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#my brain is still mush from this ahhhhh
silvmoonsky · 4 months ago
Fanfiction Year In Review: 2020
Thank you for the tag, @ladyofthenoodle​​! This is going to take some time to do, haha, so uh, here we go?
1) List of completed fics
81/86 of my fics have been completed! Here are the completed ones (all of which are for Miraculous Ladybug):
Delete That Right Now | Deal With It | A Late Night Talk | Love For Eternity | A New Chapter | A Chance With You | Old Memories, New Memories | The Final Showdown | With You I’ll Be Fine | A Little Self-Love | All That Matters | We’re Better Together | It Lead To This | Excuses, Excuses | Special From The Start | Handcuffed | Confide | your puns (are what made me fall for you | Taking Care of You | Please Forgive Yourself | you take my hand in yours (and we’ll dance) | your love (is worth everything to me) | A Second Chance? | Dear Future Me | you make me feel this way somehow | The Five Times Marinette Won Ultimate Mecha Strike III And The One Time She Didn't | Stitches of Love | To Last a Lifetime | Speculations | no matter how hard it gets (i’ll be here for you) | When The Guys Have A Plan TM | Connections | A Loaf-ly Evening | Always and Forever | A Little Goes A Long Way | Just Perfect | Are You Peeling Okay? | Cheesy Even For You | Never Really Over | Stuck in a Coffee Shop (With You) | i don’t care what happens (so long as i’m with you) | From Idiots to Lovers | A Wish Come True | Just Another Purrfect Evening | you can be all of you when you're with me (and i'll do the same when i'm with you) | Here For You | The Date | maybe it'll go according to plan (but we all know it won't) | Are You Kitten Me? | To Loosen Up A Little | Oh, What A Tale | We're Just Friends (Right?) | In A Good Way | I Thought You Were Different | Whisk Me Away In Your Arms | Notes of Love | Words to Remember | Hesitation is Deadly | Misunderstandings | Would You Like To Dance? | Acceptance | Blurred | The Five Times Ladybug Denies Her Feelings For Chat (And The One Time She Doesn’t) | Just A Dream | Rejected | Up For A Challenge? Promise Me | Just A Peck | freedom beneath the stars | They Don’t Know About Us | Clarity | Fall Before I Fold | Gone | In The Rain | you gotta know that you’re one in a million | New Beginnings | there’s nothing i’d rather do (i’m stuck with you) | Handle It | Cry For Me | now where am i going? | Chat Noir, Are You Santa?
2) Number of words written
According to AO3, I’ve published 224,900k words in 2020! However, I have written closer to 250k, which is a combination of WIPs, abandoned fics, and stories I’ve written for outside of this fandom.
3) Most popular
My most popular by hits is Oh, What A Tale. It currently is sitting at 8184 hits and 589 kudos. This was expected because it is my only finished multi-chaptered fic. My most popular by kudos is In A Good Way. it currently is sitting at 4652 hits and 654 kudos. I did not expect this fic to be this popular, but I can see why it is!
4) Personal favorite
Oh, this is hard! I’m just going to link my Top 5 Of 2020 post. I love all of these fics very much, so they’re all among my favorites.
5) Favorite scene
This is also very hard! I’m going to say the first chapter in Wistfully In Love With You, which this the part where Marinette is having a nightmare. It was a hard scene to write, but I am proud of how it turned out.
6) A fic/scene that challenged you
I’m going to say In The Rain for this one. I’ve struggled with a lot of fics, but I struggled with this one in particular because it is a pairing I haven’t written before. Additionally, I had trouble with the prompt. But I’m very proud of the end result, and how I managed to make everything work!
7) A line you’re proud of
This line is the first that comes to mind! It’s more than one line, haha, but I am proud of it.
