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#my cats love to keep me on my toes
the-adventures-of-dave · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I gave Dave and Kepler cornish h.en necks because I figured it would keep them busy while I made dinner.
Dave didn’t want his. Kepler finished his in less than 5 minutes. I thought he would just chew on it, not eat the whole thing.
I’m keeping an eye on him now in case he throws it up or something. He was eating while I gave Dave his so I didn’t see if he chewed it or swallowed it whole. He seems fine (and still hungry for supper).
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lamptracker · 2 days ago
FIC: This Seat Taken? (Seo Changbin/Female Reader)
Literally the only reason I got this done was because I broke my toe and have an abundance of sitting-around time. So... yay, I suppose.
Title: This Seat Taken?
Pairing: Seo Changbin (Stray Kids)/Female Reader
Summary: The reader finds herself falling in love with her best friend Changbin.
Warnings: A few potty words but other than that, not much really.
Author’s Note(s): This takes place in a world where A. There have only ever been eight members of Stray Kids (we do not talk about the AT&T of people) and B. Minho’s cats live in the dorms with them. 
Which brings up two questions: Why don’t Minho’s cats live in the dorms? And have they fixed that stupid curtain yet??
As per tradition I tag @jisungiesbunnie​ I keep bringing this up in the Discord lol
Tumblr media
The very last thing you wanted was to be part of a cliche.
They were everywhere. The “enemies to lovers.” The old standby “oh my God, they were roommates.” The good old fashioned “best friends to lovers.”
You wanted absolutely no part of it.
So why were you in danger of falling prey to “best friends to lovers”?
And moreover, why were you falling hopelessly in love with Seo Changbin?
You met Seo Changbin at a very vulnerable time in your life.
You were sixteen years old, and it was your first day at your new high school. You knew absolutely nobody. And since you were the new kid in school, there wasn’t a soul that wanted anything to do with you. Nobody wanted to sit near you in class. Even the teachers didn’t call on you, which was super unfortunate since you totally knew the answer in your math class. That wouldn’t have stung so much if the kid she called on had gotten it right.
So, at lunch, you found a table in the far corner, nobody around for what seemed like miles. This is as good a spot as any, you thought as you settled in. 
You were partway through your cheese sandwich when you suddenly heard a deep voice say, “This seat taken?”
You looked up to find… a boy. He was short - not much taller than you were - but he had a lean yet muscular build and kind eyes.
“I don’t suppose so,” you muttered quietly.
The boy sat across the table from you. “I don’t recognize you,” he said. “Are you new?”
You nodded.
“Ah! Okay. Well, my name is Changbin, Seo Changbin?”
“(y/n),” you replied. “You’re the first person all day that’s actually said more than five words to me. And those five words have usually been get out of my way.”
Changbin scoffed. “That’s terrible. Look, some of these people can be real jerks, I-”
“Hey, Changbin! What’re you doing talking to that loser?”
The voice belonged to a boy who was in your social studies class, one who’d shoved you out of the way in the hallway to get to the lunchroom first.
“She’s not a loser, she’s just new. And she seems really nice. So if you can’t be nice to her, just go sit down.”
The boy rolled his eyes as he walked away. 
“Thank you,” you said shyly.
“No problem.” Changbin flashed you a lopsided grin; you couldn’t help giggling in response.
“I have a really hard time making friends,” you admitted. “And my family moves around for my dad’s job, that doesn’t help.”
“Well, I am honored to be your friend. I mean, if you’ll let me.”
You smiled warmly at him. “Of course.”
The two of you were thick as thieves after that. It wasn’t long before you were over at each others’ houses all the time - it got to the point where your mom was picking up Changbin’s favorites at the store - and texting each other constantly. You didn’t let a day go by without at least texting each other once. 
Even when you graduated from high school and went your separate ways - you went off to college, studying communications and mass marketing; he auditioned for a new K-Pop group that was forming - you made sure to talk every day.
You were there for each other when times were good - when you got accepted to your dream school, when Changbin was selected for Stray Kids. And when times were bad - Changbin was really down when Minho was eliminated, you’d had to have knee surgery right after you graduated college, and let’s not forget every failed girlfriend he’d had and every failed boyfriend you’d racked up.
He helped you find your job, too. You were six months out of college and still hadn’t found a job yet.
“I’m starting to think I majored in the wrong thing,” you lamented to Changbin over coffee one afternoon. “I loved my studies, but I just can’t seem to land even an interview. I thought communications was a growing industry, but…”
“I’m so sorry,” Changbin replied. “Let me see what I can do.”
“What you can do?” you echoed. “What can you do?”
“Give me a week,” he assured you. Shrugging, you turned back to your coffee.
“My mom wants me to join a temp agency,” you said. “If you can’t find something for me by this time next week, I’m going to.”
“Don’t worry about it.”
Two days later, you’d gotten a call from an administrative assistant at JYPE. Your resume came across their desk, see, and looking over your credentials they thought you’d be perfect for a job that just opened up. Well, have you ever heard of the new group, Stray Kids? You’d be their assistant, pretty much. JYPE would book appearances and organize tours; you would be responsible for booking flights and hotels and meal reservations and whatnot. You would also live in the dorm with them - you’d get your own room, of course, far away from the rest of the guys (they’re all nice but Chan snores, a lot of them are talkers and Minho curses in his sleep). You might be asked to do a little light housekeeping, maybe cook on occas-
“I’ll take it!” you exclaimed. 
The assistant laughed. “You don’t even know how much we’re paying you.”
“Don’t care,” you replied. “I’ve been jobless for half a year, and I have student loans. I’ll take it.”
Later that afternoon, you were enjoying a cup of coffee at your favorite shop, looking over the email from JYPE detailing your contract.
“This seat taken?”
“Seo Changbin! You did it, you son of a bitch.”
“Did what?” Changbin sat across from you and took a sip of his coffee, thoroughly confused.
You chuckled. “JYPE called me today. I’m going to be Stray Kids’ official assistant. I’ll be booking flights and hotels for appearances and the tour, I’ll be living with you guys and-”
“What!” Changbin rose from his seat and ran around to your side of the table, wrapping an arm around your shoulders. “That’s amazing! I thought they’d just get you a job in the office or answering fanmail or something, I wasn’t expecting that!” He pressed a quick kiss to the top of your head. “Okay, um. Fair bit of warning about the guys’ sleeping habits, uh-”
“They told me about a couple. Uh… Chan snores and Minho swears in his sleep.”
“Hyunjin and Jisung talk in their sleep,” Changbin added. “Felix always has to be hugging someone or something. Seungmin always, just, screams right as he falls asleep. Jeongin’s a sleepwalker, that’s super fun. We had to put like four locks on the door, we lock every other one because he just goes down the line and thinks he’s unlocking all of them. And-”
“You talk in your sleep too,” you finished. “Most of the time you’re looking for something or you’re lost, but I have definitely heard you do it.”
Changbin looked slightly wounded. “I was going to say I don’t think I do anything, but… okay, I guess.”
You laughed. “Hey, um, thanks. For helping me out. I really appreciate it.”
“No problem.” He squeezed your shoulder again before sliding out of the booth.
Some people who fall hopelessly in love with their best friend will tell you they can’t pinpoint the exact reason why they fell in love. 
You can, though.
It was a year after you first moved into the dorm… and it was all Lee Minho’s fault.
You were going through the bedrooms, gathering up laundry.
“Just once,” you muttered to yourself, “if these morons could get their underpants in the vicinity of the hamper, I’d be happy.”
“They’re not mine.”
You jumped, nearly bonking the top of your head on the top bunk of one of the beds. “Damn it, Minho, you scared the crap out of me.”
Minho chuckled quietly. “Sorry. How’s it going?”
“Peachy. I’m so glad I went to college so I could clean up after a bunch of overgrown children.”
“Oh, come on. We’re not that bad, are we?”
You laughed. “No. I’m just… I guess I’m grouchy today, that’s all. Didn’t sleep well last night. I actually really do like this job, I’m grateful that Changbin helped me get it.”
Minho nodded slightly. “He's going out again tonight?”
“Yep. This girl he met at the grocery store, Ha-Rin? That might be right, I’m not sure. I can’t keep track anymore.”
“Wow,” Minho said. “He’s been really unlucky in the girls department lately, hasn’t he?”
“He really has, I don’t get it.”
“Do you think… do you think they’re jealous of you?”
You shrugged. “It’s possible. I’m a girl who lives with him and has been friends with him for years. Plus I am a snack.” You made a passing motion over your body. “Who wouldn’t be jealous of this?”
Minho laughed loudly. “I might be out of line here, and feel free to punch me for it, but… but do you ever get jealous of them?”
You wrinkled your nose in confusion. “What?”
“I mean, you guys have been friends since you were sixteen. You’ve never wondered what it was like to date him?”
You scoffed. “No! Absolutely not. He’s my best friend, that would be so weird. Like dating my brother or something, gross.”
Minho laughed again, raising his hands in a sort-of defensive gesture. “Okay! Sorry I brought it up.”
But that night, you had a weird dream. You were at your senior prom (in real life, you and Changbin had skipped it to have a Marvel movie marathon). You were wearing a beautiful royal blue dress, with sequins - not too many, just enough to make it classy. 
You were slow dancing with… someone. You couldn’t tell who. It was dark, and your arms were wrapped around their neck, your head nestled on their shoulder; their arms were wrapped firmly around your waist. 
“Close your eyes,” a soft, yet vaguely familiar voice whispered.
You did; the person holding you unwrapped one arm from your waist, tipped your chin up, and gently pressed their lips to yours. You quickly melted into the kiss, pressing yourself closer to them as the kiss deepened slightly.
The other person pulled away slowly; you opened your eyes…
...and found yourself staring at none other than Changbin.
You sat up with a start, and you were a side sleeper, so you nearly fell out of bed.
“God damn you, Minho,” you muttered as you pulled the blanket over your head. “I can’t tell him. I can never tell him. I don’t want to lose his friendship.”
So you made two solemn vows: You vowed to punch Lee Minho in the face the next time you saw him, and you vowed never to tell Changbin how you felt about him. 
You settled for giving Minho a dirty look over breakfast the next morning. As for the other thing, well...
Every time Changbin had a new girlfriend, your heart dropped ever-so-slightly in your chest. And always twice: Once, when he’d first start dating her; and once, when she broke up with him.
It was practically identical every single time: He would meet a girl. He would rush into the living room, a big smile plastered on his face, and exclaim: “I met the most amazing girl!” He would list off her qualities - pretty, smart, funny, ordered the same obscure thing from the Thai place that he liked, etc. They’d start dating. He’d come home after their third date and proclaim: “I think she might be The One, y’know? She’s - oh, wipe that look off your face, Lee Minho; I mean it this time.” Things would go really well for a brief amount of time. The longest was five months; the shortest, two weeks. 
And when it inevitably went south, that was practically identical every single time as well. He’d trudge through the door, kick off his shoes, slump down on the couch, and say: “Okay, Minho, you can say I told you so now.” 
Minho would always refrain, to his credit, except for when Changbin and Ha-Rin (the grocery store girl) broke up; he did not like Ha-Rin. That was a really long story. But let’s just say if cats think you’re evil, so will Minho; and his cats absolutely hated Ha-Rin. (Especially Dori, and Dori loves everybody.)
Anyway, after giving Minho the chance to gloat (which, as previously mentioned, he only did once), Changbin would give you a Look™ and you would follow him into your room. The other guys knew not to bother you in there, so it was a safe place. He’d slump down onto the bed and smile sadly at you while patting the space next to him.  
“This seat taken?” you’d ask, mimicking one of his favorite lines. He would shake his head ever-so-slightly. And you’d sit, and open your arms, and he’d fall into them, sobbing all the while.
Sometimes, he would tell you why they broke up with him. They were all terrible reasons, too: Just wanted to see what it was like to date an Idol. Wanted to make their ex jealous. Needed a date to this work/school/family thing. Just trying to get closer to Chan (twice), Hyunjin (four times), Jeongin (three times), Minho’s cats (once; that girl was weird). In at least one case, it was because of you. (That was why he and Ha-Rin broke up; he never told you that was why, but she did. Seems she made him choose between her or being friends with you and he picked you. Of course, you’d never tell him you knew.)
And every single time, your heart shattered right along with his, because you knew that you would never do this to him. So why didn’t he know that?
Those feelings only solidified the night you got dumped.
You had been dating Daeshim for roughly eight months or so. You’d met at the grocery store, and were immediately drawn to him. In hindsight, you admittedly pulled a Changbin: You fell for him, hard and fast. The two of you were practically inseparable. You’d kissed on the third date, he said “I love you” after a month, you were already making plans for you future house (try to find something within a few miles of the dorms), your wedding (he didn’t bat an eye when you said that instead of bridesmaids, you wanted your eight roommates to stand up with you), even your kids’ names (Nabi for a girl, Yu-jun for a boy). He not only wasn’t jealous of the fact that you lived with eight men, he embraced it. “They were here before I was,” he’d said, “so why would that bother me?”
Daeshim was your person.
Until… he wasn’t.
The guys were all at the studio, practicing choreography for their upcoming music video, so you were home alone. Perfect environment for wallowing.
You were on the couch, curled up in a giant blanket, sobbing so hard that at one point you were afraid you’d cry your brain right out of your nose. You were a hot mess - your hair was disheveled, your eyes and nose were red and puffy, your face was wet with tears and sweat and God knows what else. You did not look cute.
And, naturally, that was the moment Changbin came home.
“Oh, no, hey,” he said softly. “Did something happen with you and Daeshim?”
You nodded hastily.
“Want me to make the other guys go away for a bit?”
You shook your head. “They’re okay.”
“Well… do you want to go to your room? We can talk there.”
You sniffled as you reached for the box of tissues. “Okay.”
Changbin helped you off the couch and gingerly led you to your room as the other guys came spilling into the living room. Felix started to ask what was going on, but Changbin just shook his head and silently mouthed I’ll tell you later.
Changbin carefully helped you onto the bed. Reversing the roles slightly, you smiled sadly at him and patted the seat next to you.
Changbin couldn’t help but smile a small smile as he said, “This seat taken?” You shook your head; he settled down next to you. “Okay, what’s going on?”
You opened your mouth to tell him what had happened, but a loud sob came out instead.
“It’s okay, you’re okay,” Changbin soothed as he wrapped his arms around you. “Take your time, tell me when you’re ready.”
You wrapped your arms around his waist, burying your head in his chest as a fresh wave of tears came. Changbin said nothing, just held you as you cried, occasionally rubbing soothing circles over your back.
Finally, you sat up and took a deep breath. “He cheated on me.”
Changbin raised an eyebrow. “He did what now?”
“I caught him,” you explained. “I went to the coffee shop down the street to get a drink and one of those croissants with the chocolate in the middle, you know? And I did a little work while I was there, too, figured it’d be nice to get out for a bit. Anyway, I walked out to come home and… and I saw them.”
“Oh, no.”
Just when you thought you had no tears left, an altogether new supply started welling up in your eyes. “He met someone at work,” you said. “They were put on a project together, they got to talking, one thing led to another. He says he loves me but he loved them too and he couldn’t choose. So… you know… I chose for him.”
“And this person still wants to date him?”
“Went back to the cafe to get my laptop charger, saw them kissing when I came back out.”
“Ugh. Wow, (y/n), I’m so sorry.”
You snorted as you tightened your grip around his waist, resting your head on his chest again. “Usually this is the other way around, I’m the one consoling you after a breakup. Must be nice for you to have the situation reversed for a switch.”
“Actually, it kills me to see you like this. You don’t deserve that, I mean nobody does, but especially you. You are amazing, you know that? You’re sweet, you’re one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, you’re completely hilarious. You’ve done two things that I thought were impossible, you can out-drink Jisung and you can out-weird Seungmin. And, do you even know how pretty you are? Daeshim fucked up, and royally at that. Any guy would be so lucky to have you.”
You couldn’t help but smile through your tears at his words. But, you knew they were just that: words. He didn’t really feel that way about you. He was just trying to make you feel better.
Or was he?
Nonetheless, he only liked you as a friend, as far as you knew, and he was just helping lift your spirits.
He was successful at that, but he was even more successful at making you fall even deeper in love with him. The feelings you thought you’d gotten rid of when you and Daeshim started dating not only resurfaced, but intensified.
You sighed deeply, finally allowing yourself to relax in Changbin’s arms. His grip was firm but not too tight, just enough to make you feel safe and protected. He didn’t say anything else, he just allowed you to relax; occasionally he’d give you a gentle squeeze. Before too long, you were dozing.
It was only slightly weird that it was one of the best nights of sleep you’d ever had.
You woke up late the next morning, alone, but there was a glass of juice and two muffins on the bedside table. Had to go to practice, the handwritten note under the glass read. Sorry I couldn’t be here to have breakfast with you, so I figured I’d at least feed you. They’re blueberry muffins, Felix baked them fresh this morning. Take the day off if you need to, I’ll explain everything if JYP asks. Please call if you need anything.
Love, Binnie
You smiled softly to yourself as you bit into one of the muffins. Changbin was so sweet, and wanted to make sure you were taken care of. Just like a good friend should.
You scoffed slightly. Friend. That was all he’d ever be. Better get used to it...
Not long after you and Daeshim broke up, Changbin started dating this girl he’d met… somewhere. You didn’t know. Or, honestly, care. But her name was Min Jee, and she was way different from the other girls he's dated. She was pretty for sure, but she was funny and sweet and everything Changbin had been looking for. (And Minho’s cats? Adored her.)
Plus, she didn’t seem to be threatened by you in the slightest, so that was a definite plus.
You tried so hard to be happy for them. You even went out for coffee with Min Jee a few times, just the two of you, while the guys were practicing. That whole funny and sweet thing was no act - she really was that nice and that hilarious. She was touched that you wanted to be your friend, and you could have been her best friend, except for the fact that you guys had one thing in common: You were both madly in love with her boyfriend.
Two months into their relationship, the dynamic changed. 
“You’re home early,” you said as Changbin gently closed the door behind him. “I didn’t expect you back until later, how’s Min Jee?”
“We broke up.” Changbin hung his keys by the door and started into the kitchen.
You sighed. “Oh, Binnie, again? I am so sorry this keeps happening to you.”
Changbin shrugged. “Don’t worry about it. If it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be, you know?”
For some reason - to this day, you have no idea why - but for some reason, this was the moment you finally snapped.
“You know, you go out with a lot of girls,” you started. “You always fall for them really quickly, and really hard. And you always end up single again after a few weeks. And it - you know what, Changbin? It breaks my heart, it really does. I thought Min Jee was different, but looks like I was wrong, you know? It absolutely breaks my heart to see this happen to you over and over and over again, because you deserve so much better than that. You deserve someone that truly loves you for who you are, not just because you’re an idol. You deserve someone who cares about you, who’s there for you when things are rough, who just… who loves you with every fiber of her being. I can almost guarantee that there’s not a single girl out there who can be even a fraction of those things, who can even come close to loving you as much as I do.”
