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#my childhood was all batman all the time but
Sometimes I feel out of touch with my superhero fandom experiences my father likes the old comics the first superman I ever read was my grandfather's from the silver age I haven't seen it in years I just picked it up one day no context, my first Batman movie was the one with the shark repellant I didn't know any other one for years and the only spiderman I remember is spiderman and his amazing friends which for years I thought was a dream because I watched it all once then never saw it again I liked those chareters but they are not the ones I see today. Don't get me wrong I like today's chareters as well but there just not the same story telling it's diffent and so often darker
I just want the people who wanted the world to be better while still being silly again who cares if it makes sense
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roaringroa · 5 months ago
having a few gender thoughts
#honestly i’m not sure about my gender rn#like i’ve always indentified as a cis girl and i don’t know if that’s right at this point but i still don’t know if it’s wrong either?#i don’t particualrly mind being treated as a girl but i don’t think i’d mind being treated as a boy or as a non-binary person either#i’ve been thinking about my childhood recently and how i loved wearing costumes but only for boys#like i had superman batman robin and spiderman costumes#depite not really caring for superheroes outside of it like i watched a few movies but didn’t like them that much#and i had this one aunt who would always call me princess and i would tell her i was a prince not a princess#but here’s the thing: i thini all of this could have been for a variety of reasons#did i like being perceived as a boy?#did i like being perceived as non female?#did i like putting myself in traditional masculine roles just because i definitely didn’t fit in traditional feminine ones?#did i like being the prince because he’s a boy because he’s not a girl or because he gets with the princess?#i still don’t know#anyway for the time being seeing as i’m currently comfortable with being female presenting having female pronouns and all that#i’m still identifiying as a cis girl but i do think i’ve become more aware of my relationship with gender#which i can only feel is a good thing even when you’re cis#i’ve seen lesbians describe their gender as lesbian so maybe i’m just that#except i am not a 100% sure about my sexuality either lmao#one day i’ll figure out for sure if i like boys or not#but that day is not today#personal
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Things I'm certain have occured in the Wayne Manor
Jason and Dick conga line dancing down the hallway singing Jump In The Line at 3am.
Alfred walking in on Damian dancing to Cobrastyle with headphones on.
Tim stealing Jason's cigarettes while screaming "Everybody knows smokin' ain't allowed in school!" as Jason chases him around.
Dick walking around in 5 inch stilettos because "It's balance training, Bruce!"
An insistent game of Marco Polo that led to Bruce sleeping at the office for 5 days straight.
"YEET!" being yelled multiple times a day.
Monopoly being banned after the disastrous game night that ended in a broken tv, Dick's costume covered in glitter, a prized 16th century vase being broken over Damian's head and Jason giving them all the silent treatment for 2 weeks afterwards.
A dance off that ends with Alfred the victor.
Jason constantly wearing 'Daddy Issues' shirts.
Tim changing the cave security to play the Pink Panther theme everytime Bruce enters.
Damian sneaking in animals all the time.
Bruce drawing the line when it was a zebra.
"How the f%$@ did you even get a zebra!?"
Playing the floor is lava at random. They once ended up hanging from the chandelier at the same time.
Jason and Dick teasing Tim about his childhood "hobby" by sing Lady Gaga's Paparazzi to embarrass him.
Everyone knowing Dick sings ABBA in the shower.
Damian catching Tim and Kon together, resulting in Damian chasing the super around with kryptonite while Tim tries to stop him.
Jason and Tim fencing with cheap toy lightsabers on the roof.
Tim passing out from exhaustion and scaring the hell out of everyone.
Someone yelling "Dammit, Jason!" at least once a day.
Sliding down the banister right after Alfred has it waxed to see who's the fastest. Damian currently holds the record because Dick's use of rollerblades ended in disqualification.
The others switching Tim's coffee out for decaf just to see what happens.
The others agreeing to never again switch Tim's coffee for decaf for fear of a repeat experience.
Yelling "I AM THE NIGHT!" to win arguments.
Dick drawing a emoji faces on Jason's helmets with sharpie.
Bruce barely even acknowledging explosions or screaming in the house anymore.
An ultimate game of tag that ended with Tim getting thrown through a window.
Impromptu games of Batman vs Villains of Gotham where one of them plays Batman and the others band together as villains. They've all played the part of Batman, even Alfred. Bruce is aware of this but pretends he doesn't.
Movie nights where the boys all end up in a pile of pillows and limbs on the floor. Alfred has secretly taken a photo every time.
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rainbow820 · 8 months ago
All I’m saying DC is that you should use the Golden Age as Dick Grayson’s childhood.
Examples of the potential comedic value:
Duke: No one gets cool gifts for their ninth birthday it’s not a big one
Damian: I got to fight off assassins and keep the best sword
Tim: I got the same gift for the third year in a row
Jason: What about you Dickhead you were living with Bruce
Bruce: Living with me?
Dick: They wanna know what I got for my ninth birthday
Bruce: I don’t know all I can think of is tigers for some reason
Damian: *gasp* you got him a tiger
Dick: No, no he got me the first version of the batplane but we crashed it and he had to kill a tiger to save me
Bruce: oh yeah that makes sense
Steph: It really doesn’t
Jason: Why don’t we have a batsubmarine?
Tim: Yeah we’re lacking in a vital crime fighting tool
Bruce: We don’t need a submarine for you to crash
Dick: Submarines remind him of that time we were attacked by a whale but it was actually a submarine
Jason: Of course it does
Cass flipping around a picture of a small kid in a Batman costume: Was Dick a very small child?
Dick: Nah that’s Bruce from when he was turned into a four year old
Cass: I see
Jason: I don’t the fuck you mean turned into a four year old?
Tim: You were literally brought back from the dead. How is this too weird for you
Dick: Yeah B was kinda cute you know and I could throw him over my shoulder for a change
Jason: You have more of these?
Dick nodding: Wait till you see the pictures of B in the rainbow suits
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rawritzrobin · a month ago
Red Knights Rising
Title: Red Knights Rising Chapter 1
Pairing: Vampire!Jason Todd x Reader, Hunter Tim Drake x Reader (platonic)
Warnings: Cursing, past major character death, blood, a little bit angsty, fluff.
Summary: You grew up with Tim. He was your best friend and confidant. But what happens when you run into his step brother Jason Todd? Tim always warned you to stay away from him. One night you find out exactly why Tim hated Jason so much.
It’s Halloween. I had a random vampire obsession hit me. So here I give you some Vampire Jason Todd. Featuring Matthew Daddario as my Red Hood fancast. 
Chapter 1: Tears of Blood
Halloween night always brought out the weirdos.
Even in a town like Gotham, people knew better than to walk around alone at on Halloween night. Not that it was a smart thing to do on any other regular night. It was Gotham after all. There was just something about the holiday that made the crazies reveal themselves. 
But none of that bothered you. 
You wiped a few stray tears that fell from your eyes. You weren’t currently in the mood to worry about your safety. Not after what you just saw. Your boyfriend of two years, his arms wrapped around some random girl that he met that night. You couldn’t believe it. He tried to push her off of him as if you didn’t just walk in on them sucking face as if their life depended on it. The tears started falling faster now that you thought back to the situation. 
You hugged yourself as a gust of wind blew past you. It was probably about 50 degrees out right now and all you were wearing was a thin strapless princess dress you got from some cheap costume store a week ago. You reached up to take the tiara from your head. In your haste, you felt a sting of pain. Looking down, you open your hands to reveal a small gash running down your palm. A few tears fall onto your palm and you wince as the salty substance makes its way into your wound. 
You jump, as your cell phone goes off. You take your phone out to reveal a picture of Tim on your lock screen.
“Y/N? What happened? Are you okay?” There is a bit of shuffling as you hear Tim move around in the background.
“M-mark w-was, h-he with another g-girl.” You cried into your phone.
Tim didn’t need to hear anymore. He was already looking for your location on his phone before you even finished your sentence. 
You and Tim were attached at the hip since you were kids. Not only were your mom’s best friends, you were next door neighbors. Safe to say you two spent a lot of your time together. You two spent your childhood running around, playing detective. He was always so good at figuring things out. He was the one to help you get through most of high school. You had no idea how you would have passed chemistry without his help. The fact that you two currently attended the same college was an amazing feat in your mind. 
Of course he would be the one to take on the Robin mantel. When Tim told you that he was secretly boy wonder you were not surprised. Who better to be Batman’s sidekick than the smartest person you knew. Your curiosity had gotten you in more trouble than Tim could handle. You finally were able to convince him to tell you who the rest of the Bat family was, by accidentally falling into the hands of a certain two faced criminal. He managed to convince Bruce that their secret was safe with you. After that night, you would just stop by Wayne manor if you were bored and looking for Tim. It was a lot safer than you tracking his location via Find my friends.
“Where are you?” He asked, urgently. He put two and two together and knew you were by yourself somewhere in Gotham, on Halloween of all nights.
You made your way into a tiny alley in-between what looked like two abandoned buildings. You had pressed your back against the nearest building and shrunk down to the floor. You hugged your knees closer to your chest as you cried harder into the phone.
“I-I don’t know. I just had to get away from…” You cried into the phone. Your sobs wracking your body.
“Stay where you are. I’m on my way.” Tim said. 
“Whats wrong?” You heard Dick’s voice in the background. Tim was probably in the middle of Patrol with the bat family.  It was Halloween night so they were probably already knee deep in crime tonight.
Out of nowhere, you heard a pair of boots hitting concrete. This drew your attention and you looked up. It was dark, so you couldn’t really see him clearly, but at the end of the alleyway was a man.  He was tall and well built. He took a few steps towards you and you could see a red hemet sitting on top of his head. You let out a sigh of relief as you realized who it was.
“Red.” You said sniffling. You had met Jason a few times. You two never really spoke. Just a few casual hello and goodbyes. Tim warned you to stay away from him. He told you how Jason was a dangerous vigilante that actually killed the bad guys. How he had died once before and was brought back to life. But how bad could he be if he only hurt bad people? Whatever the case, you were happy he was here. Better him than any other creep roaming around Gotham on Halloween. 
Plus, you had always thought he was super attractive. 
Jason didn’t say anything. He only slowly moved closer to you. As he got closer, he raised his hands to take off his helmet. You recognize that jawline anywhere. He kneeled down in front of you and you looked up to meet his eyes. 
You could have swore you saw a bit of red glowing from behind the white mask. 
“Are you hurt?” He asked softly.
You shook your head. Mentally you were broken, but physically you were fine. 
He reached forward and took your hand into his. You winced as pain shot up your hand. He flipped your hand to reveal a large gash running down your palm. The tiara must have cut you deeper than you thought. Jason studied your cut. He was absolutely mesmerized. He brought it up to his lips, and pressed a soft kiss onto your wound. 
You studied him. He didn’t seem so bad. Maybe Tim was just being over dramatic. You were too busy gawking at him to notice the he started to lick your wound. The feeling of his tongue on your cut sent a sharp pain up your body. You quickly pulled your hand away from him and shrunk away. You could have swore his eyes glowed, like a bright red light.
“Red? Are you okay?” You asked curiously.
Jason backed up onto the other side of the alley. Loudly thumping his back into the wall and dropping his helmet. He put to hands on his head and started mumbling. “No no no no.” 
You managed to push yourself off the ground and slowly made your way towards him. He looked like he was in pain. “Red?” You asked. He was still pressing himself into the wall muttering things to himself. You tilted your head and studied him for a second. You were starting to get worried. Maybe he got hurt on patrol tonight. It was a good thing Tim was on his way.
“Red? Are you okay? Are you hurt?” You put your hand gently on his shoulder. At the contact, his head snapped up and you were certain his eyes were glowing red now. They were light a pair of bright red lights shining through the white of his mask. Without even having time to react, you felt Jason wrap his arms around you. He buried his face in your neck, and ran his tongue down the length of it.
 “J-jason?” You asked, your voice shaking with fear.
As soon his name left your lips, you felt two sharp objects press against your neck. 
Your eyes opened wide as you put two and two together. 
One thing most people didn’t know about Tim, was the fact he came from a long line of monster hunters. You and Tim had accidentally walked into his grandpa’s hidden weapon room when you were kids. Instead of kicking you two out he invited you two inside and told you stories of the monsters he fought when he was younger. You soon found out that Tim’s father also took place in these so called hunts. Tim never really spoke much about it with you. He knew you were empathetic and had started to feel bad whenever they spoke about killing those vial creatures. Creatures that once used to be human. As you grew up, Tim never spoke much about it. You assumed he gave up the family business once he became Robin. You never bothered asking.
