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"consider me warned"
@storyweaverofgondor you asked and you shall receive, bestie!
I've determined that this scene takes place best within my Mafia AU, so here you go!
and also tagging @queen-with-the-quill because i can't post something about my girl without either tagging you and/or including your girl!
just a note the reunion scene is based off of the scene in Mark of Athena, by Rick Riordan, and I've just put my own spin on it with Hestia and Tumblebrutus!! the scene/interactions are pretty much the same, but it's all my own writing for the most part!
Hestia hadn't seen Tumblebrutus in months.
He had been off on some super-secret training mission for her uncle, along with Pouncival, Mungojerrie, and Rumpleteazer, something about the two sets of twins finally stepping into their place.
And while she had been elated for her best friend, the eight months without him had been pure agony for Hestia.
But the day finally came, and she was waiting with her siblings and cousins in Macavity's study, anxiously pacing back and forth as they waited for any sign of return.
Jubilee was sitting by the window, a book in her lap that she was barely even concentrating on, her eyes continuously flicking outside until she suddenly slammed the book shut. The action shocked her siblings, as they had never known their sister to ever mistreat a book.
"They're back!" the curly-haired girl shouted, and her actions suddenly made complete sense as she jumped to her feet, running through the house, no doubt to go reunite with her boyfriend.
Hestia was the second to leave the room, racing after Jubilee towards the front door, which was already thrown open. The family was crowded around the black car, talking loudly over one another, and Hestia watched as Jubilee was lifted into the air, squealing, and Mungojerrie kissed her cheek with a loud laugh.
Then someone else appeared from the crowd, and Hestia's vision tunneled.
Tumblebrutus patted Mungojerrie's shoulder before his eyes latched onto Hestia, and he smiled at her, that sarcastic, troublemaker smile that had annoyed her for years but eventually had become endearing.
The smile that had made Hestia fall in love with him.
His warm eyes, the color of caramel and soft and perfect, were as gorgeous as she remembered. Eyes that glimmered with mischief and love.
Love for her, Hestia now realized.
His stupid, shaggy brown hair (that he refused to let anyone cut, because "it looks cool, Etta!") fell over his eyes, and Hestia had to resist the urge to brush it away, and she could only stand on the front steps, staring at him as his parents descended upon him and Pouncival, hugging them and kissing their cheeks with broad smiles.
It wasn't a secret to her siblings and causing (really anyone in the family) that Hestia had a crush on Tumblebrutus. She had officially fallen for him the year prior, and had been gearing up to confess when Macavity had announced that the two sets of twins would be leaving.
While they were separated, Hestia realized that absence really did make the heart grow fonder, and her feelings had only grown stronger. She had promised herself (and Jubilee, because her sister knew her better than herself, and had all but threatened to lock the two in a room as soon as Tumblebrutus returned if Hestia didn't confess) that she would say something, but now, staring at Tumblebrutus, the boy who had stolen her heart, Hestia couldn't breathe.
She didn't mean to, but she rushed forward. Tumblebrutus beamed, and he rushed towards her at the same time. Their family simply stepped back with knowing smiles, Pouncival already bouncing in place excitedly.
Tumblebrutus threw his arms around Hestia, and they kissed. For a moment, nothing else mattered. The family could be ruined, they could be tossed to the streets, an asteroid could hit the planet, and Hestia still wouldn't have cared.
Her Brutus smelled of coffee and cinnamon. His lips were sweet.
Patches, she thought excitedly.
Tumblebrutus pulled away and studied her face, his hands gently cupping her cheeks like she was made of diamonds. "Everlasting, I never thought—"
Hestia grabbed his wrist and flipped him over her shoulder. He slammed into the stone pavement, and Mungojerrie let out a loud laugh, yelping as Jubilee smacked his arm.
Hestia put her knee on Tumblebrutus' chest. She pushed her forearm against his throat. Now that she had seen her Brutus safe, uninjured, and grinning, all she felt was the worry that she had been carrying around for the past eight months
"If you ever leave me again," she said, her eyes stinging, "I swear to the Everlasting Cat— "
Tumblebrutus had the nerve to laugh. Suddenly the lump of heated emotions melted inside Hestia, and she couldn't help but laugh as well, especially when Tumblebrutus' eyes sparkled like they did in the sun, and he reached up to brush her hair away from her eyes.
"Consider me warned," he said. "I love you, too, Firecracker."
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percy jackson au where everything is the same except they sing work this out from high school musical 2 before every life threatening quest
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omg i’ve been looking for a fanfic, the first one i ever read, but i don’t know if it exists still
it was a percabeth high school au without demigods
annabeth skipped a couple grades
percy had called off dating in high school bc sally had gotten pregnant with him in hs
i think the authors name was something like lululadybug or smth like that
or maybe lalalaladybug i’m not really sure
it was in fanfiction.net
i remember it being written absolutely amazingly but idk if that’s just bc i was like 12 and thought all writing was amazing
i think rachel was annabeth’s older sister in this, and rachel liked percy but saw that annabeth liked him and backed off
rachel and annabeth didn’t really get along
rachel had damaged hair bc she flat ironed it so often
one time percy wore a wife beater tank top and drove over to annabeths house to see her and she was wearing just a tank top and short and percy was like 👀
annabeth was like... genius level smart and she had a condition where she would black out bc her brain was overloading itself
percy was on the football team
in one scene percy was playing at a game and annabeth was helping at the concessions stand and they had to wear the football players other jerseys and annabeth got percys but she didn’t know that, one of the mean girls was like ‘where’s percy jersey i want to wear it!!’ and then saw annabeth and got mad
i would search up the authors name to find the fic but i deleted my search history from then and now i can’t find it
one time when i tried searching it up i could t find it and i think it might have been deleted
anyways please help me find it i really want to read it again
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Some PJO x Hamilton collages. I was bored so y'all can have this. PJO and Hamilton aren't mine
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Can u pls write a percabeth fic where Percy and Rachel are dating and percabeth are best friends and they end up spending the night together and it's been a week and they don't know how to tell Rachel and Rachel being bitter ?? Pls
This was kind of out of my comfort zone in terms of what I usually write lol but I tried my best!! I imagine this as like a mortal college AU :)
send me a prompt!
“Beth, you can’t walk home like this,” Percy said, exasperated.
“I’m fine! I’m hardly even drunk,” Annabeth said, trying (and failing) to quash the butterflies in her stomach when he called her Beth. Percy, having been her best friend for almost a decade, was the only person in the whole world who was allowed to call her that. He only pulled it out in rare situations, and every time he did Annabeth would swear her heart skipped five consecutive beats.
Not that he could ever know that, of course. Now felt like a more precarious situation than most-- she’d come over to his dorm so they could watch a movie together, and had ended up curled up together on his bed around his laptop. In fairness, his dorm was tiny and there was nowhere else to sit besides his bed, but if Annabeth imagined really hard she could pretend that it had all been completely intentional, and he was sitting this close to her because he wanted to.
“Hardly?” Percy asked, raising an eyebrow. And, fine. Annabeth had had… an amount to drink. A non-zero amount, some might say. More than Percy, and she had a way lower tolerance than him. She was buzzed, sure, but not buzzed enough to walk back across campus to her own dorm.
“I’m fine. It’s barely twenty minutes,” Annabeth protested. She started to stand up, but Percy gently tugged her back into the bed. She should have put up more resistance than she did, but, well. Who could blame her.
“It’s also three in the morning and you’re drunk,” Percy said, “Come on, just stay the night.”
“Stay where? Grover’s bed?” Annabeth asked, repressing giggles at the thought. It wasn’t really that funny a thought, but, well, she was tipsy.
Percy’s roommate was gone for the night to visit his girlfriend, leaving his bed empty. Grover was a cool guy, but he also had a weird tendency to leave soda cans just about everywhere, including in his bed.
Percy just rolled his eyes. “No, here.”
It took Annabeth a few seconds to realize exactly what he was saying.
“In your bed?” Annabeth asked, hesitantly.
“We’ve been sitting on it together all night,” Percy pointed out.
“Yeah, but…” Annabeth trailed off.
It was different. She knew it was different. And frankly, any other time she’d be absolutely delighted that Percy was offering that difference, but there was also the issue of Percy’s girlfriend. Percy’s girlfriend, who he’d met their freshman year and hit it off with despite the fact that Annabeth had been in love with him since she knew what love was. Percy’s girlfriend, who was in another dorm on campus not ten minutes away, not here but also not not here.
“But what?” Percy asked. There was the tiniest bit of a smirk on his face, and Annabeth shoved his shoulder, rolling her eyes.
“You know what,” she said. Maybe it came off a little more seriously than she’d meant, but he didn’t seem to care.
“It’s not like we’d be doing anything,” Percy said. Annabeth tried not to feel hurt at how foreign the concept of “doing anything” seemed to him in relation to him and her. But she didn’t have any right to feel any type of way about that, because she and Percy were just friends and Percy had a girlfriend who was not going to be happy about Annabeth spending the night in his bed, regardless of which activities did or did not take place there.
“Yeah, I know, but its just… I don’t know, don’t you think Rachel will be mad?”
“You’re staying here because you need a place to crash. She can’t be mad about that.”
“I’m pretty sure she could find something to be mad about,” Annabeth muttered, mostly to herself. Percy heard her though. They were sitting so close their shoulders were touching, so it would have been a miracle if he didn’t.
“Fine, I’ll sleep on the floor. She can’t be mad about that,” Percy said, actually making to get up like he was about to lie down right there and then. It was Annabeth’s turn to pull him back onto the mattress.
“Don’t be stupid, you’re not sleeping on the floor in your own dorm room,” Annabeth said, “Besides, she’d just say I kicked you off your bed.”
Maybe Annabeth should’ve kept that last bit to herself, but she’d never been very good at hiding her feelings about Rachel. Percy sighed, knowing she was right but not wanting to admit it.
“Well I’m not letting you sleep on the floor,” he said stubbornly, despite the fact that Annabeth hadn’t even suggested it. She had to bite back a laugh at the indignant look on his face.
“Percy, I was never going to sleep on your floor. I was going to go home,” she reminded him.
“Well I’m not letting you do that either,” he said, “So I guess you’re stuck in bed with me, unless you want me to spend the night on concrete.”
“You’re so goddamn annoying,” Annabeth grumbled.
“Does that mean you’re staying?” he asked. His expression brightened considerably at the prospect, and Annabeth had to physically force herself to calm her heart rate down.
“Well apparently I don’t have a choice,” Annabeth said, rolling her eyes, praying to every god in the universe that she wasn’t blushing.
“Right,” Percy said, putting on some exaggerated confidence, “Obviously. So am I taking the floor or the bed?”
Annabeth knew he would sleep on the floor in a heartbeat. If she told him that she was uncomfortable being in his bed with him, he would gladly spend the night on cold concrete in the middle of winter in a dorm that had, frankly, terrible heating.
But she wasn’t about to make him do that. And if she was honest with herself, being in bed with him was the opposite of uncomfortable.
“The bed,” she sighed. Percy grinned triumphantly.
“I knew you wouldn’t make me sleep on the floor,” he said, and Annabeth finally let herself laugh.
“Yeah, because I told you so twice.”
“I think it’s because I know you so well, actually,” he said, finally closing his laptop that had been playing the movie earlier, and setting it on his bedside table. They’d turned the lights off earlier, and without the soft glow of the computer screen the only lights in the room were the faint street lights outside.
The bed was just a regular old twin, with not much space for either of them. That was why they were touching so much, Annabeth reminded herself. Just that. No other reason. He just put his arm around her shoulders because it was more comfortable that way, that was all.
It was late, and Annabeth was drunk, so falling asleep was easy. But she’d be lying if she said Percy didn’t help with that too.
