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#music recs

STOP!!!! I just listened to the song and I’m so soft now :( “you’d be at my front door fighting for me like you fought for me so many times” that’s the sweetest shit ever. “So can I be the one you call when you’re thinking ‘bout nothing? And can I be the one you reach for when you haven’t been sleeping at all?” Shut the fuck up this is so precious :( and you thought of Jin and Poopsie oh my heart :(( 

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i’ve recently been obsessed with uquizzes so i decided to make my own and you’ll get song suggestions at the end :)

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Music rec #42


Don’t Give Up On Me (From “Five Feet Apart”) by Andy Grammer

Genre: pop

This is a really uplifting song with inspiring lyrics and soundtrack. I used to listen to it SO much when it first came out - I still know the lyrics by heart even though I took a break from it lol

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I am begging you all to go listen to Hot Milk right now they’re so fucking good every song they’ve put out SLAPS. they’re still a very small band but i can definitely see them blowing up soon.

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ty for the rec anon i will definitely look into it <3

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Daily song recommendation #15

Should I? Should I?

Maybe I’ll get drunk, again

I’ll be drunk, again

I’ll be drunk, again

To feel a little love

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“And did I ever get to tell you what you meant to me?

And did you know that you were always like a fantasy?

And are you off to see the places that were in your dreams?

Yeah, will you ever find yourself inside a fantasy?”

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i am a gal who has music playing 24/7 i can DO this one

5. i duckinf hatw you - ghostemane

4. magic shop - bts

3. is it just me? - emily burns

2. hayloft - mother mother

1. break your little heart - all time low

but that’s not all and here’s one of my personal playlists where i continuously add lots of songs almost every day

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That’s a hard one, because ecstasy is an instrumental and it evokes feelings without telling the audience and I haven’t found anything close that fits in that regard. lyrically however, Strange Fascination by Chatham County Line hits all the right emotional beats for me.

Definitely overthought this one lol hope you enjoy :D

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music rec: the cathartic main character in the rain edition

for walking around in parks after dark when it’s raining

molly’s lips - nirvana

smells like teen spirit - nirvana

somebody told me - the killers

jenny was a friend of mine - the killers

midnight show - the killers

green light - lorde

perfect places - lorde

a match into water - pierce the veil

fell in love with a girl - the white stripes

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music rec: the cherrybomb edition

spotify playlist:

cherry bomb - the runaways

maneater - nelly furtado

do you wanna touch? - joan jett and the black hearts

bubble pop electric - gwen stefani

oh no! - marina and the diamonds

one way or another - blondie

hollywood - marina and the diamonds

scotty doesn’t know - lustra

kiwi - harry styles

carolina - harry styles

only angel - harry styles

killer queen - QUEEN

bad reputation - joan jett and the blackhearts

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some songs that are currently cycling through my head right now:

Shamir - “Diet”
SUPER BEAVER - “Hitori de Ikiteita Naraba”
MONOEYES - “Fall Out”

Have a listen if you’re interested.

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for all you baby academics i made a dark academia playlist on spotify luv ya

ps. i’m still figuring out how to respond to my messages as this is a secondary blog so please bear with me i’m trying to get back to you asap

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music rec:

a criminally underrated song oh my god

makes me feel like i’m in a movie montague

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I haven’t listened to the birthday massacre in a while but reminder that they’re good

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i am going to sleep eventually even tho its ten am.

stream :


& also

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  1. july by noah cyrus
  2. robot by jon bellion
  3. madness by ruelle
  4. king by lauren aquilina
  5. dancing with your ghost by sasha sloan

thank you for the ask!

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It’s a work in progress at the moment! But I’m working on Dabi, Shigaraki and Toga so far. And I listened to this and instant added it to the playlist. Such a damned good song and I absolutely get those vibes. Thank you for the rec!

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music rec:

criminally underrated, and it makes me want to have a best friends to lovers romance with someone

also it’s hot (if music can be hot?)

it’s on my ‘it’s raining and i feel hot’ playlist, so there’s that

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