#muzan kibutsuji x reader
what would yandere Muzan look like with a s/o who calls him Michael Jackson
Yandere Muzan Kibutsuji
Tumblr media
Muzan really hates Michael Jackson.
He just wanted to murder that other man.
You should only love and admire him.
At first, Muzan thinks you're crazy.
Of course, a lot of people think so when an unknown person hugs you suddenly and yells "Michael Jackson I knew you were alive."
Muzan quickly finds out that you are from another world.
This is the reason he is interested in you initially.
Muzan would like to explore your world and the people there.
So he wants to take over a world where there are no demon slayers.
We all know how owning Muzan can be.
So the knowledge that you like him just because he looks like Michael Jackson makes him want to murder someone.
But how to murder someone who has died in another world?
Muzan grits his teeth every time you call him Michael Jackson.
He will punish you every time you do so so you will probably quit quickly.
( Unless you are a masochist )
When you finally finish this Muzan will be happy.
Finally you know who you belong to.
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animeheadspace · 2 days ago
The Red Spider Lily, Chapter 3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
muzan x reader
summary: you wake up in a strange bed, in a strange room, in a strange house, unable to remember anything about your past life — muzan kibutsuji introduces himself to you as tsukihiko and decides to let you live in his house.
warnings: technically kidnapping, violence, human blood, human “meat”, probably muzan’s combat form in the future, some yandere tendencies like stalking and posessiveness, and i think that’s it?
Tumblr media
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 |
Tumblr media
when muzan saw you next, he was not pleased. every time he even glanced in your direction, you shifted your feet uncomfortably, suddenly finding the red walls more interesting than him, and your hands nervously twitched around the ring that he had found on your person when he had first turned you into a demon. 
he had hoped it would guide you to explain why you seemed to possess the knowledge of the sun-breathing style, and it didn’t. remembering the imposing nature of yorichii was all in vain then, and his expression became even more sour than it currently was. of course, it did not go unnoticed by you, whose nervous ticks increased as a result. 
you turned your head to the side, and muzan was met with a deep purple bruise on your human-looking skin from when he made you pass out. a scoff exited his mouth before he could stop it. 
you were an unskilled hashira he did not take long to defeat (save for hints of the sun-breathing style which surprised him), but you were an even worse demon. you could hardly heal yourself, much less stay awake throughout the night like a normal demon. everything about you was unorthodox. hell, you could hardly even think for yourself, yet still managed to abide by an invisible set of morals you weren’t even aware of having. 
muzan also couldn’t read your thoughts. while over the years he studied human expression well enough to comprehend intent, the very notion that a descendant from his sworn enemy’s line still managed to spite him made his blood physically boil. 
besides, tamayo was becoming an ever-present problem. he needed to understand her ability of evading his mind-reading as soon as possible, and you were the best pet to test on. 
he had every reason to use you in horrible, manipulative ways for his benefit. so why didn’t he? 
muzan shook his head, startling you again as you squeaked under your breath. any fucking motion he made was met with a slight fear underlying your newfound shyness. 
he hated it. for his sanity, he supposed his hatred was the reason he did not make you an experiment. 
you cleared your throat, which brought muzan’s attention to your neck. your goddamn necklace. that too was a failed attempt. disappointment rolled off of him in waves, and it made you falter. 
“tsukihiko-san…” you began, nervous racks wrecking through your body, clearly disrupting your line of thought. ah yes, the stupid alias he had given you in an attempt to not activate the killing curse he instilled in all demons who shared his blood. he was sure that the curse would not activate because you resembled more similarities with tamayo. so why didn’t he let you say his name?? his fists clenched. 
you glanced up at him, and while his posture screamed haughty annoyance, he had his eyebrow flung upward in an indication that he was at least willing to hear you speak. 
“i didn’t mean to disrespect you by not eating that meat. i am truly grateful for all that you provide us, and” you continued, only to pause after muzan lifted up his hand to make you close your mouth. 
nothing you had just said felt….genuine. he would never admit it, but he missed the innocent, naïve friendship you had carved out for him from before. your smiles were never full of malice nor blind devotion. they were just simply smiles. he missed the trust you had placed in him for asking the demons to talk with you (which made him feel an unpleasant sting but allowed for it nonetheless). it was refreshing almost. again, it was clear you meant no disrespect in not eating. he would allow you to make your own decision for now, but your absurdly formal, nervous style of speaking was something he viewed as even more disrespectful, ironically. 
he didn’t let you finish your sentence, turning around, and walking out the room with his hands in his pockets, leaving you to mull over your actions. 
you realized something about your personality after tsukihiko-san turned his back to round the corner of your hallway. you absolutely hated mulling over a mistake you had made. so, after pacing the floor of your room for an hour in zig-zag patterns, you set to organizing a dinner for him by yourself. 
setting the pots and the pans in front of the very confused servant in the kitchen, you explained that you wanted to express your gratitude to tsukihiko-san by making a special dinner for him. her eyes widened in surprise, and her eyebrows collided together, before a short, “yes” escaped her throat. 
you nodded in happiness – it was nice confirming that tsukihiko-san would in fact be staying the night here. 
as you set the fire, your spine suddenly straightened in surprise. you turned around dumbfounded at the servant who was also setting a fire on the opposite side of you. 
a soft, rushed breath took over you as you ran to encompass her body in your arms, squeezing her in an exuberance that overcame you to the point of tears.
she stiffened, but her muscles relaxed when you explained, “you spoke.” she nodded slightly. it was then when you realized that the woman-demon you interacted with on the daily seemed much older in age than you, and you smiled. yes, she did have many grandmother-like qualities. 
after a couple of hours, your dishes were completed, and you clapped your hands gently in happiness. removing your apron, you hurried to set up the dinner room, candles lit in abundance and placed the plates according to your liking. and then, while the servant took to inviting tsukihiko-san to the dinner and placing your food on the dinner table, you dressed yourself in the deepest maroon kimono you could find, completing your makeup and jewelry. you had to take a breath as your gaze passed through your pendant and your ring – those were familiar, you recited in your head. you didn’t understand why tsukihiko-san was drawn to it, but you felt comfortable wearing them. you slipped them onto your body and almost skipped down to the dinner room and plopping yourself down onto the soft cushion, patiently awaiting for tsukihiko-san to come. 
and when he arrived, you noticed how he took in the warm glow of the room, watched how his own spine straightened like tree bark. he wore his classic black full-sleeve and white pants, a fedora still crowning his head as his broad shoulders almost seemed to relax at the homely way you had arranged the room. the wrinkle in his exasperated forehead softened and became replaced with slight reverence and wonder, until his eyes met your own. 
your warm smile invited him in to sit in his spot, which he did, slowly and cautiously. there was a rising hesitance springing from each step he took, but then his gaze flew to the two plates set in front of you both, different than the buffet-style dinner before. 
reaching to his right to hold chopsticks, he took the first bite of the food, the meat simmering in his mouth, bursting with so much pleasure that his eyes grew lidden with awe. and you beamed at him. 
he didn’t look like he was used to such treatment. obviously, he came from old wealth – the gold lining almost all the rooms sparkled very boldly after all. but you had done something that pleasantly surprised him, something that he did not ask for, something that you had personally decided to organize because of your own good-naturedness. a warmth bubbled through you, making your smile even more radiant. 
but his enjoyment almost immediately soured once more as he noticed that you had split your own plate of meat into small pieces, leaning forward to place a bite into your mouth. 
“stop,” he murmured, learning forward and pulling down your forearm so your chopsticks remained on the plate instead. your confused eyes seemed to prompt some sort of reasoning from him. he sighed, shaking his head. 
“for now, y/n, i will not encourage you to eat. however, –” he began, but your soft voice cut him off. 
“i just wanted to do what –” but your own voice faltered upon sight of the glare that tsukihiko-san was giving to you. 
it was cold. it screamed to punish you, reaching into your soul to make you understand what you had done wrong. the glare washed over you, and your smile dropped instantly at his displeased expression. there was something fundamentally wrong, you realized, as almost every cell in your body encouraged you to kiss his shoes in apology for interrupting him. 
but when you started to move your head downward in a bow of apology, you noticed there was a small dot of red glaze on his nose. a small laugh forced itself out of you, and the spell you were under vanished instantly. 
it was definitely difficult to understand, much less predict his very bipolar nature. but at least you could confidently say that your own benevolent characteristics were steady. 
your comfortable smile stretched across your face at his furious expression, and spread even wider at tsukihiko-san’s eventual disbelief at your fearlessness. you grabbed your napkin and reached over to gently wipe his nose, your non-dominant hand resting on his jawline tenderly as you tilted his face slightly to ensure that you captured the liquid onto your napkin. 
his eyes had narrowed into slits by the time you straightened yourself back in your seat, your fingers moving to grab the chopsticks you had placed on the side of your plate. 
however, tsukihiko-san had other plans, once he blinked out of his own stupor. it was obvious he couldn’t believe that you had interrupted him and managed to break free of his piercing stare, but his objective remained the same. 
he took your plate, and pushed the meat onto his own, ensuring that every last drop of the sweet, warm glaze ended up on his plate. 
he then inconspicuously dropped your plate back in front of you, reveling in your own look of surprise as a more satisfied look crossed his own face. 
this time, you laughed. it was soft and quick, gracing the entire premise of the room. tsukihiko-san’s eyes closed at that, and while there was an aura of amusement at your display of happiness, his facial expression remained slightly thoughtful. 
“i didn’t mean to disrespect you,” you smiled, “not for not eating the meat nor interrupting you. I apologize if you still take any offense to my actions.” tsukihiko-san’s eyes widened as he stared at you, and then nodded, his usual apathetic, cold mask guiding his features back into place. 
your small chatter lifted the house through the entire night.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @fluffycinnamonrollxoxo ; @fandomwritrix​ ; @muzans-top​ ; and definitely @fabulouslyflamboyant5​ :) 
Tumblr media
a/n - next part is gonna have a lot of muzan’s pov lollllll :) feel free to send me a mesage or drop smth in my inbox if you want to be a part of my tag list!! 
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Giving muzan bj after hard day at work, plsssssss🙌🏼🫂
Full disclosure, I've never written about muzan, but the more I write about characters the better I get
Muzan is always tired when he gets home, dealing with his demons can be tiring. Having to make sure no demon slayers catch onto him makes things even more stressful.
Each and everyday he has to deal with finding new victims to become demons to replace the ones that were hunted and killed by the demon slayers. Often times he either has to personally go clean up whatever mess was made and finish whatever task was dealt, or find the right lower moon to assign the task to.
Then he has to go spend time with his fake human wife and daughter to appease them, as to not rise any suspicion. Of course they know he often goes off on long "business trips" but he has to send them money, and visit them every month or so all the same.
When all of these things have been piling up it can often be tiring for the demon, no matter how powerful he is.
On one of these days he's come home, pulled off his jacket and draped it over the bed and layed down, his legs stretched out, socks still on. Noticing how tired and stressed he looks you begin to crawl over to him.
Your head pops up from between his knees as you look across his body, his head is covered with his hat, his coat is lying beside him, and his arms are draped over his chest. You can tell he isn't asleep, he's just resting his body and mind for a few minutes.
Slowly you begin to unbutton and unzip his pants, gently pulling them down when you've finished. His cock is soft as pleasure has not yet filled his body. He gives a twitch as your warm breath hits his skin. He's completely aware of what you're doing, what you're planning, and he lets you continue, not giving any hint that he even cares. You admire that about him, he knows how to keep his cool, not letting anyone in on the thoughts he's having, if he's angry, happy, sad, or even feeling anything.
You begin by kissing him, lavishing his cock in attention and love. Your actions give him a spark of arousal, you can tell when you feel him twitch under your kisses. As he begins to grow, filling out with both length and thickness, you begin taking him into your mouth. You can feel as he slowly grows in your mouth, making it more and more difficult to contain him as time goes.
When he has fully filled out and your mouth can't take anymore he finally brings his hand to your head. His face is still covered as he begins to gently pet your head. His pretting encourages you to keep going, to take him as deep as you can. As you run your tongue along his skin you can feel the veins along his cock, feel the blood moving through his skin as it rushes to his cock. Your saliva is coating him, pooling on his skin, dripping down getting his clothing wet and soaking his skin.
Muzan finally decides to take action, gripping your head and moving you on his own accord. Pulling you up and down his cock, all while keeping his hat over his face and his calm composure. At first he's gentle, barely pulling and pushing, only doing just enough so that you get the message. But as he goes he get rougher and faster, using you as if you were just a puppet and your hair was your string.
Your scalp burns, tears are running down your cheeks, and your face is covered in drool. None of it matters tho, as muzan continues to use you. The only thing he cares about at the moment is his own pleasure, not the uncomfortable pain in your knees, or the burning of your scalp.
When he finishes he presses you down onto him, forcing himself as far into your mouth as you can take. Your mouth fills with cum, it drips from the sides of your mouth, and forces it's way down your throat.
As muzan pulls you off of him you gasp for breath, your face is a mass and you're panting. You don't notice muzan sitting up as you try to catch your breath and swallow the cum filling your mouth. You only notice as he begins wiping off your face, cleaning the mess that covers you.
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tinaotaku · a month ago
yandere muzan with a bold daughter? 👀
Note: *sips tea* Yandere! Father! Muzan x Daughter! Reader
Author's POV
"Didn't I tell you to stop killing these poor demons, dad? How are we supposed to defeat the Demon Slayer Corps if we have a small number of demons left?" A young demoness said while putting her hands on her hips. Suddenly, the whole fortress went silent. However, the rest of the Lower Rank Demons blinked and gulped in hope.
At the edge of the room, the young demoness can be seen. Her long wavy black hair that shines under the moonlight can put any woman to shame. Her red eyes that she inherited from her father are sharp yet adorable. It could not be denied that the demoness is the child of the Demon Progenitor.