It’d been a week since Annabeth had spent the night at Percy’s dorm, and they hadn’t talked about it at all.
She’d woken up the next morning completely hungover, and also with her and Percy’s limbs completely tangled together. The bed they’d shared was small, but it wasn’t that small.
Percy, of course, had acted like it was nothing. He’d teased her about her bed head and she’d half-heartedly teased him back about his morning breath, and then she’d packed her stuff from the night before and made her walk of shame back to her dorm. Except it wasn’t even a proper walk of shame, because they hadn’t actually done anything.
He hadn’t brought it up since, like it had been no big deal at all. Annabeth wished she could be so lowkey about it, but it was the only thing she’d been thinking about that entire week.
They’d already planned to meet up at the end of the week again, only this time in a group setting. A group setting meant Rachel was going to be there, and Percy might think their little sleepover hadn’t been a big deal, but Rachel was definitely not going to share that opinion. Annabeth was honestly dreading facing her so much that she considered bailing at least ten times. In the end, she decided that she had to just suck it up— she was going to have to face Rachel at some point, it might as well have been now.
All that to say Annabeth was a little surprised when she showed up at the party, only to find Rachel acting completely normal towards her. She was irritated towards Annabeth, but that wasn’t unusual. Rachel was always irritated towards Annabeth, and Annabeth was always irritated towards Rachel. But Rachel wasn’t pissed at her like Annabeth expected her to be. She wasn’t even not pissed, she was downright cordial.
All it took was one look at Percy for Annabeth to confirm what she already knew. He hadn’t told her.
“I need to talk to you,” she said, grabbing Percy’s arm and pulling him down the hallway. Rachel was going to be pissed at her for that, but Annabeth didn’t care. Percy followed along without complaint, not even bothering to shoot Rachel an apologetic look.
The hallway was empty, or as empty as a hallway at a college party could be. The music was loud enough to cover up their conversation, anyway.
“Did you not tell her?” Annabeth asked, keeping her voice barely above a whisper. Percy immediately looked guilty.
“You don’t know that,” he said, as if everything about both of their demeanors hadn’t given it away instantly.
“Of course I do, she wasn’t absolutely furious with me,” Annabeth hissed. Percy looked, if possible, more guilty than before.
“Okay, fine, I didn’t,” he admitted, “But what’s the big deal? It’s not like we did anything.”
And there it was again, those two little words and the way he said them, as if anything happening between the two of them was an impossibility. It felt like a dagger straight to the heart, but Annabeth ignored it.
“I dunno,” Annabeth said, “I mean if I was your girlfriend, I think I would want to know.”
Percy had choked on his drink halfway through her statement, and was already coughing before she could finish it.
“Are you okay?” Annabeth asked, alarmed. Percy just shook his head.
“Fine,” Percy managed to choke out, “I’m fine.”
“Am I going to have to heimlich you again?”
“Hey, you promised you would never bring that up again,” Percy said, pointing an accusing finger at her as he coughed again, clearing his throat a few times for good measure, “Besides, I don’t think it works for soda.”
“Fair. But don’t change the subject.”
“You changed the subject first,” Percy accused, in a not subtle attempt to change the subject once again.
“Because I thought you were choking, dumbass. You have to tell her.”
“Why?” Percy practically whined.
“Because the fact that you don’t want to means you know she’s going to be mad about it,” Annabeth said.
Percy groaned, letting his head fall back against the wall.
“Why are you so smart?” he asked. It sounded like a complaint, even though she knew he didn’t mean it that way. It sure felt that way, though.
“‘Cause one of us has to be,” Annabeth sighed.
If Annabeth were smarter, she would’ve never agreed to spend the night to begin with. But it was way too late for that now.
They went back and joined the group, but Annabeth knew Rachel was staring (bordering on glaring) at her the entire rest of the night. She couldn’t even really blame her. She was going to be a hell of a lot more mad at Annabeth once she found out the reason Annabeth had pulled Percy away to begin with.
The very next day Annabeth was in her dorm room, trying to finish a project for her architecture class. It was due on Monday, but she’d been so distracted the entire week that she’d barely even made a dent in it at all. It wasn’t coming together the way she wanted to and Annabeth was three seconds away from snapping her pencil in half and throwing the whole draft away. Before she could, there was a sharp knock at the door.
Annabeth glanced down at her phone, but she didn’t see any texts. Maybe it was the RA doing an inspection, or maybe Piper had forgotten her key again.
But when Annabeth opened the door, she found Percy standing in the doorway. He spoke before Annabeth could even open her mouth.
“So, I told her,” Percy said, with absolutely no context. He knew she didn’t need it. Annabeth found herself gripping the door so tightly she thought her fingers might break.
“You did? What happened?” Annabeth asked, trying not to sound frantic. Why was he here? Why didn’t he just call her? What if Rachel had made him swear to never talk to her again and he was just here to say goodb--
“She asked me to tell her with 100% certainty that I didn’t have feelings for you,” Percy said, impossibly calm.
If Rachel had asked him that, why was he standing in Annabeth’s doorway?
“And?” Annabeth said, voice small. Her heart was practically pounding out of her chest, but Percy just shrugged.
“And, I couldn’t.”
“You couldn’t?” Annabeth repeated, just to make sure she had heard him correctly.
“Nope,” he said, easily, too easily, “To be honest, I couldn’t even give her like, 1% certainty, but that would’ve felt a little rude to say.”
“So…” Annabeth trailed off. She couldn’t quite believe what she was hearing. It didn’t make sense in her brain. Percy had feelings for her. And he’d broken up with Rachel, which meant— which meant—
“I think now is the part where you tell me if you like me back,” Percy said, interrupting her thoughts. He was smiling though, like he already knew the answer.
Annabeth did not currently have the mental wherewithal to form words. Thankfully her feet did the thinking for her, closing the already small distance between them and kissing him like she’d wanted to do for years.
“So I take it that’s a yes?” he said with a grin, when they finally broke apart. Annabeth was pleased to see he was a little breathless, at least.
“Shut up,” she laughed.
“Gladly,” he said, leaning down to kiss her again.
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High key obsessed with your Roman!Percy. I love fics that explore his dark side. Hope you write more 🥰
Tumblr media Tumblr media
HELL YEAH! Dark Percy! I wasn't for sure what would trigger him to go premium dark, but then I remembered how disappointed we all were with Hercules and decided to perhaps rewrite that scene...
WARNING: We have surpassed canon-typical violence here. Also, Percy may seem a smidge mentally unstable here. Towards the end “unhinged” might also be a good word. It might be a little disturbing, idk. Umm... Reference to murder and actual murder to an extent. All that jazz. Lots of blood/ichor. I think that’s all.
Other Oneshots from this AU in Chronological Order:
Prequel Oneshot: Hazel and Percy being adorable + Percy crushing on Frank
1. Percy & Nico being friends in SoN and also finding out about Frank/Percy
2. Percy meeting CHB without having gotten his memories back and being totally sold to the Roman side.
3. Percy deadass breaking his girlfriend’s heart without knowing it and also being a terrifying praetor who puts up with no BS
4. Thalia Comes to Town
5. Frank, Percy, and Hazel explore the mysterious Argo II Room
6. Gladiator Fights
7. Percy and Nico Talking (Sorry, I mixed up the order on the last one. This happened before the Argo lol)
8. Percy talking to Sally on the Argo II
9. This one!
10. Percabeth Reveal (For Real This One is Coming Next - Probably this weekend. I just found some good music to cry to as I write it lol)
11. Mark of Athena Alternate Ending. That’s all I’m saying here. (To Be Written)
Percy was a little at the end of his rope.
A little. A smidge. A teeny tiny bit.
It was to the point where he was certain that if someone touched his shoulder, he might just snap their wrist off... which was wrong, sure, but he had been on a boat that was the equivalent of a reality show house for the past few weeks.
And the reality show's contestants? Boy, oh, boy, were they driving him up the wall. There were Leo and Piper, who hadn't known him, but were perplexed with him nevertheless. Piper had said that meeting Percy was like getting catfished. You expected one version and got the other.
Gee. Thanks.
Then there was Jason, who was (figuratively and literally) in the same boat as him. He and Jason were cool for the most part, but lately, he had been going on and on and on about how he was remembering so much of his life that Percy almost wanted to punch him until he forgot again.
Hazel and Frank were there being... supportive. And by supportive, he meant they were smothering him. Percy meant this with all the love in the world, but if they would (please) give him five seconds of peace, he might actually be dealing with this disaster with a little more poise.
Then there was Thalia and Annabeth. Why was Thalia here? Possibly to annoy him. She had just kind of invited herself, and nobody bothered to stop her. Though, in all honesty, he preferred her to all the other Greeks. She seemed to be calming presence, which was a funny thing to say because apparently, he used to argue with her all the time. And Annabeth...
Technically, she wasn't doing anything wrong, but there was something about her that just... felt off. He couldn't figure it out. Maybe it was the way she looked at him? The way her eyes always seemed to be searching him? Or how she would avoid looking at Frank? Percy wasn't sure. Was she close with this Rachel Dare girl? That would explain a thing or two.
He tapped his fingers on his leg. Look, he knew he was being an ass about this whole thing. He did. It had just been... a rough couple weeks with the lying, the Romans, the Greeks, the secrets, the games, the - well, everything. And now they were approaching the Mediterranean Sea. All they had to do was get by these... Pillars of Hercules.
Percy didn't like Hercules. He didn't know a lot, but he did know - with absolute certainty - that. He suspected there were reasons in his past for why that was, but Percy would be lying if he said there weren't more... current reasons.
Thus, his current, um, mood.
"Jason and Piper are our best speakers," he said, looking over the table. He stilled his hand, remembering Lupa's hatred of fidgeting. "But I'm not sitting on this ship. Hercules and I have business to attend to," he said simply. Thalia looked up, startled.
"You remember?" She asked. Percy turned to her - keeping his expression completely blank. "You... don't..." she rectified slowly. He felt his annoyance churn. How was she so easily able to read him like that? Annabeth was the same way. It drove him crazy. "Why don't you like him now? Is he even prominent in Roman mythology?"
"Why didn't I like him before?"
"Zoë," Thalia answered. Percy nodded. The other hunter Nico had mentioned. Thalia went on to explain some story about how Hercules had wronged some innocent girl and how his sword had once been hers as well as Hercules'. Interesting. Percy nodded.
"Yes," he said and glanced at Frank. "He sounds like a real hero," he muttered. Thalia cleared her throat. "Was there something else?"
"Yes," Thalia mimicked him. "There is something else. You never answered my question. What's your problem with him now?" She asked. Frank opened his mouth - perhaps to berate how she was addressing him, but Percy only shook his head before giving him a reassuring smile.
"Hercules is his Roman form. Heracles is his Greek," Percy said slowly and took a deep breath to steady his irritation. "Hercules may be the guardian of the ancient lands, but he also has other duties he has abandoned. Namely, he is said to be the Patron of Heroes," Percy said, and his jaw clenched. He paused, trying to recollect his anger. "This Zoë is not the only hero he has failed," he said darkly. Hazel and Frank looked at one another nervously. "I'm going."
"Percy," Jason said evenly. "I know you're praetor, but you're not in charge here-"
"Well, I wasn't giving you orders now, was I?" Percy said evenly. "I'll work with you - compromise on everything else. Not this, though. I need to settle something. It was a promise I made, and I won't break it," he said and got up before anyone else could object.
And so now he was here. Nobody had seemed thrilled with the decision, but hey. It worked out. Jason, Piper, Thalia, and Percy had all come. Percy suspected Thalia had stopped Annabeth from also joining in based on the low whispers from the ship. Normally, that might catch his interest, but he had other problems at the moment. Namely, the piece of trash standing on some bullshit island that Percy had half a mind to send tumbling into the sea.
