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#my blackstar design never changes much
morrysillusion · 7 days ago
there are certain warrior cats who i just have trouble designing bc i feel like i have just had the more Basic take on them due to there being so many, but all having the same general vibe. it was kinda like that for blackstar- ive never seen a take on his that was more than just... black paws, black ears and maybe a black face mask. my blackstar leans on that but with some time and thinking on their piece, i feel pleased with results that feel somewhat unique
bluestar is also one of those cats, and i have designed her in the past, but shes always just.... solid blue cat in my head, not much else to change about her lol. its probably why i wouldnt ever do a design blog, since my ideas for many characters just feel like repeats of what everyone expects them to be like
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goatpaste · 7 months ago
WC design/headcannon/ect masterlist- Part C
another chunk of all the headcanos/AU’s/design notes/warrior names for kits and leaders never given a canon one/ect for all the wario cats!
this one is for all the C named cats!
info under the cut
Tumblr media
slight design change for my cedarheart design, mostly color change
big huge headcanon i have for cedarheart is he is nightclouds father. Whitetail and him met as apprentices at gatherings, but didn’t officially meet until they were fighting against bloodclan. Whitetail almost slain in battle was saved by the the shadowclan tom. a kind cat with a good mentor who taught him well. 
the two fought side by side and after the fact whitetial figured that was the end of their alliance. However Cedar thought different. the next time the two would meet Ceder would have been made one of blackstar’s first warriors as Cedarheart. the two would see each other often at gathers, whitetail being thought to be very close with deputy onewhisker had the privilage of going often and Cederheart being a new and well liked warrior under new management was brought along as an example. 
Cederheart would try to make small talk with the windclan she-cat seeking to befriend her after their mutual battle not long ago, but Whitetail understood herself to not make friends with another clan cat.
but then he throws this silly line, after seeing she wouldn’t talk to him he simply says ‘so do i have to wait until you need saving again so you’ll talk to me?’
and its this stupid silly line that cracks whitetail, she finds him funny. and the two make quick for friends talking at the gatherings, chatting at the border.. spending long nights together when no one watched.
after an incident with a shadowclan and windclan scuffle, whitetail was seen by her thought to be mate onewhisker not fighting cedarheart. it was quickly found out she was in love with cedarheart.
onewhisker wouldnt tell on them but told her then if she didnt give up her romance with cedarheart he would he forced to tell tallstar
she tried to cut things off with cedarheart but the two felt sorrow at the idea of it, but did their best to not cause further problems in their clans.
its then that whitetail realizes she is expecting kits, and their sure to be cedarhearts. Whitetail tries to confine with her closest friend onewhisker. only to be barraged with his sour nature accusing of whitetail for acting against the clans. telling her this would be her last chance, to give her kit to one of the queens and act as if  neither her or onewhisker’s relationship ever happened. with firestar off on his skyclan quest no where to be seen, problems popping up with the leafbare seasons through all the clans, not to mention the bloodclan battle cause both too much comradery between clan cats and at the same time a big strain. for the deputy’s mate to come out with a half clan kit would ruin him. 
whitetail pushed into a corner agreed to onewhisker’s demands. Cedarheart and whitetail would spend their moons watching their daughter from afar and separately. Cedarheart would give his life in the great war against the dark forest helping to keep windclan safe, only whitetail understanding his will to fight for them.
Tumblr media
aparently a cat named chadder showed up in the newest darkness within book so a design for her!
Tumblr media
bit of a design change on this one
first litter of robinwing and fuzzypelt,ofc. very much a spit fire and would die under ‘unusual circumstances’ found dead on thunderclan territory. no one knowing who her killer was
if she got a warrior name i think some cute names would be like Cherrypit or Cherrysplash 
Tumblr media
sibbling to cherrypaw
died much younger due to lack of prey in the territory and fights breaking out over prey stealing in the clans, chestnutkit died young
warrior names i think would be cute
Chestnutcrack, Chestnutfur, chestnuthawk
Tumblr media
i dont actually have much cinderheart commentary beyond her design
her design is meant to contrast to cinderpelts design who looks like dying burnt out cinders while cinderheart is buring glowing cinders
Tumblr media
got a few differing cinderpelt things, there is the design stuff
which her lil design correlating to cinderhearts as stated previously with the heart marks and the cinder stuff
i also like the idea with cinderpelt, when she was cinderpaw young before her accident and falling into a depression she was all bright orange like her dad. but grayed quickly and only her tail was left orange
i like the idea of medicat cinderpelt who gets to have a symbolic warrior ceremony performed by yellowfang after her medicat ceremony that only fireheart and brackenfur get to see
then my rewrite i like more with cinderpelt staying a warrior after the accident with the support of her brother and everyone. brackenfur becoming a medicat
and cinderpelt goes to live with windclan for a bit being mentored by the excellent deputy deadfoot, and given an honorary windclan warrior name
i mention this in my last masterlist of headcanons with brackenfur’s stuff and here
also my other headcanon that make me sof, cinderpelt being also a reincarnation alongside fireheart of yellowfangs stillborn’s wishkit and hopekit
Tumblr media
gosh do i thing her name is cute
buT i havent read the books she is in
but i like to imagine with the guardian cats, cats will come and go as they please as a place of healing should be. but cats with bigger injuries tend to stick around either just for the longer recovery or because they become accustomed to the lifestyle and wish to help out
cinnamon was found with a missing ear, lost hearing and a leg gone. she is fully recovered and living happily
Tumblr media
another new cat from graystripe vow book who didnt exist when i first started drawing all warrior cats. so a design for him
i 1000% designed clawwhistle to be related to firestar, idk from where maybe from one of firestars siblings, or another one of jakes siblings kids/grandkids. i simply muSt have a cat related to jake in every clan
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i wanted cody to look like just a polite little lady
she was born with no neck (kinda like pig the dog) and its just a sweet round kitty
also i think her and leafpool shoulda been in love
Tumblr media
slight design update for my conefoot design!
and again on the design note of all one snowbird’s kit being color cordinated to a rainbow scheme conefoot is the black based color pallet
Tumblr media
not much about her, i like to think she was probably a fun apprentice who got along with the other apprentices in diff clans
if she had gotten a warrior name i think cute names would have been like copperfoot, coppershine or copperscales
Tumblr media
maybe unpopular opinion, but i like coriander for more of what id like to imagine of her
i think it be cute like, floss passed away and the owners of the house are wanting a companion for smoky so they got coriander. coriander has a huge hang up knowing all she is is a mate for smoky and nothing more. the moment theres another she-cat or she moves on he’d happily move on with his life while she probably would not.
she feels threaten by daisy when she appears, smoky is flirty and sees to hold some form of flame for his old companion.
but i’d like it if coriander ends up confiding in daisy. apologizing for her behavior and them both bonding over being this slice of entertainment for smoky and that he never truely cared for either of them or smoky. the two becoming close and mates bonding over their shared experiances and understanding each other
Crest of Snowy Mountain
Tumblr media
character who appeared in graystripes vow, so a design for her
Tumblr media
another baby cat
warrior names i think would be fun for them
Cricketsong, Cricketwhistle, Cricketlegs
Tumblr media
one of the biggest design notes i have for crookedstar is the graying on his legs. while i imagine by the end of his life he looked more like this
Tumblr media
the main design i use for him is like the first one. i imagine prolong years in the dark forest with direct connection and interaction of a dark forest cat grayed his pelt over time. its some what noticable on certain dark forest trainees but since its such a short time with only one year for most its only around their paws or tail tips, backs or faces looking more like graying from age. some cats like breezepelt who were more in tune with teh violence of the forest and less ‘not realizing the evil of the forest’ would gray more. but breezepelt is all black so its basically impossible to tell unless he’s in direct sunlight and you can see the glimmer of his gray undercoat.
crookedstar i also like, his real canon mate willowbreeze is fine and good but also i die for a romance between him and bluestar more than bluestar and oakheart tbh
also this big post thats mostly about rewriting mapleshade but crookedstar is there to
Tumblr media
crowfeather has the longest tail current in windclan, which to windclan cats is like a desired trait. a beloved trait of their founder windstar who had a beautifull long and windy tail. crowfeather descending from her bloodline has the passed down trait. a trait he passed down to jayfeather but noy breezepelt
a post about how i would die to rewrite crow and breeze’s relationship and bonding in crowfeathers trial
Tumblr media
crystal would totally be like the 50s diner waitress who calls you ‘sugar’ and ‘honey’ very very sweet
she also hast he classic firestar/jake family white paw(s)
she went blind relatively young as well
also my one AU with here were she finds mapleshade in the river with her one surviving kit petalkit and they fall in love and jake and petal are adoptive siblings
Tumblr media
very sad this one didnt get a warrior name curly is a very cute prefix
i think warrior names for her would been cute like
Curlyfur, curlycloud, or curlytail
Tumblr media
another baby cat who didnt make it to being a warrior but this one just sdjkgh straight up got unexisted with her sister which is such a shame
i imaged her as this timid lil thing who in comparission to her sister who was much louder tend to sit back and let her handle things
warrior name i think would been cute for her
Cypressflood, Cypressshadow or Cypresscloud
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goatpaste · 7 months ago
WC design/headcannon/ect masterlist- Part B
another chunk of all the headcanos/AU’s/design notes/warrior names for kits and leaders never given a canon one/ect for all the wario cats!
this one is for all the B named cats!
info under the cut
Tumblr media
badgerfang i think a lot of us have a big ol soft spot for, but ought i really care him and his family i think it needs more than jusT the badgerfang death like for real
one of the biggest reasons i wanna learn to animate is because i wanna make a badgerfang and flintfang amv! it would be sdkg more about flintfang because i think he’s a neat character who has a lot of potential for development 
like mAN you ever stop and think about not only was flintfang sad over badgerfangs death because it was sad, bUT also because badgerfang was his sisters kit AND to the thought of blackstar is flintfangs brother. flintfang had to deal with playing a hand in badgerfangs death then watch his brother loyally follow brokenstar, then tigerstar 🥺
Tumblr media
baypaw was the first of his lil chunk of family i design, i didnt have a sorrelstripe design made yet so i ultimately decided to base his design on his grandpa Lionblaze. smaller fluffy lionblaze.