But now, everything was starting to make sense. Tim always warned you to stay away from Jason. He never let you near him, not even to shake hands or hug him during family events. You never saw him in the mornings, always at night. The biggest takeaway was the fact that Tim always seemed to dislike Jason for no reason. Knowing what you know about the Drake family and their history as hunters you finally realized why Tim always hated and somewhat feared Jason.
Jason was a Vampire.
You screamed as you felt his fangs pierce your skin. 
You tried to push him off, but he was too strong. You tried your hardest to fight him, but it was no use. “Jason!?!” You cried, tears streaming down your face. The harder you fought, the more he tightened his hold around you. You fought like what felt like centuries. But slowly you felt yourself getting weaker and weaker. Your vision started to blur as you felt more and more of your blood leaving your body. 
“Y/N?!” You heard a voice from the distance.
“Tim…” You said with one final breathe, before the darkness enveloped you. 
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Secret’s Out
Father of Mine – Part 1 and Part 2
Tumblr media
Bruce was looking at his emails when Y/N arrived at the table.
She was breathing heavily and her hair was a bit messy, just further proving she had rushed to get there.
“I’m so sorry I’m late,” she huffed embarrassingly. “My shoot ran over and every one was moving so slowly.”
Bruce smiled. “Y/N. Relax.”
Then he stood up to greet her with a kiss on the cheek.
The two of them hadn’t seen each other in over a month. Y/N had been traveling for work constantly. And between the vigilante life and Wayne Enterprises, Bruce was running on 2 hours of sleep on the daily.
“I need a drink,” Y/N finally sighed after she got situated.
As if on cue, their waitress dropped Y/N’s favorite drink in front of her.
Y/N eyed Bruce with surprise.
He just shrugged.
Sometimes Y/N forgot how much her father noticed literally everything.
“Thank you,” she told the waitress.
“You’re overworking yourself,” Bruce said with a disapproving look.
She rolled her eyes. “Really? You’re not one to talk, Bruce.”
“You deserve a vacation. I’ll pay for it. Pick wherever you want. Bring Jason. Or some friends.”
She narrowed her eyes. “Bruce…”
It was a warning.
From the very start of their unconventional father-daughter relationship, Y/N had made it clear that she could not be bought. And Bruce spoiling her made her extremely uncomfortable. Even now, she still tried to at least split restaurant checks with him. Bruce always won those battles though.
“I’ll take a vacation when you do,” she finally countered.
That sure shut him up.
“Hey, I actually brought you something,” Y/N changed the subject as she reached for her bag.
A moment later, she lightly placed a manila folder onto the table.
Bruce’s brow furrowed as he reached for it.
As soon as he opened it, he froze.
“I had to clean out some stuff and put things into storage,” Y/N explained. “I found all my mom’s photos. I figured I could make copies of some childhood photos for you.”
Bruce’s silence made Y/N nervous.
“If you don’t want them, that’s totally fine.” She started to reach for the folder out of Bruce’s grip with awkward embarrassment. “It was stupid–”
But Bruce quickly pulled the folder closer to him and stopped her from taking the photos from him.
“Thank you,” he announced.
It made Y/N quickly sit back in her chair, caught off guard by his sincere reaction and how he’d immediately become protective of the photos.
Bruce awkwardly cleared his throat. “Thank you, Y/N.”
He repeated to make sure she understood how thankful he truly was. And Y/N suspected the throat clearing was to hide his emotions.
Now she watched as Bruce slowly went through every picture. He took in every detail with a soft smile.
These weren’t just photos. These were all of Y/N’s memories that Bruce missed, that he could never get back. And he was savoring all of them.
Then Bruce paused and was fully smiling now.
“What?” Y/N asked.
She didn’t know why all of this made her so nervous.
Bruce didn’t say anything as he lifted a photo and flipped it to show her.
It wasn’t from her childhood.
It was a black and white photo of Jason. A candid from when he had escorted her around the slums of Gotham for her most recent gallery show.
After months of thinking about it, Y/N finally had decided she wanted to frame it and hang it somewhere in her apartment. 
Y/N’s jaw dropped with embarrassment and she ripped it from his hands.
“I was developing some photos at the same time as I was making the copies. Must’ve gotten mixed up in those,” Y/N explained too quickly, unable to meet Bruce’s gaze.
It made Bruce happy to know that Y/N didn’t have the same inability to love someone and let people in like he did. It was a relief that she didn’t isolate herself from it like he had. If her mother was still alive, Bruce would thank her for it. But if Y/N’s mother were alive, he would’ve never known about Y/N in the first place.
Their entire dinner was spent with Bruce looking at the old photos. He had at least two questions for each one. Some of them Y/N didn’t remember being taken. But most of them came with stories or a loving memory.
Y/N talked for most of the meal. But that’s exactly what Bruce wanted.
Furthermore, Bruce had nothing of value to update her on. Batman business had consumed his life as of lately, and he had made a promise to never involve Y/N in any of it. And Jason seemed to be on the same page when it came to his other life as Red Hood. 
Both men seemed determined to keep her safe and away from it all. 
Two hours later, Bruce was paying the check and helping Y/N into her coat.
“I’ll give you a ride home,” he muttered as they started walking out.
Y/N had learned by now to give up on those small battles. Jason was the same way when it came to making sure she got home safely.
As they made their way to the exit, Y/N caught a few stares from other patrons who were still eating.
“Do you ever get used to it?” She asked her father in a low voice.
“Get used to what?” He asked, genuinely unaware of what she was getting at.
“People gawking at you.”
Bruce glanced around and unintentionally glared at anyone who was staring at Y/N.
“It’s good that I’m seen in public…for obvious reason,” he hinted in a quiet voice, obviously talking about needing the cover to continue his life as a masked vigilante.
Once they were outside, Alfred was already waiting at the curb with the Rolls-Royce. He greeted Y/N with a hug and a kiss to her cheek before opening the door for her and Bruce.
When they got to Y/N’s apartment building, she said her goodbyes to Alfred. And Bruce walked Y/N all the way up to her door.
Even though Y/N insisted it was overkill and she could get up the stairs on her own just fine, Bruce had seen too many terrible things in this forsaken city. He could think of thousands of things that could happen to Y/N between the car and her front door.
Once Y/N realized that Bruce’s paranoia came from experience, she stopped trying to stop his chivalry and overprotective ways. She finally understood that Bruce had seen things that would prevent her from ever sleeping again. So if walking Y/N to her door gave him a little peace of mind, she wasn’t going to take that away from him.
Y/N turned to Bruce when they reached her door. “Thanks again for dinner.”
“Of course. I’m glad we could spend some time together. Thank you again for the photos.”
Y/N didn’t realize that Bruce was about to hang every single one around Wayne Manor. 
She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and a hug. “Get home safe.”
Y/N woke up wrapped strong arms, her body overheating slightly.
When she had come home from dinner last night, Jason had already left for patrol.
He hadn’t woken her up when he got back home, just proving how exhausted Y/N had been these past few weeks.
But it was the continuous buzzing vibrations of her phone that woke her up. When she brightened the screen, she saw that she had dozens of text messages and three missed called from Bruce.
“What the fuck,” Y/N whispered as she started opening them.
But they were all about the same thing.
Everyone had sent her similar articles from various gossip websites or news outlets.
All of the headlines were joined with photos of Bruce and Y/N having dinner last night. Apparently other customers at the restaurant had snuck photos of Bruce greeting her with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
Y/N could see how it would be misinterpreted as romantic and not familial or platonic. But it still made her sick to see the photos twisted in such a way.
Then there were paparazzi photos of them getting in a car together. Of course there were none of Bruce dropping her off and them going their separate ways. That would be just too convenient for the two of them. 
Y/N’s stomach dropped with panic.
“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck,” she gasped without realizing it.
Jason immediately woke up. “What is it?”
Y/N ignored him and called Bruce.
“I’m handling it,” was how Bruce answered her call.
“Handling it? How exactly?” She challenged. “We can deny the rumors all we want. But everyone is going to keep tabs on us now, and they’re going to see us together again.”
Jason grabbed his own phone.
One of his brothers must’ve sent him a similar article because he rubbed his face in annoyance, finally understanding the situation. 
Nothing like your girlfriend being rumored to have a relationship with her father, who was also your mentor and adoptive father. 
“Y/N, it will blow over. It always does,” Bruce tried to calm her down.
“So what happens when I get photographed with Jason? Huh? They’re going to just say I’m cheating on both of you with each other or some fucked up shit like that.”
Bruce was silent, because they both knew she was right.
Y/N glanced at Jason, who was already waiting for her gaze.
She took in a deep breath and pinched the bridge of her nose. “Maybe we should…Maybe we should just tell the truth.”
“You’ve never wanted that, Y/N.” Bruce tried to argue.
And he was right.
Y/N was terrified of being associated with the Wayne family. People would start believing she secretly built her career off of nepotism that no one was aware of. She also didn’t want that type of attention from the media and the upperclass of Gotham.
“I don’t think we have any other choice,” Y/N finally answered.
Jason reached for thigh and gripped it, trying to offer her some sort of comfort.
“Y/N, are you sure about this?” Bruce asked slowly.
“No. Not at all. But I’d rather not have the public think I’m dating my biological father.”
“OK,” Bruce sighed. “I’ll talk to my publicist today.”
“OK.” She bit her lip before adding. “Just…tell them the whole story.”
“Y/N, if you’re worried how it will make me look, don’t.”
“But I am worried about it, Bruce. They’re going to drag you for being an absent father. And none of that is true. They’re not gonna understand.”
“I’ll call you later with an update,” he told her softly before hanging up.
Y/N tossed her phone to the foot of the bed in frustration.
Jason watched as she buried her face in her hands.
“You OK?” He asked as he rubbed her back.
“No,” she answered honestly.
“Come here.” Jason pulled her into his chest.
There was no fight from her as he cuddled her tightly.
“This is a fucking nightmare,” she groaned into his shoulder.
“I know. But maybe it’s for the best,” he tried to reason with her.
“And what happens when they catch wind that I’m dating my father’s adoptive son? Huh?”
“We’re not actually related, Y/N.”
She pulled her face back so she could glare at him. “Yeah! We know that! But you do understand that people are going to see it that way, right? Like we’re gonna look like some fucked up incestual couple to them.”
“I don’t really care,” Jason finally told her.
“You don’t care?” She scoffed.
“No,” his answer and confidence didn’t waver. “I don’t give a fuck what people say about us, Y/N. If exposing the truth means we don’t have to think twice about going to events or even just going out to dinner, then I’m all for it. I’m sick of hiding our relationship.”
Y/N blinked. She never considered that their subtle relationship bothered him in any way. She was always a strangely private person, so it felt normal to her. But clearly Jason had been wanting to be a bit more public with their relationship.
“What if this changes everything?” Y/N whispered, not meeting his eyes.
Jason smirked at that and gripped her chin, lifting it up so she would look at him. “Some paparazzi and trash tabloids aren’t going to change how I feel about you, Y/N.”
Y/N laughed lightly at that.
“Maybe we should leave Gotham for a bit,” she offered. “Bruce won’t shut up about paying for a vacation for us.”
Jason nodded. “I think that sounds like a good idea. You’ve needed a break for awhile now.”
“Well…where do you wanna go?” Y/N asked.
“Doesn’t matter to me. As long as you’re there.”
She rolled her eyes and hit Jason in the face with a pillow. “God, you really are a sap.”
Y/N appreciated Jason always being able to make her feel better and feel supported. 
But even he couldn’t stop her from wondering...
What would life be like as a Wayne?
Father of Mine – Bonus Content
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hintofelation99 · 7 months ago
Justice League Babysits Tim
Batman: Everyone, meet my new Robin, Tim Drake. Alfred is out of town so he will be staying at the watch tower while I’m off planet.
Flash: You’re literally loaded?? Why can’t you get a babysitter???
Batman: I do not trust a “babysitter” in the manor. Also I do not want the press to find out that I have taken Tim from his home.
Green Lanterm (GL): DID YOU KIDNAP HIM???
Batman: His parents are on a two month long archeological dig and left their child at home completely alone.
Flash: And you’re about to leave him alone in space?!
Batman: I’m leaving him on an incredibly secure headquarters with the world’s greatest superheroes. He will be fine, unless you can not handle taking care of a young boy?
Batman: You should have moved faster.
Aquaman: ...
Batman: I will return tomorrow afternoon.
Superman: The last two Robins were a bit... much. Bu-
Aquaman: A bit much?! The last brat gave me stitches!
Wonder Woman (WW): Speak ill of Jason Todd again and I will put my sword through your throat.
Aquaman: Listen Diana I know you loved that kid but clearly Bruce did not spend enough time training him
Wonder Woman starts pulling out sword
Tim, pulls out folder. Passes it to Aquaman.