He let Jason and Piper do the talking... at first. Hercules listened - telling them of his stupid affinity for giving easy quests to demigods and deciding instead to make them get some random cornucopia. His eyes kept slipping to Percy, though. There was a glimmer there - a hint of recognition as Jason and Piper hesitantly looked between them.
"You go off and start your quest," Hercules told them. "I must speak to this one for a moment," he said with a nod towards Percy. He jutted out his chin. Thalia stood stubbornly behind him, hand on her spear. "Go, my sister," he added to her. Thalia only shook her head. Hercules gave her an irritated look but didn't argue. "Very well... Hello, Perseus Jackson," Hercules sighed, turning to face him. "I can tell you are angry."
"Oh? Am I?" He asked and took out Anaklusmos. "Fifty people dead, and you think I'm angry?" He asked. Hercules lifted his club in warning.
"Be wary, demigod. I do not take well to being attacked. What happened that day was not my fault. I am tied to these lands-"
Whatever else he was about to say was interrupted by the ground rumbling.
"Perhaps," Percy said evenly and lifted Anaklusmos. "In that case, you should not have agreed to help us." Thalia might have said something to him, but Percy's vision had narrowed. "I shouldn't be surprised. I have learned they are not the only ones you have betrayed. Does Zoë the Nightshade mean anything to you?" He asked and lifted the sword to his throat. "Does this blade?"
Hercules' eyes glowed slightly.
"Watch yourself. If you attack, I will be forced to respond," he said. Percy tilted his head at that. Forced to respond, huh? Percy thought back to exactly nine months ago. It was after Alaska. They knew the giants were around the corner and had decided on a preemptive strike against where Thoon was rumored to have been hiding out.
It was a solid plan. Reyna and Percy had spent hours on it. They only needed a god - which had been hard since most were indisposed when fighting in their sickened states. None of them answered. Well, except for one.
"Responding isn't your strong suit, is it?" Percy asked coldly and then launched himself at him. Thalia's yell came from behind, but Percy ignored it as he summoned the waves behind him. Hercules raised his club to block his first blow. 
"Do not act rashly! I did not realize I was unable to leave-"
"You abandoned us!" Percy cut him off and dodged a hit to strike again. This time, he summoned water to circle around Hercules as the god slammed his club against the ground - sending the whole island shaking. "Do you know how many people I watched die that day?" He hissed as he let the water steady him from the shaking.
Did ichor have any water in it? Percy didn't think so, but he would dearly love to have it blast out of his ears like a cartoon character. Hercules was too fast either way. He was there to deflect every hit. Every parry. Every feint.
"It is easier to blame me, isn't it?" Hercules asked as he yanked out a tree to launch at him. Percy dodged. "Not the dead centurions or legionnaires who disobeyed your orders and attacked without waiting for me to make an appearance. Not yourself for being unable to earn their loyalty sooner," he said, and Percy's blood boiled. "Perhaps if you had proven yourself Roman enough in time, they wouldn't have ignored you when you said to hold off," he said. The water around him swirled - wind picking up until he was in the midst of a hurricane. Hercules faltered, but only for a moment. "Or maybe you're just upset you didn't join them," he threw back, and that caught Percy off guard long enough for him to knock Anaklusmos from his grip. "There would be no need to worry about lost memories in the depths of the Elysium, would there?" He asked.
Percy didn't need the sword.
The hurricane around him hardened until they were standing in a maze of ice. He waited only a second before sending the shards hurtling at the god.
Hercules swung the club, but it only made more tiny pieces of sharpened ice for Percy to send at him until he could see flickers of ichor leaking through. Percy held out both hands, and the water bunched together into a ball. Not waiting for him to recover, he pushed it down until his lungs.
Did gods need to breathe? They were about to find out.
Hercules choked, coughing as he fell to his knees. It didn't look like he was dying, but the water filling his throat seemed uncomfortable. Percy walked up, ignoring Anaklusmos on the ground to stand over him.
"Do you still want me to prove myself?" He asked and then waited until he tried to stand to clench his fist and deck him. Hercules fell back on the ground with another choking sound. "You know, I've been hearing rumors about myself for a while. Maybe we should go through them," he said and kicked him in the chest with a sickening thunk. "Strangling snakes as toddlers? The Nemean lion? Stymphalian Birds? Hydra? Cleaned some flesh-eating horse's stables? Geryon? Cacus? Antaeus? Fought Ares? Held up the weight of the sky?" He asked and slammed his foot into his nose until he heard a satisfying crack. "Apparently, anything you can do, I can do better," he said and kicked him in the throat. "So why don't you tell me again whose fault that day was?" He asked. Hercules might have answered, but Percy clenched his hand so the water in his lungs turned to ice.
Hercules thrashed out, but Percy picked up Anaklusmos and slammed the blade down on his wrist. Ichor splattered as the tip went through.
"Maybe it was my fault. Maybe I wasn't good enough," he said and glowered down - ignoring the feeling of something strong and cold prattling in his chest. Ichor was spilling over the god's face, leaking out of his nose and bashed in face. "But you don't get to run away and not pay for their blood," he whispered and yanked the sword up only to slam it back down again. There was an awful noise, and Percy flicked his hand so the water still remaining inside of him turned to vapor. Hercules gasped - still choking and gasping as he tried to move. Percy placed a foot on his throat. "You know what? I've heard you do everything, but one. Beg," he said. Hercules jerked, and Percy placed the tip of his sword at his eye. "Go on. Beg me to stop or else I'll drag you to the ocean and show you all I can really do," he said. Hercules stubbornly remained quiet. "I can use the water to crush you and the poison inside whatever animals are nearby and have them drip into your eyes. Maybe I can just have you drown forever since you say your existence as a god is so miserable anyways," he said and slammed his foot down again. Hercules went completely still for a few moments before jerking back to life seconds later to take a few shuddering breaths.
"Please," he finally whispered. Percy tilted his head. That wasn't enough. "Please, I didn't realize what would happen if I tried to leave this place. I had - had," he coughed, voice hoarse. "I tried - but - but!" he said quickly when Percy pressed Anaklusmos closer. "I should have warned you. Warned them."
Percy considered. Despite the ichor spilled everywhere and the clear pain he was in, Hercules didn't recoil from him. He simply laid on the ground with the only sign of true fear being his words. Percy stared down.
"Can you even tell me a single one of their names?" He asked. Hercules paused for a moment before his face softened.
"Zoë," he whispered. "I remember Zoë."
Percy's lips thinned. He didn't remember Zoë. It didn't feel as satisfying as it would be if he said Natalie or Eric or Hector or literally any other Roman who had died on that battlefield that day.
Still, it looked to be a genuine response. He hesitated when a burst of lightning struck beside him.
For a moment, he thought it might have been Hercules. He was a son of Zeus, after all. However, it was Thalia who appeared next to them - sparking as she held out her spear between them.
Percy didn't respond. He was still trembling head to toe. Was it enough? His eyes searched his opponent's face, and he felt Lupa's eyes again, waiting patiently for him to strike.
"Percy," Thalia said and reached out to put her hand on the sword. "That's enough. Step away."
"You weren't there," Percy muttered. "You didn't see how bad it was-"
"This isn't-" she started but then paused. Percy swallowed. This wasn't him? Maybe not before. It certainly was now. Thalia sighed and inched her way in front of him. Percy wasn't sure how. The general consensus was that he was terrifying like this. He knew how he must look with the water around him contorted and Hercules nothing but a pile of ichor in front of him. Thalia grabbed his wrist and squeezed. "Come on. Just let go, Kelp Head," she said. Percy jerked his gaze up. What did she just call him?
His eyes fell to Hercules. He had remembered Zoë... whoever that was. There must have been some subconscious part of him that was pleased by that, though, because slowly let his sword fall.
"Very well. Let us pass, and we'll leave," he said and stepped away. "But if I ever see you again... you may wish you were dead now, but I will spend every moment of whatever life I have left making you live in eternal fear," he said darkly. "A god's wrath is nothing compared to my own," he promised. Thalia swallowed, keeping a hand on him as he backed away. Hercules sat up. Then paused.
"I have-" he began, and Percy swung back around and punched him again. Thalia yanked him back. "-a proposal," Hercules finished when he got back up. Percy narrowed his eyes. "I promise you'll like it."
"Oh, yeah?"
"I told you my greatest regret was my father turning me into a god," Hercules said. Percy raised an eyebrow. "And gods cannot die, but they do need time to reform. Perhaps I may get some reprieve."
"Are you asking me to kill you?" Percy asked. 
"I can't die," he shrugged and winced a bit at the pain as he tried to move. "But essentially, yes. Use my ichor for your memory."
"Excuse me?" Thalia asked and tightened her hand on Percy's arm. "Your what?"
"Nectar is made from the blood of the gods," Hercules told them as he tried to stand up, wincing as he did so. "Though never in its raw form. Even gods consider that a little too close to cannibalism," he smiled dryly. "Take mine. It could help you get your memories back...if you even want them," he smiled coyly. Percy narrowed his eyes.
Did gods go to Tartarus when they reformed? Maybe not if that was what Hercules preferred. It seemed insane to think he would find such a place better than his silly little island. Maybe his blood was poisoned, and this was a trap.
Percy uncapped Anaklusmos again. He wasn't sure he cared. 
"Percy," Thalia said. "Let's think this-" she began but fell silent when he took three steps forward and swung the sword at Hercules' neck. There was a horrible thumping sound that followed. He stared down as he watched the head roll.
"You know, if we scatter his body in pieces... he can't reform."
"How are you doing this?" Thalia asked, and for the first time since they arrived, her voice carried a note of alarm. "Riptide isn't powerful enough to destroy a god's body. Only Kronos' scythe, my father's bolt, and Poseidon's trident can do that," she said, eyes drifting down to the pile of ichor that had spilled across the sand and gushed out of what was left of his body. Percy knelt to grab some and put it in a vial.
"I stole a god's divinity and put it into Anaklusmos during my third quest at Camp Jupiter," he said. Thalia stared. "It belonged to another god who betrayed us. Long story of how I managed to do it, but..." he shrugged, letting his voice fall off. Thalia looked like she wanted to ask for more on that but thought better of it as she instead watched Percy hold up the vial of ichor.
"...are you going to drink it?" She asked. Percy shrugged.
"Eventually," he said and put the vial in his pocket. "But I want to give you guys some time to tell me whatever it is you've been hiding from me first," he said and nudged Hercules' body with his foot. "He got off easy."
"Did he?"
"I once stopped someone's blood from moving. Drew it out of their ears. Their mouth. Their nose," he said and stepped away. "This is nothing compared to that. If he was a mortal, I would have boiled his blood inside his body for what he did," he said. Perhaps he didn't always disagree with the Roman punishments... given the right circumstances.
Thalia stared at him. She still didn't seem... scared. Not exactly. Just disturbed.
"What did the other person do?" she asked. Percy gave her a wry grin as he dragged his feet back towards the boat, leaving Hercules behind them.
"Stabbed Frank," he said with a shrug. "I didn't really realize what I was doing until it was too late. I hadn't learned to control myself yet. They made me go back to Lupa for a few weeks because of it," he added with a sigh. He wondered how much control he had as a Greek. "Frank ended up fine, though. The other guy... did not."
"That sounds right," Thalia said slowly and opened her mouth to perhaps say something else, but Percy had already reached the ship and walked inside the dining area. Jason and Piper were back - armed with a cornucopia as they explained Percy's hurricane deterred them from handing it to Hercules.
The room fell dead silent when he entered.
Wordlessly, he walked over and grabbed himself a glass to pour some water. He could catch his reflection in the mirror at the end of the room. There was a hint of blood on him, but mainly he was soaked in gold from head to toe. He wiped some dripping off of his chin and licked it.
Huh. It did taste like nectar. The more you know.
