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Marauders #13 X of Swords

I really need to see how this plays out. So far this was the best issue of X of Swords for me. And that’s considering the whole run is enjoyable. 

It draws on the past, making Krakoa’s champions revisit their personal history.

For Storm it is of course Wakanda and her marriage to T’Challa. Which… oh I’ll get to that, hopefully soon but this is a matter I really want to talk about.

It started as if out of nowhere (out of a retcon to be more clear). It ended with just a fight and the king announcing their annulment. We didn’t get to see nearly enough in between, and they had so much potential.

So it’s very nice to see her back there and with a personal stake. These things don’t happen a lot in comics. Most of the time past is just past.

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( WARNING : This is not Turtle x Turtle related at all, this is purely just some family scenarios with no relationships at all what’s so ever. Just regular day in the life turtle stuff)

Donnie always works, no matter how late it is in the night or in the morning. Hurt, sick or exhausted he always worked himself to death in his lab no matter the reason. Like at the moment after their last encounter with the foot in the pouring rain a couple days ago. They fought for a while, slipping several times on the roof tops from losing balance because of the water. Having several close calls when it came to slipping on the concrete and off the building. They couldn’t even say how long it was out there, they just seemed to keep coming no matter what they did to stop them. Until they finally defeated almost all of them, making a break for it in the end for safety back at the lair.

As days past the others finally realized their genius brother had caught something from being out there for too long. A cold was diagnosed soon after they bugged him enough when he kept sneezing and coughing occasionally. Between Raphael and Donnie, those two could cause enough trouble when they were sick. Trouble as in making the others worry in the home. They were stubborn for different reasons but together they rarely wanted to be cared for like that by the others. Raphael more then Donnie half of the time. It takes some amount of time to convince them to finally give it a rest but it takes a while and is ongoing.

Ever since then they have tried every day to convince him to go and rest or at least take a break from his work. The cold seemed to be getting a little worse as the hours go by. But Donnie didn’t want to rest, he constantly said he was fine even though he looked like he would pass out any second he stood up to fast. Raph noticed his actions first and asked him to take a break, just a simple no convinced him not to say anything more. He understood why Donnie said that because it was something he would do to an extent. But Leo and Mikey wouldn’t take no for an answer. They would go in at separate times, telling him he should take a break, bringing him coffee or tissues and just asking him to take a nap. Anything that they thought would make him better. But it was the same answer, more polite at first but at this point it was more of a stern and annoyed reply then anything.


The shell cycle pulled in to the old garage they had by the dock. Slowly it turned in and came in to a complete stop with a little squeak of the wheels. The lights turned off as Raphael pulled the key out of the ignition, kicking down the brake so it wouldn’t fall over immediately as he got off. Raph sighed as he took off his helmet as he got off of his bike. Wiping the dist off himself as he made his way over to the button on the wall, taking the quick way down and in to the lair. He fixed his mask as he walked down the steps and toward his room. The helmet must have messed it up some when he had it on. Only to get stopped by his older and younger brother with hopeful looks in their eyes. Raph’s brow knitted together in confusion as they stood in front of him, preventing him from going in to his room. Or anywhere really,

“What do you want shell for brains? you’re in my way” Raph asked, getting annoyed with them as they stood there without saying anything. Raph passed by them and in to his room quite forcefully, setting his riding gear to the side like he always had them. Sighing as he fixed them properly and stuck his sais down on the weapon rack near his bed. Turning to see his brother’s were still there by him, now Mikey stepped forward instead of just standing there awkwardly. His hands were clasped together with a pleading look in his eyes as he stared at his hot head brother. Raph gazed at him as he crossed his arms, not in the mood for what ever was going to happen. Or whatever was about to come out of Mikey’s mouth because more then half of the time it would be stupid.

“Raphie could you go talk to Donnie for us….he won’t rest no matter how many times we tell him to…..we want him to rest and to get better and he just doesn’t listen to us” Mikey asked as he watched Raph’s expression soften from a stern and annoyed one he had earlier.