Aquaman: Wait, is this blackmail? Are you trying to BLACKMAIL me?
Tim: I’m not trying To blackmail you, I’m trying to threaten you.
Aquaman: Ok, I’m done. I’m going to sleep
GL: So... did Batman tell you our names yet?
Tim: No
GL: Ok, well my nam-
Tim: Bruce didn’t tell me, I figured them all out two years ago.
GL: You wh-
Tim: I also helped update all of Bruce’s files on Justice League and iron out the details in his emergency take down plans for each member of the league.
GL: I don’t think that was a threat, and yet, I still feel very threatened.
Tim: Don’t worry Bruce doesn’t view you as much of a threat so your take down plans aren’t too brutal
GL: That is not at all reassuring.
WW: How did you and Bruce meet?
Tim: I used to follow him every night taking pictures of him and the previous Robin.
Superman: Weren’t your parents worried?
Tim: No, they go out of town often so they never noticed
Superman: They never noticed?
Tim: Nope
WW: They never realized that their child was spending his nights traversing the rooftops of one of the most dangerous cities in the world?
Tim: ...that is correct
WW: I’m going to have a... talk with your parents
Superman: I’m calling Bruce
WW: I am concerned for the boy
Superman: Why’s that?
WW: He acts very mature, more so than than the previous Robins. Dick and Jason would act out, laugh, and play. But Tim. Tim, he’s- he acts like an adult.
GL: How’s that a bad thing?
Flash: Because he’s still a kid, and he deserves a childhood.
GL: Thats sad, I guess, we can’t do anything about it.
Flash: Actually, I think I can.
Flash: Hey Tim! Come over here for a sec
Tim: Yes sir?
Flash: The floor is lava.
Tim: What?
Flash jumps on the couch
Flash: The floor is lava!
Tim cautiously climbs on the couch
Flash: Thats the spirit!! Oh and after this I want to see some of those pictures you got of bats!
Tim, smiling slightly: Really?
Flash: Really really
Later that day
Flash: No way!! How’d you get that picture?
Tim: Well I [gives long excited explanation]
Off to the side
Superman: I can’t believe Barry got Tim to open up
WW: I wonder how he did it?
GL: I think it’s one of those “Robin Weaknesses” you guys talk about so much
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hey luv, can i request some simple, domestic fluff with jonathan crane? like maybe jon having a casual heart attack from seeing reader in one of his shirts, trying their best to cook them both breakfast or feeding his crows, doesn't matter. i'm just in need of pure fluff with this rowdy stinkman garbage boy
Oh pure fluff, that's what I need now and seeing this request of our favorite but oh so terrible "God of Fear" made me determined to write it!!
Thank you for the request and I am sorry for taking so long to do it!
Tumblr media
Being one of the most known and wanted Villains of Gotham can be stressful for to only Jonathan but to his beloved as well since the batman knows of his relationship with (Y/n). Whenever he escapes arkham the first person the Batman would interrogate was her, thinking that the scarecrow would go to her first, or that she might know of his hideout, which she doesn't since he never took her there to begin with, and because he is a "hero" he never took her into custody sense she never really participated in any of his schemes or his escapes. Of course, he could have taken her for not reporting him whenever he was in her home, or going out on dates, but again he was a "Hero" who never harm civilians.
That was the only thing he was grateful to the batman for.
And despite his commitment to his life as the infamous Scarecrow, he had his other commitment to (Y/n) as Jonathan. It was difficult trying to balance between gasing the city and planning a romantic night for his hardworking Darling. So after escaping Arkham again and laying low for a few months until the batman was distracted with Joker again, to inform his henchman that he will take a couple of weeks off and they should do the same, with every few days one making sure that his lab wasn't burning.
He surprised (Y/n) with a getaway to out of Gotham to a Rural area, his childhood home to be exact. Despite is being a great mansion that has been past to generations Jonathan loathed the place but seeing how it has a lot of space and no-one dares to come near it of fear it being hunted, he renewed the home from the inside so he can use as a second area to escape to, in case Gotham no longer was safe for him, but now with his Darling that place became their home. So after making some adjustments he brought his (Y/n) to their now second home.
It was heaven for him, waking up and sleeping together, being in the same table in all three meals, and engaging into cute couple activities that he only saw on TV or read in books. It was really tempting to just forget his career in gothem and start a new just for the sake of experiencing this bless everyday for the rest pf his life.. But he knew it was impossible, so he wanted to enjoy these few days as long as possible.
Jonathan was forced awake when the sun light that seeped from between the heavy curtains assaulted his eyes. He groaned and turned around stretching his arm to your side in order to cuddle you until noon, but his brows furrowed when he was met with an empty cold space. He forced one of his eyes open and saw that you were no where to be seen. He knew that there was no reason to stay in bed if you weren't there with him, and so he stretched his limps before standing up and picking up his clothes that was discarded on the ground from your... Previous night "intimate activities", just the thought of it made grin like an idiot. He paused when realizing that his white dress shirt or missing, maybe it was somewhere in the halls, lost in your moment of passion no doubt so he shrugged it off believing that you wouldn't mind him walking around with only his pants.
"Now, where could you be?" He asked himself as he looked at your empty side. He didn't need to think more for his answer came in the form of wood cracking lightly from above him. "There you are."
He walked out of the room and made his way through the halls to the stairs that lead to the attic, which was quite spacious so he made it into a special room for his pet crows. He remembers the time he introduced (Y/n) to them, she was quite scared at first, which was very adorable to him, but with time the fear turned to simple nervousness and from that to adoration, which was some time troublesome because he doesn't seem to be able to keep her away from there, always wanting to feed and pet those dark creatures. Finally reaching the attic's door Jonathan had this mischievous thought of scaring you, the attic was mostly dark having only one big window that allows that sun light, many pillars he could hide behind without you directing him, I mean he did that many times with the batman and he was only able to catch glimpse of him, so he doubted that you would be able to even know he was around, confident with his plan he opened the door slowly and carefully to it won't make as much as a creak as he sneaked in. However, the entire plan was thrown at the window when he finally saw.
You stood there legs and feet bare, your hair a mess not brushing it after waking up probably, the only item covering you was his missing white dress shirt which was too big on you. Jonathan's eyes where wide in both shock and fascination, he could feel his heart hammer against his rib cage as you giggled from of of the crows feathers tickling you cheek. He must have made a sound some how for you turned around to look directly at him, and caused his heart ache to rise, for the top buttons were undone which showed a generous amount of you cleavage, and with the sun light bathing you, you literally shined in his. Poor Jonathan wanted nothing more than to fall on his knees for you.
"Jonathan." You called breaking him out of his train of thoughts.
You came towards him causing the crows around you to fly away to their nests. You had such a look of concern as you came closer.
"Hey, are you alright?" You asked as you titled your head to the side.
No able to hold it back anymore, Jonathan wrapped his arms around you bringing you closer to him, his nose buried further in the crook of your neck and his hummed in content when he felt your own arma wrap around him as you pressed yourself further against his body. You stood like that for what felt like hours, before you had to pry yourself away from him enough to look to his face.
"Someone woke up in a good mood." You stated with a smile that he returned.
"I did." He replied not letting you go, no that you tried anyway.
"And may I ask what is the reason professor?" You asked sounding intrigued.
The two of you started swaying with each other, until it looked like you were slow dancing to no music.
"Oh my dear it is a simple reason really." He said with a spin and he took you hand into his, his other hand resting on your waist while your own was on his bare shoulder.
"Is it now?" You continued to ask earning a him of approval from him.
He slowly stopped your small dance before taking your hand and kissed it tenderly but didn't pull it away from his lips enjoying the feeling of your skin.
"The reason my dear... Is because I seem to find myself smitten by you all over again." He confessed.
He could see a soft blush starting to show on your cheeks, embarrassed by his words, but you didn't allow it to show.
"Are you know?"
"Oh yes." He quickly said. "You fill my every thought even more than before, every minute I spend away from you feels like hours and the hours like days and the days to weeks and so on so forth."
"Then I guess nights spend scheming were terrible for you?" You asked enjoying his words and craving for more.
"Tormenting!" He almost exclaimed as the hand around your waist brought you close again." And the nights locked up at Arkham were agonizing."
"I did offer to visit you." You reminded.
"And risk the batman lurking over you even more or the cops sniffing after you?.. Never! I'd rather spent a thousand night and a day alone with the blissful thought that you were safe rather than drage you down with me."
He declared and you knew he was sincere. You pulled your hand away from his body only to bring them again to cups his face.
"Then what about me?" You asked with a pout. "I can't stand living those thousand night and a day knowing where you are but can't reach you. I'd probably go mad!"
You said as you dropped backwards dramatically but he caught you with a chuckle bringing up again to meet his blue eyes.
"You would go mad without me?" He asked with a grin.
"Of course." You answered with mot hesitation. "You aren't the only one smitten badly here, how do you think I felt when you same here all shirtless and messy?"
He raised a brow at your words the grin never leaving.
"You like that I look like a mess now?" He asked in a fake bewilderment.
"Well, yes, after all, everyone knows the uptight, serious and organized professor crame, but only I get to see the hot mess of a man Jonathan Crane." You said with a giggle.
Not able to resist anymore, with his arms still locked around you, Jonathan pulled you close to him as he leaned down to press his lips against your own and you kissed him back. The rest of your world was lost against his lips. The kiss was gentle and careful but it wasn't enough, greedy for more you sneaked your arms around his neck before running your fingers through his hair and gently clenching it as you pulled him harder against you. He groaned softly, low in his throat, and then his arms circled under you back gathering you against him and from the ground, causing you to let out a surprised yelp, breaking the kiss. You'd always be surprised at how truely strong Jonathan can be. You looked back to him, your eyes lost into his blue ones, you were about to lean down to continue the kiss but the moment was interrupted by your stomach growls.
You were suprised by the loud sound and because your eyes were locked on Crane's, you saw the exact moment his eyes slightly widened at the sound as well. Embarrassed and having no where to hide you buried your face against the crook of his neck. Your lover just laughed as he rubbed your back in comfort, finding the situation funny, his laughter eventually died down, but the grin was still there.
"How about we go to the kitchen for breakfast, and then... " he pressed his lips against your ears. "We can continue this after."
Lifting your head slowly to meet his eyes, you saw that the lust was still there and he could have just ignored your what he heard and continued to slam you against one of the wooden pillars so your moment of passion was not gone, but to him your needs are a priority... including food. So he slowly put you back down and with your arms locked together you made your way to the kitchen.
Yes, jonathan had some awful memories in this house, but with his darling new memories were made as the old once are being forgotten.
I hope you enjoyed this fic and that you don't mind the bit of spice in the end.
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galatially · 3 months ago
❝𝐰𝐨𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐬𝐡𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐦𝐞❞
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 — 𝐣𝐚𝐬𝐨𝐧 𝐭𝐨𝐝𝐝 x 𝐛𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 — 2.9K
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 — you'd rather have half of him than none of him at all
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 — 𝐌𝐈𝐍𝐎𝐑𝐒 𝐃𝐍𝐈, 𝟏𝟖+, strong language, allusion to smut, infidelity, jason puts his hand around reader's neck and frightens her (didn't know what that would be tagged as)
𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞 — jason peter todd is my favorite batfamily member because he was the only one, to me, that got to be repentant and mourn the literal death of himself and the child he used to be and actively chose to be more than batman's former protégé. he chose to continue to be a son and brother to the others. i just love him, all right? also shout out to chloe x halle for being the soundtrack and inspo for this lol
i don't have a tag list but i do have a library where all of my works live,@galatially-wrote so please check it out! reblogs and comments are much appreciated ♡♡♡
divider as always by the ever awesome, @firefly-graphics
also tagging @thebatfamfanatic for liking a lot of my stuff lately! i hope you enjoy this ♡♡
Tumblr media
There were few people in this life that you’d trust yourself with.
You’d experienced enough of the world to know that soft, delicate little girls would come out of it hardened, cynical women. You’d worked hard to stay soft, skin bare to the dragging teeth of the monsters that lived outside your door. But, like monsters are wont, they paid no mind to your efforts. No, they stalked and hunted you and stripped you of your innocence until you were hollow. No longer a girl but not close to the woman they tried to force you to into.
To the outside world, Gotham City was a black hole.
A dark chasm that devoured souls — innocent or guilty — in its wake. They never bothered to look deeper at the denizens of the glum city, paid no mind to the souls born there.
For as long as you could remember, crime was a constant in your life. You lost your mother to drugs long before she’d even been a memory. Your neighbors were criminals, whether by trade or circumstance. Either way, you learned to keep your head down. Shrink yourself until you were as buried as the tangles of weeds in the cracks of the sidewalks beneath the soles of your feet.