The party in front of him blurs together, becoming a puddle in his eyes. He feels his shoulders shaking, and suddenly, moisture begins to drip down his cheeks. [...] His hands tremble, and suddenly, he feels himself gasping. He’s gasping as though he’s drowning, desperately needing to come up to the surface, but he can’t breathe, he needs air but can barely grasp it, and something inside him shatters as he realizes this won’t change and it’s always going to be this way and he’s alone, alone, alone—
8) A touching comment
I’ve gotten tons of touching comments that I am super grateful for! However, as soon as I saw this question, this is the comment that came to mind. It still makes me laugh whenever I think of it!
Tumblr media
9) Something that inspired your writing
Quite a few people have! My friends, both in and out of this fandom, are definitely the people who inspire me the most <3 Other than them, other creators also inspire me! Finally, my family - even I don’t necessarily share my writing with them, haha - inspire me all the time.
10) Proudest accomplishment
For stepping out of my comfort zone and actually sharing my writing! Before 2020, I had so much trouble writing more than 1,000 words at a time. The main reason I started writing so much was because I wanted to build my writing stamina, and I thought, “if I’m going to write this much, why not share it?” So I did, and I’ve been blown away by the support I’ve received.
11) Writing goals for 2021
I don’t really have any at the moment, to be honest! I don’t think I’ll write as much as I did in 2020, but I hope that I can continue creating content I will proud of <3
I’m not going to tag anyone, but whoever wants to is free to do this!
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ocalaghan · 7 months ago
I finished watching Humans last night and I AM VERY SAD ABOUT IT.
I started watching it in 2015 when it was first released but never watched the third (and unfortunately final) season because for some reason I couldn’t get it on catch-up on my TV. But they just put it on Netflix so I watched it from the start with my boyfriend and I’m so bloody mad it was cancelled. It was such a good show and came out around the same time as Westworld with a conscious robot concept so I thought it would be really popular. Bummed as hell that it wasn’t. 
Since it was cancelled, it obviously left a lot of questions unanswered and a lot of story to still be told, but in a way, the finale works as an ambiguous ending? Sort of? Like, just making it known that Mia’s sacrifice will not be for nothing and there was about to be a new era of human-synth hybrid. 
I like to think Laura manages to get released but also that Mattie doesn’t go to prison. Like, the fact she is pregnant with this baby and is going to be famous for that... I don’t know, maybe something else would happen. They’d need to be under some kind of protection though. Mattie and Leo would never allow their kid to be used as an experiment. 
I feel like they were going to make something sinister happen with Sam but I just want him back living with the Hawkins as their bonus kid. I’m so sad Karen and Pete both died. Especially Karen, I loved her. 
I’d also love to see Laura and Joe get back together. I feel like it was sort of heading that way? They do have a lot of love for each other. 
Seeing Odi ‘come back’ as V was so good because I loved Odi so much, he made me cry every time he was on screen. V and Niska guiding everyone is something I could totally vibe with and I wanted to see more of that. I wonder if Athena would’ve come back for season four and rediscovered V or if she moved on for good. 
I also wanna know what happened to the other conscious synth children from Qualia. 
Ahhhhh I don’t know there is just so much I wanted to see. I just want them all to be happy and for the synths to be treated equally. Leo can have his synth family back. Max could meet someone else after properly mourning Flash. Niska can be happy with Astrid (gay bad-ass queens!!!) and work with V to change things. Leo and Mattie can have their hybrid baby lmao. The Hawkins will all stay together and protect Sam, and keep Karen and Pete’s memory alive. Also other things but my brain is turning to mush trying to think of all that I wanted from this show. I’m just sad it didn’t get to thrive. 
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sparrellow · 11 months ago
Rin realised with absolute terror, that by some cursed oddity, the quite-revealing, most definitely embarrassing selfie she had just taken had been sent to Len.
rating: T genre: humour, romance pairing: rinlen words:  2,477
It was a balmy Tuesday afternoon, and Rin was bored, so she went window shopping.
