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#my asks
skitter-kitteruwu · a day ago
the skitty game: its when one person tries to put character in the most heartwarming situation and another person thinks of the ways to make it sad
Yep! i do that with most of my fics (read: my current wip) and I will do it any opportunity. Do you have a prompt for the skitty game? 👀
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
୨୧┄┈୨୧‧⁺̣˚̣̣*̣̩⋆̩·̩̩ A𐌾𐌾n𐌼 ·̩̩⋆̩*̣̩˚̣̣⁺̣‧୨୧┈┈୨୧
requested by @pr1vacy
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mercurianbisous · 2 days ago
gwynriel art by the.sketching.hour is coming soon omg
Tumblr media
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ukelele-boy · a day ago
confession i actually think lester and meg have more of a father/daughter relationship than a sibling one i feel like he'd be her substitute father
Oooh. Dad Apollo hahahaha.
Yeah I can definitely see it. Apollo gives off stressed out single dad vibes. The way he wipes crumbs off Meg's face with a napkin, the way he stresses when Meg does something dangerous.
I'm also soft for their sibling dynmaic though, because Apollo and Meg comforting and teasing each other is my jam.
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secretgvfstan · 8 hours ago
Prompt #29!
prompt: 29. “you're so damn attractive. you know that right?” pairing: josh kiszka/reader warnings: mentions of sexual attraction a/n: Unless people clarify they want one of the other boys imma just assume you want it to be about Josh sfsjdhgksh
Christmas was Josh's favorite holiday. Reasonably so considering where he grew up. You couldn't say the same though. Christmas for you was always stressful and full of drama with your family. It was rare that you got to do anything you actually would enjoy during the holiday. When you finally opened up to Josh about this, he was determined to make sure you fell in love with the holiday. "Come spend Christmas in Frankenmuth with me and my family." he begged one night during dinner. You could feel your chest tighten from nerves as you started to push your food around with your fork "I don't know Josh....that's a lot of pressure." you honestly replied. You'd met his family before but you'd never spent a holiday with them. That would be a big step in your relationship and it undeniably made you scared. He reached crossed the table and softly took your hand that wasn't occupied by a fork, looking at you till you met his gaze "It'll be so much fun. I promise you." he softly spoke. He was serious and you knew it would be hard as hell to change his mind. "Okay, I'll join you. And I'm holding you to it that it'll be fun." you teased. Josh smiled and gave your hand a soft squeeze, "you got it babe."
The both of you decided to arrive a week early to his parents. He couldn't contain his excitement to be with his Mom and take you to do all the fun Christmas festivities in town. Karen and Kelly welcomed you with big warm hugs, telling you how happy they were to have you spending Christmas with them this year. Josh was bouncing off the walls with excitement, ready to drag you out the door the first night.
"Don't you overwhelm her Joshua!" Karen called to him as he pulled you out the front door, his manic giggling being the only response she heard as the door closed. You couldn't get the smile off your face as he showed you around town. You found a bench to sit on in the town square while Josh went to get you some hot chocolate. You looked around at all the colorful lights, admiring them while listening to the chatter of people talking around you and the Christmas music that played to fill in the noise. Unknown to you though, Josh stood feet away, two cups of hot chocolate in his hands just staring at you. The colorful lights reflected off your face perfectly and highlighted your eyes to make them extra sparkly. Josh swallowed harshly, his Adams apple bobbing in his throat. He was completely enamored by you in this moment. Finally forcing his feet to move, he returned to your side, sitting down next to you. "Here you go beautiful." he said, handing you your cup. "Thank you." you happily replied taking it. He kept staring at you, gawking at this point and you couldn't help but giggle at him when you noticed "You okay there?" you asked “you're so damn attractive. you know that right?” he answered instead. Your cheeks were already red from the cold but you know without a doubt he could see that you were blushing. "Says you." you shot back at him. Josh smirked, leaning close to you so he could speak where nobody else would hear he said "All these lights look so beautiful on your face. I'm ready to take you home and see how the rest of your body looks underneath some Christmas lights." placing a gentle kiss to your jaw and smiling in satisfaction hearing you cough and squeeze your legs together at his proclamation. "W-well I guess we better get going then huh?" you stuttered out, clearly effected by his words. Josh didn't hesitate to take your hand and the both of you were like giddy teenagers jogging back to the car. Maybe spending Christmas with Josh wouldn't be so bad after all.
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l*dyofbraavos screenshot’d one of your d*ny-critical posts, fyi
the one that mentioned eroeh
lol, they must have me blocked because I can't find it.
I hope they're having fun with whichever post it is.
If we're not having fun, then what's the point, right?
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firyfox · a day ago
bakugos mind is current going through izuku brainrot
When is it not tbh
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theweightofstardust · 13 hours ago
Okay okay! So in my humble opinion I think Jake is the moon, Sammy is the stars, and Danny is the clouds, but like the really fluffy pure ones that we all loved as children.