So when rumors of a burglar hitting houses in your neighborhood made their way to you, fear didn’t seize in your chest. What good was it to panic when petty thieves were a dime a dozen in Gotham?
Because your father was a trucker, solitude was your closest companion. By the time you were twelve, you’d been left alone so much that it was stranger having your father around than him being on the road. He’d taught you how to throw a punch and what to do when something unsavory came your way. You often wondered how nervous he was while he was on the road. Because it was just the two of you, your father tended to keep you as close as he could, gripping your childhood years with the tightest of fists until his knuckles whitened. You never had the heart to remind him that you’re growing whether you both want it to happen or not.
One night, you were home alone like always when you heard your back door open. With quiet fluency, you tiptoed down the staircase, your aluminum bat in hand, to assail your intruder. The glow of the refrigerator light bled onto the hardwood floor and you raised the bat and brought it down with abrupt force, catching their shoulder.
A sharp hiss left from between their teeth as you rose the bat again.
“You got five seconds to get the hell out of my house before I shatter your ribcage.” Your voice was naturally soft but your words were acidic.
The intruder looked at you over their shoulder, their crimson hood falling from their head.
Met with angry blue eyes and a bruised face, your face screwed up in confusion.
“You’re a kid.”
He scoffed. “I’m probably older than you, princess.” He nodded towards your weapon. “What’s with the Jackie Robinson arm? You tryin’ to concuss me or somethin’?”
Your nostrils flared. “You broke into my house, asshole. What was I supposed to do? Let you raid my fridge and come strangle me in my bed?”
He held up a hand as he slowly rose to his feet. “I’m not here to steal your shit. I was just hungry.”
You raised a brow. “Don’t you have a home or parents for that? My dad’s not runnin’ a food bank. There’s barely anythin’ for me.”
“Yeah, I saw that.” He ducked his head some. “Home ain’t really home right now.”
What was with this kid? If you didn’t know any better, you’d think he was trying to be your friend.
“So, you’re the burglar that’s been terrorizin’ the neighborhood?”
A corner of his mouth quirked up. “In the flesh.”
You sighed and lowered your arms, moving towards the wall to flip the light switch. “Look, if you want to stay here for the night, there’s a blanket and pillows on the couch in the living room. Don’t touch the TV and don’t eat anymore of my food. I expect you gone in the morning.”
He raised a brow. “Are you lettin’ me stay?”
“You said you were between places, right? Better to get a good night’s sleep here than Crime Alley.” You walked towards the little hallway that led to the living room. “Bathroom’s the last door on the left. I think there’s some extra towels in the cupboard if you wanted to shower.”
He seemed truly perplexed at your sudden kindness. “You’re really goin’ to let a criminal stay in your house overnight? What if I steal somethin’ or I come into your room to hurt you?”
“You want to stay or not?”
He pursed his lips and nodded.
“Don’t make me regret this. It’s just me and my dad and someone needs to take care of him.” You didn’t know why you disclosed that part, but you could tell it struck a chord with him. He nodded and shoved his hands in his pockets. “You need to be gone by morning.”
“I will.”
You nodded and gripped your bat as you walked towards your staircase. “Turn off the kitchen light when you’re done!”
Two weeks later, you saw him again. He was climbing out of the kitchen window of your neighbor, Mr. Tanner. As if he knew you were watching, he looked towards your bedroom window and winked. He winked! The next evening, he climbed the side of your house and into your bedroom, a sly smirk on his lips.
You turned on your bedside lamp. “What are you doing here?”
“Came to see you.”
You gave him a sleepy frown. “Why?”
“Why not?”
And just like that, as easy as rain, you formed a strange friendship with him. He told you his name was Jason Todd and that he was the son of a petty thief and a depressed, drug-addled mother.
You didn’t know what to make of him. He was scruffy, but more in the way that he didn’t seem to be wearing clothes that fit; a clumsy grace to his jumps and climbs as he made his escape in the dead of the night, the faint cacophony of sirens following him home. You often scolded him for baiting GCPD the way he did but he’d just throw his head back and bark out a laugh. That was the first time you realized that you liked seeing his face soften and his eyes crinkle at the sides.
Over time, you’d found yourself growing fond of his late night visits. You both bonded over your love of gothic literature and black and white movies. He’d asked you about your family and you’d lifted a shoulder, saying that your dad was your dad and your mom had passed before you got to know her.
“What’s your mom like?”
Jason leaned back in your desk chair and looked at your bedroom ceiling. “When she’s aware, she’s one of the kindest people I’ve ever known. She’s got this smile, right? It’s not a full one but her left cheek will dimple and her lips will curl up just enough and it brightens her whole face.” He looked at you, smiling. “When I was little, she’d act out bedtime stories for me. Treasure Island, Count of Monte Cristo. Anythin’ with pirates and adventure.”
“She sounds nice.”
“Yeah, well.” He spun the chair back and forth. “She hasn’t been like that in a long time.”
“I’m sorry, Jay.”
“It’s my normal. I can’t really be sad about it anymore. Plus, I’ve got you now. That’s not something to be sad about.”
Your face warmed and you wrung your hands together. “Is she why you’re not sleepin' at home tonight?”
Jason lifted a shoulder.
“Come on, Jay.” You moved to the middle of the bed and sat on your knees. “We’re friends, remember?”
“Dad’s back.”
Your eyes focused on the bruise blooming along his jaw. He never spoke of his father often but when he did, your fists would clench and you’d see red. To think that someone would hurt the boy that did everything he could to keep their home and keep his mother safe angered you, made you grateful that your own father was much kinder to you.
“You want me to go give him a piece of my mind? I’ve been meanin’ to practice my swing.”
“Old man’s not worth it,” he said, chuckling. “Besides, you don’t need to fight for me. You got too much to worry about already.”
“I can add you to that list.”
Jason cocked his head and rose from your desk chair. He climbed into your bed and knelt in front of you, his blue eyes burning into yours.
Warmth crept up the back of your neck and spread to your cheeks. “What?”
“You’re kind of beautiful, did you know that?”
A nervous chuckle bubbled from your throat. “Did you hit your head or somethin’?”
His hands — callused and split from jumping fences — cupped your face and rub his thumb along the seam of your lower lip. He inhaled the gasp that left your lungs when his lips pressed against yours. Teeth clacked against each other, sometimes catching bottom lips. You didn’t know what to do with your hands so you kept a light hold on his forearm. The kiss wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t even really good. But still your heart thundered in your chest and your lips tingled.
He cleared his throat when he pulled back and quickly shuffled off of the bed. “I should go.”
“I’ve got to go make sure that Mom’s okay.” He opened your bedroom window. “I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?”
You frowned but nodded as you watched him duck into the cover of night.
Tumblr media
Three weeks went by before you saw Jason again.
As he climbed through your window that night, you launched a pillow his way.
“C’mon, Y/N, listen to me!”
“Get out.”
Jason frowned and moved to the end of your bed. “I didn’t mean to be away for so long.”
“So you think that’s okay? To disappear for weeks? I was so worried about you!”
He chuckled, shaking his head. “You’re somethin’ else you know that?”
“It’s not funny, Jay! I didn’t hear from you for three weeks! I kept waitin’ for you to show up and I even listen to the GCPD scanner on the radio to make sure that you weren’t…” You blew out a breath. “You know what? Forget it. Go home, okay? I’m tired and I have a test in the mornin’.”
“Y/N, I snuck out so that I could see you. Don’t push me away.”
“Well, you saw me. Good night.”
“No, Jason! You kissed me!” Tears burned at the corners of your eyes. “You kissed me and left and it’s been killin’ me.” You let out a bitter laugh. “And what’s fuckin’ worse is that you’re not even bothered. You just traipse back in here and — ”
Arms wrapped around your shoulders and pulled you into the red fabric you so loved. It smelled of stale cigarettes, soap, and him.
“You think it’s easy tellin’ you goodbye, Y/N?” His voice broke. “Don’t be fuckin’ dumb.”
Your words stuck to the roof of your mouth.
Jason pulled back, his blue eyes watery. “You’ve been the best thing to happen to me these past weeks. You’re smart and caring and beautiful and I don’t know how to walk away from that.”
“Then, don’t.”
“My mom’s gone, Y/N.” Your eyes widened. “She died a few weeks ago. Overdose.”
You gathered him into another hug, tears pearling at the crest of your eyes. A strangled sob tumbled from his tongue and his arms tightened around your waist. You didn’t say anything, didn’t loosen your hold, just held him the blue-eyed boy close and let him cry into your neck. “I’m so sorry.”
“’S all right. She’s better off now. Not in anymore pain.” Jason pulled back to face you. “I’m sorry for makin’ you worry.”
“What about your dad? You said you were sayin’ goodbye.”
“He got picked up a few days later for a B&E. Fifteen years.”
You frowned. “So, what about you? Where are you goin’ to go?”
“Funny story: I met Bruce Wayne. Kind of. Sort of.”
You raised a brow. “How does a kid from Lower Gotham meet a billionaire on a whim?”
“You try to steal his hubcaps outside of a building on a Tuesday.”
You chided him for his glib response. “So, just like that he’s takin’ you in?”
He chuckled and rested his forehead against hers. “It’s hard to explain now but just know that I’m goin’ to be okay.”
“How do I know that? No one knows anythin’ about Bruce Wayne outside of those stupid society pages,” you argued. “What the hell does he even about raisin’ kids anyway?” You were grasping at straws, your mind conjuring up scenarios that could keep Jason at your side. “Do they even know what happened to his other adoptee? That Grayson kid?”
“Y/N, breathe.” He put his hands on her face and forced her gaze to his. “It’s goin’ to be okay. I’m not goin’ away forever.”
“You might as well as be,” you pouted.
“Listen to me. Nothin’ is goin’ to take me away from you, you hear me? Nothin’. I will be here for you.” He pulled you into a hug.
But what if it was?
Tumblr media
It was always strange to you how time seemed to muddy the details of things.
Maybe it was you recently coming into your mid-twenties, maybe it was some subconscious need to overthink and overanalyze every decision you’ve ever made to pinpoint how you came to be where you were today. Whatever it was made your mind play out the vignettes of your life: your first day of school, the first time you’d visited your mother’s grave. The time you broke your leg falling from the top of a fence in a neighbor’s backyard.
Lately, you’d been replaying the events of you and Jason’s first meeting. You remember almost beating him senseless with a baseball bat. You remember the look in his eyes when you’d told him that you were letting him stay the night. It seemed so long ago now, like a dream from another life.
“Stop it.”
You kept your eyes on your finger skimming along the curve of his forearm as you answered, “Stop what?”
Jason hugged you tighter. “Whatever you’re thinkin’ about, don’t.”
You let out a tight laugh. “I’m goin’ to miss this.”
“You’re not goin’ anywhere, Y/N.”
You looked at him from over your shoulder, a frown painting your features. “We can’t do this anymore, Jason. It’s not right. Rose —”
“I don’t give a fuck about Rose, Y/N,” Jason said, gruff.
You never meant to make him upset, truly, but the two of you were bound to be caught if Rose hadn’t known already. You could cry to the heavens and gods that you loved Jason more, knew him better. But you’d always be the other woman. The one that always the whole half of what he’d give.
“What about me?”
Rough hands curled around your shoulder and waist, turning you to face him. His thumb ran along the seam of your lower lip and a choked sigh left from between his.
“You’re my best friend. The only girl I’ve ever loved.”
“But that’s not enough for you to leave her, is it? In a few hours, you’ll sneak out of here and go back to Rose and where does that leave me, Jason? What do I get?” You pushed out of his hold and wrapped the sheet around your front.
“Y/N — ”
“What do you tell her when you come here?” Jason paused. “What lies do you give her when you’re with me?”
“Stop it.”
“No, I want to know! What do you tell your girlfriend when you’re coming here to f— ”
Fingers curled around your neck. You’d never seen Jason this way before, teeth bared and blue eyes blazing. For the first time since you’d know him, you were afraid of him. “I told you to stop it.”
You took his wrist between your fingers, your voice surprisingly even. “Let me go, Jason.”
As if shaken from a dream, Jason pulled his hand back from your neck, his eyes wide. “Shit, Y/N, I’m sorry.”
You shook your head and rose from the bed. “Get out.”
“Baby, I — ”
“Jason.” You let out a shuddery sigh. “Please. Just go.”
His mouth canted into a sorrowful pout as he rose from the bed in all of his naked glory. You kept a tight hold on your covering as you watched Jason redress himself and gather his belongings. As he pulled his arms through his arms through his leather jacket, he glanced at you from over his shoulder.