Changbin’s eyes grew wide as your rant came to a close. He just stared at you for a moment, jaw slack, not saying a word…
...and that was the moment when your brain realized what your mouth had done.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
You know that thing you were never ever ever EVER going to tell him? That thing you were going to take to the grave with you?
Yeah, you just realized your greatest fear: You opened your mouth, and out it went. 
Look, brain, you said to yourself. You can beat me up in a minute, okay? For now, though…
“I have to get out of here,” you said. You turned around and ran out the door, not even bothering to pull it closed behind you. You ran out the front door of the dorms, down the street, to the park just at the end of the block. You didn’t stop running until you reached the small pond near the back of the park - not too many people knew about this pond. It was small and clean and had a bench off to one side of it, facing the water. 
Changbin found it one day, not long after he’d moved into the dorms. It was the perfect place to go to catch a breath of fresh air. He brought you here not long after you’d moved in; the two of you came here often to talk about things you didn’t want the other guys to overhear.
You slumped down on the bench, buried your head in your hands, and started sobbing.
Do your worst, brain, you said. I deserve it.
Of course you do, moron. How could you say that? How could you tell him you love him? There is no possible way he loves you back, you know that, right? You’re probably responsible for him being dumped so many times anyway, they’re all jealous of you. Even Min Jee, she didn’t REALLY like you. She was pretending, for his sake. He just hasn’t figured that out yet. You know what you just did, right? You ruined any chance of a romantic relationship with him, and not only that you’ve completely ruined your friendship. You are such a…
“This seat taken?”
You didn’t answer, instead you kept sobbing quietly into your hands. You thought that maybe if you ignored him, didn’t acknowledge his presence, he’d just… go away.
Weight settling onto the other end of the short bench told you that he did not just go away.
You heard Changbin heave a deep sigh before he started speaking. “Min Jee didn’t break up with me. I broke up with her. Uh, it was the most insane thing that set it off, too. Um, she was telling me all about her day. She always tells me all about her day. And she was telling me about her day, like she always does, and I caught myself thinking: Wow, I really do not care about this even a little bit.” Changbin chuckled quietly to himself before continuing. “I didn’t want to hear about her day. You know whose day I really wanted to hear about? Yours. Min Jee and I were together for two months and I was already tired of hearing about her day. I’ve talked to you every day since we were 16, and I never get tired of hearing about yours. Not even after you started living with us, and I got to see you every day. And I got to thinking: I have dated a lot of girls. But I think about them, even the ones I thought I loved, and I realize something: not one of them would have my back when things would be bad. When my anxiety is too high, none of them would have helped. When I felt like I had a bad performance, they’d just shrug and talk about themselves. Sure, they were pretty, and funny, and smart. But none of them cared about me the same way you do. Not even Min Jee.”
You raised your head, gently wiping your nose. “What are you trying to say, Changbin?”
Changbin gently grasped one of your hands in both of his. “I’m trying to say… I’m definitely saying that I love you too.”
Another tear slipped out of your eye as you stared at him. You tried to wrap your head around the ridiculousness of this situation:
Seo Changbin, the boy you loved and was sure did not love you back, just told you he loved you back.
Take THAT, brain.
“Um… really?” was all you could manage. 
Changbin smiled softly at you; your heart fluttered in your chest. “Really. And you… you really love me?”
“Yes.” You were taken aback a bit by how quickly and effortlessly you answered the question.
Changbin’s grip on your hand tightened ever-so-slightly. “Can I kiss you?” he asked, almost shyly.
“I’d really like that.”
He let go of your hand and cupped your cheeks in his hands, carefully wiping your tears away with the pads of his thumbs. He leaned in, licking his lips slightly before pressing them to yours.
You had dreamed of kissing him before. But even your dreams couldn’t have prepared you for the real thing, how wonderful and warm and sweet it was.
His lips were smooth and dry against yours; they parted slightly as one of his hands moved down to your waist. His other hand stayed cupped against your cheek, thumb lightly brushing your cheekbone. As the kiss deepened, you could feel him pour every emotion he’d been repressing - love, mostly, but also a sense of tenderness and longing - into it. 
Changbin broke the kiss, pulling back from you; he was smiling softly and looking at you as if you were the only other person on Earth.
Not even Daeshim had looked at you like that.
“Uh… wow,” you breathed. 
“Yeah,” he replied, “wow.”
You smiled back at him, resting a hand on his knee, and you leaned in to kiss him again when a sudden stiff breeze rustled through the surrounding trees. You shivered involuntarily.
“Cold?” he asked.
You nodded. “Can we go home?”
“Sure.” He stood first, gently pulling you to a standing position. You walked back to the dorms, hand-in-hand; before you left the park, he asked: “So, how was your day?”
You grinned as you told him all about your day. And he was smiling the entire time.
When the two of you got back to the dorms, it sure looked like you were alone. Changbin settled down on the couch; smiling up at you, he patted his lap.
“This seat taken?” you asked, a goofy grin plastered on his face. Changbin just raised an eyebrow as he grabbed you around the waist, pulling you into his lap. He lightly tickled your sides as you laughed, trying to settle into his lap but squirming instead.
“Okay, okay, I’ll be nice,” he said, gently kissing your cheek. “I’m so glad I finally get to hold you this way.”
“Me too.”
“You really weren’t going to say anything?”
“Were you?”
“Fair point, I guess… didn’t want to mess up the friendship either, huh?”
“You are correct, sir.”
A short pause, then: “Only one of them broke up with me because of you, you know.”
“Ha-Rin, yeah. She told me. That was totally unfair of her to make you choose.”
“She told you? She swore me to secrecy and then she told you?”
“Wanted to make me feel guilty, I suppose.” You shrugged. “Didn’t work, I hated her guts. I was never happy to see you get dumped, except when Ha-Rin dumped you.”
“Yeah, that was the only time Minho said I told you so, too.” Changbin chuckled, shaking his head. “You know what, though? None of that matters anymore, now that I’ve got you.”
You hummed happily, leaning back slightly in his arms. “You’re right. But I am dying to know what that one girl was thinking.”
“Which one?”
“Dating you to get closer to the cats?”
Changbin laughed. “Some things, you just never find out.” He nuzzled the side of your neck. “I love you, you know.”
“I love you too, Binnie.” You turned your head, letting his lips connect with yours. Just as the kiss was starting to deepen, you heard the unmistakable sound of someone clearing their throat.
You turned your head away… and there were Changbin’s seven band members, all arms crossed, staring down at you.
Changbin grinned sheepishly at them as you waved and said, “Hey, fellas.” Chan started to open his mouth, but you cut him off. “Since I know you guys, and I’m reasonably sure you guys had money riding on this situation, I’ll just settle the main bet and the prop bets. I told him first, extremely by accident but it was me. He broke up with Min Jee because he felt the same way, but that happened before I told him, not because of it. He kissed me first,  and… that should settle it, right?”
“Pay up, suckers.” Jeongin held out a hand as the other guys groaned and reached for their wallets.
“How did you know he was going to break it off with Min Jee but (y/n) would be the one to say it first?!” Jisung grumbled.
“I didn’t, I just guessed.” Jeongin shrugged. “Your money, sir?”
“Go buy yourself something nice,” Jisung said. “Anyway, now that that’s out of the way…I’m really happy for you guys, I really am. Even if you did cost me 20,000 won.”
The rest of the guys nodded in agreement, a few offering their congratulations.
“Look, we’ll leave you two kids alone, if that’s what you want?” Chan said, almost awkwardly.
“Nah, you guys have the living room.” You climbed out of Changbin’s lap, offering him your hand; he took it and you helped him stand. “We’ll just go make out in my room.”
Changbin laughed as you led him down the hallway. “Awfully presumptuous, aren’t we?”
“Look, I know what I want.” You pulled your door shut behind you. “And right now, I want to kiss you.” 
Changbin smiled as you sat down on your bed. “This seat taken?”
“Just get down here.” You pulled the front of his shirt; he fell onto the bed, hovering over you. 
“God, you’re amazing.” He leaned down, closing the gap between your mouths.
You cannot believe you were just never going to tell him how you felt. But now, as his hand slid up to your stomach, you are more than happy you did.
Was that a cliche? Of course it was. But a cliche was making you blissfully happy, so you didn’t seem to mind it so much.
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happys-crazy-queen22 · 2 days ago
Anything For You
Tumblr media
Gif credit @everyhowlmarksthedead
Requested on wattpad
Hope you all enjoy.
Taglist. @nocturnalherb16. @jesseswartzwelder. @leaalfred. @writerwithasoul. @twistnet. @baylishh. @believinghurts. @ilovetaquitosmmmm. @mayans-mc.
Warning: mention of blood, zombies, arms being ripped off, jump scenes, baby zombie.
"Come on, it's not scary. Okay, that guy just got his arm ripped off. That's awesome". Coco laughed as the man on tv started squirting out blood. You hid in the sleeve of his shirt. Scared shitless of the zombies and gore.
"Babe, please. I think I'm going to be sick". You hid your eyes again when the zombie ripped open a womans jugular.
"It's almost over. We'll watch one of your chick flicks after". Coco told you, not taking his eyes off the tv.
"Alright, this movie is really scary but since you're into, I'll try not to cover my face and strangle you the whole time.....Oh My God, WHAT IS THAT"? You screamed covering your face with your hands and hiding behind Coco.
"I think that's a zombie baby eating a dog". Coco chuckled but when he saw you he turned the tv off and moved so you were laying on him. He rubbed your back as you clenched your eyes closed.
"Sorry, babe. I didn't think it would scare you that much. I promise no more scary movies". Coco kissed your head.
"I keep seeing the baby zombie over and over". You finally opened your eyes and screamed when the cat jumped up on the cat.
"Salem, get down. You scared the shit out of mommy". Coco chuckled.
"I hate you right now, Coco". You buried your head in his chest as he wrapped his arms around you.
"I'm sorry. What can I do to make it all better"?
"Watch Mary Poppins with me and paint my nails"? Your muffled voice, made Coco laugh.
"Okay. You go get the polish and I'll put in the movie". He told you, getting up from the couch.
"What if theres a zombie in the bedroom"?
"There's a gun in the side table". He rolled his eyes with a chuckle.
"I'm serious, Coco".
"Me too. You're fine. I'm here to protect you".
"Okay". You took off from the couch and ran into the bedroom screaming, grabbing the closest nail polish and ran back. Jumping on the couch out of breath.
"Really? Did you not just watch the movie I did? Sound attracts zombies". Coco said sitting down beside you, propping your feet on his lap.
"Stop saying zombies. I'm terrified as it is". You say wiggling your toes under his shirt.
"Watch your movie, while I attempt to paint your nails". Coco shook the bottle, unscrewed the top and went in for your big toe.
You watched the movie and started to feel better. The zom-zom. Cant even say it. It was slowly going away.
"What? What was that"? You panicked looking around.
"I smudge your toe now I have lime green paint on my fingers and shirt. Dang it". Coco bit his lip as he concentrated on being perfect.
"It's alright. My shoes will cover it up, babe". You giggle and go back to the movie.
"A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down". You sang with the tv.
"Feeling better baby girl". Coco asked blowing on your toes.
"I am. Thank you for doing this. I really appreciate it, you sweet sweet man". You leaned up and kissed his lips.
"I'd do anything for you to feel better. I hate seeing you scared even if it's for a fictional movie". He kissed your lips again.
"So what do you think"? He showed you your painted toes. Well that were painted but so was your skin around your toes..
"They're perfect. Thank you so much, my love". You kissed his lips and snuggled into him.
"You know what else makes the medicine go down"?
"Shut up, you perv". You laughed slapping his chest.
"I was going to say some if my delicious sweet tea. Damn. Get your mind out of the gutter, girl". Coco chucked and wrapped his arm around you while you laid on his chest watching Mary Poppins.
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i-sim-you · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“It’s getting so hot. I think the sweat is pouring down my back.”
My brows wrinkle at the thought. She’s right though, the sun is starting to feel very unforigving on my back despite the soft, blue cotton covering my skin. It’s probably because we’re getting into the early afternoon and the sun is starting to bleed orange.
Cat tries to shade her eyes as she squints up at the sun. “I think I need to cool off for a bit at this rate, otherwise I’ll shrivel up into nothing.”
“Stay in the water too long and you will.” I mutter back, risking a peek at her.
She’s leaning against the lounge chair, one arm across the back while the other raps restlessly against her leg. “You’re going to make me beg you to come along, aren’t you?”
“No, I’ll pass.” I answer quickly, looking away. I wasn’t ready to dip my toes in, despite my shirt clinging to the back of my neck. 
“Look - you’re almost sweating as much as I am! Don’t pretend you’re not at all interested in taking a quick swim.”
A lie is on my tongue without thinking, but I bite my lower lip just before to stop myself from saying anything. I could really use a quick swim; but the beach is starting to get crowdy and I get nervous around crowds.
I rest my head gently on the top of my right knee.“If you can make all those people disappear - I’m game.” 
Rolling her eyes, Cat gets up with a small huff. She shrugs off her cardigan and drapes it over the back of her chair just as Cal gets to his feet. “Suit yourself, we’re gonna have fun without you then.”
She says it like it’s a warning but I honestly don’t mind the silence. It’s not like I don’t enjoy talking - Cat and I usually have an endless supply of shit to talk about it. It’s just that it gets exhausting, it gets tiring to keep up with the flow.
Cal’s eyes flicker knowingly over to me but I avert my gaze just time. 
“I’ll come and join you guys in a few.” I promise. “I just need to get some chapters in of my book first.” I continue, reaching for my copy of Pride and Prejudice from the beach bag I carried with me this morning. It’s my fourth time re-reading it. 
Usually when the conversations starts to slow down, I bury my nose between the marked pages of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth’s conversations. Their dance of longing and passion is the kind of love I’ve always hoped for. Secretly, of course. Jane Austen knows how to play with the heartstrings in my chest - make me believe that loving someone doesn’t mean destroying them.
Not that I’m ever going to find something close to that.
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lydias--stiles · 5 days ago
38 please? I absolutely love your writing, thank you for sharing it!
KISS PROMPTS (closed) 38. Whispering “I love you” before a chaste, delicate kiss
(written for the ‘verse “everyone looks worse in the light (unlike you)” though can also be read separately.) 
“You’ve been running a lot, everything okay?”
Damn, he really couldn’t hide anything from her. Then again, he had never been a closed book, especially with her, but it still surprised him whenever his wordless actions were the loudest in her ears. 
His gaze ripped from her fridge to his girlfriend perched on the kitchen island, patiently looking at him. Tapping his nails against the metal, he weighed his words. 
Because it was true: he had been running a lot. He ran six times a week and she joined him for three of them, but now he doubled them as he felt particularly keyed up about an upcoming event. 
Hell, he didn’t even feel so worked up when Willie was working shit out with that radio guy to get them on, nor when Dave got him all frazzled with talk about time and death. But this… this was big. 
“Curiosity killed the cat,” he countered with a teasing smirk. 
She laughed. “So when it comes down to it, you get it right?”  
Closing the door, he leaned against its cold surface and shrugged. “Just been running more.”
A loaded pause hung between them, something that hadn’t happened ever since they got together. It felt unnatural and like he was wearing his shirt inside out. He couldn’t lie to her; a fact she was all too aware of when her brow raised knowingly.
He sighed. “We’re visiting your dad and brother in a few days and I’m freaking out, I guess.”
A frown formed, that inevitable confusion he had wished to avoid coming to the forefront. “Why?” 
“‘Cause of my own parental shit,” he called out, blunt. (He could really smoke one too.) “And because… y’know-”
She caught on, her frown shifting to a mellowed smile. “If you’re worrying he’ll judge the way we got together, don’t. My dad was basically a groupie when he met my mom.” Motioning at him to come near, he followed and stepped between her legs.
Being so close to her, unbridled by guilt or wondering what it meant, still reinvigorated him to a point where he sometimes forgot what they were even talking about, or what his problems were. Things were happier on her side of the street - or when he got trapped by her ankles hooking around his knees. Tomato, tomato. 
Murmuring now, she added: “And I wish you told me about the first thing.”
“You got so excited about all of us meeting.” His hands found her hips, rubbing the soft fabric of her joggers. “I didn’t wanna ruin it.”
“Dave would slap you right now.”
“Yeah, he would.”
Amused grins grew on their faces. Julie slung her arms around his neck like all those times at O’Reilly’s, now with that level of comfort they previously were never able to reach. There was no alcohol to lower their inhibitions, just honest words and loving hearts. 
“No one’s making a duffle bag,” she soothed, brown peering into the green, “no one’s going to shame you for a bad math test - there are no tests. All we’re going to do is meet them and you’ll charm them right away with your obsession for new wave-”
“Love the passive aggression going on.”
“-and your interest in drones. You like drones, right? Carlos has a drone now.”
Luke laughed, stress flooding out his system better than any jog could, and hummed. “Yeah, I can talk about drones. No fucking way we’re talking about chemistry. I’ll die.”
Her gaze lowered to his mouth while he joked, his lips curling into a tender smile as he caught her. Julie was never unafraid to show she wanted him - in whatever way she needed in that moment. Meeting her halfway in a quiet kiss, he felt the way her smile bloomed and how she hugged him tighter and how his chest swelled with adoration because he loved her so much. He loved her enough to hold back on babbling too much about new wave with Ray.
Not that he would tell her that; gotta keep her on her toes somehow.   
Rubbing their noses together, she whispered, “I love you” and chastely kissed his lips before hopping off the counter. Well then.
“Somewhere you gotta be?” Luke asked, dazed from the sudden shift. 
“You need to go in the shower,” she quipped, nodding at his sweaty get-up from his run. “You smell.”
Swaggering towards her, he bit his lip and teased: “You love it, baby!” And then- “Wanna join?” 
The dopey smile stayed put as she rolled her eyes at his unsubtle ways. When he steered her to the bathroom - they could still talk through a curtain, right? - she explained. “No, sorry. I’m meeting Flynn at Neon Dragon, she needs her hard drive. Something about the depressing technology of a karaoke bar.”
Shrugging off his basketball shorts, he hummed in agreement. “Yeah, karaoke bars are shit and - oh!” He perked up and dropped a kiss on her forehead. “Love you too, by the way.”
“By the way?!” she yelled, aghast, whipping his butt with a towel.   
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Can you do Spencer x Max 10,000 hours by Dan and Shay?
Thank you, hope you like this!
Tumblr media
Do you love the rain, does it make you dance
When you're drunk with your friends at a party
What's your favorite song, does it make you smile
Do you think of me
Spencer Reid was a hopeless romantic who wore his heart on his sleeve. He fell in love hard and fast. He couldn’t help it. It’s just the way he was.
All he wanted in the world was to meet someone and fall in love and have them love him the same way. That was always his problem, he always loved too much.
He tried to reel it in when he met Max, he’d made mistakes in the past, come on too strong and he didn’t want to repeat that with her.
She’d said she wanted to take things slow and that was fine. Although his heart had other ideas.
When you close your eyes, tell me, what are you dreamin'
Everything, I wanna know it all
He managed to curb himself on their first few dates. Play it cool. Don’t get in over your head.
