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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
pixel3603 · 45 minutes ago
I cannot physically express how much the 1981 recording of mungojerrie and rumpleteazer gives me joy
Like it’s so chaotic I love it
Also Bonnie Langford is a bonus
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incorrectjelliclecats · an hour ago
Bombalurina: "Delighted to inform you all that I have always been hot."
Munkustrap: "Thank you for your contribution, but this is a business meeting."
Demeter: "No no, let her continue."
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Listening to the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack right before work is a mistake, I just wanna sit here and be emotional about Connor
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puredamien · an hour ago
Tumblr media
At the Drive-In - Relationship of Command [2000]
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scorpiofangirl1109 · an hour ago
My Cats OC Part 77
part 76-  
hello everyone! welcome to part 77 of the series on my cats oc kiki! i am glad you are here. 
this is going to be a cats human au headcanon and i hope you all like it! i enjoy the human au a lot which is why i keep doing them. i hope you like it too! 
kiki is going to be 3 years old in this headcanon!
kiki has a very special relationship with her uncle tugger. there is no denying that. from the time she was born, kiki always jsut seemed to have a special bond with her uncle tugger and he is like a second dad to her.
tugger of course loves her right back. he treats her as if she was his own and loves on kiki a lot. anytime he gets to spend with kiki si always wonderful and from the way tugger goes on about kiki, people sometimes think kiki is tugger’s own daughter instead of his niece. 
the one thing tugger is definitely guilty of spoiling kiki. everyone on both sides of the  extended family all spoil kiki to an extent. she is the only grandchild/niece at the moment which makes it easy to spoil her. 
jenny and skimbles as well as deuteronomy and grizabella always insist that because they are the grandparents it is their job to spoil their grandbaby. it is one of the best part of being a grandparent after all and they enjoy spoiling little kiki. they probably spoil her the most out of everyone. 
bombalurina is guilty of spoiling kiki as well. she loves buying clothes for kiki. bomba always is finding what she feels are the cutest little clothes for kiki and it is not uncommon for her to come by a bag of clothes for kiki when she visits. 
mungojerrie and rumpleteazer take pride in being the fun aunt and uncle. so they always seem to have little toys that they gave kiki. they usually include a thing of bubbles, small toys from the dollar store, etc. but they also will give her candy. 
misto spoils kiki a bit. but not to the extent of his husband. after her dance class, kiki always comes and says hi to her uncle misto. when he gives kiki a hug and kiss, misto often slips a piece of candy to kiki as he hugs her which kiki loves. he will buy her things like tugger will but tries not to go overboard.
but out of the aunts and uncles at least, tugger is the worst. he is just as bad as all of the grandparents. tugger just wants to make kiki happy and if that means buying her something she wants then he will do it. 
kiki knows this and she knows how she had her uncle tugger wrapped around her little finger. so she will use it to her advantage, it doesn’t take too much for tugger it give into his niece. all she ahs to do is bat her eyelashes, give her puppy dog eyes and use a cute voice and tugger will give her what she wants. 
so if he passes by a toy store or a store that sells toys tugger can't help but buy a toy for kiki. it doesn’t matter the cost as long as kiki will love it then he will do it. 
this is something munkustrap often gets annoyed about as he doesn’t mind the family giving kiki little gifts every once in a while as a treat. but he does not want her to be spoiled and start acting spoiled. 
he and demeter had to tell tugger if he is going to be buy toys for kiki all of the time then they have to be for kiki comes over to his and misto’s house because they already have so many toys at their house. so now tugger has an entire toy bin for kiki when she comes over to his house.
misto also gets annoyed with tugger at the excessive spending tugger does when it comes to buying kiki things. he would not mind it if was everyone once in a while but it extremely often. plus now the majority of the toys end up in their house because munkustrap and demeter don’t want kiki having so many toys at their house. 
when tugger comes home one day with a shopping bag with a brand new doll in it for kiki when he claimed he was only going to target for cleaning supplies, misto sighs frustrated and says “we’ve talked about your excessive spending, it is unnecessary! tell me, why would kiki need another disney princess doll?”
tugger looks at his husband and tries to defend himself “i saw this in the toy section and i had to get it for her! you know how much kiki loves the princesses. plus this one is belle and you know that belle is her favorite princess!”. 
misto understands where tugger is coming from. he loves kiki so much and he really enjoys getting to be an uncle to her and spending time with her. he is guilty of spoiling her but he is much more subtle when he does it and also knows that kiki’s parents don’t want her to be so spoiled and to not expect gifts every time he and tugger see kiki. 
“i know she loves the princesses tugger but kiki has so many toys already and any toys you buy for her will just end up here because your brother asked to cut back on the gifts you give kiki. plus i asked you to cut back on the spending.” misto said. 
he is clearly a bit frustrated and annoyed with his husband. he won’t deny he does help spoil kiki. but there needs to be a line that is drawn. tugger’s spending is excessive. plus most of the toys he needs up buying just end up in their house. 
misto didn’t mind keeping a few things for kiki at the house when she would spend a night but tugger was getting more stuff for her all of the time. 
