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#music promotion
justascrollingghost · a month ago
One Direction: listen we love eachother and our fans but we were overworked and exhausted and we just cant put ourselves through that again..
Fans: nah don’t worry about it! we do miss 1D but we don’t actually want you guys back together for a long time if at all... your health is more important and we’re really enjoying seeing you all do your own thing
Every Interviewer Ever: WhEN iS 1d GeTtINg bACk tOgEtHeR?!?!?!
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lwt28brave · 7 days ago
369 free merch + promo + singles
Welcome to another ramble by me because I am bored and can't help but think that the free merch thing has to mean something. Or not, because... expect the unexpected. I won't bring anyone else into the conversation but I'm incorporating some messages I sent into a GC pretty much unchanged.
There’s been a lot of talk surrounding the fact that we got studio pictures and then radio silence again, which I agree it’s not nice but not unheard of. And I know we all joked about the possible meanings of 369 but, after all, nothing really pointed to July 15th other than circumstantial evidence (a year it’s 365. 369 could be a year + four days. We don’t know when to start counting, but hey, July 11th is the day he left Syco, let’s start there because it seems important to him. Last year had 366 days, anyway).
The rest is under cut because this got out of hand pretty fast.
Let me preface this by saying I don’t think 18 months it’s such a long time for an artist not to release new music, but I understand that the circumstances might play into why the fandom is so on edge. As someone who’s been there for all of Louis solo career, I get why people might look at everything going on and have 2017 flashbacks. I get them from time to time. I remember him saying the album was ready to go, I remember the shift with Miss You and his tweets full of frustration, I remember TXF. And I wish to take a glimpse into 2021-Louis-brain too, let’s be honest, because Walls might have come out in 2020 but half of the songs were written by 2017. I am not the same person I was back then, and I hope he isn’t either.
But Louis already said we won’t be getting a new album this year. And I do think that him being a perfectionist plays a role into that, no matter how many fingers we can point. The pandemic also contributed to the state of fandom dynamics nowadays. We were supposed to get a tour last year, which equals lots of content, and we got silence then a livestream then more silence. And now we got some content then back to nothing (that we can see—I don’t want anyone to come and call Louis lazy in my DM’s again, I don’t have the patience for that).
Let’s recap. We have an 18-months-old album that got little to no promo back when it should have gotten it, and while I will always support all the projects going on, but, frankly and while this might sound shocking giving my annoying perseverance to stream the album day and night, I don’t think the numbers are so bad. There were never any intentions to have Walls reach newer demographics. The singles aren’t being pushed right now and, certainly, weren’t promoted when they should’ve been. They never got radio play and, nowadays, can’t be added to playlists by his new label… (and we can’t really expect them to do better when the artist has already moved on from that project and the team and discography can’t or won’t help). Obviously, the push we got with Defenceless was great, and it could be even bigger if we got the hang of Tik Tok, but I don’t want the fandom to feel like we’re failing Louis, or we could be doing more, when it’s out of reach unless we get really lucky and creative with those algorithms and trends.
So, now, do I believe we’re getting new music? Does 369 feels like a buildup? It does and, at the same, it doesn’t. From a marketing perspective, for a brand to tease something for so long without clarifying anything it would mean the loss of interest from the potential clients/buyers, creating a feeling of weariness if it goes on for too long, which could pivot them to look for other things to spend their money or time on.
So, no. I don’t believe the 369 thing was being intentionally promoted when Louis teased it the first time, and I think that’s a mistake. If it really has some deeper meaning that can be associated to his next project, I think mentioning it back in March to wait until the end of April to bring it up again and, even then, sell a product related to it without specifying anything about it is a mistake. As a strategist, you have to plan while keeping in mind we (your potential clients) have the attention span of a fish. It’s harsh but it’s what it is. Not to mention this ploy, if it is promoting something, does absolutely nothing to reach new demographics… once again.
I am talking from a professional standpoint here, not throwing blame at Louis but at whoever runs this shit (please, get back to me, I did send you a CV). It’s not as easier as looking for old patterns and discerning whether we’re getting something or not. We have to assess this as a potential new situation and thenwe can focus on analyzing.
Do I believe we’re getting new music? I suspect there’s something coming but it’s just that, a supposition. It’s an assumption that’s once again, pretty baseless. Is Louis sending out new merch to promote a new single? Is he just being grateful?