But after everything that happened with Cat and Max’s family, the thought of losing her shattered him.
And after that kiss, he found himself falling. That one kiss sent him spiralling down a rabbit hole of his own feelings and he knew the second their lips touched he wouldn’t be able to live without this woman in his life.
He wanted to find out every little thing about her, what made her smile, what made her tick. Where had she come from and where did she plan on going.
He learnt she had built up walls he would have to figure out how to knock down. He learnt she played her cards close to her chest but over time she would give him small glances of them.
Some might call it clingy. His mother would say he just had a huge heart that needed to love. But it made sense after the abandonment he’d suffered in his life. So many people had left him in one way or another. His dad, Gideon, Hotch, Maeve, even Morgan to a certain extent.
He just wanted to be able to keep someone close to him. There had to be one person who wouldn’t leave him. Maybe that was Max.
I'd spend ten thousand hours and ten thousand more
Oh, if that's what it takes to learn that sweet heart of yours
And I might never get there, but I'm gonna try
If it's ten thousand hours or the rest of my life
I'm gonna love you
He knew before they’d even been intimate he would love her for the rest of his life. He loved everything about her, all the little things he was learning about her made him love her more.
He was constantly asking her questions, he hoped it didn’t grow tiresome. He just wanted to know her inside out, although he knew he would spend forever trying to find all these things out.
Their first time only cemented that. They moved together in perfect synch. It wasn’t awkward like a first time with someone could be. It was as though they had been doing it their whole lives. It was as though they were taught each other's bodies in a previous life and all that knowledge had come back to the surface as soon as they laid down together.
He learnt it drove her wild when he kissed her neck. She was a hair puller. She liked leaving marks on him from her fingernails.
She liked being on top, probably a control thing. Spencer very much liked her being on top. The view was magnificent.
He learnt afterwards she liked to be held. She told she loved listening to the sound of his heartbeat and the way it was still erratic straight after and she liked hearing the way it returned to normal.
He discovered her toes went numb when she orgasmed.
Do you miss the road that you grew up on
Did you get your middle name from your grandma
When you think about your forever now, do you think of me
He learnt a lot about her the first time she took him to an art gallery.
He learnt she would squeeze his hand when she was excited and she would ramble about her favourite works the way he rambled about statistics. He knew this was where she felt the most comfortable.
Art made her happy. And it warmed his heart.
When you close your eyes, tell me, what are you dreamin'
Everything, I wanna know it all
I'd spend ten thousand hours and ten thousand more
Oh, if that's what it takes to learn that sweet heart of yours
And I might never get there, but I'm gonna try
If it's ten thousand hours or the rest of my life
I'm gonna love you
I'm gonna love you
He’d started a book in his head. The Max Brenner Life Story. Slowly over time he was filling in the blanks, building up the pages.
Everything she did, everything she said was stored in there. He hoped it would be for nothing. If things didn’t work out with her he didn’t want to be left with a half finished book in his head.
Ooh, want the good and the bad and everything in between
Ooh, gotta cure my curiosity
Ooh, yeah
Over time he learnt her darkest fears. He learnt her hopes and dreams.
He learnt the reason she had wanted to take things slow was because she had started falling for him that day in the park and she’d been scared.
He discovered she wanted to get married and have kids one day. She wanted a small, intimate wedding and two kids, hopefully a girl and a boy. Spencer hoped he give that to her.
I'd spend ten thousand hours and ten thousand more
Oh, if that's what it takes to learn that
Sweet heart of yours
And I might never get there, but I'm gonna try
If it's ten thousand hours or the rest of my life
I'm gonna love you
I'm gonna love you
He didn’t find out about her way with words until their wedding day. As they stood up in front of their closest friends and family and she read the vows she had written herself he had really learnt how poetic she could be.
When she gave birth to their first child, a little girl, he learnt exactly how strong she was and how high her pain tolerance was.
As they became parents together he started learning new things about both of them.
Max was a wonderful mom, just as he thought she’d be. He discovered she was definitely the strong one in the relationship. He found himself becoming overwhelmed being a father and Max had told him he was doing an amazing job and he was an incredible dad. He was nothing like his own dad.
He learnt how easily adaptable she was when they had their second child, a boy. She barely batted an eyelid bringing a second child into their lives whereas Spencer freaked out again.
He learnt he couldn’t have done it without her. He discovered she was his rock.
But the learning would never stop. Every day he learnt something new about his wife, the mother of his children. He would never stop writing the book of her life. Their life.
And I'm gonna love you
I'm gonna love you
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birdiedotjpg · 13 days ago
ok so i’ve had 3 partners drop recently, so i’m back on the hunt for 21+, lgbtq+/friendly people to rp my oc lennox against on discord !! i’ll drop his bio in the source link but the quick summary is that he’s eccentric, deadpan, surly. ur local bi goth hipster cat dad with a soft side. k/iowa gordon fc. i prefer MxM or MxNB but i’ll entertain MxF.
i’d prefer to play him against established/preexisting muses, but i’ll game for new muses if they’re sufficiently complex (and happy to provide fcs i’d love to see). ideal opposites: 25+, flawed and strong-willed. i rly want characters who have their own layers and motivations and can go toe-to-toe with him. pls bring muses of color + older, trans, body-diverse, disabled muses, etc.
as far as settings go, default for him is modern, slice-of-life where he is a professional chess player or mathematics professor, though i have backup professions for him, too. i’m also game for historical (19th/20th century?), urban fantasy (with him as a vampire, monster hunter, or magic user), superhero (non-powered vigilante or maybe w a w/inter soldier or w/olverine-esque origin story), cyberpunk (idk futuristic gritty detective). basically down to plot anything but medieval fantasy, horror, or post-apocalyptic.
add me on discord birdie#0828 !! bad at keeping up with tumblr likes/messages.
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roselevesque · 16 days ago
Hannigram, 7, 8, 9
Anon, I'm so happy you asked.
7. Favorite headcanon trope/idea? (Your own or someone else’s)
Hmm, as far fanfic tropes go Already A Serial Killer!Will is always fun to read about. I once read a fic about Will stumbling upon Mischa in Hannibal's Memory Palace and I think that is a genius concept. But for a personal thing, I've thought about them smashing a teacup together the moment they tie the knot and then spending the honeymoon putting it back together, Kintsugi style.
8. Least favorite headcanon trope/idea? 
I dislike Will making Hannibal give up the life of crime ( I enoy one fic with this trope and that is it ) and I especially dislike headcanons that infantilize Will to a ridiculous extent. Sure, it can be funny in a crack context and you can toy with his backstory to make him more vulnerable in some aspects, but there are times when I consider it too much. Up to you what you prefer, just not for me.
( However Will Graham did not rise from his ashes like a magestic phoenix in Season 2 for people to underestimate him as often as they do )
9. Favorite aspect of them/their relationship dynamics?
Hard to pinpoint one singular aspect. On a general level, they fit many of my tastes: slow burn, enemies to lovers, far from sunshine and rainbows and includes psychological nuances. I'm a sucker for the "Game of Cat & Mouse" dynamic and their bond, no matter the circumstances, is something that keeps you on your toes, much like the characters themselves. It's never stagnant and never shallow, even in those first few interactions. Actually, their initial meeting illustrates my fascination with them well: a meeting of the minds. I enjoy relationships that bask in emotional and/or intellectual closeness that people around the character can't quite comprehend. For better or for worse ( and it's definitely for worse in Hannigram's case lmao ) it's an element of fiction I love exploring since it's easy to strech such bonds to the most intense degree thanks to the medium they are showcased in.
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gureishi · 16 days ago
I haven’t done one of these in a while so let’s start our week off right!! ♥️ When you’re cuddling with Saeyoung in the morning whose most likely to trap the other in bed to continue snuggling? You or Saeyoung?
I love when you send these! It always puts a huge smile on my face <3 <3 <3
Hmmmmm~ It’d be me. It’s always been me, in every relationship I’ve ever been in. I just...I freakin love to cuddle. You can’t out-cuddle me. It’s impossible.
That said: I’m gonna do some cuddlings HCs with my boy here cause you inspired me~
Cuddling in the morning with Saeyoung:
Listen, this boy has never been cuddled before. Literally no one has ever held him. Not to make it sad, but like. It’s the truth.
He likes to sleep on whichever side of the bed is closest to the door, so he’s between you and anyone that comes in. No one’s coming in, but...just in case.
He’s definitely the big spoon. He sleeps with one arm draped over your body, his cheek pressed against your back so he can hear your heartbeat.
If he wakes up before you, he won’t disturb you. Nope: he’s not gonna tickle you awake or blow on your neck or do anything goofy. Not then. He’s happy just to listen to your breathing; he loves to see you at peace, warm and content and safe. He’d never do anything to disrupt that.
Once you’re awake, though, it’s another story. He is an enthusiastic cuddler. He’ll throw his leg over your hip and wrap both arms around your chest and nuzzle his nose into your shoulder and maybe give your ear a little nibble. 
He can’t sit still. His fingers will be drumming against your waist, and he’ll be kissing your hair off your forehead and poking your legs with his toes. Maybe you just wanna lay in his arms, but once he’s awake, that’s not happening. He wants all of it: he wants to hold you with his whole body; he wants to feel every part of you; he wants to squeeze you tight and see the look on your face when his fingers graze your bare legs.
I’m not saying it’s sexual: it doesn’t need to be. It’s just that his love for you is active. If you try and get him to lay still with his head on your chest, he’ll wiggle: playing with the sleeves of your pajamas and curling your hair round his fingers and turning in your arms to press his lips to your shoulder.
If you want to be still, he will get bored. Luckily, it’s not hard to pull him back into bed: make big doe eyes at him and he’s yours: curled up in your arms like a cat—maybe actually meowing—begging for more affection.
Don’t admit to being hungry: he will scoop you up in his strong arms and carry you to the kitchen (and once you’re there, he will get in the way and make a mess unless you give him a fake task to do to keep his fingers busy.)
But even once you’re out of bed: he’ll come up behind you unexpectedly, wrap his arms around your waist and press his lips to the skin behind your ear. He’ll tell you how cute you are—absolutely adorable—perfectly irresistible. Let him: turn in his arms and kiss his lips. You’ll catch a glimpse of the whole universe in his adoring eyes.
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purplepsycho03 · 17 days ago
BTS as Boyfriends
Requested By: Anon
A/N: This is super stereotypical and purely for entertainment purposes so don’t take this too seriously. Beware, super cheesy content ahead.
RM - The Intellectual Softie
This is the type of boyfriend who knows things that other people usually don’t know but does not know things that other people usually do. Trying to write on a blackboard with a marker for instance. Late night conversations, early morning conversations, afternoon conversations and basically conversations. Looks very intimidating initially due to his intellect, but once you get to know him, you can’t believe no one has bubble wrapped him yet. There is also a strong sense of duality and surprise with this man, interpret that anyway you like.
“I love you as much as the number of cells in your body.” 
Tumblr media
Jin - The Foodie 
This is the boyfriend you go on restaurant dates with. But what is really interesting with him is that he enjoys trying food from just about anywhere. Whether it be a five star restaurant or a roadside taco truck, he is always down for it, as long as the food is good obviously. The best thing about dating him is that he really treasures the little things in life. Though it may seem like he is just funny and loves food, you know deep down that he has so much respect and gratitude. He shows it to everything he has in life including you.
“You remind me of a chocolate ice cream on a sunny day.”
Tumblr media
Suga - The Cat
I mean this is extremely self explanatory. This is the boyfriend that you just want to pull in, squish his cheeks and cuddle him as you tell him just how precious he looks. But obviously it is not easy at all. Almost anything you initiate with him is a challenge initially but will also be super rewarding progressively. He will keep on shrugging his shoulders every single time you try to initiate physical touch, but one day will get mad at you for not playing with his hair. But looks super cute glaring at you and is completely clueless as to what is so cute. 
“Why are you so happy when I glare at you?”
Tumblr media
J-Hope - The Cheerleader
The positivity that radiates out of this man is just blinding. This is the type of boyfriend that finds everything about you to be absolutely perfect and will cherish you with his entire being. Cannot stand you being insecure about yourself and will always push you to be more confident. Super protective as well. If anyone speaks ill of you, they better prepare themselves, cause this man is taking no criticism. One thing that is overlooked about him is how smart and reliable he is. Dating him is basically winning in life.
“Don’t listen to them, you are so perfect!”
Tumblr media
Jimin - The Soulmate
This is the sort of boyfriend that you just cannot live away from just after two days of dating him. He is just always there to keep you sane and cheerful. Has the most wisest solution to all your troubles: cuddles and kisses. There is always this unknown connection that you share with him and he seems to always be able to read you. Can sense any discomfort of yours from miles away and will literally fly to save you. Life just seems to flow more comfortably with him by your side and you cannot go back to a life without him now.
"Are you hurt anywhere? I just felt a tingle on my left toe."
Tumblr media
V - The Wise Artist
If you love art or appreciating art, this is the man for you. He has so much knowledge and wisdom that he desperately wants to share it with you. Museum dates and taking long walks to nowhere are his absolutely favorite. Will write so many songs about you and base it on how you eat, sleep, smile, cry, etc. A hopeless romantic to be honest. Is always curious about what you like, what you want, what you expect and cannot stop asking you questions because learning you is his hobby. Helps you with fashion as well.
“No matter how much I learn you, it never feels enough.”
Tumblr media
Jungkook - The Muscle Man
Let that title not mislead you. He would never hurt the people around him and can’t even yell back at you during an argument but is so obsessed with working out. You just don’t understand who he is going to use all that strength on (his members maybe). But he just enjoys lifting you and spinning you around so much. Will do it at least twice everyday. Keeps playing with you all the time whether it be tickling you or play fighting you. Most of your dates are lowkey and calm but being with him is the safest you have ever been.
“Can I please carry you around the house?”
Tumblr media
Tag List: @kpopsnowball, @najatheangel, @thechoppersan, @igotanna, @dundun-baby, @starrdustville, @yzkyzkuniverse, @a-gayish-unicorn, @nurenciye (Tag List OPEN, send in an ask to be added or removed)
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glorified-red · 17 days ago
Hi red! Could I get hcs with Damian? How reader and titus interact? Like do you think Titus wouldn’t like you, he would adore you at first sight,etc etc. thank you and stay safe
Thanks for the request my love! Damian needs some love today >:) I am absolutely not a dog person, yet another way the universe is trying to keep Damian and I separated. I could probably go on a huge rant about Alfred the cat simply because I am a cat person.
Damian and Titus
word count: 1080~
warnings: none
Thanks go out to @littleredwing89 and @offendedfishnoises for explaining to me how dogs work. AND a very very special thanks to @a-sketchy-jedi for one of Damians pet names for the reader, I went with a gender neutral one but I appreciated learning from you!
Titus is incredibly well-trained by Damian, he viewed it as a bonding exercise between him and the dog, but most importantly: a necessity
Damian trained the dog to become a protection dog after Bruce initially trained the dog to be a guard dog, so Titus is well versed in both, putting police dogs to shame
When Titus is around Damian, his primary objective is to protect his owner at all costs
This means Titus would much rather stay beside Damian than attack the offending person
However, if Damian wishes and commands him, Titus will attack anyone without a second thought, its the guard dog instinct in him
Titus won't really attack unless he either gets the command or has a reason to, his default is just calm and silent
So when you come along, the first meeting with Titus is a little worse than expected
When you first walk into the Manor to meet up with Damian, Titus is hot at his heels, silently watching you
Nothing happened at first, Titus was just sitting down beside Damian as you two said hello
But the second you went for a hug or a kiss, Titus was immediately peeved
He forced you off of Damian and positioned himself protectively in front of your lover, growling lowly with his ears back
Poor Titus was just a little confused because he had never seen you two kiss, and hugs look suspicious when not given by the batfam
Didn't make the huge dog any less terrifying, the forceful jump was enough to leave you scared considering how tall the Great Dane could get
Damian was mortified
Absolutely mortified
He wasn't mad at Titus, it was a simple mistake that can be solved with a bit more training, he did his job so why punish it?
But the fact that Titus jumped on you? Damian was honestly terrified you’d just walk out and refuse to be close to the dog
The last thing he wants is his two favorite companions not getting along, the thought alone scares him, he doesn't want to chose between the two of you
Damian quickly calms Titus down, going as far as squatting down in front of the dog so he could easily reassure Titus and position himself between you two in case Titus jumps again
“I apologize Ayni, I am positive he will grow to love you as much as I have, he just needs time.”
Little by little Titus will warm up to you, its pretty slow going but Damian seems to trust you and that should be enough for the dog
Damian will insist on you spending quality time with the dog, whether it be accompanying Dami as he walks the dog or petting the dog during movie nights
It takes a couple tries before Damian lets you roughhouse with the Great Dane, he doesn't want to destroy all the progress you've made, and he absolutely doesn't want to see you get jumped on again
Eventually -with the help of some treats- Titus will love playing with you, the gruff exterior melting away once he sees you (very similar to a certain someone)
Titus will become the dorkiest dog you’ve ever met, insisting he can still be a lap dog even when he's a giant, easily crushing you and Dami
If you shrug the dog off of you, Titus will just huff on collapse on your feet, crushing your precious toes under his weight
Damian will smile and softly explain to you that its a sign of love and affection
Get used to Titus rubbing his nose against your hand, you thought you were just a human tissue box, but Damian likes to believe Titus just loves you
He won't hesitate to spit out random dog facts either, whenever Titus does something specific that is
Once, Titus exposed his stomach to you and Damian, wanting a few glorious pets
“He trusts you,” Damian would say softly, gently guiding your hand to the dogs stomach
It was an amazing moment, one full of admiration because finally you got in the dogs good graces
Now the dog will never stop asking for your pets
He loves his owner with all his heart, but you give great pets and he wants them, Titus will go as far as to huff whenever you stop petting him
Titus will even tap you with his paw just to silently ask for more pets at random times of the day
Damian will never admit it, but the nights when Titus joins you for cuddles while he's at patrol, he gets a little jealous of the dog
He makes up for it by placing himself in between you two when he gets back with a subtle pout, Titus just huffs and curls up against Damian while Damian holds you
Most nights, Titus sleeps on the floor of Damians room, the protection dog in him forcing him to sleep in the corner with a full view of everything: the two of you on the bed, the window, and the doors
Damian trusts the dog to alert him if there is an intruder, so it’s very easy for him to fall asleep beside you
The last -and final- step in the bond between you and Titus, is the dog getting as protective of you as he is of Damian
That means the dog won't hesitate to perk up in the middle of the night if he hears something, barking to alert you two
Damian will go investigate (Titus knows the bat families' step sequences so he won't be barking at insomniatic bats - I’m looking at you Tim) before hushing you back to sleep, “It was nothing, my love, go back to sleep.”