You knew what he wanted to say, could see it in his eyes. You tightened your jaw and squared your shoulders. “Goodbye, Jason.”
“I’m sorry, Y/N. I’m so, so sorry.” You turned your face towards the door and he sighed. His feet carried him to your bedroom door, he gave you one last look, opened the door and left. Once you’d heard your front door slam shut, you dropped to your knees and cried.
Time really did muddy things up.
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our-happygirl500-fan · a month ago
Steph’s Different Origins
When a comic character is around long enough you start to see different takes & variations of their backstories & origins as the character appears in different stories, continuities or media. As long as a core aspect of the character remains the same (e.g Bruce seeing his parents die, Peter being bit by a spider, Krypton blowing up ect) everything else can be fair game.
Steph’s core aspect to her origins seems to be ‘she wants to stop her dad’ but Steph has been around for nearly 30 years & she’s managed to get a small handful of her origin told & retold in that time.
1. Post Crisis Origin: The original
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Stephanie Brown is a girl from a low income household where her father abuses her & her mother, she watches her father go in & out of jail her whole childhood & goes up with an admiration of Batman for being able to put her father in jail. At age 15 she decides to become a vigilante named Spoiler believing it is the only way to stop her father after watching the system fail her family so many times. Steph continues helping people joining the Batfamily becoming Robin & later Batgirl.
2. World Without Young Justice Origin
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In a world where Jason Todd & by extension Tim Drake never becomes Robin, Steph becomes Batman’s partner a lot sooner than in the main universe. When she was 13 she watched her father (in this universe going by Crypto King) kill her mother, she begins interfering with his crimes eventually confronting him about her mothers death. Bruce sees her take down her father & takes her in as his Robin 
3. Young Justice cartoon origin
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Stephanie Brown was a 12 year old runaway from Bludhaven who gets caught up in the world of superheroes when she gets kidnapped by The Light to be given for experimentation to the Reach, ‘the Team’ ends up saving her & at some point in the two year time gap Steph has joined the Team herself & at age 14 she works under Batman.
This origin is an odd one out as far as Steph origins go as Arthur does not play a part in it.
4. N52 Origin
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My personal least favourite of all Steph’s origins. Stephanie Brown is an ordinary girl whose parents divorced sometime in her childhood, her father is a more successful as a criminal than his post crisis counterpart & Steph does not know about his villainy until she walks in on him meeting with other criminals. Arthur then tries to kill Steph & Steph goes to her mother for help. Unlike Crystal’s preboot counterpart who was a victim of Arthur, Steph’s mother is revealed to also be a criminal & accomplice of Arthur. Finding out her family are criminals Steph resolves to stop them herself becoming Spoiler. When her mother flees Gotham city & abandons Steph & her father supposedly dies at the hands of the Court of Owls Steph is taken under Batman’s wing.
5. CW Batwoman Origin
Tumblr media
Throughout her childhood Stephanie Brown’s father Arthur would use Steph to test his clues, looking for flaws & only using the puzzles she couldn’t solve to commit his crimes. This activity caused Arthur to give Steph the nickname ‘his little pointer’ as she would point out the weak points in his clues. One day in her teenage years Steph sees one of her father’s clues in the paper & gives the solution to Sophie Moore an agent of Crows Security begging her to stop her father. During the time her father is in jail Steph would graduate from MIT, while there, she joined a club where deciphering code was a hobby. When her father gets out of jail he tries to use Steph in a scheme to get revenge on Sophie Moore only for Steph to reveal she was the one to solve his code. Arthur then tries to kill Steph & himself as ‘he couldn’t live in a world where she was smarter than him’ only for the two to be saved by Luke Fox
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bitimdrake · 9 months ago
Ooh could you debunk the myths regarding Tim’s childhood? I see a lot of Fanon claiming that he was home alone for years and didn’t have anyone to take care of him.
[low budget mythbusters intro here]
Sure thing; I’d love to! It’s been less than a month, so this counts as prompt, right? The fanony picture of Tim’s childhood is built from a couple pieces, so I’m going to go through each of them with as much citation as I can get. For the spoilery preview:
Tim’s parents did travel a lot and leave him behind
Tim’s parents loved him
Tim did not spend a bunch of time alone in a big house with no one looking after him (boarding school!!!!!)
I’m gonna get into a full examination of how well supervised Tim was
And finally some notes on what characterization I think can be pulled from/connected to this!
✓ Tim’s Parents Were Absent & Traveled Regularly
True! Things changed with Jack after Janet died, but before Tim became Robin, these two spent a lot of time out of town, and not much time with their son. Tim references his parents “always traveling” for work in his introductory storyline in Batman #441, and in Robin vol 1 #1 muses: “So many times they traveled the world and left me behind.”
At least by the time Tim is training as Robin, he doesn’t always know where his parents are at any given time (see Batman #444, #445). And, considering that they aren’t in town for the entire period of weeks/months he spends in training, we know they take very long trips. Tim makes this clear in Detective Comics #618, after getting a post card: “‘Or the week after.’ I guess that sums them up! Never know where they’re going to be--or when--or even how long!”
We never get a straight up number for how much time the Drakes spend out of town or if it’s always been at a constant level. But we do know from Robin #100 that they have been traveling at least since “grade school.”
Tim is really hurt by this! In Batman #480 (soon after his mother’s death, just after his father has recovered from his coma) he writes a “letter” to his dad to get his feelings out before burning it, about how it hurt when they traveled, and how his dad doesn’t really know him anymore. “When I was a kid, I used to dream—to pray—that you and mom would stop traveling, forget business and just settle down,” and, “Funny how once you never seemed to care—at least, you never showed me that you did,” and, “I’ve no idea who you think I am, Dad—but I’m not that boy.” To Bruce, he says, “I’ve never felt I was part of a family before.”
Tim ultimately does decide he wants to try with his dad, but they end up fighting in Robin III: Cry of the Huntress #4, with all Tim’s resentment bubbling up:
Tumblr media
[panels from Robin iii #4. Jack: “I’ve never been so disappointed in you until now. What’s happened to you? You’re not the son I know.” / Tim: “Who is the son you know, dad? You don’t know me. You never bothered. You shipped me from one boarding school to another and nobody paid any attention as long as my grades stayed high. You and mom were too involved running around the world. Your careers.” / Jack: “Don’t think you can talk to me like that just because I’m in this chair. Just because I’m not like Bruce Wayne...” / Tim: “At least Bruce cares about me. Not just how I reflect on him! You don’t know me! You don’t know a thing about me!”]
I’m actually tentative about including that fight, though, because I feel like a lot of people take it out of the greater context, and also take everything Tim says very literally. Don’t get me wrong--the Drakes absolutely neglected him, and all of his hurt is very valid. But, e.g., that accusation that Jack only cares about how Tim reflects on him is Tim making big declarations in anger, not some grand word of god about Jack’s characterization. (When seeing panels out of context, always keep in mind who is saying what, why, to who, and how they feel in the moment they say it!) Tim’s parents made him feel like they didn’t know or care about him beyond his grades? True, valid, and horrible parenting from them. Tim’s parents actually not caring about him beyond their image? Not so much, but I’ll get to that later.
Tim’s feelings about his parents shift more positive once his dad starts sticking around, and by Robin #100--in-universe, a few years later--Tim is more focused on the good times:
Tumblr media
[a panel from Robin #100. Tim's narration reads: “We always walked this way from our condo to the opera, way back when. We almost never used our city place except when we were going to operas, galleries, or downtown stuff like that. Most parents wouldn’t bring the kid along to such tres-haute affairs. I have to admit, when mom and dad weren’t off traveling, they did their best to include me in everything.]
(Things shift enough through Tim’s time as Robin that, full disclosure, I was genuinely surprised to remember some stuff when I went back to research for this post.)
So the Drakes were home to spend time with Tim sometimes. There is, of course, that trip to the circus (Batman #441, Secret Origins 80-Page Giant). Those same issues also have panels with the Drakes at home in the background when Tim is nine and figuring out Batman and Robin’s identities. And that panel from Robin #100 references time spent together at operas and galleries and similar outings.
While we’re at it, the one thing I couldn’t find any hint of whatsoever...was galas. There’s really nothing to indicate that the Drakes were particularly into high society, or had any strong attachment to their “image,” if that note of breaking convention by taking their kid to fancy exhibits is any indication.
✗ Tim’s Parents Didn’t Care About Him
Extremely false! While it doesn’t make their parenting any better, it is made consistently clear that Tim’s parents do love him. It’s kind of their one consistent redeeming quality.
Janet has extremely few appearances, but when Tim thinks of her (or occasionally dreams/hallucinates), she gets a kind portrayal. And in the one real scene we have of her with Tim--the trip to the circus--she’s very warm and motherly, worrying Tim will be overwhelmed, getting a picture with the Graysons to make sure it’s a fun experience, and trying to stop him from seeing the bodies after the Graysons die (see Batman #436, #441).
Jack has a lot more material to go off of, since he was alive for the majority of Tim’s tenure as Robin. After Janet’s death, Jack stays in Gotham, is consistently physically around, and always very worried whenever Tim is or seems to be in danger. (Yes, that’s a low bar for parenting, but he can at least step over it.) Jack has a lot of flaws still--anger that he takes out on Tim, an apparent unwillingness to actually understand his son, a continued reliance on (threats of) boarding school as a solution to troubled behavior--but he does love Tim.
imo: Jack would sacrifice his life to save Tim without any hesitation whatsoever...but he would probably never cancel plans to spend time with Tim.
Jack and Janet love Tim and thoroughly care about his well-being! But they assume he’s largely fine (per Tim’s claims in that first panel, perhaps assuming that as long as his grades are good, all must be swell), don’t give him very much attention, and fail to prioritize him.
✗ Tim Was Constantly Home Alone
False! “But you said his parents were always traveling!” you cry. I did, but the magic words here are boarding school.
In that first panel above, Tim references being shipped from boarding school to boarding school his whole life, and he is actively enrolled in “a boarding school outside Gotham City” (per Batman #441) when he’s first introduced. His early training as Robin was done with Alfred chauffeuring him to and from school on weekends.
Only after Jack wakes up does Tim successfully campaign to be transferred to a local public school, and by that point Jack is consistently at home. Over the 10+ irl years before Jack’s death I can only think of three occasions he traveled without Tim (though I may be missing another one or two), as well as one time he traveled with Tim--a huge change from before Janet’s death. In DCU Holiday Bash #1, Tim and Jack head to the Caribbean for the holidays together. Jack and new girlfriend Janet take a weekend trip to what sounds like a local lake in Robin # (bailing on Tim in the process); Jack goes to an archeological dig before his wedding to Dana in Robin 80-page Special; and he and Dana get stuck at an airport on their way home from an unspecified trip in DCU Holiday Bash #3, failing to get home by Christmas despite their plans.
By those later trips, Tim is old enough to be fine alone for a weekend. I say none of this to diminish the emotional neglect, but just to say there’s no sign of Tim being left to physically fend for himself for too long or at too young an age.
On Supervision
Here’s where I run down all of Tim’s supervision or lack thereof before his father takes a more active role. tl;dr: I’d argue that Tim was almost certainly never just left to fend for himself/physically neglected, but had some talent for occasionally getting around supervision.
The biggest disclaimer is that lbr, all of this early stuff happens the way it does to make it convenient and possible for Tim to be Robin, or there would be no story.
In that Robin #100 panel above, Tim references summer breaks where his parents were in Europe, but it’s such a quick mention that there’s literally nothing to indicate whether he had supervision or of what kind.
(For anyone questioning here how Tim ~snuck into the city to take pictures of Batman and Robin~ constantly....I am sorry to inform you he didn’t. Tim says “I clipped every article I could about Batman and Robin” in LPoD and periodically references that in later stories, but no one ever mentions him sneaking around to take pictures as a kid. The only time he did take pictures of Batman is at the very beginning of LPoD, to get evidence of Batman’s decline to show to Dick.)
