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Tumblr media Tumblr media
↳ featuring : fushiguro megumi + gojo satoru + ryomen sukuna + nanami kento from jujutsu kaisen
↳ warnings : grammar issues
↳ form : headcanons
↳ published : 01 february 
↳ pronouns : non specified in headcanon
↳ request : So I think my ask got eaten... ((honestly.. i have bad luck and even on my own blog eats my asks when I'm testing themes 😂)) Can I please request Head canons for Gojo, Sukuna, Fushiguro and Nanami? Their SO falls asleep on top of them? Their S/O has mentioned that thwy have a hard time falling asleep cause they dont usually feel safe? their S/O says they fell asleep cause they feel safe amd protected when they're together? - 🌼
↳ barista’s notes : guys...today was just a whole day of pain. first it was the recent jujutsu kaisen manga chapter and now the new attack on titan episode......gabi can die......ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ but moving on from that, i hope you enjoy your cup of classic black coffee (jujutsu kaisen request!) and come again soon ʕ→ᴥ← ʔ
Tumblr media Tumblr media
In the beginning, he would be surprised when you suddenly fall asleep on top of him because he is used to him being in the position that you are in.
And when you inform him that you feel safe in his arms when you sleep since you have a hard time beforehand, Fushiguro will blush profusely while looking to the side to hide his face from you.
Fushuguro at first is really hesitant to wrap his arms around your body since he isn’t used to physical touch - even when it’s just the both of you alone - but over time he gets comfortable and just naturally places his arms around you.
He really loves to admire your face at first before beginning to play with your hair because he loves it when you do the same thing when he is on top of you.
While he is holding you, he will either be on his phone scrolling through articles to find out ways to help you sleep when he is not there or reading a book that he was reading to you before you fell asleep.
Fushiguro loves holding your hand when you sleep on top of him - he really finds it a little amusing on how tight you hold his hand despite your relaxed state like you don’t want him to move away from you.
When he needs to go somewhere, like the bathroom or to get a drink, he will summon his divine dog to keep you company - it will lay its head on top of yours.
If you washed your hair that day, he really likes the scent it gives off and will lightly place his nose on top of your head to be comforted by the smell.
Sometimes, Fushiguro will fall asleep with you because with you on top of him, he gets a constant supply of warmth and that leads him to relax extremely quickly.
Overall, Fushiguro is really surprised at this action of yours in the beginning but really begins to appreciate it since that means you really trust him a lot and he is glad that he can take care of you in some way since you do the same with him when he gets beat up quite a bit.
Tumblr media
When you fall asleep on top of him, Gojo will find that extremely adorable and just continues to hold you in his arms without a single question.
When you tell him that you feel safe in his arms and that you recently have been having trouble sleeping, Gojo will look at you with glassy eyes while thinking ‘they’re so cute’ in his head.
When it comes to the night and both of you are finished for the day, Gojo will already be in bed with his arms wide open the second you enter his dorm because he invited you.
Gojo loves to leave a few pecks on your face, especially your forehead while stroking your cheek because he thinks you are adorable in his arms - especially the size difference between you and him.
Gojo will always take a few photos of you while you are sleeping since he just wants to keep this into memory.
He will always want you to nap during work and use that as an excuse on why he can’t go to meetings or why you are late.
If someone wakes you up due to him not going to an important meeting, he will get angry at the person since it is rare that you two get to spend some time together.
Before you fell asleep, you and Gojo were probably talking about how your futures looked. For example, a family, marriage (if you ain’t already married) and maybe some future dates/vacations to help you with nightmares if you get some.
If he has to do paperwork that he left last minute, he will make you sit on his lap with your arms around his neck and your head tucked in the crook of his neck since he wants you to feel safe at all times.
Overall, Gojo is really welcoming to the idea of you sleeping on top of him since this is a time where he is allowed to see you vulnerable due to you contrasting attitude in Jujutsu Tech - this time he has with you his most favourite and that fact you rely on him to feel safe makes his ego skyrocket.
Tumblr media
For the fun of it, I would say he would push you off...but Imma be nice.
When you first fall asleep on top of him, Sukuna would look at you with an annoyed look while grumbling on how heavy you feel - when in reality you are as light as a feather to him, he’s just being a bitc-
When you tell him that you made him feel safe in his arms, Sukuna would be confused and look at you like you are stupid - because why would you feel safe with the King of Curses.
He will try to push you off at first, but slowly and reluctantly will tightly wrap his arms around you while looking down onto your face with a nonchalant expression displayed on his.
If he feels like you are going to move again, his arms will tighten around you to keep you still -  if you are somehow awake, he will say “did I ask you to move?” in like a light threatening tone.
Sukuna will have his hands under your shirt since he wants to feel your skin against his since that’s what is used to when you both finished - assuming you didn’t do it.
When you are sleeping, he will stroke your hair and call you foolish at the same time since he does jokingly mutter that he can kill you right there but for some reason, he doesn’t want to.
Sometimes, he will place a hand on your chest to feel your heart-beating (if he can) - this ain’t the thing you’re thinking, your heart isn’t going to get ripped out - it’s weirdly comforting to him.
If he wants you to wake up, he will move some of your hair and bite your neck since why not….he now wants to be worshipped since your time is up.
Overall, if Sukuna really and truly loves you, he will allow you to lay yourself on top of him for the rare comfort that you will get - even though he calls you foolish for you feeling safe with him, he has a sense of pride to that since he knows that you belong to him and him only.
Tumblr media
When you fall asleep on top of Nanami for the first time, he will grumble for a moment before beginning to admire you.
When you inform him that you had a hard time sleeping lately and that you feel safe in his arms, Nanami will pat your head and tell you that you can do it anytime when you need to - which will be every day.
Nanami just wants you to get a full night's rest and doesn’t want you to feel tired throughout the day, but he doesn’t tell you that he loves the feeling of you in his arms.
Nanami loves to leave at least one forehead kiss on your before running his hand up and down your back to comfort you while you are in a slumber.
This is one of the reasons why Nanami doesn’t want to do overtime. He knows that you are either going to stay up since you feel really unsafe or you will try to sleep but you will struggle to.
Like Fushiguro, Nanami is probably reading a book he was reading to you before you fell asleep - I said this before and I will again, his voice really is suited for audiobooks, it’s really soothing.
If you need to sleep during the day - due to him doing overtime - he will allow you to sleep on top of him but away from the public eye since he doesn’t want anyone waking you up, especially Gojo.
During these times when you sleep in the school, he will drape his blazer over you since you both are not in your usual bedroom where the blanket is ready - he wants you to be warm.
If you fall asleep on him on the couch, he doesn’t have the heart to move you both since you look so peaceful but will in like 2-5 hours since he feels like you need to sleep somewhere more appropriate.
Overall, Nanami is the type that will grumble in the beginning but really enjoys times like this with you since he doesn’t have to worry about curses and other things Jujutsu related - all he has to worry is about you feeling safe in his arms.
Tumblr media
© violettelueur 2021 : written and published by violettelueur - do not steal or repost
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i love you, unlike they did
so i wanted to write something for chris <33 so heres that. pretty much just him needing to reassure his s/o thats been in shitty relationships. this will hopefully be fluffy with a bit of angst but i haven't wrote it yet so we'll see (pretty much just fluffy). enjoy! (please read the warnings)
pairing: Chris redfield x fem!reader
warnings: mentions of sex, abusive past relationship, reader having trust issues
words: 844
Tumblr media
You were a very anxious person. You had trouble trusting people, even the ones who have proven themselves more than worthy of your trust. Like chris, he was everything you could ask for but more, and while you trusted him you just felt like some things were meant to be kept to yourself. You were also very scared to lose him, you really loved him, and you’ve had abusive relationships before and chris wasnt like that, he really did care. He was patient with you while you figured out how to be in a healthy relationship.
Chris was out on a mission but he could be home any day. If he did show up today you wanted to house to be clean, so you started wiping the counters, cleaning out the fridge, picking up anything left on the floor, sweeping, vacuuming, and just tidying up the bedroom along with the bathroom. Everything looked good enough.
You were kind of scared that if you left the house a mess that he’d be disappointed with you, thats how it was in past relationships anyway.
You were sweaty and tired when there was knocking on the door. Your heart raced at that sound ‘but i look bad’ ‘he cant see me like this’ your heart was thumping as you went to open it, and there he was. Chris was standing there bandaged, bruised, and very tired-looking.
“Chris!” you clung to him, and he held you close. you pulled away and gestured him inside the home. You two sat down on the couch and started to catch up with how the mission went and how things were here.
“So, how was your mission? Are you okay, anything you need me to patch up?”
“Actually my mission ended two days ago, i was just helping out at HQ, and no im alright y/n. How were things here?” you smiled and sat yourself on his lap.
“Better now that you’re here,” you giggled, leaning in for a kiss. You gripped onto his shirt and tilted your head into the kiss.
“So do you wanna unwind baby?” you pulled away from the kiss and made eye contact with him, smirking. Something about you seemed off, you guys have only been dating for 5 months and sex has never really been brought up.
“y/n are you sure? We dont have to,”
“But im your girlfriend, thats what im here for,” Chris’s face dropped at that sentence. He looked at you, and placed his hand on your thigh.
“Baby, who told you that?” he softly rubbed your thigh waiting for a response.
“Well that how its always been in the past. W-with my ex-boyfriends”
“They’re your ex for a reason y/n. Unlike them, i love you, and not just for sex. Thats something i dont quite need. I love you, dont think thats the only reason im with you.” your eyes stung, tears threatening to fall. He didnt want just sex. He really loved you, unlike the other scum you’ve dated. You snuggled to his chest and choked out an ‘i love you’ and he wrapped his warm arms around you.
“So um, how was your mission? What happened?” you asked tracing a scar with your finger. He gave you a warm smile and ran his finger through your hair.
“Oh you know just me going out and helping people against bioweapons as usual and missing you of course. Nothing special, just like every other one. I could use a shower though,” you smiled, pushing away from his chest.
“That sounds lovely, and maybe i can kiss some of your scars better,” you smiled at him. He leaned in for a kiss and moved his hands to your bad from your thighs
(shower scenes arent my thing)
You slipped into one of Chris’s big shirts and some soft pajama pants. Chris was already in bed waiting for you. You climbed into bed right next to chris.
“Someone found my clothes,” he chuckled. You snuggled up next to him, laying your head on his chest tracing some of the scars on his abdomen. He had a lot of scars but you just throught it made him beautiful.
“Can i ask you something?”
“Of course sweetheart.”
“Can you stay for a while? Im scared all this distance is going to wreck our relationship,” you positioned your head so you could make eye contact.
“Im going to be here for a while doll, this distance wont ruin anything, i love you and i always will,” he kissed your hairline and held you. You gave him a soft smile and re-positioned your head to lay down.
“I love you too chris,” you were going to marry this man. Even though you werent used to being in a healthy relationship, and you were a very anxious person, he loved you and stayed patient with you. You genuinely loved him.
Eventually, you both were silent and the kisses you were leaving on his chest slowed, both of you sleeping peacefully in each others arms.
this isn't the best but i have three more stories lined up, one for carlos, karl, and leon. so hopefully those turn out better. i hope you still enjoyed this little story <3
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daddy issues; D.M
summary: you and draco bond over issues in 6th year
word count: 2.4k
warnings: err angst, comfort, illusions to sex
song: daddy issues (the remix) - the neighbourhood
a/n: i tried not to make it stereotypical bc i didn’t wanna make it seem all “i like older men lol”, probably my fav fic i’ve written, also arent these anime gifs so cute
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Tumblr media
Take you like a drug
I taste you on my tongue
Tongues battling for dominance, bodies rubbing against each other searching for a feeling. It’s become routine now, a different person in your dorm swallowing a new pill, entangling limbs with someone just to feel something.
You ask me what I'm thinking about
I tell you that I'm thinking about
Whatever you're thinking about
Tell me something that I'll forget
And you might have to tell me again
It's crazy what you'll do for a friend
It was a constant cycle, putting yourself out there seeking the male attention you crave, seeking validation, constant reassurance and trusting too easily. That’s how you ended up with a different guy who always in the end leaves. You trusted too easily and people took advantage of how trusting and naive you are just for a quick shag.
You wished it wasn’t like this but that’s all you knew, wanting to be the best version of yourself for someone just to feel needed, no matter if the person was good or bad for you. You didn’t care, you wanted love from anyone you could get it from even if it just hurt you more.
You’re familiar with the absence, something stable made you feel a bit wary. It wasn’t something you were used to. Your father wasn’t the most present in your life, and even though he's there, he's never really there.
Go ahead and cry, little girl
Nobody does it like you do
I know how much it matters to you
I know that you got daddy issues
And if you were my little girl
I'd do whatever I could do
I'd run away and hide with you
I love that she's got daddy issues, and I do too
You always wondered where you went wrong, he preferred your siblings over you and doesn't pay you a piece of his mind. Constantly going out of your way to get his attention whether it was academically or acting a certain way just to get some sort of reaction. But he was too preoccupied with his other children, even if they were from your mom or his affairs.
That’s how you found yourself right now sitting in the astronomy tower past curfew watching the rain fall, trying to clear your head while humming softly to yourself to keep yourself distracted.
You hear distant chattering from below and quickly get up from where you were sitting and make your way to your dorm unnoticed by anyone.
Except one person, Draco Malfoy.
I tried to write your name in the rain
But the rain never came
So I made with the sun
The shade
Always comes at the worst time
He’s seen you before, you’re known around Hogwarts for how you put yourself out there and how ‘desperate’ you are for some affection. He almost feels bad for you, but he’s in no place to judge. With his dad in Azkaban Draco had so much more to worry about, like his task and how he can succeed. But there was something about you that intrigued him that he couldn't ignore.
He saw you again in transfiguration the next day and noticed a few hickeys littering your neck that you had tried to cover but it didn’t work. He wondered why you gave yourself up to so many people, but once again he was in no place to judge. He noticed the way your tongue would stick out when you focused extra hard, the way your hands would tighten around your quill when you got a question wrong and your face.
The same face that many boys including the older years would fawn over, the face that entranced and attracted many, the face of someone who would do anything for someone for some affection and the face of someone who seeked out all the wrong things.
You ask me what I'm thinking about
I tell you that I'm thinking about
Whatever you're thinking about
Tell me something that I'll forget
And you might have to tell me again
It's crazy what you'll do for a friend
You walk out of transfiguration on your way to the owlery to send a letter to your parents and feel eyes watching you everywhere. You like it, the attention, it’s something that you thrived in, but you couldn’t help but feel a new set of eyes on you.
Once you reached the owlery you realized you weren't the only one there, Draco Malfoy was also there sending a letter to who you assumed was his mother.
“y/n, right?” he asked, trying to spark a conversation.
“Yea, listen i’m sorry about what happened with your father i know you really looked up--”
“Dont worry about it, he wasn’t as good an influence as I made him out to be,” he sighed, looking away.
“My dad isn’t the best either if i’m being honest, i guess we’re in the same boat” you let out a light chuckle.
And that’s how you found yourself hanging out with draco malfoy bonding over your shared issues.
Go ahead and cry, little girl
Nobody does it like you do
I know how much it matters to you
I know that you got daddy issues
And if you were my little girl
I'd do whatever I could do
I'd run away and hide with you
I love that she's got daddy issues
It’s been weeks since you two started hanging out since the interaction in the owlery and have been getting closer ever since. You both sat down together in the astronomy tower, backed against the wall as the cool wind blew against your faces. The aura between you two was calm, a comfortable silence.
“So tell me about your dad, how is it with him in Azkaban?” you asked, tilting your head towards him.
“Mother’s not taking it well” he frowned. “I can’t even say potter’s wrong for getting him locked up because he deserves it. All my life he praised the dark lord and taught me to be selfish and always defend my blood, but he was never there for me when I needed him. I would have done everything just to hear ‘i’m proud of you’ but it never came. It’s worse now because mother’s all alone. I wish I could have stayed with her” he sighed looking out the tower watching the stars twinkle.
“I’ve noticed you’ve been much quieter this year as well, you stopped making fun of people. It’s not that nice on the receiving end huh?” you said with a teasing look on your face.
He shook his head at you scooting closer to you, it’s like the demeanor between you two have changed over the past few weeks. You found yourself pining over him rather than being in someone's bed. But this is how the cycle always goes, you get attached and they leave, you couldn’t help but hope this wasn’t the situation this time.
“Tell me about your father”
Daddy stuck around but he wasn't present
Cheated on your mom but she never left him
First I didn't get it, now I understand
He broke her heart, left money in her hand
So everything got paid for
She made sure you and your brother had way more
Than she ever had growing up
And when you told me the whole story I felt like throwing up
“ I don't know if i’d even call him my father at this point, he doesn't want me.” you sighed. “He's been cheating on my mum for years now and she still won't leave him because she thinks they can work it out. He’s had affairs with different pureblood women and has children with them. But what hurts the most is how he treats them as his own children and treats me as if I don't exist” you said, looking down as tears pooled your eyes.
Draco moved closer to you and brought his arm around your shoulders for a sense of comfort and waited for you to catch your breath so you can continue.
“I just want him to love me” you cried. “I go out my way to try and get his attention with my school work but it never works. That's why I get along with so many guys. I seek the validation, the comfort and the reassurance that I can get from him from others and I am so tired of it. I just want him to want me draco.” tears slipping out your eyes as you looked up at him, you’ve never confessed this to anyone before.
“Everyone always leaves, please don't leave me” you cried
“I’m not going anywhere” he turned his face towards you, leaning forward cautiously as if you were made of glass.
You leaned forward, wanting the exact same thing. Both very hesitant he gently pressed his soft lips against yours and they moved together in sequence, only taking a break to go back to his dorm and to breathe, limbs tangled together for the rest of the night until the sun rose.
I can see it on your face it was rough left a bad taste on your tongue
And she didn't even take any drug
She would rain all day
Couldn't wait for her son to shine
And you made it shine
There when she cried, you saved her life
It's been a week since that night in the astronomy tower and draco had already been avoiding you. It’s humiliating, but you should have known. You thought the ‘bond’ you had with him would last, it felt so genuine this time. So real.
You’d see him around the halls snogging pansy on your way back to the ravenclaw tower, lowering your head down so he wouldn’t be able to see you so you could get by quickly and unnoticed.
But he saw you.
He stared you right down in your teary eyes as he made out with pansy. You couldn’t help but feel a sense of betrayal, for someone who promised he wouldn’t leave you like everyone else, he did the exact same.
You did the only thing you knew of, you ran.
I keep on trying to let you go
I'm dying to let you know
How I'm getting on
I didn't cry when you left at first
But now that you're dead it hurts
This time I gotta know
Where did my daddy go?
I'm not entirely here
Half of me has disappeared
Draco followed you to the girls lavatory, hearing your shallow cries coming from one of the stalls. He approached the stall you were in trying not to make too much noise so he doesn't startle you.
He felt awful.
He promised he would never leave you, after you both poured your hearts out to each other but he still left. He had too, he was putting you in danger just by being with him. If Voldemort ever found out about you and hurt you he wouldn't be able to live with himself, that's why he took it upon himself to hurt you first.
“y/n are you in here?” he called out even though he knew the answer.
You recognized that familiar voice anywhere. “What do you want draco?” you said, trying to make it seem as if you weren’t just crying.
“I want to talk to you, please”
“No,” you said getting up and pushing yourself out of the stall. “You don't get to just throw me away after I told you everything and just come back into my life like nothing ever happened. Just go away, that's all you guys are good for” you spat.
“Just listen to me, it was to keep you safe. I didn;t want to but i couldn't bear seeing you hurt” he tried to explain.
“Safe?” you laughed. “ and what exactly do i need saving from, malfoy.”
“From me” he said as he pulled up his sleeve revealing his dark mark to you. Your body instantly tensed, you knew he was having problems and his family was involved with the dark lord but you never knew it was like this.
“Draco i-” you tried to say something but the words were stuck in your throat. He stood there looking at you desperately like he was waiting for you to tell him everything was okay, you wanted to be there for him but you didn’t know what to do. You trusted him with everything but he couldn't trust you with this? You thought the bond you had made would have made him trust you in the slightest, but clearly it's always you who’s more trusting.
“Why didn't you tell me?” you managed to say, your voice hoarse.
“I thought you’d leave me, you were the only good thing i had. Please don't leave me” he begged, salty tears escaping his eyes and running down his cheeks as he looked at you with desperation.
“So you thought pushing me away by snogging pansy was better?” you yelled, as he continued to look at you slightly taken aback by your lashing out.
“You know what, go ahead and cry little boy. You know that your daddy did too, you know what your mama went through. You gotta let it out soon, just let it out” you taunted walking closer to him looking straight into his teary eyes.
“This time I'll be the one that leaves.” and with that you were gone.
Go ahead and cry, little girl
Nobody does it like you do
I know how much it matters to you
I know that you got daddy issues
And if you were my little girl
I'd do whatever I could do
I'd run away and hide with you
I love that she's got daddy issues, and I do too
It’s been months since that night in the girls lavatory, and you missed him. You wanted to visit him in the hospital wing once you heard what happened with Harry Potter, but you couldn’t bring yourself to do so. He left you, and you were tired of always going back to people who just hurt you.
Now here you were at the battle of Hogwarts, standing with everyone while Voldemort and his death eaters stood across from you all.
“Draco, draco come here” you heard narcissa call from across the scene. He looked hesitant, as if he was waiting for someone to stop him but no one did. So he started walking over to his parents.
But you grabbed his hand.
“Stay please” you whispered looking up into his eyes.
He looked back at his parents and back at you like he was contemplating his answer.
“I’ll stay”
If you were my little girl
I'd do whatever I could do
I'd run away and hide with you
I love that she's got daddy issues, and I do too
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technowoah · a year ago
if you're taking asks for the prompts, can you do 11 and 17 from the angst list with george but have a fluffy ending? she/her pronouns pls
I Can Make It Right
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Thanks for the request babe! The way it came out was gender neutral i dont think I user she/her, but it still works trust me!
George x reader imagine (established)
11) "It's not important apparently"
17) "You already made me feel like shit so might as well finish me off"
⚠︎ angst with happy ending, unresolved issue but they're gonna fix it dont worry 😌, angry George, swearing
*** = flashback
Tumblr media
You had stood infront of your bathroom mirror finishing up your makeup for the night. Your hair was already done and you had a nice outfit on, not to fancy and not too comfortable. While listening to a playlist George had made for you, you had put down the brushes you were using. It didnt really matter if you cleaned up your makeup that was littered all over the sink right now, but right now you were feeling good.
Today was your and George's 3rd year anniversary and you couldn't be happier about it. Today you two were going to dinner and doing something else which was supposed to be a surprise for you. It was a night on the town.
George and you met 4 years ago actually. You two started out as acquaintances, the slowly grew into friends and then one day he asked you to join him to dinner. At first you were oblivious to his actions, thinking he was just being a good friend, but turns out the more dates you two went on the more you caught on. He officially asked you to be his girlfriend 3 years ago today.
His friends keep on pressuring George to propose already, they think it's been long enough. The only thing close to marriage is a promise ring. He put the ring on your finger as a promise that one day he would marry you, everytime you doubt that he will propose you turn your attention to the cute ring on your finger.
You had turned off the bedroom lights and sat on your bed finally relaxing after struggling to find a decent enough outfit for tonight. George said that he was going to pick you up around 6:00 and now it is 5:47 so you had some time to spare.
You had found yourself scrolling through tiktok because you had nothing else better to do at this moment. It was a guilty pleasure of yours even though you and george both joked around about hating tiktok.
Time began to tick away so you had checked the clock on your phone which said 5:57 pm. You had grabbed shoes that you set up against your bed, slipped them on and grabbed all of your belongings for the night. You stationed yourself in the living room waiting till George came to the door.
Nervousness always came up before a date, it was the anticipation actually. You were excited and nervous about the date as you always were, but today for you was special. It was three years worth of beautiful love. You remembered the time he first said I love you too, it was just like it was yesterday.
