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a-bitter-master · 6 months ago
May I offer you Lizzy in suits in these trying times?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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i don't think i'll ever be able to shut up about how much i love dew
Tumblr media Tumblr media
this boy was the embodiment of youthful innocence. he was cheerful, and goofy, and (just the right amount of) bratty, and vulnerable... he had the most beautiful smile and shiny eyes that where always hopeful, even when his world was falling apart around him.
while getting to know dew, it's impossible not to fall in love along the way.
because dew loved unapologetically. he loved life, he loved his mom, and he loved phop. no matter what others did or said, he was willing to go to the ends of the world to stay at phop's side.
and he deserved to be loved endelessly in return. dew deserved to have lived a long, happy life, being cherished and appreciated and loved :((((
so i guess that's why losing dew hurt so much. my beloved boy only wanted to pursue his happiness in a world that kept denying it of it over and over again.
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astrology is fake but if you wear black all the time and have blue hair..........these may be signs that you are in fact a cute goth 🖤
Tumblr media
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icharchivist · 2 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
screams it’s gonna take forever, allthe stuff i’m missing are either long to grind for or from co-op quests and i’ve been avoiding co-ops for as long as my 106 ranks have been going on.... this is rough
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please repost, don’t reblog
bold the traits that fit your muse italicize the traits that fit sometimes or in certain verses. 
Tagged By: @bloodfcst (Thank you Nina! 💛)
Tagging: Whoever hasn’t done it. 
Tumblr media
you love hoodies. you love shorts. dogs are better than cats. it’s hilarious when people get hurt. shopping is torture. sad movies suck. you own a car racing game. you played with hot wheels cars as a kid. at some point in time you wanted to be a fire fighter. you used to be obsessed with power rangers. you have watched sports on tv. gory movies are cool. you go to your dad for advice. you own like a trillion baseball caps. you used to collect hockey or baseball cards. baggy sweats are cool to wear. it’s kinda weird to have sleepovers with a bunch of people. green, black, red, blue, or silver are one of your favourite colours. you love to go crazy and not care what people think. sports are fun. you talk with food in your mouth. you sleep with your socks on at night. you have fished at least once.
you love to shop. you wear eyeliner. you wear the color pink. you go to your mom to talk. you consider cheerleading a sport. you hate wearing the color black. you like going to the mall. you like getting manicures and/or pedicures. you like wearing jewelry. you cried watching the notebook. dresses are a big part of your wardrobe. shopping is one of your favorite hobbies. you don’t like the movie star wars. you are/were in gymnastics. it takes you around one hour to shower, get dressed, and make-up. you smile a lot more than you should. you have more than 10 pairs of shoes. you care about what you look like. you like wearing dresses when you can. you like wearing high heel shoes. you used to play with dolls as little kid. you like putting makeup on others. you like being the star of everything.
i am shorter than 5’5”. i have scars. i tan easily. i wish my hair was a different color. i have friends who have never seen my natural hair color. i have a tattoo. i am self-conscious about my appearance. i’ve had/have braces. i’ve been told i’m attractive by a complete stranger. i have more than two piercings. i have/had piercings in places besides my ears.
i’ve gotten lost in my city. i’ve seen a shooting star. i’ve wished on a shooting star. i’ve seen a meteor shower. i’ve gone out in public in my pajamas. i’ve pushed all the buttons on an elevator. i’ve kicked a guy where it hurts. i’ve been to a casino. i’ve been skydiving. i’ve gone skinny-dipping. i’ve drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour. i’ve crashed a car. i’ve been skiing. i’ve been in a musical. i’ve caught a snowflake or snow on my tongue. i’ve seen the northern lights. i’ve sat on a rooftop at night. i’ve played a prank on someone. i’ve ridden in a taxi. i’ve seen the rocky horror picture show. i’ve eaten sushi. i’ve been snowboarding.
i’ve done something i promised someone else i wouldn’t. i’ve done something i promised myself i wouldn’t. i’ve snuck out. i’ve lied to my parents about where i am. i’ve cheated while playing a game. i’ve ran a red light. i’ve witnessed a crime. i’ve been in a fist fight. i’ve been arrested.
i’m afraid of dying. i hate funerals. i’ve seen someone/something dying. someone close to me has attempted/committed suicide. i’ve written a eulogy for myself.
i can sing well. stolen a tray from a fast food restaurant. i open up to others easily. i watch the news. i don’t kill bugs. i sing in the shower. i am a morning person. i paid for a cell phone ring tone. i am a sports fanatic. i twirl my hair. i care about grammar. i have “?”’s in my screen name. i’ve copied more than 30 cds in a day. i bake well. my favorite color is either white, yellow, pink, red, blue, black, purple, or orange. i would wear pajamas to school. i like martha stewart. i know how to shoot a gun. i laugh at my own jokes. i eat fast food weekly. i’ve not turned anything in and still got an a in a certain class. i can’t sleep if there is a spider/cockroach in the room. i am ticklish. i love white chocolate. i bite my nails. i’m good at remembering faces. i’m good at remembering names. i’m good at remembering dates. i honestly have no idea what i want to do for the rest of my life.
#;a memory long forgotten | headcanon |#;off to grymoire | queue |#(Anyway! I’ve said it before but you can pull my headcanon that the twins shared andplayed with the same toys from my cold dead hands so!)#(Hot wheels! Dolls! Playing dress up! Playing outside! Treehouses which is more just a middle ground but I feel it leans more towards#stereotypical boy og but nowadays! Not as much so just neutral stuff! And boyish stuff and girlish stuff! He did it all! Thanks for#coming to my ted talk but the twins shared toys)#(Anyway! Maybe not the power rangers but! Some kind of ver of them! Yeah! I was looking for like the Mecha robot option and there was none#but! That! Too!)#(And look sue me but I’ve never watched the notebook okay I’m a girl who’s never watched it sue me! But! My Lann is a very emotionally#vulnerable person! Even when he’s trying to hide his own sadder emotions that have to deal with himself and not! Outside things! So!#You bet your bottom dollar he’d cry idc! If I don’t know anything about the film other than it’s a stereotypical females like to watch movie#I don’t even know if that stereotype is true! But heck it! He’d probs be the one requesting to watch it more often while Reynn would be the#one groaning like he cries @ movies Lion King you bet! I mean who doesn’t bawl like a baby with the Lion King but I mean he’d probs stop#watching it as much after a while cuz it hits a little too close to home I’m oof)#(He does like to shop but I mean I’ve already gone over this but he doesn’t have any of their money so it doesn’t happen too often but you#better belive he thinks cheerleading is a real sport cuz he finds it super impressive)#(The car racing one is pre obvi I feel! He’d def have at least one tho I personally headcanon his fave games to be more fighter beat ‘em ups#or literal board games)#(He doesn’t like gory movies or in that same vein horror movies that much the ones that are so obvi fake he loves but other times#he’ll put in a horror movie thinking it’ll freak Reynn out only for it to backfire on him too)#(Plus he ends up feeling bad so will hold off on anything like that for a while cuz he’s a pure good hearted kiddo who loves his sister more#than anything but let him have it once in a while okay! He gets put down and degraded all the time let him every once in a while be mean#like they are to him too he’s still just a kid who wants to be an actual sibling and not just canon fodder for cruel behavior#once in a while and he usually ends up feeling bad and doesn’t do it as much anywayafter all went down with their partners cuz he doesn’t#wanna put more on his Sis)#(Even if he thinks he deserves all the name calling and degrading he still wants to be a normal kid once in a while)#(He has a lot on his shoulders and puts all the blame on himself and let him be a normal kid once in a while with everything tbh! And can he#get like! Some never gonna stop saying this but! Compliments too! He’s just picked on all the time sometimes for no damm good reason!#Actually if you wanna ask my biased self most of the damm time for no good reason! And he deserves betterz#(Kinda ran outta tags like I legit had at least 20 more but then I clicked save and was like oh fuk oh well either way Lann deserves better!
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5t6498yrg · 3 years ago
one more thing about that porg shit, super hilarious that they'd lecture me, a humble trans, on misgendering and what i can and cannot do in regards to the representation of trans people and then proceeded to say "you'd be mad if i deadnamed someone" like yeah, and ??
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greengoblinswifey · 29 days ago
My Pretty Girl
Tumblr media
Eddie Munson x Fem!Cheerleader!Reader
Summary: (Spoiler free) Eddie's horny and he needs you, even if it means taking you in a random classroom.
Warnings: Smut, praise kink, classroom sex, fingering, oral sex(f receiving), pet names, creampie, spit as lubrication.
A/N: not my gif and requests are open!
Eddie was the absolute love of your life, something no one expected. You were the pretty, popular cheerleader dating the weird cult leader of the Hellfire club. It was a bit cliche to you, maybe not? Everyone expected you to be with someone like Jason but he was a bit of a dick. Eddie was sweet, funny, passionate about his club and he loved you--and weed. 
"Hey baby," he greeted, closing your locker. You hadn't seen him all morning. You smiled brightly and he tilted your chin up to kiss him. You cupped his cheek and melted into the kiss but pulled away when Dustin shuddered. 
"Please don't eat each other's faces off in the hallway," Dustin said. 
You playfully stuck out your tongue at him and waved goodbye as he left. 
"Love that shirt on you," Eddie smirked, referring to the Hellfire Club shirt over your cheerleading top. Despite not officially being in the club you'd wear Eddie's shirt or the one you owned around school earning stares and whispers. Let's just say the school didn't quite approve of your relationship with the 'freak' but no one ever said it for you to actually hear. Even if they did, he was the one you wanted, you didn't care about what they thought.
"Why thank you kind sir," you giggled.
He wrapped his arms around you and you laid your head on his chest, inhaling his scent that brought you comfort. 
"Are you high?" you chuckled, knowing the answer.
"That and I'm also horny." You couldn't deny that being so close to him made you horny, even if you were at school. 
"Well, we can't do anything about that right now can we Ed?" you shrugged and turned to walk away. He did exactly what you wanted him to do. His rough hand gripped your wrist and pulled you flush against his chest.
"You and me both know we can," he said, leaning down into you ear, sending shivers throughout your body. God, how did you get so lucky.