I know we should be coming up to baypaw getting their warrior name soon
i think a name like Baysong or Baygale
Beech Tail
Tumblr media
the only thing i have  to say is dgjksh when i designed the ‘beech’ prefix designs it was late and i totally went ‘beech... the beach’ and noT beech the tree sdjkgh. so i designed beech tail like that of a penguin sdjkgh
Tumblr media
beechfur , riverclan warrior under mistystar’s leadership
i imagine beechfur is be EXTREMely accident prone, from the first instant of getting sick and healed by leafpool all the way up till the end. He is in and out of the medicine cats den constantly. and through this formed a big ol crush on the pretty medicine cat apprentice Willowshine who has had to full on decline his feelings. he is not the only one who has had this treatment, many a riverclan cats have found themself charmed by willowshine
Tumblr media
Beechpaw, a apprentice of ancient skyclan who were forced to leave the forest territory.  i imagine beechpaw was of the few cats who did everything he could to keep the others in good spirit while they tried to find their home, which often came to the annoyance of all his distraught clanmates. he never stopped doing all he could to put a smile on their face until he died.
he was the last apprentice cloudstar named a warrior and only lived a few moons after becoming one.
warrior names i like for him are like Beechshed or Beechshine
Tumblr media
slight update to my beenose design because i want her to fit my newer darktail group clown aesthetic 
another design note is her and her siblings all are themed after a diff color of the rainbow, beenose is yellow. their mom snowbird has a pale rainbow pattern and each other her kits is a diff color of the rainbow
Tumblr media
Beetlewhisker is another one of my quiet favorites i have, and it is because of the error of him being alive for SO many books after he died.
like !!! bitch had a HUGE major death and went on to live for a long time aND be listed as a cats mentor (which i think that has been changed now)
i love the idea of in a way beetlewhisker WAS with the clans that long after his death. that due to his death was in a way locked in the dark forest, his soul stuck there. but because of the ways of the dark forest cat’s he was chased out, and unable to enter starclan having died in the dark forest, now cursed to live in limbo.
He walks to the grounds of riverclan watching over his clanmates while they rest hoping that no one else is to be preyed upon by the dark forest like he was ever again. 
theres ghost stories of riverclan cats seeing the shape of a cat shining brightly when hit by moonlight. a peaceful spirit of the past who protects them.
and in design 100% his design was made to look like that of a smeleton bones lol
Tumblr media
the erin team will have to pry bellaleaf and firestar being siblings from my cold dead hands!!
you can’t say they look basically exactly alike and their not related i wont take it sdjkg. i DIE for the idea oh whore jake managing to have so many kids that get into the clans. like the over saturation of jake dna through the clans ruining them absolutely kills me sdjkg
i also imagine ravenpaw having like deja vu of firestar when he looks at bella, cats who knew firestar look at her and can’t help feel she reminds them of someone. 
Tumblr media
another one of the designfor snowbirds kits, berryheart is the red themed sibling.
she also got a slight design change to be more clowny to fit her time in darktail’s group
Tumblr media
i just love berrynose, i think hes very terrible and i love him a lot
i think the books are cowards and i think berrystar woulda been the fUNniest outcome oR like
imagine the powermove if berrynose lived and squirrelflight fucking made berrynose her deputy likE
also berrynose is a lil gay brat, he has a thick country accent and everyone find him weirdly charming. many hate him but cant help but find him alluring. 
he actually is a very good warrior, he stays on top of his task and brings in the prey. his biggest problem is his ego and his need to get in others faces all the time
i love when he’s paired with lionblaze because their stupid rivarly is so good i really wish it was more plot important and lasted longer i LIVE for best friend rivals lion and berry
buT i also love him with jayfeather for the simple dynamic of the one cat who would probably hate him more than anyone else but oops he’s in love to
or him and breezepelt because they could be lil shitheads togeather
Tumblr media
the biggest thing i can say about birchface is 100% birchface watched over mapleshade’s kits, doesnt let appledusk or his own family hurt them. He treats them like his own.
in AU’s where birchface lives i defiantly can see him having a HUGE crush on mapleshade and being much like thrushpelt was to bluefur. being as a surrogate dad for her kits and keeping the secret.
in my main AU with mapleshade dieing and getting a redemption its mostly the same except they become a sweet happy family together in starclan.
he’s a big goofy dad type and his father had hoped he would become leader one day, but worried that he was too lax with the code and not as driven to fight as others and began to think he would have to rely on frecklewish instead. then they both died and he ended up turning to his youngest son pinefur
Tumblr media
this is just a one time ghost cat buT  i like the design i made for her.
im all here for dark forest cats having this black oozing mark from where they died, starclan gets being covered in stardust and maybe having from pretty plats or glow or other representative stuff on their death. but ghost cats are loUD with their mark of death. its a nagging weight they carry around based on their inability to move on to their respective afterlives. For blade its giant bright red tire marks that slowly circle around her body.
Tumblr media
just a lil boy
i imagine he kinda constantly has crushes on cats from other clans which while some might tell him to hush when he shares his thoughts on the pretty cat from riverclan he gets some loving teasing from dovewing and antfur
Blazefire is also miss nearly all of his tail
Blizzardstar and Blizzardwing
Tumblr media
not much here but to say 100% i designed blizzardwing in mind of being that of a grandson or great grandson to blizzardstar
Tumblr media
shrug idk a lot to say about her beyond, i know she’s a asshole character but i remember liking her, i think she’s mean but its kinda fun in a way
i think i also just have this soft spot for millies kits because their millie’s
also i just like my blossomfall design i think she’s v fun
Tumblr media
another shadowclan kit who died under brokenstar’s ruling.
i think as sad as it is, i can imagine blossomkit to be badgerfang’s sister, just another sad thing to think about for fernshade’s litter. the potential idea of all her kit’s dying because of brokenstar
a warrior name for her that would been cute woulda been like Blossomglaze or blossomsprout
Tumblr media
bluebellkit sure disappeared from the books. she’s one of those kits that like, she already had a mouth full of a name and i wish i coulda seen what they woulda named her as a warrior
but she’s another one of snowbird’s rainbow themed kids, her ofc being the blue one.
i think a cute warrior name for her could been Bluebellwhistle or bluebellfoot
Tumblr media
i lobe boulder i think he is very under appreciated!! 
i think it be very fun to get a novella or something in this POV,,
he’s just hangin out back there yknow,,,
(bit of an art change from here as i took a break between these two and switched programs)
Tumblr media
idk a lot about actual bouncefire, i think the only books with any real characterization in it was ones i havent read
buT id really like to imagine growing up he saw his mentor patchfoot as a father figure and was ultimately the reason patchfoot and his mom got together. and bouncefire being absolutely ecstatic about it. thinking patchfoot is the coolest guy
bouncefire gets along good with his half siblings
gay cat and wanna be emo but just is kinda angy
Tumblr media
my biggest brackenfur AU is my medicat brackenfur which i have info of here
the other thing vaguely mention in these but would probably be more prominent in his og story
but brackenfur is quietly the biggest mess in the family. Being on pare with confidence and energy as cinderpelt when they were young, after her accident somethin changed for him. he loved his sister but is a big distant. but its hardly noticeable between the two as they worked very separate jobs in the clan
then his other sister, brightpaw has her accident and brackenfur begins to question something
but when he his the last to leave in the thunderclan group to their new home he stops and looks back at his mother frostfur who is old and frail look, though she wasnt young the damage of the forest hit her hard. 
this when brackenfur decides starclan has it out for his family, especially the mollies. they were cursed he was sure.
moons later he is expecting his kits with sorreltail, letting his mind rest on the idea, the crazy notion that some greater force wanted the she-cats in his family dead. 
then the day his kits arrive cinderpelt dies to the badgers. he pushes down these feelings down again it was the time. But he couldn’t help but think that, if leafpool was there, if starclan had given them a sign of the badgers, anything. maybe cinderpelt might have lived. but he pushes it back down and tells himself it was a warriors death
and then his daughter, cinderpaw is struck by the tree and the stirring in his mind grows stronger. why has starclan done this to his family
then honeyfern gets bit by the snake. how could starclan be so cruel, their always so young.
then his sweet sorreltail fought strongly for her two young daughters future
and on his own, forced to watch seedpaw drown and lilypaw be haunted by what happened.
the women in brackenfurs family is cursed and he bears the burden of relizing it, of living and watching each of them suffer until the end
to the ones that lived and are happy still, with no burdens in their lives he watches happily making sure NOTHING bad comes their way. he would fight starclan themselves to make sure his family is safe and happy
Tumblr media
in design Breezepelt has a p average length tail. which for him is a huge disappointment. His father crowfeather has a long slender windclan tail, a trait that is held to high standards in his family. a trait passed all the way down from windstar herself who had the longest and most beautifully windy tail. 