With her sudden appearance, Muzan lowered his guard and relaxed. It could be seen by his face that he loves the presence of his only child. With a soft tone, he asked, "(Y/n), dear, what are you doing here? I thought you were sleeping,"
The Lower Rank Demons secretly beg the princess to spare them from their death. By doing this, not only do they have a higher chance to survive, but they could also see the infamous demoness, Kibutsuji (Y/n).
Not going to lie, (Y/n) was popular amongst the Demon Slayer Corps and the Demon Realm itself. She was known to be cruel, sadistic, and evil. However, some of them disagree. Most of the time, (Y/n) is kind and an understanding demoness. This could be seen by (Y/n) stopping her father from killing some lowly demons.
(Y/n) think for a bit before shaking her head, replying with "I thought I told you our agreement about killing demons in the fortress. Their screams can be heard from my room. It would be better if you killed them quickly or just let them free," She sighed as she turned her eyes to the poor demons that had been kneeled from 3 hours ago.
Muzan on the other hand glared sharply. Although it was subtle, his eyes went smaller, and clenched his hand.
He hates it.
He hates it when HIS daughter ignores him for someone else.
He despised it when HIS daughter left him alone for hanging out with Akaza.
He loathes it when HIS daughter is playing make-up with Daki.
He detests it when HIS daughter is 'playing' outside and often forgets to go back home.
He insanely loves his daughter to death. Every inch of his daughter belongs to him and ONLY him alone. He hates sharing with another person. If he could, he would lock her in his room and make her look at him and ONLY him alone.
Knowing how his daughter's reaction and behaviors, he buried that plan deep inside his heart and continues to be a good dad for her. He forgets the agreement and decided to play it funny so his daughter could let this case pass.
"I apologize, dear," Muzan said with a fake frown. "Unfortunately, these stupid demons failed their mission and their penalty is nothing but death. I thought it would be great to play with them first but I overlooked an important part,"
(Y/n) kept her mouth shut and looked at her father. Somehow, Her emotions had stirred up from her father's response. She knows that her father loves her the most. He will remember every word she had said and did not dare to break any promises. Sadly, today has been a tiring day for her and all she wanted is a good night's sleep.
"Just let them free for my sake. I couldn't hear them screaming any longer! Do you know how much their screams had disturbed me from my beauty sleep?! This is a simple agreement and somehow you can't even remember my words. I'm so disappointed in you," (Y/n) spat in tiredness. As soon as she said that, she quickly turned her back and jumped to her room which is located on the outer side of the fortress.
Muzan hid his rage and waved to her daughter's back. "I hope you'll have a nice dream, my sweet (Y/n)"
When (Y/n) left the room, the temperature dropped. Muzan with an expressionless face is mad.
He is really mad.
Without another word, he killed all of the demons. With his eyes full of love, he licked the blood that stained his fingers.
"I'll make it up to you, daughter..."
Douma sighed while looking at the crazy demon. "When is he going to stop with this non-sense called love? He killed those Demons because they stalked Princess (Y/n) on the other day, right?"
Akaza also sighed in helplessness, "You should've seen his face when he talked about Princess (Y/n). All he did was praise her beauty and intelligence. It should not be called love but instead an obsession,"
"You're right," Daki replied in annoyance, "Though the princess is a smart lady, seems like she isn't educated about this kind of thing, huh?" The 'thing' that she mentioned is the differences between obsession and love.
The 3 of them sighed again.
All they could do is wait.
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dumbdemonslayertexts · 4 months ago
Pairing: Muzan × Reader × Alucard
Warnings: clashing doms, alternate dom styles, not thoroughly proofread, i actually don't know what to put here BUT I HAD TO GET THIS OUT
Dedicated to my fellow bot @leon-is-a-hoe-for-muzan
Tumblr media
"must you be so rough with her"
he was a vocal bassline for the dick being jackhammered into her center, leaving with rough squishes against your tender cervix. muzan had already made you cum twice from where you were perched on the counter-- now, every movement was making your body jolt; lighting struck up from the swollen, soaked flesh where he was stimulating you with his cock. from that spot down deep and your clit, it shot straight up your belly and into your brain, making your toes clench, your eyes roll.
alucard's voice was everything that the hips muzan were crashing into yours were not: gentle, low, purring, calm. as the demon king continued to throw them, throw his thrusts between your sensually plush, shaking thighs, your golden prince tasked himself with pampering your sweet body as it should have been. deep licks into your ear, tracing every curved pattern that shaped it to perfection... nips of his sharp teeth there and in-between, and to your neck where heat was wafting off you from your hot blood underneath... teasing you with torturously drawn out kisses to your lips, sinking his fangs into the lower, whispering praise before eating your moans into his skilled, soft mouth. his tongue was an even bigger tease than him, tasting every warm, wet texture that was hidden behind your lips. it drew along slowly, with deliberate intention. it was swirling against yours while he sucked, your supple lips cushioning each other and slipping together in perfect sync. his mouth demanded yours silently as yours sang its praises, and he made the chorus mount with his relocation to your breasts.
"if the little one couldn't handle my fuck," the demon lord said, making your clit throb, "she would not be mine." muzan answered adrien, but spoke to you, with his red eyes ablaze in threatening energy, daring you to even think of asking him to lessen his pace or his force. but your face was turned to the half-raced again soon after. 
"you're too quick to claim her solely to yourself... she belongs just as equally to me."
the blond retorted between sumptuous kisses, his golden stare lustfully in yours between each as he defended his rightful position.
your breaths had been mounting as they both passively bickered to themselves, hiccupped out of you in helpless whimpers. ecstasy drew about your face, and you broke between whatever shots they were sure to take at each other next. "i'm going to cum."
muzan let out a growl that should have belonged to a beast before increasing his brutal thrusts, claws digging into your pretty skin as the wet claps of your bodies intensified.
"yes, darling," alucard moans deeply, too. watching his lover orgasm twice already, and nearing a third, was making him achingly hard, and he kisses at a spot on your neck that made you suck in a ragged gasp. "cum for him, make him feel you strangle his cock." you mew from that on its own, and Adrien makes your pussy thump and beat even more when you heard his moan call you, "stunning thing."
just as you reach the highest point of your peak before the shuddering climax, he eases your face again, speaking against your shining wet mouth, "then i'll dominate your sinful little cunt properly."
he doesn't fight when muzan tears you away, clutching you in an iron grip, clenching your face with his hand to look directly into his.
"you won't ever look at anyone else when your pussy cums for me. never." he growls his command, "do not forget who i am."
you lose all semblance of sanity when your third orgasm takes you, drowning you in each shockwave.
Tumblr media
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dokoni-mo · 3 months ago
Right Person Wrong Time || Muzan Kibutsuji x F!Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Muzan wishes he could walk in the Sun.
SFW // Angst
Word Count: 3058
WARNINGS: major character death, canon typical violence, blood, crying, cursing, muzan being soft for one person only, SPOILERS for later on in the show/manga
A/N: this was sitting in my drafts for a while and i decided to finish it. i also didn't proofread, so i apologize for that
Muzan Kibutsuji never guessed that he would fall in love. With a human, nonetheless, he never guessed either.
He wasn't actively seeking love when he had met you. Rather, he was just looking for someone to quietly integrate himself into human society with. Someone he could at least tolerate, and that he could at least stomach to look at.
The world was filled with many, many ugly people.
You were not one of them.
You were beautiful to Muzan, perfect even. In this many years of roaming the earth, he had never seen someone who could rival his perfection as could you. You were kind, sweet, and always seemed to lighten up the room you walked into. When you were with Muzan, the warmth he felt reminded him of the Sun all those years go.
Warm, bright, comforting.
You were all of those to him.
When the two of you became an item, he was quick to pluck you from your humble, small merchant life and place you in the nicest of settings. Your house was far from society; a place for you and him to alienate yourselves from the filth that threatened to come into your lives. The house was just big enough for the two of you, but quite lavish and nice, with an even nicer garden made just for you in the back.
Your own personal slice of heaven you shared with the demon king.
Muzan had told you long ago of the truth; the truth about him and where he went in the night.
Despite your better judgement, you found it hard to care.
You loved Muzan.
Even if he was one stubborn son of a bitch.
"Muzan," you whined, pulling on the sleeve of his loose kimono, "you promised that you would spend the day with me."
Even though you knew what Muzan did when the was gone at night, and you knew that dealing with the moons was draining for him, it never stopped you from trying to buy his attention. No matter how much he groaned and sighed.
That morning was no different.
The demon lord leaned his proper, poised head towards you as he rubbed the bridge of his nose, letting out a deep hum.
"And I want to, my darling," he said to you, looking his deep, crimson eyes up from his favorite chair, "Just one more moment, alright?"
You pouted your lips down at Muzan, your brow furrowing.
"You said that an hour ago." You replied.
If you were anyone else, you would have been dead where you stood long ago. You were well aware of this, and often used it to your advantage.
Muzan let out a soft sigh.
"I know, I know, my love..." he breathed out, closing his eyes again and rubbing his temples, "Just... one more moment..."
Ordinarily, you would keep bothering the demon lord until you got what you wanted. But, seeing him there, so tired and so worn, you decided to show him some mercy. You let go of the sleeve of his Kimono and pressed a kiss to his cheek, making the corners of his mouth turn upwards just a tad.
"Fine," you said, reaching for his clawed hand and giving it a squeeze, "but I'm still going out. It's beautiful outside today, perfect for a walk."
Muzan let out a hum, using his free hand to cup your cheek, his deep crimson eyes looking into yours.
"You know how I feel about you going out on your lonesome, my angel." He said, nearly a whisper.
You turned your head, pressing a kiss into his palm.
"I know, I know," you assured him, "but it's morning. No one's gonna come after me in broad daylight."
"Hmm..." he grumbled, brushing a loose hair out of your face, "I suppose."
You giggled a bit at this, giving him one last peck on the cheek before heading over to the door.
"I'll be back before you know it," you told him, looking over your shoulder as you pressed your body against the door to your shared house, "I'll even make your favorite for dinner when I'm back."
Muzan smiled again at this, warmth behind his red eyes.
"I can hardly wait." he said.
Your smile grew.
"I love you, Muzan Kibutsuji."
"And I love you, (Y/N) Kibutsuji."
With that, you were gone.
As Muzan sensed the passage of the Sun across the sky, he grew increasingly more and more worried about you. He often found himself staring mindlessly at the door to your home, subconsciously telling himself that any minute, his lovely wife would be home again; and he would hold her again in his arms, marvel in her beauty once again, and pray that she would never leave his side again.
That moment never came. No matter how long he stared at the door.
Muzan was hardly ever worried about anything.
But when it came to you, it was a whole different ball park.
He tried his best to quell is worries with positive reassurance. He knew you were capable of taking care of yourself. You may be a human, and substantially weaker than he was, but you could still pack a punch or a kick if you wanted to. And, Muzan knew for a fact that another demon would never go after you. All of the other pawns were well aware of who their queen was, and what it meant to harm a hair on her head.
The demon king scowled at the mere thought of one of his underlings touching you.
Muzan also knew that you would never go too far. And, even if you did, it was easy to find your way back home. There was even still the last traces of daylight left in the sky. The demon lord knew that with the sun still out, you could safely and easily find your way back home.
But, even still, with all these factors combined; why weren't you home yet?
Did you really get lost? Were you out there, scared and alone?
Did he need to go looking for you? Send one of his trusted moons to go retrieve you?
Muzan brought his fingers to the space between his eyebrows, rubbing small circles into the flesh as he let a breath out through his nose.
No, no.
You were fine.
You had to be.
There was no way you weren't.
Deciding that sitting there worried wasn't going to do any good, the demon king decided to at least help you get started with the dinner. Pushing himself off his seat on the floor, Muzan made his way into your shared small kitchen.
Admittedly, the demon had no idea what to do when it came to the culinary arts. It was one of the few flaws that Muzan still had to his character, but one that he was willing to deal with, at least for the time being. You were just so able to make art with your cooking. Muzan didn't even like human food much, but because it was yours, it was pure perfection.
Almost made him miss his time as a human.
Figuring that there would be at least some rice to the meal, he reached in the cupboard for the bag you and him had purchased at the market the other day, careful not to spill it over like the last one.
Muzan smiled to himself softly as he remembered the way you laughed as you watched all the grains of rice scatter on the floor that day.
As Muzan set the bag of rice on the counter, his ears perked up at a sound coming from the back yard. Immediately, he felt his seven hearts start to beat quicker with excitement.
You were finally home.
Listening for a second longer, however, made his hearts sink.
Alongside the sound of your footsteps, there was two other sets following close behind you. Listening a second longer, he realized that you weren't walking at all.
You were being dragged.
The demon lord launched himself quickly to the door. With the blink of the eye, his hand was on the door, ready to dash out of the house and scoop you up in his arms.
He pausees before he can.
He clenches his jaw, widens his eyes.
He can't.
He can't go out there.
It was still light out.
On the other side of the door Muzan heard a loud clunk, as well as the faint sound of your cries.
You were out there.
In pain. Scared.
Muzan saw red.
"KIBUTSUJI!!" he heard a voice say. Male, human, Muzan quickly deduced.
"GET OUT HERE, KIBUTSUJI!!" He hard the human shout, this time more angry than the last.
"Muzan don't!" The demon lord heard you cry out, obvious fear and panic in your voice.
There was a loud crack in the air, followed by a vicious shut up by the human male.
Muzan furrowed his brow, the veins on his forehead bulging as he raked his claws against the wood of the door.
He hit you.
That filthy human dared to touch you.
It won't do.
It won't be tolerated.
