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i-cant-sing · a day ago
I KNEW YORIICHI WAS Y/N'S FATHER!!!!!!!!!! i suspected, but reading it... what a shock
And he'd be such a good father too, contrary to what Muzan believed. Sure, Yoriichi definitely was gonna force Muzan to live like a woman for the rest of his life and he most likely would've punished Muzan for a lot of things, but Yoriichi would've been a total softie for you.
Yoriichi would've been rough with Muzan, both in and out of bed, but he would've played the role of a loving father to you, and a nice husband to your mom.
Muzan would have had to constantly walk around on eggshells with Yoriichi, because while Yoriichi appeared to be calm and collected, he would've bent Muzan over the nearest surface and made his legs all woby for the month as soon as you were out of sight.
And the worst thing is... Muzan would've liked it. He would've fallen in love with Yoriichi and all his punishments, would've fallen to his knees at the snap of his fingers and be the submissive partner Yoriichi needed. And Muzan did not want that. He did not want to lose his power and reign as the demon king, just to play house with yall.
Funny thing is that Yoriichi loved Muzan (in his own weird way) and it wouldn't be wrong to say he was a yandere for you and Muzan. And if Muzan had stayed, you probably would've grown up with two loving parents and not face any of the terrible stuff you do now.
So in short, Yoriichi was a low key sadist, and Muzan was a low key masochist and the two would've made a power couple and you would've been SPOILED rotten with them as your parents💖💖
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o3o-aya · 21 hours ago
So Muzan is from the Heian period correct?? Which means he was born between 794 AD – 1185-
So he lived through all these historical events-
But when it got to the shit the Americans did- All I can imagine is him as this image when he finds out about all the wack shit they did
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lady-muzan-supremacy · 2 days ago
i was looking through @cricketsjunk ‘s post (fucking hilarious shit) and there was one about if demons can die from wisteria
i present to you my 4 am crack shit with y/n, the demon slayer vs muzan, the one they fell for
- im not making you
- im really not
- i can see that
• FUCK THIS I CANT DO IT *yeets sword to the side*
kokushibou: *nonchalantly* ow my foot
- great job you just impaled his foot
• *rubs wisteria on his foot*
- *witnessing this chaos*
kokushibou was then covered head to toe in what can only be described as hairy demon cysts. let this be a lesson to all you young demon slayers out there with a soft spot for a certain demon-
rubbing wisteria on their wounds does not help
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cathianemelian · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
I'm not obsessed with him at all
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byunminho · a month ago
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kakuusei · a month ago
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What I want is for the Demon Slayer Corps to be annihilated. You boast of having killed a Hashira but there were three other demon slayers there.
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kyojuuros · 6 months ago
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Kimetsu no Yaiba BD Covers || Vol. 1-11 + Mugen Ressha Hen
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I want them to sandwich me
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sakusbo · 8 months ago
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good morning demon slayer community
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makiema · 11 months ago
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Kimetsu no Yaiba  ✰  Season 2  PV
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i-cant-sing · 2 days ago
This is an image of me. Idk I wanna submit it
Tumblr media
Bestie, you is so brave for sending your own pic, especially one that looks like this. I know you a hot bitch now😩
This is probably Kamado reader's reaction to finding out that Muzan was actually pregnant with her. BUT BUT she also finds out who Muzan slept with to conceive you.
It's Yoriichi.
Okay but shutup, it makes total sense. Like Muzan had shape shifted into a lady and was gonna kill Yoriichi, but then Yoriichi gave Muzan one of the best Ds of his life.
Like Muzan is super mad and traumatised from Yoriichi because hes been the only person ever to dom Muzan, and Muzan did not like that change in power. That's why he's been getting all those flashbacks of Yoriichi. So, when Muzan got pregnant with you, he ran 🏃‍♂️ for his life. Cause he knew that Yoriichi would either kill Muzan and raise you all alone, or force him to become a subservient housewife, forever to act like a human and raise you as a human child.