You can even bring Titus with you when you go out around Gotham, the dog is now completely comfortable protecting you, growling at attackers, getting in front of you like he would with Damian, it warms your heart all the same
The subtleties of Titus’ protection is adorable
He’ll tug at your clothes gently to steer you away from trouble or guide you places
But the most adorable action of all is one he learned from you and Damian
Whenever Damian gets too worked up, frustrated or otherwise, you’ll calmly rest your hand on his knee or hand, sometimes even laying your head on his shoulder to ground him
Titus will comfort you by doing the same, laying his head gently on your knee
Tumblr media
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radioactive-butterfly · 17 days ago
S'up y'all, especial-ly these fake ass hoes watc'ha doin’ on this mother~ (Whoa?) Bettin’ ya life like there was not to… foe or Friend-ly, morr'e owf enimity, witch'a~ass watchin them pass'n by (watch'n them passing by) A soft massacre of time {How come, the miracle of life?} Co'ld? Tic-tac-toe, play ya life for $um of that, changin’ clothes, phasin toyz ‘tories of'old, memories of y'ore, ack! Cumulus2up there, pyramidal to the bot;(re) (re)cycling e~motions, to cum and go~in anywhere but'to you (to whom?) Phoniez and greediness, funny ingredients, mix'em up in the pot (in the pot), triple seven, unm~ check-out; make out; back to over ya'shoulder (to look to whom?) In-security, in-(not'somuch)sure of who to trust? Aye'nimity, how profit 'tis to pre-tend, theatre pre-tense sens’ you~ (who?) to sense thee (wha~?) Aye, cap'n; uni'form Garb and gown Put a cross… ain’t it sum~? Tell a tale; and it’s done Back to dream for (to dream for..!) Aye'qua'nimity, thought of worth? Clown or worse? Laugh or curse? Smug or purse? Back or pack? “Arm”$elf" “Treat ya'self” Trick of the morrow To trade your peace’s Of low (phh) Of lau (ghh) To… [Ma'am, this is M.A.D.ness!] [Sa~me, but they ask for it! (Do they?)] Fo'sho, they menacin’ Showin’ tat’s Disgust’ and cats, scratchin ma (wha~?) Aye, menacin’ dogs'at the barkin’ lot
They biting not?! Inviting thought Aye'n ticipate your..(*sneeze!*) Ludicrous costumes and fa..ntasies? Ain’t ya with ya mouths full and ya belly empty? (Of love?)
Come, rub it mo’ Do it mo’ Keep marchin’ to the slaughterhouse Keep playing with the memoeries Keep cheatin’ on ya own luff’s 'till ya air runs short of ya mouths and ya straight curves park in h'aven district, 666 Cruel? Raw? How ya prefer ya steak? Stake? Ain’t ya bettin’ against the house? Ain’t ya supposed to swallow it all? Cry or cum; rage? How come, If He saved 'yall?! Lone-li Lone~Lily Outpouring its dew
Ain’t no testimony Of my tears; nor my fears Ain’t bigger than this Strict Lie (pfft!) of Ours
Lily Líria
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themand0lorian · 20 days ago
Four Guys Burgers and Fries
Summary: You get a petty Instagram DM, and the boys try to life your spirits.
Pairing: Frankie Morales x GN!Reader (no Y/N)
Rating:  PG-13
Words: ~2900
Tags: FLUFF, friends to lovers, use of Instagram, takes place at a bar but no explicit alcohol mentioned, mentions of a petty ex/animal abuse, bad jokes
Notes: As always, had some BS happen in my life that inspired this short fic. Hope you enjoy! I tagged some relatively heavy topics but it’s more of a precaution, this is pure fluff! Reader is mentioned as being smaller, but only in relation to the rest of the gang, not necessarily in terms of weight/height
PS-I didn’t add anyone in a taglist because I wasn’t sure if those have had contacted me are only interested in Impression, Sunrise! This is a one-shot. Please let me know if you want to be added to a general taglist for all works!
Tumblr media
Frankie watches as you make your way back to the booth nestled in the back of the bar, the rest of the boys caught up in whatever story Pope is spinning to convince them of his latest scheme. It was Tuesday, Bar Trivia night, a long-held tradition among the crew to get together and unwind, and mostly, an excuse to keep in touch. You had joined them one night when they needed a fifth player, Santi turning up the charm to get you to acquiesce, but you quickly found your place within the group, eventually calling them close friends outside the dingy walls of the bar as well. Trivia Night always persisted, though; Santiago and Ben tended to get competitive, but you, Will and Frankie were mostly just there for the company, happy to be among friends, even if they didn’t know which state has a cat elected as a town mayor.
You, however, looked decidedly unhappy as you shoved your way back to the booth among the crowd. Frankie frowned at the answer sheet in front of him; long delegated the scribe of the group, content to stay mostly quiet while deciphering any answers the others came up with and writing them neatly along the page, becoming almost territorial over his paper and pen. If anything, it was an excuse for him to busy his hands around you, too nervous to channel his energy any other way. Since the day Santi forced you onto their team, insisting it be named “Four Guys Burgers and Fries” like it was the funniest thing he had ever heard, Frankie had all but clammed up. You were breathtaking, and watching Pope flirt with you as the others got to know you practically made him twitch. As quickly as you came you had stolen his heart, leaving him to silently pine week after week, convinced you would never feel the same. He had watched on as Pope tried to make a move on you, you swiftly shutting him down. Unwilling to be your second victim--though the pain would be sweet, he thinks--Frankie resigned himself to being just your friend, to stealing unknowing glances as you walked away, to a platonic head on his shoulder during movie nights, to the soft smile and look of relief you would give him every time he came into view. He quickly wormed his way to the title of “Best Friend,” beating out the others with some sick sense of pride; you knew everything about each other. Every falter, every misstep, every little habit, and unfortunately for Frankie, that made him love you even more; that you would still be his friend, be his anything despite all that, chatting or coming over most nights just to bask in each other’s presence. Trivia Night was by far his favorite night of the week; he always let you slip the pen from his fingers between rounds, to bring him back when he was lost among the words, as you would scribble little doodles in the margins of the sheet. Sometimes little hearts or stars, sometimes a short note to make him laugh—“Table by door-Siblings or dating?”—and when you got bored enough, time between rounds stretching on for scoring, tic-tac-toe and Hangman, which Frankie happily partook in. Your favorite seemed to be a little cat face, followed by a crude fish, a plus sign in between. Catfish. Every time, you would draw those little pictures, and he would watch your hand move along the sheet, meeting you for a shy smile when you handed him the pen as the round started, the same soft smile reflected back to him. The rest of the boys seemed to notice your presence as you approached angrily, but were unable to get a word in before you threw down your phone on the table. “Look at this!” Opened on the screen was your Instagram DM’s, a recent message pulled up from @SikeItsMike. Before any of them even registered it, Santi had the phone in his hands, opening the image that was sent to you to reveal the larger version; it was a meme of a remorseful looking man, the caption on the picture “God watching you fall for an emotionally unavailable person he’s sent to use and hurt you for character development.” Pope showed the rest of the table the picture in slight confusion as you sat down next to Frankie with a huff. “Is this an ex?” he asks gingerly. “As if you could even call him that, Santi! But yes,” you groan. “I haven’t spoken to him in two years and he’s really gonna send me a message out of the blue to tell me I was emotionally unavailable? Me?” you ask incredulously. Frankie’s face fell as you spoke; he knew about your would-be ex Mike, but the other guys seemed to look at each other in confusion, Benny breaking the silence. “You’re gonna need to give us more here, I have no idea what’s going on,” he chuckles. “Ugh! We were kind of dating, right around when I met you guys. But he never wanted to commit, didn’t want anything ‘too serious.’ Basically he wanted to be friends with benefits, but I wanted something more than that…” you start, and Frankie stiffens in his seat. “He told me we couldn’t be exclusive because his parents had recently gotten divorced and he ‘didn’t believe in love.’” You were throwing around air quotes as you spoke, extra animated in your anger. “Then I found out they divorced when he was 5. Five, Benny! And he was a grown-ass man when I met him!” The table chuckles as you roll your eyes. “But he’s gonna sit here and tell me I’m the one who’s emotionally unavailable? Do you think that’s true?” Your eyes are searching each of their faces as Pope hands you back your phone. “No, Fry, of course not,” Frankie coos to you, and you crinkle your nose, looking back at the opened message. He was talking you down, using the nickname he had coined on the first night you met the group due to the team name; they were the four guys, you were the burgers and fries; a name stemmed from Santi’s liberal use of the name “Small Fry” when it came to you and your smaller stature to the four army men. “Last week during the movie you cried during an ASPCA commercial,” Benny rolled his eyes. “Most emotional person I’ve ever met,” he admonishes as you give him a hard punch to the bicep across the table. “Those dogs are sad, Benny, and you are heartless!” you joke back, not denying your emotional outburst at the sad commercial. “That’s what I’ve been telling Mom and Dad for years,” Will retorts, and Benny shoots him a look over the table. “Look, clearly this guy is trying to get a rise out of you,” Pope replies, ignoring the brothers. “He’s trying to hit you where it hurts.” “But why now? Two years later?” “Well how did you leave things?” Frankie asks, biting his tongue. He didn’t really want to know, but he had gone too long with nothing to say. “Bad,” you chuckled. “He came to my house, and my cat was rubbing at his legs, and I guess he got annoyed and he threatened to kill her. I got mad, and he tried saying it was a joke, but I was done. So I kicked him out,” you explain sheepishly. Benny and Pope exchange a high five over your actions, Will letting out a mumbled “What the fuck?” as you told the story. “Who threatens a cat?” Frankie asks, and you chuckle. “A psychopath, clearly,” you retort, unlocking your phone again to see the glaring message. “So what do I do? Do I respond?” you ask innocently, and all the boys almost answer in unison, loud enough that a hush falls over the bar. “No!” You sheepishly wave off the other patrons who were now staring, Pope speaking again as the hum picks up. “He’s clearly lonely and desperate. He wants you to respond, to get you back on the hook. The best thing to do is ignore it,” he advises. “God, I hate social media,” Frankie sighs. “This makes no sense.” “Yeah, that’s because you’re an 80-year-old stuck in a young person’s body,” Will jokes, and Frankie glares at him. You knock the brim of Frankie’s familiar cap on his head, dislodging it and bringing his attention back to you. “But I’m so mad!” you practically pout, and then seem to form an idea in your head. “I want him to know that I saw it and I’m ignoring it. If he can be petty, I can be petty too,” you say, lifting your phone again to start recording a video. “What, something to make him jealous?” Pope asks, and you shake your head. “No! I mean maybe a little, but just to show I’m on Instagram and saw his message and I’m choosing not to respond,” you explain before hitting record. You take a slow panning shot of the busy bar, making sure to get Pope, Benny and Will in frame across from you before turning the camera down to the trivia answer sheet Frankie has already titled “Four Guys Burgers and Fries.” You miss the way Santiago shoots Frankie a look, silently urging him in your direction as you flip the camera on the phone and lean into Frankie’s shoulder. He smiles sheepishly, connecting the side of his head to yours as you grin widely, and he can’t help but to think how easy it would be for him to turn and kiss you on the cheek like this, but instead, you grab the hat off his head and put it on your own, covering your own head as you scrunch your nose. Frankie runs his hand through his hair, then sneakily taps the brim down over your eyes as you laugh, and you stop the video, adjusting the hat back on your head properly while tagging them all and posting the video on your story. Frankie ignores the notification as all their phones ping with the alert, not noticing you saving the end product before posting it. “There,” you announce, proud of yourself. “Good, now can we get to some trivia?” Benny asks, and the rest of the table groans. The rest of the night goes as it always does; Pope talking of his latest conquest while you pretend to gag, Will and Benny discussing the next fight coming up, Frankie talking about his job. At one point Santiago tries to grab the pen from Frankie to mark an answer while he’s distracted by you, but Frankie quickly slaps his hand away and writes it himself, protective over his job as scribe until you slide the pen from his fingers easily to start your weekly doodles. “What, you let her take it?” Santi asks, and Frankie kicks him under the table as you draw. Like always, a cat face plus a fish, followed by what looks like a basket of fries with a smiley face. “That’s a new one,” he says under the hum of the bar. The rest of the group is caught in some other conversation, and despite being surrounded by other trivia parties, he swears you’re the only one in the room when you let out a small laugh. “Well, I figured you all have call signs, might as well embrace mine,” you chuckle. The rounds of trivia were over, and the host was counting up scores by hand, taking an extremely long time. You use the sheet to draw a quick game of Hangman, eight open spaces under the gallows. Frankie immediately starts guessing the same letters he always does—Q, Z, X, U—just to get a rise out of you, to hear your melodic laugh as you playfully hit his chest, urging him to be serious despite the fact that U was one of the letters in your word. He doesn’t get to guess any of the more normal letters before the host comes back on the loudspeaker, announcing the standings for the night. Four Guys Burgers and Fries came in dead last, much to Pope and Benny’s chagrin, and you snort at the revelation, third week in a row of being the worst in the bar. Following trivia, the bar clears out quickly, and your group dawdles to avoid the crowd as you rib Benny over last place. He only huffs as he takes his leave, announcing an early training in the morning that has Will following on his heels, followed by Santi, who follows on the heels of a girl at the bar he seemed to make eyes at from across the room. “Want a lift home?” Frankie asks as you stand from the booth; he moves to help you put on your coat, and you agree, happy to stretch the night a little longer. You’re still wearing his hat from earlier, and it makes his heart flutter and his gut stir to see it on you. Walking shoulder to shoulder through the parking lot, you take it off and put it back on his head, purposely pulling it down too far to cover his eyes before he laughs and readjusts it. Hands no longer busied, he wrings the paper between them as you make your way to his truck, sliding easily into the front seat while he shuts the door behind you before taking his place on the driver’s side and throwing the answer sheet in the cup holders. An easy silence fell over the car as Frankie drove the worn path to your apartment, you watching as the buildings rushed by under the streetlights. He tried to admire you secretly, the way the lights danced over your face, your fingers curled under your chin, but was still surprised when you spoke. “ Do you think that it’s true?” you ask quietly, not looking away from the window. “That what’s true?” Frankie asks. “That I’m emotionally unavailable?” You sound small as you ask, clearly rattled by the earlier conversation. Frankie’s body seems to pull him in separate directions; one part of him wanting to pull over and shake this out of you with a deep kiss, the other to keep driving and talk it out as friends. He decided to keep driving. “Of course not,” he scolds, stealing a look at you. You’re toying with your fingers in your lap, eyes trained on them. “Fry, no,” he practically pleads. “That guy didn’t deserve you. If I had known him then I would have really given him something to believe in after he treated you the way he did,” he says, and you roll your eyes. “I just—what if that’s why it didn’t work? Why I’ve been single all this time?” Frankie’s lips purse to a straight line. “Listen, you’re one of the most empathetic, passionate, responsive people I’ve ever met,” he says, and you roll your eyes. “The night I told you about the drugs, about me losing my license, do you remember what you did?” You nodded, but he continued anyway. “You crawled across the couch and hugged me, and forced me to repeat your phone number until I had it memorized, so I could call you anytime in case I ever felt like going back into that shit.” You only nod again, the answer sheet making its way to your hands as you toy with it in your lap. “You think Pope would do that? Or Benny or Will? They’re some of my closest friends, and I like them and they like me, but you—” he stops himself before he admits too much. “Any guy would be lucky to have you, Fry.” “Please, Frankie,” you scoff, back to doodling on the paper in your lap. “I’m serious! Please believe me,” he admonishes you as he pulls up to your building, idling over the gearshift to continue the conversation. “I don’t want any guy Frankie,” you reply, putting a hand over his on the gearshift. He looks at it, then to you, but before his brain catches up to his surroundings, you’ve said goodbye and are out the car door and walking to the front of your building. His eyes land on the paper you left in the passenger seat; a heart was added between the fish and the fries, and the Hangman game was fully filled out. I love you.
Frankie’s out of the truck, paper in hand, before your writing even registers, leaving it idling as he runs to catch you before you enter the locked door. He gets to you just as you scan your key fob, whisking you around to face him, holding you there with his hands on your shoulders, one still holding the rolled answer sheet in his fist. He looks at you under the streetlight for a moment, the golden glow making you look almost ethereal, watching your eyes flicker to his lips before diving in himself, breathless and passionate as his lips meet yours for the first time. His arms snake around your neck to hold you there, and you reciprocate, giving him as much as he is taking from the kiss until he pulls away, blocking the lone light source with his broad body. “I love you, Fry. I’ve loved you for years. Probably since I met you,” he admits sheepishly. “I never knew you felt the same.” “No wonder we always come in last in trivia,” you chuckle lightly. “I’ve been trying to tell you the same since that night Santi asked me to your team. He may have asked, but it was you that made me want to join—I wanted to get to know you.” “Me?” he asks breathlessly, still crowding your space, unable to believe his feelings were reciprocated. “Yeah, Frankie. You. It’s always been you,” you admit. “I love you, too.” Frankie leans in at your admission again, the answer sheet balled in his fist as he tries to pour every missed opportunity from the last two years into another kiss. When he pulls away again, you rest your forehead against his. “Next week, we’re forming our own team,” Frankie says resolutely, and you chuckle. “Fish Fry,” you offer as a team name, and he laughs again as he pulls you to his chest in a tight hug, never more thankful for bar trivia and petty Instagram memes than he was in that moment.
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basilone · 26 days ago
I got a prompt and I knew that there would be something on the list that I could make something of 😊
#146 “Pillows are over-rated.” For Chuck, Tab and Lieb.
You’re really out here givin’ me the full OT3 feels, huh. 🤣 That is one hell of a kickstarter of a prompt right there. Please don’t mind the direction this went into -- these three, when put together, have just one mindset that starts with t and ends with rouble. It’s still sfw, sorta, but you and me and everyone else will know where this is going to end up.. Here, have some established OT3 relationship fuckery!
It’s strange to be back in a bed again. He’s heard several men complain about the softness of the mattresses, the huge windows that provide no shelter, and many other things beside that. He caught his captain asleep on the cold floor downstairs only yesterday, with one hand wrapped around a weapon, barricaded in as though he wished to create a foxhole out of something other than earth. He’s seen how war doesn’t leave some – always earliest to rise, quickest to grab a weapon – and how sometimes sleep is a stranger.
“Stop moving,” he admonishes with a sigh, reaching out to slap at Lieb’s arm before it almost hits him in the face. Turns his head just so he can glare at the man. “For fuck’s sake, you almost took my eye out!”
“Did not.” There’s a rather petulant huff of breath. Lieb’s arm stretches across him as the man jostles closer. Wisps of his longer hair brush his shoulder before Lieb’s nose and mouth land against his skin and slightly muffle the next complaint. “There’s a lump in my mattress.”
“Yeah, it’s called your body,” quips Chuck, grinning as the answering groan reaches his ears. He tangles his fingers with Lieb’s a moment, then traces the small smattering of bruises on the man’s arm lightly with his fingertips. “You know, at some point you need to stop getting into fights with the remnants of Fox..”
“When they stop being stupid.”
“What was it this time? They argued the grass is yellow, you argued it’s green, and even though you know you’re right you still blacked someone’s eye over it?”
