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#my dinner with hervé
tiedyedragons · 15 days ago
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actor gif meme ↪ Jamie Dornan + #11 most heartbreaking scene
"I worked it out. The reason why I can't accept it. And I know there's nothing I can do to fix it. But I want you to know...that I know it's over. I know. I know it is, and I'm sorry. Because you both deserve better."
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forfoxessake · a year ago
All The Jamie Dornan Movies I have Seen (so far...2020) – Part 2
- The 9th Life of Louis Drax  (2016)
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- Fifty Shades Darker (2017)
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- Fifty Shades Freed (2018)
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- My Dinner with Hervé  (2018)
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- Robin Hood (2018)
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kaisaricevolution · a year ago
my dinner with Hervé
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livesinyesterday · a year ago
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David Strathairn Appreciation:
Marty Rothstein in HBO’s My Dinner With Hervé (2018)
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shin008 · a year ago
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My Dinner with Hervé 2018
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oinfamededoacusador · a year ago
My dinner with Hervé. Um filme.
Admitindo a dolorosa embriaguez de sucesso.
Biopic da ultima entrevista do anão da Ilha da Fantasia. O filme acaba sendo a jornada de dois homens em assumir a responsabilidade por todas as merdas e o caos das suas vidas. Dependendo do tamanho do buraco que a gente se enfiou, as vezes isso é demais pra uma pessoa conseguir suportar.
O Hervé passa o filme inteiro prometendo a "verdadeira história" que acaba não sendo muito diferente da divulgada. Claro que nada acontece sem motivo e todo aquela onda de destruição era gerada por uma pessoa lidando com rejeições, discriminação, e procurando sua própria identidade num mundo que nunca a aceitou, a não ser como uma curiosidade bizarra. Não desculpa mas explica. O que a gente vai tentar fazer com esses demônios depois que eles são revelados, é o que pode abrir a possibilidade para um desfecho diferente. Pelo menos é o que tento repetir para mim mesmo. A lição é não ter arma em casa enquanto estiver atolado nos pantanos da tristeza. Eu não tenho. Se precisar, compro minha corda no dia. Minha coleção de katana não conta porque sepukku dói pra cacete. Quero um fim pro sofrimento, e não um jeito de sofrer mais ainda.
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nessa007 · 28 days ago
My Dinner with Hervé it’s about an English journalist who travels to LA to do an interview with Hervé Villechaize the star of the 1980s sitcom Fantasy Island what was supposed to be a where are they know puff piece turns into a 5 day odyssey with the two going to strip clubs eating hot dogs in a limo and driving around as Hervé tells the story of his life to him Peter Dinklage and Jamie Doran star in it and it’s really good
Oh cool! I love Jamie Dornan 😍 Thanks for the recommendation.
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Monday, 15th February 2021
Picture:: the other side of the hospital 
I was on my way to see the IT service. Finding the building where the IT service itself was an adventure. But peeps, I am glad that I am not someone who have too much pride to ask for help haha and that I can talk to anyone easily.. I basically called many people and many services to find the IT service and people were kind once I told them I am lost hahah..
Btw, on my way, I met someone from Service Tech.. Dominic.. The cool thing is, he remembered me hahaa but I didn’t remember his name! hahaa.. He said he saw me being lost haha. And since I was nice to him last time when he came to aumonerie, he wanted to help me too..
Yeap, thanks be to God.. I always find helping people on my way.
Today was busy tiring day.. hahah.. There were so many things .. nothing biggy, but a lot and it took time for me to walk everywhere.
AND I forgot that Frère Hervé wanted to call me hahaha while I was busy.. 
Robert was there this morning and busy with creche, to put them back.. It was good to have him too, he was the one who put boxes of candles.. good, good.. I made the attestation to circulate after the curfew too for everyone hehe.. Cool hein.. Now, I can go out between 6 PM to 6 AM until the end of March.. how cool is that?!
Counted money .. --- this week is a bit too less to my taste hahah.. dunno why.. weird hein.. Robert said it was him who went to take money out from troncs.. hehhee.. I don’t know.. let’s not be suspicious. I need to see the pattern.
I went to bank after lunch.. with whom? hahaha... Not Fr Thierry.. I messaged him this morning.. hahaha too late notice hein? yeap, I thought so too.. And it’s Monday, it’s a desert day for him. So, yeap, I had lunch with Robert. 
He was cleaning, putting candles boxes and creches etc..  I told him that I asked Fr Thierry too late heheh that he might be on desert, and since I have brought the lunch, it’s be nice to eat together.  And I had enough food after all. We talked about St Albert parish.. that he has met Fr Thierry etc.  He seems to like Fr Thierry .. good.. hehe.
It was easy to get into subject.. 
So, Fr Fred thinks St Albert and Fr Thierry is too traditionalist HAHAHAHA Oh em geee.. this is going to annoy Fr Thierry hahaha.. He is not traditionalist peeps, not at all.  Years ago, I asked him too this question, because someone told me that Fr Thierry was a tradi HAHAHAH..   He was annoyed. Very annoyed.. it was not me who said so, but I asked him why he was said as tradi. I didn’t get it either. Fr Steph, actually, it was him hahaha who commented how tradi Fr Thierry was.. I think none of them understands the word correctly. 
And now, Fr Fred thinks Fr Thierry is a tradi HAHAHA.. nonsense.  I think they all think ascetic people as tradi people hahah.. If they think so, then I am a tradi based on their criteria haha.. I am ascetic conservative hahaha
Fr Fred is going to be more surprised with me as time goes by hahaha.. I don’t even like our current pope that much.. hihh.. I am not into Laudato si either .. 
But who cares.. 
What this word Tradi even means hahah
I can’t even sing Tantum ergo sacramentum fully HAHAH how I dislike when terms are in Latin hihih.. peeps, I don’t know how to say Ave Maria in Latin hahaha.. I know Indonesian, French only.. English one is not well remembered kekeeekeke.. I pray in Indonesian and French only. Ok, I do pray in English hehe but I don’t learn Our Father and Hail Mary in English by heart. But I can pray freely in English. BUT knowing Latin is not either the criteria to be tradi hein heheh
Fr Fred might have thought I am “modern” catholic? hahaa whatever it means.. I have nothing against pope, Laudato si, Fratelli Tutti, or whatever.. it’s all good.. but I am not awed hehe because it’s basically BASIC. Bible has it all already.
True, that many things that pope does annoy me hahaha.. but well.. he’s the pope.. 
Ok, let’s get back to Robert.. I note that Fr Fred isn’t really fan of my Fr Thierry.. heheh one bad point for Fr Fred hihih.. He  just called me.. yeap, I feel like we’ll be on phone a lot.. 
well, at least I heard Robert saying good impressions on Fr Thierry hehehe.. that he seems like to pray, friendly, motivated, energetic heheh good. 
I told him that we go to see Fr Thierry quite often and that we knew each other from years back to our parish..that I even was at his mass yesterday.. heheh
We left together to the bank after lunch, as he was going home.
My afternoon was busyyyyy.. I had 6 patients! hahahha  But thank God, Sophie came and helped me with 2..  Two seminarians came too.. 4th year and 5th year.. not bad at all.
Patrick.. had his eyes more opened today.. and reacted when I asked him if he remembers me.. thank God.. it’s sad to see the man under machine and reacted as much as he could..
I stayed longer today with a lady named Françoise.. read Psalms for her, prayed etc.. 
Mirjana..was questionable, she fell off from 3rd floor! worrisome. François is dying, refused to eat.. and is leaving tomorrow.
I finished my visits around 5.30 PM, then went back to talk with seminarians, relecture what they call. And then talked with Fr François who didn’t seem nice to seminarians hahaha weird. We talked fine.. about many spiritual subjects.. priests, Catholic life in France etc. be back later, dinner
I am so sleepy.. slept too late last night.. cooking etc and had a long busy day today. ..
Josh had a great time at his German class. Becc will be reviewing maths..