Anyways, Yoriichi chased after Muzan cause he in love, and then he finds out that he gave birth to you and it turns out that Muzan was right. Yoriichi was gonna force him to live like a housewife and raise you, and Muzan did not want that. So, Muzan had to very regrettably leave you behind to escape Yoriichi. And then Yoriichi took you in, raised you for as long as he could, which meant that you were a hundred year old baby for quite some time before he died and gave you to Kamado Clan.
Or maybe you were in hibernation, cause you're a demon hybrid and that's possible for you😩 And maybe Tanjuro Kamado found you in the woods, a baby sleeping her ass off and thought you were abandoned and took you in. Whatever scenario helps you sleep better💖
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cherub-corre · 3 months ago
Soft Upper/lower Moons headcanons
AN: Any art/gif found in my post that does not have my name does not belong to me! If you wish for it to be removed I will remove it
Muzan Kibutsuji
Tumblr media
-This man has lived for a thousand years and never in his eternal life would he believe he was in love. Until you came around to mess up his feelings.
-As soon as he's home the first thing he wants is your hugs. He has to work 24/7 and having some form of affection always made him feel somewhat human
-He likes being the small spoon for once. He loves to lay on your chest when he's home as he doesn't know when he'll be back.
-He's introduced you to both lower and upper moons as well, although you don't get to join his meetings as he doesn't want to 'taint' you from his punishments.
-You best believe he's going to spoil you, he doesn't care if you said no he will spoil you (and you better like it)
-He will eventually turn you into a demon as he doesn't want you to die like his many previous wives
Tumblr media
-He will turn into a puddle of incoherent words if you praise him. He's never been praised before so this will take him by surprise.
-He loves to play with your hands, you're so tiny in comparison to him and that makes you all the more cuter in his eyes.
-He does not trust leaving you alone with other demons if you are a human (aside from muzan), espcially with douma.
-He will carry stuff that belongs to you, it could be a ribbon or your earrings, he will keep that shit.
-Although he doesn't like to bring you in public spaces, (Mainly from the fact that you are a human and demons) he will carry you out to festivals for you to enjoy yourself.
-Eventually he will ask you if you wanted to become a demon that way you both could live happily and if you say yes, his spoiling will amplify to the max.
Tumblr media
-Douma was a lost cause when he first met you, you looked so innocent in comparison to the cruel world and he knew he had to keep you as his claimed trophy
-He purposefully leaves his shirts out in the open for you to wear them cause you looked so cute whenever you wore his shirts. They were much bigger than you.
-He knows fully well that if he carried you into a meeting they will kill you so he kept you at his place for now.
-If he notices any small behavioural changes in his servants after your appearance he will kill them. He doesn't like when they say such rude and disgusting remarks about you and he doesn't want you to be insecure about your selfworth.
Tumblr media
-Akaza was a philogynist, everyone knew that, he was well behaved whenever he was around women and was always a lady pleaser.
-So when you two started dating that amplified up to 50 percent. He would always check in on you, making sure you were well fed, listening to your rants and keeping you busy if you were bored with your normal stuff
-He also likes to craft little stuff for you, it could be a little wooden toy he recently made or even carry you gifts like flowers, or even a stuffed animal he obviously didn't stole.
-He loves it when you give him surprise hugs, it always made him feel somewhat content.
Tumblr media
Srry if I made him too ooc I've never read the manga
-Even though he does have a cruel nature he has a soft spot for you the most, You were his s/o and he loved you dearly
-He likes to carry you out into the forest for star-gazing or mess with people that went into the woods past midnight.
-Don't be surprised if your small stuff like jewellery or hairpins suddenly turn up missing, He likes to keep stuff that remind you of him
-He is rough around the edges in romance but you can't blame him, he's never felt any form of love from his human life.
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Muzan Kibutsuji fluffy headcanon
Tumblr media
Muzan is only truly gentle when you are alone.
Otherwise, it’s the kind of “I own this human so don’t touch them” love.
He will always keep you close when there are other demons.
He usually forces you to sit in his arms and stroke your hair.
But behind closed doors, Muzan can be really gentle.
