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#music recommendation
fresh-bagel · a month ago
Update for my eldritch but not horror playlist on spotify! There's 59 songs, 3+ hours worth of listening time, and it's includes songs from Hoizer, Cosmo Sheldrake, The Amazing Devil, The Oh Hellos, The Crane Wives, and more! link:
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vivienvalentino · a year ago
some sites for when you’re bored and looking for new music
spotalike creates a playlist based on a song
magicplaylist  creates a playlist based on a song
dubolt  creates a playlist based on an artist
boilthefrog creates a playlist between any two artists 
predominant suggests you albums based on cover art color   
music-map  suggests similar artists
gnoosic  suggests similar artists and songs
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inkheaux · a year ago
playlist for different moods
heart rush - for when you are smitten and blush everytime you see someone
oh, honey honey - that romantic comedy type of love that you wish to have one day
heatwave - under the harsh sun, covered in sweat and everything feels like it’s on fire
lucky strike - it’s the middle of the day and you’re on the long empty road and the warm sticky air blows through your hair
venus in taurus - for the fragile and deeply in love 
the good side - you woke up, the sun glimmers through the window, you hear distant sounds of other lives waking up, everything will be okay
on the rocks - a party has finally died down, you and your friends are in a daze cleaning things up in a dark lit room and your skin feels like glitter and smoke
hold on a sec i’m having an out of body experience - it’s the middle of the night and you desperately want to be anywhere but here so you dance it out
graveyard shift - for when you’re driving at night going nowhere in particular, and your only companion are the soft yellow street lights and hum of your car
in the present with you - when you’re hopelessly in love and want to spend today, tomorrow, and the rest of tomorrows with someone
after hours - lights off, skin to skin, touch starved and a hunger for desire
five drinks in - alcohol swims in you as you softly sip on your drink and all you want is to place your head on someone’s shoulder, close your eyes, and feel the world slowly spin around you
levitating - you’re head is in the clouds, butterflies feel like they’re fluttering all over your skin, the world in your head feels effervescent 
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mixtape-gf · 2 years ago
concept playlists
remember to send in concepts, and make sure to follow the playlists I'll be updating them in the future 
its the year 1997 you’re a teen at the shopping center. you’re warm in your jean jacket. you end up in the video store after a long day of shopping ur deciding what vhs to take home. as you walk through the aisles of movies you can hear the radio playing on the store’s speakers. 
its past midnight you’re on the train and you’re heading home after a concert. you sit down with your head against the window. you’re still buzzed with energy from the show yet you can feel the tiredness coming over you. you pop ur headphones in and stare out the window as thought after thought crosses your mind
you’re in the midst of a hard time. you’re plagued with stressful thoughts that you keep choosing to ignore. you have the strongest urge to change everything about yourself. you want something new. you’re home alone and you decide what you need is a change. you cut your hair. you get out hair dye. maybe this is what will comfort you for now.
the few minutes right before you drift off to sleep. your thoughts are filled with the person you are infatuated with. plagued with scenarios you daydream about all day. you lay there and think about what holding their hand would be like. what it would be like to be loved by them. although it may never happen this is enough for now. you listen to music as you fall asleep to the thought of them
you’re a kid in the 2010s. you’re outside playing in the backyard. you sit on the chalk stained pavement and you can hear the radio playing from inside. you distractedly sing along to the songs as you enjoy the warm summer air and a orange creamsicle. you think about the shows you’ll watch on the tv later. you’re a child with no complete worries. these are the songs that’ll bring you nostalgia later in life. 
music recommendations:
here is the music I listened to in september.  
this is the music i’ve been listening to in october.  
this is my november playlist with music I've been listening to lately and any future music I listen to will be added
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mixtape-gf · 2 years ago
concept playlists
remember to send in ur requests! and let me know what u think! make sure to follow the playlists and my spotify (jocidiamandis) as ill be updating them in the future <3
summer of 1989, u sit in a 7/11 parking lot in the back of ur friend’s truck sipping on a blue raspberry slushy. the sun is starting to set. u both gossip about school, and crushes while the radio plays. a day you’ll yearn for when ur all grown up.
getting lost on a road trip with ur best friend. its around 3am and ur both tired. you decide to sleep at a motel. you can hear the sounds of people as u walk to ur room. laying in ur bed you can hear the faint music from the room next door. the tv is playing as u both pass out on the bed.
ur the protagonist in a coming of age movie. ur 16 with so much to learn. the world is at ur fingertips. this is ur soundtrack. 
laying on ur best friend’s twin sized mattress. her head resting on ur lap. making plans about the future. talking about college and moving in together. singing along to her record player. staring at the glow in the dark stars on her ceiling. hearing crickets outside the window. you both laugh into the night.
love. the soft kind. the type of love you’ll remember well into ur 70s. the dance with ur lover in the kitchen with a record playing kind of love. the type of love when u know they’re ur soulmate from the start. days filled with laying in their arms in the morning sun, giggling and talking about marriage. the love that u tell ur children of. the best love of all.
being a teen and the innocence that comes with ur first love. the naive part of u thinking you’d be with them forever. the nasty heartbreak that comes for u when u least expect. laying in ur bed at night and crying urself to sleep. it feels like the world is ending but little do u know it’ll be okay. not right now but eventually. this is the lesson ur first love teaches u
knowing ur not ur lover’s only. choosing to ignore their scent on ur lover. all those late nights waiting up for ur lover knowing they were with someone else. it hurts but u refuse to lose them. you’d rather share than not have nothing at all. a little love is better than none.
bonus: my december playlist, my january playlist
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taste-in-music · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“the sweetest submission, drinking it in. the wine, the women, the bedroom hymns. 'cause this is his body, this is his love. such selfish prayers and I can't get enough.”    