Despite your wishes and Muzan's better judgement, the demon king flung open the door to your house, his teeth bared and his eyes glowing with rage. He briefly considered himself lucky; the doorway to your house shaded him from the sun during this time of day. But, upon seeing the sight before him, he considered himself the least fortunate being in Japan.
You were halfway on the ground, only being held up by your hair by one of the other humans with you. There were tears in your eyes, and you looked at him with nothing but worry and fear. Your kimono was dirty and tattered; cuts, bruises, and scrapes all over your legs and arms.
The human holding you up by your hair was a young-ish looking human male, with a human female on other side of you, about the same age as the male. They both wore black uniforms, with sword scabbards tucked into white belts.
Muzan felt his fingertips twitch in anger.
The male slayer grinned maliciously as he saw Muzan open up the door, seemingly unfazed by gazing upon the king of demons himself.
"Well, well," the slayer said, "Look who finally decided to join the party. And I was starting to think that you'd just let this food go to waste."
The male slayer pulled you up higher, making you yelp out in pain as you reached up to try and pry his hand from your hair.
Muzan growled deeply as he lurched forward in the doorway.
There was one thing and one thing only stopping him from ripping these two disgusting humans to shreds right then and there.
The sun.
The female slayer laughed, "What's wrong, Kibutsuji? Afraid of a little sunburn?"
Muzan growled again, baring his fangs as he raked his claws against the wood of the doorframe.
"You let her go NOW!" he shouted to them, "I order you! I'll destroy both you and everyone you love!!"
The male slayer seemed to be angered by this.
"You don't order us to do SHIT!" He shouted back, "Us humans don't have to listen to you!"
Muzan could feel his blood starting to boil. His vision was going red with rage, his body going hot for the first time in centuries.
Never before had Muzan felt so helpless. He couldn't go to you, and none of his moons were available for him to use as sacrifices to save you, nor would they be able to find this place in time.
Muzan was stuck between a rock and a hard place.
He hated it.
The demon lord didn't like you to see him like this. He liked to keep his demonic nature and blood demon art away from your eyes; he liked for you to just see the best of him.
Today, he could put that on hold.
Muzan, with white-hot rage in his veins, began to let his demon art loose. Long tendrils of flesh started to fly out of his person, raking against the inside of the doorframe. He knew that once this was over, you would give him grief about running the wood.
But now, he didn't care.
He only cared about getting you back safe in his arms.
The two slayers blinked in horror, and Muzan saw this as his chance.
"Leave NOW!!" he shouted at them, his eyes now glowing with crimson light, "If you lay ONE more hand on her you will PAY!!"
After a moment, the two slayers stood back into their ground, the male slayer's grip on your hair loosening. Muzan felt all of his hearts break as he watched you struggle to get away.
The sun was starting to set, and more shadows were creeping into the yard. If Muzan was careful, he could...
"No, Muzan! You can't! You'll die!" you called out to him, your fear still in your voice.
Muzan crept back into the safety of the door frame at your words, his eyes darting between your own and the two slayers.
You were in trouble.
Why wouldn't you let him save you?
The male slayer snickered to himself, and Muzan shot his gaze back to him.
"The lady's right, Kibutsuji," the slayer sneered, "You will die if you try and save her. Don't you see? That's the difference between demons and humans. We are perfectly able to do everything you cant."
Muzan growled, "You know nothing of what you speak. Leave. Now."
The male slayer glared.
"There you go again with your fucking orders," he sneered, "Don't you fucking get it? You can't order us around! You monster... incapable of thinking for anyone other than yourself. Is that why your little wife is here with us? Instead of in there? Because you just don't care about her? Because she's just food to you?"
The demon lord nearly hissed at the slayer's words.
"Let her GO!" Muzan shouted, banging his hand against the door frame, making it splinter off into every direction.
The male slayer laughed as he handed off your hair to the female slayer, making you let out a few cries of worry. Without a word, the male slayer put one hand on the scabbard of his sword. With this other hand on the hilt, he drew the blade out with a shing.
The sun was creeping farther down.
Not down enough.
"Whatever." the male said, "Even if she is just food to you, she's still worth something..."
The slayer turned to you.
Looked at you right in your fearful, teary eyes.
Muzan scratched and clawed more against the doorframe.
The slayer gripped his sword with both hands.
He lifted the handle above his head.
The blade was pointed right for your chest.
"She's worth wrecking your pride."
The blade goes through your chest.
Muzan's eyes go wide.
His demon art disappears.
He has to lean against the door frame.
The sun sinks behind the trees.
Shade casts over the yard.
Muzan can't move.
The blade comes back out, stained with your blood.
Muzan falls to his knees.
The female lets you go.
You fall to the grass.
The cool wind of autumn blows through the trees.
The slayer wipes the blood of his sword and sheathes it.
They both stare at you a moment longer.
They leave without looking back at Kibutsuji.
As soon as they're gone, Muzan lurches out of the door to go to you, your blood staining the green grass and flowers beneath you.
The demon king kneels beside you, lifing you into his arms.
You're dead before he can say goodbye.
For the first time that Muzan can remember, he feels wet, hot streaks of tears pour down his handsome face. Your blood is staining his kimono, but he doesn't care. He lifts up one of his clawed hands, brushing the hair out of your lifeless face.
He thinks back to this morning, how warm your smile was.
How sweet your kiss was.
How uplifting your laugh was.
He thinks back farther.
No longer will you bother him to spend time with you.
No longer will you stay up so late waiting for him return home.
No longer will you reminisce with him about your wedding day.
No longer will you make him his favorite foods.
No longer will you laugh at him for spilling the rice.
No longer will you.
Muzan's face contorts with this grief as hot, steaming tears pour down his face. The demon lord clutches your lifeless body to his chest as he wails with grief.
His chest heaves, his voice cracking as he wails.
If you had just let him go to you...
He stays with you in the garden as the night sets in, the familiar face of the man on the moon watching the demon lord's grief.
By morning, more than half of all demon slayers are slaughtered.
"My lord?"
"M... My lord?"
"My lord Kibutsuji, may I-"
"What is it?"
It was raining again. This felt like the thousandth night in the row. Muzan's chair was just as uncomfortable as it always had been, but he still sat. The demon lord's cheek was rested on his knuckles as he stared out of the window, seemingly at somewhere from long ago.
A plate of food was sat at the desk behind him, now stone cold and untouched.
It was his favorite.
Yet it disgusted him.
Muzan was tired.
He hoped this weakling would be quick.
"My lord, we have just received intel from out west. The demon Nezuko... there have been several reports. Sh-She... has gained the ability to walk in the sunlight."
Muzan stared ahead into the dark of the night.
The rain looked so pretty against the glass...
He twirled the ring on his left hand.
"Bring her to me at once."
"O-Of course, Lord Kibutsuji."
The underling left.
Muzan was alone again.
How long ago was that afternoon again?
Muzan had lost track long ago.
Was this what you wanted all this time?
Muzan didn't know.
If only he could talk to you one last time.
He knew you'd love the rain too.
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kimetsu-no-yaiba-writings · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
This one was - once again - suggested to me by a Friend of mine who just has a thing for Muzan Kibutsuji, there was the concept of him having an adorable demon housewife so thats the theme I ran with....
I have once again used female pronouns because it was just what I went with as default! But please don’t worry I do have some stuff for my male readers ^-^
Theme: Muzan coming home to his housewife at the end of a day
Title: None - This one because its short just doesn’t have one 
Words: 357
Warnings: Multiple Rounds of Sex - suggested - with mentions of Praising
Muzan always knows how to handle you - his cute adorable wife -  when he gets home, can smell how needy you’ve gotten working yourself up over thoughts of him while he was away as you’ve gone about the house completing mundane tasks.
He knows that even when he comes home -  taking off his jacket and shoes before walking on the floors that you had polished – that you’ll be patiently waiting, sitting so gracefully on a one of the patterned chairs next the hearth of the living room, waiting for him to come and start of the ritual.
A low hum – almost a purr – passes his lips, a small smile in your direction as you move to greet him, helping to undo his tie as he kisses you lightly only breaking to speak in lowly tones a simple,
“I’m Home”
He listens, watching as you tug him gently into the kitchen – watches you try to hide your need for him – listens as you tell him things about your day before a towel and clean clothes are shoved into his waiting hands, Muzan chuckles, placing a delicate kiss on the temple of your head before leaving to take a bath.
 Such a cleaning activity before something so dirty.
 Muzan always knows how to handle you – his cute and adorable wife – practically folding you in half as he stuffs your needy cunt with his cock, watching with mirth as drool drips lewdly, watching your blissed out expression as tears fall from your face, your arms looped lazily around his neck as you try to meet his thrusts.
Your barely able to coo out your praises like you had been earlier, your cute voice making pretty moans and whines as you give him open mouth kisses letting your saliva combine drip past both of your lips.
Cum oozes in steams down your thighs, small strings connecting Muzan’s thrusting hips to you.
You tighten when Muzan sings you praise - licks and kisses just underneath your ear – voice dripping like honeyed sin. Another moan gets ripped out of you but Muzan doesn’t stop, simply continuing, letting your voice echo beautiful.
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tamayosclinic · 2 months ago
Can I request a oneshot for Kibutsuji Muzan x Geisha Reader?🤍
Perform For You | Muzan x Geisha!S/O
Warning(s): None
Author's Note(s): This was a fun request to do. I already knew the basics of what a geisha is and what they do but I did some research and learned about the other activities they do aside from performing arts. It was quite a lot of fun. Yes I love researching stuff. The research was only surface level stuff though so please don't take this as an accurate portrayal of geisha life. Enjoy this oneshot.
Word Count: 1,348
Tumblr media
Muzan is not one to stay longer than necessary on business meetings. Such things were boring even to a demon like him, but it brought money into his pockets. This meeting was different in a pleasant manner as his business partner had employed a couple of geishas to entertain them over dinner.
Muzan was entranced, to say the least. Not so much by the performance, but rather by the performer herself. A geisha dressed in an elegant flowery black kimono danced as her partner knelt beside the stage playing a shamisen and singing. The candlelit stage illuminated her powdered face. Her dance moves were fluid and mastered to the point that it was second nature to her. The slightest change in her face conveyed emotion fitting of the song’s tone. And who could miss the passion lit in her eyes? There was no doubt this geisha had a love of arts.
Muzan was the first to applaud as the performance came to an end though he longed for more. Astounding. He thought to himself, frowning when the geishas were dismissed. He made sure to ask his business partner for the okiya the geisha resided in. He wanted to see her again, and he was well off in status to acquire it.
It was not even an hour after the business meeting, Muzan paid a visit to the okiya for a full session with the dancing geisha who introduced herself as (Y/n). He observed her closely while she prepared tea for him, posing as a shy, meek girl as is expected of a woman.
“Your tea, master.” Muzan accepted the tea gingerly, cringing at the feeling of the scalding liquid burnt his neck as it traveled down. (Y/n) giggled at his reaction before setting the table only to be stopped by Muzan taking hold of her hand.
“If we may, can we skip the lunch service? You have already provided me and my business partner with a meal in the previous service.” And I don’t want to have to throw up any more human food than I already did tonight.
“Oh, I thought I recognized you from somewhere. I presume you missed me too much.” (Y/n) teased though she still maintained her professional tone of voice rather than the catty tone women use when teasing.
Muzan cleared his throat in a vain attempt to calm the heat building up in his face. Judging by the giggle from (Y/n), he had failed miserably. “I suppose you could say that.” He did not want to damage his pride by admitting she was right.
“There’s no shame in admitting it's true. I’m pleased to have captured your attention with my craft in performing arts. Since you opted to skip the meal, perhaps we can move on to some entertainment.”
“Oh yes please do. I have already seen you dance so may you sing instead.” Muzan asked, trying to keep his composure which threatened to crack from his eagerness to see (Y/n) doing what she does best.
“As you wish.” (Y/n) obliged, walking out of the room momentarily before coming back with a shamisen. She knelt in the open space in front of the space and began her song.
(Y/n)’s voice was akin to a siren’s that lured Muzan in the more she played. He was entranced even more than when she danced. Her tone was very well animated to fit the lyrics as she sang. Her eyes remained closed the whole time, but Muzan could still see the passion in her performance and once again he was disappointed when their session came to an end. The things this woman made him feel in such a short time were astounding.
“If you are ever in town don’t forget to stop by.” (Y/n) grinned, waving goodbye to Muzan.
Don’t mind if I do, Muzan assured himself.
“Not even the end of the week and you have come again. Not that I’m complaining.” (Y/n) teased, walking into the room carrying a few trinkets for any activity she thought Muzan would be interested in.
“How could I not?” Muzan grinned. The evening together was spent talking, playing a game of toss the fan, and lastly (Y/n) singing and dancing for Muzan.
Night after night, Muzan would visit (Y/n) at the okiya like a drug-addicted man. He had almost abandoned all his demon duties until a loss in the lower moons brought him back to reality. He resumed his duties immediately, trying to block (Y/n) out of his mind while catching up on his potion mixing and giving out orders for the upper moons to complete.
The mostly empty atmosphere of the Infinity Fortress only magnified Muzan’s wandering thoughts about (Y/n). Nakime being the only demon in the Fortress was never much help either. She was silent and she could not play her biwa without activating her blood demon art, so the fortress was always silent.
Muzan could not help but fill the silence with memories of (Y/n)’s beautiful singing voice. Her dance moves flashed before his eyes almost as if he was back in the okiya watching a live performance from the beautiful geisha. His daydream was shattered by Nakime.
“Muzan-sama, you should go visit her? Perhaps even buy her out as a patron so she can become your private geisha.” She suggested without any fear of being brutally murdered the way the lower moons were the other night. Muzan would never kill Nakime. She was too valuable to be disposed of and she knew it as well as he did.
