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if ya like anything on earth that im doin like music or art or writing or being generally sexy (art is @ + music is @ + writing is @, reminder that ya can chuck me a tip at i’m strugglin hard rn and every lil bit is massively appreciated. also reminder that you can commission portraits for $40/sliding scale depending on ya financial state etc. also got depop @ w some fresh shit up and heaps more comin. i hate asking for shit but if ya wanna support me and get something out of it, there ya go. i’m currently out of work due to psychiatric disabilities and my applications for benefits haven’t been processed yet so i have no income while i get intensive outpatient therapy. cheers ladiez

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in my previous posts, in various places around the internet, i put the word ‘release’ in quotation marks. it’s a self-esteem thing, i guess. i don’t know if i can, or should, use the word release in its legitimate sense. i mean it’s not like i’m an artist with fans, and people who were waiting in anticipation for my music, right?  so, if i don’t call it a release, then i have nothing to stress over when no one listens or downloads, right?


as much as i’d like to spare my feelings of rejection, and let everything roll off my back, it still pricks my chest a little when i reach and am returned no response (especially from people i know personally). “shaking the dust off my feet” and moving on to the next thing can be easier said than done sometimes—most of the time—but i think i’ve forced myself to do it so many times in the past year trying to find my audience. there’s no time to mourn the connection that could have been because trying to find the right one, that is beneficial to both parties, requires a lot of time and energy and, so far, breeds about a 20% success rate (probably less). to any artists, musicians, etc. out there, how do/did you find your audience?

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