In A Lonely Place of Dying, Tim says that his school is on a vacation week and his parents are out of town. During this storyline, Tim is 13, gets into Gotham to take pictures of Batman, and then travels by himself to NYC to find Dick. Possibilities:
Since it’s just a week break, the school is still open and Tim is supposed to be there, but snuck out or convinced the staff he was okay to leave. (i.e., bad supervision from the school and/or cleverness from Tim) [personal headcanon]
The school is closed, but Tim had some kind of caretaker set up--again, who he tricked or skipped out on. (i.e., bad supervision from the caretaker and/or cleverness from Tim)
The school is closed, and no one is watching Tim for the week. (i.e. parents fully dropping the ball) [unlikely, as I will argue below]
Starting in Batman #443, Tim is back at school, but going to the manor on some nights and weekends, driven by Alfred. Possibilities:
Tim is sneaking out of school consistently, and no one notices. (i.e., bad supervision from the school and/or cleverness from Tim)
Tim, Bruce, and/or Alfred have convinced the school this is all chill, but Tim’s parents don’t actually know about it. (i.e., tbh it’s hard to blame the school for being outsmarted by Batman)
Tim’s parents do know and okayed it. (i.e., it’s unclear how responsible this is based on what Tim’s parents know about Bruce) [likely, per next point]
In Detective Comics #618, school is on break again, and Tim is staying at the manor with Alfred and Bruce, while his parents go from Zanzibar to Haiti. By this point, it’s confirmed that Tim’s parents knew about the arrangement, per discussion in Batman #480, which is why I think it’s likely they were aware of Tim spending time with Bruce previously, presumably with some kind of cover story.
Why were they cool with Tim temporarily living with a guy who Jack derides as a playboy (Batman #480)? Idk, man. Plot convenience. Maybe they know Bruce is a decent guy from some past experience. Maybe Tim had a great cover story. It’s never explained.
(If you’re cynical--maybe they really were wildly negligent and just let Tim spend time with some random man they didn’t know. But I think that clashes with the clear love they have for Tim; they neglect him by shipping him off to fancy boarding schools, not by throwing him to the wolves.)
Part of the reason I sincerely doubt that the Drakes would leave Tim without supervision as a kid is this brief moment:
Tumblr media
[panels from Robin Annual #1. Jack, being wheeled out to a car, asks, “Are you sure you’ll be all right on your own, Tim?” Tim assures him that he doesn’t have to worry, and tells him to enjoy his weekend at the physio clinic.]
Tim is 13 or 14 here. Jack is going to a clinic for the weekend to help treat the injury that left him paralyzed, and is double-checking that Tim will be okay for the whole weekend. It’s a little moment, but it doesn’t seem to me like it would make sense if Tim had been regularly left alone during school breaks before.
imo: Tim undoubtedly was neglected by his parents, and regularly didn’t even have them around for school breaks, but I just can’t picture them not giving him basic nannies/babysitters/etc to take care of his physical needs.
For Your Consideration: Characterization
A lot of fic that has Tim constantly home alone during his childhood often includes a characterization of Tim as extremely lonely, anxious in social situations, and used to taking care of himself in all ways. As alternate suggestions for y’all, I present various bits of more canon characterization, and how they might tie into the backstory established here:
Tim is actually pretty confident and outgoing in social situations, and makes friends at all of the many schools his transfers to during the Robin series--perhaps because he grew up in boarding schools. (Plural!) He’s used to being around a lot of people his age, and being comfortable with a lot of new adults (e.g. boarding school RAs). He’s adaptable to social situations.
(The one thing Tim does regularly have insecurity about is his role as Robin, and if he’s good enough to impress Bruce or live up to the previous Robins.)
Tim’s friends from those various schools usually fade away after he transfers to a new school. (Practically, I’m sure this is because new writers taking over the Robin series wanted to pursue their own side characters, but lets treat it as real characterization!) With multiple boarding schools, where he would be around other kids constantly but then leave them for breaks or whenever he transferred, he’s used to relationships being temporary, and enjoys them while they last.
Tim regularly fails to stay in consistent contact with his friends and loved ones--partially because he’s very busy with Robin and secrecy, but even with people who know all about Robin (e.g. not talking to Stephanie for multiple weeks while they were dating, and thinking nothing of it). Perhaps a combination of boarding schools and absent parents left him with a slanted impression of how much you’re supposed to talk to the people you care about. Tim’s “low-maintenance” ...and also uncommunicative.
In Batman #441, Tim mentions having nightmares for years after the Graysons’ deaths, but never telling his parents. In Knightfall, where Tim has been left to protect Gotham alongside a new Batman, Jean-Paul Valley, who is quickly going off the rails, Tim declines to tell Bruce about his struggles or JPV’s issues at every turn. Perhaps because he’s used to being responsible for his own mental state--boarding schools have kept Tim clothed and fed, but no one was really around to take care of him emotionally.
...though Tim is still fundamentally a rich kid who was amazed by Dick’s ability to do laundry in Prodigal. He went to boarding schools, and then had a housekeeper once Jack decided to stay in Gotham. Tim takes care of himself emotionally, but he has never washed his own socks.
Tim has really conflicted feelings over his parents/childhood. He’d built up some resentment and pain and anger, but ultimately he really, really loves his parents. He feels horrible every time he and Jack fight. His ultimate dream wouldn’t be ditching his parents for greener pastures, but having his parents be home and loving and attentive.
There’s no indication Tim ever acted out for attention. Instead, he seemed to respond to parental neglect by trying to be as independent and responsible as possible. Low-maintenance! Don’t worry about me! I’m fine!
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maxwell-grant · 6 months ago
Who's your favorite Batman villain?
The Penguin. Was gonna put off this ask for a bit but I got surprised today with an incredible rendition of him, so now the dastardly bumbershoot waddled and squawked his way into my thoughts again and I gotta talk about him.
Tumblr media
Penguin's not just my favorite Batman villain, he's my favorite DC character and comic book supervillain, the main reason I even want to write a Batman story someday.
I love the imagery that surrounds him, the trick umbrellas and the birds he so lovely dotes after and the WAKs and the Iceberg Lounge, which has become maligned in recent years as a sign of his downfall, but I very much appreciate as a concept in general still. I love a lot of the performances and actors who've taken him over the years. Burgess Meredith and Danny DeVito are some of my favorite performers of all time, Paul Williams has a wonderful voice and starred in my favorite film of all time. Tom Kenny, David Ogden Stiers, Robin Lord Taylor, Penguin's just had such great, terrific performances and adaptations. Batman Returns is my favorite Batman film by far and it was what got me to start paying more attention to Oswald.
I love the roles he can play in any given Batman story and how he's managed to endure all of his falls from grace by becoming an indispensable part of Batman's worldbuilding. I love his varied dynamics with Batman and Riddler and Catwoman and Gordon and his henchmen and those who get close to him. I love his style and the way he conducts himself when he's allowed to be more than just a generic mob boss. Penguin's design has, by simply staying unchanged over the decades, gone from "common rich person wear draped over a funny cartoon gangster" to "he is so out of touch and desperate for respectability that he dresses like an 1930s capitalist caricature, like a little kid's idea of what a rich and respectable man looks like, and Penguin's still stuck in that mindset". I love how absurd and plausible he is.
I like that Penguin can very easily fit just about any kind of Batman story, from the campy supervillain plots to the gritty urban crime ones. You can tell stories about Penguin falling in love, pretending to be legit because he doesn't want his aunt to learn he's a criminal, and opening up a comedy act with a talking penguin, or stories about Penguin terrorizing the city with giant robots and guided missiles and driving people to suicide. I like that he's a character who both relishes in his lifestyles of supervillain and crimelord alike, and yet is perpetually restless because the minute he acquires what he wants, he immediately starts wanting something else. He could have Batman and the Batfamily and all other supervillains wiped out and have Gotham in his pocket and maybe even become President of the United States, and he'd still want more. Because Oswald is nothing but wants, the wants of a traumatized manchild in a funny costume throwing money and toys and brute force and tantrums at the world until it makes sense, which only makes him far too fitting as a Batman villain.
Tumblr media
Everyone forgets that Penguin was canonically the first villain to ever successfully escape Batman at the end of a story, completely bypassing the usual "villain swears revenge behind bars" ending to instead escape scot-free, and went on to establish himself as one of his biggest, most inventive and most cunning villains, second only, if not equal, to Joker. I love that he's ruthless and inventive and classy and cunning and brutal and how his main trick is using the fact that everyone underestimates the short fat man to his advantage. He's taken traits that got many of us in real life relentlessly tormented for them, and he uses them to pull the wool over those who think they are better than him.
It'ss a trick that works because even in real life people can't stop looking at this weird and silly little man and think "that guy's too silly for a Batman villain, he's not a murder clown or musclebound monster, what's he gonna do" and, yeah, that's the point, that's been the point from day one, he doesn't look scary or intimidating or even that evil, and he's the guy who pulls the rug under supergenius fighting machine Batman and becomes the top crimelord of Gotham City, a city ruled by terrors and manias and monsters infinitely bigger and scarier and stronger than he is, and he STILL made it to the top and he STILL maintains it, time and time again even when newer and flashier and scarier villains come and go. Batman is, at it's core, a fundamentally absurd character, and Penguin acts as a reminder of that. Because the minute we accept a man can terraform himself with training and money into a living legend on the level of gods, there's no reason why a tiny fat man with similar drive and resources can't likewise throw his weight with monsters and warriors far above his station.
Despite how ridiculously often he's disrespected by writers and fans alike, how far he's fallen off his former position in Batman's Rogues Gallery, and how often he's used as just a punching bag for assorted Bat-people, Penguin never goes away. He's the biggest survivor of all of Batman's villains, more so than the genuinely immortal ones, because he's the cockroach that won't go away no matter how many times you flush it.
Tumblr media
Because once you get past the piles of money and the lounge fortresses and the armies of goons and the piles of cartoony gadget toys not too dissimilar from Batman's own, what the Penguin has is brains, and spite and hatred on a scale no other Batman villain has. He hates Batman, because Batman is nothing but yet another bully who thinks he can push Oswald around just because he's bigger and stronger. He hates the lower class for it's unsophisticated brutes and boors that made his childhood hell. He hates the upper class that's rejected and also tormented him since infancy, that he desperately spent so long trying to be a part of. He hates the monsters and supervillains he works with and has to associate with to stay alive. He hates the city that he fights to rule over tooth and nail.
And although he may never admit it, he hates himself, because he'a short paunchy man with a beakish nose who's brutal and immoral not just because those are the cards life dealt him, but because he likes what it affords him too much to give it away. Because he's never going to have the love and acceptance he desperately craves, he will never be able to accept it or keep it. Because he can never fully be a gentleman, or a monster, but instead a sad mix who belongs in neither of their worlds. Because at the end, he doesn't look like anyone else. He looks like one of him.
Tumblr media
And still, I like Penguin because he's a Gentleman Villain. The one Gentleman Villain of Batman's rogues gallery, even if that's faded from a lot of his recent appearences that pushed the crimelord aspects to the forefront. He dresses like a gentleman thief, he's canonically a huge A.J Raffles fan, he's one of the most cunning brains of Gotham, he's got the money, resources, and adventurous spirit. Problem is, he's The Penguin. And suddenly, all that he has becomes overblown, outlandish, theatrical, and out of touch purely because it's him trying to do all those things. He's a gentleman adventurer gone rogue, the Count Fosco of the DCU, and that only makes it amusing, even endearing, when Penguin does engage in the swashbuckling antics he's so fond of.
Tumblr media
When all his plans go to hell and so he starts fencing Batman, or when he commands henchmen with superflous fancy language, or even when Oswald gives the whole "hero" thing a shot and we see he's actually not bad at it, maybe he actually could have been one if it wasn't for the bile drowning his heart and the hellscape that warped innocent young Cobblepot into Gotham's Penguin, a name that immediately denotes something silly and ridiculous, and he carries it with pride, because he will make you respect that name.
And that's just a couple of reasons. I really, really love this character to the point of obsession and the main reason why I ever wanted to write stories for DC was to get to write Penguin and at least try to do the character a little more justice. But if nothing else, Penguin endures, regardless of what happens to him, in and out of universe. If nothing else, that's a very admirable quality in a supervillain. Oswald is the best.
Tumblr media
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uncpanda · 5 months ago
The Ties that bind: Birthday Boy
Synopsis: Being the older sister of a literal genius? It’s not easy. Raising said genius from childhood on? An act of love. Uprooting your life again when he gets in over his head? A no brainer. Finding a new family and support system for yourself? Well, you suppose that’s just luck.
AN: This one is coming out a little later than usual, forgot to add it to the que
Master List
Tumblr media
“So, did you get it?” 
Your voice on the other end of the phone is the cherry on top of an already excellent birthday. Between the cake, football tickets, and the chance of going to a football game with JJ, twenty four is shaping up to be an excellent year for Spencer. “I got it. I’m staring at it right now.” The rather large box on his desk is big and somewhat ominous. 
He pokes it once, “Should I be scared?” 
“Do you really think I would put something in that box that would jump out and go boo on your birthday?” 
“Possibly. You did it two years ago.” 
You sigh, “That was a confetti cannon.” 
“It got all over my apartment. I was finding colorful bits if paper for months.” 