Josh as the Sun
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jake as the Moon
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sammy as the Stars
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and Danny as the Clouds
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fellshish · a day ago
I saw two older men sitting next to each other, sharing earbuds and looking grumpy. Anyway, that’s Dean and Cas
Two men always being dean and cas is the heller way of life <3
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joshkiszkasphattittes · 6 hours ago
Did someone say Josh tummy?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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skitter-kitteruwu · 2 days ago
Hey! please make a sad fic about Grian and scar only communicating through chat messages in the afterlife
The desert winds were calm today. Not storming, like the day the Red Army attacked. Not silent, like the final day. Just… normal.
He could hear whispering the distance. A cry for help. A shout.
Ren, and his army. In the distance, he could see silhouettes carrying their flag.
Scar smiled, and began to count them.
One, two, three, four… five… six?
There were too many of them— and only one of him.
Grian wasn’t here.
Grian wasn’t—
“He’ll be in the bunker. I told him there was TNT. He’ll be an easy kill.”
Scar smiled against his will. This was what the universe chose to taunt him with today? A betrayal?
He scoffed. Grian would never do that.
He pulled out his communicator, watching the Red Army grow closer. Scar knew they wouldn’t get close enough to hurt him. Nothing could.
<GoodTimeWithScar> Theyre acting like you would betray me
<Grian> i would never
<Grian> you on the other hand?
<Grian> yeah you would
Scar laughed loud enough to fill the desert. His throat burned. His vision blurred.
<GoodTimeWithScar> i miss you
A tear slipped down his cheek.
<Grian> i would be there if i could
The mountain towered behind him. Their house— rebuilt and untarnished— taunted him.
It wouldn’t be home without Grian.
<GoodTimeWithScar> i know
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
୨୧┄┈୨୧‧⁺̣˚̣̣*̣̩⋆̩·̩̩ A𐌾𐌾n𐌼 ·̩̩⋆̩*̣̩˚̣̣⁺̣‧୨୧┈┈୨୧
requested by anon
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mercurianbisous · 18 hours ago
I saw your answer to another anon about how Gwyn could carry her own book, and she def could, but not with this current plot. She has no ties to Koeschi, she can't find the 4th Trove, she has nothing to do with the human queens, and there's currently no war for her to fight in (if she leaves the library by then). So how would she actually carry a book? The Illyrian plot is over. The beginning of ACOSF says that the conflict from ACOFAS had been settled after 4 months and there was peace. Then, at the end of ACOSF, Cassian and Nesta bring up the issues they have to deal with moving forward which they list as: troves, Koeschi, human queens, potential war. Nothing about Illyria. And why would Az and Gwyn handle something like that instead of Cassian or Emerie. Two people that have issues with them but are still a part of the community. Az HATES the Illyrians. Wouldn't mind destroying and disbanding them. Also, why is it his responsibility to "fix" his abusers? Do you think Mor should go to the Hewn City and deal with everyone there. Fix them? A Gwyn x Az book would literally be a wash, rinse, repeat of ACOSF... Train, go to the library, train, go to the library, etc.
She has no ties to Koeschi, she can't find the 4th Trove, she has nothing to do with the human queens, and there's currently no war for her to fight in (if she leaves the library by then). So how would she actually carry a book?
Luckily those are not the only plot points left unresolved in the series, as you’ll see below. But if we deal with all of this in the next book, what will the last one be about? And remember that all that needs to be resolved within one book because Elain will most likely be the one to find the Trove and Lucien is tied to the human queens. They are the only protagonists left who are intrinsically tied to all of that. So you still have one book left... about what? About how grass grows in Velaris?
Lucien won’t share his book with anyone other than Elain and I think it’s time you come to term with this. Each book will be about a couple getting together. What other option does he have if not his mate? Vassa? A character who’s considerably less developed than Gwyn, who’s a bird half of the time and who Sarah has subtly tied to Jurian already?
Not to mention that Gwyn is a researcher that can help with the Trove if necessary. The Valkyries could assist in the search for the Trove in the same way Cassian and Azriel helped Nesta even if they weren’t Made.
The Illyrian plot is over.
It absolutely isn’t. Yaz made a great post explaining why that I’m linking here.
And why would Az and Gwyn handle something like that instead of Cassian or Emerie. Two people that have issues with them but are still a part of the community. Az HATES the Illyrians. Wouldn't mind destroying and disbanding them. Also, why is it his responsibility to "fix" his abusers?
