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Mario Cash X Murda - Laat me je gezicht zien (ProdBy. RockyWhereYouBeen)

Mario Cash X Murda – Laat me je gezicht zien (ProdBy. RockyWhereYouBeen)


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O Ses Türkiye Rap jüri üyeleri kimler, ne zaman, hangi kanalda yayınlanacak? Son Dakika

O Ses Türkiye Rap jüri üyeleri kimler, ne zaman, hangi kanalda yayınlanacak? Son Dakika

Rap müzik sevenlerin merakla beklediği program için geri sayım başladı. Önümüzdeki günlerde Exxen platformu üzerinden yayınlanacak olan yarışma programı için Acun Ilıcalı’dan açıklama geldi. Instagram hesabı üzerinden programın jüri üyelerini duyuran Ilıcalı “yakında Exxen’de” diyerek programın dijital platformda yayında olacağını açıkladı.


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Uncle Murda Reveals Swizz Beatz’s Rap Up 2020 Reaction: “It can be Alright To Give Me My Bouquets Now”

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New York rapper Uncle Murda understands he went about and over and above with his most recent “Rap Up” anthem. The hip-hop veteran has stepped up to display some massive reactions to his newly produced yearend tune.

Uncle Murda Reveals Hip-Hop Reactions

Murda went to his Instagram site with a slideshow of co-signals. Absolutely everyone from producer Swizz Beatz to rap legend Snoop Dogg have saluted Uncle for his tune.

“It’s all right to give me my flowers now Shout out to @therealswizzz @bigboy @snoopdogg Rap Up 2020 – Really don’t Arrive Outside Vol3 Out Now Url in my bio #AppreciateTheLove”

Uncle Murda reveals hip-hop reactions.

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Uncle Murda’s Rap Up 2020 Is A Will have to-Listen to

Murda went in-in on his most psychological and tricky-hitting “Rap Up” launch. Along with remembering late enjoyment icons, Murda also places hefty concentration on Black Life Issue, the world clapping back again at police brutality and President Donald Trump getting rid of the election. Murda even announces this is his last-at any time “Rap Up” launch at the close of the track.

“The very best news we got all year was Rowdy coming house/It was dope viewing him on the ‘gram becoming celebrated, he a authentic a person, he ain’t fold when he obtained interrogated/Pharrell was on ‘Drink Champs’ chatting some stupid sh*t, just due to the fact you pay taxes don’t make it cool to snitch” at?v=Z3dtZKv8Qco Murda’s Rap Up 2020 is a will have to-listen to.

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The Rap Up 2019 Songs Online video

In January 2020, Uncle Murda arrived by way of with his epic “Rap Up 2019” audio video clip premiere.

Skillz Goes At Uncle Murda For His Rap Up Sequence

Again in January 2018, rap veteran Skillz engaged in a war of words with Murda. The East Coastline musician is most recognized for starting up up his annual wrap-up tracks dating back to the early 2000’s ahead of Murda jacked his design and style in the mid-2010’s.

“I really don’t even rap no far more, man. But, the amount of disrespect, when he DM’d me, that was it. His DM transpired like a 7 days in the past, no, like two weeks ago. He just DM’d me and he stated you the PG edition and I’m the R-rated variation. Like, the screenshot of the song is the DM. He explained that to me. And I just said back again, ‘Who this?’ My factor is, it’s been loads of cats that have tried to do the Rap-Ups but no one’s been this disrespectful. I’m like, bro, why you keep expressing my name? Y’all have to comprehend the only people who hear an Uncle Murda ‘Rap Up’ is in New York or Environment Star. But it does not get past Exit 7 on the Turnpike. There are however persons asking me, ‘Who is Uncle Murda?’ I’m just like, bro, like, he amusing, he’s a character but he ain’t constructed for bars. … There is 30 rappers in Brooklyn extra important than Uncle Murda. Ain’t no additional expressing my identify on the data. Appear on, fam.” (Hot 97)

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Uncle Murda - Rap Up 2020 (Music Video #2)

Uncle Murda – Rap Up 2020 (Music Video #2)

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