Let’s look at the facts. The last merch drop was called 369, so it has some kind of significancy. There’re 369 letters/presents. At least one journalist, that we know of, got one of them. We got a few articles almost two weeks ago already talking about Louis in a general sense, re-introducing him to the public as a successful musician and nothing else (which is always great to see). It could be slow seeding, to test the waters. We could have more coming, or it could have been a one-off because he was out and about for the EURO thing andwriting music and making sandwiches for charity, so it’s good to remind people of his existence. Don’t fade away, yada yada yada.
As I mentioned above, he made it clear that he wasn’t going to be releasing an album this year, but that something BIG was coming/going to happen. Right now, I’m expecting a single that could be tied to the documentary, and parallel promotion of both. Maybe we will get Louis’ music in a Netflix show thanks to BMG deal with them, too.
I don’t think we’re getting a new LP (long play, not Liam Payne) until the tour for the previous one is done BUT I think an EP would be an interesting and very clever move. It could help keep his name relevant and get him some presence in playlists and some radio-play without changing too much the setlist of the tour and, at the same time, pave the way for his sophomore album, giving him a much fair chance of breaking into the charts.
Alas, I can’t really make any of this happen. If the sound is summer-y, which could be because of the video of them dancing in the studio, I will say they are already a little late. If you want a summer hit, but you don’t think it will be an instant hit but a sleeper (not really the term I’m looking for, but you get me), release it during spring. If the sound is more like COACOAC it won’t make sense to release it until late August or September because emo music hits harder during autumn and winter which leaves me wondering why now, why now (if it’s now, which I doubt, given the silence from his socials once again, but then, not a good move to send more things related to 369).
So here’re my thoughts on all of this. If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them but let’s be honest, this has 1,3k words so most of you won’t even read all of it.
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saywhat-politics · 22 hours ago
HIALEAH, Fla. – Local rapper Landon Kinchelow was detained for putting up flyers promoting his music show in Wynwood in February.
The officer tells him, “It’s going to be really bad if you don’t turn around.”
Kinchelow asks, “Why am I being detained?”
Meanwhile, bystanders have their cellphones out and are recording.
A city of Miami police officer appears to be punching someone in a cellphone video recorded after a traffic stop.
The bystander shooting the video says, “Oh, the police are punching him. Why they punching him?”
And the most famous of the cellphone videos, Derek Chauvin’s knee on George Floyd’s neck, which had a ripple effect nationally and internationally.
But under House Bill 11, filed by Rep. Alex Rizo, (R-Hialeah), it would be a second-degree misdemeanor charge for anyone who is hindering law enforcement officers as they carry out their duties, and that could include taking cellphone video if law enforcement believes that recording is interfering with their ability to do their job.
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ducktracy · 6 days ago
OKAY SO YES to answer everybody’s burning question: bugs bunny “dies” but comes back to life yet the moment is all serious and Sad and ridiculous and i’m more sad that he didn’t pull a fast-one on everybody. BUT ANYWAY
lebron james’ son makes a video game about basketball but with some twists, and one of the moves he puts in the game causes a glitch to delete the character whoever does the move. WELL. Lebron ‘n Crew get sucked into the video game and have to play basketball Or Else yadda yadda yadda.
the climax of the game comes and the only way they can win is by someone doing the Move ‘o Death. if they do the move, they’ll win, but that person will be deleted forever/”dead”. lebron volunteers, but as soon as he goes to do it, bugs cuts in and does the move instead
and so we get this.
Tumblr media
he literally just starts glitching out and he like. i don’t know how to word it other than he dies. HE DIES! everything goes back to normal and his like. soul burns or something i don’t know he starts glowing and looks like the picture of that guy sitting in the booth
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
...and then we go back to the real world and bugs meets lebron james and says he can’t die because he’s a cartoon and then invites himself and all of the other toons to lebron’s house and the movie ends. i’m only half joking when i say i wish bugs kissed lebron james on the mouth or something instead of dying that would have been the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY TO PULL A FAST ONE!!!!!!! it’s just mind boggling to me. but again it’s also a kids movie. and it’s space jam. but YEAH
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shineemoon · a month ago
210617 KEY’s VLIVE
Kibum said his solo album was supposed to be released in July, but he thinks it’s gonna be delayed a little, “maybe early August or middle of August”.