Both decided to go to parish mass at 7.30 AM this Wednesday.. heheh I need to go back to my prayer life. Wake up early too..
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Thursday, 14th January 2021
Picture:: opening the main door of St Louis church.
Peeps.. I am in good mood hehehe because of SMS..Nothing biggy, but it can change the whole mood kekeke.. Ok, be quick.. because I need to sleep if I want to survive this Sunday heheheh.. we'll have family mass..
WORK .. was busy this morning, I ran around, around and around.. AND a bit annoyed hahaa because I wanted to hurry up a bit to finish my report. <<< Which was not used at all.. dunno who was the meanie here hahaha
I went to pick up gels and masks.. yeap, yeap hahaha I went to pick up lunch.. running like little girl under the rain hahaha.. and you wonder how and why I have headache, because I keep running between schedules hahaha Peeps.. this morning I read my meditation to start my day, right? and it said that I have to walk on Jesus' rhythm so I can go forward faster hahahaha.. Jesus' rhythm hehhehe.. How Jesus in his flipflop running back then? Do you think He ran? kekeke..  
I was lost, because I didn't know which restaurant was it.. Valerie has made reservation etc, but the hospital is BIG hahaha..  on my way running, I asked a doctor, she wanted to show me, but I told sorry I have to run hahahah.. I heard she laughed when I ran away..  I know I look cute HAHAHA Nahhh.. I keep my 17 yo spirit kekeke..
Lunch.. Fr Fred arrived first, we were awkward HAHAHAH basic conversation only.. Others arrived and we started with apéro etc.. sigh.. Hm, let me comment on lunch, almost 80 € for 4, is it ok? We use Aumonerie's money.. Peeps.. I feel a bit guilty, I know it's the price, but geeezzzz,  there is hospital canteen hahahah for 2-3 €. I know it might taste awful but is it ok to use about 100 € for each team meeting? Dunno..  I wouldn't care if it were a bank hahaha we had a lot company dinners back then, we were spoiled hein, but our bank was a rich one, commercial one hahah.. I don't know if it's Fr Fred's life style or Valerie trying hard to impress? dunno.. I am new. Ok.. To my surprise, I think Fr Fred is fun enough hahaha I was really surprised that he could be playful too.  He didn't sit at the head of table today, he sat at my seat huhuh hahaha I have my own preference of seat. I like a seat where I can see everyone, without turning my head to left or to right hahaha.. A corner seat. He took my seat, but well, it's fine. I think he wanted to sit elsewhere farther from Valerie hahaha.. Valerie is following him too much hahaha... He got me to sit next to him and really to my surprise, his reactions were not what I thought of him hahaha..He kept calling Catherine as dragon hahahah the dragon that Diana had to see, she had to watch out to not be late, or else the dragon would send fire.. hehe I didn't dare to say anything that I am the dragon hahahaha not catherine hahahaha.. I said nothing, it's not the right time to joke about Chinese birthing year hahahha.. and tell him that he's a monkey? hahaha Dragon and Monkey should be good buddies hein, Fr Fred has my uncle age hehhee.. mom's younger brother.
Ok, what surprised me was his reaction when he joked about it again, I turned my head to his direction and lifted my hand, he thought I was hitting him or pushing him HAHAHAHAHAH he covered up his head .. oh em gee.. NO, I didn't mean to hit him.. I am not crazy and won't be crazy hahhaha.. he's the boss.. not a friend. hahaha  But I was nicely surprised hahah.. he might be playful with his sisters kekeke.. good point for him. See me like a younger sister please.. hehehe I  like brothers.Well, he's actually ok if he's not so fan of Pope hahaha He mentions pope's words a lot.. like really a lot.. sigh.
Meeting, we fixed dates for our lunch meeting.. all is good for me.. Funny, I told them about my family mass dates, and Fr Fred was sneaky enough! He said I should deal it with Valerie.. The thing is, I have told Valerie about it and it was her who made it difficult .. saying that she can't be there on 17th January.. but today, she said she would cancel her train ticket to make it.. sigh I don't know what to say.
I think Fr Fred is too smart, sneaky type hahaha he doesn't know me yet, that I am the honest type, and I am facing another world kind of sneaky Valerie. But I fear not, heheh the Lord is with me. The bad ones, the sneaky ones have never been the ones that I fear to face..  
I start to smell how Valerie is really different.. From how Catherine told me to start to visit, not only doing accounting, it felt like Valerie told her that I am all accounting hahaha and not visits type.. Honestly from my one month, I think I am doing better on visits than her hahaha I think I have more compassionate side than her. She's cold hehehe.. And we all can see how she avoids visiting hehehe..
But good, Catherine told me that she wants to send some accountant from Diocese to come to explain to us both! BOTH hahaha about accounting.. and I agreed with her hahaha I know Valerie doesn't like accounting .. who told her to tell nonsense to Catherine hehe who knows think we shall share accounting work kekekek..Well, I know that at the end I'll be the one who do it.. but Valerie.. don't play around, be honest, don't tell nonsense, it gets back to you.
Peeps.. I got Babinski building as my service, right? The one that makes me feel like facing Goliath? hehehe.. I was thinking to myself yesterday, that I'll go face my Goliath with my 5 stones.. Grace of God, prayers, Word of God, Sacraments and my good will to obey. But I'll walk during 7 days around Babinski building hahahah.. I'll pray during my walks.. Since I don't go there everyday.. I'll do one walk on each day I work.  Now, it's not officially yet my service. I am waiting for Valerie to introduce me officially to the in charge people over there. And peeps, during our lunch meeting, Fr Fred and Val told us about someone important who emailed them last night about a funeral.. An anesthetist  died at 45 yo and his mom wants to have funeral at the hospital church. And the important person who emailed Fr Fred etc IS someone important hahah some professor whatever hahaha I am clueless hahaha.. Fr Fred said he was on TV blabla bla hahaha Clueless Diana in this big world hahahaValerie looked soooo proud because she knew about emails etc. I actually read their emails this morning, because it used aumonerie's. Well, while I was serving lunch, Fr Fred told Valerie, that since THAT important person is the in charge person of Babinski, he wants me to work with him on this. Asked if it's ok with Valerie hahahha.. I was reheating our lunch hein hahaha.. I think Valerie was not happy at all hahahha oh em gee.. I didn't hear her saying anything.. poor her.. 
Peeps, don't you think I want to be on the spot hein.. I don't want to.. I don't want to meet some important people, I don't want to worry about FRENCH and how to speak.. ooh emmm geee, I am not good at speaking, I am good at showing God's love, but I am not good at talking blabla especially to comfort people who  just lost someone dear.. oh my.. I am nulle.
Valerie who gave me Babinski hahaha Frère Hervé was surprised, because it's HUGE! It's bigger than our church size! hahaha Btw, I just found out that our Church St Louis is the biggest church in Paris, even bigger than St Sulpice hahaha I didn't know.. geeezz how bad its condition..
Well.. I am who don't want to be on the spot, I'll be on the spot. Valerie who thought to annoy me with Babinski might now regret to give Babinski to me.. sigh.. Still, peeps, it's huge, I don't know how to conquer Babinski.. I'll walk as if it's Jericho hahhah God will make the wall of their heart tumbling down. God will reign in Babinski!  I won't be Judith for Babinski, but I'll walk first, then let's see next.. how to spread love at that place. 
But perhaps Fr Fred would do me a big favour already by including me in his planning for funeral.. He's going to introduce me to THAT important person hahaha whose name is still nobody to me hahaha I need to re-read their emails and google a bit.I actually want only a  small building for my service, a small  unknown service... but again, I am led to somewhere I don't want to? hahaha remember what Jesus told Peter? hahaha I don't really like that verse.. John 21:18. it's scary.. yikes..
Anyway.We reviewed the draft for our new flyer.. Fr Fred is really good, he pays attention on every words used, reminded of Fr Louis. But Fr Fred, let's get along well... I don't plan to be his friend hahahaha NOT at all. He'll be Ze boss, that's it.  Or be my uncle HAHAHA...  He's not that old hehe but my uncle is really the same age as him heheh..
