  • He didn’t think too much of it when you asked him to give you a ride to see an old friend of yours
  • But when you got there and he saw you approaching this extremely attractive boy, he was rather surprised
  • He might have also been a bit jealous
  • He had to keep reminding himself that he trusted you and that you only loved him
  • When he saw you greeting him, he understood that you two were just friends because you seemed to be treating him just as you would with any other friend
  • He considered staying in the area and keeping an eye on you two
  • But then he realised that it was an actually psychotic thing to do and just drove off
  • He came to pick you up as well and you insisted that he met your friend
  • Kuroko was good at judging someone’s character so he wasn’t opposed to meeting him
  • He seemed like a sweet guy, but Kuroko (who wasn’t one to engage in PDA very often) greeted you with a kiss on the cheek and held your hand the entire time
  • Just to make it clear that you were his
  • “What was that all about?” you questioned him after settling down in his car
  • “What was what about?” he asked with a blank expression
  • “You know, the kissing and hand holding— you don’t do that in public very often.”
  • “I just missed you,” he shrugged, not wanting to admit the truth
  • “You sure that’s it?”
  • “Okay I guess I was a bit jealous of your friend- he’s very good looking,” he said with a sigh
  • You couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle upon hearing that
  • His cheeks were bright red at this point
  • “Tetsu, you don’t have to feel that way, you’re the only one I want, that’s a promise,” you said reassuringly, putting your hand on top of his, which was resting on the gearshift
  • “Yeah, I know,” he said, giving you a gentle smile
  • Once the moment passed, Kuroko began to drive, the sound of the music on the stereo filling the air
  • “You know,” you spoke again, “it wouldn’t hurt for you to do that stuff even when you’re not jealous.”
  • A grin spread across his face, “Will do.”


  • When the car rolled up to the destination, you looked around to find your friend while Kise fiddled around with his phone
  • “Oh there he is!” you said suddenly
  • Kise’s head snapped up, “He?”
  • When Kise looked out the passenger seat window where you sat, he spotted the guy you were referring to
  • He was hot— like, very hot
  • “Y/N-cchi, have you found another model to replace me?” he pouted, not even bothering to hide his jealousy
  • “Huh? What do you mean?”
  • “Your friend— he’s hot,” Kise explained, making you laugh
  • “He is?” you furrowed your eyebrows in confusion as you took another look at him. “Eh, he’s average,” you shrugged upon further inspection
  • “You’re just saying that,” Kise huffed
  • “Ryouta, in my eyes you will always be the hottest, cutest and most beautiful boy in the world,” you said firmly, making sure his eyes were focused on you rather than your friend
  • “Promise?” he asked, eyes full of hope as though he was a child
  • “I promise.”
  • “Okay good, you’re right. I’m way hotter than him,” he said, sitting up straight and regaining his confidence in the matter of seconds
  • “Were you just fishing for compliments?”
  • “Kind of,” he said with a cheeky grin. “But I also wanted to make sure you thought the same.”
  • “Such a dummy,” you giggled as you shook your head disapprovingly. “I’m gonna head out now. I don’t want to keep him waiting.”
  • You reached for the door handle and shifted in your seat, but Kise grabbed your shirt and pulled you back towards him
  • “Just one more thing,” he muttered quickly before pushing his lips onto yours
  • And yes it was one of his more passionate kisses
  • He eventually pulled away from the kiss, leaving you with a dorky smile
  • “Alright, have fun, Y/N-cchi!” he sang, waving at you as you hopped out of the car
  • “I will!”
  • “Not too much fun though!”
  • “Shut up, dummy.”