“i can't say no to that little face and i don’t want to make her sad.” tugger said. 
“she has you wrapped around her little finger.” misto said giving tugger a look as they both knew it to be true. “you know it, i know it, and kiki knows it.”
when kiki was born, she had a little fussy noise he made and if tugger was there, he was quick to rush over and pick up kiki to soothe her. and every time tugger was there she would make that noise so he would hold her. 
“well i can't say no to her. she is my favorite niece and i just like getting her a small thing.” tugger said.
 tugger would never admit it but a big part of the reason he spoiled kiki as much as he did was because of kiki’s birth mother. when graciette had left and signed away her rights, he swore to himself and to kiki as he helped munkustrap with kiki, that he would always show her what unconditional love is and that she would always be loved no matter what. 
“she doesn’t need you to constantly buy her things to show her much you love her. all you have to do is show it.” misto said. “and that little girl knows how much you love her.” 
tugger knew his mate was right of course, but old habits die hard. plus because of how much he loved kiki it would be hard to break an old habit. but he would never admit that kiki had him wrapped around his finger. 
“i promise i will cut down on the spending. and for the record kiki does not have me wrapped me around her little finger.” tugger said as he was putting kiki’s newest toy in the toy bin for when she came over later that night for dinner with munkustrap and demeter. 
misto couldn’t help but let out a soft chuckle and say “yeah right. she has power over you. i’ll believe it when i see it.” misto said as he headed to the kitchen to start making dinner. 
alright that is part 77! let me know what you guys thought and i will see you all for part 78!! 
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prehistoriceurope · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Possible Prehistoric Musical Instruments
Music is a great passion of mine so I have wondered for a long time if our earliest prehistoric ancesters in Europe were capable of creating music and how? I've done some research on this subject, have also visited several prehistoric instruments stored at an archeological depot and I own several replicas based on archeological finds. Here is a list of possible prehistoric instruments.
Unfortunately we will never know what melodies or rhythms our ancestors played on their musical instruments. We can only try to reproduce these instruments and experience/listen to the sounds that they could have produced. We do know that creating music wasn't solely an activity practiced by us, Homo Sapiens. In the Divje babe cave, a flute was found made from the left thighbone of a young cave bear and it has been dated to around 60,000 years old. This was before modern humans settled themselves in Europe so this flute must have been created and played by the Neanderthals.
Wind instruments: -Transverse flutes -Vertical flutes -Oblique flutes -Trumpet-like instruments made from shells or gourds -Didgeridoo -Panflute -Whistles -Ocarinas
Instruments made with skins -Handdrum -Pottery drum -Frame drum -Cylinder drum -Friction drum
Instruments you can shake/rub or struck -Rattles -Rasps -Bells -Bullroarer -Click sticks -Xylophone -Ung-Klung
Instruments with strings -Mouth harp -Resonator bow -Lute/lyre -Earth bow
I see a lot of people, especially those interested in old Nordic music such as Danheim/Wardruna etc.. loving the Tagelharpa. The act of using a bow to drag it over strings in order to produce a sound, such as the tagelharpa, is actually quite a recent invention. The bow was invented around the 16th century. Tagelharpas described in the eddas were actually not played with a bow but as a lyre.
I hope this post has given some of you more of an insight in the types of instruments our paleolithic ancestors could have played. Perhaps this serves as inspiration to recreate these instruments and try them out, it's a lot of fun.
Here are images of: Neanderthal bone flute 60,000 years old, A bullroarer, Possible cone shell instrument found in the Marsoulas cave, France, A paleolithic woman playing the sea shell instrument art by Gilles Tosello, Neanderthals preparing for the hunt, one plays the flute, artist currently unknown for now,
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The awkward babies are falling for each other again.
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girlbossfrankshepard · 2 hours ago
Thinking about the all-trans Six cast concept again and Karen Olivo would be a really great Aragon or Parr
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buzzbos · 2 hours ago
Adam Driver musical Annette debuts first trailer, sets Cannes premiere
Adam Driver musical Annette debuts first trailer, sets Cannes premiere
Holy Motors’ director Leos Carax makes his English-language debut with ANNETTE, a trippy-musical starring Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard, that Deadline is reporting has just set a premiere date at Cannes! Set for a domestic release later this summer via Amazon, the film’s first trailer dropped today to coincide with the Cannes news, and wow – does it ever look crazy. According to Deadline, “set…
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thcsevoices · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
I don’t know what the actual age difference between Andy and Ann is supposed to be, but for my version of Andy he’s two years younger than Ann, because the character of Raggedy Andy was created two years after Raggedy Ann was created.
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