“I think you’re right Nakime.” Muzan cleaned up hurriedly. Of course. Why didn’t I think of that before? Though if possible I would like to have (Y/n) as a lover.
The last thought alone had Muzan jittering with excitement at all possible outcomes with (Y/n) as his own. He left the fortress with the excitement of a child going to the toy store.
“Oh, that’s a wonderful idea, Muzan-sama. It’s always been a dream of my mine to have a patron.” (Y/n) clasped her hands together in happiness.
“Excellent though if I’m being honest there is something more I would like,” Muzan said, reaching out to caress (Y/n)’s cheek. It was something (Y/n) had gotten used to from their previous interactions and even though such flirty behavior was against geisha rules it was so intoxicating she couldn’t help but lean into his touch.
“What do you have in mind?”
“How would you feel about being my wife?” Muzan asked bluntly. He had not missed the way (Y/n)’s eye lit each time she saw him enter the okiya for a visit nor how she often returned his flirtatious gestures in private. He couldn’t see it as anything else other than a sign that his feelings for her were requited so he grew worried when (Y/n) took longer than expected to reply.
“… as a geisha I must say no. It’s forbidden for geisha to be married.” (Y/n) paused to inspect her surroundings for any nearby people then continued when she was certain that no one was around, “but as an ordinary woman whose simply passionate in performing arts I say yes.”
She scooted closer to Muzan and enveloped her arms around him, carefully placing her head on his shoulders to not mess up her make-up or hair. “These past few days have been so long without you. The mother of the house was getting suspicious, but I couldn’t care less. I just wanted to see you and now that you are here I couldn’t be any happier.”
Muzan returned the hug. “Then let’s get things in order. With some bribery, I’m sure you will be allowed to move in with me.”
“Yes, I’m sure. And if not, I could easily retire but I will still perform for you. Only you.”
“I couldn’t ask for anything more. My beautiful geisha lover.” Muzan could not hold himself back from kissing (Y/n) on the lips who reciprocated. The remainder of the session was filled with singing and dancing to commemorate the start of their life together.
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cielinde · 2 months ago
flesh without blood
Tumblr media
muzan x fem reader smut (pic credits to @/6tygu on twitter) summary: congrats! muzan finds the blue spider lily. something's wrong with it though. it won't activate. ever the clever and intuitive man he is, he comes up with a spicy theory on how to activate it. that's where you become involved. word count: 5.8k tags/warnings: very nsfw, blood + gore, choking, slapping, overstimulation, etc, muzan being a manipulative shit, sexy times
* ‧ ⨯ . ⁺ ✦ * 𓂂 ꙳
for many years the king of demons had been in search for the blue spider lily, a flower that could allow him and all his kind to conquer the sun. it was his goal to find it, no matter the cost, which was why he grew the demon population and ordered the most powerful ones to search the country for it, leaving no area unsearched. he had gotten all he wished for: to be strong, clever, and undefeatable. but what point was there to it all if he couldn’t even bask in the light of the sun? he longed for the kiss of sunlight on his skin, his memories of earth’s precious ball of fire murky from when he was a human. hell, he barely even saw it due to his bedridden state.
until one day, it was finally found.
you could recall that day with ease. muzan had summoned all the twelve demon moons in the infinity fortress, announcing that the centuries-long search for the blue spider lily was finally successful. of course, everyone reacted with surprised gasps and unhideable expressions of joy. though neither one of you were the ones who had discovered it, there was no denying that every demon longed for the touch of sunlight and to walk amongst humans in normalcy without having to wait for nightfall.
you didn’t know back then how muzan had found the flower, but it was of no importance. you were all about to witness a historic moment, and neither of you could wait any longer. you laid your eyes on the blue spider lily. at first glance it looked no more than a simple beautiful flower, but the power it held was what locked you with awe. you couldn’t wait to taste its mystifying blue petals between your teeth.
but always the cautious man he was, muzan ordered one of the lower moons to consume the flower first. you knew if it were to backfire, he wouldn’t want it happening on himself. an enthusiastic lower moon six happily offered to consume the flower, and so it happened. there didn’t seem to be any side effects, and he reported no feelings of sickness. everything was looking optimistic.
until it came time for the lower moon six to step into the sun.
needless to say, the bumbling fool didn’t think twice before jumping away from the shade the forests had to offer, and was consumed in flames in the blink of an eye, the whole forest filled with dreaded silent the moment the sounds of fire died down. muzan didn’t say anything, you already knew the unsaid disappointment and rage that filled his hearts. the murderous aura that bled from his very being was enough to disperse any comments.
the second time muzan summoned the twelve demon moons was once again in the infinity fortress. he stood in front of a long wooden table, strange glass objects and metals that you could only discern as being from europe clattered around it. it wasn’t likely for him to be messy, and when you saw the familiar blue petals you instantly knew why.
he held up a glass filled with a blue liquid, and explained that it was an extraction of the blue spider lily, added in with other chemicals and herbs in order for its true purpose to work. he surmised that directly consuming the flower didn’t awaken its true potential, so he had turned to science instead.
another lower moon demon was subject to testing. you couldn’t recall if it was lower moon five or four as those poor beings got replaced faster than the moon could complete its cycle, but the same string of events took place, much to everyone’s displeasure. the lower moon drank the liquid, and felt no negative side effects. no sickness either, and when it came time for them to step into the sun, they reluctantly held out a trembling hand.
and it was engulfed in flames.
the future was starting to look bleak, and you even wondered if the flowers muzan had used were truly the ones he had been in search for. perhaps it was simply another flower that looked very similar to it? you refused to believe that there was no ailment to demons’ inability to face the sun. there must have been another way.
and another way there was.
they said third time’s a charm, and when you were summoned then, you were still full of hope, knowing that muzan had certainly found the true blue spider lily this time.
only to see you were alone. and definitely not in the usual area of the infinity fortress where nakime was rooted. looking around, you wondered if the biwa demon had accidentally summoned you into one of the countless rooms the dimension possessed, or if you were simply too early, even earlier than kokushibo, which would have been surprising.
“take a seat. it’s just the two of us.”
you turned your head to the other side of the room, where muzan stood. you glanced down at the table and chairs that were present, and awkwardly sat down. he took his seat across you, dangerous red eyes staring at yours intensely.
you had many questions. part of you was afraid that he thought you were growing weaker and would deem you unfit of your position as upper moon six, and would remove or kill you. the other part was curious. he rarely conversed with any demon moon in private, or anyone for that matter, and you silently prayed to whatever gods that hadn’t abandoned you that you had found favour in his eyes.
“if i may, what’s this about?” you asked, hands stiff on your lap while you tried to analyse his unreadable expression.
“i called you here today to discuss something of private matters. the other demon moons will not have knowledge of this until the time comes for them to,” muzan said, tearing his gaze away from yours to pour two cups of tea from the teapot that was served on the table.
you swallowed nervously. everyone knew that out of all demon moons, it was kokushibo who muzan trusted the most. he was the one who had more knowledge of all affairs than everyone else did. and for muzan to entrust you with something that sounded so secretive made you fear it was some type of assignment that he wanted completed, and you were afraid you’d be unable to accomplish it or reach his impeccable standards.
instantly knowing you were waiting for him to continue, muzan slid you a cup of tea, continuing, “the blue spider lilies were useless. i used every potential formula in every chemistry or scientific book i could find, yet every attempt was futile.” he paused to take a sip of tea, and you mimicked the action, albeit stiffly.
“i decided to test every idea i had on lowly demons, as losing them wouldn’t cost me anything. and i tried and tried, but nothing seemed to work,” he set his cup down onto the table. you could feel his eyes on you again, and you were almost afraid to look at him.
“look at me.”
you did as he told, a small shiver running down your back from one look alone. he was so inhumanly handsome, and you’d admit it. despite not dressing as formally as he usually did, you couldn’t help but find his more casual state a much warmer look on him, which you really liked.
“i thought long and hard on this concept. at first i found it strange, that it was scientifically proven that babies who had alcoholic mothers would eventually grow up to have more risk of developing an addiction to alcohol themselves merely from what their mothers consumed,” he said. you didn’t know what he was talking about, but tried your best to stay attentive.
“so i thought, perhaps miniscule amounts of the blue spider lily simply wasn’t enough to make a demon conquer the sun. it had to be more. a startling amount of it. but i doubted the study when i first read about it, and instead fed a lowly demon a great deal of the blue spider lily.”
“did it work?” you asked,
“if it worked, you and i wouldn’t be here today,” muzan said, a hint of teasing in his voice. this eased you slightly, made it feel more as though you were having tea with a colleague.
“right,” you let out a small laugh, taking another sip of the tea. you still couldn’t help but wonder where he was going with the conversation. you were aware of his abstract thought process, but it seemed that he was leagues above your capability to gear your way through problem solving. you internally cursed your past of being an uneducated human girl.
“i am aware you’re questioning whether the flowers i found are truly the blue spider lily,” he stated. you blinked in surprise, then nodded slowly. there was no hiding any thoughts from him. best to admit it than deny.
“it is,” he said. “it didn’t come from japan, though. european merchants who arrived here on ship had bouquets of these which they sold for a cheap price, so i pressed them for questions and information about it. they don’t call it the blue spider lily where they’re from, but i am sure that it’s the very real thing. it matches its descriptions perfectly, and i speculate the reason we haven’t been able to find it is because it has more chance to bloom in the west where the mountains have a higher elevation and its plains have more flora.”
you nod dumbly in agreement. you still don’t understand. you try to pry and pick apart the true meaning behind his words, but you’re lost. the only knowledge you gained was that you had no more reason to doubt the flowers he had found. more like bought.
“that’s enough background information, i can tell i’ve fried your brain quite a bit,” he poured himself another cup of tea, and you contemplated taking a friendly jab at him.
“please, fry it more, dear teacher,” you teased.
“you get what you ask for,” he downed the tea, and locked gazes with you again. no matter how many times you stared into the deep blood-red colour of his irises, you would never stop feeling allured by it.
“back to my previous statements regarding the babies influenced by alcohol, a theory sprung into my mind.”
the connections clicked into place within your brain, and you held your breath. you could already tell where it was going, and it seemed muzan knew it too.
“smart girl,” he said. “this will make it easier for me to explain. i intend to re-enact this discovery, only with consummation of the blue spider lily instead. i think that if a demon were to be fed the flower long before it is even born, it will be able to conquer the sun at its birth,” he explained. “this is where you come in.”
“w-wait,” you stuttered, “all demons other than you are unable to conceive. what if i’m infertile?”
“i was just about to discuss a second theory i had,” he smiled emotionlessly. “there has never been a demon created from fornication. i’m the only fertile demon and have created offspring with human women, but all my children have been fully human. not one cell of my being in them. i’ve been considering bedding another demon in hopes the child would have strength of my calibre, or even more, but i had been putting the idea off. but now with the discovery of the blue spider lily, whichever theory succeeds or fails, it is more worth a try now.”
“... why me?” you asked.
“simple enough, my dear. you’re one of the upper moons. a strong, precious fighter of mine. i hypothesise that with the combination of both our genetic makeup, the child you’ll conceive will be stronger than most, or every demon in existence.”
your stomach churned, and you didn’t know what to think or feel. he was asking you to bear him a child for the sake of experiment, and then what? you had a notion he’d devour the baby if it proved to be immune to the sun, and you weren’t sure why you were having a mental battle surrounding that prediction. you didn’t have many of your human memories left, but a family was what you yearned for. you weren’t sure if you could let a life you brought into the earth be discarded either way if it proved to be useful or not.
“you feel too much,” muzan said. you winced, ready to be reprimanded.
“think of it this way. the child was never born to live long in the first place. it’s an abomination to both earth and the gods above. they would never even allow such a creature to live and contaminate earthly soil. it’s cursed.” you knew that he was trying to change your perspective, but all it did was sicken you further.
“l-lord muzan, i-”
“don’t disappoint me, my dear. not when you’ve caught my attention,” he cut you off, his smile looking gentler, if that were even possible. “you think i haven’t noticed? the village you painted red with blood is my favourite out of all the works you’ve done. wouldn’t you like to climb the ranks, too? i daresay if you accept this offer and drink my blood as your reward, you could even become upper moon one.”
you stare at him, dumbfounded. you had never been one to view the ranks as a means to life; you had even been upper moon six for as long as you could remember, slicing down boastful lower moons who dared challenge you to a blood battle. you didn’t care about being even stronger than upper moon one. you respected him, in fact. conquering the sun, however…
“what if you could experience daylight again? would you willingly throw this opportunity away?” he’s too handsome. he knew every right word to say to twist your mind. you were being manipulated, and you knew it. muzan always got what he wanted. and you?
you scoffed lightly, setting your empty cup down on the table. you were tired of gazing up at the starry skies everyday, unable to experience the day just like humans did. and since you were such a promising and valuable asset to your lord, what good was there to deny?
“i’ll bear your child,” you said.
the unmistakable look of lust in his red eyes were unhideable.
“you made the right choice, my dear.”
he snapped his fingers twice as though signalling, and the sliding doors that served as a wall parted open to reveal a lavishly furnished room clad in hues of red and black, with golden trinkets perched atop the finest wood, along with an elevated bed in the very center of it all, silky black sheets welcoming you into its embrace. you stared at it in awe. you had been alive long enough to even explore countless homes that belonged to those in nobility, yet none had ever owned a room so beautiful it could make you long for its comfort.
“come along,” muzan said, standing up and holding his hand out to you. nervously, you placed your hand in his, gasping lightly at the cold feel of it.
he guided you into the bedroom, the sliding doors closing once you both entered. nervousness started seeping in further in your heart, and a bead of cold sweat trickled down the back of your neck. the reality finally dawned on you that you would be sleeping with none other than the man, no, creature who took you in after being the sole survivor of your village’s massacre.