  • He asked you a fair few questions about your friend before agreeing to drop you off because that’s just how he is
  • However, what he did not expect was to see a very hot boy waving at you when he spotted you and Midorima walking towards him
  • Having not seen your friend in a while, you didn’t hesitate to give him a hug when you greeted each other
  • And Midorima just stood there, brimming with emotions of confusion, shock and jealousy
  • Midorima cleared his throat to draw attention to himself
  • “Oh who’s this?” you friend asked
  • “I’m Midorima Shintaro,” he answered before you could introduce him. “I’m Y/N’s boyfriend.”
  • And of course he made sure to emphasise the boyfriend part
  • Midorima reluctantly parted ways with you two and headed back to his car
  • He totally would’ve stalked you if he didn’t have other things to do
  • He also didn’t hold back on asking you hundreds of questions when he came to pick you up
  • Being the tsundere he is, he didn’t straight up tell you that he was jealous, nor did he admit it to himself
  • “Shintaro, what’s up with the interrogation?” You finally asked
  • “Nothing, just curious,” he shrugged, eyes fixated on the road
  • “Hm, sure.”
  • However, he was extra boyfriendy to you that day
  • He took you on a date to your favourite cafe followed by a walk in the park
  • He was also extra touchy with you, which didn’t come very often
  • Kisses, hugs, hand holding— the whole lot
  • You questioned it so many times but he never admitted it
  • But at the end of the evening, he finally caved in
  • “Fine, I was just reminding you that you’re mine,” he sighed
  • “Why would I need reminding? I know that already,” you chuckled
  • “Well, your friend- he was very attractive. I wanted to prove that I can be a good boyfriend even if I don’t look as good as he does.”
  • Suddenly, you burst out into a fit of laughter, causing Midorima to get extremely flustered
  • “W-What’s so funny?” He snapped
  • “I’m sorry,” you said, simmering down. “Shintaro, I can’t believe that’s what you’ve been worried about this whole time! I love you and I find you extremely attractive— more so than my friend, or any guy for that matter.”
  • “See, now you’re just lying to make me feel better.”
  • “I’m not lying. You just have to trust me on this. You’re the only one I have eyes for- promise,” you replied
  • “Fine, I believe you. Now can we please move on? This is embarrassing,” he huffed, cheeks red as ever
  • Of course, you had to take this opportunity to tease him
  • “No, I can’t believe my Shintaro got jealous of someone,” you joked
  • “Shut up,”
  • “Midorima Shintaro of all people—“
  • You didn’t seem to show any signs of shutting up about it, so Midorima just pressed his lips against yours to make it stop
  • And of course, it did work
  • That kiss was enough to make you forget about it and reaffirm the fact that he was all you could ever want


  • For someone that’s so confident, Aomine gets jealous rather easily
  • He was walking you from the car to the place where you decided to meet your friend with his arm around you and head empty as usual
  • “Oh there he is!” you said, causing him to follow your gaze mindlessly
  • Upon seeing the very hot guy you were looking at, a wave of jealousy filled his body
  • That’s your friend?” Aomine asked, pulling you closer to him absentmindedly
  • “Yeah, let me introduce you two, come on,” you said cheerily, dragging Aomine along towards him
  • Of course, he was as cold as ever during your introduction
  • You definitely noticed, but you didn’t want to bring it up in front of your friend
  • “Alright, we’re gonna get going. Thanks for the ride Daiki!” you smiled, giving his hand a squeeze
  • “Yeah sure,” Aomine hummed
  • But before you could leave, Aomine pulled you close and pushed his lips against yours
  • He had one eye open ever so slightly to make sure that your friend understood that you were his and his only
  • He finally pulled away from you when he was sure that he got the message across
  • “Call me if you need anything okay?” he said coolly as your mind slowly tried to simmer down from the euphoria of his kiss
  • “Alright,” you nodded
  • Aomine noticed your flustered expression and a smirk spread across his face
  • He had nothing to worry about; only he could gain that reaction from you


