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passionpeachy · 9 hours ago
It’s getting cold again and I’d appreciate if anyone could spare donations to my birth city’s community fridge. 95% of the community is Latino since it’s a border city. It also has the highest concentrated poverty rate in all of Texas. Its needs tend to get ignored, even during the 2021 power crisis, so literally anything helps.
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eclogues · a day ago
Pls help lol I still have hives & my other post isn’t getting any donations anymore
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Venmo: stdawns
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latiosites · a day ago
i’m sorry but can me and my mom get help making some money so we can eat + get some other essentials? we’re homeless and kinda broke right now. thank you. 
p*ypal v*nmo c*shapp
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chiromantka · 2 days ago
sooo i’m in desperate need of money i’m running out of my meds (they’ll last for this week only) and i need to visit my psychiatrist but i can’t afford both of them since i need to pay off my uni too (unfortunately) so please boost my post and donate if u can pls plssss it’s urgent
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nocturan · a day ago
Hi everyone,
As is to be expected, I suppose, I am still greatly struggling. I am still only halfway to my goal to fund my operations. But for today's update, I humbly ask for your help with something non-medical related. There was a pipe burst and major water leak in my living room; so bad that I had to call a company to come fix and repair the flooring that got soaked through.
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This is a bill for several hundred dollars that I was not expecting whatsoever. Any amount helps, and I truly hope you all are doing well. Thank you all for your continued support and kindness 🤍 Links below ↓
GoFundMe | PayPal | CashApp | Venmo
@were-ralph @ororomunroedontpullout @that-twink-over-there @one-time-i-dreamt @dreampai @dropitlowbandit @derryredacted @jacobgalapagos @anime-penis
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negreaux · a day ago
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It’s me, your bitch Victoria yet again asking for money to get to and from Walmart to get the meds that were sent into the pharmacy for me. I haven’t slept for more than 45 minutes at a time since Thursday.
I probably need $18 total for Uber/Lyft
Cash app: $negreaux
Venmo: negreaux
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cydonian-mystery · a day ago
Emergency Donations Requested
I'm very sorry to do this again, but it's one of those unplanned crises.
The starter in my parents' truck went out, and we need around $200 to cover the replacement. This vehicle is the only way our family has to get around.
We have no public transportation in our town after they voted down funding for CATS a few years ago. I'm also chronically ill and cycling just isn't an option in my condition, nor is it an option for my parents as they are elderly and have limited mobility themselves.
If we don't have our vehicle running, then we are flat out stranded.
Please consider donating, or boosting if you can.
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rogue-of-void · 20 hours ago
hi guys this is a remake of my previous donation post because, surprise, i do... actually need help. im going to college this fall and i need to pay a $500 fee by May to be able to actually register for classes so... if you could help out a young trans black teen thatd be fantastic.
my paypal is here. any little bit, even reblogs help. thank you :)
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thatdiabolicalfeminist · 7 hours ago
Help Maire? Jan 25, 2021
Maire had a great appointment last week with her new surgeon and he says he will get her in within 3-6 months for the surgery she needs! His notes will also hopefully be helpful with her disability appeal - what a difference it makes to see a doctor who cares!
Once she’s recovered from the surgery Maire is very hopeful that she can work again, and very eager to do so!
In the meantime, though, Maire is still very sick and frequently bedridden by extreme pain and completely unable to work. Dona tions are keeping her alive, and it’s time to try to raise enough for her to get through the next month.
She sent me the following list of her needs for the next month or so: cat food, litter, pads, and treats - $100 storage - $120 meds - ~$190 doordash subscription - $10/mo doordash groceries - $50-100 sanity saving entertainment - $23 = about $500-550 for the next month
If you’d like to help Maire get by for another month, please share her gfm or reblog this post! If you’re a financially secure adult, please consider dona ting anything - even a dollar makes a huge difference.
For more information about Maire’s situation, you can check out her gfm! She hasn’t recovered enough from last week’s appointment to have an update up yet, but she hopes to soon, and it has a lot of general information about her situation.
Maire’s gfm: https://gofund.me/0799702d PayPaI: @MaireGrupp (or maire114 at gmail dot com) Venm0: @Maire114 C@$h app: MaryBear23
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biracialpercy · 2 days ago
Hi, I'm Achilles and I'm a transmasc demiboy 16 year old currently trying to raise money to get binders to help with chest dysphoria, the fundraiser lasts for 11 more days so I would really appreciate if you could either donate or boost this maybe even tag popular queer blogs to get out there, thanks a bunch!!!
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noisewitch · 2 days ago
posted: 1/23/2022
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I hate to make another post like this, but I'm still really struggling to find work (despite applying to a ton of places that just never seem to go anywhere) and I have a bunch of bills coming up + need money for groceries and my meds, and I literally have 7 dollars in my account. If anyone could help out I'd really appreciate it again. I hate asking for help all the time but I just literally cannot afford anything until one of these places hire me. I'm gonna set the goal for like $300 but honestly even $100 would help a LOT right now with just keeping my wife and I afloat until SOMETHING happens job-wise
V*nmo/C*shapp: noisewitch P*ypal: crornosky@gmail.com $0 / $300
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josiebean42 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Mutual aid to the Pine Ridge reservation, incredibly good for us to finally start giving back!
