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#mutual aid
rankstrangers · 10 hours ago
Help a black trans woman fight breast cancer
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
From Instagram. Tomorrow Valentino is a 50 year-old trans woman struggling with breast cancer. She can’t pay for treatment off of the sex work she does, so THC (Trans Housing Coalition) is asking for donations to her treatment fund. (Click the purple link for more info)
Cashapp: $OTY7
Venmo: Tomorrow-Valentino
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Tw: domestic abuse victim
Cashapp: gtina32
PayPal: LINK
(If you ever see this again, This is a new post as I have to remake it because someone messaged me my updates is a bit confusing.please boost thanks!)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is super embarrassing for me to do but I’m literally stuck and desperate right now.
I’m 3months pregnant and have a 3yr old. My now ex fiancé of 9 years just went to jail for abusing me and wrecking our house. He was already on probation for the same thing years ago. But yesterday he broke. And did as well today.
I took my son and left and he went to jail. I was a stay at home mom. my pregnancy been so sick and so I haven’t been working much. I told my landlord I’d be late on rent for this coming month. But my cell/ trash is due today and it’s 60$. And my last payment on my mattress is coming up soon and My account will go negative as it comes straight out. Other bills aren’t really due till the end of the month and I can figure those out later. But any help financially is what I’m asking as I barely have food in the house and I’m trying to find a job but either way it’ll take 2weeks to get a first check. My ex took the last 200$ we had with him and left us with none. I really could use any support or any knowledge on any help I can get for what I’m going through. Thank u.
I don’t really know what to do right now. (I’ve added as much proof as I can. I don’t really have proof of phone and trash as I pay my sister cause it’s on her account. But I have proof of my last payments to her.) please no negativity. I’m going through a lot of stress.
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dualkri · a day ago
I got kicked in the face by a horse and I'm missing teeth
I'm in the hospital now but if you guys wouldn't mind helping me to make up for lost pay and help me cover any dental bills my employer won't cover
Plus my housing situation is quickly closing in on me and I need to find a place to live
Anything helps.
I'm really sorry to do this.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Edit: my jaw is broken and I need to see an oral surgeon, I'm on a liquid only diet, I need money for food if anything
Edit 2: I have 8 broken teeth and I lost a molar, I'm home right now and have a consultation with an oral surgeon on Monday. I'm potentially moving in with my parents and need to find an attorney just because of Colorado workman's comp claims. Thank you to everyone who's donated so far.
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clickbaitcowboy · a day ago
Hey everyone! I’m currently moving into a new apartment (9/18/21)
With moving I wont have my setup and I won’t be able to get work done for the upcoming weeks. If you like what I do and would like to support me, here are a couple of links that really help me out!
PATREON 🎨: My Patreon consists of sketchbook pages, speedpaints, art tutorials and free brushes/textures. I currently have 3 tiers available from $4-$12.
NSFW PATREON 🔞(18+): This Patreon consists of my NSFW sketchbook pages/paintings. I currently have 3 tiers ranging from $4-$15.
GUMROAD 💲: I currently have 6 content packs available on Gumroad ranging from $2-$15 (Sketchbooks, brushes, handmade texture packs)
Not interested in buying products or just want to toss a couple of bucks my way? I have a Ko-Fi as well 🤠
Tumblr media
I know not everyone can support me in a monetary fashion, thank you so much for even looking at this post. I appreciate every kind of support ♥
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shinysinistea · a day ago
i’m so sorry i know i have another post up but we really need help affording our car insurance bill. we’re homeless so we really, really can’t risk being caught without it. it’s $120 and will come out of the bank on monday. i thought we’d have enough but it’s been a bad month and we had to use that money to survive. any amount helps a lot, please reblog if you’re able to. thank you so much.
p*ypal c*shapp v*nmo
41 / 120 (thank you so much !!)