Breezepelt has a angry spot about this because he feels lacking and especially disconnected to his father. BUT double this with jayfeather having only half windclan blood has a tail even longer than crowfeathers 
i also would NOT put breezepelt with heathertail, i dont see any reason for it. like first off this bitch gay, id love for him to have a boyfriend and it think it should be berrynose because one, their both terrible i think it be funny and i also think its funny to ship berrynose with lionblaze or jayfeather so im like, whats another brother (to be clear not shipped all together, this is separately) and two, the idea heathertail and poppyfrost lesbian could exist
then the big BIg thing is, i would take breezepelts character and gut what happened in crowfeathers trial out of both him and crowfeather
i talk about it a bit here, but i think ill re talk about it in full when i get to crowfeather
Tumblr media
miss briarlight i love you!!
very sweetgirl
i based her design off sakuras and bleed heart doves. idk what possessed me but when i went to design her i knEW she was gonna be pink she needed to be she deserved it
briarlight buff as shit in her forlegs she loves trying to rope leafpool and jayfeather into lil strength contest she always wins (sometimes she will let leafpool win on days she needs it) 
her and jayfeather are wlw/mlm best friends. jayfeather calls her pidge which started as a mean nickname that she simply loved and embraced fully
also in my AU with medicat lionblaze i can very much see briarlight and lionblaze being very sweet friends. like big strong lionblaze who is actually docile and compassionate about his work and briarlight loud and rooting him on
Tumblr media
swear to god until i got back into warrior cats this year i had always thought brick was a lady and her and bone were suppous to be scourges like adoptive bad parents jkdg
anyways im still with that, she/her agender brick who adopts their terrible son scourge and is in a monogamous partnership with bone’s. strictly business defiantly not married, they just have a son together. 
Tumblr media
idk a ton about her, but from her wiki it dsjkgh doesnt look like theirs  alot
but i’d like to imagine she’s a very anxious girl and struggles in crowds especially around cat she doesn't know. she feels more comfortable when one of her sisters is with her or her grandmother nightcloud. Nightcloud has always been a source of self confidence for her and they love each very much.
Brindlewing also inherited crowfeather’s family long tail that skipped breezepelt. Brindlewing holds the tail in her mouth as a means of helping her anxiety.
Tumblr media
a biG design overhaul for my bristlefrost design, i really didnt like the old design i made her. wanted her to be a lil darker colored and in general have a cuter design
i gave her diff color eyes to mark her double agent status one eye green like her fathers and the other sharing the same blue i use for ashfur’s eye color
i kept her with the one white paw which i give to any descendent of jake, just because canonically she is ivy and ferns kid.
but in my rewrite their not togeather. Fernsong was a kittypet or a loner who had lost their mate and home and was found by ivypool caring for his three kittens alone. this is more fernsong headcanon, but bristlefrost is there
bristle and all the kits love ivypool they look up to her big time and all wished she was their mentor when they became apprentices. 
bristlefrost often confides in her father when feeling guilty or unsure of herself and he is always there for her
Tumblr media
half brother to tallstar
i imagine woolytail’s family seems to have a high mortality rate with their kids with only one maybe two usually making it to adulthood. bristlekit would die before becoming an apprentice and spent time in starclan with finchkit and later rabbitkit waiting for wrenflight and tallstar.
if bristlekit made it to being a warrior id like to think he was named Bristlefeather or Bristlefoot
Brook where small fish swim
Tumblr media
teeny update to my brook design to give her small white fish dots matching her brothers spots
her general design is mean to be loosely based on a mountain lion. 
she got strong powerful mountain climbing body
i also wish her romance was better developed and wasnt like based in a lot of white savior romance plots given to native and native coded characters
in general the tribe really shoulda just been written better
Tumblr media
brownpaw, brother to littlecloud killed mosspaw as a kit on accident and was apprenticed for it by brokenstar
i imagine him and his brother wetfoot killing mosspaw effect them both deeply. for wetfoot it shook him to the core and made his doubt his own claws
for brownpaw it set him down the path of destruction. brokenstar rewarding him for what happened with mosspaw was the biggest enabler
brownpaw would go on to be a blood thirsty apprentice who would throw his young life away under brokenstars order of attack.
had he been made a warrior i think brokenstar woulda named him Brownmoss claiming he had earned the name when he took it from mosspaw.
Tumblr media
design for bug because i think the book she was in didnt exist when i originally started drawing every warrior cat
love her!
Tumblr media
bumblestripe’s character makes me sad
im SUCH a millie stan and for one of her kids to be disabled then treated like garbage to the end of her life and written super ablest and then her other two kids are total shit heads? makes me sad
i wish at lEAST millie and graystripe had a second little, maybe just one total sweetheart
and its been forever since i read the books. but i remember bumblestripe being a real nobody characters just very generic personality until romance plot for dovewing came into play. and now he super sucks!
i wish he coulda just been a good character who loved dovewing, is sad and kinda jealous of her feelings for tigerheart but in the end respects her decisions and even admires her courage to follow her heart even if it led her over the borders.
Tumblr media
slight buster redesign to fit more in the circus clown look from when he was in the kin
also design note, he’s got an orange themed design to go along with his rainbow themed siblings
Tumblr media
windclan kit who showed up once in the sight crying and being comforted by a queen
mm i think some good warrior names for them woulda been like
buzzardface, Buzzardshriek or buzzardwhistle
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fansitesposts · 8 months ago
Emilia Clarke on the Importance of Female Mentors in the Film Industry: “Lord Knows I Would Have Loved One”
Since 2015, Chanel and Tribeca Enterprises (founded by Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal) have selected young, female and/or nonbinary filmmakers to participate in their joint mentorship fund competition Through Her Lens. The candidates, a group of about 10, get paired up with mentors—experts in script-to-screen development, casting, music composition, costume design, producing, and directing—and because Chanel is involved, the group is always top-notch, made up of the discerning sorts of figures you might expect to see sitting front row. They include Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Diane Kruger, Julianne Moore, Katie Holmes, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathryn Bigelow; while the likes of A.V. Rockwell, Nikyatu Jusu, and Hannah Peterson have competed, going on to screen their work at Sundance, the Toronto International Film Festival, and the BlackStar Film Festival.
In years past, Through Her Lens has kicked off with a luncheon, usually at De Niro’s Locanda Verde in New York, that unfolds like a parade of Chanel-clad film-industry talents. In the three days that follow, participants get one-on-one mentoring sessions and master classes dedicated to the development of short film projects. The program culminates with a lucky three being awarded grant money to help realize their films. This year, there will be no tweedy lunch or face-to-face mentorship sessions, but Chanel and Tribeca Enterprises are committed to continuing the program 2020 style: virtually.
How did you first hear about Through Her Lens?
I got a call from my rep telling me about Through Her Lens. As soon as I heard about it, I was like, “Damn straight. I am so in!” I did a judging panel for the BFI last year and it was so fulfilling and amazing. I really passionately care about new voices being heard, especially when those voices are female, so this was an absolute no-brainer. It’s kind of funny because you’re sort of like, well, what can I bring to the table? What experiences can I share that might be beneficial to someone coming into the industry? Because Lord knows I would have loved [a mentor] for myself! I think that when you’re a female in this industry, you do have a slightly singular experience. And I think that it’s becoming increasingly valuable for us women to talk to each other.
What experiences and advice will you share with your mentees?
An understanding of what I’ve learned and what to expect; what you can push back on and what the environment you are being sent into is like. Because everybody starts with, largely speaking, a wide-eyed, optimistic gaze, and I think that the best way to have your stories told and heard is by understanding the environment you’re walking into. And now, as a producer as well, I see a whole other side of things, which is teaching me a lot as an actor and will definitely be valuable to a young filmmaker or a new voice.
You mentioned you wished you had more of a mentor. Could you expand on that?
I picked people up as I went along because, from the beginning, I didn’t really have a mentor. I’ve sort of gone through every job like, “Okay, they’re my mentor on this one.” And as I’ve had more experiences, I’ve met more people, and a few of those people, in the most beautiful way, have become people that I now lean on in a way that I never thought I would. And they come from different places as well. You’d think an actor needs an actor, a director needs a director, a writer needs a writer—not at all. One of my work gurus, [whom] I tend to ask, “What do you think?” on almost everything, is a writer. You never know where the help is going to come from. You never know what’s going to resonate with you or with someone else. Having as many experiences as you can with as many people as you can is only going to put you in an even better place to really understand what your voice is.
What’s been the most valuable piece of advice given to you?
As an actor, the main question is: Do I take this job? Is this something that’s going to be worthwhile for me? There are three things you’ve got to consider. You’ve got the people, you’ve got the script, and then you’ve got the money—which is a valuable thing! If you’ve got all three, you’ve got a sure thing. If you’ve got two out of three, blindly speaking, you should do it.
Something else someone said to me is to consider if the project is meaningful. It sounds cerebral and lofty in a way, but actually it’s really helpful—if the project is something that I’m truly interested in, that can keep my attention for the duration of it. The thing about making a movie or a TV show is that it only takes three hours to read the script, but it’s going to take two years of your life. You’ve got the bit before, you’ve got the filming of it, you’ve got when it comes out and you’re going to have people talking to you about it, and then you’ve got to see it on TV! They really are an investment of your time, and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to value my time a lot more.
Would you encourage others to focus more on the meaningfulness of a potential project?
That’s the thing that lasts; that’s the thing that you still have when you stand next to a project that maybe you’re not proud of. If there’s that thing that you found to be truly meaningful, you can live with that. You can survive off of that because that’s what being a creative person means. You get that one seed and that grows into something that you create and it blossoms into something that can last. I say to my agent quite a lot, “If you’ve got a young actor coming on, a young female who’s new to the game, give them my number!” I just know that I would have really appreciated that myself.
Could you identify anyone you’ve reached out to?
I had a lovely lunch with Daisy Edgar-Jones the other day, through a friend, another wonderful friend, who was like, “This kid’s new in the game! Let’s bring her in!” I’m also a fan of her work. She was absolutely remarkable in Normal People. We had the loveliest chat; it was a very mutually beneficial conversation because I got to say what my experiences had been and she got to say what her experiences had been. And it was so joyful to see the differences—that things had changed. We also spoke about things like press stuff that no one teaches you. If you land a job like that and then suddenly you’re in the most talked-about TV show, there’s going to be lots of people whose job it is to ask questions for a living asking you questions. You can feel quite alone in that space when you’re an actor, when you’re new. You’re hired for a job and then you’re doing press on someone else’s life work—you’re the one answering these questions, you’re the one who is on the front of the magazine promoting it. It can be a very scary and confusing time. But she does not seem confused at all; the girl is slaying it! She didn’t need to chat with me at all, but any connection that you have with another woman in your industry is always a beneficial conversation.