"We can pass into the ancient lands now," he said conversationally and took a sip of water. Frank took a small step towards him before slowly reaching up. Percy only looked back at him thoughtfully.
"He couldn't tell me their names," he murmured. "Not one," he said and swallowed. "He said it was my fault..."
"I think he was right," he continued. If he had been more firm in the beginning... maybe they would have listened when he told them all to wait for Hercules before fighting that giant. Reyna was able to stop her section of the army from attacking. Percy? Percy hadn't been able to stop his. Reyna tried to say their deaths were simply the gods punishing them for disobedience, but in the end, they both knew Percy had been too weak to keep his soldiers in line. They paid with their lives.
"I got them killed," he said and put the glass down to sit at the end of the table and take a long breath. He turned to where Annabeth was standing. She was wearing her patented look of closed-off with perhaps a hint of alarm. "Did I get people killed as a Greek, too?" he asked. Her eyes widened slightly.
Percy laughed.
"Of course, I did," he said and kept laughing. It sounded a little hysterical. Frank squeezed his arm. "Memories or not, that can stay consistent, huh?" He asked and leaned back in his chair as he kept laughing. "Good to know that I'm acting like my old self!" he told them, and Frank gently pulled his arm.
"Come on. Let's get the ichor off of you," he said quietly.
"Hera hated him, right? I bet she planned this," Percy chuckled, and all at once, the amusement left him. "We're all just pawns to them, aren't we?" he asked and shook his head. "This will be the last time they ever use me," he vowed lowly and shrugged them all away before leaving the room.
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ashilrak · 2 months ago
hi! Do you have any fics you've really enjoyed lately? Any pairing is fine with me!!!
Hi! I haven't actually be reading that much fic lately, but I'm always down to rec some fic. I've recced a few of these authors as a whole before, but am trying to avoid fics I've already recced in the past. This is in no way a comprehensive list 🥰
alone at the edge of the universe by Sarcastic_Metaphor (T, WIP)
The sea is not unlike the abyss; it is deadly, destructive. It hides secrets in its depths and threatens even those that know it well. The sea easily swallows life with no trace left behind. The sea can be quite similar to oblivion. But when the mood strikes them, both the oceans and the abyss can be tempted to create life instead. (Or, an AU where Percy is born a little less human and a little more otherworldly than healthy. With powers he was never meant to have, and a third parent he never wanted, the life that the fates planned for him will be thrown vastly off course.) Title from the song Dream Sweet in Sea Major by Miracle Musical.
Awake, Awake, You Children Bold by @mrthology (G, WIP)
Sally knew on their way to Montauk that this would be the last time. She could feel it in her bones and see it in the curious look in Percy's eyes that his childhood was reaching its end. She could not deny that her child was of the divine. She knew now, more than ever, that her son was something extraordinary, something the world had not seen in centuries. Her little hero. Sally wouldn't be able to keep him safe for much longer now. ——————— Or, Sally and Percy throughout the years, for better or for worse.
Someone to You by @mrthology (G)
Anna wasn't sure what to think of Percy Jackson, truth be told, having only met him twice. She adored her daughter in law Sally and her little granddaughter, but there was something about Percy that put her on edge. She had no idea what - he was a kind boy, eager to help with his baby sister when most teenagers would run for the hills and clearly adored his mother - but there was just something about him, something about his too-bright eyes that made her feel uneasy. ~~~ Or, Paul's parents are taking care of Estelle for a few days. When picking her up, they meet Percy again as well as his older brother (what was his name? Tri?). At this point, Anna just wants to know what the dad looks like to have kids that look like THIS. Especially when, several days later, they meet the stepmother as well.
A Stone's Throw From The Precipice by @mrthology (M)
“He’s alive, Annabeth,” Chiron said, large hand gripping hers. “Where?” Annabeth demanded, heart beating so fast in her chest it was painful. “Chiron, I need—” “Annabeth,” the centaur repeated, cutting her off. “He should have died. Poseidon prevented that.” Annabeth laughed wildly, tears of joy on her cheeks. alivealiveALIVE. “Of course he did,” she said. “Poseidon loves Percy, he wouldn’t let something happen to him, he’d make sure Percy was seen to by the best healers, and—” Chiron cut her off once more. “Percy should have died, Annabeth,” he said, urging her to sit again. “There was only one way to prevent that. Poseidon turned him into a god.” ~~~ After a devastating injury, Percy is transformed into a God to save his life. He isn't pleased by this development—not in the least, regardless of how happy everyone else is that he's still alive.
the anatomy of a hurricane by barbarianprincess (T, WIP)
The day they tell her the plan, Clarisse thinks it's a joke. She actually barks out a laugh. But that was before. Before she notices how Chiron is shifting on his back hooves. That’s before she looks over at Annabeth and sees the way she’s staring pointedly at the opposite wall. That was before Athena and Hermes shimmer into the Big House. She’s not laughing anymore. (in which annabeth fake dies and clarrise endures and observes the aftermath.)
Uncomfortable Realizations by @anxioustofu (M)
Will didn’t notice at first that there was anything different about how Percy was acting. ------------ In which Will is stressed and Percy just tries to take care of him.
why would you offer a name to the same old tired pain? by @stardustupinlights (E)
He stares at the golden letters now properly stretched out, blinks, and then frowns in confusion. “What the hell?” It takes him a second. And then he almost dies out of embarrassment because he realizes he’s holding a mirror so the words are backwards. Percy blushes at his own stupidity and then scrambles, not knowing how else to do this. He ends up just abusing the fact that he was born flexible and sits down, holding his leg up by pressing his foot against the wall and craning his neck, stretching out the skin of his thigh until he’s able to make it out. Percy’s heart drops to his stomach as he realizes the whole name is in Ancient Greek. -------------------------- “If you don't have a soul,” Hyacinthus started, ever contrarian. “Then what is this?” His fingertips brushed over his hip, where his name laid, the perfect color of Hyacinthus' eyes when the sun started setting. It burned where he touched. “I do not know, but it is not a soul. It could never be.” Hyacinthus smiled, then, cheeky and bright. “Then maybe it's your heart.”
you'll have my rise, you'll have me fall by @mrthology (E)
Percy had no reason to feel anxious and oddly fussy. He was doing well in all his classes, was making strides in therapy, made time for his friends, and was likewise taking time for himself. And he had Apollo, though he knew whatever was between them wasn't serious enough to actually count. But he couldn't seem to shake the odd feeling of anxiety that would come over him at times, no matter what he did. Apollo, at least, seems to have some idea as to what's wrong.
bet you've been a fan of me by @mrthology (E)
"I need your help with something." Annabeth said in a rush. Apollo laughed. "You're asking a god for a favour? No sacrifice? No kneeling? Daring of you." He stepped closer, body exuding so much heat she began to sweat. She looked up at him unflinchingly. "Tell me, Annabeth Chase, what exactly are you asking of me?" She grinned up at him. "How do you feel about fucking Percy while I watch?" ~~~ Or, Percy has a type, Annabeth wants to indulge him, and Apollo is more than happy to help.
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n-naturely · 5 months ago
Pjo secret santa fic!
I got @fratboyjasongrace for the @pjosecretsanta2021 so here's my fic I hope you like it!
Prompt: percabeth or just general hoo gang friendship fic in a high school au
read on Ao3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
thank god for friday
“Don’t forget to turn in your report, it’s due by tonight so finish it early,” Ms.Peter called out to the class as the final bell rang. Percy groaned inwardly as he packed away his papers and rushed out the door, eager to leave school and start the weekend. Students started pouring out of classrooms into the halls, to head home. The air felt lighter, the pressure from the week lifted as students went home for the weekend. As Percy navigated his way through the crowd he found Hazel who was less walking through the crowd and more just plowing forward while people moved to avoid her. Her earphones were in and she was tapping her fingers against her skirt to a beat no one else could hear but her. Percy walked up and pulled her out the way before she was about to run into a student. The student shot the two of them a look but Percy ignored them and dragged Hazel along
“ What did you do that for?,” Hazel complained
“You were literally about to crash into that person”
“ I was watching, I was fine”
“ Yeah and you were totally fine when you ran into your teacher yesterday and that random guy before that and-”
“ I was paying attention this time”
“Keep telling yourself that”. Frank appeared beside them
“ Let me guess, Hazel crashed into someone?” Frank asked
“ No-” Hazel began
“ Because I was there to stop her” Percy finished
Frank just shook his head.
“It’s not that hard to just not listen to music for a few minutes”
“This music is literally the only thing that gets me through the school day”
The trio walked into the parking lot to where a silver, used car was waiting for them. Two figures were already in the front seats. In the driver’s seat was Reyna who was concentrating on something on her phone. She looked the part of the school president with her turtleneck and coat she was wearing with her trademark braid over her shoulder. In contrast, Nico had his seat all the way back and was checking on his phone absentmindedly. He was the complete opposite of Reyna, with his regular jeans and leather jacket and his black hair pulled into a short ponytail.
“Thank god you’re here, Piper and Leo have been spamming the group chat for the past ten minutes” Nico said as Frank, Hazel, and Percy climbed into the back of the car. Everyone took out their phones and checked the 40 new messages in the groupchat between Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Leo, Frank, Hazel, Reyna, and Nico.
just a bunch of gays
Leo: guys
Piper: smh Reyna you’re school president
Piper: You know better
Leo: lmao
Reyna: Stfu you know it’s Percy
Nico: And Hazel and Frank
Piper: Tell them to hurry up
Reyna: No <3
Leo: im so bored
Leo: help
Piper: Literally have been waiting for an hour
Piper: cmon
Jason: Guys stop
Leo: No
Piper: Why are you texting us you’re literally at the gas station with us
Jason: reasons
Annabeth: you three have one less period than everyone else you know this
Annabeth: You cant talk you’re not even at Percy’s house
Jason: We were bored we're getting snacks
Leo: And we’re not getting you any
Annabeth: Jason tell them to buy us snacks
Piper: Jason don’t you dare
Jason: im not saying anything
Leo: Nico
Leo: Reyna
Leo: Hazel Leo: Frank Leo: Percy
Leo: Annabeth
Nico changed the chat to: stfu leo
Piper: Lmao
Piper changed the chat to: Tell your sister and her friends to get their asses over here
Leo changed the chat to: Leo’s the best
Reyna: Leo wtf did you do
Reyna: I can’t change it
Jason: .
Piper: LMAO
Leo: ;)
Hazel laughed as she scrolled through the messages.
“ You seriously can’t change it?” Frank asked
“ What do you think I’ve been doing?” Reyna said tapping her phone, as if that would change the group chat name.
“I’ll get them to change the chat, I’ll just bribe them with my mom’s cookies” Percy said. Everyone’s phones pinged simultaneously with a new message:
Annabeth: seriously where are you guys
Reyna turned the engine to car on. “Lets just go”
The group walked up to the front of the grocery store where Annabeth was waiting for them.
“ Do we really have to take a whole shopping cart?,” Annabeth asked, falling in step with Frank, who was pushing the cart.
“Yes because Hazel wants to ride in it,” Frank said, nodding to Hazel who was sitting cross-legged in the cart.
Frank grabbed a bunch of bags of candy “We’re also gonna buy a ton of snacks,” he said, tossing them into the cart
“ What chips do we want?,” Reyna said, looking at the rows of colourful bags in front of  her.
“ Let’s just get all of them,” Nico said beside her, grabbing as much as he could carry. Reyna grabbed his arm, pulling him back, “ No, let's not get all of them, we don’t have much money guys”.
“ You don’t have much money,” Hazel corrected, “ Me and Nico are rich and can buy as much as we want”. She reached over the cart, grabbing 3 packs of M&Ms. Next to her, Percy and Annabeth were arguing with each other about how much six packs of soda was too much. “ Three packs of soda is not that much,” Percy argued, holding the third pack he was about to put in the cart.