“I already tried once, if he doesn’t want to he doesn’t want to. You can’t make him like that one saying with the horse and the water thing”

“But Raph Donnie is getting worse and no sleep won’t make him get any better”

“You really think I could change his mind that easily huh? Yeah right he’ll turn me down too. Don’t think I haven’t tried. I asked once he said no so I left him alone unlike you two” Raph replied as he walked out of his room and down to the lower floor. Over to the kitchen area with his brothers following right behind him every where he went. Raphael rolled his eyes as he grabbed an energy drink from the fridge he newly put in there the other day. He usually wasn’t a coffee drinker so this was the next best thing to keep him awake for the next few hours since it was getting late in to the night. Turning back around to be face to face with Mikey once more. Almost choking on drink from surprise as he took a step back. Clearing his throat and glared at his younger brother standing there.

“Please Raph, maybe Donnie would listen to you….could you just try to see if he would”

“As much as I’d hate to beg you but Mikey is right. We need him to get some rest and he won’t listen to us at all. Could you at least go and talk to him?” Leo asked giving off the try not to show concern vibe as he stood there with his arms crossed. The brave and fearless teacher’s pet was actually asking him for help. The hot head that over reacts over a lot of things, what did he take him for a calming person? He would mostly likely get angry in there and carry his ass out of the room to go to bed. Raph sighed as he shook his head, taking another sip out of his can as he walked past them. He couldn’t believe he was even going to try and talk Don out of it. If he didn’t want to go to bed so be it, it will be his fault for staying sick not his. As they walked they were surprised to find him walking toward the door. The hung back a little just in case Donnie would suspect they sent Raph to convince him. The red masked turtle sighed as he stared at the door for a quick second. Walking in to find his brother working on what seemed to be a new blue print for a add on to the turtle van.

“Mikey I told you I-” Donnie turned and found his older hot headed brother staring at him with his eye brow raised in curiosity. Donnie let his breath go he was forgetting to release as his brother came over. Throwing his now empty can in to the trash can as he walked by with ease.

“They bother you that much huh brainiac, sheesh” Raph commented as he leaned against Donnie’s work table. Gazing at him with a curious eye as Donnie faced back to his work, finishing up some small notes and details to his sketch. He looked tired and had the “I feel like shit look” On his face, his normal posture was now slumped over as he worked and he wasn’t moving as fast as he normally would. The sick turtle let out a yawn as he smiled softly at his finished blueprint. Coughing in to his elbow slightly as he got a better look at it in the light. Shoving it over to Raph, knowing he would get some good feed back on everything. Donnie and Raphael have always bonded over building and working with cars and any type or transport or guns. Most of the time Raph helped out on the side especially when it came to his bike and adding on to it. But Raph knew Donnie appreciated the help every now in then with an extra pair of hands finding material and building. Raph gazed it over with a smirk and smiled in approval,

“You know you could add some air vents right here near the back in case it over heats. That would be a risk to-”

“Explode got it, thanks” Donnie replied as Raph shoved the blueprint back to him and watched as he added the idea he gave him newly to the page. Raph sighed as he continued to lean back up against the table. Crossing his arms as he stood there and gazed around the lab that his still isn’t used to from new things being added. He wasn’t sure what to do now, should he ask him to go to bed or just let him keep working. He was tempted to even help him out a little with his work. But he knew his brothers were outside of the room, probably listening in on what they are saying at the moment. He was surprised that he didn’t even see at least Mikey peaking his head out in the door way to get a better look at things going on.

“Ya know Don….kinda worried about you…you do need a little more rest then usual you know that..*sigh* I don’t want to push you to do anything and you know that. But I don’t want you sick like this anymore..I would like the old Donnie back and less sleep won’t make you better any faster at the route you’re going at the moment” Raph said out of no where, But instead of insisting that Leo put him up to saying that to him.

