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kai 馃尭馃尭馃尭
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loading ii by hannesflo
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鈾eartstopper Icons鈾
the whole crew!!
feel free to use! no credit necessary, but likes and reblogs are always very much appreciated!
requests are open! color palette suggestions are also super appreciated cause i have suuuch a hard time choosing them haha
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Friends reunited 馃グ
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Yume 2kki - Star Building (Constellation World)
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GL Webtoon Masterlist
Hello, welcome to the post where I share girls love (yuri/wlw) comics you can read on the Webtoon app! Some are focused on romance while others are more plot-heavy.
Links are included. Personal favourites are marked with a heart emoji.
I do not to include webtoons that are discontinued, on hiatus, have not been updated in a long time or have few episodes, but other than that, feel free to make suggestions and I will add them to the list.聽
Side note for those who are new to Webtoon,聽series on聽Webtoon聽are divided into canvas and originals.聽Originals are published by authors that are employed by Webtoon.聽Canvas series are self-published, so sometimes they update irregularly and聽might end up being discontinued, unlike originals. Sometimes Webtoon picks up a popular canvas series and employs the author. The series then is re-released as an original.
Hope this helps, please enjoy!
Latest additions to the list are marked with a star emoji and date added. Added a new category for canvas series that have not been updated in over 6 months.聽Last update 09/05/2022.
Completed Series
A Mild Flavor ||聽Romance | Slice of life
Aerial Magic聽||聽Fantasy 鉂わ笍
Always Human聽||聽Romance 鉂わ笍
Angels Don't Live Long ||聽Drama | Slice of life
April Flowers || Fantasy
Behind the Curtain聽|| Romance
Circuits and Veins聽|| Sci-fi | Romance
Danny鈥檚 Melody聽||聽Romance | Drama
It Stems From Love (GL)聽||聽Romance | Drama
Kiss It Goodbye || Slice of life | Romance
Lorena Immaculate || Horror | Romance
Love Me, Dammit! ||聽Romance | Slice of life
Muted || Supernatural 鉂わ笍
The Guide On Falling In Love聽||聽Romance | Heartwarming
ShootAround ||聽Drama
Skylie聽||聽Romance | Slice of life
SpringRoll's Daily Life || Romance | Slice of life
VAMPIRE Girlfriends || Slice of life | Romance
You Were Worth It聽||聽Drama | Slice of life
Completed Short Stories
a refreshing summer (GL)
Cracking Sugar
Crushing hard
Galaxy Stop 910
Heart Strings
Her name was Sunny
How to Take Care of Your Human
Love Under Lockdown (GL)
The Blank Canvas
The Heart of a Dragon
Through the Ruins Bounds
When the Pink Trees Bear Fruit [GL]
Ongoing Series: Originals
Finding Wonderland ||聽Fantasy
High Class Homos || Comedy
Not So Shoujo Love Story聽||聽Comedy
Mage & Demon Queen聽||聽Comedy
Nevermore ||聽Supernatural
Savior ||聽Fantasy
Ongoing Series: Canvas
180 Angel聽||聽Fantasy | Romance
猸 [09/05]聽5 More Minutes (GL) ||聽Romance | Slice of life
猸 [09/05]聽A Bread Story (GL) ||聽Romance | Comedy
猸 [09/05] A Girl and Her Wolf聽||聽Slice of life
A Mobster鈥檚 Soul聽||聽Crime/Mystery | Romance
猸 [09/05]聽Adventures of Queerdo ||聽Slice of life | Comedy
Amongst Us聽||聽Slice of life | Comedy
Arousing Taste (GL)聽||聽Romance | Slice of life
猸 [09/05] Beyond Our Dreams (GL)聽||聽Romance | Drama