“ It is when they’re twelve packs, that’s thirty-six cans,” Annabeth said, trying to tug the pack away from Percy who was holding onto it, clearly not done arguing. “ Yes we need twelve coca cola cans so that’s one for each of us, and because we don’t know what kind of soda everyone likes we need to get two other packs of fanta and sprite to be safe”
“ Just get coca cola, everyone likes coca cola”.
“ I don’t,” Hazel said, “and Piper prefers Sprite”
“ Not helping”
“ So it’s settled,” Percy said, tugging the pack away from Annabeth and placing it in the cart, which was becoming so full, the bags were starting to cover Hazel.
“ We’re all gonna be sick,” Reyna sighed.
In the dining room of Percy’s room everyone had dumped all the snacks they had bought on the dining table. With the snacks bought at the grocery store, to everything Jason, Leo, and Piper had bought, the food covered most of the table. Sally walked through the front door, carrying Estelle.
“ Hello sweetie-” she stopped, staring at the ridiculous amount of snacks everyone had bought.
“ Hi mom,” Percy said cheerfully.
“ I hope you’re not planning on eating all of that today,” Sally said, setting Estelle down so she could climb on the table to look at what everyone got.
“ You underestimate how much nine teenagers can eat when they’re hungry,” Annabeth replied, next to Percy
“ Well I hope you finish your homework before settling before settling down,” Sally said, looking at Percy pointedly.
“I didn’t even say anything!” he complained
“No but you complain about Ms.Peter assigning homework on Fridays every week,” Piper called from the living room where everyone else was.
“Ok so she did make a report due tonight because she’s an as-”
“Sorry,” Percy said, glancing at Estelle, who was still examining the snacks, oblivious. She gasped excitedly, pulling out the M&Ms.
“Please Mommy?” she cried, hugging the packet close to her chest.
“Fine,” Sally sighed
“Oh and I also got you this,” Annabeth said, handing Estelle a Twix bar.
“You’re my favourite” Estelle said adoringly, snatching the bar from Annabeth
“I’m right here!” Percy protested.
Half an hour later, everyone was gathered in front of the tv in Percy’s apartment. Sally and Estelle were upstairs, allowing Percy and his friends to take over the entire living room. Percy, Annabeth, Leo, Jason,Piper, Frank, and Reyna were all squashed together on the sofa with Nico and Hazel sitting in front of them. Everyone could barely fit on the small sofa, with Jason hanging right on the edge. The snacks that everyone had bought were everywhere on the sofa, and strewn all over the floor. As everyone was opening the snacks and swapping them with each other, Leo ran over and pulled out a Monopoly game from the drawer under the tv, sparking an instant reaction from everyone.
“ Oh no, that game is dead to me,” Frank said
“ Only because you keep losing,” Leo teased, setting the game on the table, “ I know Piper wants to play though”. Jason pulled back Piper, who was already getting up.
“ No, it just ends up between you and Piper and it goes on for hours and you win”
“ That’s what makes it so fun”.
“ I know I can beat him this time,” Piper said, stubbornly, “I almost beat him last time”
“ Just like how you ‘almost beat him’ last week? And the week before that, and the week before that, and the week before-” Piper shoved Jason as everyone laughed.
Even Frank relented in the end and that’s how, three hours later, everyone was watching Leo as he studied the two dice in front of him.
“ Dude, why are you staring at the dice, there’s literally no strategy in rolling.” said Annabeth, who had already lost a long time ago. She was sharing a bag of chips with Percy, who had also lost. In fact everyone had lost except for Piper and Leo. Everyone was growing tired of the game and were either on their phone or working their way through all the snacks that had been brought. Hazel had been half falling asleep next to Nico. But now it was getting close to the end and everyone was waiting for Leo to take his turn and roll. One of Piper’s hotels was on Park Place, the most expensive area of the game. If he rolled a 4 it was all over for him. If he didn’t roll a four however, Piper would have to roll and she had about a 50% chance of landing on one of Leo’s hotels in front of her. Leo slowly picked up the die.
“ Finally,” Frank sighed. Leo shushed him and rolled the die across the board and everyone crowded around the table. The two dice showed a three and a one. Four altogether. Leo threw himself on the floor dramatically as Piper jumped up, throwing the fake Monopoly everywhere. Everyone surrounded Piper, jumping up and down and screaming. Leo’s month-long winning streak had come to an end. Everyone was hugging Piper, even Nico, who wasn’t big on physical contact, gave her a high-five.
“ How does it feel to lose?” Piper asked. Leo didn’t move from his position on the floor and just gave her the middle finger.
“ Ok guys,” Reyna said as she flicked through channels , “ What movie are we watching?”. Jason groaned
“ Do we have to?” he asked
“You don’t wanna watch anything?”
“ I do but we’re literally just gonna argue for an hour on what to watch and then when we finally pick a movie, we’re all gonna fall asleep halfway through”
“ Point taken”
“ I vote for a horror movie,” Nico said from where he was sitting next to the soda bottles and demolishing the coca cola bottles, one by one.
“ We’re not watching a horror movie,” Reyna cut in
“ Afraid you’re gonna have nightmares?”. Reyna pointedly looked over to where Piper was sitting.
“ That is not fair-”
“ You literally covered your eyes during most of A Quiet Place”
“ Ok first of all it was scary, second,” Piper said over Reyna’s laughter “ We already watched a horror movie last week, so no more”
“ Then I got nothing”.
The house was mostly quiet for a while as everyone looked on their phones for a movie to watch.
“ Let's just watch Marvel, you can’t go wrong with them.” Jason said
“ Haven’t we watched Marvel, like, a dozen times?” Nico asked
“ Can we watch Age of Ultron?” Hazel asked
“ You just wanna watch that one for Wanda” “ Exactly, so we’re watching Age of Ultron”
“I literally can’t find anything else,” Percy said, dropping his head. Annabeth sat up beside him.
“ I still think we should watch a documentary-”
“ No”
Perfect looked around halfway through the movie to see that everyone had fallen asleep and only he was watching the movie. Frank was still clinging to the bag of candy he was eating.
“Typical,” he sighed, looking at Hazel, who- despite insisting on Age of Ultron for Wanda- had been one of the first ones to fall asleep, on the carpet. But even Percy was tired and soon he found himself slowly nodding off as well.
When he was about to fall asleep, Sally came downstairs to check on everyone. She turned off the tv and threw a blanket over Nico, Hazel, and Jason who were all asleep on the floor, and another one over everyone else on the sofa.
“ Thanks mom,” Percy said sleepily
“ Oh and before I forget,” Sally said, “ Did you finish your report that’s due tonight you?”. Percy looked up.
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spiderintheathenacabin · 11 months ago
Percabeth soulmate AU where you can hear the music your soulmate is listening to and Annabeth somehow makes a mixtape asking Percy to stop listening to Under the Sea so her rickrolls her for the next week.
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strungoutheart · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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amesliu · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
🎵oh you got me feeling so pretty 🎶
(per @captain-jackson's brainrot texts)
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sar-soor · a year ago
My Fics (Redux)
I’ve decided I don’t like organizing my works based off of their completion status, so here we are again (sorry)
Short(er) Stories:
Towel-dry: One-shot, 1.2k words of fluff and childhood (canon compliant, mostly)
Bread and Butter: One-shot, 3k words of fluff and Clareyna baking bread because I said so (au)
Combinations and Permutations: 2 parts, 33k words of fluff and incorrect math and absolute nonsense, also because I said so (au)
Lose a Love to Worse than Death: 2 parts, 13.8k words of Pain, Suffering, and pre-TLO Percabeth (canon compliant, mostly)
Beautiful Bones: One-shot, 5k words of pure angst, Percabeth through the years of pjo/hoo (canon compliant, mostly)
Call Me Home Series: A collection of one-shots centering around a college roommates au (burn slow, fall easy, breath deep, land soft, look close, glow true)
Long Fics:
Everything, and then Some: Completed, 13/13 chapters, character-driven slow-burn with some photography and music and lots of Pining (au)
No More and No Less: Completed, 11/11 chapters, fluff and angst and lots and lots and lots of longing (au)
I Burn, I Pine, I Perish: In Progress, fluff, idiocy, 10 things i hate about you au
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romanticinpanic · a month ago
about me
ivy (she/her)
blog content ranges anywhere from shitposting, fandom, history, aesthetic, and studyblr depending on mood
(just for reference, unless topical, most of my reblogs are queued)
fav movies (not listed below in fandom):
the mummy
romeo + juliet
what we do in the shadows
the winter soldier
empire strikes back
the half of it
addams family values (the addams family)
fav musical artists:
taylor swift
lana del rey
blackpink (rosé) and a whole lot of other kpop girl groups
and more
non-comphrensive list of my fandoms and my favorite whatevers in them (vaguely in order from most to least currently interested):
star wars (leia, hanleia, love OT, like PT, for the most part like to pretends ST doesn’t exists)
doctor who (rose tyler, RTD area mostly, doctorrose)
PJO (percabeth)
marvel (jean grey, gwen stacy, jott, romanogers)
batfamily (dick grayson, poison ivy, dickbabs)
buffy the vampire slayer (drusilla, spuffy [in AUs, not in pure canon])
streamers (nihachu, technoblade, RT game, OTV & friends, in the past dsmp)
harry potter (hermione, dramione [in AUs, not in pure canon])
figure skating (evgenia medvedeva, alysa liu)
disney (mulan, tangled, sleeping beauty)
A:TLA (katara, zutara, jinora)
sherlock (molly hooper, sherlolly)
musicals (hamilton, heathers, & more [I was in middle school ok! Cut me some slack])
ya fiction
other random obsessions:
empress sisi/sissi
folklore & mythology
historical fashion
courtney love
misc tags i use that haven’t found their way in above
ancient times
20th century
other accts
ao3: @romanticinpanic
elysian fields: @amina
lastfm: @poisoned-ivy
there are some things i don’t like, but so long as you’ll tag them correctly i won’t interact with them. honestly as long as you’re not toxic, i’m pretty up for anything (which i know is such a vague description, but it’s hard to out of context create some all encompassing distinction of what is in good fun and what just worsens an online community)
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voidstilesplease · a year ago
Percabeth Fic List 1/?
For @annalise-elizabeth-jackson. Here's the Percabeth fic list I promised you :) It might be a bit out-dated, though, because I haven't read any Percabeth fic since late 2019. But these are some of my favorites, and I hope you find something that you haven't read yet!
Also, here's a gif of the scene that should've made it to The Lightning Thief movie that I'm inserting for no apparent reason. > <
Tumblr media
I Got a Boy by flyingcrowbar (Teen | 136k words | complete)
Tag/s: Crossdressing, Pretend Identity, Homosexuality, Homophobia, Hate Crimes
Summary: Bolt Academy has everything: prestige, affluence, renown. Almost every world leader, CEO, athlete, and have stepped through its doors. Problem is, it’s only for boys. But it’s the only school with the most challenging architecture program in the country. What else is Annabeth Chase supposed to do? Desperate to achieve her dream of becoming an esteemed architect, she cuts off her long curls, binds her chest, and goes by the name of Andy - the newest male student on campus. Now she must travel the dorms, the locker rooms, even the hallways with her secret. It’s smooth sailing, that is until Annabeth’s roommate Percy Jackson - a nationally ranked freestyle swimmer - starts to have feelings for Andy.
Coming to understand his sexual orientation, Percy navigates a campus filled with homophobia and hate crimes, all while every day taking a step closer to competing in the Olympics. Around every corner lies an opportunity for sabotage, and Percy has a target on his back.
But when Percy discovers the secret that Annabeth has been keeping, hard choices must be made and neither are willing to let the other give up on their dreams.