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missmitchieg · 13 days ago
harri by harriyanna hook
Yoooo, Captain @harriyanna dropped a new merch collection!
The Sharpay Evans Collection
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When you purchase the full set together, you get a discount!
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skepticalarrie · 7 days ago
Hello Allie! Do you think Sony is involved is this situation of Harry having fake relationships again??
Hello anon, how are you?
Oh I was just discussing that earlier with someone on my DMs. But basically, yes? As I said before, I do think Sony/Columbia interests are always going to prevail compared to Harry’s own wishes and his management’s. This is not 1D anymore but I highly doubt anyone has much *power* over that. I think is very naive of us to think labels don’t highly advise their artists to do something or not to do something in order to achieve whatever they have planned for them.
That being said, I don't think Harry is being punished by his label or whatever. The way I see it is more like Sony is not particularly happy ($$$) that HS3 is not out yet, especially after FL being so big ($$$). But it’s very clear to me that the idea of making Harry this huge untouchable multifaceted artist in the industry is coming from the Azoffs. And it really makes me think about all the reasons Holivia is happening the way it is. It's being pushed hard, it doesn't seem like it's going to end anytime soon. You see, just like Holivia, Haylor happened to promote something for both of them, but just a few weeks was enough to milk it for years and to make One Direction skyrocket in the U.S. So what is the end goal with Holivia? Because as time goes by it seems to me that this stunt is there to *please* everyone. Let's see:
- The label wants Harry to release HS3 asap, they want profit profit profit. In other words, Sony/Columbia is not thrilled about actor Harry instead of a new album. Plus, how successful Harry is going to be in the movies will also affect directly how much his music will be selling. If Holivia wasn't happening, Harry would be MIA this entire time. We would see him filming on set and that's it. Holivia is keeping Harry in the spotlight, it's keeping him a relevant artist while he doesn't have new music. (AND, Holivia will not end silently, so the end of it can also be used to promote new music and they can also use Olivia for the backstory of the new album, just like they did with Hamille)
- His management needs bargaining power. He has a three-album deal with Columbia, which makes this moment (between the second and the third album) a power game since HS3 could be the last one with the label. So as more successful, famous and profitable Harry is, the more power he has in future negotiations because the labels will want him no matter what the conditions are. It's a great moment to market him as a huge artist and not only a musician. So considering DWD is not a small production, and they need this movie to succeed, a stunt is a PR strategy that probably doubles the chances of making this movie successful and making people interested. Not to mention Olivia's interests in this.
- Holivia also allows Harry to make My Policeman, after all, he still has a £75-80M deal and a career that relies on his sexualized heterosexual image. So as ironic as it sounds, having a girlfriend allows a "soft" coming out. He can say he's in fact part of the community without compromising his image too much. People can slowly get used to the idea. And this does make him one step closer to a full and honest coming out in the future.
However, I think they forgot to think about the public's perception about Harry during all of this. Is that what his fans want? Will it come across as genuine as it should? Because people are not buying it, the fans are not happy.
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devouringyourson · 26 days ago
i need everyone to know that as pre show book good omens fans we were the funniest fuckers and had a running in joke about daniel radcliffe playing 'tim the weed guy' in the upcoming adaptation and how he was a really important part of the book as aziraphale's dealer and we'd act as if this was 100% true casting news when the new fans asked...we even crashed a amazon twitter poll and convinced them to unknowingly name a goat tim in one of the promotional nun music videos. we quite literally embodied gaslight gatekeep girlboss
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nicoleheichou · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
After doing some digging and checking out the Twitter that sent the MSBY fan account the false information, Atsumu comes to a disturbing realization. He knows the owner of the account that started all of this. He knew her all too well. He began to see red, he was so angry that he didn't know what to do.
How could she do this? Those that who she really is? They're so different compared to the person he fell in love with, but they do match up with how she's been acting lately. Was everything a lie? Which one was the real her? The one in those tweets or the girl he first met at one of his matches?
His mind flashes to all the times they had spent together, the happiness she had brought him. Was she only using him? They had met when she was just starting out, her group not even debuting yet. Did she use him to further her career? He remembers the times she'd ask him to promote their music, which he did happily because that's what you do for the person you love, you support them.