Listen here:
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ghosterne · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
some songs by lgbt artists (mostly) from this year. happy pride!
girls/girls/boys - panic! at the disco // 1950 - king princess // miserable america - kevin abstract // what i need (feat. kehlani) - hayley kiyoko // honey - kehlani // talia - king princess // feelings - hayley kiyoko // strawberries & cigarettes - troye sivan // heart to break - kim petras // pynk (feat. grimes) - janelle monáe // all night - lauren jauregui, steve aoki // moon river - frank ocean // no place in heaven - mika
[listen here]
Tumblr media
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simonalkenmayer · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
This cat knows exactly what she’s doing.
- @puggledy-huggledy-is-not-a-pig
Is the cat a cop?
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mikrokosmos · 3 years ago
Queer Composers
For Pride Month, I would like to share a list of some of my favorite queer composers. Being queer doesn’t matter when talking about the music, and there is no other commonality that pairs these composers together. The point isn’t to say that queerness makes their music more valuable or influences their music, rather the point is to recognize diversity, and to acknowledge queer visibility. I understand the people who scratch their heads or roll their eyes at the idea of bringing up queer composers, and to them I say the point is simply to recognize their existence, because prejudices and biases through time have worked on erasing or revising history in order to keep hidden this aspect of the human condition. You could shrug and say “Who cares if Tchaikovsky was gay?” and I would say, “You’re right, it doesn’t matter much outside of biographies, but if you acknowledged Tchaikovsky’s homosexuality in Russia you could be arrested for “promoting gay propaganda”. I am also motivated by a comment from a friend who admitted they think the concept of “Pride” for anything you cannot control is “idiotic”. My response can be summed up as, when a group has been shamed for years for their identity, they will be ready to sing about it from the mountaintops when it is accepted. In other words, it is not about who is better or worse, rather it is the opposite of shame, and hopefully putting a human face on something that a lot of people only consider in the abstract.
In no particular order, here is some cool music by some queer people;
Tchaikovsky: Possibly the greatest composer in Russian history, and one of the greatest composers in general. Pyotr Illych Tchaikovsky wrote in multiple genre, from symphonies to concertos to ballets, chamber music, opera…and while he can be criticized for the way he develops themes, his music is melodic and passionate and brimming with life. Among my favorites are his fourth symphony, the second piano concerto, the first orchestral suite, his piano trio, and his concert fantasy.
Poulenc: One of the members of Les Six, a group of Modernist French composers who were reacting against “overblown” Post-Romantic music, and methodical 12-tone serialism, Francis Poulenc can be described as a “neo-classicist”, sometimes his music resembles Stravinsky. The music tends to mix two unlikely moods: goofy, fun melodies and rhythms, and solemn religious contemplation. Cosmopolitan and Catholic, Poulenc was able to juxtapose opposite ends of the spectrum of the human condition; our vulgarity and profanity, and our spirituality and the desire for divine connection. My favorite works by him are his Organ Concerto, his harpsichord concerto “Concert-champêtre”, the concerto for two pianos, the cello sonata, and his Gloria.
Smyth: An English composer and an important figure in the Woman’s Suffrage movement, Ethel Smyth was a Post-Romantic who wrote powerful music lively with the British sense of nobility and strength. In the same ironic tragedy Beethoven went through, Smyth started to lose her hearing from 1913 onward, and so she gave up composing in favor of writing. While that is a shame, she left behind a good handful of orchestral and chamber music. My favorites by her are the overture to one of her operas, The Wreckers, her serenade which is kind of evocative of Brahms, and her gargantuan Mass in D Major.
Szymanowski: A Polish composer from the first half of the 20th century whose life can be seen as a narrative of seeking identity. Karol Szymanowski started out writing in the Post Romantic German style, with dense textures and a lot of chromatic modulation, but he was losing interest in this idiom quickly. He was inspired by Persian poetry he came across, and started writing in an Impressionistic way focusing on Mediterranean cultures, influenced by Greek and Roman mythology, Middle Eastern poetry, and the atmosphere of the Mediterranean as being a diverse mixing of cultures. Later in his life, he decided to look back at Poland for inspiration and finally found his “authentic” Polish identity in music inspired by the folk stories and Catholicism of Poland. My favorite works by him are his nocturne and tarantella for violin and piano, his song cycle the Love Songs of Hafiz, the third symphony, and his Stabat Mater.
Barber: It’s possible to say that Samuel Barber’s music is a good representative of American culture…a diverse mix of differences that complement each other. He took after jazz and blues, and after experiments in tonality heard in Europe and other American composers like Charles Ives, and he took after Romanticism with deep and powerful music. My favorite works by him are the Adagio for Strings which is heavily inspired by Mahler, his piano concerto, and Knoxville: Summer of 1915.
Copland: Another great portrait of America, Aaron Copland was considered one of the quintessential “American” composers of the 20th century, despite the combined factors of being gay, Jewish, leftist, and inspired by Russian and French modernism. All of those were seen as outsiders of the general American public. Even so, taking after Stravinsky, Copland’s music is full of spaciousness and open chords, melodies that range from longing to folksy and fun. My favorite works by him are his clarinet concerto, violin sonata, fanfare for the common man, and his ballet Appalachian Spring.
And if you reblog this list, feel free to add any of your favorite queer composers and share their music, their names, their faces.
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