An interpretation of “She’s the Man” and the Korean drama “To the Beautiful You.”
⭐ Vivid by lesbabeths (Gen | 13k words | one-shot)
Tag/s: Soulmates, Color bonding
Summary: Percy is two when he first learns what a 'color' is, and although a whole lot more time passes before he sees one, he gets there eventually, and it's just as amazing as he'd always hoped.
Law of Attraction by greenconverses (Explicit | 2k words | one-shot)
Tag/s: Shameless smut
Summary: Through months of careful experimentation, Annabeth learned that one sure fire way to guarantee getting laid was to be caught wearing Percy's Mets jersey around the apartment.
⭐ if i were to pluck on your heartstrings (Gen | 22k words | one-shot) and its companion fic in Percy's POV would you strum on mine (Not Rated | 22k words | one-shot) by seaweedbraens
Tag/s: Soulmates
Summary: Annabeth thought she was right on track until the universe just decided to give her a red string that just so happened to link to her best friend, forcing her to face her dormant feelings and effectively screwing up her life for good.
Not So Shore by bananannabeth (Gen | 9k words | one-shot)
Tag/s: Outsider POV, Mortal OC POV
Summary: Percy Jackson just transferred to AHS on a swimming scholarship, and Olivia is convinced that there's something weird about him. In order to get to the bottom of it, she decides to befriend him and his girlfriend, Annabeth, and drags her best friend Kelly along for the ride.
⭐ The Curse of Lethe series by shiiki (Mature | 100k | complete)
Tag/s: Memory Loss, Canon-typical Violence
Summary: Percy and Annabeth intended to retire and spend a quiet four years at college in New Rome. However, old enemies have other ideas, and one very determined attack leaves Percy poisoned and fighting for his life and Annabeth facing the difficult decision of giving him the only cure: water from the Lethe...and dealing with the heartbreaking side-effects. There is hope, though, but will Percy, Annabeth, and their friends have the courage to brave Tartarus again to retrieve Percy's memories from the edge of Chaos?
⭐ To Build a Home by bananannabeth (Mature | 9k words | complete)
Tag/s: Major Character Death (but it's worth the pain 😭), Heavy Angst
Summary: Percy Jackson is the worst neighbour Annabeth Chase has ever had. Loud music, lots of friends, skateboarding in the hall - he's everything she doesn't want. So why can she not imagine home without him?
He rubbed slow circles on her back and murmured sweet nothings into her hair. “I’m sorry,” he kept saying, over and over. “I’m so sorry.”
“Why are you apologising to me?” she croaked. “You’re the one who’s -”
“Dying,” he finished for her. “I’m dying, and that’s why I’m sorry.”
Home Run by Millennial_Medusa (Explicit | 9k words | one-shot)
Tag/s: Shameless smut again 🙈
Summary: Percy is the pitcher for their college baseball team, and the sight of him in the uniform is giving Annabeth all kinds of dirty ideas.
⭐ Murkiest Intentions by inkncoffee (Teen | 144k words | complete)
Tag/s: Jurassic World AU (man, I loved this so much), Annabeth is the Park Manager, Percy is the Raptor Trainer
Summary: On Isla Nublar, one wrong move could mean certain death. Park manager Annabeth Chase is certain that adding the raptor paddock with their infuriating new trainer, Percy Jackson, is the epitome of this idea. But they find that here in Jurassic World, the secrets that lie in the shadows just might be more dangerous than the dinosaurs themselves.
If You're Comfortable by Quietnerdgasm (Explicit | 7k words | complete)
Tag/s: Lol, smut. Photography and smut.
Summary: Architecture student Annabeth takes a photography class to practice finding the beauty in things. When her final project requires a human subject she begrudgingly reaches out to an acquaintance.
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thejudgingtrash · a year ago
Invisible Strings (2,5k)
(Ruby Red!Percabeth AU and I hope tumblr doesn’t mess up things again 🙄 Not beta’d, this was just a random sprint for a scene)
“Mister Jackson!” yelled Mrs. Dodds as she was trying to chase after the taller student who unfortunately had longer legs, better stamina and much more urgency to get out of this situation. An unwelcoming combination and another chain of chaotic events that had unfolded.
“Come back at once!” Percy didn’t think to march back to that wretched woman that called herself a math teacher. Why now? Why me?, he cursed in his thoughts. Alas there was no time. He had to flee if he didn’t want everyone to witness what was about to unfold.
“Percy!” Grover huffed as his best friend had just shoved his backpack into his stomach. He was more than aware of Percy’s… condition, but that didn’t mean that Percy could just do what he wanted, whenever he wanted. That and he was much slower due to the cast around his foot and the tight pants from the mustard yellow school uniform.
But things took a different turn as Percy’s stomach turned and the feeling of the quick drop from a rollercoaster reappeared. 
“Argh!” Percy yelped. Nausea spread through his body like a mutated infection and he felt sick. Waves of heat followed, however, there was no fever. But it was no ordinary sickness that plagued him, no. It was much worse.
The two boys fled as best as they could, Grover with his crutches and Percy’s backpack in his hands and Percy who tried to not trip and turn invisible in front of the entire few confused students in the hallway that were watching. Not to mention a certain crazy teacher that was chasing after them.
“Quick! Into Mr. Brunner’s classroom! The room should be empty, the sixth graders are on a field trip,” Grover remembered and took a sharp turn with his best friend following. Percy ran into the classroom; possible students be damned if they were in there. Luckily, his best friend had been right. The room was unlocked and entirely empty. Chalk dust and smelly remains of unwashed teenagers stood in the air.
Grover barely sneaked into room as it happened right in front of him. The student would have never thought that he would see it happening live in front of him.
“Take care of my-” Percy was unable to finish his sentence. His vision blurred and it literally felt like someone had pulled the rug under him. His feet didn’t feel like they were touching the hard floor anymore.
Grover’s jaw dropped as Percy seemed to have been pulled up by an invisible hand and pulled back into nothingness with force. Perseus Jackson had disappeared and Grover had no idea where he was. Or rather when he was.
For Percy it felt like a minor earthquake. His vision shook and his feet found the ground again. Instead of the bright daylight in the old castle that usually was his school, it was the middle of the night. The tall windows showed the moon in all of its beauty. But now there was no school. It was quite literally an old castle. Instead of neon tubes amounted on the ceiling there were dozens of candles trying to bring light to the room. Instead of two dozen wooden desks where students normally sat around to at least pretend to learn something and a blackboard in front of them, there was only one mighty secretary in the middle of the room. It overflowed with scrolls and books, coins and other instruments. An abacus? Swords stacked on the walls? Who knew.
Percy grimaced at the thought of the carelessly displayed candles that were a fire hazard as he was alone in this room. It was good for him for the moment to have a source of light but with his clumsiness it would be a matter of minutes until he would accidentally knock something over and set everything ablaze. 
Bookshelf after bookshelf was stacked against the wall, some with carefully crafted decorations, many books written in Latin and therefore nearly unintelligible for Percy. Taking Latin in class and understanding Latin on a whim were two very different things. The dim light did the rest as it was simply not bright enough to snoop around further. Percy walked around the desk and looked at the other items on the table. A fancy quill, dark ink, a couple of envelopes, a tricorn hat and an unfinished letter. 
Beloved mother, the person wrote and didn’t bother to finish the correspondence. July 17th, 1764 was marked as the date in the upper corner. What a lousy child, Percy shook his head. His eyes moved to the left where a finished letter remained. It had been written by someone else.
To my dearest son Apollo, the first line was the most Percy could read as the cursive was way too embellished and elongated for him to decipher in such a short period of time. Apollo! His heart swelled. The friendly school ghost was still alive, not a ghost yet and thriving in 1764. Technically that meant Percy could try to sneak out and look out for him…
A laughter erupted outside the door and the doorknob turned. Percy was lucky he didn’t scream. He was ready to jump underneath the table for all he cared. He wasn’t in the mood of getting chased through a house in a different time period yet again. The young student was lucky. He was able to hear the muffled voice of a woman say, “Oh no! Not in here Zeus! I do not wish to defile your son’s study yet again!”
“Alright, my dear. Let us make sure my wife shall not interfere this time,” sighed Zeus. The woman’s laughter slightly echoed as they moved further away.
Percy frowned. Yikes, Apollo was right when he said his father was a rake. Then he shook his head and carefully approached the door. The steps got quieter. The student inhaled and with all of his courage he turned the doorknob. A cloud of perfumes and spices hit him straight in the face. Then the sour and foul smell of sweat, urine and other unpleasant things followed.
Percy sharpened his senses. He could hear music. String music to be exact and a pianoforte in the background. More laughter, heels stomping on the floor. Or where people dancing? Dancing to the string music? Conversations tried to dominate and drown out the music but it was an everlasting fight of audience and musicians. Who could be the loudest?
The hallway that Percy was used to was no longer covered in its ugly orange coating, instead a lovely violet was illuminated by dozens of candles that hung around in the walls and standing still in candle sockets. Gone were the lockers, the corridor was filled with pompous vases and statues, expensive artwork which included a painting of Apollo smirking at the observer. Percy cracked a grin and shook his head. That was Apollo to you.
“Wait!” pleaded a young woman as someone else climbed up the stairs. It was a tall man and from his stance and body language he seemed to be more than just displeased. The young woman fought her way up the stairs with the hoop skirt and layers upon layers of fabric. 
“Please wait! Let me explain!”
The man she seemed to hunt down, didn’t bother listening to her and it was a matter of mere seconds until Percy got exposed. Panic spread through his synapses and the muscle memory forced his feet to go. He took a turn around a corner and approached the first door. The room was already occupied as the door stood ajar.
If Percy didn’t know any better it was that Zeus guy and his mistress as a middle-aged man in the finest robes was kneeling on the floor and taking the pair of tights that covered his lover’s milky legs. Oh my god no, Percy thought and approached the next door in a haste. He opened it and was greeted again by an empty room to his relief.
But the steps only got louder and louder. Percy looked out for a hideout. There was nothing but a couple of sofas, another row of bookshelves and a contrabass in the room. Oh no, Percy thought as the steps approached. He looked to the windows, only to realize they had been covered by heavy looking curtains. Better than nothing. He ran to the window and thanked the gods for the broad windowsills. Percy was scrawny enough to fit onto them.
“It’s not what you think it is!” The woman tried to explain as the man stormed into the room. 
“Oh yeah?” The man huffed. He sounded familiar. Way too familiar. Percy decided to pull a little bit of the curtain aside. He saw the broad shoulders of the man and the emerald green tail coat he was wearing. The man had long black locks that were tied into a pony tail. A proud stance that prevented the golden heels on his feet from looking utterly ridiculous.
“Also, it would be improper for me to run after you. It should be you defending me, in case something happens,” the soft voice of the lady demanded.
“Me defending you?! Anna, did you forget you carry daggers in your corset and had a goddamn sword hidden underneath there?” The 18th century man pointed to the wide skirt.
“I don’t think-” He had crossed his arms and spun around in an annoyed whiff only for his eyes to widen and his face to pale. Percy behind the curtain pressed his hand against his mouth as he was also shocked. The man standing in front of the other woman, was him. Him as in Percy.
It was weird looking at yourself for the first time without a mirror in front of you. Was your forehead really that wide? You really needed to visit the saloon soon again. Whoever that other Percy was, he made a waving motion with his hands, signalizing “Hide!” to student Percy.
“What are you doing there? Could someone be spying on us?” this Anna lady asked. The candle light brightened up her face and Percy saw her light gray eyes for the very first time. Her heart shaped face made him speechless. His heart stopped beating for a second or two. The pointy nose and rosy cheeks, white teeth and the light eyebrows. The way she bit her lip as she was calculating the next move, the slight worry in her eyes. She didn’t look as ridiculous with that huge red wig as most other people would. The green dress hugged her curves despite the ridiculously large amounts of fabric surrounding her. She didn’t seem much older than he was, but the authority her voice carried made her seem that way.