His kisses are fantastic
They are usually long and passionate.
His hands also wander along your body.
If you are human you really don’t get much sleep at night.
Muzan makes sure you and he have a lot to “do” during the night.
( add nsfw part here )
Muzan doesn’t usually hold your hand.
Instead, he holds his hand over your neck so that you are between his hand and his body.
And you won't get out until he gives permission.
The only reason he lets you be human is that he really enjoys the feeling of power.
He really enjoys that feeling
Maybe even too much.
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dodush · a month ago
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Huevember days 1-10
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the-chikyuu-times · 2 months ago
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jupitereleven · a month ago
demon slayer ep. 10 season 2
(maybe some spoilers)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
okay i need to say something: SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL. (the demon)
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rin-haitani · a month ago
CHAPTER 73 & 74
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Don't be so frightened. An old body like yours doesn't taste good. I'm not going to eat something so hideous and filthy."
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tinaotaku · a month ago
yandere muzan with a bold daughter? 👀
Note: *sips tea* Yandere! Father! Muzan x Daughter! Reader
Author's POV
"Didn't I tell you to stop killing these poor demons, dad? How are we supposed to defeat the Demon Slayer Corps if we have a small number of demons left?" A young demoness said while putting her hands on her hips. Suddenly, the whole fortress went silent. However, the rest of the Lower Rank Demons blinked and gulped in hope.
At the edge of the room, the young demoness can be seen. Her long wavy black hair that shines under the moonlight can put any woman to shame. Her red eyes that she inherited from her father are sharp yet adorable. It could not be denied that the demoness is the child of the Demon Progenitor.
With her sudden appearance, Muzan lowered his guard and relaxed. It could be seen by his face that he loves the presence of his only child. With a soft tone, he asked, "(Y/n), dear, what are you doing here? I thought you were sleeping,"
The Lower Rank Demons secretly beg the princess to spare them from their death. By doing this, not only do they have a higher chance to survive, but they could also see the infamous demoness, Kibutsuji (Y/n).
Not going to lie, (Y/n) was popular amongst the Demon Slayer Corps and the Demon Realm itself. She was known to be cruel, sadistic, and evil. However, some of them disagree. Most of the time, (Y/n) is kind and an understanding demoness. This could be seen by (Y/n) stopping her father from killing some lowly demons.
(Y/n) think for a bit before shaking her head, replying with "I thought I told you our agreement about killing demons in the fortress. Their screams can be heard from my room. It would be better if you killed them quickly or just let them free," She sighed as she turned her eyes to the poor demons that had been kneeled from 3 hours ago.
Muzan on the other hand glared sharply. Although it was subtle, his eyes went smaller, and clenched his hand.
He hates it.
He hates it when HIS daughter ignores him for someone else.
He despised it when HIS daughter left him alone for hanging out with Akaza.
He loathes it when HIS daughter is playing make-up with Daki.
He detests it when HIS daughter is 'playing' outside and often forgets to go back home.
He insanely loves his daughter to death. Every inch of his daughter belongs to him and ONLY him alone. He hates sharing with another person. If he could, he would lock her in his room and make her look at him and ONLY him alone.
Knowing how his daughter's reaction and behaviors, he buried that plan deep inside his heart and continues to be a good dad for her. He forgets the agreement and decided to play it funny so his daughter could let this case pass.
"I apologize, dear," Muzan said with a fake frown. "Unfortunately, these stupid demons failed their mission and their penalty is nothing but death. I thought it would be great to play with them first but I overlooked an important part,"
(Y/n) kept her mouth shut and looked at her father. Somehow, Her emotions had stirred up from her father's response. She knows that her father loves her the most. He will remember every word she had said and did not dare to break any promises. Sadly, today has been a tiring day for her and all she wanted is a good night's sleep.
"Just let them free for my sake. I couldn't hear them screaming any longer! Do you know how much their screams had disturbed me from my beauty sleep?! This is a simple agreement and somehow you can't even remember my words. I'm so disappointed in you," (Y/n) spat in tiredness. As soon as she said that, she quickly turned her back and jumped to her room which is located on the outer side of the fortress.
