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first of all, thank you so much for 300!! i really appreciate and love every single one of you so so much, and thank you so much for reading and enjoying what i write—all of you truly hold such a special place in my heart, and i love you all so so so much <3333


event specials!!

time stamp drabbles!

send me a character and a time stamp (preferably in regular time and not military) and specify whether you’d like it to be angst or fluff, and nsfw, or sfw and i’ll write a drabble for it!!

song fic drabbles!

send me a character and a song and specify whether you’d like it to be angst or fluff, and nsfw, or sfw and i’ll write a drabble for it!


event add ons!!

self ship moodboard!

send me your self ship, and a headcanon you have for the ship, and specify your personality, a dream date, or a couple aesthetic

character insta feed moodboard!

send me a character and i’ll make a moodboard for what i think their insta feed would look like!





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Y’all bout to make me cry 🖐🏾🥲





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Hmmm… California then. We can have a small beach house in Florida for us and our future kids.

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hi asf so i’m a little late to this but thank u sm for 150!!!! im grateful for all of yall even if some of u are bots lolll. achieving these kinds of goals means a lot to me and i wouldnt have done it without yall! im glad u guys enjoy dealing with my bullshit. love u all <3 thank u for making this milestone possible!!

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on to the event!

so, for a while i’ve been wanting to do fic recs because they’re fun and i love my friends :3 so that’s what i’m going to be doing with this! and i’m accepting fic reviews, too!!

Send me a 🧁 if you would like me to review a fic of yours! (you don’t really need to send the emoji, but i just wanted it to match the header :3 hehe)

I’ll read through it, quote my favorite parts (leaving out important bits, of course) and then, reblog it once I’ve finished and posted the review! If you want me to offer some advice, just go ahead and ask! Mostly because I’ll feel hella bad if I give you unwanted advice or if you wanted advice and didn’t give you any! Not required, obviously! Not accepting smut for this :3, fluff or angst is fine, though.

Oh! Also, it could be a recent fic or and older one you felt deserved a bit more attention!

Characters I’ll review: Any of the Weasleys, Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, probably any sapphic fic and side characters, too. (Won’t review for Draco Malfoy, Tom Riddle, or Snape, soz).

I’ll be accepting the first 10 I get in my inbox! Thanks!

Onto the fic recs!

blood sweat and tears (fred weasley x reader, criminal minds au) by @wand3ringr0s3

ride (george weasley x reader, angst) by @valwritesx

afterlife (fred weasley x reader, angst, but also kinda fluffy) by @band–psycho

as the world caves in (fred weasley x reader, angst) by @probably-peeves

movie night (george weasley x reader, fluff) by @breadqueen95

fred jr (fred weasley x reader, fluff) by @rip-us

don’t be cruel (george weasley x reader, smut, 18+) by @slytherinsunrise

say you’ll make my dreams come true (fred weasley x reader, smut, 18+) by @lumosandnoxwriting

potions and constellations (george weasley x reader, kinda angsty, but also fluffy) by @iliveiloveiwrite

yours truly (fred weasley x reader, series) by @rosaliepostsstuff

bit of sappiness before i end the post :p … thank you! truly! from the bottom of my heart! your support means so much to me! and sometimes im baffled you guys really do enjoy the stuff i put out! i know i don’t usually reply to many of the comments/replies/reblogs i get on my fics, but i do see them. and i read them, all at least once, but some i go back to because i love how you all react to them. the keysmashing, the one word responses, it’s all *chef’s kiss* perfect!!! and i love you all and couldn’t have asked for better followers and friends, because that’s what we are, we’re friends! thank you again <3 !! love you all lots :’) !!

TAGGING SOME MUTUALS BECAUSE I LOVE YOU ALL SM KNSJKD (also i hope im not bothering you ;-;) @wand3ringr0s3@pansydaisy@cappsikle@lumosandnoxwriting@darthwheezely@slytherinsunrise@vogueweasley@feetoffthetablee@rosaliepostsstuff@vivianweasley@thisismynerdyself@omg-imatotalmess@theweasleysredhair@harrysweasleys@loony-loopy-lupinn​ AHH I CANT THINK ANY MORE BC ITS 3:10 AM RN BUT ILY ALL SM AND MWAH MWAH KISS KISS

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DABI <3 if y'all don’t wish him a happy birthday im coming for your kneecaps

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DYMPHHHHHH i would trade every single thing on that list for an ounce of ur love an affection 🥺🥺🥺🥺💕💕💕💕💕

number 8: describe your eyes in extreme detail

this question led me to stand in front of my bathroom mirror for no less than 5 minutes, watching my pupils dilate and contract in response to the slight changes in light as i blinked ahsdfjasldf n e ways,,, my eyes are slanted and not almond-shaped, and while they give an appearance of being double-lidded, they’re actually just hooded. they’re,,, dark brown? almost black? kinda like coffee grounds, but if the light hits them right, they’re a much prettier shade of brown,,, i am not sure how much detail to provide shdfkasjdfh 

number 20: 

recorded my answer!

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pls i was so proud of that one too even if the sex wasn’t top tier BUT STILL WAAAA I LOVE U ANON

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mcyttwt’s only good trait is the beautiful images and memes they reply to everything with

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my love: what would your dream home look like?

thank you so much for the ask ashlee!!!! hoooooo boy this is fun to think about and completely unrealistic but a girl can dream jfsdjnskfbdjf definitely like an entire huge room for hundreds and hundreds of books with a mahogany desk and a divan i can fling myself onto like our good man lord henry wotton as i mourn my tragic past and big windows overlooking the city and gardens that i can tend to but secretly just so i can talk to the girl next door and just many cottagecore yet dark academia vibes everywhere if that makes sense and a room for various assortments of weapons and many many doggos all of which will be named chad and should i go on

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GASP I’M SO >< 💓💕💗

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nini!!!!!!!!!!! 💗✨💖⛅️

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leorio i am kissing u on the mouth

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raccccchhhh i am only going to say nice things about you because you are one of the nicest people i know and you deserve a whole lot of love & kindness. i admire a lot of people for different reasons but the main thing i admire about you is your zeal. i can see it in the words you write, in the things you say, and in the way you are as a person; it’s bright and beautiful, which entirely encompasses you! i wish only the best for you and that you will always get back what you give out. i love you!!

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Death Incarnate I still love you

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