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#my buddy was the horizon and gibby was a random
whenthegodswillit · 2 months ago
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Cannot believe the damage output I had in this arenas match yesterday. I don't even play wraith like EVER
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illusionage · a year ago
down below the cut is my roster of dynamics i want between mirage and the other legends. granted, this is stuff i can imagine in my head - when or if we plot, there’s a high chance that it could 100% go the other way. however, there are some things i can’t see otherwise, so... yeah! just. take it with a grain of salt.
* random notes, but i usually expect exclusivity from shipping partners because that is personally how i operate. i will only ship, romantically, with one version of each character, and if we are shipping, i sort of... expect the same unless we discuss it?
BANGALORE: romantic | platonic | enemies | friends - i honestly can’t see bangalore/mirage as a thing in my head, tbh. bangalore lesbian.. however, him calling her bangs??? in the most recent quest?? had my heart go gooey. i’ve mentioned it before but i think they could be a really good brotp sort of thing between both of them knowing the loss of family, but also bangalore’s levelheadedness vs mirage’s.. well. mirageness i think could be a really good combination??? 
BLOODHOUND: romantic | platonic | enemies | friends - i am exclusive to my friend siri @honorrwolf for miragehound, but i i think these two could be really neat friends because i think. they’re both almost narrative foils? i guess? in terms of how bloodhound works, where they are the mystery vs mirage, who lets everyone see. he’s the one that draws the eyes towards him while i’m sure hound would prefer eyes away from them. 
CAUSTIC: romantic | platonic | enemies | friends -  i have it in my portrayal that caustic gives mirage the heebie jeebies lkJGHFLKG. like. i literally can’t imagine a world where they get along because caustic is... caustic and mirage is... mirage. IDK i just think that they would butt heads a lot and just???? i think caustic would think mirage is annoying and mirage thinks caustic is creepy. he doesn’t like him. BUT AGAIN if i plot it enough with someone else this could change idk maybe they’ll be friends. but i can’t think of them in a romantic sense or a platonic sense
CRYPTO: romantic | platonic | enemies | friends - ah... the classic antagonistic rivals to lovers dynamic. :’) i’m a sucker for cry/ptage lmao. again, this is another case of when i have a ship going with siri already, and i’ll talk to him about ship exclusivity. romantic ship aside, i think they could be really cool together in terms of a friends way. they’re both nerds. they’ve both lost family. the way crypto processed his grief in losing mila vs how mirage did, and how different they turned out... chef’s kiss. honestly outside of the romantic sense, i could see them as rivals to friends!
GIBRALTAR: romantic | platonic | enemies | friends - GIVE IT TO ME. PLS APEX RPC WHERE IS A GIBRALTAR PLS. idk i just think in any medium of relationship, i feel like they could get along! like just. slip into something kind and gentle between the two of them and they’re both so supportive of each other.... i just. feel like they could be rlly nice together, romantic or otherwise. i can’t see them as enemies either. who could be enemies with gibby... please i’m just asking for a gibby to be around we can plot anything you want please -
HORIZON: romantic | platonic | enemies | friends - eh, not really a fan of what canon is setting up because they make m/irage act like hes 12 rather than 30. but i will say i do like them being friends! i could ... probably bend to them being romantic but its not personally my cup of tea. but i do like the idea of them being scientist buddies!!! and geeking out together... :D
LIFELINE: romantic | platonic | enemies | friends - h/olohealer good :))))) but also their friendship could be cute!! i love the idea of them being good friends bc i feel like both of them r just overall sociable people that would click with one another. they could be buds! and then in a romantic sense i like them too, they could be cute :D but i’m shipping w moe so thats all i have to say on said situation
LOBA: romantic | platonic | enemies | friends - honestly it’s a matter of loba being totally outta his league LMAO. she’s this high-society thief and hes just. a lil bartender from solace. but also i can imagine them as begrudgingly friends - like loba probably thinks he’s a lil annoying at times because he talks too much but loba makes mirage nervous so he’ll always talk too much. its the big malewife x girlboss ship 
OCTANE: romantic | platonic | enemies | friends - this is another matter of me having to have a partner that i talk to a lot and plot with a lot to get on board with miroctane. like, i think it’s fine as romantic but i’m not sure if they click that way right off the bat? i’d have to plot it with someone a lot to ease into it being a romantic ship! updated, lmao, i am now on the miroctane board. i just think mirage trying to be overly cool and suave to octane whos just there like :eyes: at him is rlly funny because mirage  would be trying so hard to impress him.  platonic / friends wise, too, 100%. octane gives me the vibes of he’s gonna bully mirage and be a rascal and mirage will begrudgingly follow but he likes octane’s company (:
PATHFINDER: romantic | platonic | enemies | friends - has it ever been said why mirage doesn’t like pathfinder??? LIKE lmao idk WHY he doesn’t like path. has it ever been explained? I DUNNO. we can plot it if there’s a path out there. i honestly think it might be a matter of mirage playing it up for the games because people like seeing a variety of dynamics and if mirage complains but. pathfinder calls him elliott and his best friend so :’) they are FRIENDS. mirage teaching pathfinder all the new lingo.... he’s up to date with the slang (he’s not). i just think they could be really cute friends 
RAMPART: romantic | platonic | enemies | friends - can’t rlly see them as a ship considering how badly their relationship was written. rampart spits gum in mirage’s hair for fun. they can be like a sibling pair :D i read somewhere that rampart’s teasing of him might remind mirage of his older brothers and i just LATCHED onto that..... also i don’t think rampart is one to easily make enemies LMAO. neither is mirage so i don’t think they’d ever get to that point. but yeah. family relationship me thinks
REVENANT: romantic | platonic | enemies | friends - ???? I LITERALLY CANNOT SEE. any reality where mirage and rev actually get along as friends LMAOOOO. rev probably thinks he’s irritating. mirage is afraid of rev and thinks rev wants to eat him. i just - their ideals and their. state of minds are so massively different that i can’t imagine my mirage in the very least getting along. maybe a LONG LONG LONG way into the future but right now????? it’s either enemies or a very big ????? 
WATTSON: romantic | platonic | enemies | friends - mirage wants to protect her. seriously she’s got massive little sister vibes to him, but he learns VERY quickly that wattson can take care of herself. although that doesn’t stop him from doting on her. but also!! genius buddies!!!!! let mirage be apart of the genius squad they can geek out over tech together. lets go. lets go!!!!!! let them be nerds in the workshop and show each other how their gear works and help each other improve 
WRAITH: romantic | platonic | enemies | friends - tbh as a brotp? i think m/iraith is FANTASTIC. they’re hooligans. they joke around with each other. mirage makes wraith her appletinis bc he’s afraid to get kicked in the crotch. a very weird friendship to anyone looking in but they would fight for each other. as a romantic ship, tbh, it’s another one i’d have to be talked into. i think it’s okay! that it has potential! but a wraith mun would have to talk to me about it and my personal hc for wraith doesn’t work for mi/raith but. i’m open!
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