Muzan hid his rage and waved to her daughter's back. "I hope you'll have a nice dream, my sweet (Y/n)"
When (Y/n) left the room, the temperature dropped. Muzan with an expressionless face is mad.
He is really mad.
Without another word, he killed all of the demons. With his eyes full of love, he licked the blood that stained his fingers.
"I'll make it up to you, daughter..."
Douma sighed while looking at the crazy demon. "When is he going to stop with this non-sense called love? He killed those Demons because they stalked Princess (Y/n) on the other day, right?"
Akaza also sighed in helplessness, "You should've seen his face when he talked about Princess (Y/n). All he did was praise her beauty and intelligence. It should not be called love but instead an obsession,"
"You're right," Daki replied in annoyance, "Though the princess is a smart lady, seems like she isn't educated about this kind of thing, huh?" The 'thing' that she mentioned is the differences between obsession and love.
The 3 of them sighed again.
All they could do is wait.
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themisslili · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello @totalistreborn you have made this ask on my old blog and well just perfect... We luv these bad good boys so... I was just obligated to do something about it!
Team Muzan x Reader (Headcanons)
How it is like dating them?
Tumblr media
Dating Koku is like experiencing heaven and hell.  Kokushibou doesn't like to be thwarted, so final decisions don't expect him to relent.  Destined to be a leader in both ways, on his family and higher moon raking he will guide you where he wants you to go.  But Kokushibou knows how to be tender when he wants to, after all, Yoriichi's flute stands as evidence in favor of the defense.  In your moments alone, Kokushibou has his strong hands caressing your face as he uses his super sense of sight to admire your whole being in passion.  You are like an artifact to be protected.  And I pity anyone who approaches you with the intention of stealing from the upper moon art gallery. 
Tumblr media
Dating Douma includes dialogues where he wants to know the reason for your low-spirited expression if you are sad.  Always with a wide smile he takes your face led by his fingers to look at the beautiful rainbow eyes he has, in an effort to put you up.  Douma doesn't skimp on expressions of affection, tight hugs, kisses, snuggles are frequent.  And even if you want something different from him, with a phenomenal eloquence without you realizing it, he will persuade you to be wherever his whims wills.  Gently drawing the lines of your face with his fan (without causing you any harm of course) as he talks, lots of shivers are traveling all over your skin, melting you right away, resulting in a total defenseless state. But don't worry, beloved, Douma it's a gentle lover. 
Tumblr media
Hmmm our wild baby boy... Dating Akaza is being on a roller coaster.  He likes to live intensely and will want you to participate in all occasions.  Akaza is chatty, you will have long conversations about different subjects.  Despite being very strong, and not dressed elegantly like the others in the top rankings, Akaza will be a true gentleman.  He will respect your wishes and desires, despite knowing how to use the charm he possesses very well to convince you that he knows what's best for both of you, yeah he always win at the end, sorry sweetie...  A half smile and you're on your knees and he didn't even have to clench his fists. 
Tumblr media
Well, dating Muzan wouldn't be like a roller coaster, it would be more like roller roulette.  He is capricious in the highest level.  But by being in a relationship with you it's definitely because now the emotions he's harbored * even against his will* have now grown considerably, as he can't help, he feels the need to keep you around, but in whatever rules he imposes, you have no choice.  It doesn't matter where and when you want to go.  It will only happen in his time.  But it's not all lost, Muzan knows how to express tenderness when he wants, he is experient, and it is not difficult to make you relaxing at the touch of the soft hands he has as he gives you a mischievous smirk as a fatal final coup . He is a busy man, so he uses the time as he pleases, and if the moment he chose to spend with you is interrupted by someone well...We know what's coming next.
Guys sometimes the hashtags just don't work, so tell me if you want be tagged. The ones who comment and reblog are angels ...