“you needn’t be so worried,” muzan’s voice snapped you out of your thoughts, and you nodded, laughing nervously. gods, you must look like a fool. how he decided to bed you, you couldn’t fathom. able to read every single one of your thoughts, he clearly didn’t want you to get lost in them once again as he pressed a kiss to your neck, sharp fangs sinking into your delicate skin. you moaned softly as he grabbed your jaw roughly, tilting it so he could have more access.
he pushed you down onto the bed, and spared you no time as he ripped your clothes off, tearing the fabric with his claws and leaving you exposed. surprised, you shielded your breasts away from his view with your arms, and bit your lower lip when he glowered at you.
“now, that won’t do,” he held you down by your wrists with one hand, the other descending to spread your legs for him, and you could visibly see the red of his eyes darken by a slight hue at the sight of your clothed cunt.
with the last article of your clothing torn off, you swallowed dryly. you never thought that in all your centuries you’d be lying naked under your lord muzan. the very thought of it was enough to make you even wetter. you’d be lying if you said you never fantasised about the very situation.
“you’re the very definition of perfection, my dear,” he purred. you had to restrain yourself from thrusting your hips at nothingness; you wanted him inside you already and fill you up with his seed.
“and what a slut you are, wet already for me,” he squeezed your thighs, claws digging into the supple flesh and drawing blood. you winced at the feeling as he gradually advanced towards your wet cunt, only to seemingly avoid the places you wanted most desperately to be touched.
“do you want me to please you, pet?” he nuzzled his head against your right thigh, his hand stopping just in front of your core, which was throbbing from need.
“yes,” you whispered.
without warning, muzan pinched your clit, forcing a loud moan from you as you bucked your hips off the bed. his lithe fingers rolled your swollen bud between them, and you squirmed from his touch, the pleasure so surprisingly good.
“seems that i still have to put you in place,” he pulled his fingers away, and you whined at the lost feeling.
“i’ll please you only if you’re able to do everything i say. now be a good girl for me and kneel against wall.”
you didn’t have to be told twice. trembling, you obeyed, backing up against the wall and keeping your posture straight.
“good girl,” he praised, and you whimpered softly as your core clenched around nothingness, a drop of your juices slipping between your thighs and onto the sheets.
“hands on your lap. don’t move them,” he instructed. once you did as he told, he traced your bottom lip, even putting his thumb into your mouth. you swirled your tongue around it, and he used his free hand to undress himself of his yukata. “such a pretty little whore,” he said.
your eyes widened at the sight of his cock the moment it sprang free. it definitely surpassed the average, both in terms of length and girth. you couldn’t imagine how it’d fit inside of you, but could only hope your demonic regeneration would ease the ache it’d cause.
“do you want my cock stuffed inside you, pet?” he asked. you nodded in embarrassment, face flushed and heart beating so loud you could have sworn it would free itself from between your ribs.
“take it with your mouth first,” he said, retracting his thumb. you gasped inaudibly. gods, your jaw was going to be all levels of sore after the ordeal. you were sure of it. taking his dick in your sopping wet cunt was one thing, taking him with your mouth was going to be absolutely painful if he were to shove his thick length down the curve of your throat.
and you liked the debauched thought of it all.
muzan kneeled in front of you, the base of his length pale just like the rest of his skin and only a tinge of reddish-pink at its very tip, along with the small drop of precum resting on its head which you were eager to have inside you. you moved a hand to stroke it, but a harsh slap startled you. you looked up at him, your hand on your reddened cheek.
“i thought i told you not to move your hands, pet,” he said coldly.
“i-i’m sorry, lord muzan,” you looked down, placing your hand back on your lap. for some reason the slap only made you wetter.
“if you want me to forgive you then take all of it in,” he pulled your hair closer to him, causing you to yelp, and you licked your lips before pressing a kiss to his tip, using your tongue to lick up the precum. you felt him let out a long exhale, and decided to continue before he’d yank on your hair again.
parting your lips, you took in his shaft at a slow pace, but muzan clearly held no patience, as he pulled on your hair and forced his length into you, his tip hitting the back of your throat with a strangled choke. your eyes watered, and you hadn’t even taken him in fully.
“be a darling and suck. i would hate to break you this early on. i’m sure you can take it, can’t you, upper moon six?” he mocked you with your title. a tear slipped past your eyelid, and you struggled to give a coherent answer. instead, you pulled your head back now that his grip on your hair had relaxed, and began performing fellatio on him as best you could, more tears running down your cheeks and your jaw already feeling numb.
you felt him grip your hair again, and you made a soft noise, muffled by his cock in your mouth, and barely had any time to register anything before he started face-fucking you, thrusting his hips into your fuckable mouth while he watched your widened eyes in amusement.
“you’re so pretty, taking my cock like this,” he said, voice darkening. “such an obedient little whore. think you can take every inch of me now?”
he spared you no time to reply as he used his grip on your hair to push your head directly onto his hip area, and you dug your claws into your thighs, bleeding profusely but you barely even noticed as you felt his monstrous cock slide just down your windpipe, blocking out all chance of breathing. your nose was pressed flush against his neatly-trimmed black hair, and you prayed for bile not to rise up your throat or the night would end very, very badly.
“good girl,” he hummed, pushing your head away and against the wall, and you gasped for air, a mix of saliva and cum running down your chin to the valley between your breasts. your jaw and throat instantly healed itself of any pain, as well as your thighs, and you looked up at muzan through your teary vision, waiting for his next order.
“you surprised me, pet,” he leaned in to nibble on your neck, and you bit your lower lip, a small groan escaping you as he squeezed your tender breast. “i’ve had many partners throughout the years, but,” he clicked his tongue. “you’re the first to ever competently take me in whole.”
a dark blush spread on your cheeks, and you bashfully felt proud of yourself. you did well.
“thank you, lord muzan,” you said softly, wincing slightly at your croaky voice.
“now, you receive what was promised,” muzan traced the curve of your hips with his fingers, stopping at your thighs to squeeze before lifting it up above you. red eyes drilled into yours, and you braced yourself for him to enter you, which he did so without so much of a warning. not that you were expecting it.
you moaned uncontrollably at the feeling of him claiming the most precious part of you. his dick filled you and stretched you out, and your thighs twitched. you dug your claws into the soft bedding, feathers touching the tips of your fingers. the feeling was too much. another tear slipped down your temple, and muzan licked it away, already pumping into you. gods, he was so merciless yet so charming,
he didn’t let you adjust to his sheer size, and you were sure that despite being a powerful demon, your nether regions were stained with your blood from his length. muzan didn’t seem to mind, only smirking at you and fucking you even harder, hips pistoning against yours and his tip roughly hitting that same sweet spot over and over.
“you like this, slut? fucked like some cheap whore,” he grabbed your jaw to force you to face him, and your face burned in both lust and shame.
“y-yes,” you moaned, breathless.
“answer me properly, pet,” he slapped you across your cheek once again, and you were sure if you were human your brain would be rattling inside your skull.
“yes, i do!” you cried out, finding it harder and harder to speak as you felt your climax build up, the burning heat in your core threatening to release.
but being the cruel man he was, muzan pulled out, a drop of sweat running down his forehead as he calmly smiled at your shocked and disappointed expression.
“l-lord muzan, please, i…” you trailed off, averting your eyes.
“you what?” he questioned, amusement written all over his face as he retracted his claws to insert a finger into your cunt, already dripping from your mixed juices as well as some blood. you squirmed, letting out a breathy moan as he continued to finger you. but it wasn’t enough. you wanted to cum on his cock to feel fully satiated. gods, you needed him.
“i want to cum,” you whispered.
“speak properly, whore,” he wrapped a hand around your throat, still light enough so that you could talk.
“i want to cum. please, lord muzan-”
your breath was cut off as he tightened his grip on your throat, his cock entering your walls once again. “you want to cum, don’t you, slut?” he asked, the question blurring in your mind. “i’m not letting you go until you cum on my cock, pet.”
you opened and closed your mouth pointlessly, eyes focused on the ceiling as he continued to fuck you hard. he was crushing your larynx, yet the very feeling of it was so thrilling. normally you could hold your breath for minutes if you so desired, but with the sensation of being pounded into by lord muzan himself, you were already seeing stars in your vision as he continued to fuck into your body, which was going limper by the minute.
“don’t pass out on me,” muzan growled, but he didn’t soften his grip by any chance. your hands trembled by your sides, you were so close. he pressed down on your swollen clit, and you finally came, the release of your neck and oxygen finally hitting your lungs making your orgasm all the power dizzying as you arched your back flush against his toned chest, toes curling while you screamed his name, and you felt him violently bite down on your shoulder, tearing through your flesh and spilling more blood.
“fuck, good girl,” he grunted. you let out a weak noise as he continued to fuck you raw, not stopping even while you came. you weakly tried to squirm away from him for a moment, your cunt and clit far too overstimulated to keep going, but he had other plans.
flipping you over onto your stomach with ease, muzan inserted himself in you again, his hot breath on your neck. you shivered, trying your hardest to take everything like the good slut you wanted to be for him, but as he snaked a hand down to rub your clit again you were once again sent over the edge, claws digging into the bedding as you shook violently, raw moans escaping your lips while your merciless partner kneaded your ass with much vigor.
“lord muzan…” you whimpered weakly, “i-i need rest.”
“have you forgotten your purpose, pet?” he pushed your head down into the torn beddings, feathers hitting your face as you struggled against his iron grip that was holding you down. “i’ll breed you like the bitch you are, and we’re not stopping until i say so. do you understand?”
he let go of you, and you forced your voice to return, “i understand, lord muzan.”
“good girl,” he grunted. fuck, you genuinely forgot you were even here in the very first place because you had agreed to bear his child. you could tell he was close, too, at the very least. you wouldn’t be surprised if he kept going, round after round, filling you up as much as he could without rest. what a long night it was already.
“who do you belong to?” muzan asked between thrusts, and your hazy mind struggled to comprehend his words.
“i said, who do you belong to?” he pulled your hair to the point you were forced to use your trembling elbows to support your body weight and ease the tug on your scalp, and you finally came to your senses.
“i-i belong to you,” you moaned. “i’m yours to ruin and breed, i’m y-yours…”
he wordlessly came above you, balls tightening as he gave one final thrust against your sore pelvis, and hot semen shooting into your tight cunt, filling you to the brim as he bit down on your neck again, fangs tearing off your skin with ease, exposing the muscle beneath it.
he didn’t have to catch his breath for long. the second he stopped cumming, muzan flipped you over once again, a light blush tinting his cheeks and appearance even more dishevelled. it was quite the sight to see compared to the usual stoic appearance he put up with every other demon. your neck wound healed itself, and he started thrusting his hips in and out of you again. you writhed, so overstimulated and barely able to think through your pleasure-filled mind, and said nothing as he quickly picked up his pace once again, fucking you into oblivion.
“you feel good, pet,” he leaned in towards you into a missionary position, his breath fanning your erratic ones as you weakly wrapped your legs around him and dug your claws into the muscle of his back for support, your hazy eyes lustfully looking at his handsome face. gods, you wanted to kiss him.
so that’s exactly what you did.
you pulled him closer to you, finally tasting him. his soft lips were on yours, and he tasted like millions of things at once. he tasted like blood, tea, ecstacy, and an indiscernible flavour you couldn’t quite place. he tasted like heaven.
he sunk his fangs into your lower lip, and you whined as he suckled on your blood. he returned to lock lips with yours, and this time you tasted your own blood in your mouth than anything else, and you wondered how his blood would taste on your tongue.
“so pretty,” he breathed against you, a light layer of sweat forming on his forehead as he gradually got more and more breathless. you never thought you’d see the day the demon lord himself would be above you, so handsome and natural, and you longed for it to never end.
“i’m close,” you whispered.
“good girl, just a little more,” he increased the pace of his thrusts, which you didn’t even know was possible, and every bruising contact only drove you closer and closer to a third orgasm. your unholy moans only encouraged him too, as you could feel his cock twitching within your cunt at every sinful sound he forced out of your body, and you wanted more of his cum so, so badly.
“beg for me to fill you,” he cupped your cheek. the action itself was almost so intimate your brain could have stopped working forever.
“i want every single drop of your cum,” you breathed, “i’m nothing more than your c-cocksleeve and toy for you to use, i-i serve no other purpose than to be your slut. i want you to fill me and stuff me with your seed.”
the words that escaped your lips were so vulgar, and you could feel your already dark red blush increase. you heard muzan grunt, and he kissed you, fangs entangling with yours and bruising each other’s bloodied gums, all the while your walls milked him dry of his essence, squeezing out every last bit of his seed as it poured into your womb, filling you like the breeding bitch you were.
he pulled away, blood and saliva mixed together as it connected both your lips, and you lowered your gaze in disappointment as he slowly pulled out of your cunt with a pop. you whined, legs involuntarily spasming as you felt the mix of blood and cum ooze out of your used hole. you laid still as you tried to catch your breath and make sense of reality, letting out soft moans once in a while as muzan used his fingers to stuff as much of his seed back in, sometimes brushing against your sensitive nub.
you were left shy of your orgasm, but you couldn’t say you were that disappointed. the night alone was more pleasurable than anything you could have ever imagined, and with muzan having only released twice inside of you, you were secretly looking forward to more nightly meetings to finally conceive a child.
“you were excellent,” he said, sitting next to your still lying form. you looked at him tiredly, a small smile on your lips, “i did my best to please you, my lord.”
“and for that you receive your reward in full,” he said, using one of his claws to slice his forearm, fresh, warm blood spilling out of it. your primal instincts awakened, and as he placed his arm over your mouth, you gladly drank up, the metallic taste addicting as you savoured every drop. you didn’t even care that your hair would be tangled and matted from the texture of blood.
it wasn’t obvious, but you sighed in delight knowing you had gotten stronger. your body felt fully refreshed, as though you had rewinded time back to the true years of youth. you had never felt better.
