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#museum dates

I’ve come to a realization.

I need a boyfriend who likes animal crossing. Why?

1. Cute dates.

2. Fun competition.

3. Sending each other cute letters in the mail.

4. “This made me think of you.”

5. Being able to mooch off each other by going to each other towns for signatures.

6. He will understand the times where I get so deep into playing it cause he gets it.

7. Island Comp visits!!

I just really really want a dude to have cute animal crossing dates with. In person and not.

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This weekend, I was able to visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture with @walliieee. It was amazing! I was overwhelmed with emotions but ultimately extremely proud of our people. All that we’ve accomplished through our struggle. One quote that sticks out the most was, “How do you make a way out of no way?” Just know the black people got the cheat code! While we didn’t get to all of the floors, I can’t wait to go back and finish what I started!

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I can just imagine Flug going into a museum that has a bunch of stuff about a war or something and he’s all like “BH look at all the history!” And BH is like “wow, someone died holding that gun”

They take the tour and BH adds in a bunch of information he was there for. Some of it’s made up, some of it’s true, he’s a very good liar so even Flug can’t always tell. It becomes a little game they play together, Black Hat only tells Flug when they leave how many he got right (how many he correctly guessed were real or fake), but he doesnt say which they were. It drives Flug a little crazy but he loves playing.

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Hey, You Can All Ignore This

(I’m just feelings really touch/love starved so)

I really want to be with someone I can hug. I want to be enveloped in arms that make me feel safe and loved and wanted. I want to be with someone who can make me laugh until my head and heart feel light. Someone who will hold me when my memories are too much for me and dry my tears and remind me that I am loved. I want to be with someone who is passionate about something or a lot of things and smile when they’re face lights up as they talk about it. I want to go to museums both of armed with cameras and taking silly photos of each other. I want to go on train rides and road trips and sing and talk and laugh until my throat hurts. I want to be with someone who helps me study and reach my dreams and I can help them reach theirs. I want to see something beautiful or funny and immediately think of them. I want to spend hours just relaxing and cuddling with someone. I want to have movie marathons wrapped up in blankets and throwing popcorn. I want to be with someone who knows and loves my flaws because they’re part of me. I want to hold hands everywhere and to get ice cream and compare and debate about toppings and flavors. I want to be with someone who teases me and isn’t afraid to be teased back. I want to be with someone who I can kiss on the cheek whenever and who brushes away my bangs to kiss my forehead. I want to be with someone who is my best friend. I want to be with someone who I love and loves me.

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Weeks ago, people in our class giggled when my friend said he would usually take his girlfriend on museum/art gallery dates.
Another friend and I would look at each other out of surprise because we thought it was cute. Personally I like those kind of dates too.

It’s apparently not the case for most of our classmates. According to them, museums are boring. A girl even mentioned that you can’t even talk to each other because you must be quiet in museums.

Well, this shows how often those people go there (like never). I know that people have different interests and hobbies, but I simply don’t understand why you’d make fun of someone who wishes to learn with his other half. Please grow up or if you wish to remain ignorant, don’t drag other people into it. Thank you.


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