We didn't have time to talk about accounting! They could have told me so I wouldn't need to hurry myself!Well, The boys hahaha the priests washed dishes hehehe good. Fr Gus washed and Fr Fred dried them.. I left hahah to Diocese.. and I was 5 mins late hein..snifff 
There were 5 of us and Catherine. I was sleepy hahahha.. but surely I learned things.. Good.. I really like Catherine hehehe Let me grow old gracefully like her.. And they all forgot that I had catechism hahahah it dragged until 5.20 PM hahahhaa But well, I felt at ease too, we have Etienne now.. I need to call him again.. I worry for him hehehe.. After catechism today, he went to sit in silence in St Mary chapel..I don't want him to feel frustrated.. It's really tiring peeps to handle noisy kids.
This morning I messaged catechists with a looooooooooong guideline for the day hehehe.. everything seemed to be alright.. Fr Bapt messaged me because he couldn't find the basket with pencils and papers! It's in my office and he couldn't see it on shelves hahaha man.. It didn't go so well for the CE2, noisier, Roseline said.. yeap, I know, hahahaha there are good week and less good week. I arrived at 5.50 PM hehehe to pee! HAHAHAH I held my pee the whole day! hahahah impressive. I kept thinking, I need to pee hahaha I need to pee.. but I had no time to pee.. somehow my parish is home hahaha you go home to pee hahaha.. Then took all kids to church for prayer time.. it was noisier than Tuesday, as we had more children too.. some kids who passed by came to join too hehehe parents too, it was so full until outside.. well, it was good.. Praise the Lord. Then Oraison.. thank God.. I needed a sit..then mass. Fr Bapt looked tired hahaha the bébé curé. And he  just called me earlier.. to tell me about new schedule of catechism hehehe.. 5 PM to 5.45 PM.. yeap, no other choice. He called curé, and we'd try to have morning mass and mass at noon.. too bad.. I thought 5.15 PM for mass would be good.  He told me to say this on our CPP meeting.. yeap.. he'll be away next week..  AAAAAAAA I have no buddy in CPP hahaa.. 
Btw, Fr Bapt said we will still have Mgr Marsset on 6th Feb. And since I have rehearsal at hospital I’ll go back to parish with Mgr Marsset in episcopal’s car hahah it was a joke hein.. mgr Marsset takes bike hehheh .. I’ll take metro kekeke I might be faster than him? Or not? Hahaha worrisome .. how to leave hospital early ..
I came home very tired actually.. not motivated to do anything at all hahahhaa but my happy vibes is a real happy vibes kekekek.. Let's hope I feel fit tomorrow to go there hehehe.. I had headache the whole day too today, but bearable.. I need a shoulders, neck massage hahahah.. crack my bones hahaa..
It's not cool the curfew at 6 PM.. I don't think I can go to St Albert during weekdays anymore. Because I don't think that I can end my work that early hahaha at 5 PM? hahaha  well, it depends.. will see, but it's fine.. I can go on Sundays haha or Saturday dunno..
Sleeeeeeeeep, sleepI work in the morning at the nuns and then hospital.. Josh’ question tonight, why people is closing WA hehehe well, I don’t get it either.. It’s nothing biggy.. WA is linked to FB and insta, so what.. FB gets our information from WA.. so what? nothing new.  Some French news is advertising Signal hehhehe.. I have Signal application too, but well, it’s complicated hein to have a lot of messenger applications. Well, and I am nobody, google has my information hahaha.. the only way if we don’t want google, FB, WA, Insta to get our information is to NOT go online.. and we can’t, can we?
dunno.. zzzzzZZZZZZZZ..
Fr Fred said hello to Fr Chris.. sigh.. hehehe He said they are friends.. yikessss.. hahaaa..
I don’t think Fr Chris likes me that much hahahah.. I’ll be cordial, but well.. I don’t think he’ll ever get me. But who cares..
Thank you Lord ..
Pineapple ...
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Monday, 21st December 2020
Picture:: not today’s.. yesterday’s.. it looks nice.. colours..  A bit too crowded, but I like the idea to use more leaves than flowers.. and nice colours..
Huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. I am tired heheh... nah, fine, just sleepy.
Ok.. let me tell you that I’ll be able to have a day off on Thursday!! yayyyy.. jajajajaja.. But I’ll have to work tomorrow! kekekeke
Valérie said since I have to come tomorrow, instead of going to bank on Thursday morning, we shall go to bank tomorrow morning and let me work the whole day, so I won’t need to come on Thursday at all.. yayyyyy!!
I feel bad a bit, as they organised a dinner after Christmas eve mass kekkekee but it’s fine, next year I’ll be the one who stay hehehe.. ok..  sniff though.. well, it’s fine, it’s fine, perhaps next year, I shall bring kids to Christmas eve mass at the hospital.. it’s fine, we have nobody here to celebrate either.. my parish now is a bit off to my taste hehehe.. I am losing my parish family. 
SO, since I work tomorrow, I won’t be seeing Fr Chris heheh I don’t know how, but I feel relieved too hehehe.. I wrote him email to tell him.. He said we can see this on Wednesday. I am at peace hein, whatever will be, will be. 
Perhaps, it’s just like what Fr Bapt said, it’s the changing time.. turning over moment. It’s not that because Fr Steph left that I leave too.. nope. It’s circumstances.  When we talked about this and St Albert parish, Fr Bapt told me that I can’t go to serve at St Albert haha of course not. It’s not in my intention, I’ can’t serve over there, as I don’t live there .. but if ever I can’t serve at SJBB anymore, I probably will go to St Fr d’Assise heheh 
I think they can’t let me go yet hehehe they need me for catechism and our team is doing great, we have prayers in the team and whenever there are prayers in the team, we’ll do well, praise the Lord..
Our three priests, one of them might need to go to sit more with the Lord heheh 
whatever.. not my onion, It’s complicated to be me hehehhe .. God makes me soooo good that I observe well things that happen around me, I have good taste and good sense.. but I don’t know how to express my observation in a sugar coated way to not offence people, I am too raw in my way, thus, we have people feel offended hahahha..
For example, Emma Fr jer Charlotte case, don’t you think I am right? obviously, but why it becomes priests against Diana? hahaha..Even Fr Bapt can’t do anything, as he has to support his team. yeap.
Ok, now my day, as I need to sleep to be able to focus at work tomorrow.
Work today was fine, I was busy, with a lot of things, but as I am quick it was fine.. I am rather worried by accounting, there is not much control on cash.  I don’t like this.  you can’t take money to use from Tronc, nor from quete, because later when I count them, they won’t have the real amount. I bet we’ll have imbalance account this year.. sniff..
I need to make some changes on the rules, but I don’t dare to say it now. dunno how hahahha.. For example, I have to be the one who make the check, when invoice come, and Valerie can be the one who sign, but I don’t like it when it’s her who make the check.. there is no control. Of course it’s traceable but still, no logic in this. But it’s still ok. My most concern is cash, there are too much cash and there are 5 people who have access to safety box. And it’s not logic if everyone can take money from safety box. I have no real control on this. I am not saying that I don’t trust them, but I am saying that I would have difficulty to track income and expense when people just take money to reimburse themselves hein.. I need note and traceable method.. Cash is weak point as there is no note.
But today heheh thank God, I asked Valérie if she’s ok to take 100 € with her in a special aumonerie wallet hehehe.. I am thinking to let her have 100 € with her for her shopping here and there.. She doesn’t need to use her own money and ask for reimbursement, Use that 100 € and give me receipts afterwards. It’s Petty cash, in our term hehehe easier for me to control in and out.
But all income and expense in November to 20th December are all  messy.. since, Valerie just took money from tronc and quete money.. snifff.. I don’t like this.
The frère had simple method of noting too which simply doesn’t show any control either.. This kind of accounting is weak when there is audit.