“thank you, lord muzan,” you smiled in content, though the thought of leaving left a bit of sadness in you. but the deal was over. you had given yourself to him, and for that you received an ample amount of his blood. “i’ll be taking my leave now. i wouldn’t want to occupy you any longer. i’ll come back any time you summon me,” you slowly sat up, stretching your sore muscles.
“where do you think you’re going, pet?” he chuckled darkly. “i wouldn’t leave you hanging of an orgasm.”
oh, it was going to be a very long night, alright.
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moonstruck-rk · 4 months ago
Worst of Two Worlds 1
Don’t post, copy, rewrite or translate in any platforms.
Warning: This content could be explicit sexual situations, depictions of violence or abuse, or other ‘adult’ content not intended for younger readers (MINORS DNI). Some readers may find the following content disturbing. Reader’s discretion is advised.
Summary: Born as a normal human fond of watching anime and manga with an awful life you always wonder, what will you do if you get isekai to your favorite anime? What if you got your wish come true but with bonus and problem? You don’t only get isekai to your one anime world but two?
Platonic Yandere!Father Muzan x Daughter!reader, Yandere! Gojo x fem! reader
tw: yandere, manipulation 
Word Count: 2734
AN: English is not my first language, please excuse my mistakes
Tumblr media
“I’m wondering how did you get inside my mirror,” Satoru said while playing with you on the other side of the mirror.
Your daily life is consists of playing with Satoru on the other side of the mirror, spending time with your father, and being adored by the upper ranks.
His question made you sigh deeply. You don’t have an answer to his question and what’s worst was your knowledge about Demon Slayer's Universe is different to the world you’re in. Now, you’re sure that Jujutsu Kaisen’s universe is also different from what you remember.
When Satoru noticed your mood changed, he changed the topic and talked about toys and the sorcerers. Sorcerers seem to impress you. Satoru noted that. He wants you to find him interesting, so you will always play with him.
The next day, Satoru told you about the King of Curses, Ryomen Sukuna. He thought that the story about that mighty cursed spirit will make you happy, but he was wrong.
You explained that your father, Muzan Kibutsuji, is a demon lord, and he came from the same era as Sukuna. The so-called King of Curses was defeated by jujutsu sorcerers while your father won his battle against the demon slayers. Clearly, your father is stronger than Sukuna.
Muzan was spying on you through the slightly opened door. He was happy how you bragged about him to your imaginary friend.
“YN,” your father slowly walked towards you and pat your head, “let’s go, time to study”.
“Let’s play again later,” you told Satoru, who was looking up at Muzan.
Your father carry you and it surprised him to see a white-haired boy in the mirror. While you’re busy writing and reading the books your father gave to you. He summoned the upper ranks to ask about your imaginary friend.
All of them confirmed they saw you talking to yourself in front of the mirror, but none of them saw the white-haired boy. Muzan kept silence about what he saw and monitor the mirror. He kept on showing up whenever you talk to the mirror, but he never saw the white-haired boy again.
The demon lord ignored the white-haired boy because it could just be his imagination. Your father kept your time with the mirror to the minimum and made you busy with studying at your young age. Kokushibo became your teacher for swords. Akaza is your teacher of martial arts. Your father hired the best teachers to teach you everything from Science, foreign languages, etiquette, math, and the long list goes on. There are subjects you really enjoyed and ace it with no problem. There are also subjects that you struggle. Muzan didn’t see it as your problem. If his daughter is having a problem with learning a subject, then the issue is the teacher.
Being Muzan’s daughter means you’re perfect, just like your father. There is no way his daughter will not understand a simple math problem. Your teacher is simply not competent for the job. If your teacher gets fired by the demon lord, it means they are going to be food for the demons along with their family.
Muzan never trusted you to be alone with both demons and humans. You always have one of the upper rank demons to be your guard. The demon lord couldn’t explain it to you yet, but you already have an idea why he never let you be alone. Demons might eat you because you’re Muzan’s daughter. They might think that they can get stronger if they consume you. Humans, well, they have many reasons to kill you.
Whenever you came back to your room, Satoru was there waiting for you. He noticed how tired you were, and he knew your father was not treating you well. Despite being tired, you always try to make time to talk to Satoru. You will fall asleep in front of the mirror and Satoru will do the same.
He changed his routine for you. Every night, he will prepare a book to read to help you sleep. Once you’re sleeping, he will watch you while he can before sleeping besides the mirror. Satoru also got busy with his life, but he tried hard to make time for you. He never forgets his goal, and that’s saving you from your father.
Satoru knows you never consumed humans or their blood. You just eat what a normal human will eat. He needs to save you from those demons, but he is not stupid not to realize how strong your father is. Muzan successfully eradicate his enemies, something Sukuna failed to do. Going to your world means suicide, so he will summon you to his world. Everything will be perfect. You know nothing about his world; you don’t know anyone, and you only have him. Of course, you will rely on him he is your fiancee after all. Satoru will never forget the day you agreed to marry him when you grow up.
You grow up to be a beautiful woman that both races love and hate. All the upper rank demons were protective towards you. They respect and feared Muzan, but you have all of them wrapped around your little fingers.
Doma will eat any human who dares to compare themselves to your beauty. Daki will destroy their face first before devouring those humans. Akaza and Kokushibo are proud of your skills. But no one can match your father’s love.
Muzan accepted you as half-human and half-demon. He never forces you to drink blood. The demon lord hired chefs to cook your food. He always makes sure that you only have the best. From premium meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, and teas. As his daughter, you have hundreds of shoes, clothes made from the finest materials, and jewelry.
Muzan now reigns over Japan and all the countries feared him. They always follow his orders and his opinions matters. Once, a country tried to go against Muzan and he show to the world leaders how powerful he is. He didn’t kill the world leader, but took his family and feed it to his demons. Muzan forced the citizens of that country to turn their back to their stupid leader if they want to be saved, which they did. The demon lord feeds the man to his demons and lets the world leaders to watch it. It’s a cruel reminder for everyone who has the genuine power.
Japan was the host of the world meeting and you’re preparing for the dinner party. Since most of the guests for the party are humans, the only demons allowed to join the party will be your father, you, and the upper rank demons. Of course, no demon will go against Muzan. The demons are perfect guard to protect the world leaders against any assassin or terrorist, plus they can eat those criminals.
You’re dancing in front of the mirror when Satoru came to his room. He took out his phone to take a picture, but it disappointed him to see himself in the picture. All he can do is to memorize how you look and bury it in his mind and heart.
“Are you going somewhere?” Satoru greeted you to the other side of the mirror.
“Tonight is the end of the world leader’s summit and we are having a dinner party,” you explained to him “if you’re just here, you’ll probably my date for tonight”.
Satoru’s eyes widened “wait! Who’s your date?”
“Dad, who else? As if he will let me date anyone,” you chuckled, “how do I look?”
“Not ugly as usual,” he replied while looking at you.
Akaza called you from the other side of the door to inform you that your father is looking for you. You bid your farewell to Satoru before leaving. He was frustrated because he couldn’t be with you. It’s only the mirror that connects him to you, and it’s not enough. Now that he is studying at Jujutsu high he might find a way to bring you to his world.
Your father always requires you to be beside him after the dinner party. He was always protective towards you, but it leveled up this time. You didn’t dare to ask his reason, because it scared you to make him mad.
Muzan has his reasons to be paranoid about your safety. He overheard the sons of some world leaders taking interest in you; he knows that there will be a day that you will gain feelings towards someone and he couldn’t allow that. You’re his daughter and he will let no man take you. He can’t trust any man. They will only hurt his princess and what’s worst is they are going to use you against him. His other reason was your mother escaped from prison and he’s worried that you will find out the truth.
Satoru had a long tiring day at school, but he instantly forgot everything when he saw you combing your hair in front of the mirror. He wants to surprise you, but he stopped when he saw a woman standing behind you.
You saw the woman and turned around to look at her “I can’t believe that demon let you live,” she scoffed while looking at you.
“Excuse me?” you looked at her for a while.
“Do you know that your father raped me because he wants to punish my father for leading the rebellion against demons? You’re the result of his crime, you’re truly a demon’s child.” She cupped your face hard “I heard your father loves you so much. I bet he will be sad when you die”.
Muzan was fast enough to snatch you away from the woman. Doma took the woman out of your room while your father stayed with you. The woman is mentally ill, and she killed someone before. Even if the woman is telling the truth, you know that your father will decide what will be the truth and lie.
Your mother died after giving birth to you, and that was the truth Muzan wants you to believe. Satoru hated everyone around you. He can see your father’s lies and you had no choice but to accept them. You’re a caged bird, and Satoru will save you.
Satoru became more busy as a jujutsu sorcerer and student at Jujutsu High. He needs to be strong enough to protect you, and to take you away from the demon lord.
You also got busy in your own life. Muzan lets you do whatever you want. The demon lord will give you anything you want just to keep you at his side. Muzan will explain that you cannot fall in love with a human or demon because it will destroy the balance between the two races. It might encourage humans to go on rebellion against demons if you fall for a human. Demons might not follow the rules that your father established if you took a liking to a demon.
There are times you missed Satoru, but you know that he’s already a strong Jujutsu sorcerer. Satoru enjoys watching kids playing in the park. He wished he could play with you in the park when you’re still kids. He will make sure your kids with him can definitely do the things you missed out on doing together. Satoru sees you in every mirror he looked at. He tried to communicate with you using different mirrors, but he failed.
He always looks forward to returning home because he can finally see you through the mirror. Satoru hasn’t talked to you for a long time now and he was worried about you. Things didn’t go as he planned because when he finally got home and went inside his room, he saw a shattered window piece across his room. Satoru noticed a baseball (ball) in his room. It devastated him when he saw his mirror broken. After that day, Satoru can no longer contact you, no matter how hard he tried. He thought of different methods to see you again, but none of them worked.
It has been many years since Satoru lost contact with you, but he remembers you every day, and every time he looks in the mirror. Despite his attitude, he’s longing for you deep inside his heart.
During the baseball match between the students of Kyoto and Tokyo, they suddenly felt an immense cursed energy coming from the forest. Not wasting too much time, everyone, including Satoru, headed to the forest.
“Huh? Akaza! Kokushibo! Doma!” you called for the demons who were just with you seconds ago.
Satoru was the first one to find you “YN?” he couldn’t believe that you’re now in front of him but he didn’t forget about the others.
“Pretend to be my fiancee and don’t act strange,” he whispered in your ear. He warns you right on time before everyone else found you.
“My fiancee missed me so much she went to Kyoto just to be with me, you’re really sweet,” Satoru laughed.
“Fiancee?” everyone asked in surprised.
“We are keeping our relationship a secret for a long time. I think it’s fine to let them know, right darling?” Satoru smiled at you.
“Whatever,” you replied before putting your hands in your pocket. You frowned when you felt something in your pocket and took it out “huh? Why do I have this?”
“Darling, remember you told me you will give that to me,” Satoru chuckled, and open his palm.
You looked at him for a while “there is a technique I just recently mastered. Can I try it for this?”
Principal Gakuganji admits that you have impressive cursed energy, but there is no way you can destroy Sukuna’s finger.
“Sure” Satoru smiled and stepped away from you. The others did the same thing. You took out a sword that your father gave to you and recalled Rengoku’s technique that you took from Akaza’s memory.
You throw Sukuna’s finger up and used Rengoku’s ninth form to destroy the cursed object. Satoru picked up the sliced indestructible finger of Sukuna before it turned into ashes.
“It worked.” You stared at the ashes in Satoru’s hands.
Principal Gakuganji couldn’t believe what he just witnessed “Satoru, why won’t you properly introduce your fiancee to all of us?”
You looked at Satoru who was now smirking at you, “I’m YN Kibutsuji.”
“My fiancee is strong, we are definitely meant for each other,” Satoru bragged.
The principal was about to ask another question but you turned your attention to Satoru “love, I’m tired from my long travel from overseas. I wish to rest for a bit”.
“Of course, love. Please excuse me and my fiancee,” he announced before leaving with you.
Everyone can hear Gojo praising you loudly about how you destroy Sukuna’s finger and how beautiful your technique was. What you did about Sukuna’s finger spread like a wildfire to other sorcerer families. Satoru Gojo, the world’s strongest sorcerer, has a fiancee who can destroy Sukuna’s finger.
“How about we visit Gojo’s fiancee?” Naoya asked, “maybe I can pursue her to be my wife and join our clan instead?”
"I don’t know what happened, but I was just training with Akaza and the others in the forest. I heard someone chanting something and the next thing I know I’m already here,” you told Satoru as you get into his hotel room.
“Don’t worry, I will help you,” he smiled widely.
You stared at him for a while before you slapped his face “what was that for?” he asked in surprised.
“Don’t act like you got hurt. I know my palm never touched your cheek,” you hissed at him “why did you leave saying nothing?”
Satoru sighed and sat beside you before he explain everything. Meanwhile, Doma found the sorcerer who was responsible for your disappearance and bring him to the demon lord.
Muzan wanted to kill the man but he can’t make the same mistake he did thousand of years ago.
“I can’t perform the ritual again,” the man panted after the long hours of torture he received from Muzan “I need to gather all the materials again. The plant I use will only bloom once a year”.
The demon lord screamed in frustration. He ordered the upper rank demons to find the plant that the sorcerer used. Your father couldn’t wait a year, he needs to make sure his princess is safe.
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theredsuzuran · 5 months ago
Muzan kibutsuji
[ Writing after a long time sorry for any mistakes and errors ]
⚠️ mention of blood and gore, NSFW, if you are an minor I request you don't read it. If anyone of you is uncomfortable with sensitive themes please don't read, k aight
Tumblr media
You were intriguing enough to catch his interest. Since you have managed to caught his attention, good luck darling :)
You willingly went to him ( because I said so )
At first he showered you with love and affection, bought you expensive gifts even though you didn't care much about that, because all you could see was how perfect he is for you.
