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#muse: mayday parker

+ @symbioteburnout​ asked: Spots to kiss + 13

13.  a kiss on the lips.


+ “ I’m sorry I was late… “ Mayday mumbled softly against Andi’s lips, all too content to remain draped atop her girlfriend as she pulled the blankets and covers further atop the two of them. Being held up hadn’t been the plan, she’d wanted to come back to the apartment in order to spend an entire evening curled up with Andi. A mixture of stopping a robbery while running errands for her parents had throw a wrench into that one too easily. 

“ I promise I can make it up to you…however you want me to… “ She added, giving her girlfriend one more deep kiss against her lips before nuzzling her head into the other’s neck. 

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+ @symbioteburnout​ asked:  (to Mayday) “Congrats on your new baby brother and sister– Oh God, I just realized Annie has minions now!”


+ With the chaos that had been her new baby siblings’ birth now behind all of them, Mayday couldn’t deny that she was more than a bit happy to start to see things getting back to normal. Sure, there was definitely going to be a period of adjustment with Benjy and Claire fitting into all of their lives, but hadn’t it been the same when Annie had been born ? Smiling, she took a moment to absorb her girlfriend’s words, before the reality of what they meant set in.

“ …oh God, you’re right…is the ceiling big enough for us to web them all to it ? “ 

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+ @symbioteburnout​ asked:  ’ So, what did you get for your mom? ’ (to Mayday)


+ “ So, I’ve been working on this idea for a while. “ Mayday started, smiling as she popped another chip into her mouth. With her mother’s due date coming closer and closer, she’d been spending the night at the hospital under observation. Given the difficulties she’d heard that had been present with her own birth and Annie’s, Mayday suspected there wasn’t a single member of the Parker family that was opposed to the idea. 

“ Since she’s stuck at the hospital, I figured we could bring Mother’s Day to her. I got a bunch of balloons and flowers and stuff we’re gonna spring on her. “ 

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+ @23timesaweapon​ I Continued from here ( X )


+ “ Yeah, but as long as I’m up here, I’m pretty safe. “ Mayday’s tongue playfully darted out in Laura’s direction. It had been a playful smack, but given the slight amount of force she’d put into it, she wasn’t sure how it would be returned if she were to come down. “ Unless you think you can stop me before I reach the door. “

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+ @symbioteburnout​ asked:  Gives Mayday some of her overtly goth clothes to try on.


+ Mayday already regretted trying to beat the storm to Andi’s apartment. Even if she’d swung over in her costume, she was convinced that it would have had the same result; a soaked costumed spider currently stripping out of soaping wet clothing. If she caught anything, it was a given that she wouldn’t hear the end of it from her mother, or from Annie. Grabbing the offered clothing, Mayday didn’t argue with what was handed her. It would be better than running around in her underwear, freezing…although that would have had its own unique benefits…

The look had to be somewhat comical…at least in her eyes. Stepping out from the bathroom, she continued running a towel through her hair. “ Tell me I look ok…? “ 

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Matthew: Eu não diria muitas, porque o estilo da Mayday é muito, mas muito diferente do meu, mas já fizemos algumas.


Mayday: É, ainda precisamos fazer mais missões em dupla, porque geralmente saímos com os outros da equipe, mas já é um progresso. Como o Matt disse, nossos estilos são muito diferentes, mas vamos nos acostumando.

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if you follow my twitter, you might have seen this already and if you dont: im puttering away at a spider-girl comic im makin with my own two hands i am fueled by caffeine, nostalgia, and ko-fi tips

thank u for enjoying mayday someday marvel will notice us and SHE WILL RETURN

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I’m so glad there’s other Mayday fans who get what I mean! I love her so much and it was such an inspiration to have a character like her, it seems so odd to make changes to her look and features that were obviously specific choices when they first designed her.

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