"Hey y/n." George looked towards you. You both were sitting on a plaid, plush blanket with a brown woven basket ontop in between you two. It was just like the movies and that why you cringed because of how cheesy it was when George led you to it.
It was sweet, it was extremely sweet and you loved these dates that George always brung you too. You always felt special when you are sitting next to him.
You responded to George. "Yeah Gogy?" You laughed at the use of his nickname.
"Im trying to be serious right now and you call me Gogy." George smiled and shook his head. "Anyways, you know I love you, right?"
"Of course I do-"
"No I love you. I mean. I'm in love with you." George reached to rest his hand ontop of yours and repeated himself. "I'm in live with you y/n."
You wasted no time answering. "Im in love with you too."
George didnt show up yet, but there was no sweat. He was only 3 minutes late, maybe he ran into traffick. Your stomach was rumbling, but you didnt want to eat yet since you two we're planning to go to dinner. Patience is key, and it wasnt like he wasn't late before.
You started to get worried, it's been 10 minutes and still no sign of your boyfriend. You had gotton up several times to check outside of your door only to be met with no one. Your mind was jumping to conclusions about if he forgot your anniversary, but you shut those thoughts out for the time being.
Okay this is getting out of hand. You brung out our phone and began to text George, you couldn't believe that you had waited this long before texting the man.
Where are you? Ive been waiting for 29 minutes?!
[Sent: 6:20pm]
George what are you doing?
[Sent: 6:20pm]
You awaited his text message with your phone faced up on the coffee table infront of you. You didn't want to believe that George woukd forget, or overslept, but that was becoming truth the more minutes passed by with no call or text.
Calling him was useless, because he didn't answer. He didn't hang up on you he just wasn't picking up the phone, like he turned it off. You started to get worried if something happened to him, if he was in a situation where he couldn't call or text you. You wondered if he was safe at home and not out in the middle of the street.
In a flash all your worries subsided when your phone lit up with a notification.
ThisIsNotGeorgeNotFound is live:
Im Playing golf with my friends
That son of a bitch. Pissed off was an understatement, you were fuming. How could he end up streaming at home when you had constantly reminded him about this day, he knew damn well about this day too. How could he?
You ended up grabbing a jacket and your purse and ended up driving to George's place. It seemed like he was mocking you in a way, he knew you had notifications on for Twitch. You loved to support him and his career, but this was making a fool out of yourself.
Your hand tightly gripped the steering wheel as you tried not to run every red light you cane across. You finally came across George's home, you found a place to park and quickly got out of your car and sped walked your way to George's residence. Finally making up to George's door you knocked harshly on the door probably making more noise than what you intended too. You continuously banged on his door until you got fed up.
Remembering that George had given you a key to his house you dig through your purse to get your set of keys out anr unlock his door. You stomped inside his house and closed the door behind you.
"GEORGE! GEORGE!" You yelled through the house. You were being reckless and annoying, but you didnt care at this point you were fuming and needed to tell George how you feel.
You had made your way to George's recording room where he was talking to his friends on discord. George looked towards you in shock clearly not hearing the sounds you were making throughout his house.
"Y/N?!" George yelled and muted his microphone.
"What the hell are you doing?" You exclaimed back.
"Im streaming thats what Im doing!" George sassed back at you, not paying attention to his screen and the chat.
"Dont get smart with me. End the stream."
"What?! No!"
"You heard me, we need to talk." You crossed your arms across your chest. Your heart was beating too fast for your liking and you tried to calm yourself down, but George's comments were getting to you.
George was about to unmute himself and get back to the game. "No we dont-"
"GEORGE END THE FUCKING STREAM! This is embarrassing! Talk to me cause you have some explaining to do." You snapped at him.
A silence tell upon you two and he glared at you before turning to his stream and closing it out.
"Okay guys! Go watch the other boys streams I need to go now! Bye!" George quickly ended and turned off everything.
He turned around to you still sitting in his chair. "What? What do you want?"
"Do you know what today is?" You asked.
"April 30th." George answered bluntly.
"Thats all you have to say?" You asked in shock. "It's our anniversary dickhead!"
"I fucking know that." George said.
"You do? So why did you start streaming and we had dinner plans?!"
"I told you we were streaming! You weren't listening to me!" George stood up from his chair when he said that.
"When the fuck did you tell me this?!"
"A couple days ago! You didn't listen!"
"But you knew that was our anniversary! And we made dinnerr plans-"
George yelled over you. "A month ago! We made those plans a month ago so excuse me for forgetting!"
"So all these other years you remembered our anniversary and went out of your fucking way to cancel other plans around that date, but today you didnt because why?!" Tears were threatening to fall down you cheeks, but you wouldnt let him see you like that.
"Because I planned this already with the boys! And AGAIN you werent listening to me when I said that-"
"There were several other times that you could've told me too! But you didn't!" You sniffed trying to keep the frustrated tears inside.
"I already planned this and I cant go back on my promise-"
"But you can with me?!" You yelled and George stopped talking. He's just studying your face at this point and you hated this silence.
"Its not important apparently." You said while walking out of the recording room.
"You're being a bitch." He mumbled.
"Excuse me?! That is so disrespectful!" You spun around yelled at him.
"You already made me feel like shit so might as well finish me off." George said in a annoying tone.
"Yeah you should feel like shit! I feel like shit too so-!" You threw your hands up in exasperation and stormed out the room. You had made it to the door before George called out to you again.
"Y/n! Y/n! Please!"
"No! Just..." You paused before opening the door and ushering your way out. "Call me when you get your shit together.
Tumblr media
You were currently curled up on your couch eating leftovers that you had in the refrigerator. That had satisfied your hunger for the night because the dinner was canceled that night. Your anger and sadness had subsided and you were only left with an unusual feeling in your heart. Your relationship felt incomplete, this fight felt incomplete. You didnt break up with him, but you were waiting for closure.
The TV was the only light in the room. It illuminated what it wanted to, you didnt care if it was too dark. Usually you would be cuddled up with George at this ungoldy hour, but you weren't and that made you tear up.
Your sadness was still there, your anger towards George turned into pity. You were sad about the actions he took, but somewhere in your heart you could forgive him. You could forgive and move on if he would come to you.
Speaking of, you had a knock on your door. You didn't have the strength to get up, but you did. Shuffling your way to the door you sluggishly opened it to find George standing there with his hands in his hoodie. The person you wanted to see, but at the same time you wanted to slam that door in his face.
"Hey." George spoke and you gave him a small smile, nothing more.
You turned around to find your seat back on the couch where you were comfortable, but also giving him a silent invitation to come inside. You had sat down on the couch not paying attention to George, but you knew he closed the door, took off his shoes by yours, and put his keys on the table by the door like he always did. It was like a routine to him.
George ended up awkwardly standing beside the couch as you ignored him.
"You know, if you didnt open the door I would've used my keys like you did." George tried to spark up a conversation, but you only hummed in response. You were scared that if you spoke, you would cry.
George ended up making his way to the couch sitting beside you and pulling you into his embrace. Your head was on his chest and you began to sob. You missed this it's only been a few hours, but you had felt that in those few hours you had lost everything. You continued to sob into his hoodie as he rubbed your back and shushed you, whispering sweet nothings into the air only for you to hear.
"Im here, and Im sorry. Im so fucking sorry that I did this to you and I only hope that you can forgive me." George said, his voice cracking a little when he said that. You kept crying.
That's what you wanted to hear all along, that's what you needed. You could forgive him in due time, you always will because you love him, you will always love him. You both can always make it right.
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obsessive-ego · 12 months ago
Just go with it part 2
Musical beetlejuice x reader
You have to meet juno and pretend you and bj are getting married
Nsft sorta, mentions of activity
Part 1
"Y/n wake up, come on babes"
"Beej?" You mumble rubbing your eyes "what's wrong?" You say in a whisper.
He doesnt respond, you turn on the lamp by your bed and check your phone clock
You sigh, looking back at the demon, now being able to see him clearly, you freeze upon seeing that the demon was now completely purple, his hair, his beard, his tie, all deep purple.
"What's wrong?" You ask again, more fear in you voice then intended
"Okay y/n" he starts, using your name rather then a pet name was never a good sign "so you remember a few nights ago when that suit came by to see if I was lying about our relationship?"
"He's back?!" You sit up, more awake "wait... wasnt the repercussion to that not that bad? Just some extra work for you?"
Beetlejuice rubs his neck "yeah, thing about that, it's not him... my mother is here, to talk to you personally..." he trails off refusing to look at you
"Your mother...." you repeat feeling your stomach drop
"What's gonna happen if she finds us out?" You ask in a whisper
"...who knows with her" the demon spits before looking away.
The two of you remain in silence over the shit beetlejuice has gotten you into it.
Beetlejuice huffs out his nose as his focus goes back to you.
"So y/n, I mean honey~" the demon pulls you up from your bed and into a side hug "ready to meet mommy dearest?" Beetlejuice tried to smile, make light of the situation, but his hair betrayed him, remaining a deep purple, even though he tried his best to plaster a grin across his face for your sake.
You didnt know much about Beetlejuice's mother, other then she didnt exactly win mother of the year, beej only opened up about her a handful of times, long story short, you knew this was gonna be a rough experience for both of you, but mostly Beej.
Beetlejuice drops his jacket around your shoulders, pulling the same ring he gave you to fool the suit, the same tacky, pretty ring, the band was black and white, and resembled a snake, the gem was a brilliant green, your heart swelled at the sight of the ring.
The ghoul drops on one knee, and gently slides the ring onto your middle finger, pausing to kiss your hand before giving you wink, under different circumstances you would die from such a cheesy romantic gesture, but now was not that time, you did appreciate beetlejuice trying to lighten the mood.
"Alright honey, you remember the drill?"
"That's my future wife, let's not keep the bitch waiting" he smiles linking arms with you
Future wife...
You couldnt help but give the ghoul a soft smile at the thought.
Beetlejuice takes a deep breath, smoothing his hair back, wiping the purple away in favour of his default green.
The demon grabs your hand begins to lead you to your living room, you could barely focus over the sound of your heart pounding, who could blame you, you were about to come face to face with someone Beetlejuice was afraid of.
As the two of you head down the hall , she was finally in sight, you felt your stomach drop, in your recliner sat an old woman, dressed completely in red, she had a permanent scowl across her face, her whole presence give off a bad feeling.
"Lawrence, you took your sweet time fetching your fiance" she barked causing beetlejuice to flinch
"Ya know breathers, they like their sleep-" he forces a laugh, purple slowly creeping back into his hair
"Nonsense, it's nearly 6am, that's more then a reasonable time for breathers to wake and start their pointless routines" she waves off, beetlejuice frowns and leads you to the couch, where the both of you sit.
"Its been awhile huh Ma? Like I was saying earlier, it's nice to see you again and-" beetlejuice was babbling
"Zip it" was all she said and beetlejuice clamped his mouth shut and gazed down staring at his feet. "Lawrence, I didnt come here for pointless pleasantries" her eyes meet yours "y/n l/n I dont know what Lawrence has done to you or promised you, but I can assure you he doesnt care about you, and just wants freedom, further more Lawrence, do you honestly think this breather could love you? This game of yours needs to come to an end, there is alot of paper work tied up in this farce of yours"
You were taken back by her words, she really didn't beat around the bush.
"I dont-" you start, voice trembling
"Ma, y/n loves me and I love them, see~" beetlejuice grabs your hand to show his mother the ring, she eyes the ring for a moment, then goes bad to staring daggers into her son, her scowl never faltering.
"Tacky" she huffs, a simple response like that was enough to shut her son down, beetlejuice pulled away from you, pressing his back firm against the couch, lips pressed shut and hands clamped together in his lap.
"As I was saying, Lawrence is a natural born troublemaker, and youd be smart to back out of this farce before he gains life, knocks you up with a life ruining disappointment, and vanishes from your life" she droned as she lights a cigarette, taking a deep inhale, smoke shooting out from her neck.
You swallow hard.
"I would prefer if you didnt smoke in my house, ma'am"
Juno stares at you for a moment, then shakes her head as she puts out her cigarette on your coffee table.
"Ma'am I really do trust beetlejuice, and I love him, this isnt a farce-" you began, but your words were ignored
"If you want to throw yourself into a mess, I wont stop you, I'm not here to save you, but I have to applaud his efforts on tricking someone LEGAL this time for his little game. Even though this mess of yours is going to keep him out of my way for awhile, it doesn't cover the fact that Lawrence's efforts have caused my office nothing but work. And even if this "love" was real the boy ruins everything thing he touches, cant do anything right, having him around only causes headaches, you'll see soon enough y/n," Juno's hurtful words drone on, as if her son wasnt sitting across the table from her.
"Back to the matter, even if you do choose to marry this fool, I wanted to warn you about the mess your getting yourself into, giving him life would only cause you grief, and I dont want to hear it when you get to the netherworld after a suicide his actions caused"
You grit your teeth at that last remark, you knew juno thought poorly of beetlejuice, but did she honestly thing her son was so awful that youd kill yourself over his actions, you felt like you were going to be sick.
"Lawrence, why is your hair purple?"
You glance over to beetlejuice, who infact was completely purple, the deepest purple you've ever seen him wear.
Beetlejuice bites down on his lip, his hands clenched in fists as they sat on his thighs, he was frozen.
"Bee?" You gently whisper as you slowly place a hand on his, the ghoul flinches at your touch, beetlejuice slowly takes your hand in his and gives it a light squeeze.
"Come on Ma, y/n my be dramatic, and get mad at me from time to time, but they'd never kill themselves over anything dumb I'd do, and hell we already talked it over, we dont want kids" the ghoul leans into you for support.
Juno scowls "to remind you both, I'm not here to stop you two, the only thing I'm here for is to warn this foolish breather, and double check to make sure YOU arent mucking about and blackmailing the living again, there is a lot of paper work involved in this little game of yours, and you still havent delt with the paper work of your failed marriage and death by the hands of that poor child you tricked" her eyes narrow down to beetlejuice, juno pauses, then sighs
"Lawrence just come clean, this little game of yours has gone on long enough, even if you didnt blackmail this poor soul into marrying you, do you honestly think they love you? You dont actually think this breather wants you around do you?"
"That's not true, I do-"
You werent able to finish that sentence, with a snap of juno's fingers your mouth is now cover with a strip of duct tape.
"You've honestly fooled yourself into thinking you could be loved didnt you? Pitiful, maybe this breather found you amusing now, but you dont think it's going to last do you?" Her questioning goes on, she was convinced her son was unlovable, you tug away at the duct tape but it refuses to budge, beetlejuice was too focused on his mother's words, to the point where he was starting to believe her, the purple slowly faded from him in favour of white, a color you've never seen on him.
"Lawrence you're little game is over, and you're going to clean up the mess you made, I have a decade's worth of paper work for you to fill out over this farce and every other little issue you caused, I knew from the start this was fake, no living person in their right mind would let you into their life willingly"
A decade's worth of paper work?! Was that so important that she was willing to manipulate her own son into thinking he was worthless?
"Lawrence you are such a screw up, the amount of work your little games keep giving me is coming to an end, you will never be alive, you will never be loved, let alone tolerated, and you are coming back to my office to straighten up ever little issue you have caused, if you think being invisible for a millennia is bad-" she raises her voice with each hateful word.
This duct tape wasnt going to budge, so you went with plan B, you roughly bump into the demon's side to get his attention, beetlejuice looking your way, your eyes grow wide at his expression, he was crying, black gooey tears. The two of you stare at each other what felt like an eternity, Juno's voice no longer reached him, beetlejuice snaps his fingers and the duct tape vanishes from your mouth.
You jump up from you position on the couch "I'm sorry ma'am  but bee- Lawrence isnt worthless, and yes, he can be an ass, and insensitive at times, but I love him and I really do want to marry him! And whatever stupid paper work that is tied up in this, can just fuck off..." your voice tweaks as the ghoulish women sitting across from you stands up, eyes dead set on you.
You werent great with confrontation, and beej knew this, but here you were talking back to his mother, you  his tiny sweet breather talking back to a literal monster. The white from Beetlejuice's hair quickly left in replacement to pink 'I really do want to marry him!' Those words from your lips could have made his heart start beating , tho that was shortly lived when he saw this mother stand, purple took hold of his form once again.
He couldnt let you fight his mistakes alone, though he found it hot that you could be his knight in shining armor.
No, beetlejuice is quick to jump up and link his arm with yours "see ma, this little breather stole my heart, and hell, we've been planning our little wedding for months" beetlejuice snaps his fingers and in a flash his and yours clothes change. Beetlejuice wore a red tux made with crushed velvet, with a lacy front, his whole outfit screamed tacky, but that was him. Looking down at your self, you stifle a laugh, here you were, 6:30am, dressed in a red puffy lacing monster of a dress, in all honesty this wouldnt be your first choice, but now was not that time. Beetlejuice pulls you close, you could swear he could hear how hard your heart was pounding, could you blame yourself? He looked so handsome all dressed up, even if this was fake.
"My, my Lawrence, doesnt that dress look familiar, isnt that the dress you forced that poor child to wear the last time you played this game?" his mother sneers
"Its called a call back, and y/n loves it" he sneers back you nodded in agreement, beetlejuice continues "we're still working on a venue, trying to find a band, believe me, planning a wedding is exhausting, and oh! dont be surprised if your invite gets lost in the mail ma" the demon gives a shit eating grin, you smile seeing beetlejuice has gained SOME confidence back.
"I have no interest in attending your little wedding Lawrence" she spat "it's clear you're not going to budge, and still refusing to take responsibility for your actions, you always were a slacker, and if that's the case, once you die again you will be returning to my office to deal with the mess you made" her focus turns to you "or I could end this little charade by killing your ticket to life"
Your heart stops at her words, she was a demon, Beetlejuice's grip tightens on you, the silence must have been hurting him as much as it did you.
"But I wont, itd be too much a hassle ending a life before it's time"
You sigh in relief, and beetlejuice loosens his grip.
"This will end poorly for the two of you, and I dont want to hear it" juno walks past the two of you, and with a gesture of her hand the livingroom wall opens up to reveal an office full of the dead.
"Lawrence before you join the living I need to deal with one last errand, so I will see you later, and you" Juno's boney finger points to you "you have no idea what you've signed up for" and with that she was gone, the wall closes up as if nothing happened, the two of you collapse on the floor
"Shes gone" you sigh, you've never been more scared in you entire life then you were talking to Juno
"So you like your future mother in law?" Beej jabs you side
"Oh yeah, a delight" you snort, "how long do you think we have before she notices we havent gotten married?" You tone shifts to a more serious note
"No clue, guess you'll actually need to marry me now" he pulls you into a side hug
"What?" You stammer, beetlejuice laughs at your response
"HA! Just pulling your chain there doll, theres no way in hell she's coming back to check, if I know that Bitch shes going to file away those papers for me, there's no way she'll let them just sit there for who knows how long, and this time next week she'll be harping about something else" beetlejuice stands up and pulls you up with him as he sees you struggling to move in that dress, as you raise to your feet you mumble a thanks.
"You know beej, you really do clean up good, I mean, you look very handsome all dressed up" you smile, now that that two of you were safe, you felt it was the right time to say it.
The purple in the ghoul's hair quickly vanishes at your kind words and is replaced with pink.
"Well you know doll, the tux suits me, but it looks even better on the floor, you'll see on our honeymoon~"
"Is that so?"
"Dont believe me? I'll show ya right now baby~" the ghoul pulls you close pressing his chest against yours, as fun as this little exchange was it came to a halt when you yawned.
"What a way to start a weekend, early and terrified, I think I'm gonna get a few more hours of sleep" you grumbled rubbing your eye "you mind helping me out of this dress?" Beetlejuice goes wide eyed at your question, in a flash his hands were groping for the zipper on your back.
"Naughty minx" he purrs before you swat his hands away
"I ment with magic" you breath out, you may be tired, but your genitals were now wide awake.
Beetlejuice grumbles as he snaps his fingers bringing you back into your pajamas and him in his suit.
"Thank you, I guess this wouldnt be good night, see you in a bit" you shrug as you head to your bedroom to get a few more hours of sleep, you glance back at beetlejuice, who was purple once again, you frown
"Beej do you want to sleep with me? I mean you dont need to sleep, I just thought maybe, you wouldnt want to be alone right now?" After seeing his mother maybe he could use some comfort.
There was a long silence as the demon only stares back at you, you panic
"I'm sorry, that was stupid, I'll just, uh, see you in-" you babble as you spin in your heels eager to get away from this embarrassing situation. Before you could hide away in your bedroom you feel the dicey grip if the demon's hand on your shoulder, and in a deep gravely voice he purrs
"Isn't it normal for a husband and wife to sleep together?~" 
you honestly felt a shiver run up your spine.
The ghoul, now only in a pair of boxers has now cuddled up to you  his legs intertwined with yours, his arms wrapped around your waist, hand rubbing up and down your back, and head nuzzled into your chest, the demon now pink, purred feeling your hands scratching his scalp, his mother was wrong, you did love him, truly and unconditionally, maybe not now, but soon, he will marry you.
It's been days since you met his mother, and it seems like beetlejuice has been back to stop caring about it, but sometimes you see him just staring off into space.
The ghoul had only one thing on his mind, replaying the memory over and over, of you shouting "I REALLY DO WANT TO MARRY HIM!"
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bakugohoex · a year ago
I’ve seen the Jean x reader in Marley, and it was really good, so can you do a levi x reader in marely as well pls🥺🥺🥺
“i always notice you, y/n”
Tumblr media
pairing: levi ackerman x female reader
cw: fluff, violence, kissing, language, season four spoilers
word count: 2700+
a/n: hopefully this shows up in the tags if it doesnt i dont know what imma do, but anyway hope you guys like it and enjoy this, this will be my last fic for this year, i hope you guys enjoy tonight and have a happy new year 
summary:  in which you and levi are undercover doing reconnaissance in marley, want turns to stalking different marleyans leads to feelings being brought out from the two of you
↞ back to attack on titan masterlist
Tumblr media
The sound of Marleyans seemed to flow out through the streets, you had all separated from each other on arrival to Marley. Eren having wandered off himself and his arrival to Marley having shocked you all, making you all come to Marley yourself. Even after all these years with the new group of adults they were still the babies you remembered meeting with Levi.
You had been in Levi’s squad from the beginning, being his second in command so whilst the rest of your squad got massacred by the female titan you had been with Levi and Erwin. Levi wouldn’t admit it, but he was glad you had come with him that day, he was glad you didn’t die on the countless scouting expeditions that occurred.
The bustling of propaganda engulphed you, hearing Levi come through a door of where you were staying for this visit. To the outside world you and Levi were just a happy couple starting afresh in Marley, but you and him both knew how a downfall was evidently going to occur.
He chucked the newspaper on the bed that you both had been sharing, you had both learnt how to sleep beside each other without touching each other, the way you wouldn’t face each other when you fell asleep. A silence arising at night, you loved the man, of course you did but he loved being a scout more and you, you were always going to be his second in command and nothing more.
“More bullshit.” You mutter straightening out the dress, it was floral and disgusting to wear, you had been too a custom to the cream trousers and brown jacket that a dress felt unnatural. He wore a black suit and white shirt, the dress shoes looking even more older in the many years he had had it. He had disregarded his mother’s ascot many years ago, but you missed the look of it on him.
“You know what they’re like.” He spoke expressionless watching you put the necklace around your neck. “You ready for this hell.”
You nodded, his dull grey eyes skimmed up and down your body, the way the dress hugged your frame and made you look youthful and content. But he knew the truth, knew that behind those eyes of yours there was murder and deceit.
He watches you walk up to him putting your hand out, he grabs it without hesitance as you both walk down onto the streets. Hanje had told you both about the midday market where announcements were heard, you knew that a war was occurring with how Eren had easily been motivated to infiltrate Marley without your knowledge. He opened the door before you, the smell of chamomile hit your nose, the wind making your hair sweep in front of your face.