How else have you been spending your time these days?
A lot of work for the charity that I started, Same You. That’s been really amazing and fulfilling. We created an online rehabilitation center and it’s going to be something that’s going to help so many people forever. We needed the restrictions that we were given because of COVID to create that and to fast-track it.
I’m producing a lot, so there’s been a lot of development work. I’ve kind of had, for the first time in my life, an office job; except the office is my house and the lunch break consists of my kitchen.
There’s been a lot of playing with my dog and reading all the books and watching all the movies, because that’s the other thing—that’s one other bit of advice that I give to anyone starting out in the industry. You want to be in film and TV? Watch everything—the good, the bad, and the ugly. See it all because the only way that you can describe work is by referencing other work, really. When you’re in the room with people and they’re telling you about this idea that they’ve got, you have to start referencing things—directors and writers and actors and movies and scenes and all of these things. If you don’t have that language, if you don’t have that dictionary at your fingertips, I think it can become quite frustrating. But more than that, you get to know what you like if you have a full arsenal of your craft at your fingertips. And so, every year, I watch a hundred new movies. I’m making my way through my list now.
Can you share some of your 100 films?
I watched the most amazing film called Luce; Julius Onah is the director and it’s just amazing. So good. What else? I’m going to get out my notes…I had never seen I Am Love. Oh, my God, that’s the greatest movie I’ve ever seen. I watched A Few Good Men for the first time—absolutely brilliant. Then I watched not once, but twice, Everything Is Copy, which is the Nora Ephron documentary—ridiculously remarkable. I watched Babyteeth most recently. Oh, my God, I wept and wept and wept. That was completely glorious. I mean, the joy of Apple TV, right? I started being like, “I’m gonna watch all the old classics” and then was like, “Or I’m going to watch a great movie that has just come out.”
Thanks for all the tips! These will surely make my lockdown queue. [Source]
Emilia Clarke on the Importance of Female Mentors in the Film Industry: “Lord Knows I Would Have Loved One” was originally published on Emilia Clarke Daily // Your source for the actress Emilia Clarke
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the-rabbit-re · 11 months ago
Soul x Reader
Oil Spill
[ Requested by: @beautifulcowboymuffinpizza ]
Preview: You've been friends with Soul Eater for longer than you can remember; but how long have you been in love with him? Only time will tell. Death the Kid sends you, the infamous demon weapon who never had a partner, on a mission with Soul and Maka to stop a kishin wrecking havoc on small towns. When you sink into the madness, will the truth of your feelings come out? [Soul Eater Evans x (Female)Reader]
Mild Language/Fluff/Angst/Hurt & Comfort
Word Count: 8276
A/N: Thank you for the request! Hope it was worth the wait; sorry I’m slow!
Keep Reading Below or AO3: Link
You’d never had a meister, had never wanted one. You’d always rebelled against the idea that a weapon should be prepared to die for their meister, didn’t appreciate the power dynamic that implied. Why should your life be any less important than someone else’s? Similar to Soul Eater Evans, your longtime friend, you hadn’t attended the student meetup Lord Death held every year for students to pair up into weapon and meister. But unlike Soul your very own Maka Albarn had not happened upon you either. From the very day you’d found out your weapon form was a bow, all you’d done was try and find a way to work alone; and to everyone in your family’s dismay and surprise—you’d found a way.
No one had seen you in full weapon form since the day you first shifted into it by accident—shinning blue silver metal curving into talons at the tips where bowstring attached like spider webbing, only showing in the right light.
It had taken a year, but you found a way to wield yourself, a partial transformation that practically screamed for you to work alone. Just the bowstring, that was all you needed. Your extremities had become your best friend; the tips of your fingers on either hand turning to the familiar talons of your bow form, strands of spider silk connecting each of the fingers on either hand together like a guitar neck.
After you became a death weapon a sleuth of new opportunities for partial transformations fell at your feet, toes and fingers turning to claws in their own right, making you deadly at close range as well.
From there you didn’t need a meister; you could shoot your own soul wavelength from the strings. After Soul became a death scythe it was you who he came to for advice on how to fight on his own—but all weapons are different, not everyone is meant to wield their own weapon form. That was one reason you had always looked up to Justin Law, only making it that much more of a slap in the face when he lost to the madness created by the Kishin when you were a senior at the academy.
Being without a meister didn’t mean you were always alone though; for whatever reason group resonance came easily to you—leaving you to become a fan favorite of Lord Deaths to send on missions he deemed needed more than just one meister/weapon pair to complete. When Kid took over, he kept the tradition going, leading you to where you were now: on a mission with Soul and Maka. As far as meisters go, Maka wasn’t on your shit list. She never behaved like her life was worth more than Soul’s, never treated him as replaceable. Really, she was your friend as well—just not for as long as Soul had been.
Regardless of the mission, two death weapons couldn’t have felt more like overkill.
“What’re the chances this wannabe “kishin” actually requires two death weapons to take down.” You remarked callously from the hotel couch, speaking heavily with your hands as you sarcastically held up air quotes around the word kishin.
Soul chuckled under his breath, red eyes rolling from your face to Maka’s, as you both knew she’d refute your disbelief.
“An entire orphanage disappeared (Y/N). Not to mention the current students who were sent to collect the kishin’s soul that didn’t return.” Maka didn’t look your way, standing in front of the mirror to pull her ash blond hair up into ponytails.
You all were getting ready to leave, to head to the orphanage.
“Okay, but the current students at the academy are no BlackStar’s and Maka’s; they’re all extras.” You said standing from the suspiciously tan couch, walking over to the window on the far side of the room—ignoring the poor design choices of the hotel living room on your way there.
The city was quiet, people walking alone on the brick sidewalks like there was absolutely no chance of anything bad happening to them. You didn’t understand people like that; you were always on edge.
“The current students aren’t in the middle of a war with the witches.” Soul’s voice rose from the couch. “And you really have to stop calling people extras.”
“Exactly.” You replied looking back at him, his startlingly white hair longer than usual, falling forward into his face. “When was the last time you got a haircut.” You added, ignoring his second comment.
“Now you sound like Maka.” Soul rolled his eyes.
Maka finished with her hair, walking over to Soul without a second thought to slide a black hairband into his hair. There was no hesitation in the movement. Something like jealously rolled deep down in your gut at that fact, how she touched him so easily.
They were partners, it was normal. You just wished you didn’t care so much—wished it was you sliding your fingers into his hair.
You caught Maka’s eyes fall to you, something like a knowing glint flashing across them for only a moment before she looked back to Soul. Maybe she knew, she had soul perception after all, even if you didn’t know what that entailed exactly.
You’d been friends with Soul since you were little; like him your family was well known, just not for being musicians. Your family was well known for being strong weapons, not that it seemed to keep any of them alive. You could feel your forehead crinkle in annoyance at the thought—something Soul didn’t miss.
“What’re you worrying about over there?” Soul’s eyebrow raised with the inflection of his voice.
“Same old, same old. Let’s head out; it’s getting dark.” You brushed him off, heading toward the door.
 Even graduated Maka didn’t let go of her skirt and overcoat combo; even as she changed styles and colors—the combat boots always stayed the same. Now her skirt was red, coat a leathery tan. Soul walking beside her in black jeans and a white t-shirt.
You had to admit they looked good together, even if Soul had never expressed any interest in dating her—or anyone for that matter. He spent all his free time with you, not that you ever complained.
You didn’t have any room to talk on either ground, you’d been wearing the same gray leather jacket for years—skinny jeans being a personal favorite of yours. Nor had you ever dated anyone; however, your case was different. You didn’t date anyone because you were in love with your best friend, how cliché.
Now you were all three on the brick sidewalk you’d been staring at from the window before, halfway to the orphanage. Nothing about the city was eerie, no spray paint decorated the alleyways, no trash on the side of the roads, no boarded windows. Everything was well kept, flower boxes and all.
You were walking behind but between them, frequently leaning on their shoulders to look at their faces as you all spoke about nothing in particular.
“What do you think the kishin in training looks like? I find it weird that it seems to just eat children’s souls. Why so specific? That’s so much more effort to actually become a kishin, just eat everyone.” You said casually.
“Just eat everyone.” Soul reiterated from beside you. “Is that how you became a death weapon so fast.”
“While you two were out doing all the hard missions, I was snagging the easy gigs.” You nudged Maka’s side with your elbow. “I don’t have a masochist for a meister.”
“I wanted to live up to my mom’s legacy.”
“I’d say you more than accomplished that Maka.” You laughed lightly, refusing to let your mind travel down the path it wanted to head down: that if you followed your mom’s legacy you’d be in a grave.
She turned to smile at you, the gesture crinkling the skin beside her eyes. She’d always had the prettiest green eyes, though your own (your eye color) eyes were right there with hers.
“You know, the kishin may not just be eating children’s souls; maybe it’s like you, going the quickest route, going to the highest density places.” Maka said, distracting you from your previous train of thought.
“There haven’t been any other large group disappearances in this town though.” Soul replied.
“There was not too far from here though. I was just a couple hours from here on one of my last missions. I never saw any wannabe kishins, but there was an entire hospital wiped out.” You added wondering why you hadn’t thought about that till just now.
“Your ability to forget to add important information never ceases to amaze me.” A smirk fell across Soul’s face as he leaned into you; his shoulder bumping into you as he continued. “Maybe that’s the real reason you didn’t take any harder missions, they usually require piecing information together.”
His smirk only grew as you forced your shoulder into his roughly, acting like you were going to smack him. He grabbed your wrist before you even had the chance, pulling it back down between you two—holding it there a bit longer than what seemed necessary. You figured you were just overthinking it, too busy hyper focusing on every time he touched you to really grasp time.
