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yourplayersaidwhat · 3 hours ago
(After a random dude emerged from a crystal, screaming incoherently)
Wizard: “Where did you come from?”
Fighter, OOC: “Where did you go?”
Wizard, OOC: “Where did you come from, Cotton Eye Joe?”
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cantusf · 9 months ago
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Caramon Majere | The Last Trial
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mayjeffneverstopyou · 2 months ago
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And in a moment of total rapture And with every strength I have I ask if you play D&D And your face lights up like you’ve woken up
- drinking song for the socially anxious, the amazing devil
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epicdndmemes · a year ago
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tytoalbion · 8 days ago
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Maybe he should try something safer, like crafting…
Thanks @johnwire for this awesome comic! Be sure to check him out!
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chrispalmermusic · 4 months ago
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100+ Spotify/Youtube Playlists For D&D Encounters
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missypena · 6 days ago
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2022 character sheet of my OC bard and bestie to Gildor, Music Kaldera. <3
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oldschoolfrp · 7 months ago
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Do you mind?  I’m trying to read here.  --  Loremaster bards add important nonweapon proficiencies to the party.  (Terry Dykstra, AD&D 2e The Complete Bard’s Handbook, TSR, 1992)
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mosqa · 10 months ago
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D&D - Elemental instruments More magic items
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incorrect-dnd-classes · 5 months ago
Paladin: You’ll pay for this!
Warlock: Put it on my tab.
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yourplayersaidwhat · a day ago
Sing a song as you start your turn
I’m a shepard druid in 5e, and one of the most important things you can do at the start of combat is to set up your totems. We were in the sewers, fighting some monster gator as I wait my turn, thinking out my actions
DM: Alright, it's  your turn druid
Me: -in a sing song voice- Totem bear~ Totem bear Put him right over there~ -marks where I want the totem to go- -drops the sing song voice- Alright next I want to… -registers that I had just randomly started singing-
gunsmith: Oh hell yeah, encore!
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tsubaki94 · 3 months ago
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Ectober: 14 Mimic vs Musicbox
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dingodoodles · 3 months ago
Fool’s Gold: Into the Bellowing Wilds kickstarter is a week away! https://bit.ly/3Dd76Il So we’ve made a pre-launch kickstarter page where you can sign up to be notified when it’s up! October 12th- November 18th baby >:3 I thought I’d post some music that was made just for it :D It’s adorable and to be honest I think it might be just the main theme of Fool’s Gold over all, not just Bundariko >> I know you guys got questions and stuff so Felix and will be doing a livestream on youtube/twitch on Oct. 19th! But the kickstarter itself should answer a lot of those questions when it’s up :3 I’m excited and very nervous >>;;; so see you guys on Oct.12th with a new episode and the kickstarter launch! Love you all <3
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epicdndmemes · 2 months ago
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Enchanted Forest Spotify Playlist
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spheal-a-day · 10 days ago
Can we see what class Spheal would if he played Dungeons and Dragons?
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Bard Spheal is here to inspire you!
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thee-rose-court · a year ago
You have scrolled far weary traveler. Rest awhile and listen to this song.
+10 to your hp! Keep scrolling onward!
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cadaverkeys · 4 days ago
SHE KNOWS! A little snippet from QFTC session like two weeks ago. Dearly realises her weirdo party member has no reflection :smirk: whatever that means.
ft @daeivs human/wererat character Kethra and @thebina's dhampir character Mortimer.
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dailydungeondelves · 4 months ago
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I'm back after a few days break! Do you have a song that takes you immediately to your game world?
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dndclassesquotes · 24 days ago
Rogue: *pressing their thumb and finger together* I am this close to slapping you.
Bard: - Your fingers are touching.
Bard: ...
Bard: *runs*
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secondclassvines · 2 years ago
“Slippers tries”
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