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#my chem return

i hate it when even though i talk about gerard way 24/7 to my irls, they think im sexually attracted to him   ??? i mean, can’t someone just admire someone and be attracted to their actual persona and not in a sexual way. 

i hate that it’s not normalized yet

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Can you imagine…..

Draco malfoy in his emo phase….

  • I like to think it would of happend between second and third year.
  • That’s why he stopped slicking back his hair.
  • The phase only lasted for one summer but like,,,,
  • He went all out.
  • Narcissa just walked into dracos room one day because of loud music she didnt recognise.
  • And just sees draco lying dramatically on his bed.
  • He was wearing a black band tee and black ripped Jean’s.
  • He had way too much eyeliner on.
  • He looked like a racoon
  • And he just had My Chemical Romance playing at full volume from a muggle device.
  • “I’m not okay(I promise)” was the song playing at the time
  • And narcissa turns around and walks out.
  • Lucius is disappointed
  • Severus is mildly entertained
  • This went on,,,, all summer….. and lucius and narcissa where surprised when the friday before he left for school, draco was dressed as normal again.
  • No one speaks of it anymore.
  • Draco claims to regret it all, but actually is thankful for the muggle tech he learned how to use, and still listens to my chem and panic! As an adult.
  • His favourite song is somewhere between ghost of you, and mercenary .

Insta; tony.stark.was.attacked

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