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tallahasseemp3 · 4 months ago
“suffering feels religious if you do it right” no shut up it doesn’t. my friends laughing in the kitchen while i make dinner feels religious. the sun on my face after a long winter feels religious.
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gumuhit · 4 months ago
if i’m sharing it on tumblr it’s still privacy sorry u can’t convince me otherwise this is my house
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katy-l-wood · 6 months ago
Can I just say, I’m really tired of the “poor friend won’t accept help from rich friend” trope? Like. I get it, I do. Asking for/receiving help can feel terrible for a variety of reasons. But that’s half the reason the trope is so annoying. Like. Let’s normalize actually asking for and accepting help instead of pushing the whole “nobel poor person goes it alone! Aren’t they inspirational?” bit.
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ceremonialduel · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
genuinely cannot stop thinking about this letterboxd review
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sensualites · 4 months ago
1. Actively seek out new interests regularly. Refrain from allowing your life to become stagnant, especially in your free time. Prioritize your joy.
2. Search for likeminded people. Debunk the myth that people don’t “make friends” as adults. They can, and do. It makes the journey more blissful.
3. Travel as frequently as you can, even if it’s just a neighboring town/city/state. Do it as a means of constantly reminding yourself the world is bigger than your line of sight. Remind yourself often.
4. Change. In as many areas as you can. Not because what you have is deficient or inadequate, but because life works best when you’re not too strictly attached. Set health/financial/social goals, and work to achieve them. Thrive in your daily life.
5. Prioritize friendships as much as romantic relationships, never allow yourself to feel as though you will crumble in the absence of a lover.
6. Give yourself as many options as you can. Always keep it at the back of your mind that you hold the ability to choose, and you will never settle.
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gumuhit · a month ago
you’re going to love again, find a job again, create art again, do what you love again, feel powerful again. you’re going to be back on track. i don’t know when, but you are going to feel like yourself again, eventually. this isn’t the end. hang in there.
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shadowy-dumbo-octopus · a month ago
Sometimes I'm doing something completely normal and then realise that people have been doing this exact thing for thousands of years and then get emotional about it.
[struggling with eyeliner] "damnit if ancient Egyptians could do it then so can I. Wait... Some of them probably used to struggle with this too."
[unbraiding my hair] "people in 13th century Scandinavia probably had little boxes for their hair beads and struggled with the tiny back braids just like me."
[eating blackberries] "I wonder how long blackberries have been around for, how many children came home with their fingers and clothes stained black over the centuries."
[whittling] "it's kind of a deep-rooted human need to make things, right? Cave paintings, clay figurines, stories told around the campfire, doodles on the margins of paper and papyrus alike, graffiti in Pompeii, shepherds whittling pipes and spoons while looking after their flock."
[reading a book I borrowed from my mom's friend] "did people do book swaps in the BCs, too?"
[watching my sister play with the neighbours' kids] "it's kind of interesting how I don't think there's any record of who came up with the games of tag, hide and seek, holding hands in a circle, the floor is lava etc. Children just do these things even if they're not taught the rules. What's the difference between a child in Mesopotamia making figures out of clay and today's kids playing with Play-Doh?"
People have always been people. I've seen ancient manuscripts with little kitty paw prints all over the page, kids who went to school centuries before my birth doodling on their notes, and complete strangers being kind to each other because that's what feels right. That's what made sure that we made it until today. Community. Friendship. Kindness.
And I dunno. I'm just a little choked up about this. We are worth saving. No matter what capitalism tells us, what the powers that be push us to doing, our natural state is of kindness and creativity. We are stuck in a system which brings out the worst in us, but we have survived for so long because we are kind, because we work together, because we love and want the best for those who come after us. Why else did our ancestors bother to selectively breed corn or watermelons or wheat so that we can get more out of them?
Idk, I just love humanity so much.
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sensualites · 3 months ago
How have I dis/honored myself as of late?
How am I giving away my power? To who/what?
Am I living according to my own integrity?
What do I dislike in others? How does that show up within me?
What does self-neglect look like in my life?