He lifted you up, catching you by surprise and pressed his lips against yours. The kiss was passionate--hungry, and he walked with you, breaking it periodically so he could look around and open the door of an empty classroom. He laid you on the teacher's desk and locked the door behind him. Thankfully, you were on lunch break and the halls and classrooms were empty so he could have you without being interrupted.
His soft lips attacked yours again before he moved down to your neck, nipping and sucking. You let out breathy moans when he reached the sweet spot on your neck. You'd probably have to borrow some concealer from Chrissy to cover up the mark he would surely leave.
"I have the most beautiful girlfriend in all of Hawkins," Eddie beamed. He wasn't just saying it to make you feel good, he truly believed it. He never imagined you would give him the light of day a year ago when he asked you out but to his and everyone else's shock, you agreed to the date and you had been inseparable since.
"And I have the most handsome boyfriend in all of Hawkins." He didn't bother pulling your tops from your body, only riding them and your bra up so he could place his hands on your breasts. 
"Eddie," you moaned when he pinched your nipples. He swore his cock throbbed in his pants when you moaned his name. No matter how many times he heard it the effect was always the same.
"Need you so bad," you whined. 
"Patience princess." He spread your legs and slipped off your panties and tights. "I'll be keeping these," he winked, placing the lace black panties in his back pocket. You vividly remember there being a box of your underwear under his bed or maybe you were just high out of your mind.
"Always so wet for me. I'm in love with you," he smirked. All you could do was moan his name in response as he leaned down and licked from your sopping entrance to your clit. Pleasure coursed through your veins and your body shivered when he continuously flicked your bundle of nerves. His skilled tongue focused on your clit and he slipped a finger into your hole.
"J-just like that Ed," you moaned, your back arching off the desk. He slowly pumped his finger inside you, curling it and hitting the spot inside you that made your toes curl. The flicking of his tongue sped up, and he felt your walls clamp around his finger.
"Oh you gonna cum princess? Wanna cum for me sweetheart?" 
"Yes, please, please," you pleaded, feeling the knot in your abdomen close to snapping.
"Go ahead my pretty girl, cum for me," he said, huskily. As soon as Eddie gave you the go ahead, the coil burst and your toes curled as your orgasm washed over you. His tongue lapped up your juices and he took his finger from your pussy and brought it to your lips. You obediently took it into your mouth and sucked off your juices. 
"Taste how sweet you are?" he asked, unbuttoning his black jeans. 
You nodded, still trying to catch your breath from the after effects of your high. He pulled out his pink, veiny cock and put his hand to your lips. You spat on his hand and he used it as lubrication for his already wet cock and stroked it slowly.
"Eddie, please," you begged, needing to feel him inside you before the lunch break came to an end.
"As you wish darling." Your jaw dropped feeling him fill you to the brim. Eddie was no small man, and no matter how many times you had sex, his size and how good he felt always left you amazed.
"Fuck, you feel so good, clenching around me so well," Eddie moaned. His chocolate brown eyes rolled into the back of his head as he rolled his hips to meet yours, relishing in your wetness.
He nuzzled his nose into your neck as he fucked you, rocking the desk as he did. It was a bit romantic, really.
"Oh- oh fuck me Eddie," you whimpered, the tip of his cock brushing against your cervix. Your hands gripped his long, brown hair, tugging and pushing him into your neck. 
"That's exactly what I'm doing princess," he said, letting out a breathy chuckle. His hands roamed your body and found your breasts again, squeezing them and adding to your pleasure.
Hearing your soft whimpers and moans in his ear made his balls tighten and he knew he needed to cum. But not until you did.
"Oh God, yes!" Eddie!" He kissed your lips to contain your loud moans as he fucked into you rougher and faster. He was deep in your guts, exactly where he always wanted to be.
Your walls clenched around his cock as his strokes grew more powerful.
"Ed- shit, I'm gonna-" You were unable to finish your sentence before your orgasm ripped through you like a sharp knife and you chanted his name over and over like a prayer.
"That's my good girl, my pretty girl, my perfect little cheerleader," he praised. He continued fucking you through your high, holding your hips tightly so you wouldn't topple over.
"You feel so good baby, just gotta cum inside you," he moaned. You didn't answer, just the thought of Eddie releasing inside you, was enough to make you moan.
Feeling you clench around him even tighter, indicated you wanted it as much as he did. 
"That's it. Fuck. Take my cum, take all of it like the perfect girl you are," he growled. His warm release spurted inside you, filling you to the brim. Your pussy milked him of all he had and he allowed his cock to soften inside you before he pulled out.
"Good girl, my good girl," he said, pecking your lips. 
You played with his long hair as he fixed your shirt and your bra. As expected, you didn't get your underwear back, all you could do was pull up your tights under your short skirt and pray no one would see the large wet patch in the middle.
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chisatowo · a month ago
Asuka <333333
#rat rambles#band posting#I am rotating her violently in my mind rn#gotta love how I accidentally enhanced her stuff in my mind with my toyama mom hcs#also asuka in my aus is funny to me because its two heavily traumatised asukas who have like a billion regrets in regards to kasumi and#then theres sci fantasy au asuka who's biggest worries in life are trying to confess to rokka and trying not to go full mad scientist mode#the second she finds out rokka is a weird fish person#does not help that they brough some powerful chemicals from the sea that dont rly exist on the surface since shes mostly a chemist#just like asuka walking in on rokka out of disguise and instead of being like wtf shes just like be normal abt this be normal abt this be n#ako is not helping with her attempts to be the normal one in the family since shes fully human but is still fucked up anyways#its also funny imagining ako and rokka meeting toyama mom cause in this au I do think shed mess with asuka a bit more gnfkfn#just like her being like ah lemme show you guys some baby pictures and asuka being like goddddd mom stoppppp#but like she pulls out a scientific journal and the pictures are just of a crappy looking laptop#toyama mom just sharing baby stories but theyre all just like boring as hell programing technical talk#and asuka is still acting all embarrased and mad abt it even though ako and rokka in no way understand anything#also after ako finds out asuka is a robot she probably bugs her so much asking abt if she could like connect to the internet and stuff#and asuka has to scoff at her and stuff to deflect from the fact that she super can connect to the internet becauae she doesnt want ako to#try and ask if she could download and play amongus in her brain#mainly because she probably actually could and she knows if ako actually asks she wont be able to resist trying#I went off on a whole tangent oops and its 2 am so no one will see this either rip#I think my sci fantasy au asuka jokes are very funny and everyone should just know them /j
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hyeque · 4 months ago
crush me like a butterfly [nsfw]
Tumblr media
Synopsis: beefy men using their weight to their advantage during sex
Notes: I learned that wonho is less beefy than bokuto, atsumu and others and I haven’t been the same since. Just eagerly horny to be crushed, like please sit on me.
Featuring: bokuto, atsumu, ushijima, daichi, osamu, suna
warnings: fem body parts, public sex, handcuffing, MAJOR breeding kink, manhandling, unprotected sex
Tumblr media
suna who fucks you up against the wall of the janitor’s closet. you’re the manager for his team and have been in a secret relationship for the past few weeks. it’s safe to say that the sexual tension between you two had increased overtime. most of the time it was the cause of you doing innocent things like bending over, chewing on your bottom lip, laughing at something someone said or the worst, touching another player as you help them. suna is notorious for getting jealous and in result fucking the shit out of you. you have your legs around his waist, his hips are doing most of the grunt work out of anger. not only are they holding you up but their movement causes rin’s fat tip to hit up against your gspot every time. your eyes roll back in your head and before you can let out a moan, the middle blocker shoves two of his fingers in your mouth. “look at you, acting like a bitch in heat around my cock right now. if you can’t shut the fuck up ill give you a reason to be loud.” he hissed, pressing more of his weight into you. but it doesn’t matter how quiet you are, not when anyone within a 20 foot radius could hear his fat balls clapping against your ass and the ‘thump thump’ of the door…
atsumu who drags you both to the rooms at the victory village to test out the beds durability…and your flexibility. you’re there for gymnastics, he’s there for volleyball. the minute he got alone time in the room without any of his roommates, he didn’t hesitate to tear off your clothes and his. next thing you know you’re folded over in a mating press, your boyfriend pounding your cunt. you’re a bawling mess as his pace doesn’t let up and your breathing is restricted because of his weight. if atsumu is one thing, he is thick. his muscular thighs hug your sides, caging your body. the place where both of your bodies meet is obscenely messy. there’s a loud squelch from every time the faux blond pulls out and he can’t help but crave more of it. he wants you be entirely ruined for him. and that’s exactly what he’s going to do. he’s going to go for as long as it takes to break you. “you can take more can’t ya angel? gotta see just how good these beds are…and how far i can spread these pretty legs.”
ushijima who batters your pussy with his absolute fat rod of a cock. the ace hadn’t used his full strength in the past but when you begged him to, saying that you could ‘handle’ it, you really didn’t know what you were signing up for. currently he has you laid out for him pretty on the bed, hips pounding your ass and causing your whole body to move up the bed each time. “t-toshi, slow down…” you whine, trying to grab his forearm but failing. he only takes your hands and pins them down to the bed, his hulking figure smothering yours as he readjusts his hips to move at a faster pace. a shrill cry escapes you as you lay there, unable to do anything but take it all. the ace tsks at your whining and shakes his head. “you asked for this love. you said you could handle it so that’s what you’re going to do. you’re going to be a good girl for me and take it all. got it?”
