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Character: Ritsu Kasanoda
Genre: Angst
Words: 773
Triggers: Murder, Blood

Clear cerulean water rolled across the white sand as the ocean tumbled onto the native white sand, leaving its shadow as the water retreated back into the rolling foam. Exotic calls echoed from the far distance, riding the warm breeze that rustled the palm trees and high grass by the tree line. With the bright sun shining above the beautiful islands of Hawaiian it was essentially paradise, a part of Hawaii tucked away and hidden from even the tourist maps.

Ritsu sat in the hot sand in only a pair of polyester swim trunks with his knees brought to his chest. He let the water lap at his toes but he hardly noticed the chilled water as his eyes wandered over the water’s horizon and his mind even farther. He wrapped his arms around his legs and put his back against the breeze, hardly noticing the soft breeze made his long red hair tickle his neck.

This little piece of Heaven on Earth was meant to be a tropical vacation for the Kasanoda syndicate, a hefty price that cost his father three years of earnings from their brothels alone. It was supposed to act as an escape from their filthy reality in Tokyo, Japan.

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Eh ok so i saw like a tag game where you are supposed to show the last peson in your camera roll is the father father of you baby(?) and the last saved meme is their reaction…. erm this is more of a poster and FYI i saved this because im supposed to watch a movie based on true events for school so…


Yes that’s the Ted Bundy movie.

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Zachary Davis speaks to Dr. Phil about bludgeoning his mum to death with a sledgehammer when he was 15. He went on to set the family home on fire in a bid to destroy the evidence, and kill his brother - who he claimed sexually assaulted him. Find out more at

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Ahem, i need to get this off my chest, it’s been here a long time so i need to shout it out. Okay? Here we go….



Thank you for coming to my TED talk

(not my photos or gifs)


Love them all, but honestly Spencer’s smile WILL be the reason I die.

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I’ve started hearing voices: at home; at work. I thought the woman in the bathroom stall next to me was speaking to me so I spoke back. She wasn’t speaking to me.

For a moment I thought I’d found a kindred spirit – the way she was talking to me. The way the voices were talking to me. Teasing me.

Sticking a pickaxe through that man’s eyeballs.

Stuffing that woman’s silk scarf down her own throat.

Peeling that man’s fingernails off with rusty pliers.

I can’t breathe. Why would they tell me these things? Why would they tease me? I can taste them. The voices…such detail…I can hardly bear it.

On top of that I haven’t orgasmed in a month. Every time I’m about to climax I think about that…woman. The one that has gotten me into this mess.

What? She fucks the copyboy and now I can’t get off? In what messed up universe does that makes sense?

Maybe the voices can come up with a delicious way to kill her all over again.

The case has been settled. My company is no longer under investigation and neither am I.

I wish someone would tell Daniel Westburn. He was outside my house again yesterday. He still thinks I’m under investigation. That man is making the voices come louder and me not at all.

I can’t stand it for much longer.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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watching: alta mar (2020)

I just finished gran hotel 2 days ago and now I’m off to another mystery-romance spanish telenovela! This show has the same productions of gran hotel and they even used Cantaloa and there’s also Doctor Ayala (!!!!) I think is the same universe as gran hotel but about 4 decades? Because Alta Mar is in 1940s and gran hotel was in 1905-1907. Anyway! I’m loving the tension (again) between Eva and Nicolas! 

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Chapter 1: Bad Luck Eric

Summary: Eric has always felt like he was a bad luck magnet, but his life gets a whole lot unluckier the day his father brings him to work one day.

A/N: WARNING for child abuse, both verbal and physical, and for murder.

Eric in this is 14. Illinois who makes a brief cameo is 17. This is probably one of the last three origin stories. After this is Yancy’s first arrest and then the Host’s that’ll be out probably February.

Chapters: 1, 2, 3

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