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#murasakibara x himuro

Happy New Year 2021 and all~ ୧⍢⃝୨

Starting with some wise words and resolution from a sweet, innocent and naive boy.

Im bringing the college era MuraHimu redesign cause I just have so much stuff for grown-up them.

And now time to get back to work on them some more o/

(hahaha I honestly hope this illustration isn’t a glimpse of what 2021 could be cause damn it was sooooo exhausting to work on it ಥ_ಥ). Used some ref from Kibbitzer’s poses book and self poses to get through it.

-No reupload / repost on other platforms-

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Probably last MuraHimu post for 2020  

Already got enough stuff I’d like to doodle to go on with them until late 2021.

I’m trying different styles everytime cause I ain’t happy with my current sketching/lining and I hope it’ll improve nicely enough to get to the Himuro I’m dreaming of !!

2021 will be an interesting journey art wise, and I plan to get through it stronger, keeping those precious boys by my side o/

(Will probably go back to some MakoHaru/PharMercy/Tomoyo x Sakura as well cause I miss them so much  ╥﹏╥ )

Wish you the happiest ending for 2020 !


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So… I have a text file filled with quotes and stuff to draw featuring Atsushi and Tatsuya. Some are from funny quoting blogs or series I’m fond of while the biggest part is just from me wandering around in my thoughts and giggling like “ahahah that is actually interesting I wanna draw that”.

Today I stumbled across an amazing recipe video I found some weeks ago and a flood of MuraHimu situations just flew in. And I’m like “omfg I need to draw every quotes and ideas !!!” knowing January will be focused on that stuff cause now I can’t get it out of my stupid head… So yeah I’ll probably kinda end up like that cute drawing meme girl.

Anyway here’s some Adventure Time AU Atsushi x Tatsuya from October.

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A WIP from some sketches I’m doodling about Yousen boys at the Tōkyō Kirby Cafe picking Kirby goodies….

Probably won’t come with a lot of stuff before January so I’m considering to upload some wip as well =/

ʕ •ᴥ• ʔ

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“Atsushi no Kamikakushi”

Uploading both versions cause I cannot decide which one I like the most =x

Quick Ghibli redraw (from Spirited Away) including the Yousen boys for multiple obvious reason :D so here’s the handsome icy dragon boy and the giant hungry kid he’s babysitting.

I kinda kept the original proportions from Chihiro and Haku to get Tatsuya a decent size, as I could not picture a tiny dragon ^^’

(Do Not Use/Upload on other platforms thanks) 

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Decided to participate just because I feel inspired. Thank you so much @vanilla-daydreams and @theuglycrybaby for making this possible. So yeah for Day 1, I have decided to do my ultimate ship, MuraHimu. Also, thank you @tastytatsu for your support *cyber hug* <3


Originally posted by reginanoctua

DAY 1 Prompt: Chocolates/I don’t remember having these many hickeys, but I don’t mind.

Summary: Atsushi is at lost on how to make Muro-chin happy this coming Valentines’ Day until a certain baked good catches his attention.

Word count: 3, 855 words

Rating: T

Atsushi is lost. Why, you ask? It’s because v-day is approaching fast and being in a relationship with the one and only pretty boy, Himuro Tatsuya is enough to make his knees go jello but he is totally lost on how to please him. He may appear to be a monster on the court but he must admit that he is at lost on how to make his Muro-chin happy. After all, he is in his first-ever relationship with a guy, and a pretty one at that (did I say it twice?). He has this gut feeling that once v-day comes, Muro-chin is gonna be swarmed with lots of delectable chocolates that he won’t even notice his. He sighs in defeat as he put his hands on his pockets. He is currently loitering around Yosen’s hallway after class, trying to think of something to do. He knows that Muro-chin doesn’t really like sweets so giving him a chocolate bar or any sweet confectionaries is out of the picture. And now, he is more than reduced to aid in his dilemma. 

