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#my bat boys
gopeachllama · a day ago
Sunlight Like Delicate Threads
The memory of his first flight is the brightest and warmest of all.
Fandom: A Court of Thornes and Roses By Sarah J Maas
Characters: Azriel (minor Rhysand and Cassian)
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1350
The great, old pine tree was one of the largest in this corner of the forest. It stood unyielding, almost otherworldly. The trunk was enormous, but the fingers that gripped onto it were tiny. Dirt firmly embedded under the fingernails, the skin a warped patchwork of ugly, reddish scars. The rough bark prodded into flesh as the little boy climbed. Up, up, up. A tentative summer had managed to persevere in the harsh northern Illyrian mountains. Streams of light flittered through the trees like the delicate threads of finely seamed clothes. After all these months, Azriel still couldn’t fathom it. The warmth of the pale, watery sunlight caressing his back and wings. Sunlight, he decided, was his favourite part of the Outside. Or anything to do with subtle and steady warmth: steamy baths, chicken stew, woolly blankets. Hot chocolate. No wonder the High Fae worshipped Gods and Cauldrons if those were their creations. What startling difference they were to the frenetic and furious heat of a flame. Flames that tormented and destroyed.
The only sounds other than the songs of the wind wandering through the trees, were his own ragged breaths. Usually, when he would make his attempts to fly, it was coupled with the sound of the taunts and ridicules of two Illyrian boys he could never shake off no matter how hard he tried. Rhysand and Cassian. Short-tempered and rambunctious, the pair were never able to stay patient long enough to teach him before they would fall into a tangled flurry of bruised skin and bloodied fists. And how could they tech him? Both had been flying since they were babes, answering those roaring Illyrian instincts even when they were still so young. The same instincts that Azriel had to shove deep inside of him. Instincts that have long since diminished. Afterall, he had no need for them in the Inside. Just the infuriating though of those boys had him carelessly slipping on a branch. The prickly pine needles tickled against the sensitive skin of his membranous wings, and Azriel let out an embarrassingly high-pitch yelp. Thank the Gods Rhysand and Cassian weren’t here. He had made sure of that. He hated upsetting Rhysand’s kind and warm mother but breaking her favoured flower vase was a necessary act of evil. She would never suspect docile and detached Azriel of such carelessness. But short-tempered and rambunctious Rhysand and Cassian, who were always at the wrong end of a reprimand from the woman. Well, it was almost too easy. No doubt the two boys were knee-deep in a scathing and extravagant punishment at this very moment. Azriel couldn’t bring himself to feel guilty.
When the boy reached a sturdy looking branch, he braced himself at the base as he repeated the technique over in his mind. Kick, open, and tuck. With a deep inhale, Azriel leapt from the branch. But a brief seizure of panic, had him flailing into a branch of another tree. He fell, landing on his elbows and knees in the soft, pinecone littered earth. He did his best to clamp down on the shame rising inside of him before he got back up and went to climb the tree again. This time, he managed to get in a few good flaps of his wings before a sudden gust of air had him careening to the to the ground again. He fell face-first, getting a mouth full of dirt and dead pine needles. He could practically hear the phantom wretched laughs of his two older brothers as they poured oil onto his unblemished hands. But Azriel got back up on shaky legs and went to climb the tree. Again, and again. On his sixth attempt, he forgot to brace himself before he ran down the length of the branch. His foot landed too close to the edge and before he could even lift off, his ankle twisted and he slipped over the side, tumbling through the tree, absorbing blows from branches at his shoulder, thigh, and head before he landed on his back. He yelled out in anguish when his wings were crushed beneath the weight of his body, the air in his lungs rushing out of him all at once. Azriel didn’t get back up this time. The darkness between the tree caught his attention. They seemed to quiver with anticipation. He couldn’t tell if they were encouraging or taunting him.
The shadows that lurked were hard to ignore now. For the boy that spend his first eight years of his life shrouded in darkness, of course he didn’t notice in those first few days in the Outside that they were quite literally following him wherever he went. Shadows that formed and disappeared and reformed. Shadows that danced and stroked and whispered things to him that only darkness would know. He often wondered what their presence meant. Maybe they were mere hallucinations, a sign that the perpetual abyss finally consumed his mind. Maybe they were his harbingers, awaiting talons ready to drag him back to the Inside. Maybe the darkness of the Inside will never leave him. But right now, Azriel could see the sunlight through the trees. Sunlight like delicate threads. Maybe…no. He had to. He had these eyes to see and these legs to take him anyway in the Outside. He had these wings, no matter how wilted and weak, to carry him to whatever is beyond the Outside. He had to fly.