“Nothing, nothing!” the other Percy clearly lied.
“Did you already forget?” Anna huffed as she tried to place her hands around her waist without ruining the beautiful dress. Her eyes were glued to his back. “I can tell when you’re telling a-”
She did not finish her sentence as she had been cut-off by the other Percy. Cut off by his lips, to be exact. The Percy behind the curtain looked shocked at the scene in front of him. 
The strange girl and his other self separated. “I’m…” The other Percy harrumphed and looked to the side. “I’m terribly sorry, I don’t know what overcame me and-”
“Oh, shut up!” the beautiful young woman barked, grabbed the other Percy by the ruffled collar and pulled him in for another kiss. The pair kissed as if there was no tomorrow left. The Percy on the other side of the room had never kissed a person in his life. The truth or dare kiss five years ago from Nancy Bobofit did not count. But as far as he could tell… he did a great job. At least Percy assumed he did as the woman grabbed his hair and didn’t seem to want him let go. Oh wow, the large hands found her tiny waist and Percy hoped that both of them remained steady on their feet. From the swaying it looked like they would fall flat to the ground.
Then the wicked feeling came back. The dizziness, the spots in his vision, the rumbling ground. Percy’s fingers clung to the windowsill as he felt being spewed into his right time line. If he had been sorting his thoughts right, he would have disturbed the wood shop class by Ms. Minerva. Percy closed his eyes and shoved the curtain aside. No screams or gasps, no puzzled students. He opened the sea green eyes again.
Oh yeah, the kids are on their field trip, he remembered. Ms. Minerva otherwise would have reprimanded him further to Mrs. Dodds pleasure. The flabbergasted student quickly left the room. Percy had to lie to janitor Argus about why he was still at school and fortunately managed to get away with his lame excuse of forgetting his smartphone in a classroom. Said smartphone he just pulled out of his pocket and pressed the first number in his call logs.
“Grover!” Percy exhaled. “I just spent my time in 1764, I saw an unfinished letter in Mr. Brunner’s classroom.”
“You are okay! Where are you? Mrs. Dodds wants to murder you!”
“Just got out of school, I’m on my way home.”
“Oh, thank goodness!” Grover sighed into the speaker which created a little bit of static. “You were gone for almost two hours! I shoved all of your stuff into Jason’s stomach who was not pleased with you ‘skipping school’ earlier.” 
“Shit,” Percy cursed. Two hours? How? It felt more like five minutes, did he truly spent that much time lingering around? He should have picked up Estelle from band practice an hour and a half ago. His mother would kill him.
“There’s something else I need to mention,” Percy began. “I didn’t just land there in 1764… I saw someone…”
“Who?” Grover asked.
“Myself,” Percy answered. “It was clearly me… Or a twin brother I didn’t know I had and I was…” Kissing a pretty girl. “Having an argument… with some weird girl that I didn’t know either. I shooed myself away for her not to notice me! Grover, what the hell is going on?!”
Percy imagined how Grover’s eyebrows rose and how he was fumbling with the zipper of his favorite jacket as he always used to do whenever he was trying to connect new information. Someone else yelled in the background. It sounded like Mrs. Underwood.
“We need to talk about this later and strategize, mom needs me downstairs,” proposed Grover. “Percy, you have to speak to your mother about the time traveling! She knows more about all of this, she has to! Who knows into what time period you’ll jump next! Pretty sure that London in the 1940s seems more than just dangerous with world war two going on. Or… I don’t know. Any other year when vaccines still weren’t a thing yet. Catching the plague or medieval herpes sounds horrific.”
Percy winced. Both at the thought of more uncontrolled time jumps and also at the thought of medieval herpes.
Grover was right. He needed to speak to his mother and confess. It wasn’t his annoying cousin Jason who had inherited this weird time traveler gene. 
It was him, Perseus Jackson, the poorest bastard one could imagine.
I tried and I blame you for everything @marisolsnose 🤷🏾‍♀️
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annabethy · a year ago
Internet crush au i love the thought that both percy and annabeth try to subtly flirt with each other whist being an ocean apart on youtube (and all of they’re followers know they’re simps) idk just a thought for if you’re still wanting prompts ❤️❤️
oceans apart: percabeth internet crush au
“Not again.”
Annabeth rolled her eyes, pointedly sipping her cup of coffee and ignoring Piper’s whine for attention.
“You’re ridiculous.”
“I’m not sure what you’re referring to,” Annabeth lies.
“Oh, so you’re not sparking up an online romance with the infamous Percy Jackson?”
Annabeth hums, taking another slow sip of her drink. “I am merely responding to his message.”
“Over twitter. In front of millions of people.”
Annabeth snorts, staring at the phone in hand. It was true, really. Somehow, Annabeth had managed to gain quite a big following on youtube during her years spent studying at Oxford, and at some point, a guy from UCLA took an interest in her. It had been pretty hilarious, especially to the millions of people watching her every move, and she just hadn’t been able to put a stop to the online flirting, which is precisely why she was flirting with a man that was oceans apart from her.
“You’re never even met this man,” Piper points out.
“That’s what makes it fun,” Annabeth says. “An online romance. Who doesn’t love it?”
“I’m not saying no one loves it because this is the best thing to happen in all of the twenty-first century, but he’s in California, and you’re not.”
“It’s all fun and games,” Annabeth says.
“Yeah, right.”
Annabeth blinks. “Do you have something you’d like to tell me?”
“You two are practically in love with each other.”
Annabeth flushes. “Are not.”
“What are you typing then?”
Annabeth looks down at the thread being sent back and forth between the two popular youtubers. By this point, their entire conversation was being filled with hundreds of thousands of people having mental breakdowns, thinking the two were actually going to get together.
Not that she would mind that. No, she hadn’t seen him in person, but they’re practically best friends, and he’s a huge sweetheart.
“Lies,” Piper says, snatching the phone. “Percy tweeted ‘honey, I think you and I should get married.’”
“He’s kidding.”
“You responded, ‘come to the UK and I’ll consider it.’”
“It’s all just some good-natured fun.”
“He responded, ‘give me a kiss?’ and you said, ‘show up alive, and then we’ll see.’”
Annabeth snickers, snatching her phone back. “You’re reading too far into this.”
“No, I’m not. You two are just in love with each other.”
“You are incorrect, actually.”
Piper raises an eyebrow. “Oh, yeah? What about last week when he uploaded the video that was literally spent listing off the reasons you should marry him?”
“Publicity stunt. It got millions of views.”
“You’re in love with him.”
Annabeth pinches her fingers. “Only a little bit, but no one has to know.”
“Oh, honey, everyone knows.”
A part of her floods with warmth. Ever since he’d first left a comment on one of her videos, their friendship had blossomed. It was just what they did — uploading videos just to tease one another and accept marriage proposals. He’s probably proposed five times by this point, and Annabeth has jokingly accepted five times.
They were the unofficially-official couple as people like to put it, and it was a lovely arrangement in her opinion.
Annabeth’s phone vibrates in her hand, and when she looks down, she sees Percy telling her, bought a plane ticket. on my way babe.
“Oh god,” Piper groans, looking over Annabeth’s shoulder as another smile breaks out across Annabeth’s face. “You two disgust me.”
“That’s funny, considering you admitted that you were our biggest shipper.”
Piper gasps. “Who told you?”
“Jason told Percy who told me.”
“Precisely.” Annabeth hums. “We should be going soon. I have to get another video up in two days and you promised you’d help me.”
“What is it this time? Writing the perfect love letter to Percy?”
“Making a shrine to Percy,” Annabeth corrects.
“You’re kidding.”
“I wish I was,” Annabeth says. “It was his idea.”
“Of course it was,” Piper mutters, but she’s already scooting her chair away from the table of the café and standing up. “Let’s get going then, you booger.”
The walk back to their shared apartment was filled with Piper’s rants about a certain two careless youtubers, and the video Annabeth dragged Piper to film was no different. All things considered though, it went quite well. It might as well be a shitpost, but it was interesting enough and would have to suffice.
The video did take a lot longer to film than expected, so by the time Annabeth was finally ready to go on with the day, it was almost midnight.
“This sucks,” Annabeth says, peeking out the window at the dark sky.
“It’s no big deal.” Piper stretches and yawns, and Annabeth thinks she may fall asleep right there. “London never sleeps so we can still go out.”
“You’re practically drooling already.”
“We have things to do. People to see.”
Annabeth scrunches her brows. “Who?”
“People,” Piper says ominously. As she sits up, she looks Annabeth up and down before shrugging, which doesn’t do much to help her confidence. “You look good enough. Let’s go.”
Piper barely gives Annabeth time to process what was happening before she was being dragged out the door. Realistically, Piper did give her like five minutes to grab a few things, but it felt like no time at all because Piper refused to say anything besides they were meeting up with some friends at a cozy diner in the middle of the city.
The walk there was a bit chilly, so as Annabeth tightens her long black peacoat around her body, she glances at Piper out of the corner of her eye.
“So,” Annabeth says, sniffling and rubbing her nose to soothe the sharp bite of wind. “Would you mind telling me why we’re heading to the city? We never go out late. That’s, like, our motto.”
“You looked cute today, and it would be a shame to waste that by just staying in.” Piper grabs Annabeth’s hand and laces their fingers together to swing their arms back and forth. “I must say I’m loving the white sweater and black jeans. My fashion is rubbing off on you.”
“What fashion?”
“I hate you.”
By the time they finally reach the diner, Annabeth’s fingers and toes are numb, but the view was definitely worth it. Annabeth’s surprised she hadn’t ever seen this place before after having lived here for almost four years, but it’s no surprise Piper knew of it. There were fairy lights strewn up around the outer portion of the restaurant, and there was gentle music flowing through the air. Even though it was cold, the image of this place was a drastic difference, and it melted the aching in her bones.
Piper leads Annabeth to a table outside, and Annabeth is hardly surprised to see Jason waiting for them. He stands up to give each of the girls a quick hug, before they all settle into their respective seats.
“You brought me here to be a third wheel? Is that what this is?” Annabeth says playfully as she sits.
“You and I both know that I’m the real third wheel here,” Jason says kindly. “But maybe it’s Piper, because she’s the only one here who doesn’t make videos.”
“I don’t need to because I was lucky enough to have my best friend introduce me to another youtuber,” Piper says.
“You should be thanking me for your relationship,” Annabeth tells the two of them. “Without me, you would’ve never found the love of your life.”
Jason’s eyes gleam. “And how about you? Have you found the love of your life?”
“I can’t say that I have.”
“I saw the messages between you and Percy earlier,” Jason says. “It was a beautiful proposal, really.”
“I try.”
“When you meet him, you should consider eloping.”
“That’s if I meet him,” Annabeth corrects.
“Of course. My apologies.” Jason grins, and Annabeth is slightly unnerved. “You would make a cute couple.”
“How so?”
“You two are the biggest simps for each other,” Jason says.
“Told you so,” Piper chimes in.
“I’m going to leave if you two brought me here just to insult me.” Annabeth looks beside herself and her eyes focus on the empty chair. “Are we waiting for someone else?”
“I invited a friend, but I’m not sure where he is,” Jason says. “They must be running late.”
“Who is it?”
“Oh, I’m not sure if you’d know them,” he dismisses.
Piper and Jason begin talking again, but Annabeth tunes them out. If she was going to be forced to sit with stranger while Piper and Jason snogged in front of them, then she would be severely unhappy.
Annabeth doesn’t know what to expect, but she does know that she should be worried when Piper and Jason share a conspicuous glance with each other before heading off to the bar, under the excuse of getting them some drinks.