Her favourite thing to do was try on cute outfits, take selfies in them, and then not buy anything at all. It wasn’t like she could afford to buy any of the things she tried, anyway—she was a broke university student, barely scraping by weekly on nutritious meals of cup ramen. 
This day, she felt particularly ambitious. A little sexy, even. So she went to her favourite lingerie store and tried on a bunch of cute, expensive underwear.
Alas, it did not go exactly as planned.
When she unlocked her phone to take a selfie, it did some weird glitch thing, but she simply shrugged it off and went to snap a photo of herself in the pastel, frilly, mermaid-themed underwear she’d picked out. Hmm. Cute. She clicked the confirm button, and went to take another picture, except— 
Except the screen didn’t return to the camera option.
Oh, no.
It didn’t.
It had, in fact, opened up her message with Len. Her uni friend. The cute guy from her Psychology class.
But that wasn’t it.
Because, Rin realised with absolute terror, that by some cursed oddity, the quite-revealing , most definitely embarrassing selfie she had just taken had been sent to him.
The final hit was the little: Read at 2:36 .
It was a balmy Tuesday afternoon, and Len was struggling to stay awake during his Introduction to Molecular Chemistry lecture. He kept nodding off every few minutes, the lecturer’s voice oddly soothing—both a blessing and a curse in his case.
But then his phone buzzed, and his eyes popped open to read the notification.
(1) Message from Rin Kagamine.
Huh. Wonder why Rin was texting him. They didn’t really talk much outside of their class together, but she was pretty cool. Pretty and cool, that was. He didn’t really think they were on that level for casual conversations yet, so perhaps it was uni-related, or something.
He reached over to unlock his phone to read the message. 
And promptly turned off his screen again.
What… what was that .
His eyes had almost fallen out of his sockets. Had he just seen correctly? Or was his mind playing tricks on him? He wasn’t even entirely sure.
Reluctantly, he opened the message back up.
And confirmed, it was, indeed, not a mistake of his eyes. 
She had, in fact, just sent him a picture of her in underwear. (Very nice underwear, might he add! But also, what the fuck was going on here .)
Before he could even form some degree of coherent message in response to the picture, Rin had begun spamming him in a flurry of panic.
He raised an eyebrow at the messages, amused. So it was… an accident? How does one send a sexy selfie as an accident? How does one’s phone glitch to the degree of accidentally sending someone a sexy selfie? Had she been meaning to send it to someone else?
There were so many questions. 
Well, the good thing was that Len was definitely awake now.
Rin was crouching on the floor of the dressing room, half-naked and freaking out because he still hadn’t replied. But he had read all the messages. Oh god. What happens if he, like, posted the picture to some Facebook group to shame her? What if he used it for blackmail?
Was Len that sort of person? Did he like blackmail?
But before she could jump to any more conclusions, he’d responded with:
Thanks. I needed something to make this lecture a little bit more bearable.
He was at school? Had he opened the message in front of everyone? Had everyone else seen her in the cute little frilly mermaid underwear with her unshaven legs and pot-belly from eating two servings of instant yakisoba for lunch????
Rin sunk further down onto the ground, clutching her head, texting back rapid-fire. 
I swear it was an accident I don’t know why it was sent to you I was literally just taking pics of myself and AHHHHH
Did she really just admit that she had been taking photos of herself, half-naked, in the dressing room of an expensive lingerie store?
Yes. Yes she did.
And Len had the audacity to send back a crying-laughing face.
Well idk if you wanted an opinion, but it looks cute. You should buy it.
Rin buried her face into her knees, utterly humiliated . This wasn’t what she was expecting her boring Tuesday afternoon to be like. Maybe she should’ve just stayed home and studied like a good student.
Well. It was too late to go back now.
I wish I could but it’s way out of my price range
Thanks, tho
She closed her phone and stood up, taking a breath to calm herself. At that moment, the dressing room assistant knocked on her door and asked, “Do you need any help?”