He lets out a sigh before running his fingers through his hair, tugging at it out of frustration. He didn't know what to do. But he did know there was one person who he needed to talk to right now.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Now All I See Is Color - chapter 27: a little tipsy
♡ masterlist ♡ 《 previous | next 》
In a world where soulmates exist, it's uncommon for most people to find theirs. A lot of them going their whole lives never experiencing the world in color because they've never met their soulmate. But that all changes for y/n when she becomes MSBY Jackals player, Miya Atsumu's assistant. They're about to experience the world in color together. But what does that mean for y/n when both her and Atsumu are in committed relationships?
time stamps don't matter. lmao. i got lazy to change it.
poor tsum.
comment or message if you want to be added to the taglist!
Taglist [open]: @bakugouswh0r3 @youidiot91 @koffyee @kyomihann @szeonn @chantalkate16 @onlyonew @ntimacy @underratedmage @90s-belladonna @simpletype @toshikamo @todomaniac @sumebreaks @sammistry @pansexualproblemchild @kozuelle @roselleviennesstuff @erensnubs @fantasycantasy @choozari @starsabove-me @halesandy @encrytpta @youraggedybitch @pablopascal @qualitygiantshoepsychic @iheartkuroorin
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louehvolution · 8 days ago
#nothing changes#another year. rinse and repeat#and it doesn't matter what you believe about his personal life. this isn't normal or right. to have Louis reduced to a prop#seen as literal body parts or a disembodied voice. or his presence hinted at through items of clothing or shoes. or whatever#and/or only to prop up someone else's IG account#while his own remains inactive. weeks and months on end#HE is the famous ARTIST#and even outside of music. in relation to other interests. it's all third parties too#time and again not seeing him except in connection to his ''girlfriend'' - and on her account - puts the focus on his ''private'' life#as a fan it is impossible to avoid. and there is a dependence on peripherals for content - which promotes + validates stalker behaviour too#the obsessive attention given to everyone around him - to their benefit in followers and engagement. as with his sisters and Eleanor#or in others. to their vexation - which is not beneficial to Louis either#this for an artist whose press and image has been dominated by his personal life. who has said he wants to keep his private life private#and be known as a singer#and it's not balanced out with content of HIM. as an individual outside his relationship to other people. let alone as an artist#it's not right. and it's not fair to him#and if you believe this is what he wants for himself... I don't understand the reaction being contempt or resentment#rather than concern. to be honest#because he deserved better all these years. and still does#[Eleanor posted an IG story at the beach where you can see his leg 🤍 - and he took a video with some fans. so confirmed it's him]
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ziamminds · a month ago
Since some new fans or shippers or idk started to bombard my dms like "your opinion about Bear? " so here we go:
Liam is not a father. Cheryl and Simon created this whole bbg together when she was still married to her ex husband. Simon is the one who supported it like it was with Louis bbg. Simon and Cheryl both talked about how they're similar. So you really believe that Liam was with that woman? She is problematic af. She is racist, she is an abuser. Liam promoted her in every interview plus like The Sun announced a whole pregnancy even faster than Liam's post (an article was dropped faster than Liam's tweet). There are so many things like that. So so many. Gonna reblog a big masterpost. But no. My thoughts still the same.
So if you believe that Liam really was with that woman... what can I say.. That's your choice.
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jakeperalta · 4 days ago
swifties stop making everything jack antonoff does into a hint about taylor challenge
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bearzooka · a month ago
Tumblr media
Pop'n Music 8 // Promotional Poster
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cocochannel00 · 21 days ago
The Azoff Family: A Case Study on one of the Music Industry’s Most Connected Families
(ft. a breakdown of the Grammy voting process and problems)
This is very long so I will try and split it up into categories for everyone (sorry I got carried away- I spent like 2 hours writing this) but enjoy!