bokuto who absolutely lost it when he saw you holding your friend’s baby at a party you two went to. he can’t help but imagine you pregnant with his child and how cute you would look. that night when you both got home, he pushed you both into the bedroom and shut the door. bokuto pulls off your bottoms before removing his own. he strokes himself and whines when his hands come in contact with his sensitive balls. the man is just about ready to burst. he hooks your legs around his waist, instructing you to lock your legs together. the first time he pumps his load into you, there’s an animalistic look in his golden eyes as he feels your cunt milk him so well. he has you laying on your stomach, his weight basically on top of you as he drills into your pussy again and again. the best you can do is hold onto his arms and listen to his grunts. the poor baby has overstimulated himself for so long that he has both of you shaking. “i’m sorry baby, can’t help it…need to make sure that i fuck a baby into you by tonight. i can’t wait any longer-ha, you’re going to look so beautiful carrying our babies…my babies. you’ll give me a whole volleyball team, right? they’re going to look so cute…”
hate fucking with osamu. you’re business rivals and your relationship has never been the best. there is constant bickering and criticism of food ideas and recipes, often getting the better of you two. but one thing neither one of you two could admit was the underlying sexual tension that’s there. so one day when he sees you flirting chatting with another restaurant owner, one that you happen to be on way better terms with than him, he snaps. osamu marches over to your restaurant and drags you into his own, not caring that he interrupted your conversation. you sputter and complain the entire time, calling him an ‘asshole’ and a ‘human with no decent respect’. but as soon as he’s in his office he shreds your clothes before he fucks you over a chair near the window. he presses your bare body against the glass. “not so talkative now, are ya?” he breathes into your ear. “yer such a slut, anyone could walk by and see ya like this and you’d like it, wouldn’t ya?” he pushes your tits against the transparent surface, groaning when your plush ass grinds back on his cock. you whimper in response, the pressure too much but he only pins your hands above so they can’t move. “aht aht baby, you take what i give ya.”osamu really hopes that the man can see how well he fucks you and that he’s the only one who can make you feel this good.
daichi who handcuffs your wrists so you can’t move or touch him as part of your ‘punishment’. currently he fucks you from behind, his strokes slow and deep. each time he fully thrusts back in you feel yourself coming close to release but then daichi deprives you of it by pulling away. you whine, your hand itching to grab ahold of his thick thighs to bounce yourself back on him. “what’s wrong, baby?” he asks, thrusting into you for the umpteenth time. “want more, dai. want your cock.” “but that’s what i’m giving you right now, right? i’m being a lot nicer than i should be aren’t i? maybe if you ask politely i’ll let up on your punishment.” he doesn’t have to tell you twice. “please fuck me harder, i’ve been good m’deserve it! i promise i’ll be on my best behavior!” you plea, trying to back into his touch. he chuckles before he yanks back your tied up wrists so you’re pressed flush to his chest. he swiftly grabs ahold of your thighs before pinning you under him. police training has really paid off, huh? next thing you know daichi is bullying your cunt, his pace unruly. there’s nowhere for you to go or budge. instead of begging for more you’re now begging him to slow down. your thighs cramp from where he holds you in place and you hear him snicker. “but this is what you wanted, right? this is what you were begging for? my cock? i don’t think criminals get to decide what they don’t or do get and when.”
Tumblr media
do not copy and or repost. likes, reblogs, and comments are appreciated though! (c) 2022 hyque
Tumblr media
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kriffingstars · 10 days ago
eddie munson; tiddies
pairings : eddie munson x female!reader summary : after a drunken evening eddie's name ends up written on your tits. he catches a glimpse in the cafeteria warnings : soft smut (minors dni), underage drinking (reader is a senior), mild swearing i’d just like to thank a wild night out for the inspiration on this one. i’m a slut for eddie munson. part 3 of tutor is coming and I've got two requests i'm writing plus another eddie headcannon series in the works.
Tumblr media
okay hear me out, getting drunk with eddie and somehow he ends up signing your tit with a sharpie. it doesn’t click that the pen is sharpie until you wake up the next morning and it’s not coming off in the shower.
do not ask how it ended up happening, neither of you know it just did
sods fucking law you’ve not done your washing recently and the top you’re wearing has a pretty low v-neck. one wrong move and the whole of the student body is going to see eddie (or at least the start of it because it’s so big the first few letters aren’t even covered by your bra).
it’s kinda hot. knowing that you’ve got his name, written by him, somewhere that people only ever really see unless you’re getting intimate.
or you’re drunk with your best friend who you’re only a little bit in love with
eddie doesn’t remember straight away, but when you sit down at the lunch table and lean over to give gareth some english notes he sees it
this boy chokes, he’s beet red and that part of the evening is coming back to him, it’s not that he blacked out or anything but he was definitely thinking it was just something his drunk brain imagined
now he’s got a hard on in the cafeteria and whilst the jeans look cool there’s nothing left to the imagination
the rest of the hellfire club have no clue what’s going on, but your eyes widen slightly as you realise what’s got him so worked up
he’s turned on, you’re turned on. and this is where the tension finally snaps
‘meet me in the van’ he murmurs as he quite abruptly grabs his stuff and stalks off
you’re excusing yourself not long after he left, telling the hellfire club you’ve got to go and see mr mundy about some extra credit
when you get to his van the first thing he does is grip your hips and pull you closer into a needy kiss
this is new but you’re not complaining
neither of you have to say anything about your feelings for each other, your actions are saying it for you
eddie is so needy
you would think that he’d be all dominant, and maybe if he’d written his name and then gotten off with you at the same time he would be
but this caught him unaware and he’s just so weak
his favourite girl with his name, written haphazardly in sharpie claiming what’s his
he’s a puddle
before you know it you’re making out straddling him in the back of his van
your hands are in his hair, pulling gently on it
and his hands are palming your tits through your shirt
‘let’s take this off,’ he murmurs into your skin, whilst tugging at the bottom of the fabric
‘wanna see my name on my tits,’
as soon as your shirt is off eddie’s kissing, and sucking on the top of your breasts, leaving hickies on the unmarked one
he’s starting to unravel and this is all too much for him so when you decide to start palming him through his trousers
it’s all over
putty in your goddamn hands
moaning into your tits, pushing his face so far into them he’s basically suffocating
‘eddie…eddie baby,’ your voice breaks him out of his trance, pulling him back into the moment letting out an absolutly pathetic whine when he realises the movement of your hand has stopped
‘i’m not sleeping with you for the first time in the high school parking lot,’
he just kind of short circuits because you said first time. and that’s implying it’s going to be more than once and he just can’t quite believe how someone so beautiful actually wants him
you lean in nice and close to his ear, your voice low and sensual with the promise that, if he can drive you back to his trailer you’ll let him fuck your tits
he’s never moved so fast in his life
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i think every person who’s been called weak by a cishet man be allowed to just fucking beat him with their bare hands fr
#we 100% do not past anything close to masc and aren't out as a nonbinary masc so people thing we're a cis female#and this guy does and i know it's why but he keeps refusing to let us carry anything slightly heavy#bc we're 'weak' and he doesn't want us to carry anything and whatever and just. bro i lifted worse than this fuck off#i can lift a box that has like four bottles of bleach it's fine i've done it before#we rarely ever ask for help at work on lifting stuff and the only time we actually do is like#when we either gotta put smth higher than we are or take smth off that's higher than we are and we only ask for help bc#1. we're short. it's hard to get the thing and 2. our left arm from the elbow to wrist is fucked and#getting stuff down that's heavy can either make the pain worse or trigger the pain and that isn't fun#but like otherwise . we're fine#we're not some weak little girl bro lmfao fuck off#i think if he tries to do anything like that again we'll just snap at him bc we're not gonna tolerate it#and if he throws a fit saying we was fine with it before i'm just genuinely gonna say#'yea i was fine with it before but then i realized i don't have to put up with being told i'm weak and feeling like a helpless baby so deal#with it'#genuinely this year i'm gonna try to undo the fact that i just go with whatever even if if makes me uncomfortable bc just#i'm tired of that so nah bro if i need help i'll specifically ask for help otherwise let me get the damn fucking box and pull the skid#fuck off go to hell die imply i'm weak again i'll break your neck with my hands ect ect#r.exe
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𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕥 // 𝕖𝕞 𝕩 𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕩 𝕤𝕙
𝕤𝕦𝕞𝕞𝕒𝕣𝕪 → your bedroom shares a wall with your roommate steve’s. unbeknownst to you, he listens in every night, fucking his hand to the sinful sounds you make while your boyfriend fucks you within an inch of your life
𝕔𝕠𝕟𝕥𝕖𝕟𝕥 → riding, hair pulling, masturbation (m!receiving), drugs, pervert!steve, roommate!steve, listening in on sex(?), orgasm denial. choking, dom!eddie, dark!steve, lmk of anymore! 18+ ONLY
𝕨𝕠𝕣𝕕𝕤 → 965
𝕒𝕟 → babe wake up, ameliora-j finally posted a new fic
sick | part two
Tumblr media
tucked against eddie’s chest as some random black sabbath album played loudly in an attempt to drown out the sounds you were letting out as his cock hit that heavenly spot inside of you repeatedly. your nails dug deep into the blades of his shoulders as your eyes rolled into the back of your head. “fuck eddie” you whimpered softly. you were riding him, but in truth you were quite useless in the situation as he was the one doing most of the work. the blunt the two of you had just shared left you pliant, allowing him to do all of the work.
“that’s it baby, can feel your gorgeous little cunt—fuck—squeezing me so nicely. so—shit—so tight” he breathed as he tugged your hair to pull your head back so that he could suck beautifully dark hues into your neck.
unknown to you, your roommate could hear each and every one of your gorgeously sinful sounds. you sounded so wrecked. and he couldn’t help but wish it was his cock splitting you open every night instead of eddie ‘the freak’ munson. his pants and boxers were pulled down to his ankles, his hand wrapped tightly around his own cock, stroking ferociously as he imagined his hand was your pussy. he knew without ever seeing it that it’d be the most beautiful pussy he’d ever laid eyes on.
he didn’t even need any lube, the head of his dick leaking immense amounts of precum to make enough lubrication to easily guide his hand up and down. he’d learned your sounds, knew exactly what sounds you’d make when you were just nearing the edge and constantly timed his end to be with your’s, some nights edging himself for hours on end when munson felt particularly sadistic, forcing you to hold it in as he ravaged your poor little cunt. “fuck yn” steve grunted, unable to stop himself from bucking into his hand as he listened to your moans.
he felt disgusting. sick and perverted, but he just couldn’t stop himself. you sounded so beautifully fucked out, and he couldn’t help but wish he could see you. your hips stuttering and breathless pants coming out. your pretty little whimpers and the way you’d bite your lip to try and keep quiet. the way your eyes probably rolled back in your head when you fell apart. and the helpless little whines you’d let out when eddie told you that you couldn’t cum yet. those nights felt like a punishment for both you and steve, yet you’d never be able to know that you were punishing your roommate as well.