He saw you trying to get rid of the hair from your face, he doesn’t speak grabbing your hair and the elastic to keep your hair in place. He easily ties it, stray pieces framing your face, it was a shock that led to the red to brush across your cheeks and nose. “At least now you can see.”
“And I thought you just wanted to touch my hair.” You mock out.
He looks at you which makes you turn to not face him, “Your hairs nice.”
“Umm… thank you.” You felt your face redden even more, his gaze moving up and down your body again, you quickly spoke to leave this situation, “let’s go.”
He nodded before taking your hand again, you both walked past the Marleyans, you didn’t have the Eldian arm band making you look like them. But you really weren’t, the way you acted, walked it was something new and different. “This is the place Hanje said to go.”
You nod, looking to the floor, people barging past, clearly common courtesy was dead in this place. You stand with a crowd, all their faces meshed as if it was just you and Levi watching the one man speak.
“My Marleyan brothers and sisters, today marks the day our hero Helos saved us from the devils of the Eldians.” He continued spewing out bullshit, people cheering and happily listening along. The grip of your hand tightened around Levi’s.
“Stay calm Y/n.” Your name fell from his mouth with comfort, it was sweet and your whole demeanour changed.
“Yes sir.” You say, turning back to the fresh out of the cadet corps.
You remember meeting Levi on your first day in the survey corps, your fresh face and innocent eyes made everybody believe you were weak. You had been shouted at by one of the cadets who had trained with you, he knew you weren’t weak but was trying to impress the captains around him.
He went to grab your shirt, but with ease you kicked his stomach. He jolted backwards ready to throw the first punch, the captains not daring to make a move to see what was about to happen. You smirk sadistically, he went in for the punch, but you easily dodged and grabbed his arm putting pressure on it. He fell to the ground below you before you kicked him in his face making him fall to the ground.
A man twice the size of you, a man who had gotten 2nd spot had gotten defeated by you. The girl who had beat them all, the girl who achieved 1st easily. “Whose she?” Levi asked to Erwin who had come outside.
“That’s our new recruits, and our number one spot Y/n Y/l/n.” Hanje had instantly come over asking if you were some sort of god. You made friends with her quickly, but Levi had kept an eye on you after that moment. He knew as soon as he saw you kill three titans on your own that you were going to be in his squad, you would be his second in command.
You had grown closer to Levi over the years, he trusted you as much as he trusted Hanje, maybe even more. You heard his life story, talked to him about your problems and issues, your life and most of all. You both knew what the priorities were, and it was to kill titans. But here you were the years of loving a man who didn’t even glance at you twice.
The man kept speaking and rambling, Levi had lost concentration on the man. He looked at your facial features, the way your eyebrows knitted every time devil was brought up. Or how your y/e/c eyes had murder rushing through the pupils, he saw the years that had taken a toll on you. But all he could see was the girl who had broken the nose of a man twice her size. He smiled before looking down just as you looked at him.
His hair covered his smile and soft eyes he had just had for you, even after all these years you had stuck by him. You had been there through it all, every decision you had been with him to make. As long as you were alive then he knew you’d both win against the Marleyans who were the true enemies of the Eldians.
Loud roars made you both get out of your thoughts of each other, the speech had ended and you both had left. The whole point having been to listen in but instead you both had ignored it all. “Do you remember what it was about?” You question.
“I was thinking about other stuff.” He doesn’t continue not elaborating on the other stuff, most likely of a plan that he and Hanje would have to think up.
He takes you down an alleyway, the opposite direction of where you were staying, “are we not going back?”
He was in front dragging you along by the hand, he looked back to you, something different in his grey eyes. His mouth was almost in a smile as he continued to drag you along, in those second she had looked back to see you he had seen warmth.
“I overheard one of them say that another event was occurring.” Of course it was about the mission, you didn’t speak just following along.
The alley led way and you were in an open area; you saw the streets filled with merchants and businessmen. Noticing a tower you see it to be a watch tower, it looked beautiful, maybe there was some pretty stuff in this hell hole. Levi watched your eyes skim through ever intricate detail of the building. Seeing people go up and down it he took a note of where it was and how easily it would be to get inside after dark.
The event was another propaganda event, people cheered at the hatred of the Eldians, even throwing bottles of alcohol at some Marleyan children who had come back from war. You looked at them, they had something to them, one stared directly in your eyes. You dismisses the blond boy and his group of friends, listening to the speeches.
Hanje had told you and Levi to go to as many of these events as you could, just to hear the hatred. It felt like a stab in the neck listening to the many speeches, but both you and Levi had gotten distracted by each other.
Your soft fingers had been entangled in his own for hours now, your thumb occasionally rubbing up and down his finger. He hadn’t felt this type of love in years and it was coming from you, the only woman who could handle and stick by him.
You both were at the final event ready to hear the countless indoctrination to what felt like the one hundredth time today. You felt a wandering hand touch your other arm, it instantly made you flinch, making Levi look at you. He noticed the Marleyan man behind you, his hand moving closer and closer to your body.
You were at the back luckily if you started something nobody would notice. “Come on sweetheart, let’s go get a drink.”
His voice filled you with disgust, you were ready to knock him unconscious before you heard Levi speak, “she’s with me.” It was with an unamused tone and he didn’t give the man a second glance.
“What’s a pretty woman like you doing with a shortcake like him? I’ll show you what its like to be with a real man.” You gave the same look Levi had given, you had to give it to the man, the nickname was funny. You looked at Levi, waiting for a sign for you to kill the man.
“Let’s move this somewhere else.” Is all Levi said, taking your hand, the man followed stupidly. He took you to the alleyway, looking at you with no emotion.
“You want to give me and your girl some alone time.” You looked at disgust at how he was about to reach for your arm, just as he skimmed his touch against your bare skin. Levi stood between the two of you. “Move it.”
Levi didn’t speak, staying in the spot in front of you, “I said fucking move boy.”
“Let me do it.” You whined out knowing Levi was going to punch him.
Levi ignored your childish moan to have some action and instead punched him square in the nose. He really was humanity’s strongest solider, with that one punch the man was down. “He’s not dead, is he?” You question kicking the corpse.
“Come on, don’t touch it.” He says grabbing your hand, you oblige, rubbing circles around the bruises knuckles. He watched you bring comfort through the pain; the man had had such rough face that it felt like punching a titan.
He didn’t need to have punched him; he could have left you to do what you wanted. But he had touched you, he had tried to make a move on what was his. You may have not known it, but nobody touches what he owns. Nobody touches what was his.
The night had fallen, the stars dancing through the blues and blacks of the sky. You looked up seeing the beauty of the stars whilst Levi looked at you noticing the beauty that you had. You were about to walk in the direction of the street your accommodation was, but Levi stood still.
“Close your eyes.” You looked at him in confusion. “Just do it, you damn brat.”
You laughed at the word before closing your eyes, you felt his hand move to your shoulder and elbow. Directing you past the people, you could hear mumbling, but you trusted the man to not lead you into a wall or the river for that matter.
He let go feeling like it was your cue to open your eyes, he quickly put his hand around your face. He could feel your eyelashes brush against his palms, “I didn’t say you could open them.”
“Sorry Levi.” You mutter, he loved hearing the way you said his name, it was enchanting and almost seductive. He let go of your face, you missed his touch, as you stood with the wind blowing through you. You undid your hair tie letting your hair cascade onto you whilst you waited.
You heard something being broken almost like someone kicked it. He takes your hand whilst you keep a tight grip on and start walking you with him. Your hand brushed against the cold brick, Levi keeping a hold of you making sure you didn’t fall.
The air hit you again, it moved through your hair, Levi admired how beautiful you looked up in the air, the dark sky up for you both to see. “Can I open my eyes now?” You give a soft chuckle.
“Yeah.” He speaks, your eyes adjust to light coming from the moon.
Joy, happiness every emotion of love was felt through you, you turned to look around the watch tower you had been looking at a mere hours ago. “You noticed.” It was a whisper hesitant that he might have just liked it himself.
He leant against the cobble and brick, his gaze flicking between your face specially your eyes and to where you were looking. “I always notice you, Y/n.”
Your heart panged, he started to walk towards you, your back against the brick, the sky in your eyeline. “It’s amazing.” You whisper.
“You always did love the sky.” He mutters it, enforcing the idea that he had always paid attention to you. He knew everything about you even if you didn’t blatantly tell him.
“I…” You didn’t know what to say, instead trailing off, he had gotten closer to you, he undid the first couple of buttons to feel the air that blown through your hair.
You looked up to the sky, not meeting his ever-growing gaze, “look at me.”
“Yes sir.” The sir seemed ever more sexual than usual and you looked him dead in the eyes, his gaze flicking to your lips and eyes.
“Since the first day I met you, I haven’t stopped thinking about you.” It was out of character for the emotionless captain, but your eyes had become soft at his confession.
He looks to meet your eyes directly, “I love you.”
It was the three words you needed to here to grab his hair, pulling him towards you. It was messy, lips smashing together, teeth to teeth, it was long awaited and needed. He grabbed your waist bringing you closer to his body, rubbing circles around your sides. A soft moan came from your mouth, it was heaven to his ears, you had imagined kissing Levi in every possible scenario. But this, this was something new and unexpected and here you were kissing the man who you had longed for.
The man who you had spent countless nights dreaming of the man who had saved you countless times. Who had held you in the air past the titans so you could leave the final blow.
His hair wrapped between your fingers, his tongue guiding your own. Soft moans and grunts coming from the tower, it was he start of something in a place that was filled with hell. But he had finally accepted that he didn’t just like you, he needed to protect you. Needed to make you know he loved you, make you know that after all these years the only person he had ever seen was you.
Tumblr media
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katsukikiss · a year ago
Tumblr media
WARNINGS: NSFW 18+, cheating(ish?), oral m receiving, soft dom jean, face f*cking, suggestive dancing (w/connie and eren), alcohol use, reader is wayyy too flirty with others lol
Jean is a super kind and forgiving boyfriend, but what happens when you push his limits?
AN: idk wtf this is I just know I love this man and I had to write for him at some point, let me know if I should make a part two 😵‍💫
WC: 2.5k
The air was warm despite the sun being long gone. The summer was nearly over and classes would be starting up again soon. Obviously someone needed to throw one last hurrah before that, and your boyfriend and his friends were going to do just that. Jean was such a kind lover, and was a bit possesive in the beginning but now he was nothing but a sweetheart and kept saying how he couldn’t wait to dance with you later that night. You had known his friends for years, hanging out with them since you guys were freshmen and always staying in their shared house they had together. But their eyes would linger on you for too long, something your and your boyfriend had always noticed, but a sloppy tongue kiss or an ass grab would usually solve the issue. He trusted you, and trusted his friends for the most part…
They placed you in charge of getting drinks for the party since you always complained about the beverages they would offer. You and Sasha went together to buy some beer, seltzer and liquor. It wouldn’t be a party if there wasn’t snacks, or at least that was Sasha’s motto. You drove to one more store to pick up chips and pretzels before bringing your friend home and heading back to your boyfriends place.
You made your way up to Jeans room to finish getting ready. He was busy downstairs fixing up the basement with new LED lights since the old ones short circuited at the last party. You were probably too comfortable in his shared house, most of your clothes were here too. You undressed out of the t-shirt and shorts you were running errands in and sat on a chair in your bra and underwear. Music blasting, half naked, sitting in front of your boyfriends mirror applying makeup, you had no care in the world. You couldn’t hear the belligerent knocking on the door so they entered.
“CONNIE! GET THE FUCK OUT!” you squealed at the man who had just entered, instinctively throwing your arms over your chest, leaving your legs and panties exposed.
“MAYBE TURN YOUR MUSIC DOWN AND I WOULDN’T HAVE BURSTED IN LIKE THIS” he yelled back at you, laughing at your flimsy attempt to cover yourself. You fumbled with the volume buttons on your phone before looking back at him.
“Can I help you?” you questioned, giving him the faintest tint of attitude.
“Nah, Jean asked me to grab some wire for the speakers, but I might stick around a little longer” he said with a sly smirk. Connie was never afraid to openly flirt with you, even in front of Jean, and it didn’t bother the two of you much, you knew it was all in good fun so sometimes you’d tease him back.
“Oh yeah?” you mused, removing your hands from your chest. “I dont think you’d last very long in here” His face turned bright red, as it always did when youd pretend to be interested in him. Before he could even answer Jean was barging into the room and instantly stood in between you two to cover your body from his friend.
“Find the wire?” Jean asked plainly. Connie nodded and swiftly made his way downstairs to finish setting up. Jean pressed a hand onto his door to close it before turning around to face you with a disapproving look.
“You know youre mine right? I dont need Connie doing something dumb later because you were teasing him” he growled at you. You looked up with innocent eyes and rutted your lower lip out. Your pouty face and adorable eyes made it hard for him to seriously be mad at you.
“Im sorry baby you know I was just messing around”
“Yeah yeah I know” he said, placing a soft kiss on your forehead, “hurry up though okay? People are gonna be here soon and I dont need more people seeing you like this”. You gave him a confirming nod and proceeded to finish applying your makeup, this time with the music playing a bit lower than before.
“To senior year!” Eren chanted and everyone repeated back “to senior year!” before you all downed shots of various liquors in the crammed kitchen. Jeans hand rested on your hip in a show of dominance. You were earning looks from his friends as well as some other senior guys you didn’t know. A tiny black dress was fitted to your figure, leaving very little to the imagination with the way it accentuated your curves.
“Y/N! Come dance with MEE” Sasha called out to you. You looked up at your boyfriend who nodded with a smile. He removed his hands from your body and watched you skip away to follow your friend down into the basement. He watched as a few others proceeded to make their way downstairs as well, as if they were following you.
The temperature of the basement was at least 5x hotter than the rest of the house because of all the bodies crammed into it. You were pretty drunk already, which is why the heat didn’t bother you or anyone else that much. Sasha pulled you through a sea of people to the back wall of the basement. The led lights outlined the ceiling with a purple glow that made it hard to see. You leaned onto the concrete for support because your head was spinning a bit after being bumped and pushed around while music was blaring. Your eyes attempted to refocus as you looked around for your friend.
“Stay here!!!! I will be right BACK okay?” she slurred. You lazily nodded as you watched the girl who brought you to this cave of a basement leave you alone. You scanned the dimly lit room for someone you knew, stumbling through the hoard. Two hands snaked their way onto your hips without you even noticing until your ass was aggressively pulled up against someones crotch. They forcibly swayed your hips in line with their own to the rhythm of the music. Your body stopped resisting and started to move on its own, the strangers hands no longer guiding you but rather holding on for the ride.
“Your ass feels so fuckin nice y/n” a familiar voice gruffed in your ear. You recognized it as Eren; Your body halted for a moment as you thought of your boyfriend, but he wouldn’t be mad at you right? It was all harmless fun, he was the only one that got to really have you at the end of the day. The alcohol in your system drowned out those thoughts as you bent over and shook your ass against him, his hips rutting forward to feel every little movement you were making while his hands dug into you. You heard him whisper ‘fuck’ a few times when you would throw your ass back into his groin.
When you snapped back up you felt a new pair of hands on you. The man behind you now had more rhythm in his actions, grinding his hips against you to the beat of the pop song that you could barely hear anymore. You turned your head slightly to see Connie, his eyes fixated on your gyrating curves while the rest of the men were watching. You laughed internally, faintly recalling what happened between you two earlier.
“I was waiting for my turn sexy” he whispered in your ear, his hot drunk breath making your neck feel sticky. You wrapped your arm back and hooked it around his neck while slithering up and down his body. Your vision was blurry and your head was all over the place. You could feel his bulge growing with every twist and turn you made. His hands made their way up your sides to the front of your body and onto your breasts, squeezing entirely too hard. You pulled yourself off of him instantly upon feeling his intrusive hands on your chest, it was as if the feeling snapped you out of the drunken haze you were in. You turned around to scowl at him, backing up a foot or two before you bumped into someones chest. Connies eyes left yours and looked up to the person behind you with a shred of fear. Turning to look up, you found relief in knowing it was your boyfriend. Your arms wrapped around Jean and pulled him in tightly. One hand of his rested on the top of your head but he never stopped looking at his group of friends.
“Had fun?” he growled at them. Eren walked away, annoyed that their fun was ruined. Connie hesitantly backed up before attempting to apologize over the noise. He left and made his way upstairs, fearing that if he stayed any longer Jean would really hurt him.
“What was that about?” he snapped at you. While he didn’t care if they tried to flirt with you, actually putting their hands on you was too far for him. You backed off of his chest before speaking.
“I didn’t think you’d be mad baby I’m sorryyyy, but don’t you wanna dance with mee?” you slurred. He didn’t have his usual soft expression this time and your adorable looks didn’t have any effect on him anymore.
“Not anymore, you’re coming with me” he demanded. His low tone made you weak, you knew what was coming next when he spoke to you like that. He latched onto your wrist and pulled you up the stairs, through the kitchen, pass Eren who gave you a wicked smile and wink, as if knowing exactly what was about to happen. You made your way up to his room, he scooped you up into his arms and threw you onto the bed and stood at the foot.
“I said I was sorry” you pleaded, desperation in your voice and eyes. He liked when you would beg for mercy like this, you wanted what was coming next but pretending like you didn’t was so much more fun.
“Oh I know baby, but sorry isn’t gonna cut it tonight” he hummed. He pulled his t-shirt over his head and began crawling on top of you like a lion about to devour its prey. You felt so small underneath him and his presence. You could feel the heat from his breath on your neck as he leaned closer, and he could feel the heat between your legs as you pushed your hips forward. You were waiting to feel his mouth on your neck but he pulled away and got up from the bed, your face was visibly upset.
“You know I like to make you feel good sweetheart, but I don’t think you deserve that tonight, not after what you’ve done” he said, unbuckling the belt encasing his hips. He slipped it off and let his pants fall to the floor and signaled with a finger for you to come closer. You crawled across the bed and tugged at his boxers he still had on. He lowered them a bit and allowed his long thick cock to spring out onto your lips.
You gathered saliva and spit onto him, massaging it around with your hands. You kissed the tip a few times, giving it sweet little licks before wrapping your lips around and taking him in, your behind in the air while you descended onto his cock. His hands massaged at your legs as your head bobbed in an attempt to please your man and receive his forgiveness. He pulled you off his cock by your hair and flipped you over so your back was against the bed and your head was hanging off the side. He bent down to your ear and spoke.
“I think I deserve to fuck this pretty mouth of yours, especially since you were being such a slut tonight” he whispered. You nodded, a mix of concern and kexcitement on your face; he NEVER called you names like that before, but something about it was making you feel hot; you didn’t want it to end. He stood back up, your mouth hanging open waiting for him to use. Slowly, he pushed himself in, watching you struggle and gag from the sheer depths he was reaching in that position. He wrapped two hands around your neck and began to thrust ferociously, causing several tears to fall down your cheeks. His cock was pounding into your throat that could barely accommodate.
“Your my fuckin slut, you got that?” he growled at you, his voice shaky. You tried to reply but only gurgles came out. You loved this new side of Jean you were seeing, and wondered what else you could do to get him to treat you like this again. He could feel himself in that little throat of yours against his hands, and with every thrust he could see the bulge he was creating and it drove him wild. A sweet mixture of your gagging and his mumbles and groans filled the small room. His resolve was gone as his cock began to twitch, spewing his warm white seed down your throat. He had never came in your mouth before so you were surprised when he did, you felt so full with his cock and stuffed down your throat. He dragged himself out, a string of your saliva and his seed connecting you two to eachother before snapping apart.
“Open up sweetheart, I wanna see it” he said, looking at you upside down. You opened and allowed your tongue to hang out, exposing all of the sticky white fluid coating your mouth. He admired it all for a minute before he teasingly squeezed your cheeks together and stood up.
“You can swallow now” You gulped it down and coughed a bit, your throat sore from the abuse it just endured. Jean walked over to the bathroom and filled a glass with water and grabbed you a t-shirt. He sat down on the bed beside you, you stripped yourself of the little black dress you had on and slipped into the t-shirt.
“C’mere” he pulled you by the waist into his lap, “you know I love you right? I’m sorry if I was too rough” You nodded no, and nuzzled your face into his chest, his fingers drawing little circles on your back.
“I love you too Jean” you cooed. He was always so forgiving with you, never staying mad for too long, never going too far.
“How about we make a little more noise hm? Let my boys know who you really belong to” he suggested, a primal look in his eyes. Your legs quivered at the thought of Jean making you scream, and all of his friends getting hard just listening.
“Do it, make me scream” you whispered. In one swift motion he flipped you over onto your back and grabbed your face by the jaw, towering over you again like his prey.
“Im gonna make you regret that”
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krabmeat · a year ago
hhhhhellllooooo aaaagggaiiinnnnnn, thheeeeee ffffficcccc wwwwasssss vvverrryy nnnicceeee tooo rrrreeeeaaadddd!! ccccccoooouulllddddd youuuuu wwwwrrrrittteeeeee aaaaa puffffyyyyy x sbbbiiii rrreeeadddeerrrr whhheeeerrrreeeee ttthhheeeeyyyy wwwweeerrreee neeeegggleeeccccttteeeddd annndddd ssssaaaawwww pppufffy aaassss thhheeeirrrr ppppaaarrrrennnttttalll fffiggurrreee iiinnsstttteeeeadddd (cccaaannn thhiisss beeee iinnn tttheeee uuunnniiveerrrsseeee whhherrreee puffffy, ddrreeeammm, ssschlllaattt annnddd tuubbbooo aaarrreee knnoowwnn aassss tttthheeee hooornnns ffffammmilllyyyyy? aaallsssooo!! alllssoooo!!! cccaaann ttheeee rrreeeaddderrrr bbbeeee aaa cccrooowwwww hhhyyybbbriiiiddddddd?) tthhisss isss kkkinnddaaaa lllikeeee aaaa emmmeeerrrggeeencccyyy rrreeequeeessstt ccausseee myyyy ffffammilyyyy haasss beeen iggnorrringgg meee foooorrr aaaawhileeee nooowwww :(( - beeeee aaannnoooonnnn
𝚑𝚘𝚛𝚗𝚜 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚠𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚜
𝙿𝚞𝚏𝚏𝚢 𝚡 𝚗𝚎𝚐𝚕𝚎𝚌𝚝𝚎𝚍!𝚋𝚒𝚛𝚍!𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛 (𝚙𝚕𝚊𝚝𝚘𝚗𝚒𝚌)
𝚌𝚑𝚊𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚜: Puffy, (next bunch are only mentioned) Tommy, Wilbur, Technoblade, Philza, Tubbo, Schlatt, Dream
𝚖𝚊𝚒𝚗 𝚌𝚑𝚊𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚝𝚎𝚛 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚗𝚘𝚞𝚗𝚜: they/them
𝚝𝚛𝚒𝚐𝚐𝚎𝚛 𝚠𝚊𝚛𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚜: neglect, mentions of death, mentions of smoking, repetitive words (right after the page break)
𝚊𝚞𝚝𝚑𝚘𝚛𝚜 𝚗𝚘𝚝𝚎:
Bee!! im so happy you enjoyed the other request bud!! i hope this one lives up to your expectations!
im so sorry your family has been ignoring you though, dude :[[ they dont deserve you, and trust me! id be more than happy to be your new "horn family" because you deserve so much better
mmmm anyways,
My name is signed in this book so many different times. It feels like every floorboard and every room in this building knows me like we’re old friends. The same format over and over in the small sign up booklet:
“Y/n L/n- issues to discuss, I’ve been feeling neglected and need help. Please.
Y/n L/n- more problems from the first meeting discussion we had.
Y/n L/n- I feel lonely. Too lonely.
Y/n L/n- they keep on forgetting me, I don’t know what to do.
Y/n L/n- more has happened. Are they forgetting me or ignoring me? Help.
Y/n L/n- they’re drifting away, I don’t know what to do.
Y/n L/n- I miss them.
Y/n L/n- I miss them.
