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#my beloved
a-pile-of-kruge · 14 minutes ago
at this point im pretty sure the staff is just afraid of the sheer power we the clowns hold
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dinodina · 3 hours ago
torchwood fandom be nice to lisa hallett challenge
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sunwooyeon · 3 hours ago
i love sunwoo so much in case you didn't notice
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gurneykink · 3 hours ago
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Tumblr media
threat posting
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nite-land · 4 hours ago
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I look like trash rn but thank you <3333
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whimlen · 5 hours ago
nothing, we're holding hands <3
BHSHS hi Milo🤝
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mudslide-sailor · 6 hours ago
what up what up what up i'm going to be LIVE playing Tomb Raider (2013) at 2:00pm EST/ 11:00am PST at Come on over, it'll be a ton of fun!
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owlf45 · 7 hours ago
"the simping for first club" ohh lord i imagine 2nd is not super pleased with that, you've made me like a ship made from very thin grasped straws its going to be annoying if its not cannon. How did you even start it in your brain?
Math, actually. According to canon, Izuku is a fifth generation quirk user, and that most likely makes Toshinori a fourth. Toshinori has probably had OFA the longest. From what we see of flashbacks, Nana is probably a third generation user as well. There’s six other users. That means that probably from generations 1-3, OFA users:
1) were near the same age
2) likely chose people older than them at times
3) probably didn’t have the time to find someone outside of their circle, meaning that lovers and family members could easily be chosen
At first I just chose Second and First cuz Second was there since the beginning and I wanted to show how much he missed First as a way to build up his character (since I was making them from scratch basically), but in retrospect it’s one of the greatest goldmines I struck upon. There’s so much more potential there than I initially realized
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sammywlw · 8 hours ago
adam milligan is such a goddamn bitch and i love him SO much
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