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Day 3: Bait

“Listen. Murasakibara. You’ve got to come! Everyone’s going to be there, and it’s going to be the only time we’re in Japan until after the wedding.” 

Murasakibara yawned on the other end of the phone. “I have something to do that weekend.” 

Kagami knew full well that he had nothing to do that weekend. He also knew that if Kuroko asked, their friend would come. But the joint bachelor party was meant to be a surprise for his fiance, so he couldn’t exactly enlist Kuroko’s help. 

“I will buy you all the drinks and candy that you want if you come,” Kagami said, groaning internally as he said it. It took a ridiculous amount of alcohol to get the giant drunk. But if that was the price he had to pay, he had NBA money to back him up. 

He could hear Murasakibara consider on the other side of the phone. “Hmmmmmm…. I’m not sure it’s going to be worth it. I can get drinks and candy here.” 

“Free drinks and candy, though?” 

“Are you calling me broke?”

“No, no, see I just thought that…” Kagami sighed.

“I’ll think about it,” Murasakibara said. 

 It was time for the nuclear option. Kagami pressed to add a call and dialed up his brother. 

“Hello?” Himuro said.

“Murochin!” Murasakibara’s voice lit up, which was rich considered the two were probably just in different rooms of the same house. 

“Taiga. Atsushi. What gives me the pleasure?” 

 “Can you please tell your boyfriend that he’s coming to me and Kuroko’s bachelor party?” 

“I’m going to be there,” Himuro said, voice wheedling. 

They literally lived together. He could survive a night or two without his boyfriend. There was no chance he was going to take the bait. Except…

“I guess I’ll come,” Murasakibara said. 

“Yes!!!!” Kagami pumped a fist in the air. “That’s everyone! Kuroko is going to be so surprised!” 

“That’s enough phone for today. Love you, Murochin. Talk later, Kagachin.” 

Kagami heard the click of Murasakibara hanging up. 

“He was planning on coming all along, you know,” Himuro said. “He thinks it’s funny when you get flustered.”

Kagami gritted his teeth. “That’s just excellent.” 

Himuro laughed. “Atsushi is a good guy, really.”

“You don’t have to tell me that. He’s my friend.”

“I feel like I take precedent, considering he’s my lover and all.” 

Kagami gagged. “Lover? Really? Don’t remind me of your sex life.” 

Himuro laughed again, harder. “Love you, Taiga.” 

Kagami sighed. “Love you too, Tatsuya.” 

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Atsushi, I found a picture of you smiling.
It's photoshop.
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Continuing with MEN Syndromes, we will cover MEN2B.

MEN2B does not have any other special names. Patients with MEN2B have just 1 P: Pheochromocytoma. However, they also tend to have medullary thyroid carcinoma which secrete calcitonin, and some oral/intestinal ganglioneuromatosis ie mucosal neuromas in the nasopharynx, oropharynx, larynx, and conjunctiva. Finally, these patients can exhibit Marfanoid body habitus = long/lanky.


MEN2B is definitely make me think of Murasakibara. He’s huge, tall/lanky so he’s pretty much got that Marfanoid body. He eats so much junk food that he has to develop some tongue/mucosal tumors. Think of him eating the special yellow P instead of his Pringles. He also loves the pheochromocytoma because Himuro like it. He also shares the possibility of getting that medullary thyroid cancer because he’s very yaoi with Himuro. Again, he also always sticks with Himuro so they are 2 men = MEN2.

In summary:


  • Pheochromocytoma
  • Medullary thyroid cancer
  • Marfanoid body habitus
  • Mucosal neuromas
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Murahimu, dancing

Himuro Tatsuya prides himself on having an immense measure of control. Every action he performs, every expression he has on his face were all regulated, and yielded to his will. Every movement was monitored heavily. Every emotion is accounted for. He grew up to know that any sign of letting control slip was a weakness

But he has one flaw. Or one habit he forced himself to call it a flaw.   

