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#my art 2020

After posting Anne yesterday, I got the urge to design Qwark’s father a bit. (After all, Father’s Day is next month). I got some “ideas” based on the designs of Qwark and his parents: Qwark got these features from his mother Anne: Skin color, eye color and hair color. Qwark got these things features from his father: Wavy hair, big eyebrows, body shape, marking colors. Qwark got the mixture of the nose from both of his parents. I know I don’t make since, but they’re just some ideas. This is also my first time to draw a beard. I did my best. I was also inspired a bit by Max Apogee.
I have been thinking about a name. Since Qwark’s first name is Copernicus, then the father’s name could be Nicolaus. Nicolaus Qwark. Copernicus Qwark. Nicolaus Copernicus. Get it?

Ratchet & Clank belongs to Insomniac Games/Sony
Nicolaus Qwark (Qwark’s Father) + Artwork belongs to me

Time of Drawing: 41 Minutes

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