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#my dad was like
reds-right-antenna · 14 hours ago
My dad is friends with Eric Trueheart, one of the main writers of Invader Zim, and he gave me free stuff! This guy is super cool and, as my dad confirms, a huge theatre kid. Kinda curious if I can ask him a few questions about being a show writer, I’ll have to gather up the confidence to even ask. 
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quiffle · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
I’m going to a wedding soon so did a ✨fashion show✨ for a few of my friends and one said I looked like a geography teacher 🥰
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katadesmoi · 10 hours ago
the feeling of growing older than the photos of ur parents when they were young…………..fucked up how time just passes like its just never gonna stop moving. god just left us to the mercy of physics huh
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queen-breha-organa · 4 hours ago
To the absolutely massive Māori man, with a voice deeper than the Maker himself, who called me “little sister”, I need you to know the second you spoke I was ready to die for you, I will take your side in any argument, I would follow you into hell, just let me know bestie
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furiosophie · 15 hours ago
Questions, questions... Hmm. 🤔
How about... What is your favorite scene with Grogu and Din in the Mandalorian?
oh boiiiii - can I say all of them?
I think the "Din tries to explain electrical engineering to a baby" scene is very very high on that list, bc it's just a classic, and of course, the scene on the Razor Crest just after he learns Grogu's name and just fucking chuckles at him like ok whatever I didn't need my heart anyways
but there are two I think are so underrated - right after the bandits attack their speeder bike on Tatooine and Din yeets the last one up in the air with his jetpack he looks down at Grogu and does this little shrug and it's just a real cute bonding moment between a dad and his murder child lmao
and then the scene right before he meets Peli for the first time, we see him put Grogu to sleep in the bunk and when you look closely you can see THAT HIS FUCKING RIGHT PAULDRON IS OFF BC HE ROCKED THE BABY TO SLEEP
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lesbiancarat · 7 hours ago
i was today years old when i realized that "Feng Jun" is Jun's brothers full name, with "Feng" being the family name, and that his brother's full name is not, in fact, "Wen Fengjun" 🧍‍♀️
#explanation: juns bio parents divorced when he was two his mom remarried and had feng jun#so jun and feng jun are half brothers and dont share the same father#juns family name (wen) comes from his bio dad#while his step fathers family name is feng as in feng jun#which makes total sense but when i first learned about juns younger bro i was relatively new to the fandom#so i didnt know juns bio parents were divorced and just assumed feng juns family name was also wen#(i also didnt kno at the time its common in china to refer to ppl by their full name when their given name is only one syllable.#hence why hes always referred to by his full name. also prob to avoid confusion w our jun in english)#it was later on i found out juns bio parents are divorced and feng jun is his half brother#and i didnt think about the family name implications until literally just now lmao#i was rereading that one article about juns childhood and it referred to his stepdad as 'mr. feng' and i was like wait.#and i double checked and its the same feng in feng jun's name (冯)#also if youve ever heard juns brother referred to as 'yangyang' thats a nickname btw that also confused me for a while back in the day#also if your curious the 'jun' in wen junhui is 俊 (jùn) while the 'jun' in feng jun is 钧 (jūn)#so they're pronounced differently~#ig its not surprising it took me so long to figure out since i dont like obsess over svts families#but it was just a 🤦‍♀️ duh moment when i realized so i thought id share my struggle w yall dhfkfj#melia.txt
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aleximedicus · 16 hours ago
oh my god i love my potential phd supervisor SO much he’s?? chaos man??? we were talking about the practicalities of bodysnatching and he was like ‘yeah i want to go to my uncle’s farm and bury a box six feet under and then see if i can manage to dig it up in the middle of the night the way the resurrectionists did just by candlelight with a wooden shovel’ SIR,
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slightly-annoyed-crow · 17 hours ago
Mmmm... What if.. Toga sees Kurogiri and Compress being sweet n feeding each other and that shit, so next time she's with Uraraka, she slaps a slice of cheese on her [Uraraka's] face
Toga is trying her hardest. No one has ever liked her back before, so she isn’t quite sure what to do. She thought it would work, but it just resulted in Uraraka being very confused.
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punkfaery · 4 months ago
hanging out with other ADHD people is such a balm. i can interrupt them midsentence and go “look at that nice duck!!” and they’ll immediately turn around and go “oh my god that is a GOOD duck” instead of just snapping at me to pay attention
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batarangsoundsdumb · 2 months ago
i genuinely can't get over teen! dad bruce wayne so please consider the following:
18 year old bruce wayne deciding to foster 2 year old dick grayson after seeing the fateful circus incident.
(according to new jersey law people from the age of 18 and up can be foster parents with no further age restrictions)
he does most of his training carrying dick around and dick spends the entire time just monologuing about dora the explorer while bruce is like "that's nice"
(after a few months he gets totally into it he's like: "oh jeesh, i can't believe swiper did that, how horrible of him, you did tell him no swiping right?")
alfred initially is like "ah master bruce, decided to sign up for teen mom season 4 have we?" but two weeks in he's dressing dick up in 'i love my butler grandpa' t-shirts and is already favouring him over bruce.
bruce at first just tells dick "i'm going to try and be a big brother to you, etc etc" but dick understands like 60% of what he just said and is calling him "dad" within 3 months.
he still goes to train with the league and has to justify to ra's al ghul why every 10 minutes he has to use the satellite phone to talk to a toddler about the plot developments of blue's clues.
him becoming batman is just increasingly harder because he has to spend an hour trying to convince dick that "no the guy in the weird suit is also me- i'm the guy in the weird suit"
by the time dick is like 3, bruce has found him hanging from a chandelier at least four times and he still doesn't know how dick managed to get up there.
bruce just hanging out with dick and being like "yeah this little dude is my best friend and what about it?"
when dick eventually gets older and is like "i wanna be a superhero and fight crime" bruce is like "you don't wanna be associated with those dweebs, go be a ballerina or something"
(clarks first reaction upon meeting dick and realising that oh wait isn't bruce like, 24? and this kid is like 8? is "that must've been quite a shock for your parents" and he immediately flings himself into the sun.)
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