With gritted teeth and reforged determination, the boy stood back up and gripped the great, old pine tree. By now, he had memorised the most stable path for ascending, and he knew when to tuck and turn his wings so the prickly pine needles wouldn’t brush against them. Up, up, up he climbed. And when he reached that branch, Azriel stilled and closed his eyes. He stood unyielding as the tree, unyielding as the harsh northern Illyrian mountains. He opened himself up and for the first time, he allowed himself to feel everything. The scent of earth and pine in the air, the timid sunlight on his skin, the cold wind ruffling through his hair, at his back. And there it was. The slightest shift, a bated breath. And all at once the winds pushed. Azriel ran. Azriel leaped. He kicked his feet and freed his wings in one mighty sweep. And Azriel flew. He caught onto the wind’s current, gliding, and flapping at the right moments. He dodged and twisted and weaved through the trees, the pine needles tickling at his outstretched fingertips. He ignored the screaming pain in the joints of his back. And in a single breath, Azriel broke through the tree line and reached the Outside beyond. The sun’s warmth hugged him from all sides, like steamy baths and chicken stew and woolly blanket and hot chocolate all at once. And the sky. He had never seen anything so blue. Azriel cried then, honest, and warm tracks of tears sliding down his face and dissolving into the air around him. He didn’t try to stop them; he didn’t want to. Azriel had believed that only darkness was endless. But this. The sun and the sky around him, and the world below, the Outside. This was true endlessness. Light and warmth.
Suddenly, two dark flashes appeared at the corner of his vision and propelled towards him. And for a harrowing moment, the boy though they were shadowed talons, finally coming to drag him back into darkness. But these talons had wings like his and matching mischievous glints in their eyes. And they were laughing. Rhys and Cass. They swooped and circled him. They whooped and cheered. They shouted words Azirel couldn’t here over the roaring of the winds. But one look at the pure elation on their faces and he knew. He could feel it bubbling inside of him too, unfamiliar but welcomed. And Azriel laughed. So pure and childlike. He had never made a sound so joyous and unrestrained. The little boy laughed and whooped and cheered with his friends as they flew into the endless Outside.
i love azriel sm
like and reblog if you liked this! and check out my other fics too! (there's not many but im proud of them)😊
as always, thanks
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turtlov · 2 days ago
Have some angsty dnd character art and whatever the fuck this thing is while I'm figuring stuff out /pos
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Bat Boys Redraw from:
mine on top and the original on bottom.
Tumblr media
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bumblefloofer · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
This is basically the movie, right?
“Split up, Gang! We’ll have an easier time killing the Frog brats” David said.
“It’ll be easy,” he said
“We’ll be one big family.” max said.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, spectacular, show-stopping @bacchanalium drew by boy Alan and i'm so grateful <3 <3 Their art is always breathtaking! Go follow them!
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whatisgoingonpaul · 6 days ago
vampires making love , do they growl in excitement 😂
Shsjskskskskkksks oh my god
I maintain the headcannon that they do make bat noises ,cannonically in the lost boys verse, and I think it is a reactionary thing
Like sometimes you can control it like happy/excited chirps or not at all in public etc
I mean... I guess.. personally I would not call growling at someone a good thing unless like idk pulled your hair? But that’s just me , technically yes? Depends???
Watch me take every ask seriously-
Though seriously one of these days I got to do a whole thing on my take on the universes vamps and ability’s sort of thing- (this THIS is the question that reminds me of that lmao)
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I think one of the strangest things about this lostbelt for me is that, the way the party reacts to Godjuna’s actions feels a lot like they’re reacting to a stranger, and to me that’s...kind of disappointing.
