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#mutant and proud

The reason I like Magneto and Quicksilver’s relationship is because Erik is serious and brooding and Peter is this fun-loving guy still getting into hijinks even though he’s a full blown adult. Erik is a man who’s experienced so much loss and had gotten into a lot of deep shit and Peter is a young man who hasn’t done anything with his life.

And also they’re so vastly different because whereas Erik has tried to bring about destruction and the apocalypse, Peter has only gotten into basic teenage trouble, typical stupid shit like stealing boxes of twinkies. It’s like this rugged survior tries to teach his son how to kill and destroy and Peter teaches him like….. how to load up a walkman or how to play another round of pac man without inserting another coin. I think these two can learn a lot from each other.

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Originally posted by niralamba

Warnings: Fluff!

You always hated yourself cause of what you were. You were a mutant and you got a lot of hate for it cause you were different. You were at a club drinking your feelings away. ‘Whoa…’ Someone says causing you to look at the person. ‘Who are you?’ You asked. ‘Charles Xavier’ Charles says. You thought he was cute, but you knew Charles would never love you cause of what you are. ‘Your a mutant’ Charles says and you were shocked that he knew. ‘How the hell did you know?’ You asked confused. ‘I’m a mutant too. I read minds and I can move stuff with my mind, also I can communicate in people’s mind too’ Charles asked and you were shocked. ‘Prove it!’ You said and Charles nods his head. ‘You look really pretty’ Charles says in your mind and you blushed. ‘Ok yeah you definitely  can talk to people threw their mind’ You said and Charles smiles. ‘Do you want anymore proof of my powers?’ Charles asked. ‘That was enough proof honestly’ You said and Charles nods his head. ‘Charles who’s this cute girl your talking too?’ Someone asked. You looked at the person and oh my god you thought he was also hot. ‘Oh this is Y/n and she also a mutant like us Erik’ Charles explains. Erik looks at you and you felt weak. 


(Not sorry)

‘Your a mutant too? What’s your mutant ability?’ Erik asked. ‘Oh… well um…’ You started and Erik get’s closer to your face and you started to blush. ‘It’s ok you can tell me or am I gonna have to ask Charles what it is?’ Erik asked. ‘I can move stuff with my mind… but I can’t do anything that Charles does…’ You explained embarrassed. Erik backs away from you and nods his head. ‘Y/n you should be actually really happy that you have these kind of abilities , who cares what people think of you, cause everyone has a opinion  or the same opinion , but in my opinion  your a beautiful mutant that is very talented’ Charles explains and your blush got worse. ‘Thanks Charles your the first person to say that’ You said and Charles says ‘No problem.’ ‘Hey Y/n?’ Erik says causing you to look at him. ‘Yeah Erik?’ You said. ‘If anyone makes fun of you again… well let’s just say they are gonna regret that’ Erik says causing you to smile. ‘Erik!’ Charles says causing you and Erik to look at Charles. ‘I was just kidding’ Erik says. ‘Stop lying Erik’ Charles says. You started to laugh and that made Charles and Erik stop talking and just smiled.

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Mutants with schizophrenia 💖💖💖💖💖

Mutants with OCD 💙💙💙💙💙

Mutants with anxiety disorders 💛💛💛💛💛

Mutants with BPD 💝💝💝💝💝

Mutants with DID/OSDD 💚💚💚💚💚

Mutants with depression 💜💜💜💜💜

Mutants with bipolar disorder 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

Mutants with ASPD 💗💗💗💗💗


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“Remember, Mutant and Proud”

I’ll never forget the first time I watched Raven on screen. This mutant who could be anyone she wanted and here we are. It had only been announced and the movie hasn’t come out yet but I somehow feel like I’ve already lost a friend… Watching both Rebecca Romijn and Jennifer Lawrence play this great character was a wonderful experience. I felt like it was appropriate to draw his as a memory to one of my other favourite character among the rest.Being a fan of this franchise for so long I just want to get this out of my mind and prepare myself for what Dark Phoenix has install. Watching it would be the death of me and I’m so grateful for the movies and what it had provided me. I know that Dark Phoenix is two months away but for me, it is not coming close enough. I’ve seen the trailers too many times and I’m still crying. But whatever comes I’ll be there for my favourite characters. 

I don’t know if I posted this yet but oh well I am still not over her death! 

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“Is helping your fellow mutant not reward enough for Raven Darkhölme?”

#PowersOfX [ 01 ] “The Last Dream of Professor X”

#XaviersDreamPod // #CBNpod #HoX #PoX #MutantAndProud #XDpod #PodsInColor

Εp 002 [ ✖️ ] ]

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