“eddie… eddie please ‘m gonna cum” you whimpered softly. you uselessly attempted to swivel your hips to get him back to that heavenly spot. his ringed hand wrapped around your throat, beautifully cutting off your air supply as he smirked up at you through hooded eyes.
“beg” he demanded simply. you whined loudly, tears cascading down your cheeks like a flowing river. you weren’t against begging, especially not in this state. you’d do anything to please eddie. to be his good little cocksleeve as he puts it. your head was swimming in lust and all you wanted was to cum. to fall gloriously off that cliff in a way that only eddie could make you.
so beg you did. stuttering and babbling out useless nonsense mixed in with pleas and his name. sobbing harshly from the exertion of holding back your orgasm as eddie looked up at you with a sadistic smirk playing on his lips. almost like he knew something you didn’t. “cum now.” he commanded “let stevie boy hear how gorgeous you sound when you cream on my cock.” you have no idea why he continued to speak, for the second he uttered the word ‘cum’ you were already falling apart. your pupils dilating so that no color could be seen except black and your vision going white as you screamed his name out in pure bliss, creaming on his cock just like he had asked you to.
steve’s ears perked up when he heard eddie say his name. he had no time to process it further, however, as his cock had already begun spurting the second he heard you scream out and bliss. “god fuck shit” he grunted loudly as he blew his load. he tried to be quiet, truly he did, but eddie heard it all. and listening to steve ‘the hair’ harrington cum simply on eddie’s command enacted his own orgasm. the three of you sat, steve in the room just behind the wall of your’s, moaning out in pure bliss as each of you rode out your orgasm.
steve had never cum so hard in his life. it went everywhere. spurting onto his abs and up to his chest, even making his thighs a sticky mess as his balls clenched up and his head weeped with small remnants of his cum. he whimpered quietly as he continued stroking, simply torturing himself as he rode out his orgasm. his hips bucking erratically, unable to decide whether his cock wanted more or less.
he squeezed his eyes closed. panting in an attempt to steady his breathing. “fuck” he breathed. the freak definitely knew steve was listening in on your nightly sessions with eddie. and steve couldn’t decide whether it was a good thing or bad thing.
meanwhile, eddie sat on the other side of the wall, trying to decide what to do with this new found information that the hair fucked his hand to the sounds you and eddie made in bed. he had both of you wrapped around his gorgeously ringed finger. knowledge is power. and eddie simply couldn’t wait to use this power he had over steve to both your and his advantage.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
feat : gojo satoru, geto suguru, nanami kento, fushiguro megumi + itadori yuuji
warnings : none, just soft moments with them <3
note : i am not sorry for being such a soft bitch for them ;-; i can’t help it !!!
Tumblr media
you were lying against his chest watching a movie when you hear your phone vibrate, nudging him a little to check he was awake, before you feel him pull you even tighter against him—nuzzling into you in response. “yeah? you comfy?” he grumbles a little sleepy and you nod “‘toru, can you hand me my phone, baby?” theres a beat of silence that follows after before you hear him hum out an “oh?” through a grin, but just when you pull away from his chest to look up at him you feel satoru quickly flip you under him with a groan, before he’s flopping his weight on top of you and nuzzling into the crook of your neck. “‘toru, what’re you doing?” you giggle and you hear him whine in response before he’s peppering your neck and face with open mouthed kisses, smirking a little giddily even though his cheeks are slightly flushed pink, his arms wrapping around your waist to keep you in place under him so you can’t squirm away. “‘so i’m baby now? and here you said i was annoying, i knew you loved me.”
Tumblr media
you were both relaxing in bed while you scrolled through your phones, occasionally showing eachother tiktoks or funny instagram videos. “baby, look at this!” you mumble and suguru’s eyes are already narrowed when you show him your phone, his face looking slightly surprised as the corners of his lips threaten to upturn, even though he’s silently thanking himself for turning off the light, because he can feel the heat rising from his chest. “cmeer, you’re cute.” he drawls and you groan when you feel his arm wrap around your shoulders, pulling you tightly against his chest as he rests his chin on top of your head with a content hum—only pulling away to place a few kisses to your temple every so often. you end up giggling and telling him how cute he looks when you notice the red dusting the tips of his ears, which earns you a groan from the sorcerer as he tries to distract you from it but he ends up fighting you from taking a photo anyway with a grin.
Tumblr media
you were making dinner at your house while he prepped some things on the counter next to you. “could you pass me that, babe?” you ask and you watch nanami freeze before he speaks “uh—ofcourse, love.” you raise a brow when you hear him clear his throat, taking his time with the item infront of him, before pressing his chest tightly against your back when handing it over. “uh, everything okay?” you ask but you still find yourself melting into his embrace as he lets his lips fall to graze against your neck. “yes, everything is perfect.” he groans, letting his hands rest against your waist before you turn to look up at him and he softens, smearing a gentle kiss against your temple a few moments after as he looks at you. “can i get you anything else?” suddenly finding himself feeling a lot more domestic and very much in love.
Tumblr media
grins as he bounces into his living room after a long day, his arms outstretched waiting for you to run into them just like always. “yuuji! welcome home, baby.” you giggle and you’re quick to find your place around him, only to huff when you’re not immediately pulled into a tight hug like expected. but you find yourself smiling when you’re looking up at a wide-eyed, pink cheeked itadori blinking down at you anyway, finally jolting from his daydream when his eyes meet yours before he’s immediately melting into you, cooing and giggling into a few quick kisses. “babe! i kinda like that, call me that from now on.” he laughs and you shriek giddily when you feel yuuji push you along a little and almost flop onto the couch with you in his arms, his childish giggles filling the house when he sits down with you securely on his lap— still hugging you close to his chest and nuzzling into you with a grin.
Tumblr media
had came along with you while you went to the store to grab some stuff, deciding that he was going to grab a few things too considering itadori cleared out his fridge. “do we have everything, baby?” you ask and megumi’s eyebrows furrow at the petname as he scans over the list in his hands, casting you a side eye while he tries to ignore the way his heart is racing in his chest. you cast him a glance and you feel yourself grin when you notice the blush peeking out from under the collar of his jacket, giggling to yourself before he clears his throat with a tsk. grumbling under his breath as he fidgets with his hair while it frames his blush perfectly “s-stop laughing.” megumi grumbles, but you smile because you can’t deny how cute he looks when he’s grumpy, feeling him lace his fingers with your own before stuffing your intertwined hands in his jacket pocket and pulling you along with a huff.
Tumblr media
© 2022 garoujo. please do not copy any of my layouts or writing and translate or repost onto any other sites.
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kaijutegu · 10 months ago
STUFF NOBODY EVER TOLD YOU ABOUT TEETH (and how to take care of them if you are poor and/or depressed)
Contrary to what the US health industry would have you believe, your teeth are NOT luxury face bones. You need them. Healthy teeth are a cornerstone of good health in general for a lot of reasons. You can’t eat well without them. You need them to speak. And tooth bias is real.
This makes me very sad because I love teeth. I am not a dentist. I’m a biological anthropologist whose expertise is oral disease and the evolutionary anatomy of teeth. My dad’s an oral surgeon and I worked in his office from the tender and illegal age of 8 to the ripe old age of 18, which is when I went to college. At 12, I was assisting with the disposal of biowaste, aka packaging up the teeth to send them to dental schools. I live, breathe, sleep, and occasionally eat teeth. I found a human incisor on my floor this morning and wasn’t even surprised. I study how teeth go bad partly so that I can help living people protect the teeth they’ve got. It’s my goal with this post to teach you about a couple of different types of procedures and oral injuries, as well as what you can do to help keep your teeth functional. So in this post, what I am going to do is outline a few common things that can go wrong with your teeth, how they happen, and how to catch them before they get bad. A lot of the advice in this post is for people who maybe can’t get to the dentist for a cleaning and checkup every six months. This post is also gonna be LONG AS HELL and there is going to be a separate post called “luxury face bone hacks for the busy/broke/b’mentally ill” or something like that, so like. If you don’t like super long posts, just hit this one with a like and actually read through that one.
First, let’s talk about dental anatomy.
What Are Teeth?
Teeth are extremely cool. They’re these amazing little packages of dentin pulp, protected by enamel, nestled into the jaw like truffles in a box of chocolates, held in place with a teeny tiny ligament. They’re gorgeous– enamel is a beautiful substance, translucent and opalescent. Teeth are also extremely weird when you think about them. You have these weird not-bone things emerging from holes in your jawbones. They’re snapped into place with a biological bunjy cord and you can actually SPRAIN THEM if you put too much pressure on them.
Here are some important things to know about teeth!
First, the nerves in your teeth were never meant to be exposed to the air. They only process stimulus one way: pain. This means that when you get a cavity or do anything else that exposes the nerve, it is going to hurt like a bitch.
Your teeth may come loose! Usually they stay put and go back to normal in a day or two. Don’t panic. This is usually the result of you spraining your dental ligament that holds the tooth in place.
Root canals suck but they can prevent dental abscesses. Dental abscesses can kill you. If they spread and get into your sinuses, they can cross the blood/brain barrier and you will die. This doesn’t happen much any more, but in rare cases… it can.
The phrase “like pulling teeth” is a misnomer. Pulling teeth is extremely easy if you know what you’re doing. Extractions are usually a very simple procedure. What’s complicated is things like root canals and setting up implants, which, in the case of implants is the literal opposite of pulling teeth.
Pregnancy will fuck up your teeth because a.) the fetus is leaching your vital essence and other nutrients and b.) your hormones are telling a lot of ligaments in your body to loosen up to get ready to give birth. Sometimes wires get crossed and other ligaments at non-mobile joints get the loosen up message, too. Just be sure to keep up your dental hygiene regimen during pregnancy and you’ll be fine.
Your gum tissue isn’t just weird wet skin. It’s a mucous membrane that protects the mouth. It can get diseased and inflamed, so pay attention to it! Also, there’s a lot of blood vessels so if you poke yourself with something, you’ll bleed like a stuck pig for a minute. The kind of bleeding you should be worried about is prolonged bleeding, where you see blood welling up around your teeth for no apparent reason.