First of all, Cassian can’t take care of the Illyrians because he’s not getting any more books. Sarah won’t handle this issue off-page and she needs a protagonist that will deal with it first hand. I do think Emerie will play an important role since she’s an Illyrian woman, but she’s definitely not sharing a book with Azriel. Gwyn is more likely to. Why? Because they actually interacted with each other, unlike Emerie and Az. Because Sarah made the conscious decision to include Gwyn in his extra chapter and not Emerie. Because it was the thought of Gwyn that glowed in Azriel’s chest and not Emerie’s. Because it was her who he called “a thing of secret, lovely beauty” and not Emerie. Above all, these are romance books.
Plus Gwyn is the one who says this on ACOSF:
Tumblr media
Sarah says this about Azriel and the Illyrians in ACOFAS:
Tumblr media
Part of Azriel’s journey will be about coming to terms with his heritage. He needs to deal with his hatred for the Illyrians, he doesn’t need to “fix them”. Yaz also made an interesting post about this that I’m linking here so you can read more about it.
A Gwyn x Az book would literally be a wash, rinse, repeat of ACOSF... Train, go to the library, train, go to the library, etc.
If you have 0 imagination, sure. Luckily for us it won’t be you who writes the book.
A Gwynriel book would be full of healing and coming to terms with the past (Azriel = Illyrians, Gwyn = Sangravah). It would deal with the whole Illyrians x Valkyries situation which was hinted at by the end of ACOSF. The Valkyries are sure to fight in the war against the queens and perhaps the Illyrians too if they unite forces. We need to see that happening before we see the war.
From her backstory, we see that Gwyn has connections to the Autumn Court. Sarah put more details into her backstory than usual for a “secondary character” and it’s likely that we’ll find out more about this. Plus last time I checked, the AC drama was very prominent in ACOSF and Beron still hasn’t been dealt with. That’s another possible plot point there although I think it will be resolved in Elucien’s book. But still, we could see more of Eris through Gwyn and Az.
Sarah confirmed in one of her lives that the next books will feature pegasi + the House of Wind + we’ll see Azriel sing. Do I need to say more... or do you get it?
I don't see why Sarah would take the time to develop a secondary character who is a SA survivor, who has a tragic past and her own healing journey that she is yet to go through (no, it’s not over because canon says otherwise), who plays a big part in Nesta's arc, who’s connected with other main characters (Azriel), and who the readers have fallen in love with. We still haven’t seen the last of her whether you like it or not.
You stated your thoughts, these were mine. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree 🤷‍♀️
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gothamcitycentral · a day ago
Imagine someone made a documentary about Croc and the person interviewd some other heros/rogues to give their thoughts on croc, what do you think would be the opinions given by the interviewed
I imagine they were going for ‘mysterious crocodile monster living in Gotham’s sewers’ but instead got:
- A combined three hours of Bane, Scarecrow, and the Riddler complaining about Croc beating one in their fights, the other about him attacking him every time he tries to contaminate the water supply, and generally tossing Riddler around like a ragdoll.
- A short segment of Kirk Langstrom offering his sympathy.
- 45 minutes of Harley talking about him being a good friend and Poison Ivy saying he’s a lot more gentle than he seems.
- Red hood and Arsenal saying he got them through tough times (they barley elaborate).
- A rather long thing from Batman himself, basically saying “well… he’s a complex… case… the justice system isn’t… that cut and dry…” which basically translates to “I invite Waylon to Thanksgiving but I can’t say that to the public”.
- And a rather determined “He’s NOT as scary as he thinks he is” from the newest Robin.
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wynnyfryd · 2 hours ago
Favorite drarry 8 th year fic?
Hi lovely, thanks for the ask!
My favorite 8th year fic is Nice Things by aideomai
It’s such a soft, toasty little snuggle of a fic from one of my favorite writers (also I’m a total sucker for Harry and Draco getting high together)
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mmhinman · 3 months ago
ma'am! can I boop one of your skeleboys ?
Go right ahead~
Tumblr media
though.... I'll steer clear from Stretch... That man can't beehave for one second..
Tumblr media
boys belong to @bonelyheartsclub
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firyfox · 23 hours ago
i want to see izuku and katsuki as partners that argue like an old married couple. they bicker and banter a lot but if either one just really got hurt the other stays by their side while the other nags them from the hospital bed to go and do other things. like izuku gets badly hurt in a villain attack and katsuki just feels awful because he hadn’t finished his paperwork on time and if he had, he would’ve been able to go with izk and possibly even prevented him from getting hurt. he stays by izukus side for the whole week that he’s there and izukus really upset because he hates seeing bkg so down like this.
Yeah I hope they end up becoming hero partners !! I think it's very plausible for them to at least be a duo by the end . And u know we wanna see them hypocritically nag eachother about putting themselves in danger !! ☺️
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fellshish · a day ago
do you think dean winchester is anti-vaxxer?
Vaccines are like anti possession tattoos, so no. Dean would get vaxxed
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