“Nah.” Lieb pushes himself up enough to look down at Chuck. His face is calm, but his eyes are too stormy by far. There’s still something brewing beneath the surface, hot and ruinous, that isn’t calmed by the hand Chuck lays on his cheek. “They bitched about you.”
“Yeah, mister staff sergeant who ordered them to pipe the fuck down,” snorts Lieb, poking at Chuck’s chest with one finger, “you.”
“They were screaming outside at five in the morning,” grumbles Chuck, recalling how some idiots had actually started up a rousing rendition of Blood On The Risers at that hour. “I think that justifies the order.”
“Yeah, well,” smirks Lieb, “I reminded them of how justified it was.”
“Speirs give you any shit for it?”
“Nah. Fuck. He pretended he hadn’t seen it. Happened right in front of him, too. Fuck, all he did was tell Johnson to stop bleeding all over the rug.”
“Told ya Speirs wouldn’t be trouble.” Chuck hums contentedly as Lieb huffs out a laugh and allows Chuck’s arm to pull him down again. He presses a short kiss to the man’s forehead. “Thanks. Appreciate the whole defending my honor thing and shit.”
“Uhhuh, you’d better be appreciative.” The kiss Lieb angles at the nape of his neck is anything but innocent, though still affectionate. “You’d better show me some of that, later.”
“Later, huh?” Chuck hisses as the soft scrape of teeth runs over his skin and sends a shiver down his spine. “Joe, for fuck’s sake, keep going like that and I’m gonna make now out of that later.”
Lieb has the audacity to laugh about it. Has the foresight to grab hold of Chuck’s wrist before Chuck can do anything, too, and for a man as wiry as he there is a fair bit of strength to the way he pins Chuck in place. This is a dance they know. A dance Lieb is set to lose, eventually, and they both know this too.
“Getting started without me?”
Chuck huffs out a laugh. “The fuck does it look like to you?” he asks, trying and failing to turn his head in the direction of that new voice. “One track mind, this one.”
“Yeah, I know someone else like that.”
“Yeah, you,” snorts Chuck as the mattress dips down to accommodate new weight. “Please tell me you locked that door. Don’t wanna hear Perconte bitch about how we scarred him for life again.”
“Fucking Perconte never knocks, it’s his own fault,” huffs Lieb. “And Web, too, fuck. Always bitchin’ about this and that and how it shouldn’t be three people to one bed.”
“Web’s an idiot,” agrees Chuck all too readily. “Three people to one bed is perfectly fine.”
“I locked the door, jeez. Next person to mention Web is gonna make me unlock it, open it, throw them out, close it, then lock it again.”
Chuck locks eyes with Tab over Lieb’s head. Smiles at the annoyance that flits across the man’s features before a roll of his eyes clears the worst of it. He stretches his hand out and isn’t surprised when Tab’s warm fingers interlock with his own all too readily.
“God. You and your romance.” Lieb snorts out disgust as he sinks down and settles his head on Chuck’s chest. “You two are fucking awful. Fuck.”
“There’s a perfectly fine pillow right over there, Joe.” Chuck jostles him in place a little, but doesn’t dislodge Lieb’s warm cheek from his bare skin. They both know it’s an empty threat by now. “Or you could just close your eyes.”
“Pillows are overrated.”
“Are they?”
“Yeah. You’re better.”
“There he goes, same as always,” remarks Tab, shaking his head fondly as Lieb burrows closer to Chuck, “snuggling. Usurping.”
“Quit your bitching, there’s plenty of room.”
“No, there’s not!” protests Chuck, weakly, too half-heartedly. “Fuck off, both of you.”
Tab’s grin spells trouble. He can feel Lieb’s mouth quirk into a smile against his skin, too. He’d fight it if he were a fighting man, but those days are well and truly done. His stomach swoops a slow and treacherous flutter at the feeling of Lieb’s body pressed against his own while Tab’s hands land on either side of his head.
“That’s no way to talk to us,” murmurs Tab, eyes dark as he lowers his face until their noses almost brush. “Lieb might be fine getting bossed around like that by you – yes, you are, love, and that’s real cute  – but I’m gonna take a bit more convincing.”
“Fuck you” – punctuates Lieb, smacking Tab’s arm loudly – “would like to see you try and play it cool when he tells you you’re doing good. I saw you shiver at it last night when he pulled that on me.”
“Oh, did he?” Chuck smirks up at Tab. He knows it’s a cat-ate-the-canary smile, all satisfaction and anticipation of more good to come, but he can’t bite back the glee that swoops through him. “Really now?”
“I hate both of you.” Tab punctuates the statement with a fleeting kiss to Chuck’s lips. Punctuates it further by brushing a kiss against Lieb’s brow. “You can be in charge later, stupid. Let me work things out here first.”
“Let me rephrase it, for the remarkably stupid in this bed,” snorts Tab, and his hand lands in Chuck’s hair and tugs his head back so his throat’s exposed. “I will pin you down if I have to, but you’re not gonna be in charge here until I say.”
“You goddamn staff sergeants,” snorts Lieb irreverently, shifting in place and tangling his legs with both, “it’s fucking obvious that it’s me who’s in charge here.”
“Keep dreaming!”
Chuck laughs as his voice unites with Tab’s rather indignant shout. Still laughs as a rough kiss lands on his jawline, then tracks down over his exposed neck in a way that sends shivers all the way from his belly to his toes. Tab’s head comes to rest at the nape of his neck. He hears a kiss, a groan, a small mumble before the weight atop him shifts to accommodate both.
“Fuck,” he grunts out, arms full of the ones he loves, “allow a guy some movement, will ya?”
“Nah. Later.”
“When we’re done,” adds Lieb.
“Done with wha– oh.”
Tab’s fierce affection brushes against his jaw again. “With you.”
For the first time in a long time, Chuck doesn’t feel like arguing with that.
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crybabyjam · 26 days ago
ship: todochako 
rating: g
length: 3k
summary: Todoroki picks up hitch-hiker!Uraraka.
c/w parental death (past), joking about murder
deleted from twitter, written for a former friend
The sun beats down heavy as Ochako tightens the straps of her backpack. In it was three changes of clothes, some stale bread, her dead phone.
It was only mid-morning but already she was sweating her absolute ass off.
She runs her fingers through her choppy hair, uneven on one edge because she hadn't had a mirror when she'd taken a rusty pair of scissors to them. Now she wishes she'd just shaved it all off, if only to save herself from a sweaty, overheated neck now.
Her parents had loved it when she'd had long hair.
Ochako remembers how her mom would wash the long strands for her every weekend, even when Ochako huffed and puffed and said she could do it herself.
Her mom always took the time to wash it gently, and condition with something sweet smelling— "Because a sweet girl like you deserves sweet hair, too."
And how her dad would braid it every time she visited, even when Ochako would have to undo it the next day. He would take his strong, worker's hands and lift each length of hair carefully so that he didn't tug on her tender scalp.
Now that they were gone, Ochako didn't see the point in keeping her hair long. It just slowed her down. It just made her /sad/.
She sighs, and steps out of the way when a car plows through a puddle right beside her.
Her legs get soaked, but it isn't anything worse than the day prior, when a truck had soaked her from head to toe.
Ochako just sighs and brushes the muddy water droplets from her already dirty legs.
It's a good thing she was out of socks, or else she'd have to start worrying about her shoes molding at this point.
She's just begun kicking her shoe off, to finish the rest of the trek up to the next city barefoot, when a car pulls up to a stop beside her.
"Are you alright?" A low voice asks, to her left. Ochako startles and twists on her heel.
She almost ignores it, because cars like that didn't stop for hitch-hikers like her.
But the car follows her a few more feet as she slows to a stop.
When she looks over her shoulder, confused, the man in the car tilts his head at her and nods.
"Are you alright?" He repeats. "I saw you get wet."
"Ah!" Ochako yells, and then lowers her voice. Geez, where are your manners, Uraraka? "I'm fine! Sorry."
The man blinks, and Ochako belatedly notices that he has the most stunning, grey eyes. Like darkened silver.
"Why should you be sorry?" He asks with a frown.
And then, he shakes his head.
"Do you need a ride? It's dangerous to get in a stranger's car, but you shouldn't walk around barefoot. Glass would hurt." He pauses, and then adds. "Probably less than murder, but I promise not to murder you."
Ochako is speechless.
But not speechless enough not to /laugh/ at the absurdity of the stranger.
She feels it bubble up in her chest like boiling water, and it floats out of her ugly, like when a pot spills the water and burns on the stove burner.
The man just watches, silent, as she wipes tears from her eye and keeps on laughing. He just leans against the steering wheel and waits patiently, face completely deadpan.
He's /serious/, and that just makes it funnier.
She gasps for breath as she leans against his car, one shoe falling to the pavement and skipping beneath the undercarriage, shit.
Ochako's laugh starts up again as she drops to her knees to retrieve it.
When she comes back up, knees blackened by sidewalk dust, and hands darkened by asphalt, the man is smiling. Just barely.
"I guess murder /would/ hurt more than stepping on glass." She agrees. "Depending on the type of murder."
He murmurs the words underneath his breath, eyebrows furrowing.
"You're right," he says, troubled.
She leans into the rolled down window, arms crossing to hide the ripped hem of t-shirt.
"You sure you /promise/ not to murder me? I kind of need my life."
Well. All things considering, it was pretty much all she had left. She couldn't exactly afford the house after her parents died. They hadn't been able to finish the down payments, and none of them (including Ochako) had enough savings to keep her afloat.
So, hitch-hiking. Walking to nowhere and hoping for more.
A few miles in an air-conditioned car was more than what she had, so she'll take it.
The man turns serious, though. The smile wipes off of his face— not replaced with a frown, but replaced with another deadpan look. He nods his head, making eye-contact the entire time, and says,
"I promise not to murder you."
He promised, at least. Ochako still had a little bit of mace in her pocket, if she needed it.
So she gets in the car.
His name is Todoroki Shouto and he has an open duffle bag of yen, two pillows with embroidered pillowcases, a shattered phone, and a half-full photo album in his backseat.
Ochako stares at the photo album instead of the other three things, because she definitely does not want to get murdered, thank you very much.
He was a cute baby. Two-toned hair from birth, and big eyes that only had one expression: wide. Ochako traces her ragged thumb nail across one of the pictures, where he's covered in cake frosting at his second birthday, and accidentally creases the polaroid image.
She hurriedly flips the page.
"Are you hungry?"
"I'm fine," Ochako mumbles, ignoring her tummy which immediately begins to grumble in argument. She flips another page to muffle the noise, and comes across more empty pockets than full ones.
From the way there's the edge of one polaroid still caught in one of the slots, Ochako assumes that they used to be just as full as the rest.
She flips to the back, and a roll of film flops into her lap.
"Do you even still have a camera for this?" Ochako asks, holding the strange, almost novel-looking thing up to the waxing light of the returning sun. Then she brings it back down to the shadows in case that might ruin the film inside, oops.
"At home," Todoroki says, low. Her shoes are in his lap, because he wanted her to have more room to look at the photo album. Ochako had tried to just place them on the floor of the car, but he looked so earnest in his offer that she hadn't been able to say no without feeling bad.
Besides, she had a feeling he was pretty harmless. Weird, but who wasn't?
"Oh, are you moving or something?" Ochako asks, and then immediately grimaces at the invasion of privacy. "I mean… 'cause of the stuff in your backseat."
"Moving…" Todoroki repeats, focusing on the road. They're driving slow enough that almost everyone passes by them, but Ochako got pretty motion-sick so she appreciated it.
Todoroki leans back in his seat, both hands at the very apex of the steering wheel. It's outlined in a leather cover and is so shiny that it almost looks metallic. Expensive as fuck, probably.
Everything about him looked pretty expensive, actually. The car was brand new, from this year. Still had the new smell and everything.
Ochako was actually pretty glad he insisted on the shoe-thing, if only to prevent mud stains.
Although his pants /did/ look pretty designer. Ah, fuck.
"Yes," Todoroki says, after the long moments of silence. "I'm moving."
"Oh! That's… fun. That's fun!" Ochako nods.
Todoroki turns them off of the road, and pulls into a parking spot. Ochako blinks past the raindrops on her side of the window, and squints out at the illuminated signs.
A restaurant. Ah, /fuck/. Ochako pats her shorts for her wallet, as if she could even /pretend/ it had money in it. All it had was her ID (almost expired) and a coupon for leg waxing.
"Do you want to come in with me?" Todoroki asks, turning to her completely. The seatbelt gets caught, and it does that thingy it does where it locks and gets tighter until you take it all the way off. He doesn't seem to mind.
Ochako smiles, though even she can feel how strained it is. "Ah, I'm fine. I should probably go actually, but thank you for the ride. The rain should stop soon, so…"
Todoroki frowns, glancing at the arm rest between them. He's engaged the parking brake even though they aren't on an incline, and Ochako's smile relaxes to something more real.
"It was really nice to meet you," she says. "I'd give you my phone number but I kinda didn't pay the bill." (Since, uh, last year, but he didn't need to know that.)
"It was nice to meet you too," Todoroki says. "I can buy you food."
"Oh," Ochako parrots, dumbly. Her eyes dart to the yen-bag and she hurries to shake her head. "I couldn't—"
"I don't mind. It's my dad's money— and he hates me. And I hate him, so." Todoroki finally takes off his too-tight seatbelt and it rattles noisily as it smacks against the car door.
Ochako isn't sure how to approach /that/ particular landmine. Nor is she sure how she's supposed to resist free food. When had she last eaten. Two days ago, or something? She'd kinda been ignoring it, but the walking helped.
Now that she's technically resting, she can feel her tummy about to throw a conniption.
Todoroki blinks his wide eyes at her as he waits, not making a move. His blinks are slow, like a cat, and his eyes flicker back and forth between her own.
She sighs heavily, but a grin is already parting her lips. "You're a strange one, Todoroki."
"Am I?"
"I don't have any money, so you have to pay for all of it," she warns.
"I will."
"And I eat a lot! I haven't eaten in a while."
"And… and I want my shoes back."
Todoroki hands her the shoes. There's mud residue on his pants and the bottom of his shirt.
But he has a small smile on his face as he watches her struggle to put her shoes on in the closed space, so maybe it was alright.
Shouto watches as Uraraka stuffs two donut holes in her mouth, licking away the powdered sugar that paints across her lips. It looks like snow when it dusts down to her shorts, and smears chalky residue on her thighs.
He hands her a napkin, and she blushes pretty like a sunset paints ocean water pink when it sets at night.
"Sorry for the mess," she says quietly.
"It's okay. Is it good?"
"It's good!" She wiggles in her seat, and it reminds Shouto of a really happy hamster. "Do you want some?"
She's very beautiful. Her hair is cut in a way he's never really seen before, but it frames her face nicely. He likes it more than his almost-bowl cut. Some of her hair tickles across her shoulder, but she ignores it as she holds a donut hole out to him with a toothpick.
She keeps holding it as he bites down on the warm, cooked dough. He'd never really been fed by someone before. Well, as a baby— sure. But he had a feeling this was different. Was it different?
Shouto chews thoughtfully, and Uraraka smiles at him. She doesn't seem to mind feeding him. She stabs another one with the same toothpick and holds it out for him again, one hand underneath to catch the crumbs.
"Yummy, right? Thanks for buying them! I'll…" She flinches, interrupting herself. Her smile dims a little, like she'd lost power. "I'd offer to pay you back but, uh… ahaha, you know?"
Shouto /doesn't/ know, but he nods anyway. "I can buy you more," he says, soft. "You can take them with you. When you leave."
She uses the toothpick to prod and poke at the remaining few donut holes. They roll in the leftover powdered sugar at the bottom of the box.
"I'll be alright. But thank you." Her eyes get watery at the bottom lashes, and Shouto frowns. "You've been really kind."
When she laughs next, it's thick like she's close to sobbing. Her voice is shaky. Shouto doesn't like it- liked it much better when she was laughing /happily/ instead.
"Thanks for not murdering me," she adds. "This is probably the most fun I've had in a while."
"You can stay. I can drive you anywhere you want."
"Oh!" Uraraka jumps in her seat, as if he'd yelled it. He hadn't really spoken any louder than before, but he clears his throat and speaks even softer anyway.
"We just met, but I can take you anywhere you need to go. And I have enough money for the both of us. I really enjoy your company."
They're pulled off at an empty lot near a supermarket. Somewhere off in the distance is a park. The children there are loud, voices echoing in the evening ambiance.
Uraraka looks out towards the noise, but he can see her swallow heavily.
"That's kind of dangerous, isn't it? We just met."
She says it like how she says other things that are meant to be teasing. He nods anyway.
"It is. You can drive, if that makes you feel better. Or you can sit in the backseat. I would have bought a bigger car if I knew I would meet you today."
She laughs again, starting with a snort and ending with a giggle. It makes his heart beat faster in his chest, and he isn't sure if he's nervous or happy to hear it.
"What if /I'm/ the murderer?" Uraraka stabs one of the donut holes and brings it up to her mouth. She smiles at him when he frowns, and then smiles wider when he shrugs.
"If it happens, it happens."
"/Todoroki/." She slaps her palm against her forehead and sinks down in her seat. "That's the most dangerous mindset I've ever heard."
"I'm sorry?" He glances down at her the further she sinks, but she doesn't seem particularly angry. It looks like she's fighting, but on the inside. "It's not that dangerous."
"It's pretty dangerous."
She brushes her legs clean. Sits up straight and looks out the window again. Her breath fans out across the glass, fogging it.
He rolls the window down for her, and she does that snorting laugh again.
"You're a funny guy, Todoroki."
"Am I?"
"You are." Uraraka shifts in her seat, to pull her legs cross-crossed. There's one donut hole left in the box, and she rolls it around a few more times before she pokes it with that same toothpick and shoves it in her mouth.
As she chews, she glares at him. Almost like she can't see him and needs glasses. He leans in closer so that she can find what she's looking for.
"You're funny in both ways. Weird… but you make me laugh."
She closes up the box, fitting the toothpick between her teeth so that she can absently chew on it.
"So you're… 'moving'," she says, finally. "- and I don't have a home anymore. Where would we even go?"
Shouto glances past the parking lot, at the semi-distant street that is starting to pile with traffic after a brief lull. But his eyes inevitably drag back over to her.
Uraraka stares back, cheeks pink. A small smile grows on her face. She runs her fingernail across the edge of the empty donut box. He'd have to figure out a place to recycle it if he could.
There are so many places they could go. Somewhere warm, towards a beach. Or somewhere quiet, with wide hills and short buildings. To a festival. To a shoe store.
"/Everywhere/?" Uraraka shakes her head, exasperated. "What about when we run out of money?"
Shouto shrugs. Uraraka laughs again. Her hand drifts to the middle console, palm up, and Shouto watches it for a while.
Then she leans over to grab his hand. Her fingers are warm, rough at the tips but soft everywhere else. She would look pretty in nail polish. /Prettier/, rather- if it were possible.
He maybe had a crush on her. Was this what love felt like? Soft hands and warm smiles? He liked it.