Now that you’ve been equipped with some fun facts, lets talk about diseases and procedures.
Braces: if you’re reading this, you probably don’t need them
First: Pediatric orthodontia is largely a scam. People who put standard braces on their child before that child has lost all of their baby teeth are stupid and causing their child needless pain because those teeth are going to fall out anyways and the alignment of the adult teeth was decided long, long ago. The kids who NEED orthodontic intervention are kids with bad crossbites/underbites/overbites. This requires specialized headgear most of the time and is more intense than the standard braces because they are made to solve a much bigger problem. The standard bracket-and-wire braces? Don’t put those on a child. They won’t help. Also, your kid doesn’t have their third molars yet, and those are the molars most likely to come in twisted anyways.
As an adult, you may want braces for cosmetic reasons or for comfort reasons. This is a CHOICE that is YOURS TO MAKE. If your dentist suggests you need braces, ask why. You don’t have to get them. Now,If you have certain kinds of dental overlap- like, your lateral incisors have been pushed behind your frontals- then yeah, you should get braces. But is it the end of the world if you don’t get braces? No.
Wisdom tooth removal: you might not need it
The human jaw is in a state of evolutionary mismatch right now. Basically, our last molar, the third molar, doesn’t come in until we’re an adult. Unfortunately, thanks to ten thousand years of agriculture, give or take a few millennia, we have much more gracile jaws than our ancestors. There’s not always enough room for it. Now, this isn’t true for everyone, because no two skulls are identical and all, but sometimes there is a condition where you really should get those suckers out. If they are impacted, or coming in sideways, they can push your other teeth out of alignment and cause jaw issues down the line. If they come up straight, don’t worry about it.
Cavities: you need to get these taken care of
Cavities are a pain in the ass and are honestly the main reason you should go to the dentist for checkups, so that they can take the x-ray of your mouth and see how any potential trouble zones are progressing. You should call a dentist and seek help if you notice pain that persists over three days, as that’s an indicator of something more serious than just a sprain.
Tooth Grinding: this is a problem
If you grind your teeth, your dentist may recommend a night guard. Actually listen to them about this. Grinding your teeth can cause major jaw alignment problems that are a pain to fix, so just bite the silicone and suck it up. Also maybe talk to a therapist if you can, because grinding can be a result of stress/anxiety.
Whitening your teeth: bad idea
First off, your teeth ain’t supposed to be white. Enamel is not white. Enamel is translucent and pearlescent, so its actual color is very hard to pin down. Your teeth are naturally going to look more ivory-colored over time. That’s just part of being human and having teeth. Embrace it. You are a badass omnivore with thirty-two gorgeous enamel teeth. They weren’t put in your mouth to look pretty, they were put in your mouth to feed you.
Second: Whitening your teeth weakens your enamel. Once your enamel’s gone, it ain’t coming back, baby. There are some gentler whitening methods, like whitening toothpaste, but these are only going to give you about one to two shades worth of improvement. If you have extremely stained teeth and you want to whiten them, make sure you talk to your dentist about all the risks. Unfortunately, there is no truly safe and effective home-style (read: not a million gotdang dollars) remedy for whitening teeth.
There are a few that are kicking around, but seriously, some of them are dangerous. Do NOT rub wood ash on your teeth. That’s lye. Don’t put that in your mouth. Do NOT use actual bleach, hair dye developer, or non-dental peroxide gel. They are poisonous. DO NOT PUT ACETONE ON YOUR TEETH i have seen this exactly once and the person came into my dad’s office with chemical burns on their gums and lips. I do NOT want to see this again.
It is a misconception that brushing your teeth keeps them looking white. Brushing your teeth removes plaque and biofilm, but those buildups don’t actually stain the enamel itself. Instead, really the only way to keep your teeth looking light is to pay attention to what you’re putting in your mouth. If you’re a tobacco user, vape! Tar is a major staining agent. Coffee’s also a major stainer, and the big trick there is to put a little milk in it. See, enamel staining doesn’t come from the color of the food. It comes from chemical properties. Acidic foods stain because acid damages enamel. Food with high levels of tannins, like coffee or tea, stain because the tannins change the PH of the mouth. So what you should do to avoid staining is balance your mouth PH by eating something basic after eating something acidic. Add a lil milk to your coffee or tea to weaken its acidity just a bit. Swish with water afterwards to help clear the acid. Don’t eat lemons or any other acidic food after drinking coffee. Why would you want to eat lemons after drinking coffee, anyways? Seems like a weird flavor combo to me.
And while we’re on the subject…
What’s in your mouth? Your teeth, your gums, your tongue, your spit… yeah, your spit. Saliva’s important. It’s probably THE most important thing in protecting your teeth because salivary production constantly washes the teeth, clearing off as much bad bacteria as possible. If you have an issue with saliva production, you should drink as much water as you can throughout the day, and get a bottle of dry mouth tabs for nighttime. Or daytime, if they don’t bother you. This is really important because dry mouth is a major side effect for a lot of drugs, like anti-depressants. This is actually a huge part of my research- the population I study used a natural painkiller, but in the end its use caused them more pain because the way it works, it decreases the efficacy of the salivary glands. They stop making sufficient saliva, the teeth dry out, the mouth PH changes, and the bacteria that destroy enamel go buckwild. If you can’t make your own spit, store bought is fine. Water for the day, tabs for the night.
Now, you might think that ok, acid isn’t great, let’s eat more basic foods to balance that out. You can, but it… isn’t great. Your saliva is naturally acidic for a reason, and if you neutralize it completely, that ALSO messes with your teeth. You should be drinking plain water as much as possible.
Seltzer and Soda
Some people think seltzer may hurt your teeth, but it really won’t… unless it’s citrus-flavored. Reason: citrus seltzer uses citric acid as a flavoring agent, and that messes with your teeth. So if you want to drink citrus seltzer, drink it with a meal or with food. Don’t sip it slow over the day.
Soda, on the other hand is a goddamn nightmare. The acid’s kind of a problem but the sugar… dear god the sugar. So. your teeth are covered in a bacterial biofilm. Some of these bacteria excrete acid, and that’s what gives you cavities. This is another part of my research- looking at how cavity prevalence changes as sweetening agents and sugar availability changes. As different carbohydrates enter the diet, populations’ disease responses change. I know more about this than probably anybody else in the world, and here is what I know: the best thing you can do for your teeth is stop drinking American soda.
It’s the corn, you guys. The chemical compounds in corn make the cavity-causing bacteria kick into overdrive. Sodas sweetened with high fructose corn syrup create the perfect environment for these dudes to excrete out a storm. Sugary beverages in general promote cavities, but NOTHING does it like sodas sweetened with high fructose corn syrup or any other corn byproduct. Try to limit your soda and juice consumption and if you can, make sure that when you do have them, you’re getting some food,too.
Other Acids
Ok this next part is going to deal with eating disorders. I’m going to be talking about some of the side effects of bulimia, what they can do to your teeth, and how you can take care of them. Eating disorders are serious business and I hope if you need this section you are in supportive recovery and have the love and support and resources you need. If you don’t want to read about what this can do to your teeth, scroll real quick until you seen the big green text.
If your teeth are in frequent contact with stomach acid, acid etching can be a real problem. Your enamel is tough but stomach acid is gnarly, and your gums don’t have that same protection. If you find yourself vomiting frequently, for whatever reason, try to swish water around in your mouth afterwards to help clean it out. I know that’s not the thing that’s likely on your mind after that, but a lot of what we’re doing here is damage control. I’m not here to judge you in the slightest. I’m just here to help you with your teeth.
Do not brush your teeth immediately after vomiting. The enamel is weaker, and you can cause even more damage by brushing too hard. Wait for at least an hour until after you’ve rinsed your mouth to avoid spreading the acid around.
You can also add some (1-2 tsp) baking soda to the water you rinse with, if you feel ok with doing that. It will taste gross and salty but it will help neutralize the acid. You just rinse with this, you don’t swallow.
ok that part is over
This is the funnest part, I get to tell you good ways to take care of your teeth that require very few spoons and very little money!
Brush ‘em twice a day. Once when you get up to clear out whatever happened the night before, and once before you fall asleep. You can brush more but you don’t have to. Use a soft-bristled brush and whatever toothpaste you like. If you hate mint, kid toothpaste that tastes like bubblegum or berries is totally fine!
Don’t want to get out of bed? totally fine. Use a finger toothbrush! these are designed for babies which is actually great because they are SUPER soft. If you have sensitive gums, these are going to be really helpful.
Don’t have access to a finger toothbrush? honest to god you can just dip your finger in water (though a mix of water and baking soda or water and salt is better) and brush your teeth with just your finger. The point of this isn’t to freshen your breath or anything, it’s just to get the biofilm off of your teeth and protect them.
Floss. This gets the biofilm out from between your teeth and promotes good gum health. Don’t just run it between the teeth- you need to floss below the gumline a little bit to help clean out plaque.
If you don’t have the spoons to do your whole mouth, floss between your molars if you can.
There’s lots of products that are great for people who can’t go through the whole flossing routine. Pre-threaded flossers are ideal because they’re designed for minimal effort and maximum gain. These are also killer for people with physical disabilities that affect hand dexterity.
If flossing hurts because you have sensitive gums, a water flosser can really help. This is more expensive but will last a very long time.
You can also get topical numbing gel that you can smear on your gums when flossing. Just be careful that you’re not flossing too hard because you can’t feel it. This brand is kind of expensive but it has a nice minty flavor. If you have a dollar and a way to get there, I saw Orajel at Dollar Tree yesterday… when I was buying a bunch of those pre-threaded flossers to throw in my car. I oughta do a Dollar Tree field trip to show you like, what products are available at the absolute cheapest in the US. Dollar Tree has a LOT of good dental options.
There’s a tiktok that says you can use a strand of hair to floss. This is a bad idea. A single strand of hair is likely to break and can cut into your gums. If you want to use hair as floss, you need to use a couple of strands twisted together. Go slow and gentle if you’re using hair. Obviously actual floss is better but this isn’t “perfect dental tips for perfect people,” this is “life sucks but your teeth don’t gotta.”