  • He generally doesn’t really care about who you hang out with
  • But when he laid his eyes upon this friend of yours he somehow lost his cool
  • You friend was hot, and there was no denying it
  • And Murasakibara felt threatened
  • “Huh, you didn’t tell me that your friend was hot,” Murasakibara muttered to you as you approached him
  • “What? Why would you say that?” you snapped, feeling slightly uncomfortable because you didn’t really see your friend in that way
  • “Well, look at him- he’s got a hot face and he also seems to have a fair bit of muscle under those clothes—“
  • “Atsushi, stop oh my god, he’s just a friend, don’t say stuff like that,” you scolded
  • Murasakibara was relatively quiet when you introduced him to your friend
  • He didn’t hold back on shooting him judgemental glares though
  • Even though he didn’t say it out loud, his eyes screamed “Touch her and I’ll crush you.”
  • Your friend was definitely terrified, especially considering that Murasakibara was towering over him
  • And to make his point extra clear, he did make sure to pull you into a kiss before bidding his goodbyes
  • After you were done hanging out with your friend, you spent some time with Murasakibara
  • And he’d definitely be extra clingy and touchy with you because that’s just how he is when he’s jealous
  • He just needs to have his hands all over you so that you knew that you were his


  • Akashi was extra protective when it came to you
  • So he obviously insisted on meeting this friend of yours beforehand
  • However, he didn’t expect your friend to be this extremely attractive guy that set Akashi’s radars into overdrive
  • He still managed to maintain his composure though because he’s sophisticated like that
  • Whilst he didn’t do much when he met your friend, his menacing glare was more than enough for your friend to put his guard up while with you
  • Afterwards, Akashi came to pick you up and to say that he was a bit jealous might be an understatement
  • “How come you didn’t tell me that your friend was that attractive?” Akashi asked when you got into the parked car
  • “Huh? What kind of question is that?”
  • “Well, he’s very attractive and I may have gotten a bit jealous,” Akashi said, his voice cool as ever. “He doesn’t have any feelings for you, does he?”
  • Akashi’s bright eyes pierced into yours, his body leaning close to you over the armrest
  • “What? I-I don’t think so,” you stuttered, his close proximity to you making you slightly nervous
  • “Or rather, you don’t have any feelings for him do you?” Akashi rephrased, his soft voice sending shivers down your spine
  • “Huh? No way! Sei, you know that I only love you right?”
  • Akashi smiled, satisfied with your response
  • However he still didn’t back away
  • “I’m aware. Just making sure,” he nodded lightly
  • “Okay good.”
  • Akashi leaned in even closer until his lips were inches away from yours
  • “You’re mine and mine only, got it?” he whispered
  • He waited for a moment to see if you understood, and your small nod indicated that
  • Next thing you knew, his lips were on yours, sweet yet powerful, just like they belonged


  • When you pointed at your friend through the car window, Kagami’s jaw practically dropped to the floor
  • He definitely didn’t expect your friend to be a guy, let alone a very attractive one
  • “Y/N, that’s your friend?” he asked you, eyes shifting between you and your friend in disbelief
  • “Yeah, what’s wrong?”
  • “He’s hot!” Kagami exclaimed comically, making you laugh— it was too funny not to
  • “Oh is that what you think? Are you interested? I think he’s single, I can hook you up if you want,” you teased, causing his expression to drop
  • “Ha ha very funny,” he said sarcastically
  • He paused for a moment before his eyes widened again
  • “Wait he’s single and you’re hanging out with him??”
  • You couldn’t help but raise a hand to your head in disappointment as you let out a heavy sigh
  • “Taiga, there’s nothing to worry about. He’s just a friend,” you assured
  • “You might think that, but what if he doesn’t?”
  • “Trust me, he knows about us— he’s not stupid enough to try anything,” You explained, placing your hand on his thigh reassuringly, which seemed to relax him slightly
  • “I guess it’s alright then,” he sighed
  • “Good, I’m gonna head out now. Thanks for the ride,” you smiled, opening the car door
  • “You’re gonna leave without giving me a kiss now?” he huffed, half-joking
  • “Such a big baby,” you chuckled before leaning in and giving him a peck on the lips
  • “Hm, maybe you should introduce me to him so that I can intimidate him,” Kagami suggested as you stepped out of the car
  • “I’ll see you later Taiga,” you said dismissively, rolling your eyes at him
  • Whilst he was still a bit jealous, he didn’t have to worry too much because he trusted you with his whole heart and knew that you’d never do anything to hurt him
  • “Besides, I’m totally hotter than that guy,” Kagami muttered to himself confidently before driving off
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hello (thanks for waiting)!! thank you (i love this request hehehe) hope this was okay!

