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Floating underwater,
No air in my lungs,
Yet I refuse to sink,
For I want you to find me,
You who put me here,
You who sucked the life out of me,
You who got away,
You who no one suspects,
And I wish to haunt you,
Not for vengeance,
But because I’ve fallen in love,
With you,
My killer,
My creator anew,
No longer am I man,
No longer do I wander,
From now on I am abstract,
From now on I float,
And I have none but you to thank,
So I float for you.

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Day 3

As more volunteers arrive, the party receives some new faces, the most outspoken being Ledger. As an Andrastian, Ledger does not take kindly to having a mage teammate and arguments ensue. His fears only grow as he learns of his mage guide. Nonetheless, Ledger eventually agrees to perform his task of cutting wood, though he stands at a notable distance away from his magically skilled companions.

While working, a sad, whining sound becomes apparent. When Cas leaves to investigate, she finds an injured mabari, beaten to within an inch of her life. “Those fucking bandits from yesterday must have done this,” Ledger says through gritted teeth. Justinia can’t bear to see the animal in pain and attempts to heal the mabari using her skills in herbalism. While the mabari continues to whine, she sounds more sad now then in pain. Ledger interjects, “There’s probably internal bleeding or some other injury we can’t see, we should put the poor thing out of its misery.” “No!” Justinia protests, “She’ll make it, I’m sure.” “Someone will have to carry it back to camp,” Ashaad notes. Justinia volunteers. After many minutes of convincing Ledger to back down and contemplating who should carry the dog and who should help carry wood back, Ledger, the weakest of the group, reluctantly agrees to carry the dog while Ashaad carried both his and Ledger’s wood back. With both the wagon overflowing and most everyone’s arms filled with wood, the team earns good coin for the day.

That night, one of the Chantry Sisters cares to the mabari. Meanwhile, a shortage of tents leads to Ledger and Ashaad sharing a tent. Ashaad, like a proper soldier, performs his nightly stretches. The activity being performed in minimal clothing, however, draws the attention of his roommate. Clearly enamored, Ledger is offered the chance to join Ashaad and the two of them stretch late into the night. Dragon is highly disturbed by this, who was planning on speaking to the two men before hearing them through the tent. She promptly leaves, but is strangely curious.

Day 4

The next day, the mabari is awake and healthy. “She looks like a Delilah,” Dragon says. The newly named mabari responds well to her new name and runs towards her healer, Justinia. “It seems she’s imprinted on you,” Mag proposes. The party, along with Delilah, sets out once again towards the Wilds, but their work is quickly interrupted by a loud explosion followed by a deep roar. “Shiiit!” Cas yells and runs off into the direction of the sounds. She party soon follows.

Cas hides behind a tree, beyond her, in a large clearing, stands a large beast. One leg of the giant being is the size of an adult human while its height is equal to three humans standing on each other’s shoulders. Its purple-tinted skin appears to be made of armored scales. Surrounding the massive creature is five elves. With one fluid motion, the monster grabs the nearest elf and crushes her in its fist. Her body collapses to the ground.

“Ok,” Cas starts, “That’s a fucking demon.” The party instantly recoils in fear. She continues, “I can take care of it, but I’ll need you to keep everyone off me.” “Well maybe the elves can help!“ Mag suggests. “I doubt it, they’re probably the ones who summoned the thing,“ Cas explains. Ignoring her, Mag calls out to the elves, “Help us kill the demon!“ One responds, “Leave, shem.“ “But its going to kill you, don’t you want help?“ Mag retorts. “Not from you,“ the elf huffs. With this, Cas interjects, “I don’t blame any of you for leaving, but if you are staying, take them out so I can cast my spell.“

The fight that ensues is a difficult one, the armored demon deflects all but the best placed blows and the elves hostility towards the party divides their attention from the demon. One of the archers manages to strike Cas, who yells out in annoyance, but continues her spell. As the fight begins to draw out into what seems like eternity, the clearing is filled with a blinding white light and everyone is knocked unconscious. Knicki is the first to awake and as her vision clears, she can faintly make out the silhouette of a person. They are taller than a dwarf, but shorter than an elf and their entire body is covered by garbs. While they were tending to the unconscious party members, they quickly ran off upon noticing Knicki’s stare.