BLINDFOLD [GL]聽||聽Romance | Crime/Mystery
Blue Morpho ||聽Romance | Drama
Cateas & Books聽||聽Romance | Slice of life聽鉂わ笍
CHAMPS || Romance | Sports
Cold Sweat聽||聽Romance | Supernatural
Dazzle Me聽||聽Romance | Slice of life
Demons highschool (GL)聽||聽Romance | Thriller
Diamond Dive (GL)聽|| Fantasy | Romance 鉂わ笍
Don't Look at the Sky (GL) ||聽Fantasy | Romance
Facing the Sun聽||聽Drama | Sci-fi
猸 [09/05]聽Feel My Tantalize (GL) ||聽Romance | Drama
Fruit Salad ||聽Romance | Drama
Gacha Girl! [GL]聽|| Romance | Supernatural
Ghostly love ||聽Romance | Supernatural
GHOUL CRUSH聽(GL)聽|| Comedy | Supernatural
猸 [09/05]聽Glass Case ||聽Fantasy | Romance
Growing Up Gay ||聽Slice of life | Heartwarming
Heartblood聽||聽Romance | Fantasy
猸 [09/05] Holly & Macy and Everyone Else聽||聽Romance | Slice of life
Honey and Venom聽||聽Romance | Heartwarming
I Don't Want To Go Back (GL) ||聽Romance | Slice of life
I Seduced The Villainess (GL)聽||聽Romance | Comedy
I want to be your wife! [GL]聽||聽Romance | Drama
I'll Make You Fall For Me (GL)聽|| Romance | Slice of life
Ice Massacre || Fantasy | Romance
ILLICIT (GL)聽|| Romance | Slice of life
In My Heart (GL)聽|| Romance | Drama
ISADORA聽||聽Romance | Heartwarming
猸 [09/05]聽It's Okay to Like Girls - GL ||聽Romance | Drama
Ive Met Someone ||聽Slice of life | Romance
猸 [09/05]聽iwa + aiko ||聽Drama | Romance
猸 [09/05] Just a Fairy Tale (GL)聽||聽Romance | Drama
猸 [09/05]聽Kiss n Karess (GL) ||聽Romance | Action
Lesbiampires ||聽Slice of life | Supernatural
猸 [09/05] Lez Go!聽||聽Slice of life | Comedy
Limerence (GL)聽|| Romance | Drama
猸 [09/05] Love and be Loved聽||聽Romance | Slice of life
Love, Lila (GL)聽|| Romance | Drama 鉂わ笍
Merlin's Story聽||聽Fantasy | Romance
猸 [09/05] million dollar sugar baby (GL)聽||聽Romance | Comedy
Mistranslations聽|| Romance | Drama
My Cat is a Wizard || Fantasy | Romance
My Dragon Girlfriend聽|| Romance | Slice of life 鉂わ笍
My Masochistic Boss (GL) ||聽Romance | Comedy
My Secret Lesbian Comics (GL) ||聽Comedy | Slice of life
My Sweet Archenemy ||聽Comedy | Superhero
My Yandere Girlfriend ||聽Romance | Comedy
Newly Weds (GL)聽||聽Romance | Comedy
Office Talk聽||聽Slice of life | Romance
Off-cam (GL)聽||聽Slice of life | Heartwarming
Our Universe聽|| Romance | Sci-fi
P.E.T.S ||聽Sci-fi | Romance
Quietly So聽||聽Romance | Comedy
RAINBOW! ||聽Slice of life | Romance
River and the Parallel Worlds ||聽Sci-fi | Action
ROOMMATE (GL) ||聽Romance | Horror
猸 [09/05] Royal Blue聽||聽Fantasy |聽Romance
Sapphic Panic [GL]聽||聽Romance |聽Slice of life
Sand and Sea Salt聽[Part 1]聽[Part 2] ||聽Drama | Romance
猸 [09/05] SAVING YOU (GL)聽||聽Drama | Romance
猸 [09/05] Secretly, still and silently聽||聽Slice of life | Drama
Sentimental Me (GL) ||聽Fantasy |聽Romance
SHE MAKES HUNGRY聽||聽Supernatural | Fantasy
She's A Keeper [GL] ||聽Drama | Romance
Shine Back Honey! ||聽Romance | Drama
猸 [09/05] Silently (GL)聽||聽Sci-fi | Horror
Slice of Life [GL]聽|| Superhero | Action
猸 [09/05] Soft (GL)聽||聽Romance | Drama
Solar Eclipse (GL) || Fantasy |聽Romance
猸 [09/05] Star Rangers: Magical Space Cadet Squad聽||聽Superhero | Romance
Sulia & Giulia ||聽Comedy | Slice of life
SUNFLOWER聽|| Romance | Slice of life
Sunny and Rainy聽|| Comedy | Heartwarming 鉂わ笍
Susuhara Is A Demon! (GL)聽|| Slice of life |聽Romance 鉂わ笍
Taking Chances!聽||聽Drama | Romance
猸 [09/05] That day, I heard my heart breaking (GL)聽||聽Drama | Romance
That's a lotta Bubbline... ||聽Romance | Slice of life
The Devil Knows Your Name聽||聽Fantasy | Romance