We're doing this project for the foreseeable future so please share and donate if you can!
https://t.co/HbS0Kk5DkG for cash donations directly to indigenous families
https://t.co/jsDBTm4Nex to purchase wishlist items that will be distributed on the reservation
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fruitalitie · 2 days ago
HAHA UUM... I JUST GOT THIS EMAIL....im unemployed still nobody is responding to my emails idk what to do anymore hfhdjdbs HELP
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its not life or death or anything, but i would like to not be $30 in the red while ive applied to every job I'm able to do w/o a reply in months :')
so if u wanna help out a cool bisexual disabled trans Guy Of Color...id appreciate it
p*ypal: .me/AEGA
ask for v*nm0e!
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totalspiffage · 2 hours ago
A friend of mine had a very unexpected stroke on Sunday and is yet to regain consciousness although the prognosis is good so far. Her and her husband will be needing help for the medical expenses, it would be very appreciated if others could share this and spread the word!
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coldspellwizard · a day ago
Pals I am in major shit again. My disability income was approved, but I get $724 total for the entire month. That doesn't even cover all of rent (thank god for my partners ability to work) and I'm not allowed to have any savings.
My vans tires all need to be replaced but the front on the passenger side is totally flat and will only stay inflated for very short trips. This van is my main transport to all of my appointments, to get my partner to work, and the only vehicle in the family that my wheelchair will fit in. The tire place gave me a quote of $130/tire.
I'm also getting slapped with a massive medical bill from my last round of scopes that I can't pay. I'll eventually have medicaid coverage, but not until late April. It's on it's final notice, due on January 30th.
I'm stuck in the negatives and am gonna keep getting overdraft fees until it's not.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I don't like having to ebeg, but the systems rigged against us and we don't have any other choice. Literally anything helps
I've been a SWer for 5ish years and am able to sell content
I ALSO custom decorate mobility aids. Bedazzling n things if that tickles anyones fancy.
My partners c*shapp is $Belushi666.
Everything possible has to go through their account because too much money going through mine will fuck up my disability payments. I have a venmo also, so dm me for it but yeah
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blackteelester · 2 days ago
I really need some help!! Please consider reading and donating if you possibly can. Oh and a share of this post would be great! Thank you ❤
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hardisonparker · 2 days ago
semi urgent car work
so..here i am again 😬😬😬
im a disabled dyke who relies heavily on my car and things are about to be a problem
i knew i had some car maintenance coming up but i was praying that it would be able to hold out until my tax returns came in but it looks like that’s not going to happen. i’ve been quoted several hundred dollars of work, most of it urgent (brakes in particular)
the only good news is that my dad said he might would be willing to do my breaks for me (he is a mechanic) which would save me a couple of hundred dollars. i’m trying not to rely on this as he is a little unreliable and i don’t know when he would be able to make the trip down here. if he does come down i can probably have him do the filter and battery for me too.
i’m not trying to raise all of this, some of it i’ll put on credit and just like, pay off when my tax returns come in
but i’d like to get as much for my breaks as i can, bc i probably have less than 1,000 miles before they become a major problem
total quoted work is $819, but even $300 would be a dream
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v*nmo is hardisonparker
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kakashibestie · 8 hours ago
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ok my last post just died but i checked my bank acct this morning only to find a negative balance and i wont get paid until next monday so if any of u guys have anything to donate so i can have cash on me for the rest of the week i'd appreciate it!!!
p*ypal link
email if the link doesn't work: one.direction.rocks4me@gmail.com
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sentient-cloud · 9 hours ago
Hi, it’s me again. I get paid on the 4th but we missed one of our $500 a week deals with our landlord and now he is asking for $1,000 by Sunday 1/30/22. We also need money to keep our electricity from being shut off. I am trying to take out one of those advance tax loans to get my tax return back now to give him, but I’m genuinely unsure if I will get approved, and even then this will not cover the pay. If I could get anything it would really help. I’m so sorry to keep making these, I promise I am trying very hard to get back on my feet and I really dislike doing this, genuinely, but I can’t comprehend of anything else I can do.
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hollywritin · 2 days ago
Hello there. Unfortunately, I could use some help again. This is not urgent, but things have been a bit tight this month and could use some help paying for some everyday needs and bills before rent puts a chonky dent in my finances, and nearly all my savings went to rent the past several months. I’m getting by, but it’s a bit tough right now. This tough situation won’t last long, but in the meantime I could use a little assistance.
P*yp*l: bircjosta
C*sh*pp: bircjosta
V*nm*: HollyBroWoo
As always, thanks for reading 💖
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