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my entries for the three emoji design challenge, suggested on instagram:

🤘🌚🤘→ with the normal and the edgy version!

🤡🍆💦→ with his water gun! (super fun to draw)

🌼🌼🌼→ with the first and second design! (I wasn’t too happy with the first result so—)


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Thank you for the ask @sunlight-and-starskies!

6. Handwrite a short poem written in one of your characters’ POV


[ID: Glorious songbird, fly high above the heavens to embrace the clouds. End ID.]

I’m not the best when it comes to writing out poetry which is why I chose a haiku because they’re relatively easy, but I tried. It’s also been ages since I’ve written in cursive, but Vietna writes in fancy cursive all the time, so here’s my sad attempt at her style.

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Batch 2 of my EQ2 crafters.

Took a while to get this out because I couldn’t decide on a color for my Ogre’s robe and also *gestures vaguely at everything*

From Left to Right!

Oskie the “Rat Baby” - Ratonga Tailor/Illusionist

Yashka - Dark Elf Jeweler/Rogue

Monadao - Ogre Sage/Warden

Audesh - Dwarf Alchemist/Bruiser

So Rat Baby was my first character I made with my purchased character slot and I ALMOST did non-crafting things with him but then I decided “nah, that’s so stressful” so I stuck to crafting and then made Monadao and Audesh with my remaining 2.  Yashka is TECHNICALLY part of the last batch because I didn’t have a character slot for him until I got the last 4, but he fits here because Scout Class Skill Maker.

Fun fact!  Rat Baby is also what I call Raffik, and he was the original holder of the title.

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Thank you for the ask @wildswrites!

2. Handwrite all (or several, if you have a lot) of your LGBT+ characters and their sexualities/genders


[ID: Children of the Maar. Aramae: cis female, lesbian. Miraquin: cis male, unknown. Yserya: cis female, aromatic & bisexual.

Kinder. Kinder: cis male, gay. Zenobia: cis female, asexual. Haldin: cis male, bisexual. Tuari: cis male, gay. Silvina: cis female, straight.

The Lost Generation. Julia: cis female, lesbian & asexual.

World of Skies Universe. Ameera: cis female, queer and demisexual. Audrin: trans male, bisexual. Guinevere: cis female, biromantic & asexual. Mélodie: cis female, lesbian. Theodore: cis male, gay. End ID.]


Handwriting Game

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Before I forget:

Happy Pride month!

My girls:

Ashton (Hazbin Hotel) Bi/Pansexual

Red (Cuphead) Bi/Pansexual

Delphine/Delly (Cuphead) Asexual

Constance (Cuphead) Lesbian

Honey (Cuphead) Straight Ally

And more to come later ♡

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MKA Launch Challenge: Day 4

Prompt: What flower(s) represent your character(s)?


Aramae: She adores sunflowers for their yellow color. They symbolize adoration, loyalty, and longevity. Aramae is optimistic and is always searching for the bright side of situations, similar to how these flowers are always turning to face the sun.

Miraquin: Aster flowers are a rather uncommon find within Kyleria. They symbolize charm and patience.

Yserya: Salvia flowers are usually found within the forests of Kyleria. They symbolize esteem, healing, long life, and wisdom.


Kinder: The lueur flower are quite a prominent feature within the underground caverns. They are the main light source of the caves, and they symbolize healing, strength, and youth. These flowers actually saved Kinder’s life once.


Julia: Daffodils are some of the first flowers to bloom after the winter season. They symbolize rebirth and new beginnings.


Guinevere: Daisies are a common sight within the vast meadows of Fayburn. They symbolize innocence, new beginnings, and purity. These flowers happen to be quite sacred, as they also represent Guin’s birth month. When times grow dark, she is able to hide in plain sight, similar to how daisies can close their petals when the night comes in order to protect themselves.

Theodore: Yellow chrysanthemums are another common flower found within Fayburn. They generally symbolize fidelity, longevity, joy, and optimism, but yellow ones can also symbolize neglected love or sorrow.


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I finally got some watermarks on one of my school projects!!  These are the ref sheets I created for Sasha (higher) and Shadow (lower), a couple characters from a written story I’m currently working on!

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Day Four of Pride~

Its Mab, Queen of the Unseelie court. Bisexual Queen. She isn’t overly picky with who she falls in love with as long as they understand that no one rules over her and hold strength to stand on their own two feet.

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