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#my chemical wheat

If the band is officially renamed My Chemical Wheat, will they make an album about giant corporations constantly lobbying for their carcinogenic pesticides/herbicides and the negative effects of these products being accessible and used by farmers to help raise awareness for the proportionally large amount of these chemicals that end up in cereal and flour in comparison to other products?

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dudes i don’t know if anyone else feels this way but cemetery drive being followed by i never told you sounds so beautiful and tragic.

like cemetery drive is by no means a happy song but the man sounds hopeful. he reminisces about his and the woman’s time together and he still misses her so much and he’s still trying to be with her again (so i won’t stop dying won’t stop lying, if you want i’ll keep on crying). it just sounds like he’s still hopeful.

but in i never told you… he just sounds defeated. he knows the deal is no longer on the way he thought it was. he knows they won’t be together anytime soon. sure, he talks about loving again, but he’s already “fall(en) out of grace.” even if one day they’re together again, it doesn’t matter after everything he’s been through and everything he’s done.

anyways dudes i don’t know i’ve been sad lately and tHIS FUCKING ALBUM?!

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happy belated birthday to ray toro. he has inspired me and many others to start playing guitar. he is such a great human being overall and serves as a great example of representation of poc in this community. he is truly talented and deserves to be recognized for it. i have attached one of my favorite ray pictures below.

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what i love about my chem the most is that some of their songs make me want to scream the lyrics at the top of my lungs, cut my hair and dismantle the government, and others make me want run away and live in a cemetery in the woods amongst the spirits, leaving roses at their tombstones and conversing about how they came to die.

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