*Disclaimer: I want to preface while the majority of this is based in research, some parts may be speculation. I don’t know the family personally so I can’t tell you what goes on behind closed doors but I can tell you how parts of the entertainment/music industry work. I’ve had 5 internships in the industry (one in marketing at one of the big record labels) and the rest of my work is publicity (what I enjoy) and events and a former advisor used to run in the same circles as Irving Azoff (and he spilled some tea last year) I’m not out here to diminish the hard work of any artists or their teams, I’m simply here to showcase parts of the industry that aren’t always shown.*
Please also see: Story Time: How Fan Pages Directly Impact Columbia Records Decisions and Harry Styles Image
Tumblr media
Let’s begin with the great business man himself Mr. Irving Azoff Irving Azoff is the literal posture child for connections and power in the music industry (he was also inducted into the 2020 rock and roll hall of fame class which is like a huge fucking deal for a manager to be inducted so you know he's the real deal)
In conclusion, I love Irving Azoff and his drive.
Irving Azoff: Early Years Run Down:
He came up middle class (dad was a pharmacist, mom a bookkeeper) in Danville, Illinois
He dropped out of college to run a small Midwestern concert-booking empire and managed local acts in the era
Opportunity came knocking and he got the chance to manage the Eagles and the rest is history
He's one of the best negotiators and has negotiated business on behalf of stars like Stevie Nicks, the Eagles, and Jimmy Buffet
Azoff has been an incredible manager and his drive to always advocate for his clients while basically not giving two sh*ts about what people think of him has gotten him the incredible reputation he has today.
All of Irving Azoff’s Major Job Positions:
Former President MCA (major label)
Former CEO of Ticketmaster and executive chairman of Live Nation Entertainment, the behemoth formed from Ticketmaster’s merger with Live Nation.
In 2013 he and Cablevision Systems Corp. CEO and New York Knicks owner James Dolan formed a partnership, Azoff MSG Entertainment (Currently still CEO)
----> Azoff also ran the Forum in Inglewood under Azoff MSG Entertainment after MSG purchased it in 2012 (it was sold in 2020 to the owner of the Clippers) — why do you think Harry played the forum for the Fine Line show? Azoff connection
Azoff MSG Entertainment encompasses all of the other companies including Full Stop Management, Global Music Rights (performance-rights org), and the Oak View Group (arena developing company)
He also is the co-founder and manager of the lobbying group Music Artists Coalition, a group that helps lobby for artists-rights issues such as royalty rates, copyright issue and healthcare insurance (see he's not all bad)
Essentially what I'm getting at is this man knows anybody who's anybody. He's the man you want on your team to help promote your music, plan your tour, and get you on that Grammy nom list.
Tumblr media
So for those of you that don't know, Jeffery Azoff is Harry's current manager and the son of Irving Azoff (the third of four kids). He's currently a partner at Full Stop Management, the company owned by Irving and the one artists such as Harry, Haim, the Eagles, Kings of Leon, and Meghan Trainer are signed to.
Jeffrey graduated from the University of Colorado's Leeds School of Business and started working fresh out of college at his father's old Management company (Frontline Management) working under Maroon 5's manager Jordan Feldstein (the only way you get that kind of internship/job as a 21 year old fresh out of college is if your family or family friends gives it to you). He worked here for 5 years.
Direct Quote from Irving Azoff to Jeffrey (really tells you a lot): "Listen carefully, because I’m going to say this one time. You have a phone and you have my last name. If you can’t figure it out, you’re not my son."
After working for his father, Jeffrey moved on to the talent agency CAA (Creative Artist Agency) where he worked for roughly 3 and half years before joining his dad in forming Full Stop Management in 2016.
While he was at CAA, Irving moved over clients like Christina Aguilera and the Eagles to the talent agency to help with tour booking instead of doing it internally through LiveNation (he was CEO).
Even though I'm sure Jeff has had to work somewhat hard to get to where he is (or at least to mess up his dad's work as he doesn't seem like the type to take laziness well), the door into the industry and every job was basically handed to him on a silver platter.
Not to mention if you watch episodes of keeping up with the  kardashians (like myself) you can actually see Jeff hanging out with kendall and the rest of the fam at their Palm Springs house (you know you're a nepotism kid if you have an in with the Kardashian crew). Invite me next time Jeffrey!!!
Think of the Azoff's as the mafia family of the music industry, you don't mess with the mafia
Tumblr media
Ok so here's where we’re going to get into a bit more of the speculation/grey area. I don't need to tell you that award shows are corrupt (See the Golden Globes Emily in Paris scandal) and the Grammys are not an exception. Think of the Grammys as one big student council/government elections where despite the fact the teachers tell you six times to vote for the best candidate, you're still going to vote for your friends even if they aren't the best.