Annabeth groans, lacing her hands together on the table in front of her. She was definitely starting to regret this decision of joining Piper on her midnight adventure, not that it was much of a decision at all. She was dragged alongside her, and if she could go back in time, she would probably end up pushing Piper off a bridge to stop this utter boredom from taking over.
All things considered though, it’s not too terrible. She might be able to drink the night away and forget all this happened, and—
Annabeth’s head snaps up because of the voice. It was a voice she’d recognize anywhere.
She whirls around in her chair, and right there, standing in all his glory, was Percy Jackson.
Percy holds his arms out as he approaches her, and Annabeth laughs as she stumbles up to give him a crushing hug. They stay like that for a few seconds, and it feels like it should be awkward because they’d never actually met before, but it just feels like a piece of a puzzle if fitting into place.
“What are you doing here?” Annabeth asks, grinning as she pulls away and tilts her chin to look up at him. From here, he’s a lot taller than she expected, and he looks so much better in person than on camera, which says a lot.
“I’m here for our wedding!” Percy smiles cheekily, pulling her in for another quick hug before stepping back and just looking at her. She feels warm and fuzzy under his gaze. “Don’t tell me you’ve already forgotten.”
“Of course I haven’t,” she says, playing along. “But why are you really here?”
“I wanted to see my beautiful girlfriend.”
Annabeth bites her bottom lip, holding back a laugh. “I don’t recall agreeing to this.”
“You agreed to marry me, so I think that means we’re dating.”
“Yeah, but we both know we were messing around.”
Percy clicks his teeth, his eyes sparkling. “I don��t know. You did respond when I called you babe, so…”
“I guess I did.” Annabeth looks over at where Piper and Jason had disappeared off to. They were taking their sweet time, and suddenly Annabeth realized that it was for a reason, and that they knew all along. She doesn’t know whether to thank them or punch them. “It looks like they’re not coming back anytime soon.”
“Yeah,” he agrees. “That might be because I asked them to let me have you all to myself for a while.”
“You did?”
“Of course I did.” Percy stares at her for a while, and she stares back. It feels like she’s known him for all of her life, and she never wants this moment to end. So long talking over the phone and sending messages through videos, and they were finally alone, just the two of them, and it was so much better than she could’ve imagined.
“I’m not sure what to do now,” Annabeth admits as Percy takes a step closer, like he’s done it a million times. Soon, his face is inches away from hers.
“I have an idea,” Percy tells her quietly, his green eyes vibrant in the dim lighting of the outdoor patio.
“And what’s that?”
“Go on a date with me.”
Annabeth tilts her head, lips lifting in a coy smile. “I thought we were already engaged?”
“I’m still working towards that kiss,” he says, and his smile is blinding.
A beat skips, and she can’t help herself, and then—
“Who says you have to wait?”
Annabeth doesn’t know what prompts her to step forwards, but she does anyways, and her stomach flutters when he does the same. There was just something about this situation that seems so familiar, and she trusts him, probably more than she should. But this was Percy, and she knew him. He wouldn’t hurt her.
Percy’s hands go to cup her face, his fingers gently tracing over her skin, cold in the London winter, and there is a blazing heat in her body. For a second, they look into each other’s eyes, and then both of their eyes are fluttering shut as Percy brings her face to his and kisses her sweetly.
It’s slow and gentle, and somehow, she can see a future with them. This has been building up since she first saw his kind words on her video, and it was strengthened through their twitter declarations of love and youtube proposals. She shouldn’t feel like this, but she does, and that’s okay.
He pulls away but his hands stay in place. His smile is so breathtaking, and it fits so well with the delicate snowflakes that started falling and the pretty glow of the fairy lights.
“What do you say?” Percy asks. “I’ll take you on the date of your life.”
“And then you’ll marry me?”
“What’s a date if it doesn’t end in marriage?”
Annabeth’s lips twitch up, and she brushes a strand of her blowing hair behind her ear. She really liked him, and she just knew that it would be alright. He was in Los Angeles and she was in London, and they were oceans apart, but it would be okay.
“I’m holding you to that,” she says, and so he takes her hand, and leads her on the date of a lifetime.
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For my consideration: wich songs you listen to while you're writing yous fanfics? 👁👁👁👁
I just love to know people's taste in music, don't mind me
Oooh. Okay, so it definitely depends on what I’m writing. A pro-tip for writers/just anyone who needs to focus without getting sucked into music, is audio edits! I just search up compilations and listen to those. They switch quickly enough so that I can’t get distracted by the lyrics and usually they have the best parts of the songs so it is really easy to jam to lol.
But specifically I remember listening to Babooshka by Kate Bush while writing Dark!Percy for the Roman AU (lol, I know), Church by Fallout Boy while writing bits of SOSF (my comfort band from years ago), Deja vu by Olivia Rodrigo for the Percabeth reveal (a little on the nose, but it got the job done lol), Getaway Car by Taylor Swift for Stealing Shells by the Seashore (currently my fave TS song), and Black Swan by BTS for pieces of FIA (the instrumental version - literally SO pretty).
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the-truest-sentence-i-know · 9 months ago
Story Masterpost
this post was getting a little unwieldy, so all the fics & poems etc that i've posted are under the cut :)
hiraeth: return to neverland: 20k | Peter Pan - darlinghook
As memories of Neverland resurface, a grown-up Wendy decides to once again visit the magical island. She finds the island different than she remembers and a strange connection between herself and the pirate captain.
The Tutor's Son: 13k | Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper - Anneliese x Julian
Pre-canon. Anneliese and Julian are childhood friends, reunited as he takes his father's role as her tutor. Mutual pining.
Shared Life Experiences: 6.8k | Marvel - Stucky
Steve realizes that he doesn't have to hide part of himself anymore in the modern world. Bucky's return complicates things.
it is a terrible thing to be alone: 8.5k | Narnia - Casmund
The four times Edmund missed out on love, and the one time he didn't.
Reckless Paradise: 57k | Disney's Descendants
Quinn Little, raised in Auradon by Little John, finds out that her heritage is not what she thought it was. When Little John tells her that her real father was a villain, she must go on a journey of self-discovery that will bring her to all the forbidden places in the United States of Auradon. Pre-canon & canon-compliant to the first film.
The Irresistible Force Paradox: 11k | Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Skyeward
Skye’s feelings about Ward are complicated. Ward’s feelings for Skye are very simple. Immovable object meet unstoppable force. Set somewhere in the first half of Season Two.
Rogue Demigod: 3.5k | Riordanverse - Percabeth
Two years after Luke Castellan’s demigod rebellion was ruthlessly crushed by the Olympians, Annabeth realizes that a string of attacks against minor gods across the country might be the actions of another half-blood. Determined to not let history repeat itself, she leaves camp to meet them. AU where Percy never went to Camp Halfblood.
'tis the damn season: 5.2k | Agent Carter - Cartson (Peggy x Jack)
Three Christmas seasons in Jack and Peggy's hometown. Modern AU.
Late for Class: 935 | Shipwrecked's Poe Party - Wellenore
Lenore and HG meet in college. Fluff.
Emperor of the Lone Islands, etc: 532 | Narnia - Peter & Edmund
Peter and Edmund are getting used to being kings; we find out where the extremely superfluous letter-writing comes from.
Dearest Foolish Daughter: 1k | Narnia - Cor x Aravis
Cor and Aravis are on their first diplomatic trip to Calormen since getting married. Aravis' stepmother shows up. Implied childhood abuse.
you were my crown, now i'm in exile: 193 | Narnia - Susan
Susan never stopped believing in Narnia. At least, not the way they all thought she did. Kind of a character study.
you are the one thing i did right: 2.3k | The 100 - Bellarke
Basically just, what if Madi was Bellarke’s kid. Encompassing the end of s4 to the beginning of s5.
Manhattan, 1997: 2.3k | Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Dousy
When the Chronicoms jump to the 90s to try and kill a young Daisy Johnson (aka Mary Sue Poots), Daisy and Daniel have to protect her.
Family of Three: 1.2k | The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals - Paul x Bill
Bill is stressed and tired about the divorce and Paul is there for him. Both think that their feelings for each other are unrequited. Both are wrong. Fluff with a bit of angst.
Tell Yourself You Can Always Stop: 3.2k | Star Wars - Obidala & Anidala
In which Padmé can't pull herself away from a dirty habit, Obi-Wan doesn't want her to, and Anakin is blissfully unaware. Angst.
and for the first time, what's past is past: 1.1k | Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Dousy
The four times Daniel reminded Daisy of the past and the one time he showed her what the future could be.
i'm not your princess (this ain't our fairytale): 2.3k | Narnia - Caspeter
Caspian is crowned king of Narnia and Peter knows they'll be leaving soon. It's not like it would have worked out between them anyway.
my pain fits in the palm of your freezing hand: 3.5k | MCU - Skye/Daisy x Steve
Plagued by powers she cannot control, Skye meets another troubled soul during her stay in The Retreat - a safehouse for gifted individuals.
your heart was glass (i dropped it): 2.3k | MCU - JackDaniels
Peggy's arrival at the SSR upsets the tenuous balance of Jack and Daniel's non-relationship.
chase two girls, lose the one: 1.3k | MCU - Daniel, Violet, & Peggy
After the events of S2, Daniel, Violet, and Peggy seek some closure.
no one teaches you what to do when a good man hurts you (and you know you hurt him too): 4.4k | MCU - PeggySous
Peggy transfers to the new SSR office in LA to be closer to Daniel but finds the transition more difficult than she expected.
Christmas Holidays in the Gryffindor Girls' Dorms: 27k (so far) | Harry Potter - Multiship
Christmas break at Hogwarts can sometimes get a little boring, so the Gryffindor girls find ways to entertain themselves.
A Birthday Surprise: 1.3k | Harry Potter - Linny
It’s almost Ginny’s birthday and Luna has a special present for her. Oneshot.
At the Minister's Behest: 2k (so far) | Harry Potter - Ginny x Hermione
When Ginny receives a letter from Hermione about a unique arrangement between the two of them, she is intrigued to find out more about this new side of her old friend. Post-BoH.
Reward for a (Quidditch) Job Well Done: 1.5k | Harry Potter - Linny
Luna promises Ginny something special if the game against Hufflepuff goes well. Oneshot.
Brief Encounters: 1.8k (so far) | Original Work
An ongoing collection of short erotica-ish stories.
Original poetry
Supernatural-inspired poetry
Narnia-inspired poetry
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bipercabeth · a year ago
smoke filled room
percabeth | reunion fic | college au | 4k | commissioned by @random-hallucinations | rated T for mentions of drugs and alcohol
The first thing that hits Percy when he walks into the room is smoke. 
He can’t pin down what the second is—the music pounding in his chest, the alcohol assaulting his nose, the bodies mingling in the haze of neon light—but smoke is certainly the first. It spills from the mouths of those lining the walls, their faces underlit by lighters and obscured by billowing breath. The smoke alarm in this house must be disconnected, or maybe uninstalled entirely, he notes as two underclassmen (they have to be underclassmen) blow rings into Percy and Piper’s faces as they pass. 
“Fucking Columbia kids,” Piper mutters. 
Percy shoulders his way through a crowd of said kids. “Pipes, I hate to tell you this, but we’re at a Columbia party. That you blackmailed me into going to.” 
Piper knocks her shoulder against Percy’s. “Giving your number to the cute girl in my Personality Theories class isn’t blackmail, it’s a favor.” 
“Forgive me for not wanting to be psychoanalyzed on the first date.” 
“Then you should’ve taken up my offer on cute Stats boy.” 
“Maybe if you dropped the obsession with my love life, I’d be more likely to take you up on it.” Percy finds a space overlooking the crowd. “So, remind me who we’re looking for?” 
read on AO3 
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