Arjuna is someone that we know, and I feel like normally when there’s a character that’s already been summoned to Chaldea before and the cast already knows them, they have a lot harder time swallowing any strange behaviors they exhibit as an alternate version of themselves, but this time it seemed like everyone was perfectly willing to accept that Arjuna would do these things, and to me that’s really odd and made me really sad honestly.
it’s this unique feeling of...these things are shocking and baffling to me because I never imagined Arjuna would do these things (and that intuition ended up being proven right, with Bugman being a Bugbitch and this Evil Krishna I don’t know too much about being brought into the mix), but everyone around me just accepts it instantly like it’s not surprising.
the only one that seemed like. significantly worried about the fact that this was so out of line for Arjuna’s normal behavior was Karna, and like don’t get me wrong I get we have big problems we’re worried about, but I feel like normally there’s this balance of like. needing to do the right thing and the emotional weight of fighting someone you care about, and this time it was like....byoe. (bring your own emotions)
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my-name-stitch · 11 days ago
Wait I just... Realized.... Why does no one make fun of like Superman for not killing? Or have discussions dedicated to why he SHOULD kill his enemies? Or like... any of the other powered heroes? Why is it only Batman? 👁️👄👁️ I'm not in any of the others' tags so it's possible I'm missing it all but ...... I feel, at least, if there was this type of discourse about Supes, I would've seen some semblance of it. But I haven't.
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not-back-to-this · 13 days ago
Yes Damian Wayne is an entitled asshole
but he's MY entitled asshole
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airboatnecromancer · 15 days ago
Speaking of hair and styling, I'd love to hear your thoughts on BTS's current hair + general styling if you don't mind. Thank you for always being the Best 🌸💕
aww thanks babe! <3
I'll stick to Butter era promo looks, not current ads & endorsements because LV is gonna put them in whatever and Kloud wants them all in Kloud-blue suits (that do them no favors but it's really about their faces anyway) etc.
I liked the outfits in the mv! They’re more fun and interesting than some of the stuff they’ve worn while promoting the song, which is odd to me, but less fun (and gimmicky tbh) than Dynamite. It also feels like we’re seeing more collective forehead than we have in years tho I could be wrong.
I've talked about this before so I won't repeat myself (1, 2, 3, 4), but something I've always appreciated about BTS' styling team is that they understand fit and occasion, which are the minimum criteria for dressing someone professionally as far as I'm concerned but shockingly absent from lot of idols.  They wear suits when they need to wear suits and they're generally tailored and styled appropriate to dress code, with a little leeway bc they're young hot pop stars.
Their stylists are also very good at threading the needle of 'cohesive group but individually distinguishable'. It's the clothes, not always wacky hair colors doing the heavy lifting of making them distinctive (aka the Anime Strategy) and I appreciate it.
To do this so consistently for so long they work from a formula. It's taking a theme, picking 3-4 colors then 2-3 variables. Take this bunch of new Gucci & Palm Angels for example:
Tumblr media
Tracksuits are the theme; it's a bright but narrow palette (red, yellow, green, and Jeongguk); and the variables are bucket hat, shorts, and no jacket. Pick up to two of each per member, throw on appropriate accessories (sneakers and a couple pieces of casual colorful jewelry in this case) and you're golden.
The number of variations depends on the size of the group---original flavor EXO could pick more, Bigbang fewer (theoretically. Bigbang's team often sidesteps this issue entirely by wearing looks straight off the runway from a single collection, so even though the members are wearing different things the aesthetic cohesion has been built in. Bangtan has done this too---there were entire eras where they wore only current season Gucci or Dior Homme).
Another recent example:
Tumblr media
The variables are shiny, satin/flat pants, and jacket style, and the palette + flitter is event appropriate.
The important thing is to keep the number of variations small enough that any two members still look like they belong to the same group. The example above is sort of tricky because if you put Jeongguk and Hoseok next to each other, they wouldn't 'go': Jeongguk is wearing the full tracksuit but in an outlier color, and Hobi is wearing all three variations. It's only the presence of the other members that pulls them together visually. (I maybe would've given the hat to Taehyung but that's me being strict.) So there's a formula, and they've been using it successfully for years. For me, the upshot is that even if I don't like a look, it's usually done competently enough that it doesn't make me mad. For instance, I'm not in love with these:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They don't offend me, they're just not my taste & the fit could be better.
Tumblr media
It's hard to have undone jackets with white tshirts under them not look too casual when they're next to people with ties, button ups, and/or their jackets buttoned. That's a set of variables that while technically following the formula makes a problem with tone.
Tumblr media
This was a much more successful outing imo---the suits fit better and pressed, and raising the base level of formal not only matches the set, it keeps some of them from looking borderline sloppy by comparison.
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Tumblr media
The Bat Boys making fun of the fancey sound of their middle names with the wayne name.
damian is not amused.
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featherstcnes · 20 days ago
i’m halfway through a court of wings and ruin ,,, gonna finish it tomorrow and cry probably bc :))) i’m an emotional wreck over these books
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angstystoryteller · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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