She interrupts by leaning over to press a kiss to his cheek. It's soft, like a feather landing on snow. "Take me everywhere, then. And then I'll give you my answer."
Shouto, dazed, touches his fingers to his cheek. He forgets to stop holding her hand, so hers come along with it. She doesn't seem to mind. "Your answer?"
"On whether or not I'll stay," she says, cheeky. "So you'd better make it a fun ride."
Shouto squeezes his other hand down on the steering wheel, if only to keep his heartbeat in his veins so that the organ doesn't leap out of his chest and act a fool. He accidentally steps on the gas, and the car revs in protest.
Uraraka laughs again. She tightens her hold on his hand and pulls it back down between them. He squeezes it back.
And when they get back on the road again, fifteen minutes later, Uraraka has gone from laughing to singing loud to the radio and dancing in her seat. She's pure joy.
It stops raining, and the world feels brighter.
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therestisconfettis · 27 days ago
my friends are leaving the party (but i’m down for one more drink)
read it on ao3 here word count: 2,632 summary: you meet a handsome stranger at the bar one night. notes: hello friends!! this is my first attempt at anything avengers-related even though i've been watching the movies since iron man came out??? this is also my first attempt with a reader-insert!! this is after endgame, though (clearly) i've changed up steve's ending a lil bit!! enjoy! <3
    It’s a girls night out - at the insistence of one of your very best friends - and you would rather be anywhere else but this bar. Well. Almost anywhere else. You close your eyes for a moment, thinking back to Wednesday night. You’ve been having a shitty week, and walking into your apartment to find your boyfriend butt-ass naked on the couch with your roommate had really been the icing on the cake.
   You shake yourself a little, pushing your hair back and putting on a smile as the bartender walks past. He completely ignores you and your smile falls flat as you cross your arms on the bar and rest your forehead on them for a moment. Tonight is supposed to be fun, you remind yourself. Fun . Your friends took you out tonight so you could have a good night and forget about Joshua for a few hours.
   You’re vaguely aware of someone occupying the stool beside you, but you ignore them, lifting your head slowly and eyeing the bartender as he comes back your way. You’re ignored again in favor of the new guy next to you, and you press your lips together as the bartender eagerly takes his order. He finally turns to you and you ask for another round of drinks, rolling your eyes as he gives a half-assed response and turns back around.
   “Rough night?” Asks the guy beside you. You glance at him, determined to be annoyed with him, but those sparkly blue eyes and that warm smile throw you off completely.
   “Rough week.” You say after a minute. He nods, and you take him in for a moment, tipping your head thoughtfully. Something about him is familiar, but you can’t quite place what it is. “My friends wanted to take me out but I don’t particularly wanna be here.”
   He hums thoughtfully, nodding his thanks when the bartender sets a beer in front of him. He takes a slow pull, watching you in the mirror behind the bar, and you feel suddenly naked. You shift in your seat, glancing over your shoulder at the booth full of your friends as the bartender sends a waitress over with the drinks. Your phone buzzes in your pocket suddenly and you dig it out. A handful of texts from the groupchat, all along the lines of who’s the blond and are you about to get laid?!
   Shaking your head, you shove your phone back into your pocket and turn to your unexpected companion, surprised to find him looking right at you.
   “Penny for your thoughts?” You say slowly, unsure of what else to do or say. He chuckles, taking another slow sip of his beer before turning his stool to face you properly.
   “Why’s your week been so rough?” He asks. You blink - not exactly where you were expecting this conversation to go, but nobody else has asked, so why the hell not?
   “Work sucks. I’m stuck in this shitty dead-end job and everywhere else I’ve applied either won’t call me back or requires way more experience than I have.” You sigh. “And on top of that, I came home Wednesday night and found my boyfriend with another girl.” He whistles once, long and low.
   “You want me to beat him up?” He asks, and you laugh, surprised at both the joke and yourself. You’ve been in such a shitty mood this week, it feels good to laugh.
   “That’s not even the worst part.” You tell him. He raises a brow, and you continue. “I found him totally naked, on my couch with my roommate. Her underwear was flying towards the door as I opened it.” He whistles again, and you nod. “What about you, you look about as miserable as I feel.” He hums thoughtfully, and you can see the wheels turning in his brain as he tries to decide what exactly he wants to say.
   “Friend of mine died recently.” He says finally. “Although.. We weren’t exactly friends. I respected him, but we almost never got along or saw eye-to-eye.”
   “I’m sorry for your loss.” You say, and some bold part of you reaches out and touches his arm gently. He hums again, glancing at you, and you offer a small smile. He gives one in return, and you draw your hand back slowly. “I’m Y/N.”
   You’ve been sitting and talking with Steve for at least an hour when your friends finally come over. Michelle tugs at the end of your ponytail lightly, then rests her chin on your shoulder, stepping back when you excuse yourself and turn around.
   “We’re gonna take off.” She says, peeking around you at Steve. “D’you need a ride?”
   “Uh. No. No, I’m good.” You tell her, glancing over your shoulder and giving Steve a small smile. He tips his bottle in a greeting to the rest of your group as you turn back. Michelle nods and pulls you into a hug.
   “Call me when you get home, okay?” She whispers in your ear, “And get some!” You laugh, pushing at her shoulders as she plants a kiss on your cheek and steps away. You wave to the other girls and watch them shuffle along out of the bar, then turn back to Steve.
   “I’m not keeping you, am I?” He asks. You shake your head quickly.
   “No! No, not at all. They’re probably gonna go home and drink more.” You assure him. “I’m good here.” He nods, smiling a little as you put your chin in your hand. “Plus, I don’t have work tomorrow, so.” He nods again, watching as you twist a lock of hair around your finger absentmindedly. You fall back into an easy conversation, and after what feels like only a few minutes (but in reality is a couple of hours), the bartender is shouting about last call. You check your phone, eyes widening slightly at the time - 2:45 AM.
   Steve closes out his tab, insisting on paying for your drinks as well, and you slide off your stool, making sure you have everything before following him outside. Goosebumps rise on your skin as you step into the chilly fall evening, and you suppress a shiver. Steve notices, though, and drapes his leather jacket around your shoulders. You smile up at him and hum a thank you, sliding your arms through the sleeves and reveling in the warmth, the scent of leather and woodsmoke and lavender overwhelming you for a moment as you meander along the street.
   “Do you need a ride home?” He asks suddenly, looking down at you. You glance up at him, suddenly reluctant to leave him, and shake your head.
   “I only live a couple blocks away.” You say. He hums and nods, and though he doesn’t ask, you can tell he plans on walking you home. You wander for a while, pausing outside a 24-hour pizzeria and peering in through the windows for a moment before slipping inside. Steve trails behind you, watching as you order two slices of cheese pizza. The clerk behind the counter hands you two impossibly large slices on paper plates and you pass one to Steve, paying before scurrying back outside. You wander again for a while before perching on the curb, adjusting your skirt beneath yourself as you sit.
   Steve settles beside you, the two of you nibbling at your slices silently, taking in the hustle and bustle of the city - that’s one thing you’ve always loved about New York, even before you’d moved here. Even now, at three in the morning, cars are going by, people are wandering, talking on their phones, chowing down on bar food they managed to sneak out before last call.
   “How long have you lived in New York?” Steve asks suddenly, and you realize you’ve been staring around. You shake yourself a little, humming as you think.
   “Ten years now.” You tell him. “I moved right after my twentieth birthday. What about you?”
   “Mm. Lived here pretty much my whole life.” He says. “I spent a few years in England, but I always dreamed about coming back.” You nod, nibbling at the crust of your pizza.
   “What’d you do in England?”
   “I was in the army.”
   “In England?”
   “‘S where they sent me.” He shrugs, and you squint at him for a moment, but you decide to let it go. You hop to your feet, dusting your hands off and tossing your plate into a trash can nearby. Steve does the same, falling into step beside you again, and you begin to make your way home. You come to a stop outside your building, leaning against the wall for a moment and looking up at him. You fight with yourself internally before making a split-second decision.
   “D’you wanna come up?” You ask. He watches you, tips his head thoughtfully.
   “Are you sure?” He asks, “I wouldn’t wanna intrude-”
   “Steve, who are you gonna intrude on? It’s just me. My roommate doesn’t live here anymore.” You say. He laughs at that, light and warm and hearty, and you can’t help the smile that lights on your own lips. He nods finally, and you smile wider, turning to lead him inside and upstairs.
   You sleep together, but you don’t sleep together. You’ve been up all night already, but even when you get inside you find that you’re not particularly tired. Instead, you toe off your shoes and tell Steve to make himself at home. He hovers in the doorway, watching for a minute as your cat rubs between your legs and you pause long enough to tug your tights off before flopping onto your bed. He chuckles, removing his own shoes and padding further in.
   “You can sit down somewhere.” You giggle, propping yourself up on your elbows and watching him. “Seriously. Nosferatu won’t bite. He’s a big baby.”
   “Nosferatu?” He repeats, setting his jacket on the arm of the couch and crouching down to let the cat sniff at his fingers.
   “Nosferatu.” You confirm, smiling when Nosferatu rubs up against Steve’s hand. He smiles, giving the cat a few gentle strokes before coming to sit beside you. You crawl further up your bed and lean against the headboard, drawing your knees to your chest and resting your chin on them as he shifts to face you.
   You chatter for a while, and at some point you disappear into your bathroom and return a few minutes later in a t-shirt-and-shorts pajama set, tying your hair up into a bun. Steve has scooted up to lean against your headboard as well, having abandoned his button-down, and he looks much more comfortable and at home in just a t-shirt and his jeans. You settle beside him, drawing your legs up and leaning against him lightly.
   “Tell me something about you that nobody else knows.” You say softly. He hums, settling his arm around your legs lightly and drawing his finger along your shin absently. You put your chin on your fists, watching him as he thinks, and you admire the way the fairy lights catch on his hair and in his eyes, the shadows they cast along his cheekbones and jawline.
   “I’ve always wanted a tattoo.” He murmurs. You smile, brushing your fingers through his hair lightly. “I’ve been thinking about getting one lately.”
   “What would you get?” You ask softly. He tips his head up, watches the ceiling for a moment as he thinks.
   “Something for my mom.” He says finally. “She was incredible. One of the kindest people I ever met.” You nod, leaning your head against his shoulder. “What about you?”
   “What, tattoos? I have a couple.” You tell him. He chuckles and shakes his head.
   “No, something about you that nobody else knows.” He says. You giggle quietly, watching the world outside your window for a moment as you think.
   “I’m not actually allergic to peanuts.” You say finally. “I tell everyone I am ‘cause I don’t like peanut butter, and it’s easier than having to defend why I don’t like it.” Steve laughs again, the sound making your heart flutter, and you laugh too, tucking yourself a little closer.
   The two of you sit together for a while longer, talking softly and getting to know each other better by the minute, and before you know it, you’re fast asleep, curled up against the headboard and leaning against this guy that you met just a few hours ago, and you’re happy .
   You wake the next morning having scooted down to lay on the mattress properly, and there’s an arm around your waist and a solid chest against your back, and you burrow back into the warmth behind you for a moment before remembering last night. A glance over your shoulder confirms that Steve is still here, and you smile lazily before shifting away slowly, being careful not to wake him.
   Having successfully wormed your way out of bed, you grab your phone and pad to the kitchen, popping a K-Cup into your Keurig and setting a mug under it. It spits coffee out as you unlock your phone, surprised to see the number of messages from your friends. You frown thoughtfully, reading through all of them quickly and growing more confused with each one.
   Sophie    Y/N!!!    Y/N ANSWER ME NOW
   Claire    Dude holy shit.
   You frown thoughtfully, texting Claire back a few question marks. She responds with a link to a tweet and you tap it, setting your phone down to prep your coffee while the tweet loads. You turn back, sipping at your caffeine and scoop your phone up - and promptly choke on the coffee as you read the tweet. Setting your mug down, you hurry back to your bedroom, where Steve is sitting up slowly and stifling a yawn. Before he can even say good morning, you’re clambering onto the bed and shoving the phone at him
   “You’re Captain America ?!”
   He blinks at you a few times, and you feel a little bad for attacking him with this barely thirty seconds after he’s woken up, but holy shit! He takes the phone from you, rubbing at his eyes as he squints at the screen, and you shift your weight anxiously at the foot of the bed. The tweet is from a news outlet and reads America’s Sweetheart? Captain America Spotted With Mystery Woman. It’s accompanied by a photo of you and Steve leaving the bar last night (this morning), you looking smaller than ever in his leather jacket and smiling up at him. He looks up at you and smiles sheepishly, passing the phone back. You take it, acutely aware of the way your hands are shaking, and Steve clears his throat.
   “Why didn’t you tell me?” You ask, still completely baffled by this bombshell he’s just dropped on you.
   “You didn’t treat me like a superhero.” He says simply, shrugging his broad shoulders. “It was nice not to be.. Put up on a pedestal for once.” You watch him for a moment, take him in - his rumpled t-shirt, his sleepy eyes, and some serious bedhead - and you decide that there’s no way in hell you could possibly be mad at him. If you were a superhero and met someone who didn’t know who the hell you were, you’d do the same thing. You crawl further up the bed and settle yourself in his lap, draping your arms around his shoulders. He sets his hands on your waist lightly, watching you, and you give him a small smile.
   “What do you want for breakfast?” You ask, and it’s almost painfully domestic. It is all Steve Rogers has ever wanted, and he smiles at you like you’ve put the sun in the sky.
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zennannabe · 27 days ago
Ok ok lady kuroo oneeeeee..
Kuroo fucking bottom male y/n in the school bathroom by pressing y/n again a wall and just fucking his brains out
Summary: Skipping with your boyfriend sounds fun. Right ? You were being rather bratty during lunch.. Maybe some discipline in those dirty stalls would whip you up straight. ♡
"-Come on, speak up. You were just saying how you'd much rather be doing something else." -T.K ❣
An: Please excuse errors. I most definitely rushed this out my drafts.
Tumblr media
Warning: Degrading • Dacryphilia • Minor Gagging • Minor Slapping • proof read
Cast: Bottom!M!Reader x Tetsurou Kuroo
Tumblr media
It was lunch time. Or passing time some others call it as for some people would play on their devices or talk to their friends.
That's exactly what you were doing earlier, you decided to drag out the topic of how you think your boyfriend is just so protective in your conversation.
"Sometimes I wanna fuckin' breath-"
That's what you said, no ?
You were sitting next to and telling this to your boyfriends bestfriend, Kenma. He however just gave a light sigh saying something how could he help. Fingers diddling with his switch frantically. He obviously wasn't much help in situations like this, you know, but your mind was side tracked with your boyfriends glare.
He was eyeing you down word for word as he silently watched you across your guys' table with your friends.
Watching you move shy hair strands from his bestfriends face and giving Kenma tips on his game. Not tha you had any particular idea in the game.
Why are trying so hard to be buddy buddy with him ? If you didn't even interest Kenma in any sexual form or other.
Tetsurou most definitely wouldn't let this just go by easily.
Lev only looked at his friend beside him then back at you in awe.
Yaku on the other hand had his eyes darted in his lap to his phone. No need to be in this conversation.
'Did he actually say that-?' He thought.
The chopsticks in Kuroos hand slipped from his fingertips as he chuckled under his breath. He didn't think you were this fucking down bad to get some dick.
All you really had to do was just ask. How fucking hard could that task be ? Could have easily fuck after school or at one of your guys' house. Gladly.
No doubt you would be coming back to this table with a dazed expression.
"Meet me in the bathroom, bubs." He whispered to you as he got up from his seat his dark aura following him out of the lunch room doors.
Yaku rose his head from his lap as his eyes darted your way, in disbelief, you were giggling happily as if you weren't about to get folded in half.
You got up from your seat leaving your barely eaten meal and two stunned friends, and one who's eyes were glued to his switch.
'Which one did he go to-' Thought unable to finish as you got pulled into a hard warm chest of someone you could only guess your lover.
You sensed his tense form as you shyly looked up to his face to only be met with dark pools of jealousy known as his eyes.
A shiver transferred to your head all the way down to your toes as a boner slowly began to form in your pants. Even when he was jealous and frustrated he could always be seen getting flat out drunk on his cat like existence alone.
And right now all you wanted from his noir existence was a dead. Good. Fucking.
"There something on my face or something ? Or are you imagining me as my bestfriend instead of me ? Your fucking boyfriend."
His words felt cold with a tinge of heated anger. He couldn't be truthfully angry at you could he ?
The only response he got from you was a shy shake of your head 'no'.
Gotta play like you didn't want your arse pounded like a dog in heat just a second ago.
You thought about your next moves as your pants got tighter by the second and your now playful and mischievous boyfriend glared down at your form.
Not all the time did you see the man get hot and bothered up front like this, not in school at least.
Close within eachother faces, hot tension in the air. The heat coming off his body specifically was close to a bonfire in the summer, and you were his slightly charred marshmallow being close to the heat.
Melting into something deliciously horny.
" 'M just horny 'n wanna be fucked really hard today-" You whined. Never being the one to exactly whine and beg, but the last time you masturbated was about half a month ago !
It wasn't your fault he was so busy and such with volleyball though. He msdevsyre to have time for you every so often. Outside and inside of school he was the best boyfriend.
"Oh. Didn't notice you were so greedy. Why not ask me after school ?" He bluntly stated. Funny his he asked this and your erection is straining against fabric as you speak.
You tugged on the bottom of his uniform catching him off guard slightly. "If you don't fuck me right now, Tetsuro Kuroo I might just consider getting with Kenma !" You barked.
Tetsurou only smirked like the mischievous damn cat he was.
Leaning closer down to your face, "Alright then. When we get back from the stalls, I dont wanna here a word about the cum leaking out of your abused ass." He whispered for your ears only as he flicked a slightly erect nipple outside of your school flannel shirt.
¤ y.p.o.v ¤
"Yes, yes." I mumbled. My nipples were being stupidly played with.
"Bathroom.." I said. He only nodded, retreating his hands.
Making our way down to the bathroom was audibly quiet. Only our footsteps being heard throughout the silent halls.
My eyes skimmed his posture and tall stature as I noticed his bulge. Soon enough it was going to be forcefully filling me in some dirty stall.
I look up at Tetsu and see his unusual stoic face fall into something familiarly mischievous as he caught on to me.
The sexual appeal and aura was never lost as we made our destination. Thankfully, we made it to the bathrooms without me jumping on him right there and then.
"We're here and let's hurry this up, pretty boy. I dont feel like getting in trouble for fucking you between classes again." He stated. I only scoffed and chuckled lightly.
At this point I dont care if we skipped a few minutes just to fuck. Did it once, I'm sure we wouldn't get caught twice.
Walking in the bathrooms, the first thing I do is pull him down for a kiss. Reminding him that I'm still feeling it.
He chuckled in the kiss. Wrapping his rather long arms around my waist, picking me up as I tossed my legs over his waist. His muscular body holding me up as if I weighed like air.
"Bubs.. About fucking you into these stalls. You know why I'm gonna go rough right," I nodded slowly. Giving him a few small hickies on his neck.