猸 [09/05]聽The Earnest Love of Hazel & Jelly ||聽Romance | Slice of life
The End of Time (GL)聽||聽Romance | Supernatural
The Grand Priestess (GL) ||聽Fantasy | Action
The Greenhouse聽||聽Drama
The Hideout (GL)聽|| Romance | Drama聽
The Pirate and the Princess ||聽Romance | Historical 鉂わ笍
The Recloseted Lesbian ||聽Slice of life | Informative
The Siren's Light (GL) ||聽Romance | Fantasy
The Spookiness (GL) || Supernatural | Action
猸 [09/05] The Tiger Priestess (GL)聽||聽Romance | Fantasy
The Queen and the Woodborn聽|| Fantasy | Romance
The Witch ||聽Fantasy | Romance
The Zodiac ||聽Drama | Fantasy
To Knight the Faithless ||聽Fantasy | Drama
Trail Of Roses ||聽Romance | Fantasy
Ungodly (GL) ||聽Fantasy | Action
Unnie, I like you!聽|| Romance | Drama
US || Romance | Drama
Us Right Now聽|| Romance | Drama
Vowrune - GL ||聽Romance |聽Fantasy
What are the Chances聽|| Romance | Drama
What's A Soulmate ||聽Romance | Drama
Winter Before Spring (GL) ||聽Drama | Romance
Yin and Yang聽||聽Fantasy | Romance
Canvas Series Not Updated in a While
Ava and Bird || Romance | Slice of life
Avril The Divine Being || Fantasy | Romance
Bunny Problem (GL) || Romance | Slice of life
Dice Love || Romance | Slice of life
Her and Her (GL)聽||聽Romance | Comedy
Hookteeth || Romance | Sci-fi
Let's Meet Again (GL) || Romance | Fantasy
My Lady Artemisia || Romance | Fantasy
Part of Our Love Story || Romance | Heartwarming
Princess 脳 Pistolier || Fantasy | Romance
Skater鈥檚 Serendipity (GL) || Romance | Sports
Spellbound聽||聽Drama | Romance
Straight Up Awake (GL) || Thriller | Romance
Till She Met Her (GL) || Supernatural | Comedy
The Black Office || Romance | Drama 鉂わ笍
The Girl That Can't Get a Girlfriend聽||聽Romance | Comedy
The Magpie || Drama | Horror
The Sea in You || Fantasy | Slice of life 鉂わ笍
Canvas Series Coming to Originals
6th掳 || Action | Fantasy
CONSOLE HER || Romance | Drama 鉂わ笍
Fist Wielder || Fantasy | Action
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By Miranda Mundt
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Hey everyone JK Rowling is trending. This is your friendly reminder that there is a better story about witches that live in a world parallel to our own that you can read and do the opposite of supporting her bullshit rhetoric. It's called Muted, by Miranda Mundt, and it's on webtoons.
If there are any other stories about magical representation that others can share, please reblog, and remember to not watch the new movie about dumb door.
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Look who finally arrived! My Siren plushie just got here this morning and he is just as wonderful as the two that arrived before him. Looks like my Camille is going to be third wheeling for now on. At least she has Toben
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Happy Pride month from Jasper & Kai! 馃寛
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catch a breath viii by hannesflo
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
鈾 Heartstopper icons 鈾
鈾 feel free to use! 鈾
no credit needed, but likes and reblogs are appreciated!!
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Dendro! From the webcomic Muted!
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Yume 2kki - Viridian Wetlands (...hello funny looking dog)
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~ Blue and Silver ~
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wow i鈥檓 gay
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