Donnie only looked up from his blue print, studying Raph’s facial expression as he spaced out some what gazing away. He could actually tell his brother meant what he said out of pure concern. Raph never really did show his emotions like the others but Donnie could figure him out with ease. Donnie sighed as he gazed down at his blueprint another time, contemplating on if he should keep on working and ignore Raph’s request as well. With one rub of his eye Donnie gazed over at his clock on the wall. Heading toward 1 in the morning already. Maybe they were right that he should sleep this cold off some so he could get back to work. It would make his efforts even greater and longer then the past few days. With a some what loud squeak his chair was moved back from him pushing it out. Raph gazed over at him standing up, catching him with his reaction time on point.

“I’m fine I’m fine just a little light headed from standing up to quickly” Donnie replied to ease Raph’s curiosity and concern for his younger brother. Raphael only rolled his eyes at Donnie’s words.

“yeah sure Don….you finally coming to ya senses then”

“It’s calculated that if I do get a good amount of sleep in the next few days then the cold will go away at a faster rate then it normally would”

“So yes?”

“Yeah Raph” Donnie replied, letting out a small scream as Raphael picked him up from the ground and in to his strong grasp. Showing no hesitation or weakness to carrying his brother from how much he can lift at a time. The blue and orange mask wearing turtles stared in shock as Raphael walked out with Donnie in his arms. Surprisingly not even trying to get away and let his older brother take him to his room. Almost like when they were much younger. Raph carefully opened up Donnie’s door with his foot, setting his brother down on to his bed. Raph gazed away as Donnie got comfortable underneath his cover’s. He hated seeing his brother this way, kinda made him wish that he had gotten the cold instead of him. As Raph was about to walk away Donnie grabbed his wrist with a loose grip.

“Thanks Raph” Donnie said with a small grin on his face, making Raph smile to himself as he nodded his head. Donnie dropped his hand and turned over on to his side. Raph gripped the door way and just watched him for a second,

“Good night Don” Raph finally said before shutting his door, coming face to face with his two brothers yet again. This time though they didn’t make him jump, they just fed in to his ego a tiny bit more with their shocked faces. Raphael only shrugged as he pushed past them and walked away. Thinking of going back in to the living room to watch some TV before bed.

“How did you do that Raph?” Mikey asked as they watched their hot headed brother flop down on to his usual spot on the couch to get comfortable.

“I’m just that good, that’s why. Now get your shell over here, that one show is on that we like and I’m not waiting for ya” Raphael said in a serious yet playful tone to his voice. Leo watched as Mikey jumped down and on to the couch as well with an excited look on his face as Raphael turned on their show they both watched every once and a while since it rarely came on any more. Leo on shook his head as he watched them, smiling at his brothers. Raph was truly a good brother and this just made him show Leo his good side busting through that tough wall he has built up for so many years.

“You coming too Leo or are you to chicken to watch this?” Raph asked breaking the fearless leader of his thoughts as he stood there silently. Leo only smirked as he rolled his eyes slightly, making his way over shortly after he heard his brother say those words.

“Yeah yeah I’m coming”

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Kitty Pryde - Yo ho ho! 

A little image of X-men’s Shadow Cat aka Kitty Pryde. I’m not going to pretend I know the particulars of X-men comics given that over the years they keep restarting and re-branding them all the time, which makes it hard to follow. However having Kitty Pryde stuck in another dimension with nothing better to do than drink Logan’s beer while stuck on a beach seemed like a interesting change and challenge.

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A TON of people yesterday (thank you!) jumping on our latest episode where @freeworldcomics surgically slices up the first #xmen #movie In this clip, @kevingootee and @kevin_israel_comedy disccuss the AWFUL accents.

#podcasts #MovieReview #TuesdayThoughts #Halloween #wolverine #hughjackman #professorx #magneto #comicbook #comicbookmovies #mutants

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