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timothyturner · 6 days ago
name a character who’s better than murray sly cooper. you won’t. you can’t.
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bentleysglasses · 6 days ago
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obsxdiannn · 5 months ago
Listen, I just think Murray deserves a boyfriend.
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swampythesweetsketch · a year ago
Phone camera is a binch. Have these awfully captured drawings.
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Cooper Follies doodles for practicing body types and revamps
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ebonysquib · a year ago
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kleptocooper · 11 months ago
I love how Bentley is like "let's straight up murder some bitches" and Sly and Murray are just okay with that.
It's truly a testament to their love and trust for each other.
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laytonesqueautistic · a year ago
headcanon: Sam and Max takes place in the same world as sly Cooper
Carmelita has begrudgingly worked with the duo unaware they’ve also worked with the gang
Also Sam and Max went to high school with the cooper gang and Max used to joke that he’d race with Bentley
Bentley would win every time tho
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beebeerock · 2 years ago
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Thief Crossing.
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averagejoebizpizza · a year ago
I'm officially revoking Suckerpunch and Sanzaru's rights to make stereotypical gay jokes about Murray until they give him a boyfriend.
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grelbin · 2 years ago
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polarpace · 2 years ago
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i’ve had this in my head for a few months and finally decided to draw it - the cooper gang as pokemon!
sly is zigzagoon, bentley is wartortle, and murray is hippopotas! i tried to find a decent balance between the regular pokemon and the characters’ regular palettes; they’re closer to the characters themselves (sly is outright the same lol), but i tried to take the pokemon’s base colors and transition them a little closer to the characters’ palettes.
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slycooperandcarlosfox · 3 years ago
Sly:*watching news coverage on San Diego’s latest heists* I can’t believe this chick! I’ve thrown everything I got at her, and it doesn't even...*notices Murray wearing a pair of red jeans with the San Diego logo on them* What. Is. That?!
Murray: Ummm....I dunno. I though they look kinda slimming.
Sly: I’ve got 24 hours to get rid of this crazy woman and pull off the heist of the century, thereby put my family back in the Most Wanted Thief list, and you....Are wearing...HER MERCHANDISE!?!?!
Bentley: *slurps his drink getting both of their attention. The drink also has San Diego’s logo on it. Stop slurping and realizes they’re staring at his drink* Hehe...thirsty?
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bentleysglasses · 8 months ago
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some sad murray renders :)
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coopertoongang · 3 years ago
What has been your toughest job yet?
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swampythesweetsketch · a year ago
I'm gonna be controversial
Murray's design in Playstation Move Heroes was pretty good.
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ebonysquib · 2 years ago
Like wow that solitary confinement thing did mess him up huh
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spoiler1001 · 3 years ago
Untitled Sly Cooper fic pt. 1
Weeks pass like millenia when people are waiting for loved ones to return. Bentley had Carmelita and the thevious raccoonus for company these days. The absence of Sly started drilling into his skull. There was less cheap and awful jokes and even worse accents around him and even Bentley was getting moody without his brother in arms. There were many ideas and jokes rattling around in his head, but no one to really understand them.
Insomnia started to set in rather quickly. Bentley prided himself on solving problems, and this was a problem of the century. Different ideas started slapping him in the face, until one hit him in just the right place.
“We need to dig up Sly’s mother.”
“Well hello to you Bentley.” Carmelita said, not looking up from her news paper, the whole thing littered with different criminals that she herself has taken into custody. “How can I help you today.” She took a sip of coffee and sighed, trying to rub the sleep and bags away from her eyes.
“We need to find Sly’s mom and dig her up, and use the DNA to filter him out from the other Coopers in the timeline.” Bentley explained, his glasses falling off his head.
“or we can use sly’s Dna, compare it to the criminal/missing persons database, and use any non Cooper dna to filter it out.” Carmelita sighed. “But that would involve using police issued equipment for personal matters, which I consider a big no.”
“What if I hack the computer. Then it’s not using it for personal reasons. I mean, it is. But it's not you doing it.” Bentley asked, wheeling himself up.
“can you even do that?” Carmelita asked. Bentley took off his glasses and looked at her for three heartbeats, with one eyebrow raised.
“how much sleep are you getting?” Bentley asked, putting his glasses back on.
“far too little.” She answered, rubbing the bridge of her nose at the realization of what she had just said.
“do I want to know where you can get Sly’s dna?” he asked taking the coffee pot and drinking the coffee black and directly from the pot.
“his hairbrush, smartass.” She snapped.
Bentley chuckled and nodded, wheeling away. “good to see you back. I missed your attitude.”
“Just get me back Sly. Then we'll see where our partnership lies.”
Bentley nodded from where he sat and pushed himself away. Leaving the plan in silence between them.
It wasn't even a day before Carmelita placed the brush on Bentley’s desk. Bentley looked at it quietly and and grabbed it, turning to look at Carmelita to say something, but she was silently walking away.
There was a computer issue the next day at the police stations. History of a test that no one has searched for was in the computers, but there was no signs of a hack, so the officers just chalked it up to a glitch. Carmelita swallowed her anxiety and pretended not to know what was going on.
“you're better than I thought you were.” Carmelita said, conflicting emotions pouring out through her voice.
“I'm gonna take that as a compliment since I found two people that we could use.”
Bentley pulled up two images, both females. One was of a raccoon, grays popping out of her skin, mixing with brown fur that lost its vibrancy. There was almost black eyes was glaring at the picture as she held up her ID number in what was obviously a mugshot.
“Is that…?” Carmelita asked, her voice shutting down and drawing to a rasp.
“yes. And she's been fading in and out of police contact. We may not find her anytime soon. Now this one here.” Bentley said, pulling up the other picture of... Carmelita couldn't tell. She had the basic build of a racoon, but everything else had the details of a fox.
If the other woman was glaring at the camera. The other was downright murdering the camera with her eyes. She had a small scar on her cheek as her fur was gray and white with patches of brown. In this picture it was obvious she had taken a beating. She had one blue eye and one green, and both were hard and appearing to attempt to shoot ice out of them. Her teeth were bared in a feral attempt to appear strong and mighty, but it was a horrible way showed pain and bitterness.
“This one...she can be tract down easily. She shares DNA with Sly’s mother. She’s Sly’s...sister or at the least, half sister. We can ask her for help. But she is muscle for a crime boss now. He took over the spice trade when Rajan was arrested. We may need Murray for this.
The wrestling thing was fun for a while but it began to wear down on the normally happy hippo. Murray loved a good brawl now and again, but after weeks and even longer of non-stop fights, the arguments of it only being for training wore down. His opponents weren't even in his weight class. He was crushing people left right and sideways and when he started that anger of not saving Bentley and losing Sly on top of it was being washed away. When he was with the Guru in Australia, the Guru had a rule of trying to not raise a hand in violence, if it could be helped. He didn't get it at first, but now he did. There's a certain apathy that starts to set in and Murray could feel it in his bones.
That's what made the phone call from Bentley all the more invigorating.
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carlycmarathecat · 3 years ago
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The Cooper Gang
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thcbrcwn · 4 years ago
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grelbin · 2 years ago
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battle-ready murrays!
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