If you can’t floss or can’t brush, gargle. Put two tsp of baking soda in a glass of warm water. Swish it around, spit it out. If you can do that, you’ve helped clear out biofilm and bacterial waste.
Prioritize your teeth. You only get two sets and you lose the first one by the time you’re twelve. If you can only do one hygiene thing today, make it be your teeth.
Eat some pineapple. Bromelain, which is only found in pineapple, is super good at protecting enamel.
That’s… all I got for you now. Take care of your teeth!
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luveline · 15 days ago
what about reader tispy or high at a party and tellin steve how pretty he is and he doesn't know how to handle it?
steve versus a very drunk and slightly high reader who really likes his face (warnings for implied drinking and r eating a weed brownie <3)
Steve takes in your drunken state with something close to horror, remembering exactly how this scenario had panned out for him the last time. You’re sitting on the arm of somebody’s sofa giggling down at your hands, clearly tipsy, your head lifting up slowly when he calls your name. 
“Stevie,” you say. He can’t gauge any one emotion from your voice. 
“Hey, what happened? I was only gone for ten minutes. The bathroom's an en-suite, by the way.” His bitterness over having to search the upstairs three separate times for a toilet is obvious. "D'you drink a whole fish bowl by yourself?"
You take the bottom of his jacket in your hand and pull him towards you, wrapping your arms around his thighs. He dips his chin to his chest to take you in, looking down at your glassy-eyed expression with some sympathy and more apprehension. 
“Are you okay?” he asks nervously. 
“I’m really stupid, Steve. When we first got here and I went to speak to Donna, like an hour ago? At the snack table? I had one of her brownies.”
Oh! You’re high. Of course you are. The weed must’ve just kicked in while he was gone. And then, “Hey, why were you at the snack table? You told me you weren’t hungry.”
You shove your face into his abdomen and sigh. “I lied, Steve.” Your voice, your tone, makes him want to laugh, suddenly so solemn.
Steve pushes his arms over your shoulders and dips down until the side of his chin brushed your temple. “Are you feeling okay?”
“I’m actually really hungry.”
His eyes slip closed in exasperation. He pats your back. “Idiot. This is why you shouldn’t lie.” You laugh. “What’s funny, Pinocchio?”
“Pinocchio!” You laugh harder, dizzy giggles that warm his chest before saying, “Steve, are you saying my nose is a foot long? That is so awful.”
He rolls his eyes and pulls away from your grip. “Here, get up. Let’s go raid the pantry.”
The pantry is stocked pretty well with snacks and Steve doesn’t feel even remotely bad for raiding it in the name of his girl.
“Hey, do you like the strawberry Pop-“ he cuts off, having turned and found you sitting on the floor. “Babe.”
“Yuh?” you ask, looking up. 
He sighs deeply and sits down in front of you, offering the box of Pop Tarts tentatively. You take them without looking at them, your gaze roving over his face greedily. He scratches his neck and tries not to show how shy he feels when you're looking at him like that. 
“Take a picture,” he says dryly.
“I don’t have a camera.”
He chuckles to himself and shuffles as close as he can, his crossed legs brushing your knees. You struggle with the Pop Tart packaging, fingers clumsy with the cardboard. You rip open the foil and it splits wide, the Pop Tarts falling out and into your lap, a hail of crumbs over your clothes. 
He takes the tarts into his hand and uses the other to brush you down. 
“Dummy. Are you sure you’re feeling okay? I know you didn’t mean to… take anything.”
“You don’t 'take' pot.”
“You didn’t smoke it,” he argues, forgetting the point.
“I ate it,” you say agreeably, taking back your tarts. “I feel great, Steve. Super. You want one of these?”
“No, you’re okay. You have them both, baby.”
You grin and sandwich them together, taking a big bite that sprays another wave of crumbs down your front. He doesn’t bother brushing these ones away, staring at you unabashed. He’s worried you’re going to get upset though he knows it’s unlikely. Even so, his body remembers, and he feels nauseous as you work your way through your sugary snack. 
You get a stripe of pinky-red icing on your face, from the corner of your mouth and over your cheek. 
"Here," he says, waving his hand at your face. You melt towards him and he wipes it away. 
You're looking at him intensely.
"What?" he asks through a laugh, paused with his hand on your cheek. 
"You're so pretty. Handsome," you correct hurriedly. 
"Pretty?" he asks. 
You nod heavily. "You're pretty. My…" Steve slides his hand under your ear. "My pretty boy." 
You smile, lashes kissing at the corners, nothing but love on your face as you lean into his hand. "You have the nicest face ever." 
"What's the matter with you?" he asks, rubbing your cheek with his thumb just rough enough for your head to bob backwards. Your eyes close fully in response. Your smile grows. 
"Nothing," you say adamantly. 
Steve pulls you towards him. You're pretty floppy, your side falling into his chest, your face to his collar. "You're full of it." 
"You're soooo pretty," you whisper. 
"Stop it." 
You look up at him, your crown brushing his chin. "You are! Look-" you bring your hands to his face. His eyes widen and his hands tighten where they rest, arms wrapped around you lightly. "Look at your face." 
"I can't look at my own face." 
"Okay. I'll do it." 
He presses his lips together and lets you play with his face, gently squeezing his cheeks, then less so. Your eyes track over his eyes, his nose, his mouth. 
"Steve," you murmur, pouting at him. 
Your teeth appear as your smile grows blinding. You get another case of the giggles and they're infectious, the two of you laughing as your hands fall from his face to his neck and you wrap your arms around him, climbing into his lap. Steve accepts you readily, letting a big breath escape him as he tucks you into his arms. 
"Alright," he says, sighing, palm spreading over the breadth of your back. 
You press your face to his neck. "Prettiest boy ever."
"Give it a rest," he says sternly. Only glad you can't see the blush blooming over his skin. 
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msgorillagripcoochie · 6 months ago
pairing(s): andrew garfield!peter parker x fem!reader
summary: you're trying to wait patiently until peter is done with his work but you just really want him to touch you
warning(s): 18+ content, fingering and unedited work
Tumblr media
navigation | tasm!peter parker masterlist
Tumblr media
You sat in Peter's lap picking at the end of your tennis skirt trying desperately not to move too much on his lap.
You watched him write down math problems on the paper you could hardly understand and all you wanted to ask was for him to touch you.
You were afraid to sound too needy though, too touch starved and you hated when you sounded that way so you kept your mouth shut trying to wait patiently until he was finished though you had been sitting here for what felt like hours and your wetness was getting too much to bare you could just get up and scream for him to fuck yo-
"Can you stop moving?" He asked though his voice almost sounded as if he was teasing you.
His hands were on your waist stopping you from squirming in his lap. Your eyes were wide as you avoided his gaze. It wasn't that you thought he would judge you or anything it was just-
You didn't know why you were being such a baby you could just ask him to touch you and he would probably say yes but you were so nervous and you weren't really experienced in this whole thing.
"Did you hear me?" You looked at him realizing he had said something that you hadn't listened to because you were too busy wallowing in your horniness.
"I'm sorry what?" You managed to get out he leaned closer to your ear "I said you're soaking up my pants" You practically jumped off his lap looking and realizing oh fuck there was a wet spot on his pants.
You wished the floor could just swallow you up.
You let out an embarrassed squeal covering you face but he only laughed grabbing your hands pulling it away from your face.
"It's okay Y/N" he said softly once he saw your face again "It's okay to be needy" his nose bumped against yours as his voice soothed you just a bit. "Do you want me to help you?"
You bit your lip nervously, your teeth dig into your skin until his thumb pulled your lip from your teeth running his thumb over your bottom lip "I hate it when you do that" he mumbled softly "Do you want me to help you? Do you?"
"Y-yeah" you gulped as he gave you a kind smile and you found yourself wondering how you were blessed with such a wonderful boyfriend.
"I will never understand why you're so nervous around me" he turned you around sitting you back on his lap just the way you were before "I've touched you plenty of times" he teased tickling your sides.
He pushed up your skirt spreading your legs causing them to fall around his thigh "Is this okay?" He asked like he had done so many times before not moving until he got your answer.
"Yes" you breathed out.
His fingers slid over the crotch of your panties causing you to gasp slowly. He placed soft kisses on your jaw while he massaged your clit through the soft material. He smiled as he heard soft whimpers leaving your pretty lips.
He would never get tired of listening to the sweet noises you make.
He pushed your panties to the side shoving a finger inside you and you let out a moan "Peter"
"Hmmm yes?"
"More" he chuckled pushing another finger inside you, you threw your head back against his shoulder giving him more access to your neck. He sucked onto your skin "Fuck" you pushed back against his hand that was quickly pushing his fingers in and out of you.
Your hand reached around digging in his hair your eyes closing as he dragged all the sweet noises out of you.
"You never have be afraid to ask" he mumbled into your ear fingerfucking you harder "I'll always touch you" he kissed your temple "I'll always fuck you" His fingers hit your g spot as he rubbed your clit harshly. You back arched at the feeling clenching around his fingers "All you gotta do is ask"
You felt your orgasm approaching "Peter I-"
"I know"
The room was filled with your soft whines and moans and the sound of your wetness. Stars filled your vision as you came on his fingers.
He fucked you through your high before he stopped letting you catch your breath pressing light kisses along your face telling you how amazing you are.
You bit into your lip running your fingers through his hair "You wanna play a game?" He asked and you hummed lightly looking at him over your shoulder seeing a smirk playing on his lips.
"Like what Parker?"
"Let's see how many times I can make you cum before I finish this paper" he tapped his pencil on the desk raising his eyebrows. "Unless you're too chicken and just can't handle it" he teased his thumb flicking over your clit and you scoffed "You challenging me?"
"You're on, I can fucking handle it"
"Sure you can"
a/n: omg im actually proud of this fic- it's been a long time since i wrote a smut so imma little rusty so this might be trash but tell me what you think and feel free to request. reblogs and comments are appreciated.