When was it that you had finally fallen in love with Soul? Or at least finally admitted it to yourself; maybe you’d always been in love with him—from the day he’d handed you a towel after his grandmother had yanked you from her fountain like a fish.
 The orphanage didn’t look any different than the other buildings in the city, the only thing setting it apart from the rest was the caution tape blocking off the missing front door.
“Blowing the front door off feels dramatic.” You commented as you slid under the obnoxious yellow caution tape, Soul holding the plastic out of your way.
“Maybe the kishin wanted to make an entrance.” Soul replied sarcastically.
“An entrance that would unnecessarily alert everyone in the building.” You added ignoring his sarcasm with your own. “What’re we looking for anyway, it’s not like the kishin will just be sitting here.”
You kicked a spare shoe out of your way, refusing to take in its small size, the indication that the kid who wore that shoe wasn’t alive anymore. It thudded against the dark green carpet softly before knocking against the stained wood of the wall. Beyond a few stray couches there was a narrow hallway, to your immediate right a staircase also leading to a narrow hallway. Well this is claustrophobic, you thought.
“A lead, we’re looking for a lead.” Maka muttered to herself as she walked past you and down the hall behind the couches.
“Maka don’t run off on your own.” Soul gripped, also moving past you to catch up with her. He was such a worry wart.
He turned back for just a moment. “You’re good on your own right?”
“I was a death weapon before you were.” You replied callously.
Soul just smirked, disappearing down the hall.
“If this is the same kishin as the one from the town over, there won’t be a lead.” You said to yourself sullenly, deciding to take the upstairs and cut the time here in half.
Of course, the stairs creaked eerily as you tried to walk up them quietly, just in case someone was lurking. As soon as you reached the top of the staircase you had to mentally distance yourself from the reality of what you were looking at. A dark hallway lined with doors with children’s poorly written name tags—crayon flowers and rainbows arching over Sams and Tylers.
This was the real reason you’d always chosen the easy missions—they never involved as much death. They never required you to search children’s bedrooms.
You didn’t want to open the doors. You did anyway. There was nothing, beds made like they had never been slept in, stuffed animals ready for tea parties, opened books and sets of paint left out to dry. It was like the kids had just up and teleported away. The last door you opened held a pink construction paper name tag, with a black “Maddie” written next to a kitten’s face.
You felt the room temperature metal of the doorknob as your fingers latched around it, letting the door fall open before you—a twin bed in the corner with purple sheets, a desk with a kitten calendar above it. You stepped into the room dodging discarded books and clothes, walking quietly to the bed in the dark; your hand, seemingly on its own accord, reaching out to the calico cat beanie baby in front of you. The fur obviously worn through use; stuffing squeezed away from its neck; its head lying limply to the side. It didn’t even feel soft. But some little girl had obviously loved it. You brought the cat up a few inches from your face, looking at its beady eyes.
“I’m sorry.” That was the one thing you hated about your job, you only ever showed up after the bad thing had happened.
You never got to stop it from happening.
You dropped the cat back to the bed, it landed quietly. You turned back toward the hallway, not looking back into any of the rooms as you headed down the stairs. There were no answers here. You didn’t even hesitate at the bottom of the stairs, walking straight out of the building and into the sunlight—away from the abandoned beds and too tight walls. You didn’t need to try and find Maka and Soul; Maka had soul perception, she would know where you were.
“It’s awful what happened there.” You heard a man’s voice call to you the moment you stepped out of the doorway.
“Excuse me?” You replied, looking across the street at a seemingly young man with grocery bags in his hands.
“The orphanage, I grew up there. I own the hotel in town now. There was actually a woman who’d come into town just the night before getting ready to adopt.”
“Just the night before? Is she still here?”
“No, she was so upset she left just after the town realized what happened.”
“Did she say her name?”
“Tyto, that’s what she called herself. Hard to forget a name like that.”
Tyto, that sounded familiar.
“Thank you.” You said quickly, realization falling upon you. You looked away and down at your phone, pulling up the photo you had taken of the hospital’s visitor log at the end of your last mission.
And there it was, the same name scrawled in red ink on a white page, Tyto. It wasn’t a kishin, at least not on its own; this was a witch. A witch with spatial magic—that’s why no leads were left behind.
“Anytime.” The man concluded, starting on his way again.
“Wait, sir.” You jogged across the street toward him. “The woman, did she leave any number or forwarding information?”
“No, don’t think so.”
“Is there anything else you can tell me about her? What did she drive; what was she wearing?”
“I can’t say I saw her car. I did tell her there was a sister orphanage just a few towns over in Maria. In case she decided to adopt again later of course.”
“Maria, which way is that?”
“Oh, it’s just about two hours down Highway 42 South.”
“Thank you.” You shouted again over your shoulder as you turned back toward the orphanage, making eye contact with Soul as he followed Maka out of the dark doorway.
“Soul, Maka, we have to go.”
 It hadn’t taken you long to fill them in on what you discovered; and it had taken even less time for you all three to grab your things and be well on your way down Highway 42. Maka was asleep in the backseat already, for whatever reason car rides put her to sleep faster than cold medicine; so, she never protested Soul taking shotgun, not that Soul would fit into the back of your black 79’ Camaro anyway. You had the same relationship with this car as Soul did with his Harley.
You were driving, trying your best not to go so fast as to attract unwanted attention from any stray police cars. Your grip a little too tight on the steering wheel, the rubbery leather texture sticking to your palm. Your right hand fidgeting against the smooth plastic head of the gearshift.
The warm weight of Soul’s hand fell across your fingertips, keeping them from continuing to tap against the gearshift audibly. “(Y/N), you have to stop. You’re making me nervous.”
“Sorry.” You replied sheepishly, eyes still focused on the road. Soul didn’t move his hand.
“What’s bothering you?”
“Am I that obvious.”
“Only to me.” Soul chuckled. “And anyone else who’s been listening to your fingernails tap for half an hour.”
“Sorry.” You said again, avoiding his first question.
“You know most people wouldn’t have even thought to take a picture of the visitor log.” Soul said, gently prodding at what you both knew was bothering you—if you had just investigated Tyto earlier, maybe you could have saved all the kids at that orphanage.
You still didn’t look away from the road and Soul’s fingers slipped through yours silently.
“I hate showing up after the fact.” You muttered.
“I know.” Soul’s hand squeezed yours lightly.
“All the doors upstairs had name tags. There was a girl there named Maddie.”
Soul didn’t say anything, so you continued. “And Sam, and Tyler. Then there was Rebecca and Beth, they shared a room. And Christian was in the middle of painting a volcano. Sarah was having a tea party.”
Your left hand tensed around the steering wheel as a single tear slid down your cheek against your will, causing you to blink rapidly for a moment. “How are you both always so calm.”
“We’re not, we’re just better at hiding it.” Soul replied, the leather seat beneath him voicing protest as he leaned over to wipe the tear from your face; his thumb sliding gently beneath your eye for a brief moment before he pulled away again. “There’s nothing wrong with empathy.”
You didn’t respond, didn’t even look away from the road as you felt his eyes remain on you.
“That’s why you never voluntarily took on higher level missions isn’t it; all the top priority kishins were top priority because of how many people they killed.” Soul continued.
“Empathies a bitch.” You tried to joke, but neither of you laughed.
“If I wasn’t a weapon, if I was a meister. Would you have let me be your partner?” Soul asked quietly.
This time you did look away from the road, turning to face Soul, wanting to know what he was thinking. Soul’s red eyes locked on to yours without hesitation. You had no idea what he was thinking; his hand still on top of yours.
So, you evaded. “I’m sure that would have made my mother happy.”
“I’m sure she’s proud of you.”
“Can someone be proud six feet underground.” You replied bitterly, looking back toward the road.
“Sorry, that wasn’t fair.” You added after a moment.
“You don’t have to apologize for saying what you’re thinking. I don’t mind. I’ve always appreciated how honest you are with your emotions.”
“I’m not that honest; I’m just cynical and lack a filter.” I’ve never even told you I love you, you tacked on in your head.
“Well then miss cynical, would you let me be your meister.”
“You’re a weapon.”
“But if I wasn’t.”
Yes. “No.” You said anyway, hand momentarily leaving the wheel to push your hair behind your ear subconsciously.
“You’re lying.” Soul replied. “You always tuck your hair behind your ear when you’re lying.”
“Guess I’m not that honest, if I lie enough for you to know my tells.” You felt a smile pull across your lips; you should’ve known he’d know your tells.
“How long have I known you now?”
“Too long clearly.” You joked.
“Hey, if you hadn’t snuck into my grandmothers garden to swim in the fountain like a “common vagrant” as she put it, you wouldn’t be stuck with me today.” You didn’t have to see Soul’s face to know he was smiling. He’d succeeded in distracting you. He always did. He let his hand fall from yours and you missed its weight immediately.
It didn’t mean anything; he was just comforting you, you thought.
“She called me a vagrant!” You said in mock horror, only causing Soul to laugh loudly.
“You know my grandmother was almost convinced you turned me into a weapon like it was some sort of disease.”
“Great so now I’m a diseased vagrant. You make me sound like a plague rat.”
“Oh, like your family thought any better of the shark toothed boy with white hair.” Soul added.
“They didn’t; they thought it was all fake. Thought you’d gotten your teeth filed and hair dyed.”
“What dentist would agree to file someone’s teeth down?”
“I’m sure a lot for the right price rich boy. My dad became oddly concerned that I was going to show up with a tattoo randomly after we started hanging out.”
“We weren’t even ten!”
“Let me guess.” You interrupted. “And what tattoo artist would agree to tattoo a child?”
“Any for the right price rich girl.” Soul mimicked you, leaving you both laughing, waking Maka up from the backseat.
“What’s so funny?” She mumbled, drool trailing from her cheek to the window—only causing you both to laugh louder.
