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#music theory

Is having one teacher who’s really obsessed with clave rhythms a universal music student experience or is it just my rhythm training instructor? Cause this is the second or third time he’s dedicated a whole class lecture to explaining them. This isn’t a complaint, just an observation of fact. This dude has said “this one is my personal favorite” three separate times.

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  • Finished week 1 of the C25K app. Not sure if running is helping with my stress or not, but at least I’m getting exercise for a change.
  • I did the first 5 lessons of 30DaySinger with Camille (for anyone who happens to know what I’m talking about) and also went ahead and did the first 3 lessons with Jon. And I gotta say, I still have no idea what I’m doing. Still struggling to hit the right pitch, especially with those higher notes. Coincidentally, right after I mentioned it last time, I saw there was a live class on Saturday on that very topic…though I don’t know if I’m up for that.
  • I finally managed to get through the second music theory class on Skillshare and am going to move on to the third in the series. It’s still review from the last time I went through it, but I left off somewhere in part 4. Still don’t know how or when I’ll be able to put all this to practice though. I know it’s all a skill, but I still can’t even comprehend how people take sounds and create music that turns out exactly how they envisioned it would. It sounds like pure sorcery
  • Also I keep stressing out about things and I’m trying to focus on the things I can control, but my mind won’t stop thinking about the things I can’t.
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Today in a nutshell

[ID: *LotR second breakfast scene* Merry labeled Coda, Pippin labeled Beethoven: “We’ve had one, yes. What about secondary development?” Aragorn labeled undergrad music theory student reaction.]

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To-do list for next week…

I forgot it was April. Annnnnd therefore I forgot that ‘tis the season for drowning in assignments. Ugh.


1. Assignment for Monday. (Okay, that’s done.)

2. Peer review two other students’ original first reprises. (Ugggggggggggggggh.)

3. Assignment for Wednesday. (It’s finished. Finito. Yay.)


4. Sketch piano reduction of final project. (Done! And I’m very happy with what I turned in.)


5. Another project update. (I’m super happy with my work on this this afternoon!)

Piano Literature

6. Summarize a chapter from our textbook. (So I’m doing a shoddy job keeping up with the deadlines here.)

7. Make a new listening list. (And here I thought it would be shorter than last time.)


8. Send last lesson’s notes to student’s mom. (I sent a follow-up this afternoon.)

9. One more journal entry. (I’m glad I sent those videos in before spring break!)


10. Do some writing. (Got a little over a minute of music done!)

11. Comment on the scores of next week’s presenters. (I liked this week’s picks, too!)


12. Haydn. (Finish the first movement.)

13. Obtain a set of Shostakovich’s preludes. (And start working on one!)

Other Stuff

14. Fill the queue. (All done!)

15. Piano Man recording. (Since I didn’t do it last weekend.)

16. Check the unemployment claim paperwork to see if I qualify. (That took forever.)

17. Write some campaign speeches. (I’m running for treasurer of Word and president of the comp club!)

Well. Let’s get to work!

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perfect, inspiring music for quarantine

no matter how scared you are, or angry, or anxious, the body is a tool that takes action.

negativity is, then, an undesirable quality, because then the body can express and perpetuate that negativity.

but it’s still possible to be good, day by day, and to push yourself into developing redeemable qualities.

and then you can share it (the positive produxtions created by the body)!

(and this song 😉)

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There’s plenty of talk about the heavy metal gallop, but for the life of me I can’t find anything online about the gallop rhythm as it’s used in country music.

Here’s the basic heavy metal gallop:


Two of the most iconic country western songs use it. Here’s a bit from “Folsom Prison Blues”:


For some reason it’s written as quarter and eighth notes while I percieve it as twice as fast (like the example above).
And while it’s hard to see, here’s “Ghost Riders in the Sky”:


Why haven’t I seen anybody talk about this when it’s so obvious? A gallop is the sound a horse makes, one of the most quintessential topics of country western!

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