Y/n L/n- I miss them.
Y/n L/n- I miss them.
Y/n L/n- I miss you. 
Y/n L/n- I miss you. 
Y/n L/n- I miss you. 
Y/n L/n- I miss you. 
Y/n L/n- I miss you.”
Puffy is the only one I can turn to at this point. My real family has just...dispersed. They’re all too busy, or y'know- dead. Tommy’s been going off on his own with his hotel. He usually only visits me if he needs to “borrow” money or materials, but lately he’s just been stealing it. Techno and Philza are caught up in their Syndicate work, they haven’t even bothered keeping contact with me. And Wilbur is just...well, dead! He was killed during the Manburg explosion. It’s not even that they just forget me. They ignore me, neglect me. I’ve tried on so many different occasions to just send them messages through our comms or strike up conversation with them if I see them on a rare occasion, but it’s always just the cold shoulder. And it’s getting even colder. It’s numbing. Family is supposed to be there for you through your strife, so where is mine?
Well, I’ll tell you. My family at the moment mainly consists of Puffy and occasionally Tubbo. The horn family of the SMP, technically Schlatt and Dream as well but seeing as Schlatt is dead and Dream is in prison I don’t really see them often. 
“Y/n? Hey there bud!” 
A familiar warm and friendly voice is heard from behind me. I turned around to see the lady I wanted to see right about now, Puffy. She wraps me in a quick side hug, squeezing my shoulder affectionately. 
“I was just here to check my sign up booklet! Did you wanna check in again?”
I nod my head at her signaling that I just wanna chat like usual. She gets the sign and walks me to the small tree we’ve recently been going to to talk. It’s the tree that Schlatt smoked his cigarettes at when he was president. Sure, he’s dead and did a lot of bad things but Puffy suggested this place since she finds it comforting since they’re related. 
We sit down on the worn grass around the tree as we usually do. 
“So, what’s up? Anything in particular you wanna talk about, bud?”
Puffy usually starts off these conversations, she’s looking at me with a soft smile. It’s very comforting. She’s the only one who’s been giving me this kind of affection. I haven’t felt it in so long… 
“Y/n…? Your wings are scrunching up, what’s wrong?”
I look back confused as to what she’s talking about. My wings are in fact scrunching together against my back, it seems like they’ve been scrunching up more and more the more I was in my head about my family.
“I just…my family..did I do something wrong?”
Puffy tilts her head, she usually does this when she wants me to elaborate.
“I’ve tried so many different times to just talk to them! Even when we were younger, they rarely paid any attention to me. I had hoped that letting Tommy take my things or giving Philza and Techno their space to work on their stuff or helping Wil-“
“Y/n! Y/n, please slow down. Now, collect your thoughts, alright? What is it that you're trying to say?”
I take a deep breath. The memories and thoughts clouding my mind. The days I’d spend in our family’s house touch starved and lonely. The days they’d only talk to me to feed me or to ask me for something. The days I’d go to sleep in my twin-sized bed and feel the black and gold-tipped wings on my back rubbing against my arms, reminding me who I was and will always be bound to. A father who doesn’t care, and siblings full of neglect.
“Is it really a big request to just want some attention from them? I don’t know what I did, and Puffy, it destroys me to think I did something to hurt them. I just want them to like me! What did I do?!”
I’m sent over the edge at this point. Tears are streaming down my face and my sobs get more and more aggressive the more I try to repress it.
Puffy takes one of my hands in hers and gives me a small handkerchief from her pocket with her free hand.
“Y/n...it kills me to hear that you truly feel this way. But please, please tell me- why do you care so much about people who don’t care at all?”
I sit and stare at the velvet red piece of fabric in my hand. Why do I care so much?
“W-well..because they’re my family! And I should still care for them!”
She looks at me and wraps her arms around me in a tight hug. It takes me by surprise and I’m frozen in place.
“Bad people are bad people. It doesn’t matter who they are or what their relations with you are, they hurt you. It doesn’t matter if they’re your blood family, if they aren’t willing to give you the love that you need then they aren’t worth it, Y/n.”
I’ve been caught off guard by what Puffy had said. My mind analyzes and sifts through the memory of her words. It leaves me distraught to realize she makes sense. I’m desperate to grab onto something to say, but I can’t think of anything. So, I say basically the last thing I can. 
“I wanna be part of your family, Puffy. I want horns, not these wings.”
Puffy breaks from the hug to look at me straight in the eyes. She still has that warm, welcoming smile on her face. The only form of comfort I have around here now. And I’m thankful for it.
“You don’t need horns to be part of my family, Y/n. I’ll accept you with open arms.”
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kisslettrs · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
haikyuu characters talking after a fight with their s/o
featuring: lev, kuroo, suna
warnings: none i don’t think? relationship fights ig. oh and angsty with some gushy shit at the end for each of them 💞
Tumblr media
you and lev rarely get into fights. only small complains about his behavior and him whining, or friendly petty arguments. but last night was different... I guess you could say.
lev was always pretty immature and playful yeah, but sometimes it felt like he never took anything seriously. it felt as though he never took him and your relationship seriously. especially now, when you decided to confront him about it.
“why are you laughing...?” you asked, staring at him
“i-i’m sorry, y/n honey, i just...!” he said, covering his mouth as a half assed attempt to keep in his laughter.
“lev, i know it’s just in your nature to act like this but I’m being genuine. i’m not joking, please. you’re doing it again! please just listen—!”
you were cut off again by the sounds of your significant other’s laughter, causing all your frustration to let loose.
“lev haiba!”
he immediately stopped, before looking at you in the eyes, his thin pupils meeting yours.
“i’m sorry. but lev, please can you just take me seriously for once?! i love you, but you need to understand that you can’t just—!” you frailed your hand around, motioning towards him, you, whatever this scene was. “—you can’t just do this all the time I—!”
before you could finish, your mind had been too pent up with frustration. “nevermind...” you grabbed your bag, before rushing out the door, not giving him the chance to talk.
fast forward next day, and you checked your phone.
[32 new messages from favorite dork 💝]
you sigh heavily, before letting the cold feeling of guilt claw at the back of your head. you hadn’t mean to make lev worry, you just needed your time alone. although if you did have to be honest with yourself, leaving without a ‘i love you,’ or hell even just a ‘bye’ was cruel.
as you opened your messages, you were bombarded with messages of pleas and apologizes that were sent at 9:21 PM last night, moments after you left his house. the guilt swallowed your stomach again, your hands slowly typing; “it’s ok hun. really. I love you too.” and pressing send.
you threw your phone onto your bed, before deciding to get ready. you and lev never really saw each other much since you two were in different grades, he was a first year, you were a second. you both had to wait after school, or well... maybe moments after. your phone buzzed a few times, but you decided to ignore it. it was too early.
schools over, and you’re walking home. you were gonna talk to lev today, just not now. you didn’t wanna interrupt his volleyball training just for some stupid relationship issue. as soon as you reach home however, you see a familiar tall figure fidgeting on his phone.
“...lev?” you called out, causing the silver haired boy to whip his head around, his eyes lighting up. “Y/N!”
he quickly shoved his phone inside his pocket, before running up to you and embracing you in a warm hug, shaking you a little. “y/n! y/n! i’m sorry for being stupid last night, I’m sorry, i’m so sorry.” he was squeezing you tight, and god did it hurt hearing his voice break like that.
“lev, sweetie, i told you it’s okay, really.” you spoke, caressing his back. he seemed to stay still for a moment, before speaking once again. “is this okay? me holding you like this, is this okay or do you... need space?”
you smiled softly. it made you happy lev wanted to make sure he wasn’t overstepping any of your boundaries. you felt your other arm hold him. “yeah, this is okay.” you swore you could feel him smile out of relief.
“i’m... i’m sorry again y/n honey, it’s just hard for me, i don’t...” he paused. “it’s just...difficult for me to handle situations like that.” you nuzzled into his shoulder. “it’s okay, you dork. i understand.” you reassured him again.
“but—!” he pushed back, meeting your eyes. “i’m gonna try...i’m gonna try harder. i’m gonna try to be better, for you y/n! i love you so much... i’ll do my best.” god, this dork. no wonder you loved him so much. you cupped his cheeks. “i’ll do better too lev, i won’t be as mean again. i promise, i love you too, so much.”
and with that, both of your faces met, and the two of you kissed lightly.
Tumblr media
you and kuroo get into small arguments here and there like every other couple, and whenever you do you two usually recover quickly. you both like to call them ‘squicks.’
however, that night there was no denying that wasn’t any other normal squick you two had. no, that was a fight.
kuroo and you haven’t had a moment alone that wasn’t just you and him walking back home, and it’s been making you upset. so uh, that night you decided to confront him about it.
yeah it didn’t go well uhh
“i know we’re like, a couple y/n. but honey you have to understand i’m busy. you have friends don’t you? go hang out with them or something.”
“yeah, i know kuroo, and trust me i’m happy for you! but you’ve been so distant, we haven’t had a moment alone that lasted more than 5 minutes for like, 2 months! it wasn’t a big deal then, but i miss you and i’m worried.”
you paused, before continuing. “don’t you wanna spend some time with me? just, for like 30 minutes? don’t you miss me?”
“i do, y/n. i miss you and i love you. but like i said i’m busy with volleyball, you aren’t my top priority right now.”
“it’s been 2 months kuroo!” you shouted, causing him to widen his eyes. “don’t you understand? i’m not asking for your top attention, I’m asking for you to give me 25% of it at least!”
it was quiet for a moment. “sorry.” was all he said, before turning around his eyes focused on the volleyball between his feet.
you felt hurt and frustrated. “you know what? fine.” he immediately went back to look at you, seeing you grab your bag. “see you whenever you feel like to acknowledge my existence, I guess. bye.”
as soon as you touched the doorknob, you could hear him get up and say the words ‘wait, baby wait—‘ but you had enough. you needed to air out your head of the tension and frustration of the house and you left. you felt tears peak at the corner of your eyes as soon as you did.
next day, and you’ve been feeling shittier than usual. as soon as you woke up, you turned to make you lay on your back, staring at your ceiling and thinking; “was i too harsh? am i being too selfish? too clingy?”
you loved what your boyfriend did and you were perfectly fine with him having his time to himself. you knew you weren’t his top priority and he wasn’t yours. but 2 months with little to no communication felt too long. was it wrong to want to spend at least 30 minutes with your boyfriend? was that too much to ask for?
the anxiety raced to your head again. what if you were being too clingy. maybe kuroo had the right to be upset too. you were being too selfish, stop thinking of yourself so often. you curled up into your side. you didn’t want to think about it, and you didn’t want to see him in the halls either. you didn’t even wanna check your phone to see if you messaged you.
you decided to skip, staying home, watching TV and playing some games. you couldn’t mentally handle seeing him. at least not for right now.
some time passes by, and your phone is buzzing. you checked the time from the small clock on your wall, seeing the handles pointing towards 4:30 PM. oh wow, after school clubs should be over too.
you grabbed your phone to see who it’s by, knowing deep down it was who you thought it was.
[23 new messages by Hubby 😾💗]
[Kyanma: uhh hey y/n? did something...]
[2 missed calls by Hubby 😾💗]
choosing to ignore kuroo for now, you swiped at Kenma’s notification and read the full message.
[Kyanma: uhh hey y/n? did something happen with kuroo that youre aware of??? he seemed so much more down than usual during practice.
you: no. we rarely talk anymore because of practice lol I guess.
Kyanma: ???
Kyanma: Did something happen between YOU two?
you: we had a fight. im not really in the mood to talk to him. I skipped school. itll be back to normal in a few more days, sorry for the inconvenience snchsychsj
Kyanma: you two should resolve that. like seriously. hope u two feel better tho, bye✌️
you: we will hopefully lol bye kenma !!]
sighing, you placed your phone down on the small coffee table infront of you, but as soon did, you heard a knock coming from your front door. humming in response, you got up and made your way towards the front door, but decided to look through the peephole to make sure it wasn’t some scammer person or creep.
well, it was neither of those two but it was in fact no one else other than kuroo tetsuro. you sighed heavily again, before unlocking the door and turning the knob opening up to your boyfriend.
“hey y/n.”
“hi kuroo.”
you folded your arms, deciding to put up a strong facade, pretending you weren’t mentally screaming and that anxiety wasn’t clawing at your back. “did you forget something or...?”
kuroo brought his hand to the back of neck, awkwardly scratching it. “yeah uh...” he looked around, not wanting to make eye contact. “um. listen y/n.” he made his way to grab your hands, holding them together. “i’m sorry. i really am.”
“please don’t touch me. not right now at least...” even though you seemed so desperate for his touch the other night, you really did need your space. kuroo seemed alarmed at first, quickly swiping his hands back, wanting to respect your space. “of course baby! i’m sorry for acting too soon.”
you watched him scramble around a bit, finding it a bit cute. “can I come inside?” he asked. you nodded, and both of you went inside and sat to your coach.
“like I said y/n. i know ive been distant, and ive missed you so much. god, do I miss you. i wanna hug you and cuddle you so bad but volleyball and the nationals have been bugging me i couldn’t have find the proper time. i’m just scared... and I...”
“kuroo.” you said. his head snatched upwards, looking at you. you were gonna say something as soon as he did but the look he gave you caught you off guard. he looked like a cat pleading.
as soon as you pushed away the thoughts of him being stupidly adorable, you continued your sentence. “I understand, and i’m sorry for being too clingy. i just miss you a lot. i’m willing to wait for you, baby.” as soon as you said that, you saw his eyes pierce through your soul. fuck did I say something wrong.
before you could say anything else, it was kuroo’s turn to speak. “no baby. it’s alright, you aren’t the one at fault here it was me. i’m sorry for not listening to you that night. i’m gonna be a better boyfriend, i’m gonna be the boyfriend you deserve through and through.”
fucking idiot, i’m the one who was supposed to say sorry, not you! You didn’t say anything for a moment, before laughing lightly. “babe? i love you but i have to be the one who takes at least, 50% of the fault. it’s okay, i love you and i forgive you. and i’m happy for what you’re doing and how far you’ve come.” you placed your hand on his. “you can touch me now.”
his eyes immediately lit up, his lips curving into a smile and you swore you could see tears start forming in his eyes before he launched himself onto you. “my god y/n, how did i get so lucky. i love you so much, i love you so much.” he hugged you tight. you laughed. “i love you too kuroo. so much, i love you so much. i’m the lucky one.”
he pulled away and brought you to a kiss. before you could respond, he asked, “are you free saturday?”
Tumblr media
while suna and you disagreed on a lot of things from time to time, you two usually both came to a mutual agreement and it wasn’t anything big.
but lately he seemed even more off than usual. communication was such a huge thing between both of you, but he seemed to just not be...cooperating?
suna is someone who doesn’t like expressing his emotions. and as his significant other, you felt like understanding him was a priority. but you just didn’t sometimes and it made you worry. him being distant did not help.
one day when you decided to bring it up, the situation got a bit... out of hand
“what?” he asked.
you shrugged your shoulders. “i don’t know. suna i care for you, and you just never helping me understand makes me extremely upset! i know it’s hard for you, but...”
you could feel him roll his eyes. “i don’t know what you’re going on about y/n,” he looked at you. “but really, i’m fine. do you not trust me to talk to you or something?”
“no..!” you denied. “listen. youve been getting more and more tired each day and i could tell. you’ve been ghosting me too.”
“...what?” he basically hissed it. “i’m not an asshole y/n. nothing is wrong. why do you keep trying to butt your head into my life every second?” his voice began to raise.
this was rare. even when he did raise his voice at you, it was never filled with negative intent but this time...
“i can take care of myself, y/n. i don’t need you and your noisy nose in my business all the time. sorry if you feel like you’re on baby sitting duty, but you really don’t need to be so clingy and emotional all the time...”
well damn. his words hurt. a lot.
“sorry for caring for you then, damn...” you grumble under your breath. you quickly grabbed your house keys and bags. he perked his head up. “y/n? where are you going?”
you didn’t reply. “y/n!” you rolled your eyes, trying to ignore the pain in your chest and stomach, before opening the door and leaving.
as soon as you woke up, your head hurt more than usual. those words must’ve hit you deeper than they should’ve, huh?
maybe i was just being too clingy, you thought, and those thoughts hadn’t left your mind the whole morning. whatever, you’ll just apologize after school.
you haven’t seen suna at all that day, not on the walk to school, not in the halls, not in his classroom. he was... nowhere. when you went to the volleyball club after school, asking if any of the members had seen him all of them replied with a simple ‘no.’
kita specically had been giving you long glances ever since you arrived. once you finally reached him, instead of denying seeing your boyfriend, he told you, “he wasn’t in school at all i assume. maybe he’s at home.”
home? why would he be home? maybe he was feeling sick...
you bowed and thanked him and the rest of the teammates before leaving. on your way home, you decided to stop by a connivence store and buy him his favorite snack, chuupet. or well, just jelly fruit snacks. you bought 2 packs for you and him, hoping it was a good time to apologize.
you walked up to his house, knocked lightly on the door and was greeted by his mother. “ah~ greetings y/n!” you smiled lightly and gave her a wave. “good afternoon! say, is rintaro home?” you asked. she nodded, moving to the side as a way to invite you in the house. “he should be in his room!”
“thank you!” you bowed quickly before making your way up the stairs. as soon as you passed by his sisters room, there you were infront of his. with your free hand, you lightly held a fist and began knocking on his door.
“suna? rintaro?” you called out. you would call him by a sweet pet name but remembering last night, you didn’t wanna break any boundaries. the room was quiet, and though you really didn’t wanna disturb him, you wanted to make sure he was okay. as soon as you did, however, you were greeted by a sight that broke your heart.
suna rintaro, the boy you loved so much, had his hair messier than usual, his eyes seemed red from crying and he was up against his bed frame, his phone in his hand. when he looked up, he saw you, his eyes widening.
“...y-y/n?” you stood there frozen. “rintaro...honey my god,” you quickly went up to him. “what happened?” you looked at him, his gaze looking down. you wanted to hug him so bad, but yet again, that argument you had last night prevented you from anything.
“hey. listen, sweetie. i got your favorite.” you held up the 2 bags of jelly fruit gummies. “it’s gonna be okay, okay? i’m here.” he was just looking at you, not saying anything, before muttering something under his breath.
“huh? what was that? i didn’t hear you hon, what’s up?” you asked, making sure to keep your distance. suna choked back a sob, before launching himself onto you, almost knocking you into the ground. “w-woah there!”
“y/n... i’m sorry i’m so sorry. i’ve been so frustrated with school... exams... volleyball and i’ve missed you so much but i was so tired that night! i lashed out on you but i didn’t mean any of it. i promise, i promise, don’t leave me please.” he sobbed quietly, his head resting against your forehead. when you looked up, you could see him squeezing his eyes shut.
wow, this was even more rare.
you brought your arms to his neck, embracing him. “it’s okay rintaro. shh, it’s gonna be okay. i love you and i’m sorry for being upset, i just worry about you.” you rubbed his back lightly as he continued sobbing, allowing you to give him a few kisses on the cheek, neck and forehead. “you’re safe, you’re gonna be okay honey. i love you so much.” you repeated.
suna never showed his emotions much, but he seemed to have a lot of pent up anger, sadness and confusion up in him, and he let it out for an hour infront of you, there to comfort him.
as soon as he stopped, you and him were snuggling on his bed watching whatever was on his TV, eating the fruit snacks. he leaned onto your head. “i love you...please, don’t leave me. i’m sorry.”
you bumped your head back onto him. “stop apologizing. i keep telling you it’s okay.” you giggled lightly. “please sweetie, talk to me so this doesn’t happen again.” he only nodded silently, before drifting to sleep in your embrace.
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mandana-the-service-pup · 11 months ago
Tips for chew toy safety:
Feel free to add your own experiences & advice
1. Don’t be stingy with toys. Expect to spend a minimum of about $14 USD per toy. A lower price often does mean lower quality. Just remember, its cheaper to replace toys every month than a single vet bill from ingested materials. ($1000-$5000 for emergency vet is common for ingested toy issues and you could have bought 50-100 $20 toys for that price)
2. Just because they haven’t done something before doesn’t mean they won’t. Often times changes in schedule or stress levels will cause a change in behavior. Last thing you need if you are having an acute illness or injury is to have your pup decide that is the day they are going to eat a toy, bedding, etc. INCREASE SUPERVISION AND LIMITATIONS DURING TIMES YOU ARE STRUGGLING!!! (And don’t trust other people to be as perceptive & concerned as you. It’s nice to have people help with your pup, but you still need to increase limitations to prevent unfortunate accidents)
3. Toy Hazards:
>> stuffing is difficult to pass because the GI tract has difficulty pushing against it
>> foam expands and can cause blockages
>> strings & fabric can get caught & tangled inside which pulls the GI tract inside out (NOT GOOD!) Thin strings can also wrap around teeth or tongue and cause necrosis
>> hard materials can break teeth or the shards can cut up insides
>> thin hard toys can impale when carried & played with
>> balls and similar shaped objects can be swallowed & choked on
>> things with holes/tunnel shapes can get stuck on teeth and/or jaws and need to be cut off
4. Toys should be supervised at all times for safety and for maintaining the value of toy play & engagement. Cycle through them to keep from getting bored. Allow the pup to choose between two toys for play sessions to satisfy desire for freedom/choices. When not in use, keep toys away in a safe place (be careful of where you store them because some dogs will be tempted to climb furniture or shelves to get to them which is dangerous)
5. I keep chew toys in a box next to my bed. She has full access to them at all times (and has really started to enjoy being able to go “shopping” for which chew she wants 😂). If I notice a chew toy being problematic I throw it away and buy something else. Which toys work for you depends on your dogs chew style. We like the pet qwerks brand. Playology is also good but expensive. The bark box have a tendency to be too soft for us. IMO, Gorilla Chew is the only wood I think is safe enough because it gets soft instead of splintering.
6. Modern chew toys are often designed to “shed” safely a little at a time. Even so, watch out for splintering, sharp pieces, larger chunks, no give and/or weird shapes which teeth slip off (both of which can lead to breaking teeth). If you notice any of those signs, throw it away. Even if it’s a good chew, throw away if it gets too small for them to “hold” or starts to look like it could impale them if they were running with it.
7. Teach your dog that when they bite off chunks they can exchange them for treats. This is my opinion, some may say it encourages them to destroy toys but I would rather them bring chunks to me for a treat instead of feeling like they “won” the chew toy by breaking it and can now swallow the chunks as their reward.
8. Safer Alternatives:
Dog bed ➡️ pile of blankets (fleece doesn’t fray like other materials)
Plush toys & rope toys ➡️ braided fleece tugs
Sticks ➡️ teak wood? (Gorilla Chew is brand name)
Antlers ➡️ yak chews (some brands are poorly stored & can cause sharp splinters. We use Himalayan Pet Supplies brand. I spoke to them personally about the issue and they said they recently made packaging changes to prevent this and I haven’t had any issues with the XL size since then. You can also microwave smaller pieces to prevent choking hazard just be sure the inside has cooled off completely)
Tennis balls ➡️ durable rubber balls with holes in them to prevent airway blockages (tennis balls can also collect sand/dirt and sand down teeth over time)
Hard Synthetic Chew Bones ➡️ I’ve had success with Playology and Pet Quirks (which does shave down but doesn’t crack into sharp pieces as much as some other brands)
9. DONT FORGET YOU CAN WASH DIRTY TOYS! (squeakers can hold water & get moldy so toys with squeakers usually have to be hand washed instead of submerged)
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bby-bo · a year ago
“Cocky Facetime Calls”
Atsumu is sorta smooth in this.  Does that make him out of character? guys im jk tsumu stans dont come for me pls p.s. I recommend Trip by Ella Mai or Stretch You Out by Summer Walker when reading this
Pairing: Atsumu x Reader
Warnings: sexual topics, primarily female/male sex discussed
Summary: Atsumu finds out that your past sexual history has been less than desireable, and he lets you know that he’s willing to break that losing streak for you.