 It was night by the time you pulled your car into the parking lot of the orphanage in Maria, having had to stop and ask a random woman for directions when you arrived. Unlike the last orphanage, this one was considerably larger, not attached to any other buildings and had elaborate stone steps leading to the front door.
A woman with long brown hair that curled lightly down her back, which was concealed under a white cloak, was walking up the stairs.
“That’s her. That’s the witch.” Maka said from the backseat as the car came to a halt.
“We’re not too late.” You said, relief clear in your voice. You didn’t hesitate launching yourself from the car, door wide open behind you.
“Tyto.” You yelled and the woman turned to look at you, golden eyes wide with annoyance, freckles splattered across her face, lips thin, nose hooked, sharp.
“More of Lord Death’s finest I presume. I don’t have time to deal with you three right now.” She snapped her fingers.
Your vision went blank as the floor felt like it was being ripped out from beneath you; feet suddenly landing loudly on wooden floors, pain shooting through your legs as you stumbled over. You caught yourself on your hands, palms falling on stray pieces of straw. You looked around quickly, eyes adjusting to the lack of light.
You were on the inside of what looked like a mostly empty barn, a few open holes for windows on your left and right, rafter beams above you. “Soul? Maka?” You said standing.
There was no one near you. Shit. You really hated spatial magic.
You stepped forward, planks creaking beneath your feet like the orphanage stairs as you walked toward the cracked sliding door on the far end of the barn, squeezing through. Wherever you were, it was nighttime here as well. The moon providing enough light outside of the barn for you to at least see as you stepped onto the gravel path in front of you, knees protesting.
You took another step forward onto crunching gravel, right when you heard the shifting of weight behind you causing you to look up—on top of the barn.
What looked like a human sized barn owl sat with its back to you on the roof of the barn; the sound had been the shifting of weight between its feathered feet. Its head turned slowly without the rest of its body, revealing a pale human face with stark blue eyes like something you would see in a morgue.
You stumbled backward only for a moment before regaining yourself. This must be the wannabe kishin.
The human face snapped back to its previous direction, brown, black speckled wings drifting open silently before the creature jumped into the air, circling above you silently like a ghost.
“Alright birdie, let’s play.” You watched your fingers shift to blue metal effortlessly as you kicked your shoes off, toes turning to talons shortly after. The gravel a painful texture beneath your now bare feet.
The human-owl hybrid continued to circle silently, like it was just pinpointing your location, never making a move to attack as you strung bowstring between your fingers like yarn tricks. The owl blocking out the glint of starlight from above, the bowstring became next to invisible until the dark blue glow of your soul wavelength built along the string. It used to be hard, next to impossible to focus the beat of your soul into one location. Now it felt like running your hands through bath water, testing the temperature.
A flash of light followed the release of your soul wavelength, which connected with the belly of the kishin in the next moment, causing an inhuman screech to emit from its very human lips.
It wavered for only a second in the air before it tucked its wings, pummeling straight for you. “Shit.” You cursed, dodging to the side a second too late.
The creature’s talons connected with your shoulder, tearing pain across the skin and pushing you to the ground. But you dodged just enough for it not to pin you. The creature flapped its wings again, readjusting its position to pin you down, it leapt toward you on the ground.
This time it succeeded, one foot beside your head, the other pressing into your chest as its wings rested back against its side. Its face leaned down toward you, eyes unblinking.
“(Y/N).” You heard Soul shout from somewhere behind the owl just before his scythe form connected with the side of the owl, startling it from your body and into the air again.
“Resonant with us.” Maka said her back to you, Soul in her hands, raised between you and the owl.
You let your soul reach out from you like a river, pouring toward Maka, her soul light like air mixed with Soul’s more impish soul—together, their souls fluttered around like a pixie playing tricks. Your soul connected with theirs, river turning to a waterfall around you as you aimed your soul wavelength through your bowstring intertwined fingers once more; the bolt this time tearing through the bird’s wing, bringing it involuntarily to the ground.
It stumbled only for a moment; but it was a moment too much as Maka turned the creature into a cloud of feathers in the next moment, only a corrupted soul remained.
You had to admit, you all made a good team.
“I spent a very long time collecting souls for that little kishin you just killed.” A voice rained down like hail from the top of the barn.
Tyto stepped from the wood to the ground without making a sound, even as her feet landed on gravel.
“Is that what the other barn full of kids is for.” Maka spoke, voice just as cold.
“Touchy, aren’t you.” Tyto spoke again, throwing her white cloak back over her shoulder as she drew two short sai out from her clothes; the three pronged blades like an extension of her arm as she waltzed forward.
“They’re alive?” You spoke quickly to Maka; she nodded in confirmation. A smile broke across your face. “So, we just have to take this witch’s soul then.”
This was your one chance to stop the bad thing from happening—right here.
“You make it sound easy.” Tyto turned to you. “Why don’t you try me then?”
“(Y/N) be careful.” Soul spoke just a moment after you launched yourself forward—taloned toes digging into gravel with ease. You were faster than they were—always at the head of the attack.
Tyto settled back into a crouch, sai held out like wings as she waited for you to make a move. When you came within range, you swiped your hand forward like a cornered cougar trying to break her stance as she dodged. But it wasn’t that easy. She rolled backward, resuming her stance with ease immediately on the offensive. Sai striking toward you faster than a snake, causing you to block last minute with your wrist.
“Not bad.” You purred.
She cut so smooth you almost didn’t feel it, until blood trickled down your forearms like cool water. You jumped back, circling her. She circled you as well. You noticed Maka behind her, advancing forward. As Maka attacked, Tyto only laughed as though she had eyes on the back of her head; her arm struck backward at an inhuman angle like a broken doll. Sai stopping Soul’s scythe blade with ease.
“You’ll have to do better than that.” Tyto said sweetly, in the way a snake’s venom is sweet.
The rest of Tyto’s body consorted with her arm, twisting piece by piece into the right direction without a single crack of bone. She brought her second sai upward, dragging metal across Maka’s thigh. Maka screamed, leg giving way beneath her. She was forced to use Soul to prop herself upward, leaving her open for a second attack.
Maka needed to regain her balance.
You jumped forward instead, latching onto Tyto’s back like a pouncing mountain lion, pulling her onto the ground—away from Maka.
And then she was gone into thin air, appearing above you in the next moment, a sai at your throat. “Try again.” She whispered.
“Did I ever tell you how much I hate spatial magic?” You asked, still pinned beneath her
As her eyes narrowed above you darkly, you quickly wound a bowstring between your thumb and index finger firing a bolt of your soul wavelength up into her. She didn’t even flinch.
“That tickled.” She laughed, jumping backward suddenly as Maka swung the scythe toward her—the movement driving air across your body like wind.
“Soul, we need to use the black blood.” She shouldn’t have been able to take a team resonance bolt like it was nothing. You had taken her too lightly, had been too concerned with the children, hadn’t thought it through.
“Are you sure.” Soul responded.
Maka nodded and in the next moment you felt the black blood seep toward you through the watery bond of your souls like tar—too heavy, too thick.
It was like an oil spill.
A wide smile broke across Maka’s face in the next moment as she lurched toward Tyto like a drunk man, slinging the scythe much faster this time—Tyto’s body went flying backward, tumbling into the ground.
Tyto wasn’t prepared for the sudden change.
The madness seeped into you in the next moment, a sinister laugh cackling from your lips as bolts of your soul wavelength went flying without restraint toward Tyto. You always felt so at ease, a disturbing high as you watched yourself move from outside your body.
You moved unnaturally like Maka, bodies too limber as the red devil smiled inside you both. Worry threaded itself into Tyto’s face as her upper hand vanished, even as she seemingly teleported she couldn’t regain her cool demeanor.
She teleported away from Maka only to end up with your hand around her throat in the next moment, your blood now black on your arms. She dropped one of her sai, to try and peel your fingers from her throat once she realized the blade no longer had any effect on you.
The black blood polluted your soul, sinking you deeper into the madness. You hand tightened, blue claws sinking into her skin as Maka cleaved Tyto’s body in two. But the blood held onto you like quicksand dragging you down into its dark depths.
 “We stayed in the madness too long.” Maka’s bright form said from beside you.
You were both floating in a seemingly endless nothingness, a glasslike surface above you. “Soul will pull you out. He always does.”
True to your words, Soul’s face appeared above the glass in the next moment, his hand reaching,  struggling to break the glassy surface.
You tried to swim upward with Maka; but an inky tentacle slithered its way around your ankle, wrapping itself quickly around your leg like a growing vine. “Maka you need to go, now.”
“I can’t reach him from here.” Maka replied, unaware of the madness pulling you deeper.
Soul’s voice was muffled above the glass, growing more frantic. You looked from him to Maka, the inky tentacles not yet wrapping around her legs, but coming closer.
You swam through the darkness toward her, tentacles of madness pulling you down as you tried to move. You grabbed onto her, trying to push her upward toward Soul, who’s hand finally broke through the surface. Soul leaned into the darkness, hand grasping at Maka’s.
“(Y/N) hold on to Maka. I’ll pull you both out.” Soul yelled, voice more panicked than you’d ever heard it. He could see them too, the tendrils of tar melting against your skin like a mouse trap. Suddenly you understood how the birds of the ocean must feel, with all that oil in their feathers—unable to fly away.
You couldn’t move anywhere but down.
You shook your head no, not willing to bring them both further down with you. Knowing Soul couldn’t pull you both out, not when you were sinking so quickly.
The tentacles pulled harder, another stretching upward to wrap around your arm; even as Soul pulled you both upward. He was too slow. You let go of Maka and the tendrils writhed angry, yanking you down into their depths as retribution.
“(Y/N)!” Soul and Maka both yelled, but it was Soul’s voice that rang in your ears.
 You were in your bedroom, back at your parent’s home. A room you hadn’t been in in years. A little red devil leaning back on the surplus of pillows on your bed.
“I guess you finally won one.” You said.
He smiled, gesturing you to join him.
