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imam-rabbani5 minutes ago
MAKTUBAT IMAM RABBANI: First Volume, 61st Letter
This letter, written to Sayyid Mahmud, states that it is necessary to find a perfect master and to avoid ignorant shaikhs.
May Allahu ta'ala increase the desire to look for Him! May He bless us with the fortune of avoiding the things that prevent us from attaining Him! The valuable letter, which is a favor of yours, has arrived. It is very pleasant because it indicates that you have been seeking Allahu ta'ala, that you have been consumed with love for Him. Wishing is the harbinger of attaining. Being consumed with love is a sort of beginning for attaining. One of our superiors says, "If He would not give, He would not give the wish." One should appreciate the value of the blessing of wishing and refrain from the things that will cause it to be lost. One must be careful lest the wish becomes slack or the fervor chilly. What helps most lest this blessing is lost is to thank (Allahu ta'ala) for it. He declares in the seventh ayat of Sura-i Ibrahim: "If you thank Me for My favors, I will certainly increase them." It is necessary both to thank Him and to entrust oneself to Him and to weep and beg Him lest one will love or wish for something else. If one does not feel like weeping, begging, one should force oneself to do so. "If you do not weep make yourself weep," has been said. Until you find an exalted person who is kamil and mukammil, [that is, who has reached perfection and who is able to make another reach perfection also], one should preserve this wish with all its fervor in one's heart. When such an exalted person is found, all wishes and desires should be delivered into his hands, one being like a corpse on a bench under a washer's hands. Fana -fi-sh-shaikh is first. This fana will then turn into fillah. [That is, when you find an exalted person who has reached the end of the way of tasawwuf and who is back in order to make others attain it also and who therefore looks like any ordinary person, you should surrender yourself to him. First, you should annihilate yourself in him; that is, you should obey not yourself but him. A person who does so will gradually be annihilated in Allahu ta'ala. That is, his own desires being annihilated, he will act according to Allahu ta'ala's will. He will no longer have any will of his own.] An exalted person who will take from Allahu ta'ala and give to men should be two-dimensional. Because man is very mean and evil-natured, he cannot have a relationship with Allahu ta'ala. A two-dimensional intermediary is necessary, and this intermediary is an insan-i kamil (perfect man).
The worst thing which slackens a talib's wish and which extinguishes his fervor is his surrendering himself to a naqis person who has not reached the end of the way. A naqis is a person who has not completed his way through suluk and jadhba but calls himself a shaikh, a murshid. A group of naqis shaikhs is called a samm-i qatil. He who surrenders himself to them ends up in perdition. Such groups derange the high tendency, the inclination of a talib. For example, if a patient takes the medicine of a doctor who is not specialized, who does not even have a diploma, he will, let alone become well, get sick all the more. He will even lose the tendency to heal. That medicine may first reduce his aches. But the aches are not felt because it disturbs, harms the nerves. This case is not a service, but a disservice. If this patient goes to a real doctor, this doctor will first try to do away with the harm of that medicine. Then he will begin to cure the disease.
The way of our superiors "rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alaihim ajmain' is based on sohbat. Nothing is obtained by memorizing or by uttering a few words of the great men of tasawwuf. On the contrary, it slackens the wish of the talib. Hadrat Shaikh Taj "quddisa sirruh", who is an owner of marifats, lives close to you. His blessed presence is a great favor for the Muslims there. Do get in touch with him infrequently. Infrequent visits in a relationship bring no value. If you occasionally write about your state, we will not hesitate to answer. Thus, the chain of love and ikhlas will be stirred.
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deenbot36 minutes ago
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everydayasahabah41 minutes ago
Everyday Sahabah: Khalifa Ali bin Abu Talib (RA):PART 473
He lost consciousness while praying
Once an arrow stuck in the feet of Ali. It could not be taken out because of the intensity of the pain felt. When Ali stood up in prayers, he was so much absorbed in the devotional exercise that the surgeon pulled out the arrow without Ali feeling any pain.