Himuro dances when it rains. He likes the sound of rain against the glass windows, the hushed weather and the scent of grass in the air. He loves it when there is soft music from the radio, some old melody surprising him, and he loves it when practice has ended and he could have the whole court to himself to dance however he pleases. 

He hates that he loves it. He hates that he loves dancing. He hates that he loves rains because of it. It was a weakness, a pathetic flaw to his “perfectly poised” personality that he could not shake, no matter what. 

So he chooses to keep it a secret, protects it with his will and succeeds. He locks himself away every time it rains and he is sure his family and friends think he is scared of the rain. And he lets them think that. 

It’s one of those days in August that Murasakibara walks in. There is a storm going on, a summer storm that alleviates all the frustration of the never ending heat and sweat from the scorching sun. It soothes the earth over when it appears and Himuro breathes in the scent of grass, feeling a familiar serenity. 

The storm starts right as day ends so the school gets emptied out pretty fast and Himuro feels overjoyed when he enters the court and notices he is the only one there. He puts on the radio, there is a slow smooth song starting and closing his eyes, he lets himself sway to the tune. 

It might be a minute later or ten minutes later or an eon later when a crisp packet crinkles open and Himuro freezes mid-twirl. He snaps his neck back to see Murasakibara looking at him intently as he chews the salty chips, leaning against the wall near the closed door of the gym. 

The song comes to a stop and the rain continues pouring, hailing and weeping and shrieking against the alabaster roof. Himuro stands frigid, not daring to move a single muscle. He had been caught doing something he wouldn’t normally do, he had been caught with his secret. With his one single flaw.    

By the one person in front of whom he would never want to appear weak.

Shame fills his body, fists clenching by his side as he faces the silent judgement of Atsushi. The Himuro that Atsushi knows is never this carefree, never this relaxed. Despite all the soft words and friendly banter they share. This Himuro was someone with a flaw, a big massive flaw, who loves to dance to rain like a fucking uncultured peacock in the field. 

Anger soon seeps into the shame. This was his court today. This was his private time. Atsushi did not have the right to see him like this. Himuro had fucking closed the door!    

Himuro juts his chin in the air, jaw clenched and eyes blazing with shameful anger. 

If he was going to be mocked, he was not going to take it sitting down. Himuro Tatsuya has pride. And Atsushi knew better than to test that.  

Murasakibara swallows lazily and plunges his hand in the packet as he drawls, “Why’d you stop? You looked good.” He doesn’t look away from Himuro. 

Himuro starts, his anger stumped, “What?”

Murasakibara rummages and plucks a handful of chips and is about to shove them in his mouth when he repeats, “You look good. Dancing.” He chews, crunching the chips, his mouth full and adds, “You should do it more, Muro-chin.”

It takes a full five minutes of bewildered gaping with his mouth hanging open uselessly, before Himuro regains full function of his faculties. His mind is racing, hurrying to catch up with the adrenaline from the thwarted anger rushing through his body. Atsushi accepted him, Atsushi accepted his flaw. His flaw, which was in all aspects, a weakness. But it wasn’t a weakness to Atsushi. He didn’t look disgusted or betrayed by the show of emotion. He accepted it. He even went so far as to encourage him. 

Himuro feels tears stinging his eyes as he barks a shocked laugh, “Yeah.” He blinks them away and holds himself tightly together as his body shakes from unbidden relief. All that pent up anger and frustration and shame liquefy into sweet, sweet relief that his body feels like its light as a floating cloud. Atsushi accepted him! Atsushi accepted him! It was not a flaw to Atsushi! 

He inhales a deep breath, closing his eyes and seeking peace in the rushing relief and soft comfort of Atsushi and the scent of wet grass in the air. One of the most important people in his life accepted him and the realisation left him reeling. He lets it out in a gush of air as the radio croons another slow song, in tune with the screeches of the rain, feeling peace for the first time in a long time, “Yes, I should.”

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