akashi seijuro

  • notices it right from the beginning and he’s delighted to see that you were just as interested in him as he was in you
  • gently smiles at you before turning back to listen to the teacher, all the while remaining collected and confident
  • could already predict your reaction and chuckles quietly to himself — you were just so amusing and intriguing and he loves that about you

aomine daiki

  • feels someone staring at him and turns around to check and his intuition is right — except he doesn’t expect it to be you, of all people
  • raises his eyebrow while cockily smiling at you in an attempt to tease you — to show that he had indeed caught you staring at him
  • although he might seem cool and collected on the outside, on the inside, he’s a big mess — panicking and celebrating all at the same time

kise ryouta

  • he’s used to people staring at him — especially from his fangirls — but when it’s you, that’s a whole other story
  • will certainly try his best to impress and swoon you at the same time by sending a wink over, along with his signature smile
  • afterwards, will feel his heart beat faster and his cheeks heat up as he wondered if that was enough to capture your attention

kuroko tetsuya

  • he is pleasantly surprised and shock all at once because people usually have a hard time even realising he was there
  • but here you were, staring right at him, so he takes a while to comprehend that, but he’s literally bursting with happiness on the inside
  • will nod once before smiling at you — it is going to take him a long time before he forgets about this incident

midorima shintarou

  • gets self-conscious when he first notices — will immediately turn around and ask takao if there was anything on his face
  • tried to subtly check if you’re still staring at him, and you still are
  • becomes a flustered mess almost instantly, trying to focus back on what the teacher was saying and will end up making a fool out of himself — but when he hears your soft laughter it makes up for it

muraskibara atsushi

  • normally just quite clueless so it’s probably himuro that points it out to him and when he turns around to check, it was really the case
  • at that moment, he just stares back, watching you quickly look away and wondering what he should do
  • he’ll definitely walk over and offer you some snacks — which is very rare — before making asking you about your day
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CW: mentions of jealousy and a small temper tantrum, relatively sfw 

You heard them bickering as soon as you walked in the door. Murasakibara was complaining about Kiyoshi hiding the sweets, Kiyoshi had done no such thing, you had hidden the sweets, but Iron Heart was taking the fall for you. So, when you walked into the kitchen both of your giants turned and looked at you. Kiyoshi gave you a sweet smile while Murasakibara scowled and continued looking for his sweet stash. You rolled your eyes and made your way to the bedroom, wanting to change into something more comfortable. Kiyoshi following silently behind you dropped a kiss on your exposed shoulder after you shrugged your work shirt off. “Would you like me to run you a bath?” he asked while trailing his fingers across your skin.

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@animescenarios​ GoM + Kagami headcanons with an s/o who’s overworked and really focused on her work/studies and the boys’ reaction to seeing her so tired?

Ted talks: Ahhh, Mamacita, I’m happy to be able to write for you finally! After you have written for me countless times, it’s the least I can do to repay all your hard work.  Thank you for always responding to my friendly digital harassments, and I know I sent a lot of ask…hehee, my bad. I hope you enjoy it. There are so many boys Idk how you do this. My wrist hurts TT_TT. I think in the future, three of four people is my max BUT for you its noooooo problem <3 And as you can see, I def mirrored your writing style. Forgive me. I like it. 

Work count 1k
Sins: For once it’s crazy eh nothing depraved here. Today just pure fluff. Hope you get a fucking cravity that’s how sweet it is <3


It was your first year of university, so many things have changed for you. However, the two things that stayed the same was your drive to work hard in your studies and your boyfriend’s love and concern for you. One evening he unexpectedly visited you after you stopped responding to his texts for a couple of days. He got anxious, so he figured he’d swing by to make sure everything was ok. When you greeted him at the door, he could tell immediately tell how tired you were. The bags under your eyes were very apparent, and he knew you were overdoing it.

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