Faking my innocence for a better fuck is always worth while. He took that as a thumbs up as he once again let out that noir chuckle of his.
"That's good to know babes~"
Further movements were heated skin to skin touches and kitten licks and bites of each other. Some movements pornos could never mimic.
His calloused fingers gripping my throat, forcing eye contact as he smirked on how wrecked I already looked. I would say it was embarrassing if my mind wasn't attracted to his knee gliding across my tight pant front.
"Looks like you need to get that attitude fucked out of you from earlier, hm ?"
My mind barely focusing on his wolfish voice as he licked a long strong underside of my jaw, making me visibly shake and quiver slightly. The contact we shared in this cramped stall has me gasping for air the more I think of someone barging in. Any second I could literally bust thinking of how he would fuck me harder, the two pairs of feet on ther other side of the stall merely nonexistent to us.
"Tetsu please- I want it really bad~ I was bad wasnt I ?" I was becoming desperate as I slithered my hand down to his own very visible, erection.
He groaned lightly before chuckling and kissing me once more. I know he knows that my actions with his bestfriend weren't intentionally to hurt him, but what if I had fucked his bestfriend-
My thought was intruded as he flipped me over the stall door and shucking my pants off my body. Doing the exact same to his own as he harshly pushed into me.
I choke out a long groan of surprise as he held me against his clothed chest. "Ah-! Wait Tetsu!~" I was hushed by long fingers. Poking and prodding on my tongue to my throat.
He whispered in my ear, "Shh, now what if we get caught and I get in trouble for fucking you ?~", nibbling on my earlobe tantalizingly slow.
Hot breath we shared as his dick ushered in and out of my puckered hole. Minding you that we had no lube so the burn of him dragging himself in and out of me was a blinding pain.
My hands made attempt of pushing him away. Drool just at the corner of my mouth, fingers still at work.
He got the idea, pulled out to the tip, and lazily drooled on his shaft. His shape successfully returning to it's desired place.
"Can't have you hurting too bad. Even though this is a well deserved punishment~" He smirked at his own comment.
Right. I got myself in this situation and every second of it I loved. So close to the spot aswell-
"NGH–! Hah~ Shit Tetsu~ Right- Right thereee~!!" I shut my eyes closed tightly. My dick dripped precum as every few thrusts directed to my prostate.
"I found your spot, hm ?~ My baby finna cum soon ?~ Want me to jack you off or should I not, keep in mind your not off the hook, love.~" He mocked as his hands gripped my left leg, sandwiching between the stall door and my lover.
His other hand on my dick refusing of ejaculation. The new angle and pressure on my cock making my head fall back.
God I felt like I was going dumb and on his dick !
"PLEASE— I NEE- AH!~ I NEEF TO CUHM!~" I babbled. I doubt he heard me clearly though
Tetsu spat in his hand as his hand rapidly started to glide across my shaft. The slick palm feeling heavenly on my member. It was all so overwhelming !
Drool finally making it's way down my chin and hicked up throat.
"Bubs- Fuck-! Babe I'm finna cum in this sweet ass. Better keep in too~ Let Kenma and everyone else know you have a boyfriend~" He grunted near my ear as I frantically nodded my cockhead probably a pretty red now, completely swollen and wet.
"Cu- Cuhminggg!!~" I slurred as a particular harsh thrust shoved me off the edge and the knot in my stomach grew and snapped.
I felt a gush of his semen flow in my abused hole as he grunted and stilled ministrations. His cock head snug on my sore prostate.
"I- I hope you remember my words from earlier bubs. Wasn' playing." He scoffed as he checked out my blotchy neck and slobber slicked face.
The sight, I'm sure was obscene as he spread my cheeks. Cock head only inserted by the tip in hopes none of his hit substance fell on the bathroom tiles.
"Fuck Y/n.. Do this shit again I might just have to fuck you in front of Kenma~" He said tauntingly, slapping my ass aggressively as I eeked I surprise.
"I'm gonna leave first and you get cleaned up alright ? Don't want people to notice that we fucked like rabbits in the stalls." He said helping me with my clothes back on my body. I was too braindead to do about anything.
" Kiss.." My words coming out slurred. He looked up at me as he was helping me put my slacks on now. Leaning in giving me a long kiss.
My body leaned into his as I dragged my arms around his neck. Humming in satisfaction as I parted the sensually deep contact.
"You're so cute after sex !" He exclaimed as I ruffled his hair giggling now off my high.
He cleaned up after a few more shared pecks and left first as I sat on the toilet for about 6 minutes.
I checked my phone fir the time and I saw that it was nearing the end of the lunch hour.
'Fuck !'
I splashed some water on my face quickly before ushering to my next period. Being early wasn't so bad I suppose.
Tumblr media
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ringmyheart · a month ago
Dating Johan headcanons? Your Vinjin one was literal ✨gold✨ and yk so now i'm super curious about how you'd think dating Johan would be like.
Thank you!! 😭 I hope I did this well <33 also a warning, skip to where I wrote [HERE] if you’re uncomfortable w reading anything ab religion. Also I didn’t mean to offend any religion I am religious myself and didn’t specify any to avoid saying something incorrectly !
Tumblr media
If you’re religious, he’s very VERY wary and cautious. Not of you but of the people you’re with, and it worries him a LOT
If u tell him ur hanging out with church friends he’s either insisting he comes too or asking a suspicious amount of questions of ur whereabouts and watching u from afar. He’ll probably step in on accident cuz he saw them like reach for ur shoulder or smmn and intervene cuz he thought like u were ab to get kidnapped but they were just gonna bring ur awareness to the food store around u, he’d be so on edge
He doesn’t like entering churches but if u go and u won’t negotiate on wether u can or can’t go, he’ll risk it all and come too
He’ll rough up the preacher after the service tho like “what’s your thing ???? Like what do you do.” And ask them questions completely unrelated and honestly kind of confusing to intimidate them
Like, “oh so this is all u do? U just preach?”
“Uh, yeah I love my job and am devoted. :) 👍”
“u have no other job? Nothing?”
“R u married?”
“Yeah, that’s what I thought.”
And he meant like yeah good keep ur eyes off of u his s/o or SMM but it came out off putting and frankly indiscernible 😭
While in the service he might even start to shake cuz he’s so worried if he sees AC or hears it running he’ll grab ur hand and book it cuz he thinks ur being poisoned 😭
Likes to share things with you, like clothes and all. U know that black jacket he always wears it’s also ALWAYS on u too
Half of it is cuz he’s stingy w money naturally so it’s like less money spent if u guys r sharing ur food and clothes and all
So ur always wearing his stuff but in return he’s always wearing urs and like even shoes. If ur taller than him and have clothes that were his size he has ur old wardrobe in his closet now as hand me downs
HE PROBABLY wraps ur shirt around his wrist as a good luck charm before fights. Before he gets into a showdown he’ll wrap it around like his arm and kiss it and say ur name or whatever and he swears if he does this tradition he cannot lose he won’t let himself
Because u don’t spend much money, u have wired earphones (nothing wrong w that ofc) HOWEVER if ur listening to music together and he runs into someone he has beef with he’ll start swinging and ur just there like 🧍🏽‍♀️ cuz the earphones r still connected and he’s fighting to the death w like sweet but psycho playing in the background
He loves physical activities to do together. If ur not active u probably will be now forcefully bc he’ll be like please and u can’t say no so now ur hiking every day
Forgets to wait up for u bc he gets rlly ahead of himself the amount of times u get lost on the trail is unbelievable and he eventually establishes the “if u lose me, HUG A TREE AND I WILL FIND YOU” rule w u and now three times a week ur hugging a tree and waiting for him to come pick u up in the middle of the woods
He’ll apologize and tries to teach u the layout but u don’t memorize it ever
Also loves biking and gets u matching bikes, likes walking the dogs w u, going on runs etc. if u cannot run he grabs ur hand and is all its okay u got this :)) like thanks for the sentiment but it doesn't help💀
DO NOT DO HOBBIES W THIS MF!!!!!!!!! If u like to dance and tell him he’ll do it with you and within two days he leagues better than you it would suck
He is so good at picking things up if u play just dance for fun he will kick ur ass and ur like bro I thought we were just playing having fun wtf 😕 and he genuinely wasn’t even trying
So if ur competitive don’t put him on the hobbies ur into cuz he will start it a beginner and be better than u within three days
He’ll feel so bad tho if he finds out u don’t like it. Like when u drew stuff he’d sit by u and draw too and when u saw he was advancing to surpass u u stopped. He thought u just grew out of it but finds u in like a closet drawing to hide from him
But he loves doing stuff ur interested in w u even if it’s something he was never into. If u like it he likes it by association
The type of boyfriend to buy you ten fruits if you say you like one.
In passing you mention liking watermelon the next day you come home there are ten on your counter and he’s like hey :DD!
Gets you a matching dog god jacket like him so u two and ur dogs r matching always
He doesn’t care if you’re wrong, he will die defending you!!! U r always in the right what do u mean the total cost is 10.00$?? What do u mean it says 10$ on the register?? They said it was 8$ u heard them
He’s pretty reserved when it comes to personal stuff and just everything in general. U will be three years into the relationship and realize u don’t know what his last name is??!!!
He’s a “I didn’t see why it was so important” mf... if u ask ab his past or occupation he’ll tell you but in a way that underplays it extremely. Because he isn’t that ready to be vulnerable and open up as well as thinking u might not care or you’ll leave him
He’s a pretty jump-y person because he had to be alert and on his toes most of the time. If you surprise him by accident by being too quiet then appearing right by him he’ll jump three feet up like a cat or sock you in the face then apologize profusely and tear up feeling horrible
He’s pretty perceptive but when caught off gaurd he gets very nervous, can’t help it
While watching tv shows or bingeing a series he will narrate everytning to u. Because he really enjoys the show and wants to make sure u understand in the fullest too and enjoy it. If he didn’t understand sometning in the beginning but then understands you HAVE to know too
“Oh my god he just shot him....”
“The dog RUNS AWAY!?”
“She said she loves him oh my gosh...”
“They’re kissing?”
Like yes Johan.... we know.... if you tell him he’ll stop but it’s like programmed in his DNA to not shut up while watching tv he can’t help it
He’ll also pause the show to turn to u and go “I KNOW HIM!!”
And ur like “rlly?? OMGG”
And he’ll go “YEAH he’s also in that other show remember :O” and u realize he does not know him recognizes him
😑😔 .
He’s not that updated on internet and how humor has progressed over the past few years so if u send him any meme over 2015 he will be so confused
Tumblr media
Send this and he’ll text back “😅 why did you send me this?”
“Is that sonic?”
“Are these your texts with someone?”
Otherwise he’s a pretty normal texted. He uses punctuation sometimes which will throw u off gaurd cuz it will be like “I love you.” And it’s like sweet but why did he add the period?? But he doesn’t always so it’s regular
If playing sports or doing something competitive he threatens everyone in the beginning to let you win and always lets u get the score/goal/net, whatever. He pulls everyone into him prengame by their collar and is like “listen ur letting them win got that. If I see u take that ball from them....”
He’s a helicopter boyfriend he is always seeing what ur doing what ur up to how u are, etc. protective to a fault basically
Holds u back when crossing the street as if ur seven years old
I have more I could say, but I’ll inevitable write another johan relationship hcs some day again so I’ll save it for then 😅 I hope this was what I wanted! Thank you for requesting ❤️❤️
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roscgcld · a month ago
DAYDREAMING!AU || gojo catoru
note: i had gotten an ask last week about the infamous cat!gojo - the fluffy ass white cat that is all over twitter with his round sunglasses on him loool. and the beautiful person who requested it, @nctrosie​ , just made my day lmaooo. but you can read the original post here! 
pronouns: she/her
Tumblr media
If there is one thing that the others of Jujutsu High agree with, is that L/N Y/N cannot be left alone; whenever she is, everyone else will just feel an increase of stress.
However, sometimes it just can’t be helped at all.
Today Y/N was sent to handle a Grade 2 curse alone, with everyone else being handed out missions of their own. The mission was straight forward enough - the Curse was not that big of an issue for Y/N, and she managed to exorcise it without much of a fuss. 
So she soon found herself walking along the familiar street leading to the campus, Ijichi having dropped her near the parking garage for the school cars. Her fingers were laced behind her back as she enjoyed the sounds of nature around her, a soft smile resting on her face. It was rare that she ges quiet moments to just admire the beauty of the school compound, so she always cherishes the walks back from missions to just admire the simple beauties in life. 
Whilst she was counting all the different shades of green on the canopy above, a loud meow came from somewhere before her; causing Y/N to look away from the trees to look for the cat. It’s known that she loves animals, so whenever she hears one of the strays that frequent the temple, she is obligated to stop and pet. She feeds them from time to time too, since it was against the school rules to bring in any animal of your own.
However, when a pair of crystal blue eyes blinked back at her, Y/N froze in her spot as the huge white cat made his way towards her; fluffy tail raised high up in the air. It lets out loud purrs as he made his way closer to the girl, staring up at her with the brightest blue eyes as he headbutted at her stocking clad claves innocently. 
There was silence for a few moments as the cat continued to shower the girl in love, purring getting louder with each passing second. Y/N’s expression went from shock to concern as she carefully squatted down before the cat, leaning her face closer to the cats to examine him closely. Said cat just sat down before her as well, looking up at her happily as he leans forward to rub its soft face against her cheek. “Are you...Gojo-sensei?”
Somehow, in the odd mind of Y/N, she had came to the conclusion that a cat as pretty as this was her all powerful shaman sensei, Gojo Satoru. For the last few days the shaman had been out of town, with Yaga-sensei having Nanami to fill in whilst Gojo was called out of Japan to deal with a Special Grade Curse had been spotted overseas. That is the logical explanation that Nanami had given them did not cross her mind - heck, she wasn’t even aware of the entire overseas mission thing.
And it’s because of his lack of knowledge that had her coming up with the conclusion she has right now. “Did you get trapped as a cat, sensei? Is that why you’ve been missing for the last few days?” Y/N asks in concern as the cat just curls closer into her, causing her to frown softly before she carefully picked the fluffy cat into her arms. It just curled up against her with ease, solidifying her theory even more as she coos and starts to walk back to school.
“Poor Gojo-sensei! You must have gone through so much!” She cooed at it as she gently scratches at his belly, giggling at how it just squirms in delight and stretches his long body along her arms; giving her more room to shower him in attention. “Don’t need to fret, sensei. I’ll make sure to keep good care of you!” Y/N giggles as she made her way back to the dorms, somehow managing to slip past everyone as she made her way into the dorms with her new fur friend.
So that is how Y/N had adopted a fluffy white cat with the brightest blue eyes on any cat she has ever seen. 
Tumblr media
“Y/N....who’s that?”
It was a few hours after Y/N returned when any other student returned; her fellow classmate, Okkotsu Yuta, along with her juniors Itadori Yuji and  Fushiguro Megumi had returned from their own mission in Tokyo. They had gotten a ride from Ijichi as well, and had made their way to the dorms so they can shower and start on their report.
However, when Yuta had spot Y/N seated on the wooden floors of their rec room, playing with a large white cat with one of the many cat toys she had kept to play with the strays in her hand, definitely had Yuta doing a double take. Tilting their head at Yuta’s confused words, they both peered over their senpai’s broad shoulders, widening their eyes at the sight of Y/N happily playing witht he cat. 
“Oh, hi Yuta! Hi Megumi and Yuji! How was your mission?” Y/N asked with a wide smile, now clad in a pair of simple shorts and an oversized shirt as she set the toy aside to give her full focus on the boys. She had not picked up at how they had entered shocked at the sight of the cat lurking in the dorms, the same white cat that now crawled into her lap and curled up into it in delight. 
“It wasn’t so bad...” Megumi mumbles softly, watching Y/N with a confused look on his face as she smiles and reaches down to play with the soft toe beans of the cat in her lap; one that just laid there to let her do what she wants witih him. “Y/N-senpai...where did the cat come from?” Megumi asks in concern, to which the girl just smiles and picks the cat up, holding him between her two hands like a proud mother showing off her infant to the world. 
“It’s Gojo-sensei!”
All three men just stared at her in confusion as she placed the cat back down in her lap, starting to pet it once more without another care in the world. “I was walking to the campus when he came up to me, whining and meowing for attention. And he gave me a solid answer when I asked if he was Gojo-sensei.” She explained, giggling at how the cat just wraps his paws around her wrist with a noise, demanding for her to pet him once more. “And his mannerisms are so much like Gojo-sensei too!”
Yuta glances back at his kouhais, all three of them sharing the same look of concern before Yuta turned back to face his classmate once more. “Y/N, I think you’ve got the wrong idea.” Yuta mumbles in concern just as he heard another group of footsteps coming up from behind him, glancing back curiously only to spot Maki walking over with Nobara and Toge by her sides. “Why’re you blocking the hallway, Yuta?”
Without giving him the chance to answer Maki had already pushed herself forward, only to pause a few steps away from the genkan; eyes blinking in confusion at the sight of Y/N giggling and showering a white mass of fur in her lap. A pair of saphire blue eyes suddenly opened on the lump, causing Maki to sneer at it a little as it gave her what was clearly a pleased look. As if he was rubbing the fact he’s getting more attention from Y/N into her face. “Y/N, what the hell is that?”
Y/N looked up when she heard Maki’s question and smiles at her warmly, waving with her free hand whilst the other continues to bask the cat in attention. “Oh, hi Maki!” She greeted with a giggle before she reaches down to cup the cat’s fluffy face in her hands, the cat who just purred; its fluffy tail waving lazily against her leg. “Look, it’s Gojo-sensei! Or well - a cat that looks like him.” She hums before she looks down at the cat once more, pushing back the hair on its face carefully. 
“...are you trying me you think that, is the blindfolded idiot?” Maki asks in shock, praying that her explanation was wrong and that Y/N was just pulling her leg. But she knew better than that, so when Y/N just nodded her head with a smile, Maki wasn’t even surprised anymore. “Idiot, that is not Gojo-sensei.”
Y/N pouted softly and gently pets the cat, looking away from an annoyed Maki when the cat in her lap just lets out a loud meow, as if scolding her for not paying attention to him anymore. “How sure are you that this isn’t Gojo-sensei?” Y/N suddenly asked, her answer causing Maki’s scowl deepen. Megumi and Yuji wordlessly stepped closer to Yuta whilst Toge and Nobara took a step back, knowing that it was dangerous to be so close to Maki whenever her aura starts to darken. “Y/N - what the hell are you on? Return that thing, to whatever place you found it at.”
Maki’s clear sound of annoyance had Y/N frowning as she pouts, cradling the cat closer into her chest; as if she was trying to protect the furball from Maki’s annoyed glare. “But how would you know that?” Y/N challenged back, her answer causing Maki to just make another face at her stubbornness. “Because that idiot is on a mission overseas - something you should be aware of since Nanami-san told us.”
