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#muriel fic
Could you please do some hcs for Muriel with an mc that missed their last chance to get home? I'm having a really bad time rn and your writing never fails to cheer me up! Thanks.馃槉馃挄馃挅馃挆馃挏

Of course! I hope all begins to look up for you soon, friend. I’m here. 💚

Muriel x Homesick MC 🏡💔

  • Better than anyone, he knows what it’s like to feel bereft of home.
  • If there’s one thing mountain man is definitely good at in a social setting, it’s empathizing with people. Even though he’s a bit intimidated by how upset you are, he knows how you feel, he hates that you’re upset, and if it hurt to feel it firsthand, watching you go through the pain is like death by a thousand cuts for him.
  • If you’ve already shared cultural aspects of your Homeland with him, he starts incorporating those into daily life
  • Traditional dishes for breakfast, he knits you traditional clothing ( to the best of his ability)
  • He might even venture out into the marketplace to see if any vendors are selling something that would remind you of home
  • Nothing too much! A trinket, or even a stuffed toy. He doesn’t want to overwhelm you, and he’s super nervous he’s doing the wrong thing
  • But when he sees your eyes light up for the first time in weeks…. a relief so full and so complete floods through him that it’s almost tangible
  • When you talk about home, he listens intently.
  • (And when you wake up the next morning, it’s to a scale sized whittled model of your childhood home, exactly as you’d described it to him. He remembered. He loves your Homeland just as much as you do.)
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Hi there! Thank you for sending something in ‪♡‬ I decided to try my hand at a possible reversed ending for his route, I hope that’s ok! Enjoy~

Muriel’s days are much the same as they had been before.

He rises with the sun. He feeds the ladies their breakfast. He makes sure Inanna’s hide is brushed and clean. He patrols the forest. He whittles.

If he embeds his existence deeply enough into these mundane tasks, it’s almost as if it is not he who exists, but an empty husk of his former self; a husk who’d never had to fight a day in his life; a husk who had parents and a home to speak of; a husk who had never crossed paths with you.

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Could you do a fanfic with a confident Mauriel. Because honestly I feel like he would be a confident in flirting/just confident and okey with mc flirting when he gets to know someone. Not just being a big nervous wreck.


Summary: Muriel x MC- Confident Muriel when it comes to flirting.

Warnings: A little bit of spice.


• When you first mee Muriel, he’s a very quiet man. He gets flustered easily, especially when you two start dating, but as the months pass his deep rooted confidence starts to show itself.

• You compliment him constantly, telling him how handsome he is, and honestly, Muriel starts to see it himself. He soon finds that some people don’t stare at him because of his size, but because of his surprisingly good looks. He starts going out more often, and begins flirtatious affection back.

• It starts subtly. If you both are in the hut and he is widdling, he will look over at you with dark eyes, a small lick to his lips making you shiver.

• You often stare at him when he chops wood. The muscles in his back and arms are quite a show, Muriel gets hot and sweaty from the slowly rising heat, and soon he’s panting and wiping his thick brow. He catches you staring, and he can’t help but give you a sultry smirk and wink, turning his attention back to the firewood as you are a melted mess in the background.

• Muriel starts to get handsy as well. If you are out in public, he has a hand on your hip or on your lower back, showing people that you are his. When you both visit Asra or Nadia, Muriel’s large hand is on your thigh to keep you close. His fingers subconsciously rub circles on your skin, making you shiver and he smirks as he feels your body tremble from his touch.

• When alone, he likes to whisper things in your ear. Albeit a little shaky at first, but once he sees how much you love it, he can’t stop himself. “I…I want you. Now. You’re just…so soft. You do things to me. Things I don’t understand. I love it, I love the way you make me feel.”

• Muriel is a shoulder kisser. If you are doing laundry, washing dishes, or cooking, he loves to come up behind you and kiss your shoulders. He discovers he adores leaving marks there, as well as on the back of your neck.

• He’s also an ass squeezer, so be prepared. “I can’t help it, it just looks too good not to touch.”

• When it’s time to get intimate, Muriel loves to hold you. He feels in control, he knows he can’t hurt you if he controls where you are, and the man can move you easily.

• He’s ass grabbing, neck biting, lip nipping, and licking anywhere he can reach. He gets to the point where he’s so riled up he can’t control himself. He becomes almost animalistic, and he loves it when you unleash that side of him.

• So many years of being alone and tucked away, he can finally open himself up again and show you how much he loves you.

• Muriel has a quiet confidence, you just have to be patient in order to unlock it.

Muriel: The Arcana.

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as if the sun were shining in your hand - ch. 3

‘Muriel stops in front of the jewellery. Among all the glitz and glimmer, something catches her eye, in the bottom left corner of the shop window. It is a bar pin, to be worn at the collar of a lady’s blouse or dress. A little thing, not particularly big or flashy. Just a small blue stone, set in delicate and intricate silver, or what looks like silver. The stone has a shine unlike anything else in the window, it looks just like the crystals in Anne’s little den in the woods did years ago, one of the first times she ever met Marilla.’ 