Which attitudes do I hold about myself? how do the people I attract help perpetuate them?
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gumuhit · 24 days ago
you’re going to be held a lot one day. you’re going to forget how it’s like to be touch-starved.
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sensualites · 6 months ago
genuine friendships are such a blessing.
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flowercrownbi · a year ago
Tumblr media
This is a really helpful suggestion if you find yourself taking some time to adjust to someone’s new pronouns/name!
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sensualites · 4 months ago
make peace with what has been, so you can accept what is to come.
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katy-l-wood · a year ago
Tumblr media
I love this! Kids can be such a delight.
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deadmomjokes · 9 months ago
Took my tiny child with me to the Halloween store. Walked in and immediately realized it would be a terrible mistake.
They had those jumpscare machine things everywhere, lots of spooky noise machines, scary looking animatronic things, crazy decorations, just the whole 9 yards and then some. I immediately went to turn around and leave when I heard a noise coming from my arms.
My one year old child who gets scared if we cough.... was laughing.
She makes this precious “eee!” sound and starts vibrating when she sees something she really likes, usually an animal or a balloon, and she points right at the big zombie thing by the door and does that. I carry her in past a huge 10 ft tall Pennywise inflatable, and she smacks me to tell me to stop so she can look. She ponders him for a moment, and his glowing light-up eyes, then points at his hand and shouts “BEEM!” Which is her word for “balloon.” She made us stand there under Pennywise for at least 3 minutes, which is a really long time for a one-year-old.
Then, she begs to get down, so I let her loose and she just books it all over the store. Finds the creepy demonic looking babies and shouts “BABY!” then gets this confused look on her face and tries to wipe the “dirt” off their faces. Decides it’s not worth it, goes and picks up a severed hand decoration, hands it to me and says “hand.” Yes, my dear, it is a hand. And yes, that severed foot has “toes,” you’re very right.
Finds the wigs, runs down the aisle shouting “hair! hair!” and grabbing her own sparse little headfuzz so hard I think she’s going to rip it all out. Then she found the speaker in the wall that was blaring Monster Mash and she demanded I pick her up so we could “DANSSSE”. But she got distracted by the big spider decorations, which she christened as dogs by running toward them and barking.
She ran up and down the aisles of costumes touching the fabric and making her little “tss tss tss” giggle that she does when she’s having Much Too Good a Time. Every so often she’d stop, look back to make sure I was there, and point at something and vibrate with her aggressive “EEEE!”
A man turned a corner wearing one of the creepy latex masks. He immediately started apologizing to me, saying “I’m so sorry, I’m looking for my friend, I don’t want to scare her.” Meanwhile my child is standing there looking up at him with the most confused look on her face. Not scared, just confused, like he is so dumb and she can’t figure out why he would want to make that stupid face for so long. But he rounds another corner all hunched over, she flaps her arms and sighs, and takes off to go scream at the creepy lawn decorations.
When it was time to go, nothing could convince her to come to me willingly, so I had to promise her one last look at the balloon man while I picked her up against her will. Pennywise placated her, and we left the store with a smile on her chubby little cheeks. She demanded we wait and watch the big inflatable-flailing-arm-tube-man out front, the one that was bright orange and had a jack-o-lantern face, and she bounced and wiggled and danced in my arms despite its fan being louder than the loud motorcycles that scare her on our walks. She waved bye-bye to it as we left for the car.
Basically, that was the cutest thing that’s ever happened to me in my life, and it’s so crazy how so many things are culturally taught and kids are just... immune to that. All she saw was bright colors and things she recognized and could name, in a place she could explore and touch. She has no concept of clowns being scary or zombies being A Thing or what constitutes “creepy” and “spooky” and “gross.” To her, a severed arm with gore hanging out the end doesn’t represent pain or violence, it’s just “arm,” and it’s got some weird stuff on the end that’s funny colors. They’re just things, there’s no context for it.
The world is weird and beautiful and it’s so cool to see it through the eyes of someone who is so New to this planet and hasn’t been influenced by society and culture yet.
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sensualites · 5 months ago
i love the intimacy of silence.
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