“Yeah...but how sure are you that this isn’t Gojo-sensei?” Y/N challenged back, her answer causing Maki to rub the bridge of her nose with her fingers; immediately knowing that Y/N had no idea as to why their teacher had been out of town for the last few days. “Maybe there is a curse user out there who has an Inherited Technique that turns others into animals! And look at him - he looks exactly like Gojo-sensei!”
Yuta decided that now it was time to step in, standing in between the two girls with a nervous smile as he held his hands out. “Now, now, calm down. I am sure there is a clear way to end this.” Yuta offered before he turned back to face Y/N, who was pouting as she cuddles the white cat close; who was more than content to curl up into her arms. “Y/N, you know the rules - no pets in the dormitories.” Yuta tried to reason, knowing that Y/N hates to break rules and get in trouble. “And you know how strict Ijichi-san can be when it comes to these rules.”
At first it looked like it had worked, since Y/N had deflated a little in her seat. Yet it took her a solid second before she shook her head gently, looking up at them with a defiant pout. “But look at him!” She huffed childishly as she held up the cat, gesturing to the clear height and appearance of the cat. “Look at how long his limbs are! And his white hair, and bright blue eyes! You know who else have these traits - Gojo-sensei!”
Megumi decided to step in before Maki can yell at her again, putting a hand out before Maki as if to physical stop her form yelling. “Y/N-senpai, I am sure that if Gojo-sensei did turn into a cat, someone would have broken the news to us earlier.” Megumi tried to reason, causing Y/N to huff as she pets the cat once more. “How sure are you they are going to let the student body in on the entire thing.”
No one knew what to answer to that, since it was true - from time to time, the teachers had hidden things about certain issues. It isn’t uncommon for them to find out bits and pieces of information minutes before they arrive at the area where a Curse had been spotted. It was because of this that Yuji spoke up, rubbing his chin ever so slightly in his hand. “Well...she has a po-”
His sentence was cut short when Megumi had reached over to slap the back of his head, a clear scowl on his face whilst Yuji lets out a cry of pain. “Idiot. Even if they hid something like this from us, this is too far fetched.” He sighs before he turns back to his senpai, who just childishly stuck her tongue out at a fuming Maki. “Y/N - let the damn furball go, or so help me-”
“You’re not my mum!” Y/N chanted back childishly, her words somehow irking Maki even more whilst she pointed her finger at the defiant girl, both of them going back and forth like a mother having an argument with their own child. Yuta just made an awkward noise whilst Toge sighed beside him, watching the two of their classmates with the most bored look on his face. 
It was because of this ruckus that Panda had came wandering out from his dorm, having been on bed rest since the day before he had been swarmed by a few Grade 3 and 4 Curses in an ambush. But he had been lured out by the sound of yelling, blinking at the sight of his two classmates just arguing about a cat that had fallen asleep in Y/N’s arms. “What’s going on?”
Nobara had stepped in to explain what was going on, whispering to Panda quietly as he nodded at her words. “Personally, I think Y/N-senpai is right.” She admitted after giving the panda a rundown of what’s happening, placing her hands on her hips as she glances back at the two women. “Sure, Gojo-sensei might be out of town right now, but I am sure that something like this can happen in our world, right?” She theorised back, to which Panda nodded his head in agreement; Megumi just looking on with the most annoyed look on his face. 
He’s just wondering as to why he was surrounded by idiots.
“He is currently overseas you absolute airhead!” Maki roared back in frustration, to which Y/N just huffs and crosses her arms over her chest. “You say that, but you can’t prove that this isn’t him either!” She whines back, tossing her arms up a little. “I just want to make sure that Gojo-sensei is fine! If he is, then okay, you were right. But we wouldn’t know until he comes home.” She grumbled, to which Megumi just gave her another look. “Gojo-sensei is not the damn cat, Y/N-senpai.”
Y/N just glared at her kouhai in return, the raven-haired man just giving her a tired look in response before she huffed and turned back to Maki. “Look, all I am saying is that I just want to make sure that he’s safe. Plus, I’m not asking any of you to take care of him.” She huffs as she strokes the cat’s soft fur once more, not budging on her stance of wanting to keep it until their white-haired sensei returned. “Can’t we just keep him until tomorrow? I promise to make sure that he doesn’t cause any mayhem.”
No one made any comments before Yuta looks over at Maki, wordlessly asking to just let it go and let her just do with this. Honestly, what she was putting up wasn’t hurting anyone. She has always been good with animals, and they know that she will always clean up after the cats and dogs she cares for on the campus. 
And what can they loose from adding another cat into the mix. “....if they thing enters my room, I am going to use it as a floor mat.”
“Harsh.” Megumi mutters with wide eyes as Maki just throws on her slippers and walk into the hallway with a tired sigh, Y/N just smiling triumpanthy as she cuddles and plays with the cat in her lap. Immediately Nobara and Yuji rushed over to play with the cat as well, the sight making Yuta sigh in relief as he glances over at Toge. Who looked just as excited to play with the cat as well. “At least no one draw any weapons.”
“Shake.” Toge hums before he skipped forward to play with the cat as well, causing Yuta to smile before he made his way towards the small group; squatting behind Toge to reach over to pat the cat on the head.
Okay, maybe he was secretly rooting for Y/N to win the argument too - but you didn’t hear it from him.
Tumblr media
“Look at this distinguished gentleman!” 
Turns out, Maki was right - Gojo-sensei was fine and had returned to the campus the following day. However, no one would have predicted that Gojo and the cat was going to get along so well. When Gojo had found out everything from Yuji, he had grinned and went to look for Y/N; who was in the dining hall feeding her new feline friend some wet cat food that one of them part time helpers had brought.
And much to Maki’s annoyance, Gojo is all on board with keeping the cat as a permanent fixture on campus. They even named the white abomination.
“Look at him, Gojo Catoru!” Gojo grins as he held up the cat a proud father holding up their child for the world to see. Maki had scowled as she settles beside Yuta, who just gave her an amused glance behind his mug of coffee whilst Gojo pressed the cat’s cheek against his cheek as well. “Does he not look like me?!”
Both Yuji and Nobara agreed enthusiastically, Megumi just shoving another mouthful of waffles as he ate his food. Y/N on the other hand took a picture of both Gojo and Catoru together, smiling at cute they were whilst Gojo grins and leans over to look at the pictures as well. “I am glad that you fought so hard to make sure that Catoru is safe and sound. Even if he isn’t me, he’s quite the handsome one, isn’t he?”
“He’s the only reason why people would give you a double-take.”
Nanami set his mug of coffee down on the free seat beside Y/N, greeting everyone quietly whilst he ignored Gojo’s offended gasp. “Kento-kun! How can you say something like that to your senpai?!” He whines while Nanami just gave him an unamused glance, hand picking up his mug just as Catoru jumped on the table to make his way to the usually emotionless shaman. “I’m speaking nothing but the truth.”
The other students sniggered at the argument the both of them were having, which now shifted to how Nanami was giving the cat more attention in the last few minutes than he did to Gojo for the last few days. Y/N just smile at the sight of the two of them arguing, finding joy that everyone was clearly enjoying the cat’s presence. Earlier in the morning she had went to Yaga-sensei’s office, only to find out that her usually stoic principal is a cat lover and had showered the cat in attention for a few minutes.
Yeah, maybe at first her reasons for taking in the cat was a bit far fetched and a little crazy, but she had no regrets. Plus, it looked like everyone enjoyed the new addition to their oddball family as well. 
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postmoe · a month ago
King!Sukuna - My Lil’ Pet Girl (II)
Tell me where your brood is, little girl...
    You must have passed out in front of Sukuna when he was hanging you upside down. With a start, you sat up in the large, comfortable bed you had been placed on. An examination of the room had you confused between a dungeon or a an actual bedroom. The furniture looked (and felt, the bed at least) rather comfortable for a prisoner. However, the cold, grey, stone walls and screen-less window were reminiscent to that of a prisoner's cage.
     A quick self-examination showed you were clean now, the dirt and muck had been chipped off your body, your hair even washed and brushed and - oh, was that mint you tasted? Your teeth have never felt so smooth. Not to mention the healed wounds you had carried with you, especially the hole in your shoulder, though you weren't completely surprised since powers such as these are common amongst these curses, you were shocked someone had taken the time to do all this. You wore a simple, red dress that had small straps over your shoulders which you had to keep readjusting because it was a tad too big. The material was a lot lighter than you liked but at least it wasn't too long, only coming to just above your knees.
    Standing up, you gasped when your foot knocked something hard and hollow, almost jumping back onto the bed with fright. Turns out it was a bone, chewed up and left strewn on the floor. The room wasn't dirty, per se, but it sure could use a tidy. Well, who were you to talk? You've been living in a cramped up pound with other humans, waiting to either be sold or bred. The thought of your old lifestyle was saddening, however, even low tier humans such as you are aware of the destructive and sadistic nature your king, Sukuna, was known for. There is no way in hell you would choose him over anything, so with that in mind, you head over to the window to get your bearings.
     There was no forest in sight, however you could look over the kingdom, dull lights became brighter and brighter as the sun set once more. How disconcerting, you must have slept for a whole day at the very least, having been caught at night time. You didn't have much time to think about it when suddenly, the door to the room opened. With a gasp, you turned to see who it was, only for your blood to run cold at the sight of King Sukuna himself. Even if you tried you couldn't stop the trembling.
      He gave you a 'welcoming' grin, full of teeth and eyes crinkling in delight. Sukuna opened his arms, robes stretched taught against his large chest. He made little clicking noises with his mouth, "Come here, pet. Come to me." All you could do was quiver in fear, sliding down the wall and pushing yourself as far into it as you could. Sukuna only laughed, lifting his finger and twirling it in the air, "Oh, pet, you really are dumb. I love it so much."
    "Uwah!" An invisible force pulled you to him, crashing you painfully into his legs. He didn't even budge at the sudden weight, merely crouching down to pick you up and coddle you against his chest like a cat. You dug your nails into his robes, trying to breathe and calm down as he stroked your back, those dangerous nails of his threatening you whether he meant to or not.
    "We're going to have so much fun together," he began as he walked over to the window, overlooking his kingdom. You could feel the dark aura oozing and wrapping around you like a thick blanket, "Executions, punishments, orders. There's nothing more degrading to a curse then being hurt or killed by an average human. Not to mention this:"
     Your jaw dropped and you squeaked as another hand of his groped your arse, massaging and rolling the flesh like dough. His finger gently caressed the slit of your cunt, sending confusion and tingles through you. Against your better judgement, you cried, "Wh-what're you doing?! Stop!"
      His inhale against your hair made your squirm, but, it was his words that followed that had you kicking at his torso. Sukuna's voice was deep and husky, nothing you've ever heard from any male or creature before, "Gonna breed this pussy real good. Want me to fuck you in the throne room in front of everyone?" At your incessant wriggling he finally caved and grabbed you by the back of your neck, effectively halting all your movements, "Don't. I'm the owner here, you will listen to me and do as I say, understand, pet?"
    He wouldn't let you nod or squeak or anything, no, he wanted to hear you say it yourself. You swallowed every bit of confidence you had and replied as loudly as you could, though still quiet to the ears of you both, "Y-Yes."
     "Yes, what?"
    "Yes... Owner?"
    Sukuna grunted and dropped you, an 'oof' being forced from your body as your rump began tormenting you with a cold ache from the floor. "Try saying my name," he spoke down to you, expectantly.
     And who were you to deny your King? Let alone someone who could snap you like a toothpick between their toes. "Sukuna," you murmured, hoping this wasn't some ploy for him to get angry at you. Your mind could see it now, an angry curse glowering down and stepping on the caps of your knees until they shattered in your flesh, 'Who do you think you are? I am your king, you're nothing but a runt.'
    However, you were pleasantly surprised by the outcome, "Good. I like that, I permit you to use it. Though the pronunciation is a little off, I didn't expect much of an animal anyway."
     An animal... You weren't sure when, but apparently humans used to walk the planet much like curses did now. They weren't pets or food or toys, they had jobs and romances. You were one of the ones that were bred on a farm, your mother teaching you basic language and telling you stories before being separated from your brothers and sisters. The new breeding home was horrible, torturous, it didn't take long for you to be interested in an escape plan with the rest of the humans. Now you were starting to regret it.
     "There isn't much to do tonight so I thought we could work on getting you new clothes and accessories. I have a fun game in store to figure out whether you'll be branded or just wear a simple collar. Oh, and I was thinking of names," Sukuna was enjoying this little 'conversation'. He stood in front of a large mirror as he disrobed, eyeing you every so often as he spoke. There were more black, line marking on his torso. Goodness, the flesh showed no scar yet still held a rough tone much like a warrior. His strength was unbridled, his mind a geniuses. "Throat Ripper. Cupcake. Little Sook. I decided on (Y/n)."
    "(Y/n)..." You uttered, tasting the name for yourself. It was so different from other humans! Unique to you, a name you hadn't heard before which made you feel special.
      Sukuna's eyebrows raised, "Oh, you like it too? That saves me having to deal with your pouting. Ah, and one more thing -" the room changed, swirling around you. Cold, calculated fear shot straight through your heart and suddenly Sukuna's horrifying face was all you saw. He was centimeters away from you, eyes staring, staring, unblinking and direct, "Where are the other escaped humans?"
     Answering would be a crime yet not answering would make you a martyr. Even if you wanted to stay silent, you don't think you could, "I-I-I I d-don't know..." he pushed on, arms, so many arms threatening to grab you and tear you apart. Tears streaked your face, "We- we were in the forest for the n-night. I assume when, hah, when I didn't come back they ran away in fear."
     "Where in the forest?" He questioned deeper.
     "I don't remember exactly where, b-but there was a large rock with a crack going through it."
     You prayed he would stop, that that was enough. You didn't like this at all. Later rather than sooner, he finally relented and began bellowing a laugh. It was confusing, you sat in shock while Sukuna brought you into a hug, "Ohhhh, we already caught them, pet. I just wanted to see how faithful you were."
He never told you how well you did in terms of faith, rather he opted to brush your hair and carry you around the castle. So many winding staircases and hallways, you got tired just watching him walk. It felt so odd to have three arms cradle you and a chest more than twice your width, yet you would be a liar to deny the comfort. Perhaps it was your adrenaline running low, but, you almost felt at ease when you closed your eyes and allowed the rocking of Sukuna's steps lull you.
     It wasn't until the sound of doors being kicked open that had you jumping in his hold, heart racing from the loud noise. Sukuna chuckled at your reaction, pressing you closer to hum as though to really embrace your frantic heart.
    You were told nothing as he sat down on his thrown with you in his lap, made to look at the four, tied up humans in front of you. They had their arms bound behind their backs, ankles tightly wound together with rope and blood from some of their knees as if the force of being pressed to such a position broke the very caps in their flesh. Sloppy gags and drenched blindfolds prevented them to see what was going on, yet even you could feel the second-hand fear as if it were your very own.
    Finally, your owner spoke up, motioning to the lot with one of his hands, "You may recognise these humans from your little group of runnaways,-" you hadn't before, though now you looked closer you could make out little details, "- as you can see, we chose four at random. I want you to pick one."
     Your body was tired of shaking in fear, muscles aching yet you couldn't stop. When he didn't elaborate you tried to encourage him with your meek voice, "Pick... one?"
    "Yes," he smiled down at you, as bright and motivational as something like him could be, "Just pick one, any one. Don't think too much about it right now."
    This could mean literally anything. Was the person you chose gonna live, die, or maybe be tortured? What was going to happen to the others? A simple 'tick-tock' from Sukuna had you shoving all that aside. There was probably going to be a worse outcome if you didn't choose. You shakily pointed to a person with shoulder-length brown hair and a black gag, "Th-The third person."
     "Very well." With a wave of his hand, the three around them fell back, heads hitting the hard ground with a resounding thud. The third person cried as the others groaned, you wouldn't be surprised if they were unconscious or dying by now. Sukuna jostled his legs until you were standing in front of him before ordering a servant to come forth. You grimaced at the blade he was holding forward, presenting for the king to take. A shrill shriek came from you when rather than taking the weapon, Sukuna sliced off the servant's finger. The curse didn't seem to react much other than a slight tremble. Your cowardly eyes looked back up to your master, his grin almost deafening as the look forced your blood to rush to your ears in hope of circling your fractured mind. He held out the finger to you, the clawed nail attached to it was sharp and suitable for attack, "Here, kill him."
    You took a conscious step back, shaking your head in disbelief, "What?"
    "You heard me," he appeared bemused from having to repeat himself. Red eyes began to glow in a silent threat as he pushed the finger forward, "Take the finger and kill the human."
    It was ludicrous to even suggest such a thing. You shut your eyes tightly and fell to a ball, trying to make yourself as small as possible. Your hands tightened over your hair, hoping that if you couldn't see him then you'd feel safer; it didn't work. "No," you attempted to shout but your voice was even more quiet than the groans of the people below you. "Please, don't do this. We're only trying to survive." The thought of living reminded you why you escaped. You didn't want to be confined in a world where you were nothing more than a thing for breeding, or eating, or pleasing.
     "Nawh~" His soothing taunt was worse than anything, a strong arm snaking around your body to pull you up. He stepped down to the humans, holding you like a child while he grabbed the head of the person you chose. His nails dug into their scalp, tilting their head to the side so he could open wide and bite the juncture of their throat. Sukuna dropped the body, their eyes blinking slowly and mouthing moving like a fish while the rest of your screamed. A couple tried to run, you pushing at Sukuna's chest to get away. He merely grinned at you, flesh hanging from his bloodied face. His other three hands grasped you, holding you steady for him to move his mouth towards your own, "C'mon, slutty, eat up. Unless you don't like the flavour of this one? I'm sure we can try the others and see which you prefer."
     You could hardly see him through your tears, only knowing the other humans had run to a corner of the room, unable to escape themselves. "N-No more killing, please," you begged him, small fingers on his head to keep him at bay. He could easily push through to you if he wanted to, but, where was the fun in that when your fear looked so appetising?
    He gingerly pet your body, "Then open up, my little pet."
     Your body froze in horror and disgust, lips barely parting for the curse. He fed you like a bird, the tip of the person's flesh barely in your mouth before he crashed his lips to your own. It was surprisingly cold, hardly any warmth to the skin and slimy with a slick, almost mossy feeling underneath. He had hooked into a tendon, it getting stuck between your teeth as he tried to shove the flesh down your throat with his tongue. You couldn't do it, your body naturally rejecting the substance. You pulled away to throw up all down his torso, violently heaving and expelling everything in your stomach. The taste of your vomit was much more pleasing than what you had just experienced, the pain in your gut helping keep the fleshy event at bay for the moment.
    Sukuna laughed, not even bothered by your disgusting display all over him. The king stood tall, grabbing you by the back of your neck and holding you out as you continued to chuck, an amused smile watching you cry and heave all over yourself as it dripped to the floor. "Someone clean this up, and mop the floor as well." He gave your head a single pat as he handed you off, "I'll be back later, wait in my room for me after they're done."
    The world around you wasn't stable, you simply lay limp in the servants hold as you were taken away to get bathed.
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