He was kind and caring and so gentle, oh how easy it was to lure you.
Not soon after you began to notice is true nature.
Manipulative lover
suddenly he was in charge of everything that relates to you. Every little thing like wearing a certain dress or spending time with friends and family became somewhat impossible and gradually he shut you inside his enormous castle.
He has absolute control of your physical and mental state. As if you are a puppet of his command.
He would always say things like - "this is for your own safety darling", "do you not trust me (y/n)?", "those people are not good for you, they will hurt you", "you can always depend on me". He knew exactly how to make you feel vulnerable, he took advantage of your sensitivity and poisoned you.
If you tried to protest he would restore on giving you a cold shoulder. One time you raised your voice a little which made him ignore you for weeks. You had to beg and cry and that's exactly what he wanted.
He have made sure that you depend on him all the time.
The uppermoons( except douma ) are always guarding you 24/7 and they have strict order to not speak even a word let alone look at your face.
If you ever try to escape which you most likely won't, say goodbye to the little mobility you might have gain due to his good mood.
He always keeps you in check knowing that you won't dare to run away. Even if you try in the end of the day it's futile.
These are just some of the ways to make sure you are under his control but If you do misbehave or be disobedient, he will not hesitate to hurt you.
Don't worry he won't break you enough to kill you.
He's definitely the dominant one in this relationship ( don't even try to top him honey, last time he messed your inside really bad ☺ )
It's mandatory for you to call his name every time you two fuck.
He loves listening to those sinful moans escaping from your mouth, it gives him the sense of power.
He will whisper into your ears "you are mine (y/n)" while he pounds mercilessly.
Muzan fucked you to unconsciousness infront of the uppermoons because one of them ( you know who ) tried to initiate a small talk.
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Muzan Kibutsuji fluffy headcanon
Tumblr media
Muzan is only truly gentle when you are alone.
Otherwise, it’s the kind of “I own this human so don’t touch them” love.
He will always keep you close when there are other demons.
He usually forces you to sit in his arms and stroke your hair.
But behind closed doors, Muzan can be really gentle.
His kisses are fantastic
They are usually long and passionate.
His hands also wander along your body.
If you are human you really don’t get much sleep at night.
Muzan makes sure you and he have a lot to “do” during the night.
( add nsfw part here )
Muzan doesn’t usually hold your hand.
Instead, he holds his hand over your neck so that you are between his hand and his body.
And you won't get out until he gives permission.
The only reason he lets you be human is that he really enjoys the feeling of power.
He really enjoys that feeling
Maybe even too much.
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awoogayanderes · 5 months ago
Types of Yanderes : Demon Slayer
Characters: Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko Kamado, Giyu Tomioka, Zenitsu Agatsuma, Inosuke Hashibira, Shinobu Kocho, Muzan Kibutsuji, Enmu, Rui.
Warnings: Yandere behavior, toxic mindsets, domestic abuse, manipulation, implied imprisonments.
Tumblr media
Tanjiro Kamado:
mugai-gata (無害型) - harmless type
He just wants you to be happy. You’re a very important person in his life, so he won’t dare interfere in your personal problems, as much as it makes him mad. The most he will do is suggest advice to you, in hopes you’d do things his way. If it works, great. If it doesn’t, he’s a bit sad but won’t push further. He’s never been terrible to you. He loves you so much, it would break his heart to see you cry due to his actions. As long as you’re content, he’s bubbling in his own joy.
Nezuko Kamado:
touei-gata (投影型) - projection type
She probably views you as one of her younger siblings that she couldn’t protect. Whether your relationship is platonic or romantic, she views you as a little defenseless child that needs her aid. Sometimes she would just look at you and cradle your face, blinking with eyes that showed admiration and love. Though she can’t speak with the bamboo muzzle, her mind always converts you into one of her family members. She wants to protect you like she tried to protect her family.
Giyu Tomioka:
sutookaa-gata (ストーカー型) - stalker type
He’s just trying to make sure you’re safe. You won’t even know he’s watching you, so why shouldn’t he do this? Even if you do notice, he can make an excuse for having a mission in the same area. After a few successful attempts of stalking you, he’s dumbfounded with his own obsession. He doesn’t understand why he’s acting like that with you. Even after his realization, his hobby doesn’t stop. He continues to watch you from afar, not only keeping you safe but doting on you. You look lovely from where he’s hiding.
Zenitsu Agatsuma:
kanchigai-gata (勘違い型) - wrong idea type
Anything you’d do for him, he’ll take as a sign of love. Even if it’s simply helping him off the ground if he falls. He’s so delusional with the idea of you loving him the same way he does. If you end up rejecting him, he’ll think you’re just nervous about your feelings. He’s just so desperate for you and everything you do. Even after he sees the same kindness directed to other people, he’ll still think that he’s the one you love. No matter how many rejections he would endure from you, he won’t give up.
Inosuke Hashibira:
dokusen-gata (独占型) - monopoly type
He’s insecure about his relationship with you. You’re probably the first person he’s in a relationship with, so he’ll feel as if he has to keep you away from people. While he’s confident on the outside, he feels the jealousy bubble inside when he sees you hang out with other people, especially if it’s with Tanjiro. As his insecurities grow, he’ll make you stay with him whenever you want to go anywhere. By the time you notice something is wrong, it’s too late as he’s kept you in confinement.
Shinobu Kocho:
koritsu yuudou-gata (孤立誘導型) - loneliness induction type
Her appearance and calmness completely throw you off. She’ll start to make you feel alone in a state of despair. It’ll start with all of your friends avoiding you then your own family. When you finally break down, she’s right beside you to comfort you. She’ll pamper you, but it’s only a part of the plan to make you feel as if she’s the only one that will stick by your side. When you start clinging onto her, she knows that her plan succeeded. She keeps you in her mansion more often to watch over you.
Muzan Kibutsuji:
DV-gata (DV型) - domestic violence type
He’s a sadist with you. Any kind of slip-up that you make, expect to be met with his viciousness. It doesn’t matter if you’re a demon or human, he’ll hurt you. If you help someone, expect to be punished. Even if you looked at someone for too long, you’ll be met with his wrath. He’d be crueler to you if you were a demon since you can regenerate. Good behavior equals good rewards though, so that’s good. He loves you, but sometimes he just can’t stand the way you look at others.
suuhai-gata (崇拝型) - worship type
He worships you as if you were a god. But that doesn’t mean he won’t create nightmares. While your nightmares bring you terror, Enmu tells you how much you mean to him and how important your existence is. The reason he is praising you is because you remind him of Muzan. Maybe his looks or personality or his physicality. You just remind him of his master he desired death from. Enmu is your worshiping sadist. The one who creates your nightmares, yet also the one who praises you for everything.
sokubaku-gata (束縛型) - restraints type
Rui enjoys hanging you on trees with his threads. His restraints that he has created. Even if you haven’t done anything wrong he does it for his own enjoyment. Not for too long though, he stills wants you to love him. If you did do something wrong, he’ll string you upside down until you’ve lost consciousness. He finds it funny when you’re trying to pull your limbs away from the threads, screaming as he tightens them to see your reaction. You’re his play toy that he loves. A few strings won’t hurt.
Tumblr media
(A/N: Since I did it with the MYSME characters, I decided it’d be fun to do it with some of the demon slayer characters.)
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randoimago · 9 days ago
How Muzan, Rui, Kyogai, Yahaba and Susamaru would react to their demon S/O being decapitated in battle, only to resurrect from the ashes, continue attacking and act like nothing happened after battle?
S/O Being Killed Only to Come Back
FANDOM: Demon Slayer
Character(s): Muzan, Kyogai, Rui, Yahaba, Susamaru
Type of Request: Headcanons 
Word Count: 518
Note(s): Okay so I finished writing then looked to see that you mentioned S/O resurrecting from their ashes and totally forgot to add that detail so my bad for that 😅 I hope you still enjoy it though!!
Tumblr media
He sees what happened to you and is immediately hitting his drums to rotate the room so he can move to grab your body and move it away from the enemy.
Kyogai sees that you body hasn’t evaporated so he knows that you’re still hanging on and he’s moving you to a safer area, hitting his drums to confuse the enemy further so he can get you out of the way.
You waking up and wanting to rejoin the fight causes him to give you a sharp, “No”. 
You almost died and he’s not going to let you put yourself on this path again. He can handle the enemy. You just get some rest.
He watched your decapitated form fall and he felt anger but pushed it aside to be annoyed instead.
He made you a demon. He knows how strong you are. He knows that you're weren't just defeated this easily.
Is ready to enact a lot more than just revenge on the person that harmed you but then sees your body standing and reattach your head. Muzan just scoffed at that.
He knew you weren't actually dead. He would've killed you if you died.
Oh he is livid when he sees his S/O being killed. Your role was to be by his side. How dare these demon slayers take you from him?!
Is already getting his webs prepared. The enemy doesn't even get a second to process their deaths.
Rui huffs before he sees you getting up, ready to fight only to see that there's no one left to fight. Rui feels livid as he has to stop himself from hurting you for making him feel that you left him.
Warns you not to do that again. If he sees you do that again then he'll make sure that you can't come back.
She's frozen when she sees her S/O fall in battle. Rage just fills her at the sight as she sends her Temari at the enemy full force.
She's yelling and screaming and just not giving a damn with how reckless she's being.
Sees your body start moving out the corner of her eye and she sighs in relief. Holding back the tears as she tries to joke about how she knew you wouldn't die so easily.
Makes you promise to never do that again because she was worried and doesn’t know what she would have done if you actually died.
Watching you get decapitated pisses Yahaba off, but he knows that he can’t do anything for you until he kills the enemy. 
He’s doing his best to be swift and clean with his kills but he ends up making a couple mistakes due to his rage that he is desperately trying to keep from bubbling up.
When he sees you get up he lets out a sigh and tells you to play jokes another time and help him out.
Flicks you on the forehead after the fight for worrying him, but he does give you a “I was worried” just to let you know that he does care.
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tinaotaku · a month ago
omgggg I love you writing your one of the last that I found that does muzan with child
Can I ask for muzan with a fem! teen daughter who constantly wants her father to stop having an obsession with her
like imagine she looks just like her mother so he see her as the mother 👩🏻‍🦯👩🏻‍🦯👩🏻‍🦯
If your requests are closed I’m so so so sorry</3
Note: I freaking lost my work after disconnecting from the wifi. I'm so ready to yeet.
aNYWAY, (T/W Su!cide, De4th, M4nipul4tion, and more) this one-shot may be triggering for some people. Plz, note that I warned you before. If yall are uncomfortable with this topic, I'll suggest skipping this entire one-shot.
Author's POV
Muzan hummed as he combed your hair. Softly, he asked, "Which kimono would you like to wear today? The red kimono or the gold kimono? Today is the day where we first met. Therefore, I believe the gold kimono would suit today's activities. You won't mind, would you?"
Your lips stayed close, not having any encouragement to speak your mind. No matter what kind of response you give, Muzan will do things that he wants. Then, Muzan stood up from the ground and walked to the closet, specifically, your dead mother's closet.
No matter how much you would like to open your mouth and cry, you know you can't. The first time you opened your mouth and spoke your mind, all you got was endless torture with words of fake promises. You promised you do want to go through that kind of torture ever again, the pain wasn't worth it. Once was enough.
Instead, you closed your eyes as you tried to remember the first time your father started doing this kind of behavior. Ah, how can you forget, (Y/n)?
It all started with one incident.
Honestly, you don't remember how it all started. You still can remember how your mother would sing you to sleep or how your dad would play with you. It was a very normal childhood. Then, it all stops.
Your dad soon becomes a lot more evil than before, pressuring his demons to find the Blue Spider Lily as fast as possible. He was obsessed to achieve the ultimate perfection.
The fact that your mother died also didn't help the situation. He began to hallucinate a lot of things. Deep inside your heart, you knew your dad loved your mother very much. It was subtle but as long as you have a great sense of hearing, you can hear sobbing and murmured from his room. He begs for God up there to somehow revive your mother and bring his dead heart back.
However, things do not go well from then on.
He began to find a woman similar to your mom. He spent decades pursuing a different woman in attempts to find a person that resembles your mother very well. This behavior made him, and you separate from each other. Though, you can't lie. You were heartbroken and have to take some time away from your dad. In those years, you had grown up into a beauty, similar to your mom.
Oh, scratch that, you look exactly like your mom. Who are we kidding right now? Your eyes, your fingers, even your gestures, all of them are an exact copy of your mom. One can mistake you as (M/n), and honestly, you can't blame them for thinking that way. Even Kokushibou who has been with Muzan for the longest mistook you as (M/n).
When he came back to the Infinity Fortress to see any developments in Blue Spider Lily research, he accidentally met you. He can't believe his eyes and thought that (M/n) had come back alive somehow. Sadly, it wasn't (M/n) but (Y/n).
From there, everything went downhill. Your father treated you the same as how he treated (M/n); sweet, loving, and supporting. At first, you are happy to see your dad treating you better than you expected. Being away for so long deals with a mental scar on your heart. All you wanted now was affection and attention.
Muzan thought (M/n) revived from her death and mistook you as your mother, therefore treating you just like he did to your mom. On the other hand, you thought that Muzan realized his mistake and tried to reconcile his relationship with you.
It was an understatement to say that both of you are way too naive and in a state of delusion.
It took you around ten years to realize what he had done to you and himself. It was a shocking truth, after all. All demons can see the truth, yet they aren't brave enough to say it.
You tried to explain, but we all know what happened.