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ammaribnazizahmed50 minutes ago
Just a reminder that Bayt al-Maqdis/Masjid al-Aqsa is the entire compound which includes Qubbat as-Sakhra (Dome of the Rock) and Qibly Masjid.
Picture Credit: IslamicLandmarks
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lifeofresulullahan hour ago
The Life of The Prophet Muhammad(pbuh): The Conquest of Makkah and Afterwards
The Conquest of Makkah: Part 5
Attack against the Wing of Khalid b. Walid
The Islamic army was entering Makkah in waves, without swinging their swords against anybody, and with respect as the Prophet had ordered.
However, meanwhile, the wing commanded by Khalid b. Walid was attacked. Some people like Ikrima b. Abi Jahl, Safwan b. Umayya and the people that they gathered attacked them.
Khalid did not want to respond at first because the order of the Prophet was clear. However, when he saw that the polytheists increased the attack and threw a lot of arrows, he let his soldiers fight. The polytheists had to run away. Two mujhaids were martyred during the fight and thirteen polytheists were killed. The Messenger of God was informed about the situation. The Prophet summoned Khalid. When he learnt from Khalid that the polytheists attacked the Muslims and that the mujahids had to defend themselves, he said, 鈥淲hat God decreed and allowed is good.鈥
No other clashes took place when the magnificent Islamic army consisting of ten thousand soldiers entered; the Muslims did not use their weapons.
Meanwhile, some of those who were decreed to be killed were captured and killed. Some of them had been Muslims but then exited Islam. Abdullah b. Hatal and Miq颅yas b. Subaba were two of them. The other people that were killed were Harith b. Tu颅lay颅tila, Huwayris b. Nuqayz and Sara. They were the people who had tortured and insulted the Prophet when he was Makkah. The other polytheists that had been ordered to be killed ran away.
Declaration of Safety
As soon as the Prophet entered Makkah, he declared that people would be safe. He said,
鈥淲hoever enters Abu Sufyan鈥檚 house will be safe. Whoever leaves his weapons will be safe. Whoever enters his house and closes his door will be safe.鈥
Thereupon, some of the polytheists went to their own houses and others took refuge in the house of Abu Sufyan.
The Prophet in the Kaaba
The Islamic army, consisting of more than ten thousand soldiers, entered Makkah but Makkah was having a calm and peaceful day. Everybody was safe and secure. 聽 聽
The Messenger of God was proceeding toward the Kaaba on his camel, Qaswa, Usama b. Zayd was also on the camel; Hazrat Abu Bakr was next to him and the muhajirs and Answar were around him. There was no change in him between the first day he declared his cause and the victory today. He was modest, humble, forgiving and merciful when he declared Islam and belief on his own; he was like that on the day when Makkah was conquered. He was generous, compassionate, modest and forgiving when he had affected few people; he was like that when he affected thousands of people; he did not lose any of his qualities.
The Prophet entered the Kaaba with modesty and humbleness, feeling gratitude to God. The Muslims were entering the Kaaba in groups. When the Messenger of God uttered, 鈥淎llahu Akbar!鈥, the Muslims shouted all together, 鈥淎llahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!鈥 The horizons of Makkah resounded with this holy sound. The mountains and stones of this holy land replied this sound by uttering, 鈥淎llahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!鈥
Circumambulating the Kaaba
The Messenger of God started to circumambulate the Kaaba on his camel, Qaswa. The Companions followed him. At each lap of the circumambulation, the Prophet greeted Hajar al-Aswad by pointing at it with his stuff. After the seventh lap of the circumambulation, he got off his camel. He went to the Station of Ibrahim and performed a two-rak鈥檃h prayer there. Then, he went to Zamzam Well, drank some water and made wudu. After that, he went up to Safa Hill. He watched the Kaaba and the Muslims from there and thanked God, who made him see this magnificent day.
Meanwhile, some Muslims of Madinah felt a bit concerned. They said, 鈥淕od Almighty enabled His Messenger to conquer his hometown. We wonder if he will he settle in Makkah?鈥
When the Messenger of God finished his prayer, he asked them what they were talking about.