“I’m fine!” she croaked, scrambling to change into her next outfit. God forbid she let anyone else look at her body today.
Len couldn’t help but be a little disappointed at the fact that she’d stop replying after that last message.
Of course, it was normal , given that this was all apparently an accident , but he was hoping she’d send another picture or two.
You know.
That sounded dirty of him. But she was cute. And that first picture was—although very much a surprise—somewhat eye candy for him. Plus he was super bored. He still had another hour left of his lecture and his soul was slowly being leached from his body.
So, like the little disgusting man he was, he sent another message.
Is that all?
About a minute passed, before Rin responded with, What?
He internally winced. Was he really going to make himself sound like a major creep?
Yes. Yes he was.
(This was going to make his Psychology class super awkward and he knew it.)
You’re not trying any others on?
Rin’s reply came almost immediately after that. Of COURSE I’m trying others on
What, do you want more pictures of an underdeveloped adult woman with hairy legs and a bloated stomach in your phone?
Len snorted. The picture she’d sent was fine. It was a body. A very nice body he liked to look at.
So he said, I can give you a second opinion?
It was radio static silent from Rin. She’d read his message, but no answer. He waited about five minutes, before he put down his phone with a sigh and tried to tune into his class.
She’d probably blocked his number. With good reason.
God. How was he going to meet her eyes in Psychology class on Thursday?
Providing she didn’t like, sock him in the jaw for being a pervert.
But he couldn’t help it! He needed the thrill! The entertainment! Also the pictures of a cute girl in cute underwear on his phone!
Len was going to hell but he didn’t even care.
Rin had stared at her phone for an incredibly long time, not sure how to respond to her classmate.
Look, she got it. It was her fault for being a dumbass and not checking before taking the picture. She technically asked for this roundabout method of torture. 
And yet. He had the audacity to ask for more.
She didn’t know whether to be mad or impressed. Madpressed, maybe.
So she left it to stew on, finished taking selfies of all the cute underwear in her naked glory, and went home very pensive. She thought very hard about it all on the bus, and glared hard at his little, stupid face in his icon on the message app.
Len was a good-looking guy. And , from the few conversations they had in class, he had a good sense of humour. And judging by his messages, he was also a cheeky asshole.
But she could’ve done worse. A whole lot worse. She could’ve sent that picture to her grandfather, or better yet, one of her creepy great uncles. Perhaps it was a good thing she’d sent it to some random (hot) guy from university.
So Rin decided to send the rest of her photos to him, and die gracefully in a puddle of shame. 
He’d already seen one, so he might as well see them all.
Len almost tripped and fell flat on his face when Rin suddenly bulk-sent five more pictures of her in various, adorable lingerie.
He wasn’t even in his lecture anymore. He was walking home, feeling sorry for his little perverted self, and the fact that he accidentally slept through the remainder of his class. How on earth was he even going to pass that class.
The blood rushing to his head (and to the south pole), he managed to type out a response that read a lot more underwhelmingly compared to what was really going on in his mind.
Very nice.
Was it something a girl wanted to read after sending multiple pictures of herself in a vulnerable state? No, probably not. But his brain had turned to mush and was starting to seep out of his ears. 
Rin wasn’t impressed.
You could’ve at least said thank you
Len fumbled for his dorm key, hands sweaty. Look, he was inexperienced. No one had ever sent him sexy pictures—or the equivalent of them, at least, whatever these were. He didn’t know how to handle it! Besides, she wasn’t even, like, a girl he was dating. He couldn’t just go full-mcCreep and tell her that he had a boner.
Could he?
No. He couldn’t.
Thank you , he responded, upon letting himself into his dorm room. I like the lavender one btw. It goes well with your hair colour
Was that too… much? He didn’t know if what he was doing was right. What did she expect him to say? He had no idea what on earth this entire situation was meant to be.
