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#my chemical ray

A moment of silence for the fact that a few months ago I thought I’d be seeing my chemical romance today, but I’ve instead spent the whole day writing and editing an essay about Antigone.

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Everyone out here fighting over whether or not they’re the main character or not is wrong. The only main characters out there are the members of American Rock Band My Chemical Romance bc so many aspects of their life sound like they’re out of some wild wish fulfilment fanfic.

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-48 days until halloween-

[ September 13th ] if anyone sees this who would you like to see a mood board/ costume inspo post for next? i’ve done revenge Gerard so if y’all wanted me to continue with revenge for the rest of the members i could!

also i think it would be cool to also try to make costume inspo for the other characters so like, the Demolition Lovers, Mother War, Fear & Regret, maybe even Pepe, etc.

i’ll also try to make them more often, i tend to take a long time because of attempting to make it the best it can and perfecting it but i also have video edits i need to make and i start school this week so i’ll have even less free time.

ok that’s all i’ll try and make more mcr costume inspiration posts mwah

- Angelina

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