The weird relationship between you and your dad continued. As time goes, you can see yourself in the depth of the abyss, trying to find a new source of light. Needless to say, you had long given up. There's no use for you to live anyway.
Your dad continues to call that dead woman's name, and every demon stays away from you. You have no one to talk to and soon fall into depression. All you wanted were nothing but a sweet yet painless death. Evil voices sprouted from your mind and told you to end yourself. At first, you ignored those whispers and tried to live just like before. Though, it did not stop and convince you to do it. You felt like fighting a losing war, so you decided to take a step forward.
"Please stop this," you whispered under your breath, gaining Muzan's attention. He was pleased to see his beloved speaking to him. Even though he couldn't hear your words, he smiled and looked into his beloved's face. You, who were looking at the floor silently pulled a hairpin from your sleeve. Then, you asked him a question.
"Please, who am I? Am I Kibutsuji (Y/n) or Kibutsuji (M/n)?"
"Whatever do you mean, (M/n)? You are my wife and will forever be my wife, (M/n). But who is this (Y/n) you're talking about? Is she a demon that you just met-"
"(M/n) this and (M/n) that... I'm so sick of hearing that bullsh*t! Why do people always confuse me with that dead woman's name?! My name is (Y/n)! It's (Y/n)! (Y/n), (Y/n), (Y/n)! Why can't my stupid dad realize this?! You told me that you named me (Y/n) yet why did you still call me that woman's name?! Just because I am a replica of her doesn't mean you can treat me like this! I hate you, Dad, I hate you so much! Words can't describe how much I would like to kill you and leave you to die! I hate everyone in this world! Why, why, why?!" You ranted your ass out in front of your dad. Your breathing went into an irregular pattern before standing up and looking into your father's eyes.
There's no happiness left. There is no remorse, no passion, no love.
You mustered up the rest of your courage before smiling at your dad. The last sweet innocent smile, just likes how you did when you were little. All of those memories flashed right before your eyes, and you knew that you had made the right decision.
"I wish for your happiness, Dad. If someday mother come back alive, tell her to take my place and forget me,"
It all happened so fast. One second you were ranting, another second you are gone. A quick slash across your neck ended your life. The horror look on his face surely made you smile. It was certainly a memory to remember, quite worth it to bring it to your next life.
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dumbdemonslayertexts · 4 months ago
How about Muzan with human S/O, who always talk in soft and friendly way, even when kill somebody for shit and giggles (headcanons)?
ooooh!! my first kinda dark drabbly stufff!!!! here you go bb!
Warnings: murdery stuff and some shmex
Tumblr media
muzan probably eyed you with a fair mixture of a first impression. so congrats for capturing his intrigue so firmly from jump
you are a decent enough specimen for a human... your figure captivating enough, your skin as deep and lustrous as the nightscape that was his empire
the smile and soft cheer of your disposition annoys him. it’s clear that this is your natural state of being, and he has not pegged himself as having the patience to take on another presence of this sort. it reminds him of douma.
and douma get on his mf nerve.
still... he sees the glint of sadism behind that sweetened shell.
he followed you, allowing you to believe you had gone unnoticed as you stalked your latest victim.
when he sees you take them by surprise, disarmingly demure and kind to the person before fisting their hair and slitting their throat, his lip crinkles in a sneer, hearing your sweet talk continue.
you were shaken when he interrupted the high of your fresh kill, stepping out from the shadow in his three piece suit, jacket slung over his shoulder.
you couldn’t breathe when he’d cornered you in an ironic turn of events--the air of threat and lethality was suffocating about him. he was a domineering presence, and his crimson glare bore through to your trembling soul.
he takes you as his lover with nothing said aside from “you’ll do.”
and believe me he fucked you senseless the very first night. your throat and your cunt would be so used that the soreness persists well past a week.
he tried his best to fuck those giggly smiles off your face, to make you scream until that giddy voice of yours was raw.
he is gone quite a bit of the time once he has made sure that you are completely reliant on him: confined to his home, cut off from any other human connection you have in your life, so that you know fully your life is now his alone.
but you assume that he has no qualms with the little ...itch you get every now and again to kill the odd stranger here or there. it is how he met you, after all.
you even make an evening of it sometimes with him, latched onto his arm and dreamily selecting your prospects as he rolls his eyes.
“kill whomever you please. i couldn’t care less about your selection process. you choose arbitrarily and waste my time pretending you have a process too often.”
you pout, still speaking in a voice like candy. “you don’t want me to have fun with my playthings.”
“because you act like a child. kill the human and end it. they’re no sustenance for you, you just waste my time with this foolishness, as i said.”
you place a kiss to his jaw. “like you haven’t played with your food.”
“you come c l o s e to annoying me.” he would threaten you, deadly and impatient, and you would pout even more, but still listen: luring your target with your bubbliness before striking them down in the same mirth.
muzan would snatch you away, annoyed, before you could even bask in your successful hunt. you’re on his nerves and he is quite prepared to show you just how much. in the nearest black alley. and he doesn’t care who can hear your moans or pleading for mercy.
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animelovefics · 2 months ago
Muzan Kibutsuji x Hashira!Reader
based on my oc coz she is the feline hashira <3
Tumblr media
"You could become my wife/husband"
Your cup of tea dropped to the floor and you choked on the tea in your mouth, causing you to cough, accidentaly attracting the attention of the other customers at the coffee.
Muzan Kibutsuji, the man in front of you, errr. Woman? He still didn't change his appearance, since due to a demon slayer recognizing him he had to change everything. Your job was to slay him, to end his awfull acts on this earth, but the strings of your heart where tightly tied around him, so somehow you two ended up... "Bonding", casual meeting to talk or just enjoy some tea or a small food at different places, or even he would go to your place and you two would spend the evening tending to your garden or such.
Don't get me wrong, it never passed the platonic side, the most it did was kisses on the cheek lingering a bit more or tighter hugs, yet you knew he knew.
The way your face turned red whenever he appeared, your mind becoming a mess of thoughts, how you would casually put your hand on his.
But you didn't expect this, he told you before about leaving his wife and kids to change his life again, and him marrying a Hashira would lower the suspicions of him being a threat, much less being the Muzan Kibutsuji, king of demons... Your hand slightly trembled as he got from his chair and kneeled in front of you, getting a small box from his shirt, his red eyes staring at your (E/C) eyes.
The ring inside was as passionate as his eyes, a big white gem glistening and the gold surrounding it told you it costed more than any money you could afford in your entire life.
The people nearby noticed and everyone started clapping their hands, your finger slowly accepting the ring that Muzan was holding, it fitted perfectly on your finger.
Something inside of you snapped the moment he finished putting the ring.
You made a deal with the devil.
Soon enough Muzan had changed his form, now wearing a yukata and with long hair, his feminine and delicate features and body giving a small appearance, as if he could break with the smallest of things.
The wedding was attended by your fellow Hashiras, all congratulating you on your wedding, Tanjiro was strictly banned from there, using the excuse that you didn't want to involve a demon sympathizer in your private life, when you knew that he could smell behind Muzan's costume.
You kept your work slaying demons, but you kept strictly with the useless ones, the lower rank kizuki's to help Muzan.
Tanjiro felt a change in your smell, what smelled like determination now was tangled with red, hatred and less and less humanity.
Something was wrong, and he could feel it.
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kimetsu-no-yaiba-writings · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
AHAHA Thirsty Thursday has brought a particular thought - suggested by a friend - with Muzan and let me tell you I’m beyond ready to write this!
I also just don’t seem to have any self-control because I had too much fun writing this one....opps?
 Thought: Muzan with tentacles-appendages 
Theme/Warnings: Getting stuffed, slight mentions of Overstimulation and  Praising 
Word Count: 321 words 
Time had long since lost its meaning, had lost after the third time you’d been forced to cum, pussy clenching tightly at the appendages that thrusted and played with your wet and warm insides.
You were sat so prettily on Muzan’s lap – his chest to your naked back – trembling as more and more pleasure and heat built up again, drool dripping from the corner of your lips as one of your lover’s hands rested gently just below your chest, pinning you to him.
Yet Muzan Ignores you, simply writing with one hand as the other remains under your chest tracing light shapes with the cleancut edge of his nails.
A delicious pressure burned itself into you, it curled and wiggled with a heavy weight on your insides and it didn’t matter how you moved – or placed your hands heavily on your stomach – it never relieved it. You whimpered - a breathy noise that built up at the back of your throat - as the things inside of you gave a particularly hard twisting thrust, forcing a loud moan out from your sore throat.
No matter what you did, you couldn’t escape…
Muzan’s voice was a low, a constant delicious hum in your ear, as he rested his chin on your bare shoulder, cooing praises and arrogant words as you took in his appendages, watching with an almost proud look as they slide in and out with ease – two of the smaller one’s playful flicking and tracing your cute puffy clit – and with a hum, he thickens and lengthens them.
A breath catching in his throat at how loudly you moan, at how quickly you tighten and throw your head back as with a breathless chuckle Muzan finally puts his pen down.
 “Such a good girl,” Muzan murmurs, a breathless chuckle underlining his voice as both hands now roam your body “What a good girl to take so much of me in…”
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tamayosclinic · 3 days ago
I would love to request the prompt "Wake up. You have to wake up. Please. For me." & "Just please open your eyes." with Muzan x Pregnant Wife Reader. Angst and Tragedy for Muzan and from his POV if possible.💛
"Wake up. You have to wake up. Please. For me." "Just please open your eyes." | Muzan x Pregnant Wife!Reader
Warning(s): Angst
Author's Note(s): This is my first time writing in first person POV and I feel like I wrote better though I generally prefer third person for the sake of tapping into all characters' thoughts and feelings. Anyways enough rambling from me. Enjoy this oneshot.
Word Count: 698
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The side of the bed where my wife (Y/n) sleeps is cold and untouched. Her scent had faded from sheets a long time ago, but the emptiness in my heart remains. I would not consider myself an emotional being, but my wife disproved that time and time again. I could still remember when I first met her. It was on another insignificant night.
Granted, it was in the middle of the summer festival, but such events are trivial to me. (Y/n) had run into me, too enraptured by the vibrant colored lights and joyful of the crowd to pay attention to where she was going.
If it were any other person, they would have been dead by the end of the night as I do not take kindly to invasions of my space. However, my petty bloodlust melted away when I turned and laid eyes on (Y/n). I felt my heartbeat rapidly spreading an unfamiliar warmth and fuzziness throughout my entire body for the first time.
I wanted to get close to her. To know her. To be with her.
Love at first sight? I genuinely believe it was that, and I’m overjoyed to have married her. Dormant emotions such as joy, fulfillment, and content had come alive in the years I spent with my wife. However, karma is a bitch, and it took advantage of the life I built with (Y/n) to bring justice to all my wrongdoings.
Getting (Y/n) pregnant was just the start. When she broke the news, I could not be more overjoyed. I accompanied her to every doctor’s visit. I would rest my head atop her stomach, using my demon senses to listen to the baby’s sounds. If only I had followed my instincts when I first heard the vibrations, a demon would typically give off. I ignored it, and now the baby is slowly eating (Y/n) from the inside out.
She has been in the hospital comatose since the start of her second trimester. I had gotten into the routine of visiting her in the hospital, often falling asleep beside her in the hospital bed as I find sleeping in our own bed painful at times. Tonight was another one of those nights in which I stayed the night. All visitors are usually forced out after visiting hours, but with some bribery, I can bypass the rule.
I sit on the bedside, holding (Y/n)’s arm and watching the slight rise and fall of her chest with each shallow breath—my self-assurance that she is still alive. Her swollen belly bugles out. I listen to the baby's demonic heartbeat rather than the doctor reporting her declining condition as if that is not obvious just by looking at her.
“We have done all we can. It’s all up to (Y/n) to bounce back.” He concludes before leaving.
Good riddance. I sigh and bring (Y/n)’s hand up to my forehead. “Wake up. You have to wake up. Please. For me.”
I somewhat treasured the silence of the room. It allowed some sense of serenity after having to listen to that babbling doctor. Though I had to admit with some of what he said. Mainly that both (Y/n) and the baby would not survive together. I decided to save them both my own way with some mulling over.
In all my time with (Y/n), I kept my demon identity secret for the sake of not bringing her into the cruel world of demons. I intended to keep it that way for her whole mortal lifespan, but I would not mind living out all of eternity with her and our child.
So I scanned my surroundings to check that the coast was clear before jabbing a nail into her wrist and injecting a decent amount of blood to get the job done without killing her. I shut my eyes as she convulses, unable to bear watching her suffer.
“Just please open your eyes.” I wish out loud when she has finally stilled.
I could hear my heartbeat in my ears while I waited in anticipation with my eyes glued to her. At last, her eyes open to reveal her (e/c) cat-like irises, and my joy finally comes back.
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lady-muzan-supremacy · 2 months ago
left my drawing shit in the other room and im too lazy to get it so…
crack dialogue. y/n, muzan, lets go.
also, this is super fucking weird so… yeah i warned you
Somewhere in their shared apartment, y/n and Muzan sat playing a simple board game called Sorry.
• Sorry!
y/n takes their red piece and flicks it into Muzan’s green one
- I don’t get why this game is called Sorry, if anything, you play this with someone you hate to just shit on their ego
Muzan picks up the destroyed green piece and observes it
- What even are these supposed to be?
• … Are you seriously trying to find the logic in a board game?
- …no
• Let’s just read instead
y/n takes out a book and hands it to Muzan
- …what the holy fuck is this
• it’s a classic!
Muzan face palms and grabs y/n’s hands, staring into their eyes
- y/n, dear
• yes?
- what is the name of this book?
• papa boner
- what is papa boner about?
• a white whale and a sea captain
- …
- thats Moby Dick, y/n. I’m pretty sure papa boner is about kinky grandpa sex
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