Oh really? That was my favourite
Cost like half a kidney tho
Len sank down onto his bed, relieved at her response. Okay. Okay. He was doing better. But now … he had a very important question he wanted to ask.
What’s the name of the store?
Rin blinked at his message, wondering why he was asking.
But she decided it was better not to ask. Maybe he had a girlfriend, or something. (Which, if he did, she would be incredibly pissed, because wouldn’t this classify as cheating? If he did, she was going to make sure he couldn’t walk straight ever again.)
She sent him back the store name. And left it there.
I’ll see you on Thursday ;)
Rin stared at his messages. Why did he send that winky face. What did it mean. What did it mean.
She didn’t respond, just tossed her phone aside and flopped back against her couch. She’d find out soon enough if she’d regret her actions.
Come Thursday, Rin had all but mentally prepared for her encounter with Len.
He pulled out the chair beside her in their lecture hall, and she stiffened, reluctantly dragging her eyes up to meet his gaze.
“Morning,” he said, acting way too casual given the circumstances. He plopped a familiar bag down on the desk in front of her and winked. Winked.
She felt her breakfast come up a little as it dawned on her, with absolute horror, that the bag donned the logo of the exact same store she’d been trying on underwear in the other day.
“What… is this,” she asked, gesturing at the bag like it was a severed toe.
Len looked smug, resting his chin on his hand. “I don’t know. Take a peek.”
“You don’t know,” Rin muttered to herself, unconvinced. She leaned forward, peering into the bag, catching a glimpse of something the shade of lavender. Uhhhh. She’d seen that shade of lavender somewhere. On her body. In the dressing room.
“I know what you’re thinking,” Len said, shifting his gaze away so that he was facing forward. “No, I don’t know your size. I guessed.”
She wanted to send her face forward into the surface of the desk. 
“But if it doesn’t fit,” he added, lips turning up into a smirk, “you can always take it in to swap it for your size. The receipt is in the bag.”
God. What on earth. What the even. What?
“Is this… are you going to like… blackmail me or something, or,” Rin spluttered, eyeing him with suspicion. “What are you going to have me do in return for… this? This brand isn’t… cheap.”
Len glanced back at her, shrugged his shoulders. “Well, you technically don’t have to do anything , but…” He licked his lips. What the fuck? Ew. Gross. “I wouldn’t mind some more pictures.”
She gawked at him, heat rushing to her cheeks. “ Re ally?” She didn’t trust him. She didn’t trust this pretty-faced man-boy at all. “So, you want to be my sugar daddy?”
He choked. After recovering from his coughing fit, he sat up straight, made direct eye-contact and said smoothly, “Yeah, if that’s how you want to see it.”
So, he gave her expensive lingerie. In exchange for. Pictures of her. In said lingerie.
Rin wasn’t sure whether she was awake anymore, or just dreaming. Maybe she had passed out or something, and was having a fever dream. This was just too weird to even be real. She pinched her thigh under the desk, but nothing happened (alas).
“I mean, you could just go on a date with me instead, and maybe you’ll get to see the real thing,” her mouth said, without any mental input. It just came out. 
It was real clown hours in this Psychology lecture, huh.
Len’s mouth popped open. Then closed. Then opened again. “That could work, too.”
It was silent. No one knew how to handle this situation, apparently. They were both staring awkwardly at the bag of lingerie on the desk between them, like it might eat them at any moment.
Eventually, Rin’s hand reached out and snatched it off the desk, stuffing it down into her shoulder bag on the ground. She cleared her throat, tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “Well, I’ll try it on tonight and see how it fits.”
Len tried not to look too pleased. And failed. “Cool.” He hesitated, side-glancing her. “If it does… ”
“I’ll meet you at Crypton's at seven.”
He blinked, surprised, before leaning back in his seat and grinning with satisfaction. “Sounds good.”
(Spoiler alert: Rin’s underwear didn’t fit, but they still went on the date anyway.)
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