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So I’m trying to put together a fic for the Arcana game, starring my apprentice, Kestrel. End game is a poly relationship with Julian and Muriel. I guess I’m just kinda stuck? Anyone have any tips on where I should start? Like do I start with Kestrel’s backstory? Or should I start with where her memories start coming back? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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oooo the ask thingy for anne with an e *eyes emoji*

i ADORE this show

  • my favorite female character
    god there are so many good ones!!! definitely marilla, but i also adore josephine my CANON lesbian aunt
  • my favorite male character
    matthew he’s just, so sweet and nice and actually quite funny sometimes
  • my favorite book/season/etc
    hmm i’m still finishing season 3 but i think season 2 was my favourite so far. it had so many nice moments (the party at aunt josephine’s was definitely a highlight) and i really liked the ending, and there were so many nice moments with marilla and anne
  • my favorite episode (if its a tv show)
    oh um there were so many good ones but maybe the season 2 final? it had some really good bits, like mary and bash getting married, and miss stacy staying, all the kids working together to help her, marilla and matthew both standing up for change then looking so shook that they did hsjkdfsf it just had some really nice feels
  • my favorite cast member
    i dont know enough about the cast unfortunately but from what i’ve seen probably amybeth mcnulty shes super sweet
  • my favorite ship
    honestly? marilla and muriel listen im a sucker for them they have so many genuinely sweet scenes? when muriels teaching the kids about electricity and marilla is :O about the lightbulb? marilla standing up to her oldest friend and calling her out because of muriel? when they dANCE together?? i wanna read 100 fics about them tenderly holding hands please thank you. also can you imagine josephine finding out anne’s mother is a lesbian she’d throw so many parties GASP she could host their wEDDING 
  • a character I’d die defending
    cole my precious child im so glad he’s living his best life 
  • a character I just can’t sympathize with
    billy eugh 
  • a character I grew to love
    oh ummmm maybe ruby? i actually really love her she’s super cute. when shes like ‘i love being a woman’??? iconic 
  • my anti otp
    umm probably muriel and bash? i really liked their scenes towards the end of season 3, and as friends i love them and definitely think they should be good bros, but just, the idea of them killing off mary so that bash could be with a white woman (whom i do love obvs) is eee plus i loved mary let bash and muriel be friends and muriel remain a lesbian thank u

this show is honestly so cute and nice and sweet and i just chefs kiss

send me a fandom

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Fandoms: The Arcana & Patema Inverted

Relationship:  Muriel x Inverted!Reader

Words: 694


You live underground in a world made of metal, but things change when you fall into a world of grass and skies where everything is upside down. Luckily for you though, there’s someone to help you from falling into the sky.


I recently watched Patema Inverted cuz a friend recommended it and omg it’s so freaking good!!! Y'all should really watch it, it’s amazing!!!


Asra headcanons

Nadia headcanons

Julian headcanons

Portia  headcanons

Lucio headcanons

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(here is chapter 1 , if you haven’t read it yet.)

Chapter 2

‘‘Eh?’‘ MC questions, making the employee and the mermaids laugh. ‘‘You didn’t think we’d feed them fish food, now did you?’‘ The employee asks and MC’s cheeks heat up in embarassment. ‘‘No, of course not…’‘ They mumble, eyes averted. ‘‘Well then, let’s cook!’‘

MC and the staff member walk through a hallway that goes directly through the tank. When they look up, they can see the mermaids swimming along with them. This way, you can see what their tails look like too. They seem to be similar to the design of their ears. They all wear something like a skirt or a wrap of fabric around their waist. Their destination is a locked door that says ‘Staff only’. They go in. Inside is a rather strange dining room, with floor seats and a kotatsu table. The floor is a tatami. The room is rather snug. On the other side of the large room, there’s a round area with water, where a couple figures emerge and climb out, shaking off the water. ‘’Hi again.’’ Asra says, ‘sitting’ on the tatami. ‘’C’mon, MC, to the kitchen.’’ The employee says, dragging them with him. ‘’So this is why being able to cook was a requirement in the job application..’’ They say, starting to cook. ‘’Now, of course i or some other employees will help you with cooking. We don’t expect you to do it all by yourself but other activities such as fixing parts in the tank or doing some cleaning up and trimming to the plants will be done by you alone.’’ He says, stirring up some scrambled eggs. MC nods and focuses on making the food.

