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naderdawah · a day ago
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رَّبُّكُمْ أَعْلَمُ بِمَا فِي نُفُوسِكُمْ ۚ إِن تَكُونُوا صَالِحِينَ فَإِنَّهُ كَانَ لِلْأَوَّابِينَ غَفُورًا
Your Lord is most knowing of what is within yourselves. If you should be righteous [in intention] - then indeed He is ever, to the often returning [to Him], Forgiving.
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spideyyeet · 8 months ago
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The murder of Palestinian children and ethnic cleansing of Palestinian communities is being supported by the US. Americans' taxes are funding these atrocities.
Please include Palestinians in your activism 🇵🇸❤️
Our hearts go out to Saeed Odeh's family, to the residents of Sheikh Jarrah & Silwan resisting ethnic cleansing, and to every Palestinian in exile waiting to return to their homeland 🇵🇸❤️🕊
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darthsofa · 9 months ago
France has always and I mean ALWAYS had a history of Islamophobia...but, for those of you who don’t know what’s going on right now:
They’re trying to ban the slaughter of Halal chicken, citing animal cruelty and claiming Halal (I believe they also discussed Kosher) methods of slaughter are unethical compared to the European practice of stunning the animal (the Halal way of slaughter would be a cut to the jugular vein so that the animal feels no pain).
They then moved to ban the wearing of the Hijab (the Muslim headscarf) for girls under 18 in public places.
They also want to ban Hijabi mothers (women who wear the Hijab) from accompanying their child on school field trips.
Furthermore, they want to ban the Burkini (a swimsuit that a lot of Muslim women wear) at public swimming pools.
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These restrictions (I have definitely not covered a lot of them) fall under France’s Separatism Bill which still needs to be passed by the National Assembly. France maintains that these actions are to uphold secularism (the separation of religion and state).
However, these targeted laws and the statements accompanying them...
The Hijab ban was the “prohibition in the public space of any conspicuous religious sign by minors and of any dress or clothing which would signify an inferiorization of women over men.” This is a commonly used trope about Islam and Muslim men; that they are oppressive of women which is absolutely not true...take it from a Muslim woman! 🧕🏽
Emmanuel Macron said that Hijab is “not in accordance with French ideals”. This again alludes to the misconception that Hijab is oppressive and that by taking it away, we are liberating women. I don’t deny that there are women who had Hijab forced upon them, but what France is not acknowledging is that the forcing of any religious action upon people is completely the opposite of Islamic teachings and that there are actually women out there who can make decisions about what they want to wear...Surprise! It may come as a bit of a shock to them...
...just showcase how deeply rooted these laws are in Islamophobia and how France is maximizing restrictions on daily Muslim life just to...be a white saviour?
There are five million Muslims in France right now and they are all being affected by this.
As of right now I’m trying to find ways to counteract this. @feel-like-studying has linked a petition in the replies of this post. I’ll also link it here:
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robynngaeblack · 9 months ago
it's Ramadhan tomorrow!!!
Have a great one my fellow brother and sisters!
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shaiookh · 3 months ago
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المسجد النبوي الشريف 🕌
(by i7snov)
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mysharona1987 · 9 months ago
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weneeddiversebooks · 4 months ago
The first thing to understand is that 9/11 is more than a historical event, more than something to learn in a history class or module. As an adult, if we don't realize the significance of these attacks on the last 20 years, we won't really be able to discuss the topic with the young people in our lives. 9/11 changed everything for everybody, but most of all for the Muslim community in the US and around the world. Things you may be aware of include airport security and the wars on terror. Things you may not be aware of include everyday discrimination of anyone who looks like the enemy, whether by random screening at the airport, while walking the streets in hijab, or seeking a job. The effect of 9/11 on everyday living has been highlighted by many organizations... Adults in schools often bully Muslim children they're responsible for[.] Muslims are deemed unwelcome in their communities, as evidenced by anti-mosque activity documented by the ACLU. In this environment, it's imperative that we unpack all that the last 20 years have wrought, learn from it, and discuss it.
Author Saadia Faruqi wrote about how to talk to young people about 9/11—especially the impact that it had on Muslims
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shalimarrgardens · a year ago
Instead of reblogging another french girl style aesthetic post, consider,
"Since 2004, students in France are banned from wearing the hijab to school. Mothers who are hijabi can’t come on field trips as chaperones with their children. French students are only allowed to wear it in university.
In 2011, France became the first country in Europe to ban the niqab. Those who wore it in public ran the risk of being fined. President Nicolas Sarkozy said that veils oppress women, and that they were not welcome in France. Emmanuel Macron, France’s progressive darling and current president, was quoted saying that he would like to make an “Islam of France,” a proposition both insulting and full of insinuations that Islam is something that needs to be fixed.
If seen wearing a niqab, the penalty is 150 euro or in the U.S., 217 dollars. As of 2015, 1546 fines were doled out.
In 2016, France started deliberating banning “burkinis,” hijabi-friendly swimwear, in its beaches and seaside resorts. The law was later overruled by France’s top administrative court.
Last year, French brand Decathlon wanted to start selling a sports hijab in their stores. They already had them on store floors in Morocco, but planned to bring them to France. Politicians and the French part of social media were quick to express their discontent, some even speaking of boycotting the store. Decathlon decided not to sell the sport hijabs in their stores.
Simply put, France does not like the hijab.
We all know this. Before we think of France’s culture, its monuments, its soccer team, we think of the government’s oppression of Muslims and other minorities."
- hijabified.com
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bosnian-muslim · 2 months ago
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May Allah swt bless and protect our mothers..
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icedevilx766 · 8 months ago
Y'all are sleeping on what is happening in palestine huh? Well lemme give you a quick background
Muslim Men, women and children of all ages and colors are being killed, raped, brutally murdered and tortured in palestine
Isr*el went to Al-Aqsa Mosque completely trashed the place and killed people while doing their prayers
The army of Isr*el literally sat the place on fire! As a Muslim I can't put into words how angered I am by this! Thousands of innocents are getting killed and do you know what's worse? When we fight back with everything we have we are called terrorists anyone with no basic knowledge of Muslims and Islam calls us terrorists! Like I'd really really appreciate it if you took some minutes of your time to educate yourself in this and please remember that country is called PALESTINE NOT ISRAEL
People there just want to have the right to live nothing more
And guess who turned a blind eye to everything that happens there? Everyone. America literally supports isr*el
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flyingwithout69wings · a month ago
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naderdawah · a day ago
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Strive to be the best of who you are, your heart and soul, for everyone that crosses your path. Strive to be as simplistic and powerful with your words, be meaningful in your actions, have purity in every intention you make.  So, you can leave a mark of excellence to heal the hearts
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spideyyeet · a year ago
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aszmxm · a month ago
Imam Malik was asked “what’s the best thing for strengthening memory?
He said if anything could strengthen it, it would be leaving a sin.
Al jami by al khatib Baghdadi
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mysharona1987 · 3 months ago
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divinum-pacis · 8 months ago
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Muslim girls display their hands painted with traditional henna to celebrate Eid al-Fitr holidays, marking the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, in Peshawar, Pakistan, Thursday, May 13, 2021. (AP Photo/Muhammad Sajjad)
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suhyla · 14 days ago
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Here are some reflections on Surah Yusuf after reading When The Body Says No by Dr. Gabor Maté 🤍
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bosnian-muslim · 3 months ago
Drag your feet to the prayer mat, until one day your heart drags you. Force yourself to make dua, until one day your tears force you. Human beings become easily addicted to their habits, so tell me what greater joy than being addicted to the One who created you?
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