Tumblr media
“Wait- what did ya just say?”
A long sigh leaves your lips as you throw an exasperated look at Atsumu from across your phone screen.  
“I said-”
“Ya’ve never cum with any other guy ya hooked up with? Like ever?!!”
“Yeah. Like ever. Listen, I didn’t tell you this so you can just make fun of me alright?  I know it’s bad.  Trust me, I am more than aware” A dead look takes over your features as thought you’ve already given up, while Atsumu’s incredulous smile only grows.  
He sits back and just takes a minute to look at you, that cocky smile still across his face.  Even through the facetime call, you could feel the heat of that stare and you were once again reminded of how he got so popular in the first place.  
“Oh, come on- like you’ve never had a bad hookup before” The sarcasm dripped from your words, not believing that Atsumu’s had nothing but good experiences with his partners.  
“I mean, sometimes two people just don’t click well and that'll sorta make an experience “bad” I guess.  But I woulda still at least had a decent time with a girl I didn’t click with, ya know?”
“Yea I guess I can understand that...”  You internally cringed.  You hadn’t even had a half way decent experience- none of your past hook ups had ever made you cum.  It was like they hadn’t even tried.  Or in some cases, tried too hard and got so aggressive that you just faked the O’ to avoid the awkwardness of telling them to stop.
You were starting to think that the issue lied with you rather than your partner.  Were you just too hard to please?  Granted, you definitely were still growing into your voice in the bedroom, and often times you were just too shy to say exactly how you wanted the other person to perform on you.  
In your mind there was just no smooth or sexy way to say “quit jack hammering my vagina with your fingers please” or “angle your dick lower when you fuck me you’re missing the good spot by a mile”.  Your face took on the slightest of blushes just thinking about it- there was no way you could ever say anything of the sort, especially not after the mood has been set.  
“Well ya know sweetheart, I have a certain rule that sets me apart from the rest.  And so far my reviews have been very good”. Atsumu smiled to himself, cockiness and self assurance dripping from every word.
You offered him a look of ‘seriously?’ and you rolled your eyes despite the small laugh that escaped.  Always such a cocky bastard.
“Don’t ya dare gimme that look- I’m serious!  The ladies love me for a reason sweetheart, I’m telling ya the reviews don’t lie”. He opened his arms wide, biceps flexing slightly as if to say ‘look at me, would I lie to you?’
“Oh you are totally the type to ask a girl for a full review the day after you hooked up”. You were half joking, but the sheepish look on Atsumu’s face confirmed enough.
“I do not!  The girls just love me enough to always hit me up the next day.  Comin’ at me with the “I had such a great time, yer the best fuck I ever had ‘Tsumu!” I don’t even hafta ask for reviews, I’m good enough that they just come to me anyways”
He even lifted his voice to imitate that of a very high pitched girl’s voice.  If you thought Atsumu was cocky before, now he was exposing his entire God-complex.
“You’re so full of shit, I can’t believe a single word out of your mouth right now Tsumu” You were full on laughing now, zero thoughts about potentially tearing his self confidence down; he could probably be knocked down seventeen notches and still have cockiness left to spare.  You sighed, but just to satisfy your own curiosity you asked the question you’d been secretly dying to know.  
“So what is this “rule” that you have for yourself anyways?  Something I should be looking forward to?”  You tried your best to hide your curiosity with teasing words, but that passed right over Atsumu’s head.
“I knew ya were gonna ask.  And yes sweetheart, this is somethin’ I know you’ll enjoy.  My rule is that the girl has to cum before I fuck her.”
Is he for real?  How come nobody else has a rule like that?? Wait a second-
“I thought you said you were an impatient guy.  That’s bullshit, how could you be both extremely impatient but also patient enough to put your partner first” It was more of a statement than a question, but once again the comments bounced right off Atsumu’s ego.
He laughed out loud before replying, “Baby, I would take all the time in the world to make ya cum just to see yer face before we ever get to fucking.  Outside of sex I suppose ya could say I don’t like waitin’, but with a girl i’m interested in? That would all change just to see ya melt beneath me”
You almost expected him to come right out and say he was joking.  How could he say all that with a straight face?  His eyes deepened to such a dark brown that their gaze combined with the searing heat of his voice had your heart beat quickening and your breath subconsciously tripping.  
You could hardly even come up with a response, his eyes still watching your face’s every move as if he predicted your reaction.  If Atsumu had been saying any of this in person, you were positive your entire face would’ve burst into flames.  
Even just through the little speakers on your phone, his voice carried through with such a deep timbre that you felt as though he was speaking directly into your ear, his mouth just brushing the shell of your ear as he pushed your hair softly away from your neck-
“That was the cutest reaction ever” Atsumu’s serious face broke into a charming smile, his eyes still never leaving his phone screen, still staring at your attempts to hide your blushy smile.  You still couldn’t get any words out- how was someone supposed to respond to that anyways without completely embarrassing themselves?
“D-Don’t make fun of me you jackass”  You laughed a little at your own expense, trying to break the building tension within yourself.
“I ain’t teasin’ ya cutie.  Yer just makin’ some real cute faces so I had to tell ya.  Yer fucking adorable”.
Aaand there he goes again, saying things like that with no hesitation.  How does he even come up with line after line on the spot like that?  There’s no way anyone is that smooth and has the confidence to- actually?  If there was one guy on this planet with an ego big enough to carry those words smoothly without embarrassment, it was Atsumu.  
Under normal circumstances, you probably would’ve cringed and called Atsumu out for having a head too big for his shoulders.  But right now?  At 2am on facetime, with your room dark and only Atsumu’s handsome features to talk to?  It was hard to say that he had no effect on you.  In fact it was probably safe to say that if you weren’t sober, you would definitely be inviting him over right about now.  But sober you did not have the balls for that so you would just have to settle.
Almost as if he could see your thoughts, Atsumu continued his explanation of his special rule.  
“Your pleasure is my pleasure, ya know?  I love having the knowledge that I can reduce ya to nothing but a wining, begging mess for me.”
“This is how you ended up with an ego so fucking huge”
“Yea maybe, but hey- at least ya know for sure that you would cum if I fucked you sweetheart”. A smirk split across his face as one brow lifted into that cocky look that fit him so well.  
You weren’t sure how much more of this you could take.  On one hand, having someone throw all these sexual innuendos at you was torture.  But on the other hand?  It was really, really hot.
And you certainly weren’t imagining Atsumu visiting you on your college campus.  And certainly not thinking about him laying you out on your bed in front of him.  No way.  
“Well, we’ll just have to see about all of that.  Won’t we?”  Somehow you got the words out without stuttering, even though your cheeks were still pink.  His smirk widened just the slightest bit before saying,
“I guess we will sweetheart”
A few short moments later Atsumu hung up, with 2:15 am approaching quick and his 10 am morning practice looming over head for tomorrow.  With that, you were left to your own devices.  Quite literally.  
You just couldn’t get the mental images out of your mind.  Atsumu laying you down on your bed, spreading your legs open for him to settle between them.  His fingers stretching over the skin of your thighs, only to bring them over his shoulders as his head went low and close to your dripping sensitive place.  
You felt a shiver run through you, your entire body a little feverish.  Abruptly opening your eyes, you rolled over to the side of your bed and opened the drawer of your nightstand to find your replacement for Atsumu for the night.  Settling back into the pillows, you clicked the ‘on’ button and closed your eyes.
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miraeluc · a year ago
you have an anxiety attack
prompt: “after a long day you’re just trying to cook for you and your roommate, but when you accidentally switch salt and sugar the stress dawns upon you and you lose it.”
pairing: kaeya x gender-neutral reader
warnings: description of an anxiety attack, explicit language
word count: 1.6k
genre: fluff, angst
rough day? 
roughest of the rough 
it started in the morning - all was good until you were all dressed and ready to go
all you needed to do was brush your teeth
of course you dropped toothpaste on your new blouse and had to change because your boss would literally kill you if you strutted in there with toothpaste stains on your clothing 
that didn’t upset you too much anyway,, yep, it kinda sucks but it is what it is
you went to work
that’s when it started to REALLY go downhill
first, you had to sit your ass in this tiny cubicle all day and it remained right on that chair every time you stood up
that’s what it felt like at least
then, you lost data that you’ve been working on for a MONTH
an entire month’s worth data!!!! LOST!!!!
curse you and your issue with forgetting where you put your folders
so you started over
was it worth it? 
your boss hated it
you ended up dropping the project overall,, handed it over to a co-worker
your excuse was that you felt too ‘unfit’ for the whole project and he would totally be a better fit!
poor bennett 
bennett is a nice guy, you always hang out with him during break
you usually talk shit about the other co-workers and he just listens and sits there like ◕ ◡ ◕
he’s just there for the food you bring him, really 
he’s a little dumb so he took the project from you with no hesitation
“i’ll do it for you, dont even worry about it, y/n!”
you ended up working overtime 
you had about 7 projects to finish until tomorrow morning and they were all only half-done 
so you got your coffee, turned off your phone and got to work
you finished at 9pm
your work hours are 8am-5:30pm
nope, not having a great time 
well, at least you can go home now!
you pack up your stuff and get up, leaving this hellhole of an office, stretching as you wait for the elevator before checking your phone to see 7 missed calls from your roommate
aka kaeya
aka boy that is most likely emotionally unavailable
his excuse is always that he can’t handle the warmth but you’re sure its so you whine about the cold so he can hug you to warm you up
maybe you have a teeny tiny crush on him???? BUT WHO CAN BLAME YOU 
he’s a whole package - the only thing he’s lacking is emotional availability lmao
which is why you never mentioned the day by day blooming feelings you’ve been developing for him
there would be no positive outcome from you telling him. he would politely turn you down, having to explain yet again that he doesn’t see himself having actual romantic feelings to someone 
you’re content with your current relationship with him
kaeya is known as the fuckboy! of the city
neither of you mind, he’s having his fun
and you know that there’s much more to it 
you’re very happy to have gained his trust enough for him to let his flirty side down when with you, at least
well, there’s no time to ponder over your relationship with him because you’re already sprinting to catch the last bus of the day
right as you got to the station it drove away
what now?
you have to walk home. alone. in the dark.
oh well. 
usually bennett drives you home but obviously he left earlier
its only a 15 minute walk you can do it
it’s not that bad there’s street lamps hey!
not that bad until it starts to rain, apparently
by the time you get home there’s water in places rainwater shouldn’t be
kaeya is running by the time he hears the front door
“where were you??”
“why didn’t you reply to my calls??”
“do you have a slight idea about how worried i w-”
he stops when he sees your soaked figure and tired expression
“oh, y/n, what happened?” 
he immediately helped you chuck off your wet coat and shoes 
“i worked overtime and missed the last bus so i had to walk home”, you sighed
he nodded and hummed “Go ahead and take a shower then, wouldn’t want you to get sick now, would we?” he winked
you scoffed but nodded anyway
you only heard him laugh before shutting the door in the bathroom and jumping into the shower, needing to warm up because you were sure your toes were about to fall off from the cold
at least the shower went well
you got dressed in lounge attire when you got out of the shower, walking to the kitchen because you were very hungry
you gave bennett all your food today so you didnt have any left
he just looked so hungry
you’re in the kitchen, deciding on what to cook
if you ask kaeya he will tell you to just drink wine instead so, no
you kind of want something sweet so you decide to bake cupcakes
kaeya shows up too
“what’re you baking?”
he sat and watched as you gathered all the ingredients you need
“cupcakes. how was your day?”
you strike up a conversation - all you talked about today was work and you need some decent interaction, plus kaeya is a super nice talk partner
“good. i had a day-off today so i layed in bed all day”
you hummed, stirring the eggs and flour 
“how come? you never get off”
“no reason, i was forcibly given a day off- well anyways, what i wanted to tell you about before you worried me because i thoght you were deAD when you didn’t respond, is that i need your help setting up a date for diluc-”
you stopped listening halfway
you were looking at the unopened sugar bag on the counter
you just stirred the sugar in, why is it unopened????
you look over at the open bag of salt
wait a second 
you take out a little dough and taste it
“hello??? earth to y/n?? are you even liste-”
he stops himself as soon as you look at him with your lower lip trembling 
he’s never been in this situation
“y/n?? why are you crying-”
he looks at the counter and the dough, then he sees the salt beside the bowl you were stirring in and leans over to try some
oh, that’s why
“oh come on, is that what you’re crying over?” he snorted
he could barely catch you when you collapsed and started sobbing 
he immediately regreted what he said
“hey, y/n, it’s just a little dough! its okay-” 
you just sobbed and he sat down with you, sighing and pulling you into a tight hug
you felt your lungs constricting and your hands started shaking 
you didn’t even notice how antsy you felt all day until now
you gasped for air and he tightened his grip on you
“w-why am i so worthless?!”
you punched his chest
“i can’t do a single thi-ng with-out messing it up!”
“i’m so us-useless”
“i should just kill m-”
he immediately pulled away and cupped your face before you could finish what you were about to say
“y/n, look at me. you had a bad day - you’re not useless! you’re stressed out! you’re one of the most hardworking people that i know- and, and don’t you ever mention anything about killing yourself! i won’t let you go, not as long as im here”
you were too busy fighting against the constricting feeling in your lungs to notice the tear slipping down his cheek before he hugged you tightly again
your hands gripped at his tshirt
his hand rested over your shaky ones
it broke him
seeing you in such state hurt him so much, he felt his own heart breaking a little with every gasp you took 
“come on, let’s breathe together”
his voice was soft when he spoke to you
he took a deep breath in, you following
you wrapped your arms around him and leaned your head against his chest when breathing out 
hearing his heartbeat made you feel safe
he kept breathing with you until he was more than sure you could breathe comfortably again 
why did he feel like this?
sure, flirting with girls is fun 
and ghosting them is also fun
he usually doesn’t care about hurting them
but why does he feel the need to protect you from all bad things?
and why does your pain hurt him too?
he sighs and shakes his head as if that would clear his mind 
(it doesn’t)
oh well. 
taking care of your needs is more important right now
he picks you up and walks over to the couch, sitting down, placing you on his lap and hugging you 
“you’re not cooking anything, we’ll order takeout.”
you sniffled and nodded 
you did feel your heart flutter a little when he sat you down on him
he’s never done that 
you ignore it and reside into the warmth he gives instead, nuzzling your face into his chest 
he smiles softly and strokes your hair, using his free hand to type in what you were ordering
you both fell into a comfortable silence
at some point he thought you fell asleep lol
he rose his brows a little and looked down, humming
“thank you.”
additional notes: welp. this was my first drabble! it was very fun to write and i genuinely look forward to writing more! i’d appreciate it alot if you leave any feedback or even requests for drabbles :-)
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lisired · a year ago
Hi could I request a smut. Kinks : somnophilia, light bondage, degradation Member : haechan Prompt : he wanted to try something new and tried it after a dinner party The somnopilia is consented btw (please ignore it if it makes you uncomfortable, thank you)
Donghyuck had a high sex drive.
This wasn’t an unknown fact, especially towards you, and the thing was you never really minded it either because so did you—that’s just how compatible you were. So compatible that Donghyuck remembered one very steamy night when you both were discussing kinks, do’s and dont’s, and generally everything that the two of you found acceptable within, and frankly outside the bedroom.
“You mean it?” Donghyuck asked, left in a somewhat dazed state at your words.
You nodded in confirmation—you found no issue in Donghyuck using you whenever he wished, honestly. Even if you happened to be asleep. That’s just how much you trusted him, however it meant that you also had to be able to use him as well. He didn’t have a problem with that condition.
It was late in the evening, the two of you had attended a dinner party that was being held at Doyoung’s house, and some of the boys had also been present, but throughout the event as everyone was chatting, laughing and reminiscing about some random events that he wasn’t paying very much attention to, yet nonetheless laughed about anyway, he could only focus on you.
To Hyuck, there was just something about you that was so incredibly sexy, something that made him want to pin you down and fuck you against the table, God did he love the sound of that. However, you weren’t even sitting directly next to each other during the night because Jungwoo and Taeyong were quick to steal the seats beside you, reason being that they hadn’t spoken to you in a while.
Now it was a good hour since the party had ended. You were passed out the bed, completely exhausted, but Donghyuck would be the one making efforts right now. He wanted to try something new, something that you had consented towards, and what better than something you both were willing to experiment on?
With your hands cuffed to the bed, and your panties pushed down your legs, you emit a soft, hushed moan, as you slept, Donghyuck’s tongue flicking against your folds. He was beginning to love how much of a deep-sleeper you were, the thought of fucking you while you weren’t even aware was enough to awake a new, yearning emotion inside of him.
As his left hand crawled up your body, his right one made it’s way to your clit, inserting his finger inside of you once you were wet enough, he imagined you waking up confused, sensing the wetness in your pussy, and checking only to see cum that you wouldn’t be able to tell if it was yours or somebody else’s, or why it was even there in the first place.
Neither of you never realized that he was obsessed with the idea of you wondering why there’s cum dripping down your thighs, obsessed with the whimpering sounds you made while not even being awake. Obsessed with how he could take his stress out on you when he came home and you were already knocked out, yet he could still be able to hear the melodicious noises you made, or you crying out his name, having a wet dream, completely oblivious to what was genuinely happening.
So when you woke up, cum dripping down your trembling leg’s yet with Donghyuck still eating you out like he had been starved for days, you reacted just as he imagined that you would’ve—confused.
“Hyuck? What are you—oh my god!” you yelped, taken into surprise as you captured realization of what was happening, the ecstatic feeling between your thighs.
“Mm, you’re such a pretty little whore,” Donghyuck groaned as he pulled away from you. He had stood up to go somewhere, or grab something rather, meanwhile you had just registered what was going on. “Wanna give daddy another one, slut?”
“Yes,” you mumbled drowsily, yet still turned on. By the time you heard the sound of a toy powering on, you already knew how this was going to go. Hyuck pressed your favorite vibrator against your clit, and within seconds you were already screaming his name so loud that it wouldn’t surprise you if the neighbors began knocking on your door, yet you were too deep in elation to even consider that a thought.
“Fuck, it feels so good, daddy.” your hips buck against the toy, using the only lack of restriction you had. “Hyuck!”
“Quiet, whore. You’re going to wake the neighbors up. Or do you want them to know how much of a little fucktoy you are? Want them to know you’re my needy bitch?” he whispered in your ear, and his voice sent shivers down your spine. You shook your head in response. “That’s what I thought.”
Your breaking point was when he turned the vibrator on to the highest setting. Your legs trembled, your moans were loud enough that the whole block could probably hear them, and when you climaxed your breath was shaky.
Soon after, you heard someone banging on the door downstairs, and what followed was yelling. You stared at Donghyuck, wide-eyed, yet he only chuckled in the dim lighting of the room. “Look what you did baby, you got the neighbors upset. And we’re not even finished.”
When Donghyuck slid inside of you, you felt your whole body crumble.
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baevillier · a year ago
𝘪𝘯 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘢𝘣𝘴𝘦𝘯𝘤𝘦 | 𝘮. 𝘣𝘢𝘳𝘻𝘢𝘭
Tumblr media
Summary: Mathew finds himself falling for a girl with kind eyes but before he can make a move, someone beats him to it. 
a/n: i dont usually do author’s notes but i am so in love with this that i couldn’t wait to post it. 
In essence, going out on a Sunday night wasn’t exactly the best of choices. Y/N had to work in the morning and she knew that as soon as she got into a bar with her friends, her whole plan to wake up early and actually be productive was going to fly out the window.
 It wasn’t her fault really, she had already told her friends Anna and Taylor that she couldn’t make it. But they insisted that she come with them, claiming that Tito was bringing some of his friends as well and they were just going to have a chill night. It was the fact that Tito was coming at all that peaked Y/N’s interest.
 She had known him for a couple of years through Anna, Tito being her boyfriend for quite a while now, they were going steady despite his rising hockey career which was why he usually never showed up to the bar. Between games and various media events, it made sense that he didn’t always have time to stop in for a drink with the group. 
But Y/N knew that Tito was a good guy, and if Anna had begged enough- like she did to get Y/N out of her apartment- Tito would somehow find a way to make his schedule work to show up for his girl. 
He never usually brought friends however which made Y/N wonder if they had a break this week. She hadn’t recalled Anna saying anything of the sort and Y/N was sure that Anna knew Tito’s itinerary better than he did. 
Nonetheless, at her best friend’s request, Y/N pulled herself out of bed and put on a nice pair of jeans and a cute jacket, calling herself an Uber and going to the familiar bar they called home. 
Poor Richards was exactly what the name made it out to be. It was a dirty pub on the west side of town owned by a middle aged man named Richard. How he could afford the New York rent prices blew Y/N’s mind, but she figured since this had become quite the hotspot for hockey players and fans alike, the sports bar was doing rather well in its terms of sales. 
Walking in the front door, Y/N saw her friends at the back corner- already having laid a claim to their usual table. She raised her hand and waved- hearing her girl friends call out in a slight squeal in response. A slight chuckle fell from the girl’s lips as she walked through the bar, passing a few groups that were also at poor Richards that night. Some were business men looking to close deals with their clients, others looked like football fans getting ready to watch the game, and the remaining few were just lonely bystanders looking for a drink.
Luckily Y/N wasn’t apart of that group tonight- she had found herself alone at the bar quite a few times before, but this evening she was surrounded by her best friends- or as she liked to call them, - her family. Of course she had a family outside of the city, but as a woman in her twenties trying to make it in New York, it wasn’t a bad thing to have a close group of friends she could call her own. 
“Look what the cat dragged in!” Anna laughed, getting up from the booth and hugging her friend. “You look hot- are you trying to take someone home tonight?” She winked. Directing Y/N to the bench, she winked at Tito- having him move aside so the two girls could sit together. 
“Only if its you sweetheart.” Y/N winked, pulled Anna close and giving her a playful kiss against the cheek. With Tito sitting on the outside of the booth beside Anna, he laughed.
“Looks like I’ve got some competition- I’m keeping an eye on you Y/L/N.” He had always seen Y/N as a little sister, not only because she was younger than him, but simply because of how close her and Anna were. Anna was older than both Tito and Y/N- So it made sense that he would see her that way. 
Making some pleasantries with the other girls and guys at the table, Y/N didn’t want to make anyone feel left out. Call it one of her flaws, but she was always worried about other people thought of her- and in a close group of friends like this, it was important to ensure that no one thought she was being rude by giving too much attention to one of the other members. 
Anna had gone to grab another round of drinks at the bar, leaving Tito to “babysit” Y/N and the others. This caused a few napkins and straw papers to be thrown her way, but the girl she blew them all a kiss playfully as she sashayed her way to the bartender. 
“So who did you invite tonight?” Y/N asked, making small talk as she knew Tito wasn’t a fan of awkward silences. She stirred at the ice in her cup, the clinking against the glass- capturing the man’s attention from his girlfriend at the bar. It looked as though he really did try to put in an effort tonight, usually he showed up in khakis and a button up, but tonight he had some black jeans, a white long sleeved sweater and some brown shoes. He looked good. 
“Just some guys from the team and a couple of friends that are in town for the weekend.” He smiled politely. “We have about a two day stretch before we head out on the road again- so I wanted to make sure that I saw Anna one last time before I had to take off.” He smiled sadly. 
Y/N knew how much Tito adored Anna. They were the perfect couple and sometimes she envied him for that. She knew eventually she would find the guy that would make her swoon, but until then- she would live vicariously though her best friends. “How long are you away fro this time?” She asked.
“Seven days- and please don’t ask him anything else about this roadie because If I have to listen to him cry about being away from the love of his life one more time, I might lose it.” A new voice joined the conversation. 
Glancing up in the direction of sound, Y/N saw a man with dark brown hair so dark it was almost black and pale features standing before her. There was a giddy smile on his lips and he clasped Tito’s shoulder with his hand. “Its alright buddy you’ll be back with her before you know it.” 