When the food is done, MC and the other employee bring it to the dining room. Everyone’s already seated, talking to one another. There’s scrambled eggs, cooked eggs, boiled eggs, toast, croissants, salad with rice, various fruits, and some buns, as well as breakfast cereal and more. There’s drinks too, of course. Coffee, fruit juice, milk, etc. ‘’Aah, this looks great! Do you cook often, MC?’’ Portia asks, sipping a glass of orange juice. ‘’Not that often, but my mother taught me.’’ They answer with a smile, hands folded behind their back. The other employee gets a buzzer on their device and sighs. ‘’I’ve gotta go, they need me. I assume you’ll be fine here for a while? I’ll be back later to show you the other tasks.’’ He says and walks out of the dining room, leaving MC with the mermaids. ‘’Heey, come join us. There’s room at our table.’’ Lucio says, slapping the floor. MC notices that he’s got one prosthetic arm. ‘’I wouldn’t want to impose…’’ They reply. ‘’T’is no imposition! We would like to get to know you better. After all, we’re gonna see eachother often now.’’ Asra replies, the others agree. ‘’Alright.. if you say so.’’ They say, sitting down next to Nadia.

-pov changes here-

‘‘So, MC. ever worked at a place like this before?’‘ Nadia asks you, you shake your head. ‘‘No. I haven’t, and certainly not at one with mermaids.’‘ You say with an awkward chuckle, Nadia nods knowingly. ‘‘Well, we hope you’ll like it here. The place gets really crowded when the doors open, but that’s not bad. We’re treated well here, and we don’t mind the guests. Well, most of us don’t.’‘ Julian says, looking over at Muriel. He visibly tenses. ‘‘I-I don’t mind it…! I just.. I’m just shy..! You know that…’‘ He quietly answers, making Portia chuckle. ‘‘We know. My brother’s just being a dumbass again.’‘ She says, patting his shoulder. ‘‘Hey!’‘ Julian remarks, pushing her shoulder teasingly. ‘So they’re siblings… No wonder they looked so similar.’ You think, looking at the table. ‘‘Don’t mind those two, they always bicker. Classic sibling behaviour.’‘ Asra says, a smirk on his face.

 ‘‘Aren’t you ever bored here?’‘ You ask them, they turn to look at you. ‘‘Nah, not really. We have plenty of activities, if it’s racing or interacting with guests, even other fish. There’s more to do than you’d think. Every sunday morning, when the aquarium is closed, we get to relax and do what we’d like. We are allowed outside during that time, to feel the sun on our face. So don’t worry about it.’‘ Lucio answers with a yawn, stretching out. ‘‘We also do shows from time to time, with dolphins and other sea creatures. It’s gained a lot of attention from the guests, and it’s one of the main reasons why this place is so popular.’‘ Portia says, nibbling on a piece of toast. ‘‘Er, but.. how do you actually communicate with the guests?’‘ You ask. ‘‘There are microphones attached to the tank in which we live, we can talk to the people through them.’‘ Asra explains. You nod and smile. Conversation flows easily, everyone is very thoughtful and do their best to make you feel comfortable. 

The employee comes back after a while. ‘‘Ah, okay. You’ve finished eating. MC, i need your help. The filter in their tank is clogged, and we’re low on staff at the moment.’‘ He says, you get up and nod. ‘‘Okay. What do i do?’‘ You ask.

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helloooo here’s the first bit of an asrian fic that i posted on ao3! hope u enjoy, let me know what you think! 🥰



Not everyone likes the sea. Some people loathe the idea of the unknown, the vast blue that spreads before them brings discomfort, salt that never seems to rub off of your skin completely. Some people think the oceans a threat, or a limit; could never think of getting further than the shore.

That’s not the case for Julian Devorak. 

To him, the seawater smells like home. The horizon is countless possibilities, ever-changing shades of colours spread before him, depending on where and how the sun hits. 

Julian knows exactly how to listen to the wind, how to navigate the waters, familiar and not. He knows the lull of his ship at night, when the waves rippling against the wood sound like a perfect song. He knows his vessel like the back of his hand, like he knows the hilt of his trusty dagger, like he knows how to swim. 

(And he’s a wonderful swimmer, thank you very much.)

To him, the sea is exactly what he needs.

Dusk approaches the ship and its crew, Julian’s beloved Raven, sturdy yet elegant, swift yet magnificent. Julian used to think he’d never find a home, but this ship seems made for him: perfect for his instinct to escape everything, and what he needs when he craves ground under his boots. 


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Summary: Time flows on, and Jamie watches with pride as Asra starts to establish himself within the city, opening his own shop outside of the market stalls and gaining a permanent residence in the city all his own that isn’t the size of a closet. Slowly Jamie is growing closer and closer to Asra, and eventually Muriel, though the giant man still has many walls up. Walls that Jamie wants to help with, given the chance. As Jamie and Asra grow closer, so too do Jamie and Muriel, but the honeymoon phase of their friendship, a year in the making, won’t last forever. Only for so long can illusions be kept up.
After all, actions have consequences.

**Warning: abusive language & physical abuse at the end of the chapter**

Read it here!

Start from Chapter 1!

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