Today haha I had to message the frère.. he must have thought of me as silly much hahaha he came last Friday to teach me, and I had to message him this morning, for the most basic information hahaha I forgot the password HAHAHAHAHA  The password to his monthly file.. he didn’t tell Valérie haha and wanted to tell me only. hahha cute.
The password is louis HAHAHHA I completely forgot that our church is named St Louis.. kekeke ok, it’s good.. since I have typed it myself, I’ll remember.
This afternoon I counted money too, so basically we’re ok to go to deposit money tomorrow. Once it’s done, I can put data in and try to figure out the end of year report.  I am thinking if I need to use Microsoft Money application for Aumonerie or not. It’s free and easy to use.  
Diocese actually has their own excel file that they want us to use, but frère Hervé has never used it.. Today I printed it out and read, it’s quite simple, but I need the original file hehehe .. because I think the one that frère Hervé used is not anymore the original one, thus the excel formulas are not working correctly.  I don’t know if there is a contact person .. there must be someone.. hm.. I need to get the contact person’s name.
Well, peeps sorry for all accounting talk. But I feel in my element hahaha.. it was good working day.. I was all alone hehehe.. I had 2 Street people, SDF came to the aumonerie this morning. Apparently we feed SDF too.. they get a coupon to go to eat at the Boulangerie.. and we pay boulangerie at the end of month. 
Other than those two, I had candles to renew, wrapping gifts and then spent all my time on accounting hehhe.. Mass was good. Homily was a bit off to my taste. Too bad, we had the beautiful Song of Songs..and Visitation..
Valérie came around 2 PM and Fr François too.. we talked a bit, then mass. Most conversation was about Nelly.. Who seems to remember me but not Valérie.. she keeps calling her Martine heheh.. I am called Diane.. it’s fine..  But I think Diana sounds nicer than Diane hahahah.. It’s a pretty first name hein kkekekee. But don’t say it in English hahaha I think it sounds better in Indonesian or French, hehehe.. not in English. 
The real joke about my name, relatives used to joke that when we heard Diana, we thought of pretty pinkie girl, but tadaaaaaaa.. nope hahahah not pretty, she laughed too widely and too much, tanned and tomboy hahahhaa.. That’s when I was young hahahha.. now, I am not tanned kekkekeke at all. I don’t think I am tomboy, I was sportive.
Fr François is interesting heheheh.. he came with a glue, meant to repair the broken shepherd heheh yeap, the crèche is missing  a shepherd as one of foot was broken. He like manual works,.. but it didn’t manage to repair it, yeap, a glue won’t do.. 
From many conversations, I get him a bit.. he’s classic, simple and likes to stick to rules.  He doesn’t think that we need a Christmas tree hehhee, and it’s too bright! hahaha he thinks nativity scene is all we need and it has to be simple, because creche has to be simple basically hehehe.. NOT fancy.
He doesn’t want to waste money.. good.  And I sensed it, he doesn’t agree  a lot with Fr Fred heheh who seems to be material much hahhaha.. 
Christmas tree is profane for Fr François.  While Fr Fred thinks, we need a decorated Christmas tree hehehe..
I? I don’t know.. today I suddenly feel that our Christmas tree is too decorated hahaha... because of Fr François hhahaha..He might make his point too.. It’s nativity scene which is more important than the tree.
He explained that before St JP 2, Vatican had never used Christmas tree hehehe..he meant to say, that it’s recent, not somekind old tradition. 
And now, even  non-Christians use Christmas tree, heheh true.. In my parents house we had Christmas tree but not nativity scene heheh thus, I didn’t have this tradition like how Fr Thierry told me about.. And I think his sounded meaningful, and more beautiful.. How I would love to grow up in traditional  Catholic family hehehe.. He needs to tell me more about his childhood Christmas kekeke.. I’ll ask Fr François hehe but now might be too soon hahaa Anne and her reminder, don’t ask too personal question hahaha 
Fr François is making a dessert tomorrow! I didn’t get it, that tomorrow’s lunch was supposed to be prepared by ourselves HAHAHHA He asked what we’ll bring .. I didn’t know.. Valérie told him that she has booked something.. Apparently Fr Fred wanted her to order from somewhere but they’re closed. So Valérie ordered from some restaurant near by. Blanquette de veau.. Peeps, how weird Valérie was.. she told me that and asked me if I wanted her to change mine into Pork. I told her I am fine with Veau. I eat everything. But she insisted and insisted! She thought I’d love PORK more hahaha why? hahahahah  funny.. I am not Hindu hahaha I eat beef.. hahaha She insisted a few times.. seriously hahah
Was it because of wine? I don’t drink but I can eat cooked wine.. hahha It’s different.. She said how “clean” I am haha don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t even eat chocolate HAHAHAHA  There are a lot of chocolates in aumonerie now, but I am holding myself hein HAHAHAHAH I told her, I love chocolate .. black ones haha and it’s tempting.. I had 2 today hahaha..
Then later she said something about Entrée.. I don’t know what she meant.. hahahah if she indirectly was asking me to make entrée.. she used the wrong method hein hahahah .. I am new.. I don’t know anything about their habit of having meal together.. I didn’t know if I had to prepare something.. She had to directly say so hein hahaha or else, I wouldn’t get it.  Heiho.. I was not raised in France hahaha.. 
Dunno.. I am thinking perhaps I need to bring something too. AAAAAAAA I am new, can they be clearer?  I’ll bring some mini nems? not good to travel in metro hein hahhaa I’ll smell ..
Fr François did the visit today alone .. I was on accounting.. and Valerie was not supposed to be there today hehehe..
btw Fr François doesn’t give extreme unction when the patient is not conscious anymore .. while Fr Fred would give if the family ask, even if the patient is unconscious. I think I’ll learn more from him hehehe.. he explains and seems like to teach hehehe.. Fr Fred explains well too, but he’s more snobby type. While Fr François seems like fatherly. I think I like him hahaha 
Valérie said that Fr Fred likes fancy stuffs, while Fr François likes simple, classic things, doesn’t like to waste money hehhehe..Completely opposite. Valérie said since Fr François is from aristocrat family hahaha, he’s more “sobre” like people from that type.. they don’t waste money and like to remain classic..Really? I think it’s about generation? Today’s aristocrat descents might be different too.. and  mostly I think it’s about education.. I am not from aristocrat family hahahha.. 
Fr Gus is in between hahaha but he complained a lot about Fr François hahaha.
Btw, we have 3 Taurus at aumonerie HAHAHAHA Valérie said so.. Fr Fred was born on 26th April, Fr Gus, 29th April and me 7th May. Sigh.... I worked with Fr Louis whose birthday is on 6th May and there is Fr Jer whose birthday is on 13th May.. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  Will I fight with Fr Fred and Fr Gus too? HAHAHHAHAHA  Let me give Fr Louis more credit heheh we fought and reconciled hehe so it’s fine, we were good friends. But pleaseeee.. Fr Fred.. he’s much older than me, see me like a little sister please. kekekek.. Fr Gus is younger than me hahahah, 
Can’t wait to find out when is Fr François’ birthday heheh Valérie said nobody dares to ask him hahaha he doesn’t like party the like kekekekkeke.. Will I be able to ask? hahaha I can keep my child-like side hahaa and ask. But I think he’s very French, I shall wait until he’s ok with me hehehe.. not now. Valérie’s birthday is on 27th January. Soon.
Valérie is from O blood type group hehehe.. she said apparently her blood type is the most resistant one hehhe yes I read about this too .. O has the best antibody. Then the B blood type.. A and AB are the weakest. We die first hahaha.. Josh and me.
Anyhow.. I need to sleep.. I ended work today, thinking if I should go to St Albert hahaha wouldn’t it be too much? I don’t want to scare off anyone. I actually brought the gift today hehe and thinking that I should drop by hahah but I just went there yesterday .. too much, right? So perhaps tomorrow I’ll just drop the gift. Tuesday is his busy day, I’ll just stop by before going home.. Thursday no, Friday no.. Sunday no too heheh Next Monday, I think it’s Fr Edmond who preside the mass hahaha, next Thursday? aish what’s the planning for 31st? AAAAaaa now my days are NOT so well-planned in advance..waiting for Valerie to say her words.