Tito rolled his eyes before standing up and giving his friend a hug, clapping him on the back. “Hey man- Y/N this is Mat, Mat this Y/N.” He looked at the two of them before getting up and letting Mathew take his seat next to the woman, moving to the other side of the booth so that he could sit with Anna when she came back.
“Hey.” Y/N greeted, her voice uncharacteristically small as she took in his appearance. Oh he was definitely attractive. 
Mathew gave her a matching smile. “Hey.” 
Throughout the night, Anna and Tito slowly became more inebriated leaving Y/N and Mathew to laugh at their debauchery. The group began to thin out around midnight and they were the only four left. It wasn’t until Tito had fallen on his ass during his ABBA karaoke session that Mathew decided it was time to call it a night. 
“You got a way home?” Mathew asked, Heaving his friend off the floor and carrying him out the front door of the bar as Y/N followed suit, holding Anna’s hand. She was tipsy herself, but definitely the most sober out of the group apart from Mathew.
“I’ll probably just walk, my phone died so I don’t have my Apple Pay on me.” She shrugged, she knew the neighbourhood well. Considering she had walked home many times before from this exact location, she was sure she could make it without any issues.
Mathew on the other hand wasn’t satisfied with that answer. “No no… let me give you a lift. I’m sober and I was already the designated driver for these two so it’s no issue.” He reassured her.
With a slight nod, Y/N followed him to his car. They had only just met, but Y/N trusted him. Tito would never let anything happen to her and even in his drunken state, Y/N knew that for a fact. Putting Anna and her boyfriend into the back of the car, Y/N climbed in the front seat- Mathew immediately reaching for the heater. “No fucking in my backseat you two.” He joked, causing Y/N’s cheeks to flame. 
She glanced at him and chuckled. “I hope that warning doesn’t stem from experience.” She snickered. 
Mathew signed. “I wish that were the case.” He mumbled, immediately grossed out by the memory. He hoped he never had to see Anna’s hand down Titos pants ever again- or anyone in that position again. 
The drive through the neighbourhood was calming, nothing but the sound of the fan from the heater eliciting noise. It would seem that Tito and Anna had passed out on one another and that Y.N was just staring out the window to keep herself occupied 
Anna was the first one to get dropped off, Y/N helping her into her apartment and into bed before she finally headed back to the car. Next on the route would be her place. If it wasn’t for Tito sitting in the back of the car drunkenly slurring about his love for the two people in the front, then she would have invited Mathew in. 
When they got to the front of her apartment building, Y/N thought she was just going to jump out of the car and head up, But as Mathew unbuckled his seatbelt and followed her, she felt her heart start to race. “Can’t let a pretty girl walk alone can I?” He chuckled bashfully.
Y/N rolled her eyes at the gesture, but it was cute nonetheless- and well appreciated. “I dont think anything is going to happen between your car and the thirty feet to my front door.” She told him, smirking as she brushed a strand of her hair behind her ear. 
“You can never be too sure.” Mathew smiles and hes right. Just cause Y/N was going to walk to her door, doesn’t mean that some creep might be hiding around the corner- and if he drove off, who knows what could have happened. Either way, it gave him the chance to spend some more time with her. 
As they stood in front of her door making small talk, Y/N couldn’t stop the thumping sensation in her chest- it seemed that her heart was running a thousand miles a minute and she honestly didn’t know if Mathew could hear it or not. 
Just as Mathew was about to invite her for coffee, a particular drunken hockey player was poking his head out the back window and hollering. “Either you kiss her or you leave! Bitch I’m cold get me home!” Tito yelled.
Y/N couldn’t help but burst into a fit of giggles. She put her key into the lock while Mathew stood behind her with his face beet red. “Goodnight Mathew.” She giggled softly, her smile becoming permanently engrained in his memory. 
As she closed the door and Mathew made his way back to the car, he couldn’t help but glare at his friend. Climbing into the driver’s seat he growled. “Im going to kill you in the morning.” He pouted. Not only did he think that Y/N had just turned him down, but he was also incredibly embarrassed. 
But as time went on, Mathew realized that he had nothing to be embarrassed about. The next time he and Y/N hung out, it was like nothing had happened- she was her bubbly self that he had met their first time at the bar and her smile was contagious. They danced with each other at various parties, met up for coffee or brunch when no one else was available and when they went out for group dinners, he always found a reason to sit next to her.
Mathew made a point to invite Y/N to every Islanders game and while that was a little unrealistic considering her work schedule, she did her best to make it to every single one. Eventually the two of them realized that they had set too high of expectations for her to see every single match- so instead it turned into the weekend games. They had met on a Sunday, so why not try and make it every Sunday game. Those were usually the days that Y/N had off so it worked out well, she would watch the game with the other wags, and then grab a drink with mat at the end, whether it was a win or a loss, tradition was tradition. 
For a while, Mathew thought that he might ask Y/N out and start a relationship with her. The closer they got, the harder he fell. She started going to his house for dinner, and him to her apartment for movie nights which eventually turned into sleepovers and early morning conversations.
He was smitten and he thought that she was too. Until she called him one night after she had gone on a date and told him how excited she was about this guy named ‘Bradley’ he should’ve been happy for her, but he just couldn’t. So he forced a smile onto his face and listened intently even though that was the last thing that he wanted to be doing. 
It wasn’t too long after that, that Y/N had brought Bradley to the bar one night and introduced him to everyone. She was so utterly different around this guy that mat didn’t like him from the get go. His usually loud and boisterous friend was suddenly quiet and dreamy eyed, staring at a tall blonde man who in mats opinion, only had eyes for the bartender. Not that he would tell Y/N of course. 
He didn’t want to ruin her happiness just for the sake of his own- no that would be selfish. So instead, he kept his mouth shut and tried to move on. He hooked up with different woman every week and it was fun for a while, but eventually all he could think about was how he wished it was Y/N that he was kissing and taking home every night. 
Bradley became the new face in their group and Tito could tell that Mat held a high level of distain for the younger man. “Come on dude- you’re glaring daggers at him. You better stop or Y/N is going to start asking questions.” He sighed sadly. It was obvious to see that Mat was head over heels for their friend.
In fact everyone including Bradley knew it. Everyone but Y/N. 
“I’m not glaring at him-“ Mathew pouted, adverting his gaze from Y/N and her boy toy at the bar in favour of downing the rest of his beer. He knew it was obvious- he hoped that part of Y/N would sense his discomfort with her new boyfriend and she would leave him. Although that obviously wasn’t going to happen. 
Overtime, Mathew had grown used to Bradley’s appearances, he knew that if they were going out to the bar there was a good chance that brad would be there, what he didn’t like however was when Y/N started bringing him to the games on Sundays. That was his territory, the one place that he was in control and he had Y/N’s attention.
Usually Y/N waited by the tunnel for Mat at the end of the games, but when he rounded the corner one night and didn’t see her there but Anna told him she left with Brad, his blood started to boil. He couldn’t help it, he grabbed his stick and broke it in half with his skate before storming off. 
Things started to go downhill rather quickly after that night. 
Mat started to ignore Y/N’s calls and her texts, even though they had become few far in between since she stated going out with Bradley. He didn’t sit next to her anymore at the meetups and he didn’t go to her house anymore unannounced.
Y/N had noticed and she tried to make it better, but Mathew was rightfully pissed at her. So she turned to Bradley to see if he had any advice. 
“I just don’t understand what I did to him- he’s avoiding me like the god damn plague.” She huffed, passing him a bottle of water as he sat on her couch watching the six-o’clock news. 
Bradley narrowed his eyes. “Good riddance if you ask me- he was always looking you up and down, im surprised he hasn’t made a move on you.” He bit his tongue jealously. 
The girl halted her steps as she went to head towards the kitchen. “He what? No- babe Mat has never once looked at me like that.” She dismissed. 
Suddenly Bradley was whipping his head around to her and glaring. “Are you calling me a liar? I don’t like how he looks at you Y/N- you’re my girlfriend not his.” He snapped.
Y/N instantly felt a slight rush of fear run through her, her voice came out smaller than she intended. “He doesn’t though….” 
Brad had this expression of hurt across his face. “Do you- do you like it? Do you wish it were him that you were dating instead of me?” Everything he said was calculated, he knew that Y/N would feel bad and that she would see his side of things.
“No! Of course not! If- if youre saying thats what he does then I’ll tell him to stop.” She sighed. But that wasn’t enough for brad. 
He licked his lips and looked up at her with a pout. “I dont want you to be alone with him- what if he tries to do something and I’m not there to protect you.”
Y/N couldn’t help but feel a sense of hurt in her body. Mat would NEVER do something like that to her and the fact that Bradley was even suggesting it made her sick. But she knew that if she wanted to keep the peace, she would have to agree. After all, as far as she was aware- Mat already hated her, if she didn’t hang out with him she would probably be doing him a favour. “Okay…” she mumbled sadly, sitting on the couch next to Bradley and letting him wrap his arm around her.
Y/N’s absence had certainly been noticed throughout the others. It took a while for Mat to come to terms with it though, he was pretty sure he had pushed her away. “No Y/N tonight?” He asked hesitantly. 
Tito looked around the room as they all sat down at his kitchen table for dinner. “Nope… Something with Bradley came up.” He sighed. Anna bit her lip trying not to let her emotions show but she couldn’t take it. 
“I’m not the only one that sees what hes doing to her right?” She blurted out suddenly, grabbing the attention from everyone at the room. 
Tilting his head, Anthony furrowed his brows. “What do you mean?” He had his own suspicions but he didn’t want to project. 
“Ever since they got together she has been quiet and showing up less and less. Now I don’t think he is hurting her- hell Y/N would not stand for that…. But I can’t be the only one noticing how she just doesn’t show up anymore.” Anna pouted she missed her best friend more than anything. Any time she tried to ask the girl to hang out, Y/N always had an excuse, she either picked up a shift or Bradley and her had already made plans.
Mat grit his teeth. He wanted to throw Bradley through a wall at that point. 
“I’m gonna go check on her.” He stood up from the table, grabbing his jacket and making a bee-line for the door.
Anthony tried to call out and get him to stop but Mathew was too determined. 
The drive to his ‘friend’s” apartment was far too long for his liking, but he needed to know if she was okay. He jogged up to her floor once he arrived and knocked on the door in record time.
“Coming!” A familiar voice called out.
Within seconds, Y/N’s head had poked through the door and found an expression of surprise. “Mat? What are you doing here?” She asked, stepping out into the hall and closing the door behind her- she didn’t exactly want Bradley to know that he was here. 
Mat immediately took notice of how she was keeping her voice hushed and wouldn’t allow him into the apartment. “Is everything okay?” He asked suddenly.
Y/N clenched her jaw, straightening up a bit. “Is everything okay? Youre seriously asking me that? You’ve been avoiding me for over a month and you just expect to waltz in here?” She glared.
Frowning, the man nodded rubbing the back of his neck. “I know I haven’t been nice to you- thats on me… I just- I missed having my friend around- I don’t exactly like Bradley.” He told her honestly. Even if it wasn’t the sole reason for his attitude shift, he knew that it was truthful. 
Y/N’s gaze softened. She knew that she hadn’t been around much. “I’m sorry… I want to be there its just- he doesn’t exactly like you either.” She mumbled. Mathew caught it though. 
“So leave him home- your friends do not have to be his friends too.” He tried to persuade her. “There is a dinner tonight, everyone would love to have you there.” He suggested, his hand reaching out and grasping her arm- like fire erupting between them, Mathew felt like he was coming alive. 
He hadn’t realized just how touch deprived he had been in Y/N’s absence. Surely everything they did was always platonic, but he missed her so bad. He just wanted to give her a hug and hold her close like they would when they watched movies together. 
Y/N went to speak but the apartment door had opened, revealing Bradley. “Whats he doing here?” He glowered, staring at Mathew with a sickening death stare. 
Mathew immediately straightened up, puffing out his chest a little bit as he looked eye to eye with the blonde. “Visiting a friend.” He spoke firmly.
Bradley moved Y/N behind him a little bit and tried to tower over Mathew, although that wasn’t exactly possible. Mathew was pretty tall. “From what shes told me- it doesn’t seem like youre friends anymore bud.” 
A slight expression of hurt crossed Mathew’s face as he glanced at Y/N she was staring at the floor practically shaking in her boots. “Y/N- you know where to find me.” He left it at that, he knew that Y/N wouldn’t appreciate two men she cared about getting into a fight in the middle of her apartment. 
Y/N gave him a subtle nod, one that Mathew would be taking as a promise. It wasn’t long before Bradley had ushered Y/N back inside. Mathew could hear the hushed voices and gradually louder yelling coming from inside the apartment, but he didn’t think it was his place to intervene. He kept walking and cursed himself as he drove back to Tito’s house. 
A couple of days later, the group had set up another get together, it was Sunday which meant the isles were playing and there would be drinks soon to follow. Everyone was in the tunnel waiting to head out when a familiar voice cut through the conversation. “Mind if I tag along?” 
Anna let go of Anthony’s hand and rushed towards her friend, hugging her tightly as she held onto her. “Y/N where have you been?” She gasped, soon to be embraced by the other girls. Y/N told them everything in hushed whispers as the boys were still filing out of the dressing room.
Stepping away from the girl, Y/N was able to see Mathew through the path they had created. Not wasting any time, a gigantic smile stretched upon his face and he crossed the hallway to meet her, pulling her into one of the biggest hugs he was sure he had ever given. 
Y/N wrapped her arms around him, her leather jacket stretching slightly as she took in his appearance. He had a red and black flannel jacket over top a white t-shirt, matched with black jeans and a black cap and his signature Rolex watch. He looked great. “You coming with us tonight?” He asked hopefully.
The woman nodded and he laughed, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. He couldn’t wait to spend time with her. 
“So where’s Brad?” He asked, sitting next to her on a barstool. His arm was draped around her shoulder and he had not intention of moving it. He wasn’t letting Y/N out of his sight. 
Tilting her head, the girl brushed a strand of hair behind her ear. “Oh we broke up.” She shrugged. “He didn’t like you. So I told him that we were a package deal.” She smiled at her friend. “I couldn’t just give up my best friend like that.”
Mat smirked. “Don’t let Anna hear you say that.” He smiled. “But really- I’m sorry you two broke up, I know how much you liked him.” He was beyond joyful that Y/N had gotten rid of that piece of shit, but he hated seeing his friend hurting.
The way Y/N looked up at him had his heart fluttering, the light in her eyes was absolutely enticing and he wanted nothing more than to capture the moment forever. “Well… you already know that he was a dick.” She admitted. “It just took a little bit of time for me to realize that he wasn’t what I wanted.”
There was a tightening in Mat’s chest as she spoke, he couldn’t help but let his voice drop and hover above a whisper. “What do you want?” He asked hesitantly. 
Y/N glanced at him and took a deep breath- Before she could answer him, Anna was screaming with joy, rushing over and pulling Y/N’s arm. “This is our song!” She squealed. Sending Mathew an apologetic smile, Y/N knew she was in no position to turn down her friend’s offer. 
They danced the night away and although Y/N had promised to catch up with Mathew, it just wasn’t possible. Anna kept her on a tight leash that night and before long, it was time to call it a night. When she got back to her apartment, Y/N sent Mathew a text telling him that they should catch up sometime soon.
And they did. Whether it was sneaking in a quick coffee before his morning practice- or a quick meal during her lunch break, they were making time for one another- it would’ve been perfect if Mat could stop talking about her ex.
At first it was a cute attempt at helping her get over him, he would crack jokes about brad, calling him ‘Brat the rat’ or making jokes about how his dick was probably small, but then it turned into doting comments. “Youre so much better without him” or “look how far you’ve come”
Finally Y/N had enough. “Can you stop bringing up my fucking ex?” She snapped at Mathew, wishing she could take it all back as she watched the flash of hurt cross his face- although it was quickly replaced by anger.
“I’m just trying to have some fun here Y/N-“ He made an effort at defending himself. Turning to pause the TV as Y/N huffed.
“But youre doing it at my expense! I get it! I dated the wrong guy, it’s so funny!” She drew out sarcastically. 
Mathew sighed. He didn’t realize that Y/N had been taking the jokes towards Bradley personally. “Im sorry- I thought you liked poking at him… I wont bring him up again.” He promised her, taking her hand and giving it a squeeze.
Y/N nodded numbly. “I just wish that you could look at me without seeing him.” She pouted. “It’s like all you see me as now is a wounded puppy.” She curled her lip up in disgust which made her nose twitch- something mat found both strange and oddly adorable.
“Trust me- I don’t see you as a wounded puppy. I could never see you as that.” He reassured her. 
Biting her lip nervously, Y/N nodded her head. 
“What do you want me to see you as Y/N?” Mathew asked, noticing that this worry of hers stemmed from much deeper pits of emotion rather than frustration with his silly jokes.
Not daring to meet his gaze, the woman gulped.  “I want you yo look at me like someone you could be with.” She confessed. It had taken a while for her to come to terms with her feelings, but she realized that since leaving Bradley- there was only one thing she wanted and that was Mathew. He was such a great friend towards her and an even better guy in general, he was perfect and while that was a tall order to fill, Y/N knew he checked every single one of her boxes. 
Mat chuckled softly. “You really don’t get it-“ he looked up at her and gave her hand a squeeze. “Thats the only way ive ever looked at you.” He wouldn’t have gotten so angry about her spending time with Bradley if he didn’t care for her like that. The truth was that he was jealous and he hated Bradley so much because he had Y/N’s love when Mat wanted it for himself. 
“The fact that he took advantage of your love…. it makes me wanna kill him.” Mat spoke. 
Y/N blushed bright red but there was sadness in her eyes. “That wouldn’t be very good for PR…” she trailed off with a slight giggle. But nonetheless, Matthew wrapped her up tight and hugged her gently. “Like I care about Pr… I would ruin everything if It meant I could call you mine.” 
“Well… You can do it now.” She reassured him, leaning up and pressing her lips to his.
An unlike anything Mathew could ever imagine- her lips were the softest and warmest of sensations. She sent electricity through his bones and had him wanting more- she was everything he wanted to be and he was hellbent on proving it to her. 
She was finally his, and he was hers. 
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hitoshisbabygirl · a year ago
Keys hit the table and the usual grunt of cuss words fill the living room of the shared apartment of Bakugou and his roommate [ ]. Hearing the angry blonde enter [ ] felt herself getting up as she entered into the shared living room of them “Bad day?” She asked as vermillion eyes glanced towards her concerned [ ] ones. “ ‘M fine'' The usual grunt filled the room as he pushed back past the worried girl. Frowning and used to this curt greeting of his from the last few days [ ] sighed and went back to their kitchen yelling to the blonde that she started a shower for him, getting no real response from him.
Bakugou and [ ] had an odd relationship. They started to live together because of the boys burning his kitchen on their day off when they all lived together. He told the others ‘She was the only smart one out of his dumbass friends and the only one he could trust to not burn his place down’ and with that the usual group of Sero, Denki and Kirishima moved out of his place and to the place beside him ,the group wanting to still be around the grumpy blonde. [ ] was used to coming over with Mina and the group being around before Bakugou asked her, quite aggressively one day ( Oi you're moving in with me, i'm tired of these dumbasses destroying my place on their days off of patrol) which is how they ended in this arrangement
Even with Bakugou being a handsome and very popular hero with ladies, he never had anyone over, no awkward run-ins with [ ] staying there, nothing at all. He rarely even left the house to visit the others unless he knew he had the time for it. Bakugou was dedicated , being the #2 hero he had little time for much outside of work. He refused to take brakes, no matter how much [ ] and the others tried to get him out hed huff and puff about work until he actually had fun at whatever function it was that he was dragged to so he could get fresh air
He'd been like this since highschool when she met him. Angry , confidence that was more like cockyness, a temper to be messed with, prideful and not afraid to speak his mind, good or bad. [ ] could remember from when she used to get paired with him how smart he actually was, but how he could also belittle you if you didn't realize he gave you backward compliments. She owns him over with taking him head to head on, in practice battles and in the work behind the scenes. Bakugou wouldn't admit it but [ ] kept him together, more than he let show on the outside. From bandaging him up after an intense fight, to letting him vent when he was angry ; [ ] was there for everything, his good , bad and ugly.
Hearing the showeer turn off [ ] continued to find them something to eat as the silence in the room was comforting. As dinner started she took his hero clothes to the washer, starting the load so he'd have a fresh outfit, even with him having multiples of the hero costume, he was quite fawn of the one that he had gotten during highschool, the measurements needing to be increased heavily for his now large size but that was nothing for [ ]. As a gift once he got his own agency she had repaired the old threads, even going far enough to bulking them up so they'd be less prone to ripping or shrinking. That was the one time [ ] had seen emotion flash through the stoic blonde before he thanked her, genuinely with a rare smile that blessed his face.
Soon though, she felt a presence in the room. Turing around she was met with those same vermillion eyes, this time the look in them unreadable as he stared his friend down “Yes Kasuki?” [ ] said as she turned back to the boiling pot of rice on the stove “What Are cooking?” He asked as he stood over the aisle to see what she was stirring. “Rice so far, do you want chicken, fish or beef to go with it?” She asked as she turned to the still staring blonde, his eyes wavering as she stared back at him “Are you okay Suki?” [ ] said again as he pushed himself up , crossing around the aisle before going to her side “You don't have to do this for me” He said as she ignored him “ So Chicken is fine?” “[ ], i'm not a child you don't have to keep treating me like one” Sighing the girl turned to him, seeing that he was hunched over the counter, stretching his back as she could see the pained expression as he pulled out the muscle “Sit down yeah? Consider this an early birthday present to you” [ ] said as he gave her a glare “That doesn't mean you have to constantly cook and do shit like this for me, I have two weeks before it anyway” “Katsuki, sit down and take the kindness i'm giving you and hush” Pointing with her stirring spoon [ ] shooed the now grumbling and fussing blonde away. Just a usual day in the apartment
Hearing a loud cuss from the living room [ ] got up to see her roommate slump against the door, face tensed in apin as he ganced to the concerned girl “Shit, fix your face princess ‘m fine, just a bit of - fuck…- jsut soem pain is all” Reaching for the blonde [ ] helped him in, the larger male trying to hold up his weight as much as he could as she helped him to their bigger bathroom, sitting him on the toilet “Do you have any cuts or anything? Should we go to the doctor?” [ ] asked as a large hand sat over hers that went for his shirt “Im okay [ ], just some bruising and some little cuts here and there okay? Don't worry your pretty head about me” Feeling her face heat up she ignored what he said and started to help him out of his clothes, showing her a dark and slightly bloody mess of his rib cage. Wincing from the sight alone she started to lightly clean around the open wounds and surface scrapes around them. As she did he told her about the recent building that was destroyed from him using his blast too intense in one area like the villains he fought wanted him to. Another bad habit of BAkugous was beating himself up when he felt like he did poorly, which took a lot of trying to get him to let out. He would just overwork himself instead of relaxing and taking time to cool off and realize he wasn't the issue. “Any pain when I push here?” with a slight push bakugou hissed, eyes closing as she pressed deeper on his rib cage “Sorry sorry” Wrapping him up as tight as he could take [ ] stooped to look over his injuries, a frown on her lips “Stop it” Bakugou said, causing the girl to blink at him “ Stop what?” She asked as he met her eyes in the mirror “You're pouting. I'm a big boy thats what me being a hero is for i can take it , don't baby me” Her frown now deeping [ ] pushed his shoulder “Well you need a break , last week you were babying your shoulder now your ribs, im calling you in sick” Growling Bakugou went to sat something until he saw her face ; fear. She was afraid one night he wouldn't come home, that it would be the others telling her he was gone permanently. With a deep sigh he reached for her hand, pulling her back to him as he gave her a hug. Concerned and trying to come to her racing heart she looked up to those deep eyes of his, the same concert starting to fill them “ [ ]...i'll take the week off it makes you happy and rest, I’ll be okay alright? Just...please..I dont want to disappoint the one person who helps me even when im stupid and tells me what i need to hear without just agreeing with me” Shocked at his words all [ ] could do was rub his arm and bury her face in his warm chest, inhaling the smell of smoke and burnt caramel from his skin “Oi princess..” He rasped out as she just hummed , not moving from her spot. With ease the still injured blonde picked her up effortlessly and placed her on the sink, causing her to cry out. Slowly he let his hands trace her face, their eyes studying the other as he pressed his forehead to hers “Thank you..for dealing with me” He whispered against her lips as they slowly closed the gap between them, lips sealing in a soft peck. As soon as it happened it was over, Bakugou pulled away before he got too invested. Biting his bottom lip he gave her a lopsided smile, heading to his bedroom
4/20, The day of the birthday boy Katsuki rolled in a lot faster than he thought it would. Sitting up slowly he looked around his dark room, the bright light of 2:00 am mocking him as he got up to go to his kitchen. Seeing [ ] humped over at the computer sparked the explosion heros curiosity. Finishing his glass of water she came over to her, seeing that she had one last piece of paper in her hands that strangely looked like….