“There is nothing in there that will jump out and go boo. I swear. There’s a few things from me, and a few things from Joel.” 
The scowl is automatic at that point, “He didn’t have to send me anything.” 
“Spencer.” Your tone is pure warning. 
“Is he there? I’ll say thank you.” 
“He is indeed. Let me put you on speaker.” There’s half a second of silence before you say, “Okay. We’re both here.” 
“Spencer! Happy birthday man!! What are you, thirty now?” 
“Considering my sister is twenty-nine and she’s five years older than me, that would make me twenty-four.” 
“I . . I know. I was just joking.” 
you cut in before the awkwardness can settle. “Open it up.” 
He places his phone on the desk and puts it on speaker before opening it up. The entire box is filled with colorful tissue paper and individually wrapped presents. There are several books including a few on orthopedic surgery. He wonders if he can classify this as narcissism as he blandly thanks Joel for the books. 
The presents from you are wrapped in more colorful paper. The first makes his eyes go wide. It’s an early copy of Batman: Under the Red Hood graphic novel. “WHERE DID YOU GET IT?” 
“A good magician never reveals her secrets.” They’re words he’s quoted at you since he was six and it feels really good to throw it back at him. 
“This is so awesome! Thank you so much.” 
“There’s more in there you nerd.” 
“There’s nothing that can beat this.” But he digs further into the paper to find a drawstring cloth bag.” 
He pulls it open and the smile is automatic, it’s a stuffed Aardvark. His voice is quiet, “It’s an Aardvark.” 
“There’s one more. At the bottom of the bag.” 
He laughs when he pulls out a tee-shirt that says ‘Awesome like an Aardvark.’ “I love it. It’s amazing!” 
“I have one in purple. I figured we could twin when we go to see mom this summer. Or are you too cool to twin with your big sister?” 
“Nope. I am down to twin. Mom will get a kick out of it.” 
“Happy Birthday Spencer.” 
“Thanks sis. I love you. And thanks for the books Joel.” 
“Anytime man. Happy Birthday.” The man is entirely too cheerful for Spencer’s liking but he let’s it go. You tell him you love him one more time before you hang up the phone. He’s quick to pull the tee-shirt on, grab his new Aardvark which he decides to name Hayes, takes his new graphic novel and plops down on the couch ready to devour it. Best. Birthday. Ever. . . . .even with Joel somewhat included. 
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analviel · a month ago
Is there a fic where younger Bruce suddenly recalls future Bruce's memories and realizes how horrible he treated his kids and decides that he'll be better?
My prompt is like this. This happens, say, sometime when Dick just lost his parents and is in juvie so of course first thing Bruce did the next morning is file for guardianship. Exactly the night after, he catches him sneaking out to kill Tony Zucco and yadda, yadda, yadda. But since it'd be wildly out of character for him to let the parents die, he catches Willis and pays for Catherine's recovery, taking care of Jason in the meantime, and Tim's parents love him and he loves them but they don't care for him enough and Bruce worries and conveniently enough, he has a kid around his age and Jason and Tim are suddenly childhood/neigbourhood/bestriends, and Bruce does the same thing for Stephanie as he did for Jason, keeping an eye all the while for Duke, and then he has Alfred and a Leaguer babysitting his kids as he fly to recover Cass, because Cain was one of his teachers and he actually knows where he is and its easier to find him -he's also thinking all the while about his kids' parents compared to himself, if he can be a better parent maybe they can be too and he doesn't want to withhold that chance from the kids. He comes back to the kids fussing over a baby left on the doorstep, with only 'Damian' written in a piece of paper. Bruce doesn't tell Damian about his mother's side of the family, even when he grows up, only mentions his mother and that she's, ehem, lost in the, er, sea -desert? Damian would eventually start questioning, being the blood son was never really emphasized to him and his treatment is the same as the others so it's easy enough to doubt the validity, he thinks that just because he's the only kid who doesn't have memory of other parents, Bruce just decided to claim him as his, so really, he's also adopted and now he wants to know about his real parents, why they abandoned him on a billionaire's doorstep or if they ever loved him etc. etc.
Anyways, this is the only conflict that exists outside of whatever complicated emotions Bruce will struggle through when Dick and Cass eventually decides to be full-time vigilantes. Jason inherits Wayne Enterprises, as I believe he always should've Mr. Straight A+ Student, heading the Charity Foundations and sometimes presenting lectures, while putting his friend -or brother, depending where you want to take it later on- Tim as head of R&D, who is also the detective protege of Batman, so he can also maybe be a licensed detective who spends weekends photographing on his skateboard. Stephanie is either a cop or a nurse or a public volunteer and social media influencer. Babs is either a vigilante or a librarian-vigilante or a cop or the next Gotham Mayor. Duke -I don't really think he'd want to be a cop, or maybe he does, so people would have more clean cops to depend on. But then he's meta, depending on how he activates them, maybe he'd still be Signal.
I don't know. If there's a fic like this, please recommend. If you want to write it, please tell me, I'd really want to read it.
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j3ssisam3ss · 8 months ago
This idea won’t leave me alone...
In short: A Dickinette/BioDad!Bruce/Enemies to Lovers fic featuring:
Marinette “If God gave me strength you’d all be dead” Dupain-Cheng
Dick “Don’t make me use my Batman voice” Grayson
Tim “Give me coffee or give me death” Drake-Wayne
Damian “I’ll gladly give you death” Al Ghul-Wayne
Jason “It’s not trauma it’s humor, quit looking at me like that” Todd.
I can’t write a Dickinette fic at the same time that I’m writing a BioDad!Dick fic. I just can’t. But this idea won’t get out of my brain, so here I am writing it down and hoping it’ll leave me alone after this.
Marinette finds out she’s Bruce Wayne’s biological daughter when she’s summoned to Gotham for the reading of his will.
Because apparently the universe can’t give her even a single month to deal with the fact that her boss was a secret supervillain. Or the fact that the partner that had betrayed her, attacked her, sexually assaulted her, repeatedly, was the same guy she’d spent years crushing on.
It’s fine though. She’s fine. She’s not fine. No trauma or trust issues here.
She’s expecting money from her absentee father, maybe a cool car or something. Instead, she’s made co-CEO of a multi-billion dollar company and co-guardian of two kids.
Because apparently her biological father was something of a serial adopter. Apparently, he had no interest in reaching out to her, but adopted four boys and served as a mentor or guardian to countless other kids. She’s not bitter about that. Really, she’s not. She is.
Nevertheless, dealing with things she didn’t sign up for is practically Marinette’s calling card by now, so she takes to running Wayne Enterprises and raising her siblings like a duck to the water. Half the WE employees jumped ship after Bruce’s death? Not a problem, she’ll bring in new hires and inspire cult-like loyalty with her professionalism and efficiency. Her kids charges (and the rest of the Wayne family) moonlight as Gotham’s vigilantes? We’ve all been there. She starts immediately on new suits - ones that will have some magical extra protection and won’t make her barf every time she looks at them. The dead sibling is actually alive and just as salty with Bruce and his family as she is? She’ll make friends with him and force a reconciliation sweeter than the macaroons she used to bribe him.
The only issue she can’t solve is one Richard John Grayson. As Bruce Wayne’s far too attractive eldest ward - not son, apparently that’s a sore spot - the executors of Bruce’s will have named him her partner in this whole kid-raising, business-running mess. Which would be fine, except for the fact that he seems to have made it his life’s mission to oppose anything and everything she suggests or does. Marinette is running a fashion empire, trying to teach centuries-old monks what the internet is, raising two kids, and leading a multinational corporation. She doesn’t have time for this nonsense. And yet it’s her problem.
And then Gotham decides that she and Dick are in love and everything gets so much worse. Is it too late to take the Miracle Box and fake her own death?
Dick, on the other hand, has spent the last six years trying to break out of the shadow of Batman and Bruce Wayne alike.
With Bruce’s death, it feels like he’s taken three steps forward and fifty backwards. He’s twenty-four. He’s a police officer, with hopes of becoming a detective. He’s not prepared to run a multi-billion dollar company. Not prepared to raise his siblings. Not prepared to abandon his identity as Nightwing to become the Caped Crusader.
And yet, he has to. Because Tim and Damian need him. Because family comes first. Because it would destroy his siblings to become Batman. It will destroy him too.
When the court introduces Marinette Dupain-Cheng as Bruce’s biological daughter and his partner in sibling-raising and company-wrangling, his immediate reaction is relief. Maybe now he can get a little sleep. Maybe Damian will actually listen to her and will have a semi-normal childhood. Maybe she’ll be able to convince Tim to ingest something other than coffee. Maybe he won’t have to completely give up being Nightwing. Maybe between him, Tim, and Marinette they’ll be able to convince the world that yes, two young adults and a kid can run a successful business. Maybe one day she’ll grace him with a date.
These dreams are brought to a screeching halt when Dick realizes: Marinette Dupain-Cheng has no understanding of what a partnership entails.
She speaks for both of them to the board, to the media, to the kids, without so much as asking his opinion. She makes decisions and changes and informs him when it’s too late to protest. When he tries to bring it up, she gives him an innocent look of confusion and changes the subject. It’s infuriating maddening frustrating. Somehow, he’s doing more work trying to keep up with her than when he was running WE by himself.
And that’s not even getting started on the secrets she’s keeping. Her personality is all sunshine in public, but at home she’s as cynical and distrustful as Bruce himself. He hears voices coming from her room when she claims to be asleep. She has too many skills that don’t match with her background or age. Skills like disarming a gunman before the security guards even realize he’s there. Like successfully running a multinational corporation with no prior experience. Like knowing exactly how to deal with the media, despite being raised as a baker’s daughter.
Dick is taking on the mantle of Batman, raising his siblings, trying to learn how to run a multi-billion dollar company, and making regular appearances as Nightwing. He doesn’t have time to deal with this drama. And yet it’s his problem.
And then Gotham decides that he and Marinette are in love and everything gets so much worse. Is it too late to dump Bruce’s body in the Lazarus Pits and force him to deal with this mess?
Maribat March - Day 23 - Enemies to Lovers
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twstbaby · 3 months ago
lol imagine if mc was a retired super hero or vigilante/anti-hero that's like a mi of batman, Deadpool, red-hood, punisher, and daredevil? mc solves her problems with her fists and when she saw overblots she just thinks "ah shit, here we go again" because it reminds her of weird super villains? imagining mc using martial arts or MacGyvering unassuming everyday objects into weapons to defeat overblots instead, before being isekaid to twisted wonderland how would the cast react to this mc?
Oh my glob I am so sorry for getting back to you so late. I feel really bad I hope you can forgive me.
I personally think that if MC was a vigilante/mercenary type hero they'd follow the trope of living by a morally gray opinion of life. Therefore she doesn't necessarily pity or coddle the dorm leaders in those scenarios.
If we are being true to the trope most vigilantes and anti-heroes follow a neutral alignment, for this question I'll assume that MC has a true neutral disposition.
Riddle: I can see Riddle finding it hard to like MC because true to neutral fashion, Mc will abide by the rules however they will abide by what they find that would benefit them the most. i.e Vig.MC wouldn't run in the halls during school but they would skip class and what not if they found it fit to do so. When Riddle went into Overblot Vig.MC immediately disregarded any type of connections and went all out. They'd probably use a tea saucer to hit Riddle's esophagus to stop him from casting spells before giving him a concussion. Riddle of course is weary of MC and would avoid interactions. Would walk the other way if he saw either MC or Floyd. Vig. MC is one to only act when provoked and unfortunately for Riddle, MC doesn't take it too kindly when they get chastised for breaking a unlawful rule.
Ace: 50/50 on this one. On one hand MC is very strong and diligent and can often times get Ace out of trouble with their quick wit and silver tongue. However they could also very well leave Ace to trouble if they see no long term benefit in aiding him. i.e Vig. MC would help Ace complete homework that's due within the hour but they won't bail him out of Riddle's unusual punishments. I can also see the time when they first met (in the prologue where Ace makes fun of them in the statues) that Vig. MC would have thrown some shears or even a pencil with pinpoint accuracy at Ace for coming in unannounced with mal intent. Ace most definitely shit his pants 10/10
Deuce: I feel like Deuce would admire Vig. MC. Most likely it's because that MC embodies Deuce's middle school dreams as a badass. Most likely Deuce would trail MC around and they'd be close. Close enough that MC would agree to let Deuce tag along during training or hunting to sharpen their skills. That quickly ended however when MC was trying to show him how to take a target from a far away and demonstrated by shooting a mother duck. Deuce ended up crying from the trauma while MC apologetically served him the dead duck as dinner. They'd have one of the more healthy relationships
Trey: Trey is kinda of indifferent about MC. I don't see them interacting as much unless it's food related. Since Vig. MC is a vigilante, it's more than likely that they're constantly on the run, meaning they have to provide for themselves. Trey would be the one to dote on them for going on days not eating or making basic meals. I like to imagine that MC grew up without a good or proper childhood so when Trey tried to make them taste a tart during chapter one and MC revealing that they never had something like it before just scandalized Trey. So Trey made it his mission to at least have MC start enjoying the simple things in life like a good dessert at the end of a long day.