Anyway.. off..
Christmas songs singing..
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Monday, 7th December 2020
Picture::: yummy hehhe.. ok, iced-octopus is not that delicious as eating fresh ones. But it’s ok. We are not in Indonesia.. no fresh seafood.
Peeps.. I am on my lunch break.. Valerie has a lot to say hein hahha.. very chatty, too chatty?
Anyway, I’ll go to do something first, I mean to finish things before Fr Gus arrives..
I asked Vero and Elisabeth if they want to come tonight.. voila.. It’s for everyone.. I don’t reserve Fr Thierry for myself hahah.. but I know I am his fave hahaha.. he is a darling.
Valerie said we don’t invite people to our place unless we’re friends .. see? Fr Thierry is a friend kekekkek..
Off peeps for now.. don’t tell him what I am bringing for his dinner, ok?! Hahaha it’s the same as my lunch. Kekekke
Oh zut, Valérie is on WA.. aaaargggh she can see when I am online, right? The inconvenient having your boss on WA! Hahaha but well, it’s my lunch break hein.. ok... I can’t put myself on invisible mode either, because I need to check on Fr Thierry hahah.. the stalker Diana.
It means on working hours, unless break.. I won’t check WA. Don’t have time anyway..
What to say? hehe
Morning was fine.. I think I can’t leave 30 mins before 10 AM HAHAHAH I tried, as I usually arrive quickly, but nope, when you miss the exact train, you have to wait 5 more minutes then run as soon as you get off metro hahaha..
I didn’t have to run actually, but well, my conscience hahaha. If I arrive at 10 AM, nobody could ever say anything about my timing kekekk..
Good thing, I was quick, opened all doors.. Peeps, on Monday, I am supposed to be alone! hehehe.. Valerie came today, because it was my first Monday.  She came later.. it was I who opened 2 big doors! At the main door.. I struggled HAHAHAH It’s heavy.. I couldn’t pull up the lock, soooo heavy hahaha.. but well, Diana is smart hahaha.. Glory to God.. I used my scarf .. 
My hand skin lately gets even worse ever, winter is bad for hand skin and to make it worse, the whole sanitizer!! snifff.. now whenever I bump my hand to some cutting kind edges, my hand skin get cuts and bleed hahaha.. Hand cream is not helping hein.. 
At the hospital I use more and more sanitizer.. 
What else? After the doors, the lights, then picking up used candles.. organised a bit..  Basically on Monday morning I should be doing accounting, but since I have not yet met frère Hervé.. I didn’t do any accounting today. 
I thought I’ll see frère Hervé alone next Monday, but Valérie said that she’s coming too.. This makes me worry hahahah..  Frère Hervé didn’t want to show Valérie at all before he left, and because Fr Gus told him to, he showed Valérie like for about 5 mins, they said. I prefer to meet Frère Hervé alone kekeke because it’d be easier for me to kindly ask his help to show me the whole thing.. IF Valérie comes, he might be reserved and might not want to show everything to me. snifffffff.. Valerie said that this Thursday morning, we’ll count money together.. hehehe.. she doesn’t trust me yet hahahah.. fair though.. I am new. I am made for the job you think I’d bother myself with stealing? hahahah like oh em gee...  don’t complicate life please kekeke...
Other thing about accounting.. it’s the control.. will see this later.. please honest, people..
Before Valérie arrived, it felt weird, hehehe  church was quite big,  there was nobody but me hahaha.. Is this how Fr Thierry when he’s alone in his church.. it’s really unusual kekekek.. It doesn’t feel like home yet for me.. I mean, I feel good in my SJBB alone kekek for flowers, for anything, I can be left alone. But at hospital’s church, not yet.. I haven’t got used to it.. nothing to see, nothing to hide, nothing much, empty and a bit ugly.. here and there..  I think St Therese’s chapel is too dark but still decorated.. others are not .. except for St Vincent de Paul’s.. as we use it daily.
---- quick idea that I might need to ask.. prayer stool.  NOT really emergency, but it’d be nice.. <<< for me? hahaha but well, for those who like to pray.
Valerie arrived and we talked talked talked, sniffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.. I hope this is for the beginning only, but I feel like she likes to talk hein.. snifff.
I mean I am ok, I am really pragmatic person hein.. I rather have you to tell me precisely what I need to do.. not telling what she does. I don’t like juggling between whose responsibility this is. For example, I would have preferred her to keep email as her job, as I don’t know people who send emails and no matter what it’s her who has to make decision. For concerts, for reservations this and that.. Dunno yet, I want to suggest this in a few weeks. I can keep accounting as my personal task, while hers would be emails. For me it’s bothersome to have her following me to bank, for example hahaha I mean, it’s nothing complicated, we don’t need to be 2 to go to Bank hein.
I have one problem though hahaha.. her hand writing is weird hahaha I can’t figure out much huhuhu it’s very French style too.. I need to get used to it. When I see someone’s hand writing, by his/her way of writing I can figure out how logical the person is.. kekekkee.. She did it in a very unusual way. 
Pssstt Fr Bapt has the worst hand-writing that I have ever seen! kekeke.. He needs to forever print his note.
Anyway.. can’t wait to see Frère Hervé.. I have heard too many bad things about him hahaha but I consider it as some useless information. 
Valerie, told me too much. she said frère Hervé told her directly that “je t’aime pas” hahaha and he made every volunteers to turn their back at Valérie.. I don’t know.. I have no opinion.
Reform to be made? I want new PC hahhaah new desktop. Valérie said Fr Fred wants everything to be digitalised. Ok, I’ll create Gdrive for us? hahaha.. I can make tables easily and it can save me from reading Valérie handwriting kekekeke.. But I worry Valérie won’t be able to understand tables and everything with it. 
To fill up forms, actually Microsoft Access would be useful heheh but it means more work for me, I need to create the whole system. It’s been a loooooong time ago.. but we used it for prayer group..  To input monthly schedule of Praise worship leaders, singers and musicians.
I don’t know if I remember how to make one.. it’s more than 20 years ago.. hahaah.. But it’s be nice hein... It takes time to create it but once done, we only need to fill in and print, that’s all, 
Should I mention this to Fr Fred? Valérie won’t understand. But she seems like the type who likes to take credit. I did some things here and there and whenever Fr Fred said this is good, that is good, she didn’t say that I did it.  I don’t know yet.. Let’s just wait and see. I don’t worry about credit, but worry about being too good hahahah and having someone hating me from the sideways hein. There are already too many people in this case.
But peeps, I think my best quality heheh Fr Steph said it, I am efficient and discreet kekkeek I don’t do gossip lifestyle.
This morning once Valérie arrived, I wasted my morning listening to her telling me about how bad Frère Hervé was. Then talking about Fr Fred.. the smart head who needs to learn about humanity and humility <<< not me, I am quoting.
About his background too.. Admiral Louzeau.. do you know, peeps? hahaha Today was the second times I heard of Admiral Louzeau. At first, I just felt, well.. alright, it’s Fr Fred’s father.. Then today, I was told that I need to give good reaction to this HAHAHAH because he was someone important .. in relationship with French presidents etc..
hihihi, should I be impressed? hahaha too bad, nope.
Valérie said Fr Fred likes to mention it a lot, admiral Louzeau and that he’s research director of Coll des Berns. He actually has not yet mentioned it to me hehehe.. At the interview, when he introduced himself, I said, I knew, I googled already..and read his CV... and he stopped hahahah continued with something else. So, he didn’t have change to brag hehehe what the use? 
I smell some vanity too in Valerie, she’s proud to be the In charge person of aumonerie.. AS never in history hahaha I don’t know the accuracy hein. I am quoting her only.. So, never in history, a woman is in charge of Pitié Salpetrière aumonerie.. It’s always a priest.. kekeke now she is. And how it made Frère Hervé in a rage state kekekek ok.