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bfbkg · 29 days ago
thinking about the first couple times you suck bakugou’s dick he has his forearm over his eyes and he makes these weird grunting sounds to hide his moans.
he tries so hard to control himself when your tongue swipes over him and sucks at his tip. he’s biting down so hard on his lip it’s close to bleeding and he’s clutching the bedsheets so hard that you peak your eye open thinking it’s about to rip.
you can barely see his face with his tensed arm covering it, his hair an unruly blonde mess and his cheeks flushed a pretty pink. your annoyed whine comes out more as a moan, your throat vibrating around him making katsuki whisper a tight, “baby.”
you tighten your fist around the part of his dick you can’t reach as your head continues bobbing and your tongue keeps swirling. you know he’s close now. one of his hands rake through your hair to rest at the back of your head and you feel his abs tense below you.
“oh shit, i’m gonna— baby i’m gonna—.”
like the good girlfriend you are, you swallow up everything he gives you, squeezing his thigh beside you as you do. only when his trembling slows and he starts massaging the back of your head do you take him out your mouth and his arm moves from his face.
finally, do you see his bloody red eyes, staring down at you with the soppiest look you’ve ever seen on him. katsuki pulls at your arm, “come up here, wanna cuddle.” his voice is always deeper after an orgasm, usually it would make your toes curl but you have a bone to pick.
“what? why’re you frownin’ at me?”
you lean back to sit on your legs, pulling up his underwear in the process. “stop always covering your face. i wanna see your face when you come. don’t you ever wanna see me?”
your question comes out whiny, your hands sliding up his bare chest to rest on his shoulders. his hands easily find your waist and his frown gets lighter. “oh. i don’t cover my face all the time do i?”
“yeah you do. every single time i suck you off.”
you don’t think you’ve ever seen your boyfriend embarrassed? but you’re not sure you can describe how he looks as anything but that. instead of his fresh after orgasm pink cheeks, they’re now a deeper red at the apples of his cheeks and he’s struggling to keep eye contact with you. his hands massage at your asscheeks and your hips like they’re stress balls to stop him from admitting what he knows he’s about to admit.
“c’mon talk to me ‘ki. it’s fine if you don’t want to look at me if that’s not your thing. i probably look a bit odd anyway—.” you begin to shy away from him simply imagining what he might be thinking but he interrupts you.
“baby no, no it’s not you. just that…,” bakugou starts, then he sighs obnoxiously loud. “fuck, fine, i just look weird when i come.”
“weird? how?” you ask, scooting up to rest on his lower chest, his hands follow with you, eyes following your bare stomach to your tits in your bra. “katsuki, focus.”
he snaps back to your eyes, remembering the topic at hand, “i just look fuckin’ weird, i don’t know,” he smoothes his hands over your sides and stomach, a pout on his face as your hands caress his jaw.
“one day i’m gonna handcuff you so i can see how you look when you’re in my mouth.”
katsuki’s eyes widen, his palms so tight on your sides that you were sure he was about to leave prints. “fuckin’ handcuffs?” he splutters and you grin.
“yeah, if you won’t let me see you, i’ll make you.” you end in a whisper, ducking your head down to brush your lips against his ear lobe.
“yeah?” he rasps.
“mhm, though it kinda hurts you don’t wanna see your dick in my mouth?” you suck lightly on his earlobe, feeling his chest tremble under you. you peck wet kisses along his neck, rubbing your thumb along his jaw.
“i do, i wanna see your pretty lips around me. y’always suck me off so good, baby.” katsuki gasps but he can’t keep his thoughts straight. you’re pressing on his favourite spots, talking so innocently in his ear and he feels himself bricking up again.
“but?” you prod, sucking on the junction where his shoulder meet his neck. katsuki hisses, running a hand down your spine.
“i look fuckin’ stupid.”
you huff an impatient laugh, pecking on the spot you were sucking, “and who’s told you that? another girl?”
“hah? no, i just know i do,” he trembles at your ministrations, both his hands resting on your hips to move you against him. he knows you love it when he does it, and he’s trying to distract you into dropping the subject. you won’t though.
“so you let other girls see you come but not me then?” and he is jelly in your arms, head rolling back on the sofa as you keep attacking his neck. blooms of pinks and purples covering every bit of him.
“babe, no,” he can all but whine, slowly slipping into the pleasure before awkwardly clearing his throat.
abruptly you sit up and your frown is even stronger than before. your eyebrows are furrowed, creating a harsh shadow over your eyes and you look like you’re a second away from biting him. instead you pinch his side, making him squeak an “ow!”
“and stop hiding your whines and moans from me! i want to hear you! imagine i covered my face and was silent whenever you touched me,” you complain until your features drop into a sad pout. your hands slide off his shoulders and you’re about to roll of katsuki until he holds your hips down.
“let go—,”
so softly he kisses your cheeks and down your neck. you smell sweet with your usual musk and that on its own makes him want to moan, so he does. he licks a wet stripe up your neck and slots his tongue into your mouth with the loudest moan you’ve heard from him. so loud, the vibration down your throat makes your nipples harden.
“‘m sorry baby,” he pulls away for less that a second to take you in another kiss, “i haven’t done this with anyone else before.”
you’re too busy living in the pleasure, letting your hands roam his body while his tongue roams your mouth. his hands squeeze the fat of your hips and you’re about to start rocking your hips faster over him till you clock on.
“this has been your first time?” you whisper as he licks your earlobe and gives it an obnoxious suck. you both haven’t had sex yet though you have done everything else. how didn’t you notice? he’s always been so confident and good, no scratch that, amazing at it all.
katsuki grunts, burying his head in your neck to hide not only his embarrassment but to catch his breath, “yeah don’t waste too much time laughin’. i know i haven’t been the best but i’ve been tryin’.”
then you do laugh, but not mockingly, it’s light and airy. with both your hands, you pull his head off your shoulder to try and meet his eyes. though he gazes down at the laces trim on your bra and his hand dips to play with loose string of your shorts.
“gorgeous, if i’m honest, i never noticed. wouldn’t have guessed either.”
he meets your eyes, still a grumpy pout on his features.
“you could have kept that secret till your grave and i would never have known.”
his eyes comically widen, lips parting in awe. then he grimaces and you know he’s wishing he kept his mouth shut.
“you’ve always been so attentive. feeling my body for my reactions and listening to the noises i make. that is a sign of experience for me. so many boys just stick their fingers in you and hope for the best.” you tilt your head with a smile, scratching the underside of his chin like a cat. and to your surprise he gives you a purr like moan.
“i should have told you i love when men, you make noise. i like knowing you feel good and i like seeing your face all scrunched up when you’re about to come. makes me wanna come too.”
with a growl, he ducks forward to kiss your lips in a hard kiss, so hard your head is pushed back. “fuck, lets start again then.” when he pulls away, his cheeks are flushed and his lips are a pretty red. his eyes bore into yours almost desperate for everything he was missing and now willing to give you.
you giggle, “sure, where do you wanna start, virgin?”
he narrows his eyes at you, pinching your side harshly and ignoring your yelp. “wanna see you shake when i moan in your pussy.”
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wolfishwriting · 27 days ago
stranger things + blowjobs
ft. hopper, steve, billy, eddie, alexei, antonov, & peter/henry // 2k+ words
tw: smut, plus sized! fem reader, established relationships, implied age gap, semi-public, oral sex (m!receiving), slight s4 spoilers??, workplace sex, secret relationships, subby!eddie,, mentions of smoking weed/drug use, pet names, slightly rough, face-fucking
You can’t help but giggle at the way his hips jolt and how his head falls back against the sofa cushions, catching the glass that nearly falls from his grip and setting it onto the coffee table nearby. His legs spread, allowing you more space between them. His warm hand settles on your head, more to ground him than anything else.
Hopper is pretty cute when he gets all shy, doing his best to focus on the glass of scotch in his hands instead of the way your delicate hands curl around his hot and heavy girth, pumping him from base to head. 
“Fuck, you don’t gotta tease me like that you little brat– oh fuck, fuck, baby.” His complaints fall short, haywired brain trying to focus on the patterns your tongue laps into his cock. How you lick at his slit, tracing the tip of your tongue beneath the edge of his head, down the expanse of his length to suckle at his swollen balls.
Your fingers barely meet in the center of his length. He is so thick, pulsating with warmth and dripping with pre. All he can do is focus on the wet heat of your mouth around him, sucking him diligently and then he’s cumming with no warning. 
“F-fuck, baby, I’m sorry. Felt so fucking good, I couldn’t hold back. Sorry I didn’t warn you. C’mere, c’mere. Need to be inside of you now, hmm? That’s it, princess, grind your wet pussy on my cock. Good girl.”
He’s not very quiet–he likes to make his passion and praises known. He wants to make sure you know just how well you’re working him over, even if he struggles to form a coherent sentence the moment his cock is deep-seated down your throat. He lets you set the pace, he never wants to be too harsh or mean, even if you’ve expressed consent, he’s just not comfortable hurting or degrading you even though it feels really good and he could totally bend you over and throat-fuck you. He’d much rather cum inside of your mouth or your pussy, if you’ll let him. Consent first, always.
Steve tries to keep cool, he really, really does. You never fail to catch him off guard, even if your relationship had been long-term at this point. He laughs in near disbelief every time, watching as you unbuckle his jeans to free his dick, the sound turning into a moan when your lips wrap around his weeping cock. 
Admittedly, Steve doesn’t always last as long as he wants to. He can cum rather quickly, you have that effect on him, but his recovery time is pretty remarkable and can cum a few more times. Sometimes he’ll squeak a little bit, voice strained and high when he cums and it’s very cute.
“A-ah, oh fuck, princess- you’re doing so well. Shit. Did you miss me? As… As much as I missed you–oh my god, baby– so good. Your mouth is so hot and wet, fuuuck. I’m gonna cum soon– stick out your tongue for me, baby, that’s it. That’s it. Good girl. Cumming, cumming–c-cumm.” 
He can be a little bit mean, with the way he keeps a constant pressure on your head. Never tight enough to truly hurt you and sure, you could pull away if you wanted to and he’d let you, but you and Billy both know that was never your intention. No, you kept yourself glued to his cock, sucking him like a damned lollipop while he stroked his hands down your face. A gentle gesture compared to how he’s practically fucking your throat. His pace is damn near brutal, hand curving around your throat as he cums with a snarl.
