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#music i like

tagged by @yanak324, thanks for the tag doll 

enjoy my freakish music taste! some are new and some are old favourites i can’t stop listening to 

  1. la luz - kali uchis 
  2. cigarettes out the window - tv girl 
  3. licking an orchid - yves tumour 
  4. regina’s spectre - two knights 
  5. clay - the garden 
  6. daughter - pearl jam 
  7. the spoils - massive attack
  8. pagan poetry (live version) - björk
  9. bodysnatchers - radiohead 
  10. obey - bring me the horizon

tagging @lightninginabottle0613 @outlawarya @livhatesolives @harrenhollaback @watersandwolves @jepshe & whoever wants to do it!!

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