A simplified break-down of Grammy voting:
1) Recording Academy voting members (artists, producers, musicians- anyone involved first hand with the creation of music; All voting members must have been producers, performers or engineers on six or more tracks of a commercially released album (or 12 or more digital tracks) and record labels will submit nominations in various categories to the grammys (songs need to be released commercially between October 1 of the previous year and September 30th of this year). You can also become a voting member by either winning a grammy or being endorsed by a current voting member (hint hint)
2) Once received, the recording academy with have the academy of trustees and its reviewers organize them and approve any changes to the 30 categories/fields (aka they can add new categories or remove old ones; so no best ukulele album of the year -- this is where things get funky)
There's speculation that during this stage when these special groups of 8-10 people are organizing genres, there's an "unwritten rule" that you need to be careful what album you green light (especially for famous artists) if you don't want them to win) (Rob Kenner said this- he used to be on one of these committees). Famous people tend to get more votes from clueless or lay Academy members that don't know the specialized categories or don't care enough to listen to songs that aren't radio trending.
3) After the nominations occur, Voting members begin their first voting. Members can vote for the four general categories of record of the year, album of the year, song of the year and best new artist and a maximum of 15 categories, all within their areas of expertise. Now the interesting thing is that while these are the guidelines there is literally nothing stopping them from voting in whatever categories they want (i.g. a rapper voting in the opera category despite not listening to opera). Theses ballots are all tallied and the top 20 entries are determined in each category (funky moment #2)
In 12 of the 84 categories those top 20 go to the ballot and it's done; for the rest it’s not like that. 59 categories including the big four go to a "nomination review committees" (identities are protected so they can't get lobbied... sure) who take a look at the top 20 and narrow it down to 7 or 8. (these are the special committees the Weekend talked about when he was snubbed). They're supposed to choose the nominees "based solely on the artistic and technical merits of the eligible recordings" which lets be real if that was the case Watermelon Sugar (along with most of the others in the category) I don't think would have been nomimated as they are very generic pop (none of them are special... sorry to the WM lovers out there).
This committee is basically held to THE HONOR CODE SYSTEM... I mean tell me when the last time the honor code system worked in literally any scenario (literally wtf). Don't take my word for it though the former CEO of the Academy Deborah Dugan (a queen) filed a complaint against the Recording Academy basically claiming that the nomination review process was rigged (she was fired after 5 months on the job).
Quote from Deborah Dugan "Members of the board [of trustees] and the secret committees chose artists with whom they have personal or business relationships... It is not unusual for artists who have relationships with Board members and who ranked at the bottom of the initial 20-artist list to end up receiving nominations."
These review committees can also exploit there power by adding up to two nominees that don't appear on the top 20 list to the final voting ballot (except in the 4 big categories - which watermelon sugar that one wasn't nominated for)
They also have craft committees for like non performance stuff (like album notes, engineering and arranging) that don't even get voted on by the academy voting members
4) After all of that fucked up mess, the grammy's decided is ok, the ballots go back to the voting members for the final vote. Deloitte (an accounting firm) then counts all of them, seals them in envelopes, and delivers them to the Grammy award show.
** The Grammy's just announced this year they're removing the "secret committees" so let's see how things shift in the next couple of years**
So obviously I'm not saying this to discredit Harry's nomination or his win as Fine Line was in the US top 20 albums for the majority of 2020, however, we must acknowledge privilege. Harry has a big name to him and a huge following, and while all of that shouldn't be taken into account, it does. He also has the Azoffs, a very well connected family with friends in lots of places that would be able to put in a good word here and there to get support behind Harry. Harry won best pop solo performance for Watermelon Sugar in a category with Doja Cat, Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, and Dua Lipa. Look at the names there, the songs (ya'll can try and remember them cause I'm too lazy to write it out) and tell me that those top names with all of the music produced didn't get there through some connections.
Do with all this information what you will and if you are interested in learning more about the entertainment industry on your own Endeavor (owners of WME, a big talent agency like CAA) is hosting a free online program called the Excellence Program to help guide the future generation of industry executives. The program is a-synchronous and starts on July 12th. Highly recommend giving it a go if you're interested!!!
Alright ya'll that's it. Feel free to message me with your thoughts!
Extra Sources if you'd like to read:
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