“Suck.” Billy smirks, thick cock tapping against your pink tongue. Immediately, you take him down your throat, his large hand cupping the back of your head as he pushes himself further down your throat. The growl he emits only spurs you to take him further into your mouth. 
“That’s it, swallow my fuckin’ load, pretty girl. Such a good girl, aren’t you? My good girl. Desperate for me, huh, babe? So cute.” Billy laughs, albeit breathlessly. He withdraws from your mouth, hand stroking through your hair. He pats his thigh, falling onto his back, motioning for you to come to him. “Get up, princess. Your turn. Sit on my face.”
It was very risky, sucking off Alexei in the middle of Murray’s living room– especially with the risk of the said man returning from the gas station any moment now. That was the thrill of it. 
A blush creeps up Alexei’s neck to his ears, staring down at you with wide eyes when you kneel in front of his legs. His lips part to question you but any words he had died on his tongue when you slide your hand up his clothed leg. His eyes follow your hand to his knee, past his thigh, and then finally settle on the growing bulge pressing tight in his jeans.
Encouraging you in Russian, Alexei watches through half-lidded eyes how you lick and suck on his cockhead stroking anything you can’t fit in your mouth with your hands. He’s rather in awe, eyes shining bright with love for you as you maintain eye contact and fit him almost entirely down your throat. 
“Da. Good girl, hmm? So pretty.” His accent is thick, English still rather limited, but it’s getting better than what it was. The fact that you seem to be into this is also is what really gets him going and as much as he enjoys you sucking him off, he’d rather have your cunt around his cock as he fucks you into the sofa. You’ll see that there is still much he can do even with his hands cuffed.
Antonov can’t remember the last time he had been graced with such pleasure. Far too long for sure. All worries seem to leave his mind, flooding out of his brain like rushing water. A slew of jumbled Russian falls from his lips as you unzip his cock from his trousers, instantly lapping your tongue against the weeping cockhead before drawing him into your mouth and down your throat. Every sharp intake of breath he lets loose is like music to your ears, encouraging you to move your head faster, desperate for him to come undone on your waiting tongue.
Antonov’s fingers rake your hair, sliding through your locks to grip the sides of your face softly. Tiny gasps and pants leave his throat, his hips slowly pushing more and more of his length into your mouth. He hisses, teeth clenched sharply. His hips arch off the bed, doing mini-thrusts in time with your bobbing motions. 
“You wish me to cum down your throat that badly, dove?” Antonov sighs heavily, pumping his cock with fast strokes. “Open your mouth a little wider, then. Stick your tongue out– what a lovely darling you are. I am so lucky. I am going to cum, f-fuuuck. Such a good girl.” He snarls as he cums, biting his lip to stay quiet, your name dripping off his tongue.
Eddie is still just as nervous as he had been when you first sucked him off. His fearful, large eyes watching, fingers curling around his half-smoked blunt. When you question if he wants to continue, not wanting to coerce him into anything he doesn’t want to do, Eddie is bolting upright and tugging at his belt harshly.
His shaky hands stop the moment your own join his, allowing you to unbuckle his belt and carefully undo his zipper on his ripped jeans. He swallows thickly, watching how your small hand cups at his crotch. His eyes are already rolling back into his head, lost in the way of how you stroke him over the fabric. He radiates heat, swollen cock hidden beneath black boxers. He’s so fucking painfully hard at this point. 
“Please.” Comes his strained response, sucking in harshly as he settles back down on the old sofa. You’re not sure if he’s shaking from the weed, nervousness, or the adrenaline. Perhaps all of the above.
 You rub him carefully through his boxers, grasping at him and stroking the length of him. Gauging his reactions for what is and isn’t okay. Eddie can only shakily bring the blunt to his lips, his free hand tightening around the sofa cushion; his knee trembling erratically. 
“P-please, keep going. I feel like I’m gonna pass out.” Eddie whines, the sound dying at the back of his throat. His eyes water slightly. You weren’t sure you had ever seen him so desperate, so needy before. It was really quite endearing to see him so worked up over a few gentle touches.
Eddie is gasping harshly the second your fingers wrap around his girth, giving another experimental tug. Your tongue slides out and carefully licks a stripe at his head and the man before you melts into putty. 
His loud, keening and frantic moans guide you to what feels best for him. He holds out surprisingly well but his refractory period is much slower, so he’ll need some recuperation time first before you continue to do anything more for him. That doesn’t affect you, however, oh no, no, no. Eddie is already pulling you by your thighs so they rest over his head, tongue lapping at your clit over your panties soaking the flimsy material with his saliva. 
“It’s your turn, baby. Gotta thank you for treating you so well, what kind of man would I be? The sooner I make you cum on my tongue, the sooner we can cum together on my cock. Gotta take care of my angel, after all. She treats me like a king.” He giggles, kissing at your neck. “When she is my queen, after all.”
Beautiful, steel-blue eyes stare unblinkingly down at you. For a man who prided himself on power and control, Peter looked quite vulnerable from where you sat on your knees on the cold tile before him. Whether it was truly vulnerability or not, you'd be a fool to think you were actually the one in control of the situation.
Time was something you two didn’t have a lot of, especially if you are meant to hide your relationship from Dr. Brenner. He didn’t approve of workplace relationships and affairs. Which is why every time you and Peter met in secret, you had to make your minutes count.
He grips the back of your skull tightly, moving you along his long cock. Peter was never the most vocal but over your years together you’d been able to pick up the subtle hints he’d drop. How his chest would rise and fall with every panting breath past his pink, parted lips. If you were lucky, Peter would praise you. 
“Good girl… Such a good girl for me, hmm? That’s right, keep sucking. You’re alright, you’re doing so well for me. Such a dirty girl, aren’t you? My dirty girl.”
The bathroom is filled with the lewd sounds of you slurping at Peter’s cock, fingernails digging crescent shapes into the soft skin of his thighs. Your head bobs erratically, Peter’s fingers knotting in your hair pulling you against his cock with harsh tugs. It wasn’t long before he was cumming down your throat with a grunt before he fully removed himself from your mouth and tugs you onto his lap. 
He shoves your soaked underwear to the side, circling your puffy clit with two fingers before he’s pushing his cock into your velvet walls. His mouth seals over yours, desperate to taste you and to keep you quiet as he sets his relentless pace.
“Just like your mouth, your pussy stretches around me so beautifully, hmm? Does it feel good? Do I make you feel full? You’re already creaming around me. I’d love to stay like this but sadly we cannot, let’s still savor it, no? One day I swear to you, we won’t have to hide.”
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ryuuzaa · 2 months ago
CW/ TW. Possessive!Bakugou, Body Worship, Secret Relationships, Blow Jobs, Slight Exhibitionism, Fem!Reader, All Characters Aged-Up
AN. It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything, but it’s only been a week:) Here's part 2 for my possessive character series.
M. List | Gojo | Bakugou | Atsumu | Eren | Zhongli & Childe
Tumblr media
Possessive!Bakugou who acts like he doesn't care when he hears about some extra—Shindo, or whatever the fuck his name is—having a crush on you, his pretty office assistant.
The number two hero doesn’t have time to get jealous over mundane shit like that. Still, he can’t help the way his fists clench when it’s that very same extra bringing you coffee every morning or making you laugh at the copier machine.
And it definitely doesn’t escape Katsuki’s attention when you glance down at the Grand hero’s exposed chest from his outfit, noticing how your eyelashes flutter nervously before you look away. 
Possessive!Bakugou who scowls at the flush coloring your cheeks when you bring the files he’d asked for—only after Shindo stopped by your desk to invite you to a party being thrown for the country’s heroes that weekend.
It’s moments like these that he wishes he never came up with that stupid rule to keep your relationship a secret.
When you walk up to his desk, Katsuki wraps his hand around your wrist instead of taking the files and drags you down onto his lap, pressing a kiss against your surprised face. Today you’re wearing the sundress that makes his cock strain uncomfortably against his suit, and he can’t help himself from yanking the bodice of your dress down just underneath the swell of your breasts.
“B-but, Katsu, we’re at work—”
“Let me enjoy these perfect fucking tits, huh?” he growls before sucking a nipple into his greedy mouth.
You whine. “Katsu.”
The door is closed, so nobody can see what you’re doing, though, when he glances at it and hears Shindo talking to someone on the other side… He wishes it was open.
Possessive!Bakugou who has enough one day after that fucking extra tries asking you out on another date—this time right in front of Katsuki.
It’s late afternoon, and almost everyone has already left for lunch on their floor. Well, all except one. 
You’re on the floor between his knees, spit dribbling down your chin, whimpering while trying to open your throat for him. 
He brushes your hair away from your face, watching your mouth messily slurp around his cock under his desk—his jaw is slack, and his other hand clenched on the armrest of his chair. “So good—fuck, baby—so fucking pretty,” he mutters, his top teeth catching his bottom lip.
His head tilts back when you eagerly fill your mouth with him again and again until he feels you choke, making his thighs flex under your hands. Katsuki’s thumb smooths an arc across your cheek.
“Princess,” he huffs. “I love that little mouth—”
There’s a knock against his door, and he feels you panic, moving to pull off his cock. But the hand in your hair tightens, keeping you pressed against him. Your nails bite into his skin, tears prickling your lashline as small distressed mewls escape your lips.
“Don’t you dare fucking stop,” he hisses.
Another knock echoes in his office.
“C-come in.”
Shindo opens the door and pops his head in, brows furrowed. “Have you seen—”
Whatever he’s about to say is lost on Katsuki because his ears are ringing when he feels you swallow around him, and his balls draw up tight against his body, and—
Possessive!Bakugou who grunts when you moan around his cock as he cums down your throat, his lips twitching at the look of shock on the extra’s face.
“Yeah, I’ve seen her,” he says eventually, glancing down at your glazed eyes. “But she’s busy.”
Tumblr media
Tagging. @ajaviary @barbiekatz @smexyair @chloee0x0 @levylovegood @dukina @sunaspillowprincess @toughbook
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