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the dogs are moxie, pepper, and ginger, in order from BIG -> medium -> little and all three of them are so loud honestly. we got ginger just a couple years ago and she barks at everything, up to and including ME and that sets off the other two and ahhh. but they really are so sweet

moxie’s half newfie and half lab, and she looks just like a black lab but with the size of a newfie + another lab. we got pepper and ginger from the humane society so we’re not sure what exactly they are. they’re both definitely terriers. ill post some pictures of them when i go back home for thanksgiving because they really are all ridiculous

the cats are piper (because she never shuts up) and astrid (because she acts like a lazy princess) and theyre both torties and both sisters!

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I’m kinda freaking out, my cat is really sick again. He’s got a bad infection and its making this gross sack ploof out of his butt. Usually we can just give him antibiotics, but he’s also not eating very well right now either…

We don’t have enough money to take him to the vet, I’m just hoping he’ll start eating again…

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My critters.

1- The kitties, left to right: Salem, Lily, and Stitch (The Three-legged Wonder Cat)

2- Sassy the mutt. Possible Australian Shepherd and Chow mix. My “failed” foster dog; I couldn’t give her up after I brought her home.

3- Our ratties, Blue and Boh, when they were about 8 weeks old. I need to get current pics of them. Cute little fookers.

4- Lily trying to get a closer look at the rats.

[For chalc :) ]

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