“Are those my reports?” a deep voice rumbled out. Letting out a screech [ ] jumped, turning in the swiveling chair to an almost adorable sight. A shirtless and sleepy Bakugou was rubbing his eyes as he let himself focus on her “Uhm...well yeah they are. They're all done now!” [ ] said as she gave him a wide smile whined the blondes' frowns deeped “You did all of my paperwork?” He said in disbelief as she looked at her hands , picking at her hand “Well yeah...I wanted you to have a non stressful birthday” She admitted as he scoffed , getting closer to her as he wrapped his arms around her neck and the top of the chair “You're so sweet...too good for me….” He grumbled as he hid his face in the nervous girl's neck. Gasping as she felt his hot lips kiss the junction of her neck she couldn't help but lean over more . letting him absentmindedly kiss her all over her shoulder and neck, little ‘Thank yous’ spilling from the tired man's lips. Still following his same path he worked his way up to her cheek, basking in the little laugh she let out as he nuzzled under her chin. Slowly what happened a few days ago repeated itself, they were face to face as his still sleep swarming eyes stared back at her curious ones. Tapping her bare leg from her seat she moved as he took her by the arm to his room. Hearing her heart in her ears [ ] sucked in a breath as he flopped on his luxury bed, making grabby hands at the standing girl. Giggling [ ] crawled in the bed with him as he pulled her on top of him “[ ]....” He groaned as she looked at him. Licking his lips as whispering Bakugou spoke “ I really like you...You and shitty hair dont have to do much for me all i want is you…” He said as she gave him a wide eyed look, not sure she heard him right “Yeah im finally admitting it...ive had a crush on you for a while...i never noticed it until Shitty hair called me out for having a worse mood when that good for nothing vibrating little shit tried to steal you from me at the banquet” As the comfortable silence filled the room he spoke up again “ And i really...wanna kiss you….but im scared you wouldn't like me back...after all these years of dealing with my shit and how i can be...your like a godsend to me..” As he opened his eyes to her he was surprised to feel her lips press against his , full and warm. Slowly he wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her in his lap as they kissed more and more, the kiss becoming deeper as she pulled away, whispering a soft ‘ I love you’ as he kissed her again until they drifted to sleep in eachothers arms.
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thefieryphoenix · 7 months ago
Hi can I get a greek mythology match-up and a DC one?
I'm fluid in both Sexuality and gender 🤟
I'm both a scorpio and libra (born right on the cusp) and im an INFP. I border being an ambivert but i lean a tad bit more on the introvert side. Im a pretty intense person especially when it comes to close relationships. I'm obsessive and overprotective as well but in more subtle ways. Im quite the gremlin as well, I can be a bit wild. Im sarcastic but I mean well. I use humor to cope with depression. I have a small history with suicidal thoughts and tendencies but for the time being im doing quite well.
Im an artist and a writer. I love sketching and coming up with story lines. I also love music my go too music is usually 70s rock. Im a fan of alternative music to as well as indie. I love cryptids and otherworldly things ( I love mothman).I have daddy issues (just gonna sprinkle that in here). Im a navy brat so im used to moving a lot and due to that staying in one place to long gets me agitated. Im a very neutral person when it comes to good vs evil because i can see and feel for both sides. Usually I won't get involved in the fight but more so with the people in the fight.
As for what i look for in a partner im an introvert and someone who has ADD i dont really talk much but I enjoy company especially when they don't mind that my favorite pass time is napping. I want someone to nap with honestly. Someone who can match my weird. I value humor and a tend to do a lot of teasing myself. Someone who trusts me enough to show their soft side to and let me protect them. Maybe someone to go on midnight adventures with and give me neck kisses. Also someone hopefully as big of a mess as I usually am. Oh and my love language is usually a mix of gifts, quality time, and physical touch.
I kinda hoard info on people so I can use it later (really helps when it comes to gift getting). Im not good at showing feelings so I tend to buy things for people to show i care or to say sorry. I have pretty bad insomnia but I nap a lot at the same time.
I have long red hair and hazel eyes and im 5'4. I have a inverted triangle body. My style is hippy grunge and I can lean more femine one day and more masculine the next it just depends on how im feeling. I wear jackets a lot too my favorite kind of jackets are worn leather ones.
If I had to choose a song that represented me well at the moment I think it would be "Mr brightside " by the killers
Thank you 😊
Sorry love, I don't really do matchups for the people from the Greek myths, so I'll proceed to do one for DC, I hope you don't mind 😅 And I hope you're all right now, just remember if it seems like everything is against you at the moment, it's only a phase, it WILL get better, I promise :) And as for your matchup for DC, I'd ship you with Dick Grayson
Tumblr media
Pic from: Tenor
As a yandere he’ll be possessive, obsessive and also under the delusion that you’ll finally love him the way he does one fine day
He might meet you at the Precint or maybe he saved you from local thugs or something as Nightwing and since then he hasn’t been able to forget the way you breathlessly thanked him and hugged him. That right there, dear friend was your first mistake. You just fueled his level of insanity and obsession for you
Hate to break it to you sweetie, he is a complete stalker and yes, he’ll even go as far as to watch you shower and change your clothes and maybe think of all sorts of things he can do to you on that bed of yours 😳😉 (Oh man, I need some holy water right about now TvT)
Yes, he knows it’s creepy to follow you around and stalk you and find out about all of your relationships with different people (Which he hates by the way), but does he care? Of course not! He most certainly doesn’t seem to lack in the romance department, he has that aura and charm that makes people throw themselves at his feet. And even though you claim that you most certainly won’t be falling for him, he’ll MAKE you fall for him one way or another. He does like a good chase
And if you’re a hero like him he’ll try making you go into an early retirement or something since as he quotes ‘It’s too dangerous, you could get severely injured one day because of your recklessness’. Look who’s talking about recklessness lol. Oh, and speaking of recklessness, he will look like he’s about to explode if someone starts stealing your attention away from him. He absolutely HATES and DESPISES it when other people talk to you, you should be focuses only on HIM! If this is Titans Dick we’re talking about that poor fool won’t even realize that Dick is about to make him a permanent part of the pavement by breaking his jaw or something
And since he has the money, he’ll start using his status to make you be more…. dependent on him. You’ll now know who to blame if the rent of your apartment suddenly shoots up through the roof or if some ‘anonymous buyer’ buys out your company and your boss is forced to fire all of you and your coworkers (Again, on Dick’s orders, or threats so it won’t look too suspicious)
But ironically, he actually has the patience of a monk since he’s willing to put up with all of your crazy antics after he kidnaps you. But if you keep repeatedly running away from him that’s when he’ll go Sangwoo and threaten to break your legs so you won’t be able to escape him. Of course, he isn’t some monster but you won’t be able to tell if he’s bluffing or not. After all, why reject someone who loves you so much and so passionately and wants to have a family with you? Don’t worry, he has plenty of tricks up his sleeves to make you fall in love with him faster~
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votederpycausemufins · a year ago
Tumblr media
I lied!!!! And I’m already writing chapter three!
Grian and Phil were currently at opposite ends of a table, both of them staring daggers at each other. Xisuma had briefly been there to get the summary of what had happened and proceeded to help with Tubbo since Grian wanted to deal with Philza himself.
Despite that, Mumbo had stayed around no matter how much Grian wanted him to leave, saying he would be a mediator. While the father and son duo continued to glare, the redstoner simply sat between them awkward about the whole thing. “So, I’m sure you have plenty of things to say to each other.”
“Oh I’m sure we do.” Grian spoke with a tone that took Mumbo aback, surprised to hear such venom in his speech.
“As do I.” Mumbo turned his head to look at Philza who spoke with a similar tone, though it wasn’t quite as deadly sounding as Grian’s voice.
“Well, um, how about we start with you? Phil was it?” Grian nearly jumped out of his chair. “Grian, calm down. I’m sure you have plenty to say, but right now you’re a bit too on edge. If you go first, it could get out of hand quickly.”
Grian slumped in his chair, now glaring at Mumbo as well, which didn’t make the redstoner feel any better.
“Right, well. First it seems that you’ve changed your name. Or forgot it even? It had been seventeen years.”
“I’ve been through a lot of time shenanigans. It’s been a bit over twenty at this point. And no I haven’t forgotten. I officially changed it at eighteen but I still know someone who uses the old name. But I really do prefer Grian.”
“Noted. Those time issues have anything to do with the Watchers? And don’t you have any idea how dangerous they are? But you decided to become one anyway.”
“Some of it is from the Watchers. And they’re not as horrible as you think. They don’t do anything if you don’t deserve it. For the most part they just observe and let players do what they want. People just get scared by the powers they hold and call them monsters. But here I am back to being a normal player after joining them. The most I have is a few extra powers and obligations for if my help is needed.”
“Help needed for what?” Philza asked, eyes narrowing.
“Nothing along the lines of killing your own son, hurting another. Letting people you cared about get hurt as you do nothing.”
Mumbo stood up quickly. “Alright, let’s maybe move onto something slightly different. Obviously Phil’s questions didn’t help so Grian I suppose it’s your turn.”
The hardcore player grumbled slightly but did nod. Grian smiled a little and Mumbo slid back into his chair with a sigh.
“Alright then. So, continuing on the other point, why do you think you can get upset at me for things that are untrue meanwhile you’ve been hurting your family for who knows how long?” Phil tried to answer, but Grian didn’t let him. “What I remembered of you, what kept me going, -kept me looking!- was my memory of you. You were kind, and protective of us. And I was so sure that you tried looking for me longer than I did. I eventually gave up, yeah, but the first thing I did as a Watcher was start looking for you again. And now I find out you’re part of why Tommy was so hurt when he showed up.
“I was the first one to find him because he was in my old base. He freaked out the moment I saw him, thought I was going to hurt him or kill him or something else. He acted like a cornered animal and it took weeks to earn his trust. I could barely give him food without him panicking about paying me back or worrying there was a trick with the food. The thing that finally got him to open up was when I got hurt and couldn’t leave and he saw I was just as hurt as him, I just hid it better. But even then he was still skittish.
“To this day he hasn’t told us everything. He’s doing so much better but has still been scared to say any names of people who hurt him because he was so sure we would go after you all and hurt you and it would end up with us getting hurt instead and him back in the hellhole he tried to escape. It just makes it so much worse to me the fact that every time he talked about you. Every time he mentioned ‘my dad’, he was talking about you. About someone who before today I would have never thought could do this, but instead you-”
At this point Grian was breathing heavily, practically yelling. Tears had started forming in his eyes which he noticed were currently at an above average level. His wings were puffed up to make him seem much larger and he had stood up, not having moved because his nails were still digging into the wood of the table. He had only finally stopped because Mumbo was now at his side, having grabbed one of his wings.
“I think letting you two trying to talk this out right now was a horrible idea. Maybe we should just give you two time to think about everything and sleep and calm down. I’m sure the boys aren’t going to be happy hearing you yelling so much.” Grian slowly calmed down at Mumbo’s words, leaning against the mustached man. His extra eyes disappeared and then he gave a nod. “Alright, want me to carry you?” Mumbo asked, getting another nod.
Grian let himself get picked up by Mumbo who struggled slightly getting the avian out of the chair, but it wasn’t like this was the first time he had done this. “Now Phil, I’m sure there’s a spare room around here somewhere. Wouldn’t be much of a mansion without plenty of extra rooms. If it doesn’t look lived in, you can use it.”
With that, Mumbo left the room with Grian. Phil stayed in his chair a bit longer before getting up and looking for a spare room. It didn’t take too long as there were plenty of rooms. Phil put away a few unnecessary items on the bed to make sure he could see which room was his. After that, he left to explore the mansion at least a little.
He found a few rooms of interest that he made note of, mainly because they contained farms or chests. Then, as he continued to explore, he heard voices. At first Phil thought about going the other way, not wanting to run into Grian and start another argument, but then he realized the voices sounded younger. Obviously He couldn’t talk with Grian right now, and the other man, Mumbo if he recalled correctly, would likely shoo him away. But with how one of the robots acted upon learning who he was, they might get him some insight into everything happening here.
The avian crept closer to the door, hoping they wouldn’t get too upset about him eavesdropping on them. “-itely not like him. He’s closer on Iskall’s side of the scale.” It sounded like the older one was speaking right now, but Phil wasn’t sure about what. Possibly him. The question is why that name sounded familiar. “I would maybe put him around where dad from some of the bad stories was like. Maybe a bit higher since Dream was focused on Tommy, not him.”
Okay, it was definitely about him. Or possibly Tubbo, but he had doubts. “Grum. Are they going to be angry at us like that ever?” Phil tried to ignore that, but the worried tone still managed to tug at his heartstrings just a little. “Or are we gonna get angry at them?”
“Maybe not exactly. But yes, most likely. You get upset when Dad or Daddy bring you home from the shopping district. And I’ve gotten upset at them sometimes too. Dad is very upset at Phil, so instead of complaining, he’s yelling.”
“And Grandpa Phil is doing the same thing?”
“For the most part, yes. He and Dad haven’t seen each other in a very long time and they learned the worst things about each other before learning they were family again.”
“Yeah, like you and auncle Iskall!” Okay, so that meant this Iskall person was likely related to Mumbo. After that, the bots continued to talk, but Philza walked off, not wanting to secretly listen in any more. It was still nice to know he potentially had a chance to work things out with Grian.
Or possibly not, as when he rounded a corner, he nearly ran into Mumbo. The mustached man looked surprised at first, but then frowned angrily. “Hey, sorry about that mate. Didn’t see you there.”
“I’m aware of that.” Mumbo crossed his arms. When he did that, it drew Phil’s attention to the darker patches on the man’s suit. The pattern looked like it was from the fabric getting wet, and the avian had an idea of what would cause that. “You probably shouldn’t keep going this way.”
Phil nodded, gesturing slightly to the hallway. “I’m guessing that’s where you two sleep.”
“On occasion. Though I tend to stay in my own base.”
“Wasn’t this place built for all of you though?” Phil asked. This place was extremely large, even compared to some of the things he had done on his own.
“No. This is just Grian’s place. Mine is a bit north of here. We don’t really worry about anything getting destroyed here so we build big to show off what we can do. The mansion isn’t even the biggest place.”
“How long did it take to build this place?”
Mumbo shrugs. “We’ve been here for about a year and a half. The bulk got built within. I’d say somewhere between three and six months. Hard to say with him taking a break to build the copy in the nether. But all that being said, it’s still not done. We never finish these things. Not really. Speaking of, do not mention the back of his mansion. For a lot of us, it’s a joke, so you may hear someone mention it, but he’ll probably react poorly if you mention it.”
Philza nodded. “‘Course mate. I know I’m already on thin ice with him.”
“You at least seem calmer about it.”
“Well, I didn’t really get a word in with all his yelling, so I all could really do was think about it.”
Mumbo sighed. “Yeah, he does that when he’s upset. Here, why don’t we go to the entrance hall and sit down to talk further.”
Philza agreed and followed the mustached man through the halls. They paused briefly at the kids’ room for Mumbo to pop his head in and give them a message where Phil caught another name of someone named Stress. “Alright. They’ll still come for me if it’s an emergency, but for something small they’ll be fine.”
Phil didn’t ask why they couldn’t go to Grian as he was pretty sure he knew the answer. Instead he just continued to follow behind Mumbo, taking an offered seat once they reached the main hall.
“Now, to start off, I’m going to something that’s a bit of a reverse of the standard.” Mumbo spoke. “If you hurt Grian any more without a good excuse, you will have to deal with me.”
Phil blinked. “Mate, are you threatening me?”
“Yes. I know you’re his dad, but I’ve known Grian for about the same amount of time and more recently. If either of us is to be in charge of those who can be close to Grian, it’s going to be me. Xisuma might also do the same. I know he did when Grian and I first got to- sorry, rambling a bit.”
“You two have kids and are obviously close. Plus I saw Grian with a ring. It’s obvious you two are married.”
Mumbo rubbed the back of his head. “We’re not actually. Grum and Jrum we just built. And Grian and I are together but not married. The ring is just something one of the boys made.”
Phil nodded. “Right then. Now I’m sure there’s other things you want to say.”
“Ah yes. I want to know a bit about you and Tommy. And Grian mentioned he had other brothers as well?”
The avian sighed. “Yeah, Techno and Wilbur. Uh, well Wil’s sort of dead. I… he asked me to kill him.”
Mumbo nodded. “Tommy mentioned you had limited lives in your world. He wouldn’t believe us at first that it was unlimited here, so we just told him he had plenty and then told him none of the deaths were big enough to count. It only finally got through to him when he got killed in the Aque Town property clash and it didn’t count.”
“Yeah, well I still see his ghost sometimes. I try to keep him happy enough. I’ve also been helping Techno out. Keeping him safe and all.”
“And what about you and Tommy?”
It was quiet, no answer being given just yet. Mumbo could tell it was something that wasn’t going to be easy to say.
“You see mate, with Tommy-”
A scream tore through the air and both of them jumped up, the redstoner first to react as he raced back in the direction they came from. Philza followed along, not quite as fast, but using his damaged wings to give him at least a little bit of a boost. They passed the kids’ room, the door already open and heads poking out. 
When Mumbo went into the room the scream had come from, Philza stopped to stay out of the room. There had been another scream on the way there, but right now, it just sounded like Grian was crying, doing his best to talk through his tears.
“Grian, what is it? What’s wrong?”
“He’s got him. He’s got Tommy. W-we need to g-get him. P-please he’s got Tommy. I can’t- He- I don’t know what he wants.”
Phil held his breath. Is this what his son though he would do?
“No. Tommy’s fine. He’s with his friend Tubbo. He’s safe.”
“He- he’s with T-Taurtis?”
“No h- yes. Yes he’s with Taurtis. And so he’s safe. We can call him if you want.”
“Y-you’re sure he’s not with-“
“I’m sure. I’m absolutely sure. He’s safe and he won’t get killed. Remember? Infinite lives.”
There was quiet except for some sniffling which eventually faded into an occasional light snore. A few minutes after that, Mumbo re-emerged from the room. “Oh, didn’t realize you followed.”
“Does he think I would do something like that to Tommy? Did Tommy really say I was that bad?”
“What? Oh! No no no! That- Grian’s had that nightmare before. He usually has nightmares when he’s been stressed and angry. Tommy hasn’t told us many names. Just told us stories about what happened. He talked about how your admin was and, well let’s just say that Grian knew someone similar and his mind tries filling in the blanks for him.”
“Oh.” That surprised Phil a bit. Was there someone out there worse than Dream? Bad enough for nightmares like that? Or, had they all just gotten used to it and accepted what was happening.
“Now, I believe you were going to say something before all of that.”
“Well, how similar are Tommy and Grian here?”
“Very. We’re surprised they haven’t caused more than one war with them together. Oh! Uh, wars here are not like actual war. Just, saying that before you freak out.” Mumbo quickly corrected, though the avian didn’t look too worried in the first place. “But honestly, they’re so similar, it’s not too much of a surprise that the two are actually related.”
“That was actually the problem.” Phil sighed. “Tommy was young enough I doubt he remembers Grian, but even back then they acted alike. Wil and Techno did their own things, but… when one son goes missing and the other son starts acting like him, and he’s the youngest so I had to take care of him more than the other two.”
“Essentially, you started to resent that he was like what you lost.” Mumbo didn’t need Phil to respond with the expression that appeared on the man’s face. “I can’t say I know the feeling myself, but it’s not something I’ve never seen.”
“Yeah. The lot of us have all sorts of backgrounds. A number of us are hybrids from not the best worlds, someone got re-animated, one person escaped a job instead of being able to quit it, and someone spited a god. There’s more than that, but I’m not sure how much I’m really allowed to share.”
“How much can you share about Grian?”
Mumbo paused, contemplating the question. “Well, he’s been in four- no five different worlds since he was last with you. Okay more than that, but those are the home worlds. The first one is not one he likes to talk about because a lot happened there that he doesn’t like remembering. The second and third have some small things he doesn’t like discussing and the fourth and fifth are here and our old world. I’d still be careful with discussing them though.”
“That sounds reasonable.” Then Philza paused before asking another question. “So obviously he’s upset at me. Any chance I can get on his good side again?”
Mumbo rubbed his chin, carefully answering. “Well. I think there is a possibility. But… there’s a good chance that if you do, he might not easily accept you as a father figure again. And to even get to that point, you’d have to make it up to him.”
“How do you mean mate? Is there something he’d probably like my help with, or think he wants me to talk with him? Maybe hang out with your kids?”
The redstoner shook his head. “No. Sort of the opposite. He’s not going to want you helping him out. He’ll want you helping someone else.”
There was a pause from the avian. “You? Your admin?”
Mumbo facepalmed. He was so used to being the one with a spoon moment that seeing someone else have one felt that much worse. “No you spoon-” “Spoon?” “-he’s going to want you to fix things with Tommy first. Like I said. They get along almost too well. I think all his anger isn’t because you weren’t the idolized image he remembered of you, or because it took so long for you two to see each other again. It’s that you hurt Tommy. Grian’s of the mindset that if he’s the one being hurt, it’s keeping others safe, but he absolutely hates it when the people he cares about get hurt.”
“How long has he been like that?” Mumbo was quiet for a while. It wasn’t his question to answer. “Right. Got it. Long time.”
The two talked a little longer, mainly Phil asking about the server and what went on there. He had a bit of trouble wrapping his head around everything, but he was doing his best. At one point he leaned back in his chair and looked up, only to freeze as he saw the chandelier made of diamond blocks hanging above them. It got Mumbo to start laughing as he then explained how Grian was one of the richest people there and how he once got a number of the other hermits to watch as he just started throwing diamonds into lava.
Philza balked at that as Mumbo used that as an opportunity to explain the shopping district diamond trees, Keralis’ diamond office, and how Joe refused to have diamonds and burn them all instead. “Remind me to never let him meet Skeppy.”
“Who’s that?”
“Essentially a living diamond.”
“You’ll have to keep him away from Scar too. He’s the one who grew the diamond trees and, uh… he has an affinity with, er, licking diamonds.”
“He- You know mate, I’m not even going to ask.”
Before they could continue their discussion, Grian sleepily entered the room, wings dragging on the ground. He went directly over to Mumbo, not acknowledging Philza in the slightest. “Mumby… can y’ call Tommy?”
“Oh my you are really out of it, aren’t you?” Mumbo asked, making the older avian sit up a bit in worry. “Yes, I’ll call him. Do you want me to move the boys up with you?”
Grian hummed in agreement. “Mmhmm, you too.”
“Anyone else?”
“Mmmmm… Martin c’n stay ‘f he swears l’yalty t’ the empire.”
Mumbo looked up and over at Philza. “I’m assuming he means you.”
“Nah, I’m good mate.”
“F’ck you then.” Grian mumbled before trying to fly and immediately face planting on the ground. He just stayed flopped on the ground for a few seconds as Mumbo messaged Tommy before he started wiggling for help. The redstoner rolled his eyes and helped Grian up, though nearly dropping him when a message came back in.