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insectchan · 8 hours ago
guys kind of an emergency I am homeless and trans still but also desperately need food and money for my meds so if someone could spare me some ASAP I’d appreciate it so much
v*nmo: yuckybugsnax 💰app: $insectchan
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wujimp3s · a day ago
Can someone send me $50 so I can get groceries that’ll last me until my food stamps come in Monday? My brother took what was left of my food so I have nothing to eat (please send someone you trust otherwise it’ll be put on hold)
Cashapp: $catmom934
Venmo: @catmom934
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tpwk-kyle · 2 days ago
I’m ill and need help to afford medical equipment
Hi, I’m a 25 year old trans man who has a rare fatal form of multiple sclerosis. I need an air bed that is specially designed to relieve pressure sores because I’m bedridden now. The bed is $5.5k, this includes the railings, mattress and bed frame. I also need a table that goes over the bed in order to put my cocktail of medications and other stuff. That’s about $160 plus tax.
This past year has soo hard for me because I have seen such a decline in what I can do. I went from walking full time to being a full time wheelchair user.
Please boost this.
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ableistlanguage · 2 days ago
Hi everypony me n my partner both lost our glasses and are having to get new ones and we need like $100 that we don't have to be able to pay for cherry's and she will not be able to get them till we can pay the rest of the price in full so if anyone wants to take pity on a couple of very visually impaired bisexuals please consider signal boosting this or donating and cashapp is $bmezzo
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bombnails · 2 days ago
Help a Black Transfemme with Safety!
Tumblr media
A black transfemme was robbed at gunpoint while she was home alone. They took everything that was electronically valuable: 2 laptops, all her money, her wallet, the tips she earned the previous night, along with her piece of mind. She needs help with moving funds. If you can do so please share and donate to her directly:
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heldholy · 2 days ago
hi everyone.   within the past two weeks i have lost both of my grandmas and my dog, and culminated both vet, ER, and cremation bills.  as all of these were extremely sudden and back to back, my family has been put into a position of debt and my mental health has dropped considerably. i am also trying to fund my flight to washington to be able to go to my grandma’s funeral  (which will be around 300-400 USD alone). i do graphic design commissions full time, and emergency commissions are open over at @leasrph as well as on my website here.   donations are also open for those kind enough to help out, and for those who cannot even a reblog is helpful. thank you
paypal  link
cashapp:    $leayoshi
venmo:    leaam
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nyahbaee · 14 hours ago
Are you prioritizing Black Trans voices ? If not you may owe me and my sisters some financial compensation
It is time to pay it forward 🤝 I have actively used my platform to spread so much needed knowledge/information to everyone who needs it. I will always provide my insight when it comes to decolonizing our minds. Working on anti-racism is tough but it is what I love to do. I love teaching. I love representing black trans women. I am always more than happy to educate anybody privately or massively on any topics they need . Ofc I will need to be funded for my time and energy.
RIGHT NOW I am calling on my community to help me out.
I- We are in dire need to have this need be met. My family and I funds are plummeting. It is getting to a point where I can only turn to my community.
We are less than 2 days away from moving into our new place and we need this ask to met before September 20th 2021 !!
As always I want to thank everyone for all the help my family and I have received. Please continue to like,share, donate, comment and boost !!
Venmo: jmiami35
Cashapp: ny21x
Tumblr media
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bigendr · 15 hours ago
hi loves, my close friend venus just started a gofundme for her bottom surgery! if u guys could share or donate that would be so helpful💞
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demonnoid · 7 hours ago
Homeless LGBTQ family in need!
Tumblr media
Hello everyone,
So my small LGBTQ family and I have been homeless for 10 months. Our unemployment benefits have dried up and we could use assistance paying for cheap motel rooms and food. Any help is appreciated, including boosts. Thank you all for your support.
Venmo: @Elsa-Leon-89
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guu · 2 days ago
( 9 /17 )
Things aren't working out like i hoped setting up commissions and we need money ASAP
i’ll make this short: I’m a trans man solely supporting my kids financially thru doordash. with the rise in gas prices, what i make a week is barely keeping us above water when i need to throw 30 in the tank at Least twice a week.
you can commission me (DM here or art blog) [link to commission post]
i’m also selling some OCs [link to post] and plan to add more, so check em out if you’re interested!
but rn we really need some money coming in badly, bc our bank which was meant to handle rent and bills only has 100 in it.
i want to at least assure rent is covered before the 1st so there’s no rushing panic.