Apparently it’s prestigious to work at Pitie Salpetrière, peeps.. I don’t know hahaha.. I am not that impressed. kekekek.. Anne and Vero said that I got a huge blessing from up above to get this job.. but peeps, why am I not impressed? am I not grateful? hahaha
Valérie said, even to be a volunteer at Pitie Salpetrière hospital sounds prestigious hahha seriously? ok..
Well I thank God.. these kinds of stuffs are not my focus.. I am not impressed. Admiral Louzeau doesn’t impress me, Research director of Coll des Berns doesn’t impress me either. And the hospital’s name itself doesn’t impress me by its name. I am impressed by its size though..  another town in the city. Josh told me to eat more as I walk a lot hahahah.. it’s big.. Fr Gus comes on her bike to be used in the hospital zone kekekekeke.. I walk.
Oh, Valérie told me too, how Fr Fred almost messed it up. He got Covid, but told Valérie to keep it as secret for one day. She did, but the thing is Fr Fred visited the head of some service’s mother who is very very old..  The head of that service wanted to sue aumonerie if ever her mom got Covid hehehhe.. That head of service came to talk with us yesterday after mass.. as she knows Valérie, but she was ignored for 2 weeks because of Fr Fred’s covid case. And yesterday, the head of service talked to me because she met an Indonesian couple in Thailand.. heehe..somehow everyone has to know someone from Indonesia kekekeke.. Even Valérie’s niece went to Indonesia and she showed me her picturesssss kekekek..
Good for them.. I am French ahhahaha I can’t tell them I am French.. kekekek 
Anyhow Valérie stayed until 1.15 PM.. I prayed hard for her to leave! hahaha.. because she’s really chatty.. uselessly chatty.. 
I promised her to make a prayer intention box.. I made it, forgot to take picture. I also promised her to refill candles.. see why I wanted everything done before mass? because I wanted to leave on time too. Valérie actually said that I can leave as soon as I finish my visits. 4.30 PM or 5.30 PM or 6 PM; it doesn’t matter.
I left at 6.25 PM I think.
Mass.. Fr Gus came right before mass.. looking neat.  I prepared mass earlier and sat there to wait. Peeps heheh.. can you believe me, if I tell you that I asked someone to read and that someone is from SJBB? HAHAHAHAHHA
I saw her.. hesitated, because she had mask and was dressed in doctor’s blue. I went to ask her if she wanted to read.. She looked at me and asked if I am from SJBB hahahaha, I said yes, And I recognised her! Marie, from Saint Esprit community who reside at Notre Dame de la croix. hheehe She came sometimes to our mass at SJBB.. I got her number and she told me that someone from her parish is hospitalised there and needs visits. I know the person.. have heard her name before. After mass, Fr Gus told me that it was not usual that a doctor wanted to read HAHAHAHAH while wearing her “on-duty” suit.. ok.. heheh I didn’t know.. I know there is another doctor.. I went to ask him to read last week to, but  he was not in blue suit, he was in civil normal cloths..
Well, I don’t know if Marie said yes because she knows me.. but I think she’s cool enough to be a catholic doctor and lives it freely.
I didn’t know actually that she’s a doctor kekeeke.. she’s young! Soooo young. She told me once that she works at the hospital but without precision.
Fr Gus was sure that she’s a doctor has she has a red badge.. heehhe dunno.. But I am glad that I know someone who works inside!
Btw today we had about 15 people.. thanks be to God. I think we’ll have more and more hehehe..
I feel Fr Thierry.. now when I am alone in empty church and when there are not many people at mass.. I feel him!  I mean, there are 10 000 employees over there.. with 2500 sick beds.. Instead of being prideful of the prestige of the hospital, let’s think why there were 6 people who came to Sunday mass yesterday.. hehhehe assuming people don’t work on Sunday, but still 6 people was sad for a Sunday mass.
This morning, I heard children running in church.. Valérie said it’s the group of disabled children.. I told her I’d like to go out and have a chat with them.. that I don’t know how to work with disabled children but I’d be interested to learn. That there is opportunity for us to do something. Dunno.. create an activity for disabled children at aumonerie. hahah but this sounds too catechism? I am still on catechism mode? hahaha.. 
Valerie said I am full of initiative hehhehe 
BUT you know what, she talked soooooooooo much, for sooooooooo long, that those children have left! I was being patient because she’s the boss, but seriously, I had my coat on, I was about to go out and still she talked to me about Admiral Louzeau and Frère Hervé etc..  Insert Diana rolling eyes here.
Apparently they come often, so, fine, I’ll get a chance to talk to them.
After mass, I finished up the box and left to visit. Valérie told me that I need to do this for about 20 mins to 30 mins maxi. Fr Gus was quick hein. When I have done only with one visit, he has done with 3! HAHAHAH
I took 45 mins at least, on my visit to Nelly.. it’s for communion, but we talked about many other things too. Nelly is 50 yo, she speaks Italian, Spanish, English and French. She likes to be around her friends.. The person that she likes the most is Isabelle, then there are Veronique, Marianne, Myriam, Sylvie, Charlotte, Mercedes hehehe... all from her community.. she wants to go back home to re-education purpose.. somewhere in 17ème.
I went back to aumonerie to get my stuffs, as it was already 5.20 PM.. 
I had to visit another man.. it was an appointment.. when I arrived, he was about to leave to smoke, but we stayed and talked a bit.. then I walked him down and talked outside. Jean-Renaud is 45 yo ---proud to mention that he’s older than me haha ---  a policeman, originally from Bordeaux. He has a brother who lives and works over there..Lost his mom and not long after his mom, his dad.. This happened a long time ago.. right after their death, Jean-Renaud was in depression but found his way back and got himself into military service. 
He broke his hip.. dunno how.. we talked things that happen in life..He’s worrying about work, because he doesn’t want to be let go. Well.. I don’t think so hein.. but there are things to be done, like reporting that he’s hospitalised. Psssttt I have to send him a SMS tomorrow to remind him to call the secretary.
As a whole, he was a very nice person, warm and openminded. Repeated it a few time that he’s obese .. Perhaps fat, yes, obese, dunno. He miss his mom I think.. He asked me if I wanted to talk about religion hahahaha.. I told him that I don’t oblige him, but if he has question, feel free to ask. He said, his mom was a practicing catholic, he was baptised, had first communion, profession de foi and confirmation too heheheh.. but he doesn’t go to mass a lot.. perhaps last year was the last time he went. Of course I asked him if he wanted to have a priest visiting him.. no, he doesn’t want to. The thing is, he’s leaving on Wednesday and I can’t go there these two days. Too bad.. because I felt there was an opening. He doesn’t even want any other laic coming to see him tomorrow. 
We talked about everything else too, music, hahaha since we’re from the same generation.. Asian cuisine, he lives in 13ème.. hehehe.. talked about China etc..
It was almost an hour visit haahaha.. I know, I am not following Valerie’s rules. but well.. I think both of them needed it. Jean Renaud was lonely, worry about future and probably miss his mom the most. I actually don’t know the rule about giving my number to patient? hahahah I really felt bad when I had to leave.. and that I won’t see him again. Well.. it’s not that I’ll be in touch with him, but just in case he wants to talk about faith, I am here! He knows that I am married and have children hein..I always slip in this information when I talk to men. To avoid misunderstanding.
I’ll pray for him.. this mother-heart of mine was touched by our conversation today.. he was just a boy missing his mother who raised him as Catholic.. Dunno when, where and how it went wrong that he doesn’t go to mass again. But, the root of love and faith is there.. deep inside of him, God. 
Then I went to St Albert.. took metro then walked slowly hehehe I want to wear sport shoes! hahaha I walked too much at this hospital.
Everything looked fine.. at St Albert.. 
Fr Thierry had a haircut hehe.. I think he’s having runny nose, but perhaps it’s because of cold weather only.. don’t get sick please.. <<<< hahahah as if it’s a choice to be made? hahaha
Oh.. Elisabeth replied me that she’s not coming.. and Vero as always who said that she’d think .. didn’t even update me .. kekekke nothing biggy though.