And you did.
 Soul jolted out of his weapon form. Maka coughing on the ground behind him. He didn’t get you out. “(Y/N)?”
He watched in dismay as you leaned backward, back cracking at the movement as a too-wide smile pulled tight across your face. It wasn’t the smile he’d come to love; it wasn’t the small, quiet smile that pulled lightly against your eyes, teeth barely peeking through. Soul’s stomach dropped. He had to bring you back.
“Soul.” Maka said firmly from behind him, hand grasping his wrist tightly. “That’s not (Y/N) right now.”
“We can’t just leave her like that.” Soul’s voice broke.
“If she’s too deep in the madness…” Maka trailed off, not wanting to tell Soul what they were going to have to do.
“She’s not like Justin. We can get her back. I can get her back Maka.” Soul half yelled, stepping toward you as your attention fell on him. “(Y/N)?”
“Soul.” Maka said in warning.
“Hey meister.” A voice that was not yours dripped from your mouth. “Are you going to try and wield me now?”
Bow talons emerged from across your chest, bowstrings crisscrossing in every direction, almost coating you entirely in spider webbing—bolts of your soul wavelength pouring outward toward Soul as his forearms both shifted to their scythe form, crossing in front of him like a shield reflecting the bolts away, some still struck his legs. Burning pain causing him to bite his lip.
“I’m not going to fight you (Y/N).”
“Your funeral.” You replied.
 Your bedroom door opened slowly, a woman walking into the room.
“Mom?” You said, voice in disbelief. “Mom is that you?”
“Of course, who else would be coming to check on you in the middle of the night.” She smiled, holding her arms wide.
The red devil was no longer on your bed.
You jumped into your mom’s arms in tears—arms ensnaring her as quickly as you forgot this wasn’t real. As quickly as this room became your reality.
“What’s the matter (Y/N)?” She asked lightly.
And you couldn’t remember, had no idea why you were upset. “I-, I don’t know.” You said face tucked into her chest, unaware of the too wide smile that ripped her face apart.
 Soul stumbled backward into Maka, your crouched body walking toward him slowly.
“Soul this isn’t working. If you can’t fight her I will.” Maka spoke up again. “She’s my friend too, you know.”
“No.” Soul said firmly. He was never going to hurt you. It was his fault. He was weak. He was a coward.
He’d never even told you how he felt.
And he was tired of it. Tired of you not knowing.
“Soul. Listen to me. At this rate she’s going to kill you and she wouldn’t want that.”
The sound of metal hitting metal tore around them both as Soul continued to parry your blows, metal nails screeching against his bladed arms as he tried his best to keep you from hurting him; but he wasn’t perfect. Shallow cuts littered his body beneath torn clothes.
“Listen. You change into your scythe form and I’ll fight her.”
“Soul. Listen. I know you’re in love with her. Just let me help you.” Maka all but yelled, silencing Soul’s protest for a moment. She continued. “I’ll just counter her attacks; I won’t kill her. And while you’re in weapon form try and resonant with her soul; I’ll help you.”
“Promise me you won’t hurt her. It’s my fault she fell into the madness.”
Your attack found purchase against his throat, nail carving its path just above his collarbone. Soul didn’t budge.
“Soul she fell into the madness to save us. You have to realize why.”
Soul didn’t realize why, his mind too caught up in pulling you back out. “Just promise me Maka.”
“Okay, I promise.” Maka responded roughly. “Now change.”
Soul complied, shifting to a scythe in her hand.
“Play your piano for me and I’ll get you to her.”
“Thank you.” Soul said just before his fingers fell on the white keys of the piano in the tiled room before him.
 “Shouldn’t you be asleep (Y/N)?” Your mom asked, leading you to the bed, tucking you in as she sat on the side. The bed shifting beneath her weight without protest.
“I’d rather talk to you.” You replied, pulling the covers up around you like a child waiting for a bedtime story.
The soft sound of a piano drifted into the room, something you’d never heard, and yet…
“What did you want to talk about?” Your mom asked as if she couldn’t hear the song playing.
“Do you hear that?”
“The piano?”
“There is no piano playing sweetie, maybe you should go to bed.”
The sound grew, growing deeper, more persistent. There was a knock at your bedroom door. “Mom, who is that?”
“(Y/N), go to sleep. I don’t hear anything.”
“No, mom, someone knocked.” You responded, determined to open the door. You slid out of bed around her, as she watched you curiously.
You opened the door.
A boy stood in front of you with spikey white hair and the teeth to match. His attire too formal, a pin striped suit against your pajama t-shirt.
“Can I come in?” He asked.
“Oh, that’s the neighbor’s boy.” Your mom stood from the bed. “Isn’t it a little late to be visiting?”
“(Y/N).” The boy said again, his hand reaching toward you.
“Go home.” Your mom said coldly from beside you, pulling you behind her.
“(Y/N). This isn’t real; your mom died when you were 12. I was there.” The boy said kindly, sadness seeping into his voice—like he didn’t want to tell you. Would rather you not remember.
“My mom’s right here?” You said confused, wrapping your arms back around her to confirm your words. “Who are you?”
“I’m Soul; I’m your best friend.”
“Soul, what a preposterous name.” Your mom laughed. “Now go home before I call your parents. It’s well past midnight.”
Soul acted as though he didn’t even hear your mom talk. “Please (Y/N). Let me in.”
“I don’t know you.”
“You do (Y/N), and I know you. I know that your favorite color is (your favorite color); I know that you’ve rewatched (your favorite show) more times than I could even count; I know you’ll put aside whatever you’re doing to listen to a friend; I know you’ll sooner punch a man twice your size in the face, rather than let them make a complete stranger uncomfortable; I know that your real smile isn’t the boisterous one you wear so often, but the small one—the one you can barely see; and I know you love your mom more than anything—that you cling to your Camaro so tightly because it’s all you have left of her, because (Y/N) this isn’t real. That woman there is just madness disguised as your mother.” Soul’s eyes searched yours desperately, his mouth mildly agape and out of breath.
“I’m such a hypocrite.” Soul cursed under his breath, hand sliding through his hair roughly. “I always tell you how much I appreciate your honesty, but I’ve never been honest with you.”
“What do you mean?” You asked, not sure why you cared, unable to define the pull you felt toward the man in front of you.
“I stopped letting Maka cut my hair the day you said you preferred men with long hair. The day you commented on that other student’s bun—laughing with Maka about how you’d love to braid his hair back for him; I was jealous.”
“Why were you jealous?”
“Because I’m in love with you (Y/N).” Soul held his hand toward you once more, slender fingers begging to touch you.
“Go home.” Your mom said violently, moving to close the door.
“Mom?” You stepped away from her, startled by the change in her tone.
“That’s not your mom (Y/N).” How does he know my name? You thought.
His palm connected with the door, keeping it from closing. “(Y/N), let me in.” Desperation seeped into his voice, and for some reason it bothered you.
Everything he’d told you, it—it had sparked your memories, even if only for a moment your reality shifted.
“Soul?” You formed his name with your lips, an inkling of memory dripping into your brain. A memory of him. “Soul.” You said again startled. “You can come in.”
You reached through the doorway, grabbing his hand, pulling him toward you—relief washing the worried wrinkled from his forehead.
Your mom grabbed your other hand, pleasant expression wiped from her face. “You can’t have us both. Choose.”
“You already have us both (Y/N).” Soul intertwined his fingers with yours. “Come with me.”
“(Y/N)?” Your mom’s voice suddenly turned quiet and hurt. “(Y/N) you can’t go out at this hour; what if something happens to you. Stay with me.”
“I’m not going to let anything happen to you.” Soul pulled you against him with his grip on your hand. He let go, only to wrap his arms around your waist, pulling you the rest of the way against his chest. “(Y/N) I’m in love with you, and I need you to trust me or I can’t take you back with me.” Soul said against your hair.
You weren’t sure why, but something in you screamed to trust him. So, you nodded your head. “Take me with you.”
Soul stepped backward out of the room; the door slamming shut behind you both.
 One clawed hand was gripped too tight around the blade of Soul’s scythe; the blade cutting into your palm as consequence, your own now red blood trickling free. Maka’s eyes were wide beneath you, where you had her pinned to the ground.
“Maka?” You said startled. Realizing what happened, you jumped off her in the next moment. “Maka I’m so sorry. Are you okay?”
“It’s okay; I’m fine—” Maka was interrupted by Soul’s reappearance in front of her.
He threw his arms around you in the next moment, crushing you against the muscles in his chest like you would disappear if he let go of you.  
“Soul.” You wrapped your arms around his waist, anchoring yourself, letting the smell of him wash the oil of madness from your body. “My mom.”
“I know.” Soul’s arms tightened around you, his nose pressing into your hair.
“I’m going to go check on those kids.” Maka excused herself.
A silent sob shook your chest, the memory of your mom in that room—it had been nice, to pretend for a while. You pushed your face further into Soul’s shoulder, ignoring the tears escaping as you tried to take a deep breath.
“When I saw her in the room with you… I had no idea if I was going to be able to get you to leave. I hated asking you to.” Soul continued.
“I know it wasn’t her, not really—” Your uneven breathing broke your sentence apart. “But—”
“I know. You don’t have to explain.” Soul’s voice was quiet.
He continued to hold you as you pieced yourself back together slowly. “Thank you for coming back for me.”
“I would never leave you behind.” Soul loosened his grip, stepping back so he could look at you. “I just hate that you had to leave your mom.”
You shook your head in disagreement. “That wasn’t real.” You reached your hand forward to touch his arm. “This is real. Besides, my real mom loved you. She never would have wanted me to stay there.”
“What about you?” Soul asked.
“What about me?” You replied confused.
“Do you love me?”
“Of course I do?”
“(Y/N) did you forget?” Soul stepped back forward, hands coming to a rest on your hips. “Or did you not hear me when I said I was in love with you.”
