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#my chemical romance

My Chemical Romance, Live And Rare (2007), Reprise Records, Japanese exclusive release

tracklist- 1. “Famous Last Words” (live at 02 Music Flash in Berlin, Germany), 2. “Cancer” (live at E-Werk in Berlin), 3. “House of Wolves” (live at E-Werk in Berlin), “Dead!” (live at E-Werk in Berlin), “Mama” (live at NIA in Brimingham, United Kingdom), My Way Home Is Through You, Kill All Your Friends

open for higher quality

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good morning to all my haters what’s it like living in a world where my chemical romance has more impact on our culture than the beatles? anyways how’d everybody sleep last night? i slept like a baby secure in knowing that my chemical romance could do abbey road but that the beatles could never do the black parade.

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I’ve been re-reading a lot of MCR fanfic the past few weeks. (Cause honestly, I’ve got nothing better to do.) And I’ve noticed that my already strong coffee addiction has gotten worse because coffee is mentioned at least once in every fic and I can’t help but want a cup.

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[ October 27th ] omg i can count to 4!!

lmao jk i’m sorry uhh WTF FOUR DAYS THATS LIKE NOTHING AND idk abt y’all but at my school we wear costumes this friday (even tho no one will 😔) and so technically 3 days but i’m also dyeing my hair on thursday so AAAAA 2 DAYS ??:$::&:9:&:

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