So, apparently it’s been a while that Elisabeth didn’t go there? ah, but of course, we had confinement hahaha.. and now Elisabeth comes to our parish more, as she doesn’t like Ste Claire parish that much with its new curé.. kekkke.. At our parish, she’s loving Fr Jer now.. kekkekee.. She wanted to ask him something, I forget.. Something from Gospel I think.. I told her that I could answer hahaha asking which type of answer she wanted? Fr Thierry’s type or Fr Jer’s type? hahahaha Slicing for your good  type or sweet sugar coated type? hahahahah Since we were making flowers, I didn’t continue kekekke
Peeps I had mass at hospital right? I almost fell asleep at Fr Gus’ homily.. Oh Lord, I am sure that he saw my eyes closing HAHAHHAAH a lot. But I was not sleepy at Fr Thierry mass hahahha..
Actually it’s good to go to mass after work? dunno.. a short little sit with the Lord was good too.. After a looooooooooooong day listening to chatty chit-chat, a sit in silence with the Lord was really good. I didn’t go home grumpy HAHAHA like last Thursday hahahaha 
Peeps.. I was reminded by something that my priest told me in Jakarta years ago.. that he felt sooooo tired after a long day of confession that he did.. and that he needed to sit with the Lord at the end of his day.
I am not saying my case is the same.. but I think, more than ever, working at aumonerie would tire me out if I don’t sit with the Lord to end my working day? like to cut it off. I need to adapt my prayer life on this. 
I actually am thinking of sitting with the Lord when I can at aumonerie, but I worry this might cause Valerie to think that I am not working hahahaha.. I also want to go to spend my time with nurses or employees than talking with Valerie hein.. But well, let’s hope this is only the beginning.
17th December I’ll have formation, while that day, I am supposed to have catechism back hahahaha.. I don’t knwwwwwwwwwwwwww.. Catherine has booked the meeting room.. I’ll see Fr Bapt tomorrow and discuss about this.
Fr Thierry told me to stop bringing food for him hahaha.. I know.. but I thought of him a lot when I cook something nice kekkeke.. and I can’t get fat alone kekkeke I doubt though if he ever get fatter hahahah not his type.
Cooking is my excuse to go to see him hahah doesn’t he miss me a bit? Kekkekek don’t get bored of me..
What kind of French cuisine that I can make for him? I am really bad on French cuisine hein..  A pack of raw oysters HAHAHAHHA nothing to be cooked.. eat it raw hahaha.. I love Oysters ..but since hubby doesn’t like it, I don’t have it either kekekek.. 
Someone needs to teach me to cook Frenchie..
Peeps, he works too much.. how could he paint the outside wall this evening!! THIS evening! in this freezing weather and darkness! olala..
But somehow I understand him, heheh it’s his personality. when he can do it today, he would. No, tomorrow he’s busy! hahahah busyy.. he can’t.
I worry that he’d get sick! It was sooo cold tonight and he didn’t even have his coat on.. BRRrrrrr.. I had coat and I felt freezed hein.
Check out the mess that I got, hahhaa dunno how.. I didn’t get up to the top, was not even close to any paint.. Perhaps the ladder. I saw it when I was in the bus.. kekekeke.. it’s cleaned up now but my coat smells like white spirit kekeke.. I asked silly question.. whether it’s water based paint... logically it couldn’t be. As it’s for outside and not inside walls.. haha I can be stupid too sometimes..
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Fr Thierry did the painting quickly.. took the picture and sent it as a quiz to Isabelle to guess.. kekkeek.. If I don’t know him, I’d be jealous hahaha but I know how he is.. I hope everyone in the CPP, the parish regulars are getting the family vibes soon.. 
I think his church is not well seen from the street, thus no visits, because there is a tree hidden the church away! 
But true, there are children who go to library.. why don’t they stop by?
The paper crèche works well apparently, good! Thank God.. not so much for the Advent wreath hehehe spoiled people, they want everything prepared! sigh.. Well, at least the creche works. Hope it bring more children to parish. 
Think a bit.. What they can do to make children stop by.. 
Ah! A poster in front of their door? Venez visiter la crèche? and take a paper creche home for free? hahahaha
Next year, Fr Thierry can make a creche outside of church hehehe.. Kids might see it better.. but what kind of creche outside? something that doesn’t break kekekek..  We have 3 creches now.. a big one at St Denis chapel.. A small on at the  choir.. and outside too the huge one..
Hm Fr Thierry seems to know Fr Gus kekekkeek..  He mentioned Fr Eric too whom he thinks is made to serve at aumonerie.. yes, I know, he told me before.. in 2015 heheheh.. I don’t know.. how all this decided.. For how long Fr Eric will be at Sacred Heart etc.. I think Fr Steph will make him leave soon? HAHAHAHAH.. dunno.. 
I really think there are too many priests at our hospital.. we have 3 priests HAHAHHAAH 2 half time priests and 1 full time one! It’s too many.. They don’t do anything much but mass and visits. 30 mins mass and around 1 hour visit.. it’s quickly done.. dunno.. To see how Fr Thierry is busy all the time?! and he’s alone? I do agree with him, not every priest is made for parish life. 
Well, we had a nice talk outside, watching him painting .. kekeke;.. freezing though. hhahaha.. Please don’t get sick..
He’ll have Oxygene again.. Last week they posted his oraison again kekkeke which is good.. I listened to the charity again, and thinking why it sounded as if I have heard before? hahahah and yeap, it was the same thing but under different title. 
Oh I forgot to give him .. 2 new masks for him.. they feel smaller though..
This will be posted in the morningggg
Peeps, we who know Christ in our lives, have we  been more charitable than anyone else? How do we make people to believe in Christ when they see nothing and nobody concretely, unless we’re witnessing Christ in our daily life and do the wonder? 
My babies Are the cutest .. I’ll be at presbytery in the morning then have my time with kids..
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Saturday, 21st November 2020
Picture:::: People might think I am all vanity hahaha but see peeps, don’t you think, objectively that my flower arrangement looks nice? And honestly it’s not something I learn particularly, I have no notion in flower arrangement at all. So basically it’s not from me, nor from my  background or whatsoever. In one word, it’s God’s, not mine.. geeezz do I  have anything that belongs to me, me, me alone? hahaha ah! there is! I have ONE thing that belongs to me personally, my freedom of choice.
I put it there, because Vero didn’t come today. She said that she’s busy organising her apartment .. she takes vacation this whole week, because she had to do some repainting..
I am off for a bit.. I am cleaning hahaha again..  will cook too..
I am going to confession first .. let’s hope that Fr Herve is home. Later peeps .. I saw him yesterday hahhaa And this morning Fr Thierry was saying about confession to celebrate Jesus King.. I have enough signs hahaha let’s go.
--------------- Evening
Plan changed. I mean, Sunday’s menu changed kekkekee.. The girls are still coming here for mass tomorrow.. except for Marie Therese who has appointment with her daughter.  The others are coming.
Talked with Elisabeth if we could invite Fr Thierry too. Funny Babeth said, we can have lunch if Fr Thierry comes, if not, we don’t have lunch hahaha but simply a quick apero dej? hahah Anne is ok for lunch, Yolene too.. Vero is stil packing. I called her tonight but she didn’t answer..
So, will we have lunch or not? haha Fr Thierry can’t come. huaaaaaaaaaaaa.. hehehe well, we kinda guessed it too.. it’s a Sunday, it’s his parish day, it’s more than 1 km hahah and basically it’s his parish day..  I thought if he doesn’t have his parish lunch anymore, he could just come.. I don’t want him to eat alone and basically I miss him hahaha
Hubby said, it’s too late to invite him hahah No Frenchie invites people the day before hahaha.. ok.. well, Last Sunday, the plan came up the day before too.. and I think it’s fine, unless from my Asian point of view hahaha it’s fine.. it’s not something formal, it’s just a simple lunch with friends.. 