“Oh dear lord, that’s not good at all.”
“What’s wrong mate?” Philza asked, already a little on edge by how Grian was acting.
“Tommy and his friend got themselves stuck somewhere and can’t easily get out. Normally the solution is elytra, and that would be fine if it were just Tommy, but he’s saying that his friend is also skittish around fireworks. Plus they only have Tommy’s one.”
“Why would you need fireworks?” Philza asked, raising an eyebrow.
Mumbo looked confused for a moment before shaking his head. “Right, you’re an avian. I’m sure you haven’t had the use for elytra. They’re only good for gliding on their own, but blank firework rockets can give you a boost. Well, you can use normal rockets, but those have the potential to get you hurt, so that’s only really used in special circumstances.”
“So basically they went to a place you need to fly to get out of?”
“Essentially yes. Normally if Tommy’s wings broke, Grian would come to help, but right now…” He gestured to Grian, who had pulled out a loose feather from his wings and started playing with it. “He’s the only one who can get there without rockets when it comes to flying. Well, Scar or Cub could, but it’s also conditional. The next option is me since I can build a flying machine that should help them out of whatever the situation is.”
“So what you’re saying is you’re going to leave Grian here alone?”
“Well, sort of? The bots aren’t really the best for looking after Grian themselves. They don’t do well with Grian supervising, much less with no supervision. However… You’re also here.”
“...Mate we just went over how I probably shouldn’t be around him.”
Mumbo sighed as he placed down an ender chest and pulled a red shulker box from it. “I know, I know. But I don’t want to leave Tommy waiting or leave Grian alone while I deal with one of them while we wait for another of the Hermits to show up. I can still call Stress, but she won’t be here right away.”
“Alright, fine.” Philza relented.
“Good. Reminder that if anything bad happens to Grian because of you, you will severely regret it. But also, this is a chance to prove you can be around him.”
The first comment made the avian roll his eyes, as if it wasn’t something he expected. But the second part really was a bit unexpected. He guessed it made sense since this guy seemed to want to give him a chance, but at the same time, with everything going on it seemed like the last thing to say. He was the last choice available. But, he guessed Mumbo was right. Philza had a chance and it was time to take it.
The hardcore player carefully took Grian from Mumbo and the redstoner was immediately off with a bit of smoke from a firework. “Alright mate, where are we going?”
“Y’ didn’ say it.”
“Y’ gotta swear l’yalty.”
Philza sighed. It wasn’t like he was actually this Martin person. “Sure. I’ll swear my loyalty to the empire. Now where are we going?”
Grian giggled an evil sounding laugh before pointing up towards a platform and ladder leading up to it.
I’m not sure I can easily carry you up-” He didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence before purple magic quickly swirled around them and suddenly they were on the platform in what looked like a nest. “Mate what the fuck?”
Grian’s response was just to fall back laughing and then reply back in Phil’s own voice. “Mate what the fuck?” before devolving into more giggles.
The older avian sighed before looking for his comm, only finally noticing that he didn’t have it, and likely hadn’t had it the entire time he was in the world. He looked around a bit and noticed the one on Grian’s belt and pulled it off, pulling up the world chat.
<Grian> Alright, I don’t have my own communicator so Grian’s will have to do.
<Grian> He’s absolutely delirious 
<Grian> He used some sort of teleporting power or magic or something to get him up to somewhere when I said I wasn’t sure I could carry us there.
<Grian> He’s just giggling a lot now.
<Xisuma> I’m supposing you’re one of our guests?
<Grian> Philza. The guy with the mustache left to go help Tommy and Tubbo.
<Xisuma> Well, do you have any idea how well he slept?
<Grian> He had a nightmare and just looks exhausted in general.
<Stressmonster> I’m trying to get there as fast as I can.
<GoodtimeswithScar> Yeah if there’s anything I know about magic, is that it and being tired do not go well together.
<Xisuma> Grian’s Watcher powers can sometimes have negative side effects on his psyche. Nothing permanent, just headaches and confusion and the like. If he’s tired, it’s likely more prominent. 
<Xisuma> Nothing to worry about as long as someone is there to make sure he doesn’t get into any trouble. Try to make sure he doesn’t use any more Watcher magic and gets some sleep or at least some sort of rest.
<Grian> On it m8
Philza put the comm back on Grian’s belt and then looked for some sort of blanket or something to put over Grian. Unfortunately he couldn’t find anything. Then he remembered what happened when they first summoned Tommy back. The teen had gotten upset from Grian’s wing being gone since it was being used instead of a blanket. He tried looking again, hoping maybe while the wing was used for Tommy, Grian would have a blanket, but it didn’t look like that was the case.
Sighing, Phil sat to one side of Grian and spread one of his wings out before letting it rest on top of the other avian. He winced slightly, the damaged appendage getting used to the new position, but it was fine.
“When’d you get wings?” Grian looked over at Phil, his head half flopping over as he did.
“I don’t think you’re whoever you think I am. I’m your dad.”
Grian paused, staring into space before leaning onto Phil’s shoulder. “M’kay X eye sooma void.”
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strangelysamantha · 10 months ago
reassurance ❀
arthur ketch x plus!insecure!reader.
warnings: insecure reader, reader gets hurt, mention of blood, stab wounds, besides that cute fluff.
words: 1,242.
summary: arthur ketch is over you being insecure, because he knows your perfect. it takes you being stabbed to realize how deep his adoration is for you.
request? yes! from dms “…i would like the plus size reader and him to be in a relationship and be on a job and she gets stabbed in the stomach or something and he has to heal her with first aid but she doesn't want him to lift her shirt cuz she's so insecure of her stomach and its fat around him? and he stops being so harsh and sweetens his demeanor for his girlfriend?”
a/n: sorry this is late! struggled with some technical issues. more stories out today!! love y’all! if you enjoyed this story, like and comment! also i haven’t seen supernatural in a year or two so i hope this is good as i’m writing it off memory. <3
my masterlist
you were currently in a relationship with arthur ketch. the two of you had been dating for a little over six months. although you loved him dearly, you couldn’t help but feel insecure around him. the jokes he made, although he always meant well and it was all for fun, didn’t stop you from feeling insecure around him. you two were going strong; and you had a great relationship. the only downside was you actively went out of your way to avoid him seeing your stomach at all costs. he knew what you looked like, but he respected your boundaries, he never wanted to push or pressure you into anything especially if you weren’t comfortable with it.
arthur ketch, despite telling you to stay back, was undeniably walking into a death trap. you couldn’t just stand by and watch him proceed as if it wasn’t his stupidest idea, and granted, he has had a great share of awful ideas. you followed close behind him on foot, carefully ensuring that he didn’t see you following after him. once the coast was clear, you quickly moved closer to inspect the situation at hand.
despite your various efforts to remain unseen by him, he had seen you, and he wasn’t happy about it. “god! you never listen, and now you're with me. just another distraction. stay behind me, and actually listen to me this time.” his frustration was evident, but he was caught off guard. this is what allowed sam to approach us, a shiny knife in hand. you were startled by him, not prepared for what his plan was. he looked off, scarier, his eyes looked dead.
“uh… ketch?!” you exclaim, he looks away from you, back at sam. ketch straightens his back. “nice seeing you again sam, although, i can’t help but wish it was under better circumstances.” you bite your lip in anticipation waiting for what was going to happen next. sam chuckles, “oh trust me, the feeling isn’t mutual.” sam approached you two, his knife pointed outwards towards ketch specifically. “who’s this?” his knife now pointed at you. “no one. just an innocent bystander. leave her out of it.” you slowly back up, but sam’s smirk showcased he didn’t believe what he was saying.
“i don’t want to kill you, mr. arthur ketch. just want to scare you a bit, show you who you are messing with.” in a split second, before you even realized it, sam had sent the knife flying. ketch was confused since he hadn’t felt anything, that was until he looked behind at you. your eyes were wet from tears, and sam’s silver knife was lodged into your stomach, blood already coating your shirt.
ketch turned around looking for sam, but he had already vanished, clearly completing his mission. his mind was running rampant, not entirely sure on how he should handle this situation. luckily ketch’s adrenaline kicked into hard drive, and he was sprinting towards you. his hand swiftly was placed on your stomach, and you undoubtedly became self conscious. you push his hand away, scared he’d see how big you were. “ketch please don’t!” he shook his head, annoyed. “you will die! i need to touch and see your stomach.” you shook your head, crawling away from him, the knife still sticking out of your stomach.“dont! don’t look at my stomach. please, i don’t want you to see!” his emotions were conflicted, “why can’t i just see your stomach!? i need to help you! do you not understand that if i don’t check on the wound you’ll bleed out and die!?” you shake your head, “i don’t care! please just call an ambulance, do anything you want, BUT don’t lift my shirt up or touch my stomach.” you begged, the pain taking over as you hissed when you exhaled too much.
“i don’t care what you want. you act like i care about your weight. i love you for you, okay? if i didn’t like your stomach, and i was so “disgusted” by it, i wouldn’t be here. hell! we wouldn’t even be dating!” he reached for your shirt again, you tried to push his hand away, but he slapped your hand away. “stop. i’m looking regardless of what you do.” he slowly lifts the shirt. his eyes saddened as he saw how deep the knife was. “stay here, i have a first aid kid in my car. don’t move.” you frown, self conscious as your entire stomach was on display. he runs towards his car, leaving you alone bleeding out on the pavement.
when he comes back, you felt lightheaded and sick. he lifts your shirt again. “i promise you, i love you for you. regardless of your weight, or stomach, or whatever. on any other day, i would listen to your requests, but not when your life's on the line.” you nod, as he takes a wet cloth, wiping away the mess the blood caused. he continues to deal with the wound. after he cleaned it as best he could, he helped you up. “come on we need to go to the hospital, you need stitches.” you frown but follow him to his car.
when you arrived at the hospital, you were immediately checked in. they took you back and gave you stitches. while in surgery, ketch was out in the waiting room, his hand covered in your blood. when looking down at his hands, he begins to feel disgusted. he rushes to the bathroom, thoroughly washing his hands with soap. he returns to the waiting room, his leg shaking. he was caught in a trance before he heard your name. “yes! is she alright?” the nurse smiles softly, nodding.
“yes she’s okay, she’s in recovery, just calming down. you’re lucky you cleaned it, and got her here when you did. when she checked in she was minutes away from losing too much blood.” his smile leaves his face as soon as it comes. the shock is evident as he realizes he could have lost you. “can i see her?” he asked the nurse. “yes, follow me.” he follows the nurse to your room.
you were sitting up in the hospital bed, your stomach aching from pain as the pain meds were wearing off. “ketch…” he shushes you. “calm down, you’re okay. i- i can’t believe i almost lost you.” you nod, and he frowns. he scoots the chair closer to the bed before sitting on it, his hand reaching for yours. “i’m sorry i wouldn’t let you see my stomach.” you wait for his response. “it’s okay. i understand you are self conscious of it, i just wish you could understand that i don’t care about what you look like, i don’t care about your weight, or anything like that.” you nod, “i know you don’t, it’s just sometimes i forget.” he nods, staying silent. 
his hand is warm against your hand. “try and get some rest. you’ve been through a lot.” he glances up at you, and sees a soft smile on your lips. “okay.” your hesitation was evident, “i’ll be here when you wake up.” you sigh. “okay.” you lean back, trying to get some rest like he had asked. soon, he heard you had fallen asleep, his heart never stopped beating quickly. the realization that you wouldn’t have been alive if the situation was any different scared him. now, he was contemplating ways to get back at sam, for putting you in this situation.
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ramwrites · a year ago
Heyyo you know how you did that werewolf fic a while ago? That got me thinking, what if the saves a werewolf thinking it's just a big dog? I know it's been done before, but I've never seen it where the person actually turns out to be dangerous. Also sorry about all of the second asks :/
The reader in this is dumb and doesn’t figure shit out, so its basically a self-insert since i also am dumb and dont figure shit out
tw: yandere, threat of murder, threat of sexual assault, stalking
Tumblr media
Strays happening upon the farm wasn’t a new occurrence. 
Usually you’d lure them in with some food, try to earn their trust, and call the local shelter, who would often come and pick them up in the same week. It was no trouble, and you liked animals, so to know they would get proper care and food warmed your heart at night.
Sometimes they were too wild, not at all accustomed to humans, and would refuse to even take the food, growling whenever you would even look in their direction. It bothered you, and you were always a bit pushy trying to feed them regardless, knowing if they didn't accept your food, you would find their carcass in the next few days.
It was a rather morbid thing to say, but experience had made you accept it as a rule. There was wildlife surrounding your house that ate whatever didn’t leave the area within a few days. You’d managed to save plenty, but the stubborn ones all fell to the same fate, the creature eating them leaving naught but bones. 
You’d called a friend of you who was an expert on the local wildlife and asked if there was anything that would do that, a bear or perhaps a wolf. They’d been rather dismissive, telling you that it was merely the circle of life and that you should only worry if the creature ever threatened you or your property personally. 
While true, it still bothered you a bit. 
It wasn’t just the strays, after all, it was other animals as well. On a stroll, you’d seen so many dead animals that you had promptly returned home, your heart aching at the sight of so much death. 
Another call to your friend hadn’t solved anything either, your panicked tone only further convincing them the solitude of outdoor living was getting to you. 
“If you really want-” Jean, the wild-life expert said eventually, a labored and annoyed tone shining through their words. “-I’ll stop by next week and have a look, see if I can find any prints.” 
“That would really put my mind at ease.” You’d accepted heartily, deciding to ignore his clear dissatisfaction at having to go so far into the countryside. He shouldn’t have offered if he wasn’t willing. “Thank you so much. I’ll see you next week then!”
He’d grumbled, but eventually conceded, and you’d agreed on a time. 
The entire affair left your mind after that, and it wasn’t until you spotted a rather large figure outside of your chicken coop that the issue once again resurfaced. You stepped over the wire and looked around, seeing if you could spot it again. Slowly, a humongous canine figure came into view, its head curiously looking at you.
It was larger than the usual strays, by a wide margin, but you had seen large dogs before, and it wasn’t unimaginable for such a beast to be wandering about. You crouched down, and showed your bare hands, trying to usher it towards you. 
It took awhile, but eventually it confidently sauntered toward you, revealing itself to be even bigger than you’d anticipated from the distance. It was acting quite calm though, calmer than the usual stray. 
“Hey baby... how are you doing.” You said with a smile, hoping to seem as non-threatening as you could while the dog approached. You couldn’t resist using your baby-voice with it, dogs just filling your mind with brainless appreciation and love. The dog came close enough to touch and you carefully and slowly tried to pet it. “How did you get here?”
It was the size of a grocery cart, with yellow eyes inquisitively looking at you while you buried your hands softly in its brown fur, which went deeper than you’d expected. 
It leaned into your touch for a while, before suddenly turning around and sprinting away. For a moment, you wanted to follow it, see where it was going, but it was going way too fast for you to even try to keep up.
You sighed and went back to work. 
The next day it came back again, though this time it didn’t respond to your calls at all, simply following you around the farm while you worked. You tried to leave it some food, but it seemed rather indignified by the kibble you left, refusing to even try it. 
You quite liked having the silent beast follow you, its presence calming you greatly. A large animal wouldn’t dare attack you or your property with such a large guard dog around. Since the dog didn’t seem underfed, and you left the barn open for it to sleep in, you held off on calling the shelter, entertaining the thought of keeping this one. 
You’d decided against it thus far, knowing you wouldn’t have the heart to send away a single one as soon as you relented. A house full of dogs would be nice, but also too much extra work. Running a farm was already tiring. 
Your will broke after two more days of its silent following of you, and you even let it inside the house, which it did after some hesitation. It immediately claimed the couch as its bed, and while you worried for a while if it would carry flees into your house, you weren’t heartless enough to kick it out now that it was resting so sweetly. 
Despite the watchful protection, you were still very glad Jean would come by soon.
You’d been sleeping poorly, dreams of someone standing over your bed, touching your skin for hours on end, kept plaguing you, and you just knew you’d seen a humanoid figure exiting your bedroom one morning, though when you’d followed it down, there was no one but you and the dog.
Slowly, you started wondering if your friend was right. Maybe you were just succumbing to the loneliness of country life. You’d always thought solitude would fit you, yet as your hallucinations got worse and worse, and you kept finding more corpses out on the field, you weren’t so sure anymore.
It had gotten far enough that you neglected work, only feeding the chickens before returning back inside, where you felt safe at least. 
Just you and the dog.
You hadn’t named it yet, fearing your growing attachment would be complete once you’d given it a name. So far you just called it ‘dog’ and it listened, so maybe it considered that its new name.
That was a bit sad. You wouldn’t want to be called ‘human’. You would have to think of something better.
“You don’t have a collar...” You mused as you approached it, its eyes still warily following you around the room. It didn’t let you pet it like the first day, softly biting your hand, but you could safely walk up to it. Sometimes when you were reading, it would lay its head atop your lap. “Do you even have a name?”
It laid silent, and you smiled. 
It would only be two more days before your friend would come and search around the place. Two more days, and then you could sleep more easily, knowing that whatever was out there would be taken care of.
It wouldn’t be that easy, seeing as the most your friend could do was tell you what it was, but even so. It was something.
You didn’t sleep well that night, and when you awoke in the midst of it, you couldn’t find your phone anywhere. It was not a good thing to be in the middle of nowhere without a way to contact people, so you immediately went down to see if it was downstairs.
No such luck there, and in defeat you loaded up your computer, 
When your desktop finally finished loading (had it always been this slow?) your eyebrows furrowed as you saw tons of open websites, each one definitely not opened by you. Websites on search party protocols? Wildlife searches? The google search ‘temperatures human survival’? What even was a hunter’s website?
You only used the desktop for administrative purposes and a video game every now and again, so someone else had to have used the desktop. That didn’t make any sense though, since no one had been here in weeks.
It was just you. 
You turned around, letting out a yell of surprise as there stood a half-naked man with blonde dripping wet hair, a towel wrapped around his midst and a toothbrush in his mouth. As you silently watched, eyes wide, you saw him walk towards your kitchen with practised ease, spit out the toothpaste and walk back, this time sporting a large toothy smile.
“Hi Y/n. Sooo this-” “Who the fuck are you and why are you in my house? Wait. Is that my fucking toothbrush?”
“Maybe.” Shalnark answered, throwing your toothbrush on the coffee table. You felt disgusted, but you didn’t really know what to do. Violence seemed a bit over the top, especially with how calm he was acting, but still, he was a stranger in your house, and it didn’t exactly feel safe having him here. “I couldn’t find a spare.”
You sputtered, and he smiled patiently like you were the one who was being scolded here, not him for breaking into your house. You slammed your fist against the cupboard, an action that made the blonde man in front of you nearly break out with laughter. “Answer my first question maybe? Or get out?”
“You don’t look very threatening when you’re shaking in your boots.” He sat down on the couch, even kicking his feet up to the table. “And isn’t it rather impolite to send out someone in the middle of the night? You wouldn’t do that to me, would you?”
“You can stay till the police gets here, or you can go.” You bit back, indeed a bit frightened but also not calm enough to back down. “Why the fuck did you break in?”
“You swear a lot, y/n. Didn’t think you were like that.”
“Like that? Unbe- You’re a stranger in my house! Breaking and entering is also a bit unbecoming, don’t you think?!”
“It isn’t exactly breaking and entering if you let me in, though I understand the confusion.” 
“Let you in? I think I would remember letting someone in.”
He waved his hands, indicating for you to continue speaking, following your line of thought. “Are you from the wildlife association? Jean wouldn’t just send someone, he said he would come himself.” You tried.
Shalnark blinked twice and the edges of his mouth twitched upward before breaking out in laughter. 
“H-hey! You’re not supposed to be laughing. This is serious!”
“What am I supposed to do then? Be terrified? To be fair, I’m having a blast. I definitely should’ve met you like this earlier.”
“Like this? Earlier? Have you been here before?” You asked, remembering the previous bad nights you’d had, with visions of someone standing over your bed. That couldn’t be real, right?
“I’ve been here for approximately one and a half week? Been in the area much longer.” His eyes shined with something, as if urging you to figure out something.
“No way.” You rebutted, shaking your head. “I have a huge dog, there’s no way you could be here for that long without it noticing.”
Shalnark raised his eyebrows and gave you a pointed look.
He motioned again for you to keep talking. 
“No really, why are you looking at me like that.”
The blonde man closed his eyes for a few seconds, sighed, and opened them again with a renewed smile, this one a bit more condescending than the previous one. “You’re a bit slow, aren’t you?”
“Look, my phone’s gone, im really tired, it’s the middle of the night and there’s a stranger in my house, what the fuck do you want from me?”
He smiled and looked away, this time mumbling a bit to himself. “That’s actually really cute. I can work with that.”
Remembering what you should be doing, you walked over to the landline, which was in the kitchen. You dialed the alarm number and waited for the beep, your neck hair rising as you heard him stand up and walk over directly behind you. 
 “Emergency services, how can I help you?” A lady on the other side of the phone greeted. You waited with answering as you felt him stand behind you, his presence suddenly seeming a lot more threatening. To your relief, he moved away for a moment, to the kitchenblock. “Hello? Is there anyone?”
“Yes, hello.” You greeted before reminding yourself to get to the point, as you heard him already move back to you. “I just came downstairs and there’s someone-” You felt his presence behind you again.
He casually placed a knife at your throat.
You stopped speaking. 
“Hello, ma’am? Is there someone in your house? Do you need assistance?”
The blonde’s face moved right next to your ear, so you could feel his breath wave past your hair. “Tell ‘em it’s fine.” He whispered.
“I’m sorry,” You said, a bit shakily. The knife at your throat was placed at a sharper angle, so you could feel the steel just barely scrape your skin. “It was my neighbor. I was mistaken. Everything’s fine.”
“Ah, that’s good. Please make sure to check next time before you call. Have a good night ma’am.”
“You too.” You gently placed the phone back, exhaling shakily. 
Shalnark immediately retracted the knife and instead rested his face on your shoulders, using his arms to reach around your arms and waist, trapping you in one place. “Sorry for that.”
“Can you let go of me?” You tried, your entire body on edge as you felt him smile in your neck. His hair was still wet from the apparent shower, staining through your sleeping shirt. 
“If I do that, you’ll run or something like that.” He moaned in the same way someone would after hearing their morning alarm. “I don’t want you to do that.”
You didn’t dare reply, the feeling of the knife against your throat still lingering. Shalnark and you just stood there for what felt like an eternity to you and a mere moment for him. Eventually he lifted his head up. as if just realizing something. “Oh! You must be exhausted. You usually sleep around this time.”
“Most people sleep around 5 in the morning.” You softly said, a bit bitter. 
He didn’t take offense and even laughed. “Yeah, most do. Sooo- I’m going to bring you to bed now, to let you sleep, and you’re going to calmly walk with me, okay?”
You nodded, though the possible implications of ‘bring you to bed’ terrified you. 
Slowly he lead you upstairs, keeping your arm in a tight grip, not even humoring the idea of letting you walk by yourself.
The sight of your bed, a once so safe place, now filled you with dread, but instead of trying anything, Shalnark just lifted the sheets for you, even tucking you in. 
“Don’t look so terrified, Y/n.” The fact that he knew your name wasn’t new to you, but it still surprised you somehow. You clutched the sheets tightly. “You’re scared and tired. What kind of boyfriend would I be if I fucked you now?”
‘You’re not my boyfriend!’ You wanted to scream, yet instead you just clenched your hands tighter in the fabric of your sheets, not wanting him to change his mind.
He smiled brightly. “So let’s put that on the agenda for tomorrow. I can’t wait too long with it now that you’ve seen me. I want to have you mated and sorted out before you can have the chance to getaway.”
If it was possible, your body managed to stiffen up even further. 
Still dressed in just a towel, he leaned against the doorpost, his fingers lingering on the light switch. “I’ll keep watch for tonight, so don’t think about going out of bed if you like your legs the way they are now. Good night!”
The lights went off.
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