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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Tfw ur undercover for an anti-Irken corporation that plans on thwarting the empire as an exchange student at Invader Academy but you can’t focus on your mission because the students there are really cute 😳😳

Also Tsundere and Yandere Zim routes?? yes

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Shigaraki: Yes. Did I want to even be in it? No.

Dabi: Ha, yeah…

Toga: Dabi started it! Me and Jin just finished it!



Dabi: Exactly-

Shigaraki: Oh shut it you! You’re literally the oldest and you just encourage the other two!

Toga: Oop-

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Shigaraki: Streaming. I haven’t streamed in a while and Spinner says his fans “miss me”

Dabi: Driving around. I do that a lot when I’m bored or have a lot on my mind.

Toga: At Uraraka’s! Have a spa day while we’re at it!

Jin: At big sis Mag’s house, she always bakes stuff for me and shows me how to make it. Even when she’s busy making designs for her shows she makes time for me!

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Toga: I don’t really have a opinion on it, but Rey and Finn are cute in the new ones!

Dabi: I’ve only watched the originals and I thought they were good.

Shigaraki: I binge watched all them with Dabi one time, I like those bear things… What were they called..?

Dabi: Ewoks.

Shigaraki: Yeah! Those guys, I love them. And I’ve only watched the first one of the newer ones, just wanna say I said Kylo was hot from the start. Way before everyone seen that shirtless scene or whatever.

Jin: Yeah Tomura went to go see that one with my when it came out. I guess I like it!

Dabi: Wait a damn minute-

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How old are Hiccstrid when they get married? 24.

What are their careers? Hiccup: Viking historian. His area of concentration is Norse mythology (and yes, he believes in dragons). He went to grad school for a few years, but took a permanent break while in his dissertation stage because he wanted to be a stay-at-home dad. He’s happy to work part-time at a local college (he mostly teaches online classes; sometimes evening classes, too). He also writes for an academic Viking blog and is working on a book. Sometimes he gives museum tours for some extra cash around the holidays. When the kids are all school-age, he switches to teaching high school Norse history (they’re on Berk so this is the U.S. equivalent of American history).

Astrid: Fitness coach. She works at a local gym and gets a promotion to being assistant manager. She works one-on-one with clients, teaches a women’s self-defense class, and holds axe-throwing workshops. During the summer, she also runs a girls’ volleyball camp for teen girls. She’s all about girl power, but she’s also open to training men. On more than one occasion, men have looked at her and asked for a different personal trainer because they thought she was just a pretty blonde who didn’t really know her stuff. This pisses Astrid off more than anything. 

What’s Hiccup’s real name? Henry. He hates it, so he starts going by Hiccup after reading a myth about a boy named Hiccup who trained dragons. This was when he was 6 and after months of insisting that everyone call him Hiccup, the name just stuck.

How many kids do Hiccstrid have and what are their names? Three. Nuffink “Finn” Henry Haddock (Astrid insisted on making his middle name Henry after Hiccup). Ingrid Hertha Haddock (Hertha means “powerful woman”; also, Hiccup wanted to name the baby Astrid, but she said no so they compromised and chose a similar name). Erika Zephyr Haddock (named after no one in particular, but still loved).

How old are they when they have their first baby? 27.

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This AU Is Very Act Of Gore Of Course “Divine!Sans” AKA Dust!Dust Is More Dangers And Warning With AU Brother Of Classic Dusttale, of course Miss,M AKA Dust!Dust Madisson Was Only Female Skeleton To By Alive On Hide Zone Of Demonic Dusttale2 But She Very Good On Warroir(with gore) and more curiousity to found “Divine!Sans” Of Divine Want Her EXP But From Another Him Get And Have Her On Side….

Dusttale By ASK-Dusttale

DustDust(Demonic Dusttale2) By ???

My Version DustDust(only don’t attack or judge me i did warning you!) by Me

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