In Indonesia, it’s ok to invite even at the last minute when they are friends, close people. Peeps, when my friends came to our place in my youth days hehe, mom just told them to stay for lunch or for dinner.. nothing biggy.. I mean, sometimes you work longer together on your homework, and it’s meal’s time, it’s simply ok to stay for meals.
But when there are lot hhehe mom prefers to have early notice.
well, well, the point is, it’s Sunday, his parish day, hehe I don’t think it’s because last minute notice kekekek..
The girls feel bad to let me cook again.. two weeks in a row kekeke while it’s nothing biggy, I don’t make complicated stuffs.
Anne told me we can just casse croute.. heheh  a real meal if Fr Thierry comes haha if not, we can just casse croute.  Thus, menu changed.. I planned to cook beef, Korean way.. but since it has becomes casse croute, I made 2 different quiches and a clafoutis .. then there’ll be mini nems and hakao? hahaa I don’t know.. will see in the morning..
I think I forgot to put salt in one quiche hahaha will see tomorrow.. dunno anymore? did I put salt in or not?!
I am not expert on quiche hein.. But I can learn, you just have to teach me. I was not raised French, my tongue doesn’t know French taste that much.. While I can basically cook fine Asian cooking.. without learning.
Anyhow.. Fr Thierry said the lockdown will end soon.. yayyyyy.. but do you really believe we’ll end the lockdown? I don’t know anymore..
Feeling like they’re going to let us out to shop for Christmas, party and lock us in again in January to February.. Hopeless. I do want this to end. for good.. 
well, end it or not, I’ll see him soon too hahah.. I’ll be around his zone when I start to work. AAAAAAAAA I miss him!  oh em gee.. it’s only 3 weeks? Why did I feel as if it’s been a month? ok almost a month..still hahahah..
Sooo, what’s up, peeps.
I did go to confession.. praise the Lord.. It’s so easy too to take my kids along, I just asked, I’d go to confession, wanna come?! hehee They went with me! Thanks be to God. 
Fr Hervé.. in his office.  It was good. thanks be to God.  You might get bored reading the same thing hehhe but honestly, by the grace I receive after each confession, I really don’t get it why people don’t want to have confession more often.
I do understand that it’s not easy.. and even for me, it’s not that easy! hehehe.. IT might be easier for me than for others, but believe me, I have my own laziness too, even though I know and I have received many grace through confession.. but each time, to make myself to go to confession again is a fight. A real fight! 
Honest talk.. I worry to do it by habit, there is certain percent of habit.. thus I need to work on the perfect contrition. And also, the part of confession itself when I have the more or less the same sins.. ok it’s good in a way, that I don’t suddenly commit some other new sin hehehe it’s good, but confessing the more or less the same sin is annoying too, because it feels like I am not progressing.. WHILE I know I do progress hehehe.. I can’t notice the progress between 2-3 months, but I know that there is such work done in me by grace that when I look back to years before today, I am grateful.. yes, but geeezz, when you see the same priest again to confess the more or less the same sins haha again.. geeezz,, I just feel like failing much.
Well, still, it’s good to have confession.  No matter what I would still choose to go hehe..
Sooo yayyy, I am all good again.. watch me, kekekkeke Watch all grace that I’ll receive tomorrow from mass heheheh.. It’s end of year party! hehehe..
IF anyone needs to be jealous of me, choose this one hehehe but don’t be jealous of how good, how many things I can do.. This one has eternal value.. while everything I do at parish, any talents I have are nothing but worldly .. it won’t last.
Lauds and Mass this morning were good, as usual.. Mary’s day. Homily was Mary.. I like it hehehe.. Psstttt silence peeps, kekekeke
Flower time was ok too.. I made two.. one for St Joseph, the second one was for St JB, but there was no arrangement for the main pillar, so I put the one for St JB at the pillar. Next week, we won’t have flowers anymore, yayyy.. let’s have calm Advent.
Tumblr media
Did I talk about Advent wreath.. As I saw Fr Chris this morning I asked if he has anything particular request for Advent that he needs to tell Vero.. hehehe It’s me underlining that he has to tell Vero hein kekeke
He didn’t know about the wreath. And said that he’d take one from Arche hehe ok.. good.. and he wants it simple this year. Not wasting money hehehe good. He’s back to see us later, to tell us that he’s thinking of putting candles only.. ok.. I am all good.. decorating the advent wreath every year was complicated. 
Our kids corner is crowder now hehe with new Advent wreath made of paper and Arbre de vie. Some crazy man tried to burn our mail box! hahaha scary.. 
Tumblr media
We ended the flowers quickly and spent the time for adoration until noon. It was good. I was sleepy too hahah.. but it was good.
When I got home, I listen to Fr Thierry’s new teaching about Adoration too and discovered so many things that I didn’t know before hehhee.. Adoration was not part of my youth days habit hein, I discovered Adoration in France.. back then it was not popular in Indonesia, I have never done any adoration before I came to France. I remember having the Saint Sacrément exposed and we got blessing on special occasion .. but have never had the adoration like we do here.. and I remember clearly how it felt for me when I saw the Saint Sacrament.. h go
And I actually didn’t know what was it exactly. I basically just translating the word, Adoration, adoring the Lord..  I have a short reading from St Antoine-Marie Claret .. 15 minutes of adoration.. And it doesn’t ring well for me hehehe.. Because it’s active prayer type. Speaking type.. while I see Adoration as more closely to Oraison.. having a sit with the Lord, in silence.. The difference would be simply outside and inside. Closing my eyes or not hahah.. Seeing the real presence or drowning myself inside me.. More on adoring the Lord as the Lord the Almighty God whose love saves me from death through HIS sacrifice .... , while Oraison is more a sit with a dear friend who loves me.
From the little meditation of 15 mins, I noticed that we can pray for people, for ourselves etc.. but then it didn’t fit in for me hehehe as it feels like I am not adoring the Lord. If I am adoring, why am I speaking to Him and not adoring... why am I asking for things and not adoring..
I like Fr Thierry’s explanation about being unified to the Lord as a sacrifice for the world where people don’t pray anymore. Ok, it’s some type intercession too.. but different type from the 15 mins meditation one heheh..
He mentioned about 8 virtues of Adoration.. I didn’t know many of them hahah.. Perhaps I do, but I didn’t put them all that way. 
I need to listen a few more times, I have listened 3 times kekeke.. 
Que fait le Seigneur dans le Tabernacle? hehehe Becc answered it well.. Il nous attend!  I am amazed by my own kids.  BTW, Fr Thierry has an all on fire homily for tomorrow kekekek..
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mschocolateworld · 10 months ago
W życiu nie liczy się to, co możemy osiągnąć, ale to z czym możemy się pogodzić.
"My Dinner with Hervé (2018)"
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Arrivals & Departures 11 June 1969 Celebrate Peter Hayden Dinklage Day!
Peter Hayden Dinklage (/ˈdɪŋklɪdʒ/; born 11 June 1969) is an American actor and producer. Dinklage received universal acclaim for portraying Tyrion Lannister on the HBO television series Game of Thrones, for which he won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series a record number of four times. He also received a Golden Globe for the role in 2011 as well as the Screen Actors Guild Award in 2020. Born in Morristown, New Jersey, and raised in Brookside, Dinklage is a dwarf (achondroplasia) and stands 4 ft 5 in (1.35 m) tall. He studied acting at Bennington College, starring in a number of amateur stage productions. His film debut was in Living in Oblivion (1995) and his breakthrough came with the comedy-drama The Station Agent (2003). He has since appeared in Elf (2003), Lassie (2005), Find Me Guilty (2006), Underdog (2007), Death at a Funeral (2007), Penelope (2008), The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008), X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), Pixels (2015), and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017), which earned him his first Screen Actors Guild Award. In 2018, he appeared as Eitri in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Avengers: Infinity War and Hervé Villechaize in the biopic film My Dinner with Hervé.
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