[ p*ypal link ]
v*nmo: kashebu
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politicsofcanada · 2 days ago
hi! in light of the upcoming election, I have something to say.
I believe that voting is important. if you can vote, vote. I also believe that our system is oppressive and colonial. if you think that activism starts and ends with voting, you don't know what activism means. if you think that voting will bring about decolonization, you don't know what decolonization is. if you think voting will bring about police abolition or prison abolition, you don't know what those entail. if you think voting can end capitalism, you don't understand how our system works.
voting, however important, brings about incremental change. while that is better than no change, it is not enough. community organizing, mutual aid, protests, blockades, etc. are essential to creating the kind of change that politicians will never do.
voting is not now, nor has it ever been, enough.
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chenoahchantel · a day ago
I honestly dislike getting on here to ask for money because I don’t have many followers and my posts don’t gain that much traction but I need some help.
I have some cavities that need to be filled that I keep putting off because I don’t have the extra money. And they are starting to REALLY HURT. If you’ve ever experienced tooth pain, you know that it’s The Worst.
I have two cavities between my teeth (floss regularly people!) which means I have to get 4 fillings. I first found out in December 2020 after I got my X-rays done and my dentist recommended getting this taken care of immediately but I have not been able to afford it. My dentist makes you pay the whole balance before you leave and I just don’t have the amount to cover it.
The estimate back then was close to $400 but that is going to be more now since I have to meet my deductible again because it’s a new year plus I know the cavities are worse so it’s gonna be more. I’m trying to raise at least $550 as soon as possible.
If you don’t have anything to give I completely understand but it would mean so much to me if you could share this post to help it reach more people who may have something to give. Also, don’t be afraid to give $1 if that’s all you have, any kindness counts and makes a big difference. Thanks to everyone in advance for sharing or donating.
Cashapp : $ChenoahChantel
Venmo : @ChenoahChantel
Paypal : @ChenoahChantel
PayPal Link :
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Tumblr media
LAST POST LOST TRACTION. 8/14 my paycheck was returned and overdrafted my account. i told my boss and they said it was okay to try to redeposit or recash my check and it was declined again. i know this an issue that i need to deal with my employer and i’m working on it - but in the meantime my account was charged $84 worth of fees because of this failed deposit and is now overdrawn over $400 between the paycheck and the fees. the bank only refunded $12 of the $84 charged when i called. until i get this situation worked out, i literally have no available funds and i need money for gas and food. any help would be greatly appreciated. please reblog and signal boost and donate if you can. thank you as always from your local broke bi latina turned ebeggar 😞 the struggle continues!!
paypal: click here or @ellaviq
venmo: @ellaviq
cashapp: $ellaviq
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intersex-support · 2 days ago
Hi there! I don’t have too many followers so I hope it’s alright to submit this here… I’m an intersex Jew and my partner is an immunocompromised Mexican trans guy, we are both neurodivergent, disabled, and have been unemployed due to the pandemic since March 2020. It’s that time of year again in this corner of the US where (on top of fires) the risk of extended power outages is basically a certainty. We both have Sleep Apnea and really don’t want to go through another season where the power goes out for weeks and leaves us unable to use our CPAPs. We are hoping to buy two emergency generators for this reason, but it’s just not affordable for us rn. I know there are so many folks in need out there so it’s hard for me to ask for this, but it would really bring us some peace of mind to know we’d be able to rest a little easier this winter so that we might have the energy to share our resources, too. xoxo Venmo: @fishbug
PIease help them out!
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honted · a day ago
hi I'm dying of being broke and stressed after spending thousands of dollars on my dog, if u could share and give anything I'd really appreciate it
Tumblr media
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