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#my chemical mikey

I have noticed that some heterosexual/cisgender people in the My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy fandoms have been complaining about being minorities lately. I just wanted to say that I love the fact I am a minority in these fandoms because that means people that are minorities in general society have a place where they are accepted with wide open arms, where they can feel the validation of not being automatically assumed straight/cis-gendered, and know that they are safe here because not only are there many people who identify just like them, but My Chemical Romance has a frontman who could identify as anything at this point. These fandoms are an enormous step toward helping people identify how they need to and overall an accepting society. Hopefully these fanbases can set an example. And to all of the “minorities” of these fanbases, it might be nice to contemplate the shoes that you are currently in.

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goodnight to one half of sld, the main subject of fall out boy’s infinity on high, the person who came up with the name of “my chemical romance”, the person who pirated disney movies at the age of 15, the bassist for electric century and the husband of kristin colby.

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