They said, 鈥淣othing. O Messenger of God!鈥
The Prophet repeated his question a few times and received the same reply. Then, he was informed by God what they were talking about.
Thereupon, he said, 鈥淚 take refuge in God from what you were talking about. Know it very well that I will live with you and die with you.鈥
When Ansar heard it, they gathered around the Prophet and tried to lenify him.
They said, 鈥淏y God, we spoke like that due to our love toward God and His Messenger.鈥
What Abu Sufyan and Fadala Think About
The Prophet and the Muslims were circumambulating the Kaaba.
Abu Sufyan was sitting at a corner of the Kaaba and thinking. Satan was trying to provoke him and giving him some delusions. Whenever the Messenger of God passed by him, Abu Sufyan thought, 鈥淚 wonder if I can gather soldiers again and fight him?鈥
Just then, the Messenger of God approached and stood by him and said, 鈥淕od will humiliate you again.鈥
When Abu Sufyan heard this statement, which flashed in his mind, it dawned on him. When he looked up, he saw the Prophet next to him. He was astonished and he shivered. Then, he asked forgiveness from God and said to the Prophet, 鈥淏y God, you are Messenger of God!鈥
Fadala b. Umayr was watching the Prophet in order to kill him during the circumambulation. Fadala had approached the Messenger of God when the Messenger of God suddenly turned and asked him, 鈥淎re you Fadala?鈥
Fadala, who was astonished, said, 鈥淵es, O Messenger of God!鈥
The Prophet said, 鈥淲hat are you thinking about now?鈥
Fadala, 鈥淚 am not thinking about anything; I am only mentioning the names of God.鈥 The Messenger of God said, 鈥淥 Fadala! Ask forgiveness from God!鈥 Then, the Prophet put his hand on Fadala鈥檚 chest and prayed for him.
Upon this miracle, Fadala gave up his evil intention; his heart softened and his belief was strengthened. As it is seen, only one single luminous smile of the Messenger of God converted enmity to friendship and softened hard hearts.
Fadala described that moment as follows: 鈥淏y God, when he removed his hand from my chest, there remained nobody lovelier and more beloved than him.鈥
Pulling Down the Idols!
The Qurayshi polytheists had erected 360 idols around the Kaaba. Those idols had been pinned with leads.
The Messenger of God, who had destroyed the idols in the minds, spirits and hearts with the belief of oneness he brought, and who had made 聽thousands of people turn around the light he brought like moths, started to clean the Kaaba from the idols.
He pointed at each idol with the stuff in his hand and read the following verse:
鈥淭ruth has (now) arrived, and Falsehood perished: for Falsehood is (by its nature) bound to perish.鈥 Each idol that was pointed at by the Prophet fell down. When the Prophet pointed at the face of the idol, it fell off face down. Thus, all of the idols in the Kaaba were demolished.
Adhan in the Kaaba!
It was time for the noon prayer.
Upon the order of the Messenger of God, Bilal started to call the adhan on top of the Kaaba. 聽
There was joy and liveliness in the believing hearts; there was sorrow and downfall in the unbelieving hearts. Bilal, who was a slave and whom the polytheistshad made walk around the streets with the rope they tied around his neck and upon whom they had inflicted undreamt tortures, was declaring the oneness on the Kaaba with his sonorous voice by making the polytheists go mad from jealousy. It sounded as if the mountains and stones were uttering adhan in their own language together with Bilal.
The polytheists were very depressed by the exceptional view. Meanwhile, Abu Sufyan, Attab b. Asid and Harith Ibn Hisham, the leaders of the Quraysh were talking to one another.