Cater: I see nothing but disaster. Vig. MC isn't one for photos as photos can lead footprints that their enemies can use. Growing up in that type of headspace and trauma leaves MC paranoid. So Cater constantly wanting to take videos and pictures of MC makes them annoyed by his presence. What normally happens is that Cater is trying to snap a video or photo and suddenly he's in a handle bar choke hold with MC deleting anything he took.
Leona: loathes with a passion but respects deeply. When Leona went into overblot MC fought tooth and nail with him. Needless to say MC had beat Leona up so bad with nothing but a shoe (got the chancla treatment) that the lion gets defensive whenever someone brings it up or when they pass by in the hallway. But Leona respects them for their strength and vigilance. After getting over his pride, Leona would try to convince them to join his Magishift team. I can also see Vig. MC respecting Leona too but they would also call him out on his bullshit ie MC wont let Leona sleep away his issues so long as they can have a say in his decisions.
Ruggie: would highkey try to take advantage of MC’s skills. I can see Ruggie and MC having a give and take relationship. Ruggie would use MC’s strength and skills on some jobs and MC would use Ruggie to help train (basically target practice with a paintball gun). They get along pretty well and I can see them understanding that they aren’t necessarily friends but rather really close business partners.
Jack: Respects and admires MC. I can see MC and Jack going on morning runs. Surprisingly MC is more fit than Jack despite their appearance. But it’s more so due to their skills and training. MC would offer to train Jack out of their mutual interest in strength training and martial arts. Jack denies it but his tail would wag with every praise he would receive form MC.
Azul: Would try to use MC but unlike Ruggie can't gain their trust nor respect so it ends badly for him. I can see Azul trying to get MC to sign a contract but Mc is smarter than that and they also don't appreciate how underhanded Azul is. Another thing is that MC is skilled enough to fend of Floyd and Jade so the one time MC got fed up with his shenanigans, MC decided to confront Azul directly. Needless to say Azul promptly stopped. During his overblot MC almost made takoyaki out of him so Azul tends to avoid MC unless he can find a way to either garner their trust or get them to work for him.
Floyd: Another 50/50. Because one on hand Floyd would see MC as endless fun as they are able to keep up with him during fights and their stoic disposition makes it fun for Floyd to try and get them to show emotions. MC doesn't like nor appreciate Floyd so they make any interaction prompt but for the most part Floyd is instigating a fight or an argument. But on the other Floyd's mood swings don't work well with MC as it's not their problem that MC doesn't indulge Floyd unless provoked. So when his mood swings hit MC is often one to shut it down almost immediately.
Jade: Jade would be very intrigued by MC as they can acknowledge how dangerous and sly Jade is but completely disregard him as a threat. Jade understood the reason why when he and Floyd were sent out to "teach MC a lesson" but were surprised when MC pulled a 180 and ended up beating them up instead. Color Jade impressed. He'll try and get MC to let him experiment on them but they often turn him down. I can see Jade and MC getting along but MC constantly keeping Jade at an arms distance.
Malleus: Mutual respect and honor. MC doesn't deny Malleus any of his royalties but is also respectful enough to not treat him like glass as Silver and Sebek do. Malleus also respects MC for what they do and has offered them a job as a guard because of how impressed he is with them. Often goes on long walks with Malleus talking about the cut throat world they live in. Another one of the more healthier relationships that Vig. MC has. When Malleus overblots I think this is the only one where MC wouldn't immediately disregard their relationship and instead reconsider their approach to defeating him. I think Malleus is one of the only people that MC completely trusts and respects.
Sebek: Great respect because of how Malleus receives them and mutual bonding over training. MC and Sebek often bond over doing martial arts and weapon training. I can see Sebek respecting MC for their tact and skill but not enjoying how they approach certain situations. This is mostly because MC is self-serving and they serve their own higher justice. Therefore MC isn't be above hurting others to obtain a certain goal, I.e overblots.
Silver: Another one where they get relatively along just fine due to their interests. When they can Silver likes to show them how to use a blade while MC would show Silver the joys of a modern sniper rifle and other pariphinalia they were able to sneak into the school (these are my ladies, this is Jill, this is my lady Amy, little Susie, Brianna,...)
Lilia: Basically adopts MC. This I'd say is the healthiest relationship that Vig. MC has established as they received a father figure in their life that genuinely guides them away from the past that binds them to serve their higher justice, most mercenaries/ anti-heroes/ or vigilantes don't start fighting crime because they've genuinely cared about people, it's normally because they've been wronged and hurt some point in their life where they see no safety in living or going about their life without correction to a system that failed them and others. Lilia tried to scare MC one day as a prank and MC's reaction shows that they're always on edge and never feels safe even at the college. I can see Lilia's dad mode turn on and take MC under his wing, showing them that life is too short for humans like them and that they're too young to be carrying such burdens. MC would probably cry from the years of stress and neglect to their self-care being released under Lilia's care. Overall, I can see Lilia being the one to heal MC's inner child and helps them see outside their neutral view and leads them to become more biased about themselves and others.
Vil: Sees MC as nothing but a brute. To which he's not necessarily wrong but fails to see that MC is pretty neutral in most of their actions. It just so happens that the times they've interacted haven't been the greatest. MC ended up giving Vil a spilt lip during his overblot and he went ballistic over the sight of his face. MC was nice enough to help him fix it before the show however so all's well that ends well. There also happen to be the times when Vil gets caught up between Rook and MC so there have been many ruined furniture and clothes because of MC. Overall Vil doesn't like MC one bit. MC's opinion is that they don't really care for Vil but understand drives and passions so MC oftens makes it up for when Rook pushes them to destroy Vil's dorm.
Rook: MC loathes him with a passion. Reminds Vig. MC of the villians back home that were obsessed over them and Rook often triggers the worst out of MC due to his consistent overstepping of boundaries. At first MC and him got along because MC was able to hunt and show Rook their skills in all type of weaponry including archery. This started to lead Rook to want to stalk them but MC's hyper vigilance made them quite annoyed with Rook, which made Rook more obsessed. The only times they interact is when Rook is chasing MC or the other way around. Rook limits himself after getting an earful from a handful of people (Vil, Crowley, Crewel, and Lilia).
Epel: Practically praises their name. Canon MC in twst is relatively short and average in stature so they have been hinted to have a average to almost dainty looking body. I like to think that Vig. MC is similar and at the surface level look pretty average. Until one day during gym they had to take off their shirt (if MC was a girl they had a sports bra on don't worry) and Epel happened to see how jacked they were. MC would probably dote on Epel and sympathize with him. I can see MC often having to deal with a lot due to their appearance and Epel's issues with his own body and position in life really struck home with MC. I can see MC offering to train Epel in becoming strong. To Epel's surprise, the exercises that MC does are similar to Vil's however MC is a better teacher therefore Epel accepts the lessons easier. This is the only time that Vil would see something reputable in MC.
Idia: Never interacted with MC before but fanboys over the fact them by watching them through his cameras. But MC notices one day and tracks Idia down so the first time the Idia lost sight of MC, they broke down his bedroom door and scared the shit out of Idia. Highkey thought he was going to die. MC's paranoia go tthe better of them and they questioned Idia. After seeing that he's harmless they try to make it up for him. Idia got some pretty cool cosplay out of MC and some approved pictures and videos of them using weaponry or martial arts. Cater was punching air. However during his blot MC wouldn't regard him as he was before because they were on neutral ground and MC humbled Idia really fast so it took a while for MC to make it up to Idia. Would feel genuinely sorry for kicking his ass.
Ortho: Admires and is interested in MC's abilities. Idia often sends him out to ask MC to shoot a video or take photos. MC isn't biased in the fact that Ortho looks like a child so Idia was surprised the first time MC turned Ortho down as they didn't trust Ortho at the time. After Idia and MC's confrontation, MC treats Ortho a little more delicately despite their own opinions out of respect of Idia's and Ortho's boundaries. After some counseling with Lilia they also start to dote on Ortho because MC starts to accept that they are a child themselves and don't need to always be defensive
Kalim: Absolutely adores MC. Kalim has a bleeding heart and after learning about MC's past and the reason why they do certain things, Kalim is inspired to help MC and teach them joys in life. However Kalim's approach has put MC on edge more than anything and Kalim failed to see how bad they are stressed and uncomfortable during his parties. Kalim finally understands after an incident where a servant moved behind MC and they freaked out and ended up flipping the servant onto the table and breaking their arm. MC's guilt over hurting an innocent due to their nerves just breaks them. Kalim had to get an explanation from Lilia and Jamil over MC's reaction and Kalim tones it down a little. MC doesn't regard Kalim in a high light and often calls Kalim out for enjoying the luxuries in life without having to suffer for it as that's what MC grew up with. Normally MC doesn't care how people enjoy their lives but after Kalim is practically forcing MC to adopt that philosophy, they get defensive about it. Mc pities Kalim for the way they treat him but Kalim is consistently nice and accepting so MC eventually allows Kalim to get close to them. Keeps Kalim at an arms distance though because they still aren't comfortable. The nicest they've ever been for Kalim was taking out his assassins for him and keeping him safe during the night.
Jamil: Jamil doesn't like MC and MC doesn't like Jamil. Both are weary of each other and at first Jamil thought they were an assassin. C doesn't like Jamil because of the way Jamil treats them so in turn MC is indifferent toward Jamil. MC does understand the struggles in Jamil's life due to his position in life but that doesn't make MC like them anymore or less. I see Vig. MC having enough respect for Jamil to leave him alone but during his overblot MC held nothing back and Jamil was put on bedrest for a while. During the time that MC was taking care of him (Crowley's order) they bonded over the life they had to live due to their environment and their tolerance for each other got better. Mutual respect for each other but keeps each other at an arms distance. MC often helps Jamil during his work to make up for the overblot incident and through this Jamil shows C that Kalim is just looking out for them and really Jamil is the glue between them because MC was weary before. Overall I see that Jamil, Kalim, and MC all have respect and interest in each other but Jamil and MC keep themselves at a distance due to their nature and past. A good relationship but not the healthiest.
Crowley: Absolute menace. Terrible child. The bills. Crowley would rip his hair out, surprised he's not bald yet, gets justifies vacations. Crowley doesn't like how troublesome MC and doesn't understand that MC is only reacting to stressful situations in the only way they can. After understanding MC more Crowley is a little more lenient on how he treats them. MC respects Crowley's authority but still reacts to overblots and everyday issues as they normally would. Takes on underground jobs to make up for any monetary loss but after Crowley finds out they stop. Overall it's a rocky relationship at the start as MC respects Crowley but doesn't regard him as one. MC is grateful for the things they've received through Crowley however and later on MC grows to honor Crowley as well.
Crewel: MC is a great student and is very smart and punctual. Crewel doesn't like how MC deals with life and often chastises them for getting roped into trouble. Also doesn't like how self-serving MC is as they hurt others when they deem necessary. Understands MC's struggles so in his own fashions whips some sense and belonging into MC's life. Is a good guiding hand in MC's recovery from their lifestyle and teaches them valuable life lessons. MC regards Crewel in a high light and is more inclined to follow his command. (a good trained pup as Crewel would note)
Trien: Another guiding relationship that MC appreciates. Trien views MC as a good student just doesn't like how unruly they are because of their past and interaction with other students. Often has long talks to MC about life while letting them pet Lucious. MC has a lot of respect toward Trien.
Vargas: Loves MC and tries to fight them constantly. MC normally indulges Vargas in sparring matches because they need the exercise and Ashton is normally built like the small-fry villains they face back in their world. Has a good relationship with Vargas and gets along with him just fine as Vargas also lets MC use his gym as a training ground and weapon range (under strict supervision of course).
Sam: Doesn't interact much but has neutral opinions over each other. MC often goes to Sam's shop for things to maintain their weaponry or for gifts to make up for hurting someone unintentionally. MC does notice Sam's little helpers i.e the friends on the other side, and after finding out they work with Sam gives them a list of what they need rather than going over to the shop. Sam finds it humorous that MC notices but doesn't care about his friends while whenever it's Rook doing the stalking it's guns blazing. The reason why MC doesn't mind is because they understand that MC has boundaries (*cough* ROOK *cough*)
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