Within a minute, the rest of the party is awake. Cas, out of breath, informs the party that she’s bought them about twenty minutes before the elves awake. The demon is gone. Immediately, Ledger and Mag approached two of the remaining three elves and slit their throats before they could awake. They try to do the same to the last elf, but Ashaad has placed himself protectively between her and the rest of the party. “No,” he says, “I want to know why the demon was here.” Ledger and Mag disagree with Ashaad’s protection and aren’t afraid to let him know.

While they are arguing, Mag speaks up, “Anyone else starting to feel like your chest is on fire?” Everyone turns to stare at Cas, who responds, “Ok, I may have a confession to make.” “What did you do?” Ledger demands. “Well,” Cas continues, “There was no way we were going to kill that demon, which means it was going to kill all of us, then the camp, then probably half of Ferelden. I bought us time.” “Did you put a fucking demon in us?” Ledger draws his weapon and approaches Cas as he asks. “Not exactly. I’ve banished the demon to the Fade and put up a barrier between us and it, blocking the hole in the Fade it came out of.” She explained. “So why do we feel weird?” Mag asked. “Because,” Cas goes on, “I’m not strong enough to hold up the spell so I had to use the life energy in all of you to power it. I’d say we have about a month, assuming you all stay together, before it wears off and the demon comes back.” “That’s it, I’m out.” Ledger says as he begins to storm off. “I’ll kill you if you try to leave.” Mag threatens. “Don’t!” Cas pleads, “The barrier is stronger when you’re close to each other and ALIVE, without someone, the spell will weaken and the demon will return sooner.” She explains that she has a friend in Nevarra named Iora who taught her the spell, that she would be able to undo the spell, releasing the demon, and quickly close the breach in the Fade for good, allowing the demon to be killed for real and stopping any more demons from entering the land of the living. This does little to entice Ledger, who attempts to bribe Justinia into leaving with him. When this doesn’t work, he turns his blade on himself, “Fine, I’ll kill myself then.” Once again, arguments arise within the group.

At this point, the last remaining elf begins to open her eyes. “What?” She groggily asks before coming to her senses and attempting to flee. She is stopped, however, by Ashaad standing before her and by the many weapons soon drawn on her. She quickly surrenders. “Did you summon the demon, tell us everything,” Ashaad orders. “Yes- well,” she immediately responds, “The mage did, but he used blood from all of us.” “What is your name?” Ashaad asks. “Terri, please don’t kill me.” She answers quickly. “You’ll come with us,” Ashaad orders. Terri agrees without hesitation. “We’ll figure this out,” Mag intervenes, “But for now, let’s all stick together and return to the camp.” As night will soon be upon the party, they put aside their differences and agree, eager to be out of the Wilds before sundown.

Back at camp, Ashaad takes Terri into a tent, apologizing to Ledger that since he must watch the captive, he will be unable to assist him with his stretches tonight. While Ledger feels a pain of longing, he understands. Clay, without a tent of his own, offers to help watch Terri. Ashaad happily accepts Clay’s offer, much to Ledger’s dismay. However, once Ashaad begins his nightly rituals, the lack of clothing disturbs Clay, who decides to sleep just outside the tent. “Ah, my good man,” Ashaad says, “I see you are taking first watch.” While everyone else prepares for bed, Knicki shares her concerns with Leliana, describing the person she saw in the woods. While Leliana is not familiar with such an individual, she offers to look into the matter with Cas. Afterwards, Knicki joins her companions in sleep.

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But as he did, a sentence flashed in his mind–

This is not a Murder Mystery Bachelor Challenge, so unfortunately, your Sim will not die.”

And so it was written–without an end point. It didn’t say “your Sim will not be murdered in the challenge”–it said, “your Sim will not die”. Whether or not that applied to non-violent deaths, from true accidents to illnesses to the mortals’ eventual natural deaths, would be a bridge he would have to cross eventually–but Rusty Nobody in front of him technically died a violent death, even if she wasn’t the intended victim. The sentence absolutely applied to her.


Contractually, he had to spare Rusty, and he wasn’t happy about having his time wasted like that. He wished people would be a little more clear when defining when Sims can and cannot die.

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