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#my chemical romance

Hey guys, I’ve got a link to a file folder with a bunch of unreleased MCR songs, covers, and clips from live shows, but I have no idea how to share it on here. It’s on the files app on my phone— do you guys have any suggestions?

Track list:

  1. FTWWW
  2. Someone Out There Loves You
  3. Song 2 (Blur cover)
  4. Common People (Pulp cover)
  5. Mastas of Ravenkroft
  6. Black Dragon Fighting Society
  7. House of the Rising Sun intro (Animals cover)
  8. Jack the Ripper
  9. Neat Neat Neat (The Damned cover)
  10. Los Angeles “what’s up LA” live show clip
  11. “I’m just gonna sit here and drink my tea” live show clip
  12. Zero Percent
  13. An Offering…
  14. Crate Amp sample
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i simp for NO ONE😡😡 except frank iero😌😌

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if he doesnt like what you do but he still listens to your rambles and infodumps about them, keep him.

i kept mine.

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I just wanted to flex how hot I am. pls say you have gender envy for me.

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I’m back from a long long hiatus (idk if I should call it that) and since I’m mainly digging mcr now, I’d like to have my chem enthusiast mutuals. I used to be blurry-frickin-fren a.k.a. emptyneonskye before, stanning tøp (which I still do). This is my sub account which I did not deactivate as I did with my main. Just some bands I like:






-Blur & Britpop bands


-Palaye Royale


-Honestly… there are too fuckin many. Can’t list them all.

I’m a writer, I have a published novel lol and I also write fics. I like drawing too, mostly digital. I play several instruments but the drums are my jam.

If your list of fav bands tends to overlap a little with mine, follow me and I’ll follow back! Don’t forget to like and/or reblog it for me, thanks:)

※real person shipping alert

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It’s so interesting how different platforms handle the topic of Val Velocity. Instagram is the least brutal for slander and Tumblr is the most brutal. Twitter is right after, and I only say this because I’ve experienced it. Anyway, I love seeing different opinions on Val if there are any. People who don’t completely hate him are kinda hard to find.

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June 27, 2011 / Austria (x)

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