And the anon ask box are on. Hit me
And guys... @jnnibot @dracul-vadomni @that-one-weeb-buts-its-the-main @justheretoaskandread this is the new one :)
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leon-is-a-hoe-for-muzan · 2 months ago
:・゚✧:・゚✧ A/N : Alright. You asked for it and I am here to deliver. 
:・゚✧:・゚✧ Trigger warning : NSFW, tentacles, Triple penetration ( guess which holes those are ) , degradation, facial, cumflation, cream pie, just don’t read please. Minors fucked off. This is a repost.
indulging in or characterized by excessive indulgence in sex, alcohol, or drugs.
Tumblr media
“ I guess, I learned something new about you today.”
The dark-haired demon chuckled as he carefully glided his sharp claws against the jawline of the girl, on all fours, in front of him. Perhaps, if she was not so busy or if she did not have her mouth fully stuffed, she would have said something as a response. But alas, that was not the case. 
“ I must admit, you look good for a pathetic human.”
The demon said nonchalantly as he gripped her dainty little face, his nails buried deep onto hers until small crescents of blood formed on her [skin color] skin. Looking down at the girl who was diligently bobbing her head front and back, he smirked,
“ However, you look the best with my cock in your mouth.”
A whine escaped [Y/N]’s stuffed mouth when she felt a familiar presence of warm flesh on her sensitive area. Something wet and slimy was raiding her, yet it brought a sense of excitement. The [H/C] haired girl is very familiar with the unknown object that was slowly invading her private areas. After all, she has let that strange thing inside of her many many times. One could even say [Y/N] was obsessed with having it inside of her. 
The thing was no other than the notorious demon lord, Kibutsuji Muzan’s monstrous tentacles. 
“ A-ugh hmph ”
[Y/N] gasped lightly when she felt both of her openings in between her legs being stretched apart by the monster-like flesh. Before she could let out a proper moan, she was quickly stifled by the demon lord shoving his cock deeper into her mouth, thus, causing her [eye color] eyes to water as she inhaled sharply to keep calm. 
“ Do you like this? Do you like being treated like a fuck meat desperate to be fucked senseless? “
He growled as he traveled his hand to her head and forcefully grabbed a fistful of [H/C] hair. Jerking her head back and forth, he smiled at the girl who was too pleasure-filled to respond to his question, his tentacles moving in and out of both her cunt and anus. 
“ I assume it is a yes then.” 
Tightening his grip on the [H/C] locks, the demon king mumbled in the most sinister way with a crooked smile dancing on his pale lips. 
“ Well, the next thing I should do is to fill you up like a cum slut that you are. What do you think? ”
With a single rhythmic penetration in each of her holes, [Y/N]’s inner walls clenched down onto the slimy flesh of the tentacles, sending a wave of heavenly pleasure down to her core, causing her whole body to shudder. The electrifying ecstasy made [Y/N] to roll her eyes backward and almost caused her to lose balance. However, just before she fell onto the ground, Muzan grabbed her by her neck so she was still staying right up. 
“ Ah, ah, ah. You can’t pass out yet. Not before I finish.”
Once the last word of his sentence trailed off of his lips, Muzan thrust himself into [Y/N]’s pretty little mouth for one last time. With a low groan accompanied with inaudible curse words escaping his lips, the demon spilled his essence into her mouth, while his tentacles filled both of her holes with so much of his semen that it spilled out of her and caused her stomach to bulge a little.
Panting slightly, Muzan pulled his still rock-hard member out of [Y/N]’s mouth, spilling the sticky white liquid until it was smeared all over her nose, lips, and chin area while her holes were leaking with the same liquid. 
“ Swallow it all.” 
Muzan ordered as his slender index finger ran across her lips, wiping the spilled liquid and shoving the remaining fluid into her mouth. Pressing his thumb onto her [lip color] ones, he pried them apart to check whether she obliged to his order. Satisfied with what he sees, the demon caressed [Y/N]’s soft cheek, which was his way of asking the [H/C] haired girl to open her mouth once again. When she did so and took his whole length in, Muzan gave her delicate cheeks a small pat and grinned, 
“ Good girl. ”
And round 2 had begun.
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