Attab said, 鈥淢y father Asid was lucky because he did not witness this day.鈥
Insulting Bilal, Harith said, 鈥淐ould Muhammad not find a person other than this black crow to appoint as a muez颅zin?鈥
Abu Sufyan did not utter any negative words. He said,
鈥淚 am afraid I will not say anything. Even if there is no one else here, the sands and stones under our feet will inform him about what we say; and he will know all about it.鈥
In fact, a few minutes later, the Messenger of God saw them and told them exactly what they were talking about. Then, Attab and Harith uttered kalima ash-shahada and accepted Islam.
Abu Sufyan said, 鈥淥 Messenger of God! Fortunately, I did not say anything.鈥
The Messenger of God smiled at him when he said so.
The incidents that took place affected the people of Makkah profoundly. They made the people of Makkah feel good things toward Islam and eliminate the hatred and enmity they felt against the Messenger of God and the Companions. 聽
The Prophet Enters the Kaaba
The Messenger of God sent somebody to Uthman b. Talha and asked for the key to the Kaaba. Though Uthman b. Talha鈥檚 mother urged him not to give the key to the Kaaba to the Prophet, Talha gave him the key.
The Messenger of God entered the Kaaba together with Bilal, Usama b. Zayd and Uthman b. Talha (may God be pleased with them). He had ordered beforehand that the pictures and idols inside be removed; however, there were still some traces of them inside. He gave an order for those traces to be cleaned up.
After staying inside the Kaaba for a while, the Prophet came out. Meanwhile, almost all of the people of Makkah had gathered and were waiting for the decree of the Prophet about them. 聽
They wondered if the Messenger of God would throw tripe against their faces as they had done to him? Or, would he throw thorns on the road and make them walk on thorns? Or, would he torture and insult them? Would he put a rope around their necks and make them walk around the streets as they had done to some Companions? Would he torture them by making them lie down on scorching sand? Would he leave them hungry and thirsty? Or, would they be expelled?
No, Messenger of God, for whose sake the universe was created and who was sent as mercy for the realms, did not do any of them.
The Sermon of the Conquest
The Messenger of God stood by the door of the Kaaba. He was looking at the people with a smile on his face. After praising and thanking God, he recited the following sermon:
鈥淭here is no god but Allah; He has no partners.
He fulfilled His promise; He helped His slave and eliminated the enemies that gathered against him.
Know it well that all of the things that belong to the Era of Jahiliyya and that are regarded as means of pride like feuds, and conflicts regarding property have been abolished.
All people were created out of Adam; and Adam was created out of dust.
鈥淥 mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise each other). Verily the most honored of you in the sight of God is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And God has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things).鈥 (al-Hujurat, 13)聽
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sweetness-of-faithan hour ago
The authority of human beings over each other has limits
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islamic-quotesan hour ago
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Search for the Night of Qadr in the odd nights of the last ten days of Ramadan (Bukhari)
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deenbotan hour ago
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cinammonrafa2 hours ago
Dear Friends, followers and anyone scrolling , please take a minute to read,
I signed a petition on Action Network telling Sony, Microsoft and Valve to Iraqis are Not Targets: Drop Six Days in Fallujah.
The Second Battle of Fallujah claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent Iraqi civilians. Sony, Microsoft and Valve want to turn these deaths into profit. That is wrong. Six Days in Fallujah amplifies anti-Muslim and anti-Arab stereotypes and justifies violence against these communities. This game was already cancelled ten years ago because it was wrong then. It's also wrong today. Sony, Microsoft and Valve should abandon this game NOW!
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deenbot2 hours ago
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homesick-for-jannah2 hours ago
the blossoming flowers the thunderstorm the flying birds are all worshipping Allah with everything they are
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soulflowrss3 hours ago
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The land of Palestine is our home, the blood of its people is our blood. The tears of its children are out tears, and their longing of freedom for Palestine is our longing. We may not live in Palestine, but Palestine lives in us.
#savepalestine #savesheikhjarrah
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richandfuture3 hours ago
#duet with @hijabakhi #fyp #4u #fy #fyp銈 #foryoupage #tiktokarab #foryourpage #explore #viral #trend #parati #perte #cnn #judge #bible #muslim #idiot
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source: instagram @hibboxyz
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