“In love.” You repeated like you needed confirmation, like you didn’t quite understand what he was saying.
“I’m in love with you (Y/N). I’ve been in love with you since the day you told my grandmother where she could shove her opinions of my music.”
“Soul that was years ago.” You spoke, the truth of what he was telling you not sinking in. Soul loved you, it wasn’t one sided. It wasn’t just you.
“I know.” Soul’s eyes searched your face, impatiently trying to preconceive your response.
 “Your hair is really this long because you had a crush on me?”
“Have.” Soul corrected.
“So, this whole time, you never wanted to just be friends?” You paused, watching him shake his head. “This whole time you’ve been in love with me too. Soul, I’ve been in love with you. I am in love with you.”
“Why didn’t you lead with that?” Was all Soul said before he leaned forward to kiss you.
You’d dreamed of kissing Soul for a long time, but your imagination never could have done this justice. The way his mouth aligned with yours perfectly, the soft texture of his lips parting yours in moments.
You slid your tongue into his mouth, wanting more of him as his grip tightened against your waist. You’d wanted this for so long, wanted him. Your hands traveled down his chest catching on the tears in his shirt. You pulled back.
“Soul? Did I do this?” You said, looking at the mirage of cuts across his body that you were somehow just noticing. “Are you okay?”
“I’m more than okay.” Soul leaned forward to kiss your cheek, your nose, your forehead.
“But Soul.” You said fingers resting on a cut down his arm, it wasn’t deep; but still, it bothered you.
“Really, I’m okay (Y/N). It’s all just scratches.”
You couldn’t bring yourself to believe him, fingers tracing every last cut on his arms, then his chest; the single scratch on his neck was the worst, but even it was no longer bleeding. You wrapped your hands around his neck to pull him back toward you, lips landing lightly across the red line above his collarbone. “I’m sorry.”
“No more apologizing.” Soul argued, hands shifting your body back against his so he could kiss you again, slower this time—more thorough, teeth dragging down your lower lip. Next he kissed your jawline, the tip of your ear before he whispered into it. “But if you’re really that concerned, I’ll let you make it up to me.”
“And how do you suppose I could do that.” You replied in a similar low tone.
“I can think of a few ways.” Soul continued, hips pressing gently into yours. Soul kissed your forehead again. “But I think we need to get Maddie, and her friends home first.”
“Later then.” You agreed, taking Soul’s hand and walking toward the distant sound of Maka’s voice.
“Later then.” Soul echoed, grip tightening in yours like he was never going to let you go.
And maybe he never would.
“For the record. It’s always been your hair that I’ve really wanted to braid.” You said, pressing your forehead into Soul’s shoulder—feeling him lean into you.
Even if you didn’t, Soul knew he was never going to let go.
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73 Things I Love About David Bowie
In honor of David Bowie's 73rd birthday, here's 73 of my favorite stories, quotes, facts, lyrics and pictures of the man to remember him by
His eyes
"Later on, he bought a house in Mustique, where I have a place, and we used to hang out in the West Indies. David was so relaxed there, and so kind to everyone. He did a lot of work making health care better for local people; I was doing school charity work, and he would come with me there and do story time with the local kids. It was really sweet." - Mick Jagger
His many styles of music and how cool it is that he can appeal to so many different audiences because of it
His smile 🌞
"The hand that wrote this letter, Sweeps the pillow clean, So rest your head and read a treasured dream, I care for no one else but you..." (Letter To Hermione)
His many personas and looks
How different he was
"I remember once we went out to dinner and the laces on my trainers came undone, and David was down on his knees in the middle of the street, tying them for me. I thought to myself, ‘This one’s a keeper." - Iman
"We live for just these twenty years, do we have to die for the fifty more?" (Young Americans)
He wrote "Kooks" and "Oh, You Pretty Things!" for his son
He worked really hard to clean up his act and he did, on top of all of the other shit his was going through.
"So John [Lennon] was sort of [in Liverpool accent] “Oh, here comes another new one.” And I was sort of, “It’s John Lennon! I don’t know what to say. Don’t mention the Beatles, you’ll look really stupid.” And he said, “Hello, Dave.” And I said, “I’ve got everything you’ve made — except the Beatles.”"
Even though he was sick and knew he was dying, he worked really hard to finish Blackstar and it's music videos, and tried to be as involved as possible in the musical Lazarus.
He sent a pig fetus to Rolling Stone Magazine as a gift...
"I'd listen to him talking and ask: 'David, how do you know so much?' He was smart about everything: he could talk about art, religion, any topic. He'd laugh and say: 'Tina, I never stop studying.' David really knew how to dance and act, too. Not all singers do. And unlike other rockers, he was a real gentleman." - Tina Turner
His music videos and how creative they are, he even directed and designed the sets for a lot of them
"Time - He's waiting in the wings, he speaks of senseless things, his script is you and me boys" (Time)
He wanted what he did to matter and feared his contribution wasn't big enough, according to Marc Bolan, Coco, and himself.
His sass
His philanthropy and how he never did it for publicity
"I'm an instant star. Just add water and stir."
The final show of the Serious Moonlight tour coincided with the anniversary of his friend John Lennon's death, and to pay tribute to John, he covered Imagine at the end of the show.
"...I reluctantly went backstage, feeling weird and ashamed, like, “Hey, I’m the guy that puked on the rug.” And again, I was met with warmth, and grace, and love. And I started to say, “Hey listen, I’ve been clean for …” I don’t even think I finished the sentence; I got a big hug. And he said, “I knew. I knew you’d do that. I knew you’d come out of that.” I have goosebumps right now just thinking about it. " - Trent Reznor
He's literally one of the prettiest men ever but manages to make the ugliest facial expressions
His silliness
"See these eyes so green, I can stare for a thousand years, colder than the moon, well it's been so long... A plague I call a heartbeat, just be still with me, well you wouldn't believe what I've been through...Those who feel me near, pull the blinds and change their minds" (Cat People)
When Iman saw a ring she liked, he went back to buy it as a surprise, only to find somebody had bought it, so, he tracked the ring down and bought it from them.
The backwards arm thing he does
He never loses his temper in interviews and is always very classy, polite, and patient (and sometimes silly)
Here are we, one magical moment, Such is the stuff, from where dreams are woven, There are you drive like a demon, From station to station" (Station To Station)
His scrunchy nose
"I just started petting his shoulders. I can’t describe it any more accurately. He was just so special it was the only way I seemed to be able to express my joy. I haven’t petted that many men in my life. I’m so glad I got to do that. And more importantly, that he let me. He just smiled as I apologised for petting him. He seemed to not only understand, but accept the strange offering of gratitude and recognition." - Val Kilmer
"Don't pick fights, With the bullies or the cads, 'Cause I'm not much cop, At punching other people's dads, And if the homework brings you down, Then we'll throw it on the fire, And take the car downtown" (Kooks)
"Gone, gone, the water's all gone , mummy come back 'cause the water's all gone, Jah Jah Jah Jah Jah" (Glass Spider)
He made my childhood better
His love for his family, you can see it in his lyrics and in his face and it's wonderful
Saxophone 🎷
"Confront a corpse at least once. The absolute absence of life is the most disturbing and challenging confrontation you will ever have."
His Popcorn hair
His voice
"The shrieking of nothing is killing me... Ashes to ashes, funk to funky, we know Major Tom's a junkie, strung out in heaven's high, hitting an all-time low" (Ashes to Ashes)
When he came to America for the first time, he visited the Empire State building and was so excited that he ran around in circles.
His love of reading and learning
"They are the stars, they're dying for you, but I hope they live forever" (The Stars Are Out Tonight)
The time some dude from Texas pulled a gun on him and called him a fag for wearing a dress, and David said "I think I look beautiful" and walked away.
"I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise I won't bore you."
The way he looks at Iman, you can see nothing but his pure love for her and it's beautiful.
He cut is set at Live Aid short to show footage of the famine in Ethiopia (which was what the concert was raising funds for) since organizers didn't want to air it. (It sounds controversial but the reason why I think it was a good gesture is because it showed how real it was and reminded people that while Live Aid entertaining, it wasn't just a concert, it was meant to help real people in a real situation and it showed the truth of how bad the situation really was).
"I never thought I'd need so many people... think I saw you in an ice-cream parlour, drinking milk shakes cold and long, smiling and waving and looking so fine, don't think you knew you were in this song" (Five Years)
His Webby Lifetime Achievement Award speech -
His acting and how different all of his roles are.
For the making of the Let's Dance video, he refused to hire actors and filmed local aboriginals instead, feeling it was disrespectful to hire actors to "dance in their bars" and intended to bring good representation to Aboriginal Australians, as it was rare to see in that time.
"Ladies and Gentlemen... And others..."
He noticed security getting rough with a fan, so he stopped the show to call out security as he was concerned for the safety of the fan.
"I was wondering how in the name of God David could tolerate this seeming torture, but he did so with jokes and good manners... He looked exhausted but made not one complaint. " - Robert Fox
His paintings
"All my violence, raining tears upon the sheets I'm bewildered, for we're strangers when we meet" (Strangers When We Meet)
He called out MTV for being racist, in an interview with MTV.
The Brownie Catastrophe™
“We were dating for two weeks and I was coming from Paris and I got to L.A. at the airport and the doors open to the plane and I come out and I see all these people taking a picture of somebody. And he was standing there, flowers in hand, no security. That was when I knew he was a keeper. He didn’t care if anyone saw.” - Iman
"He reads to me all the time. When he reads, he plays all the characters and uses different voices for each one. When he reads to me, it's like being a little girl again." - Iman
He refused to do a kiss scene in Labyrinth because Jennifer Connely (Sarah) was underage and he was in his late 30's/early 40's at the time
"I can ask for cigarettes in every language"
He was "naming the children" the night he and Iman met
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Happy birthday, David. Rest easy, Starman. We miss you 💛💙💛💙
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